A "Chemtrails Are Kooky" Astroturfer Is Exposed

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{On Edit: I have located the original source of the photos. That person has written that these photos are not for the public domain, that expressed written permission must be granted for them to be copied. So I will take down the photos and replace them with the url addresses. Then I will try to get in contact with the owner of the images, a photographer from California. I doubt he is going to appreciate that his images are being used for nefarious purposes. Maybe the astroturfer got his permission. That is something I am gonna try to figure out. Also, I am going to try soon to go back to posting on the actual chemtrails. While this other crap is important to expose, I feel that the actual chemtrails should not take a back seat to this other stuff.}

While grumbling about how the search engines are rigged, I came across a forum devoted to the wonders of "orgonite."


domain: loveforgifting.com
created: 19-Apr-2006

registrant: Roy Oswald
Pencil Bluff, Arkansas

There is a "Roy" at that forum who is the site admin. Hmmm.

It turns out there are a number of other sites on the same server.

Here's one:

"Roy" made this following post on May 10th.
found on Neatorama

image #1

image #2

image #3

I find these images very relaxing and fun to look at. Link via: Ehrensenf
Hey, Ehrensenf looks German. This could be a job for con-trail.
{off-topic, ed snell/yaak returned to ctc as confreak, he even mentioned how there is no space or dash in his id. it's a never ending pit of subterfuge.}

But anyway, if you go to the original link, there were other images that the astroturfer left out.


Yet, this isn't the original actually. All we have to go is ehrensenf.de There is no link to where the images actually come from.

Yet, it still makes sense why Roy scrubbed the good pictures and avoided providing the real link to the images. The photos he put up look fairly benign. This guy appears to be paid to astroturf that chemtrails are kooky.





Those are pure chemtrail subliminals which were left out on purpose, imho.

Then check out who is on the dragonass.com blogroll.
Hello to the world of insidious astroturfing.

Blogging for your business

April 23, 2006 by Peter.

As the months pass, I’m becoming a bigger and bigger proponent for blogging. Here are some interesting thoughts by other people…

Here’s an interesting story about what blogging can do for your marketing and PR efforts.

And if that’s not enough information for you, check out a conference or seminar on how your business can benefit from blogging.

Or for information on what business blogging can do for your SEO efforts, check this out.

Nope, I don’t work for them, and no, I’m not getting a kickback.
A blank slate.
April 21st, 2006

Yep, that’s what you’re building on. Clean, empty, vacuum-sealed web space....

Who are you people?
April 17th, 2006

Think about your audience....

It appears some people do not have a soul.

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The photographer who took the photos goes by the name "hb19."

Here are some more of his photos that seem to pertain to chemtrails.








I doubt the real owner of these photos gave permission to Mr. Orgonite to use his photos to make chemtrails look kooky. I doubt he gave permission to the other website to use his photos to sell google ads.

Guess all I can do is sign up to Flickr and let hb19 know about this.

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Subject: Hi hb19

I stumbled across your photos and am very impressed.
I actually put some of them up at my forum, until I noticed that you only will allow that with expressed, written consent.

You may want to check out this thread I started. It will show you how two separate websites have been posting your images. I doubt they got your permission, because both used them for apparently nefarious purposes.

{link to this thread}
"A "Chemtrails Are Kooky" Astroturfer Is Exposed"

One is trying to portray chemtrails as kooky.
The other one is trying to sell google ads.

Thanks for your time and consideration, "socrates"

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Yahoo search for roy oswald orgonite

Links to articles written by Roy Oswald show up as having been posted at a website selling "orgonite" products.

Purple Starburst by Roy Oswald

Instead of going to ozarkorgonite.com as it says on yahoo, one ends up at orgonecrystals.com. Instead of seeing the article, one gets the error message, yet they can still easily shop for "orgone" products.


Instead of going to knivesandcrystals.com like yahoo describes, one ends up at the same orgonecrystals.com place.

Knives and crystals? Are the knives used to cut up crystals and orgonite? Because I haven't a clue why this type of crap is even on the internet. I don't understand why this Roy Oswald is linked to both a chemtrails are kooky website and to a blogroll of astroturfing experts.

I swear I am trying to get myself back into writing on chemtrails. But this other stuff is so insidious, it makes me very upset. Imho, there is much wisdom to may41970's idea that until the chemtrail fakes are exposed, there is just no way to use the internet to spread chemtrails awareness.

whois for ozarkorganite.com

Website Title: Orgone Crystals
Domains by Proxy, Inc. {GoDaddy}

This basically means the owners of this company are hiding behind Bob Parsons.

whois for orgonecrystals.com

It's the same website, but with more info.
They still hide behind GoDaddy.com, but this info is revealed:

1104 Stratford Road
Hanahan, South Carolina 29406
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc.

Here is what you can purchase:
Lemurian Protector
Cloud Buster
Everyman Series
Succor Punch, Power Punch, Radionics
Zappers and Frequency
Metal for Orgonite
Lemurian Seed Crystals
Crystal Shapes
Unusual Items
Crystal Fountains
Crystal Mouse Pads

whois for psywarriorMatrix.com

Domains by Proxy, Inc.
15111 N. Hayden Rd., Ste 160, PMB 353
Scottsdale, Arizona 85260
United States

Registered through: GoDaddy.com, Inc.

whois for knivesandcrystals.com

Website Title: Orgone Crystals

domain: knivesandcrystals.com
owner: Gary Griffin
email: Whois Privacy and Spam Prevention by DomainTools.com
address: P.O.Box 544
city: Isle of Palms
state: SC
postal-code: 29451
country: US

Knivesandcrystals.com used to be the name for orgonecrystals.com.
It splashes a quick message,
Knives and Crystals has now become Orgone Crystals.
Nothing has changed but the name. Please update your links to reflect the change. You will now be taken to the catalog.
Thanks, the management
then it redirects you to orgonecrystals.com.
This is your one-stop source for orgone gifting supplies. We have metal, crystals, and minerals to construct orgone devices. If you aren't into do-it-yourself, we also have unique orgone devices and bulk gifting orgone. Have a look around and then get to gifting.

Hey Roy Oswald, why are you hiding your articles?
And what the f#@! are you up to?
You have been exposed as a chemtrails are kooky, tinfoil by association astroturfer.

This is a tinfoil website where one can partake in the following topics:
The Matrix
The Illusion of Reality
Philosophical discussion of existence.
Mind Control

Conspiracy Central
UFOs and ETs
Out of this world experiences.

Weather Wars
Global warming, HAARP, Chemtrails, nature is being manipulated.

Other Government Cover-Ups
Politics: Good for societies, bad for people.

Psychic Experiences
Dreams / Remote Viewing / Visions
Provide interpretations, discuss psychic visions, dreams, and experiences.

What's your vision of the future?


Shadowy Groups
There are those who would see everything destroyed.

Secret Societies
Cultures pass on more than just recipes.

By the way, I believe that Halva/Wayne Hall is also a paid chemtrails are kooky astroturfer. I doubt his name is really "Wayne Hall." He's always touting a website called enouranois.gr He seems to simply sucker people like Rosalind Peterson to speak with him. Then he astroturfs that he is a bigtime chemtrails activist. Aubuchont does the same thing. He told me last year that he was in contact with Scott Stevens on a possible chemtrails video. He hypes how easy he can get in contact with Will Thomas.

whois for enouranois.gr

Server Data
IP Location United States - Michigan - Lansing - Liquid Web Inc

Registry Data
Whois Server: whois.ripe.net

Great, the server is in Michigan, but info on the website is hidden in the RIPE database.

Gotta think a lot of astroturfer chumps are scrambling to hide their internet crumbs. The strawman for the idea of internet fakes, "Fintan Dunne," has actually been exposed for being the disingenous liar that he is.
"Breakfornews.com is broken."

Perhaps beyond all hope for repair. The problems started not from an outing of potential corpo-rats, but right at the top, right from the beginning with choice of site hosting, site software selection, site admins honesty, ethics and values. And the products... well some of you still believe so I can offer you no further help. One must criticize everything because almost everything is broken. It is a failed design, by design.
Whois Record for Breakfornews.com

IP Address: [
IP Location United States - Softlayer Technologies Inc

Created: 2004-03-10

Name Server: NS3.DIYHOST.CO.UK
Name Server: NS4.DIYHOST.CO.UK
Whois Server: whois.tucows.com

Destination Insights


Administrative Contact:
Dunne, Fintan
29 Ludford Drive
Dublin 16, Ireland Dublin 16

You've been told again recently (by Kathy - look it up yourself) that breakfornews.com is hosted in the UK at DIYhost. Old timers here will remember last year when the subject of hosting location came up and it was admitted (though reluctantly, and after much prodding and proof, in my opinion) that the server is in fact, in Texas. Nothing wrong with that, in fact, it is probably cheaper to host in the USA than it is in the UK or Ireland. What bothered me (and still bothers me) is the obfuscations, misdirections and constant lies.
# traceroute breakfornews.com
traceroute to breakfornews.com (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets
1 (My house -- REDACTED) 149.327 ms 143.613 ms 139.916 ms
2 (My ISP's router -- REDACTED) 143.938 ms 143.857 ms 140.048 ms
3 tnmi-97-193-54-69.ip.telnetww.com ( 143.800 ms 142.816 ms 13
9.920 ms
4 tnmi-173-200-54-69.ip.telnetww.com ( 143.939 ms 139.837 ms 139.909 ms
5 tnmi-177-200-54-69.ip.telnetww.com ( 147.928 ms 148.061 ms 147.718 ms
6 unknown.Level3.net ( 147.911 ms 143.827 ms 147.918 ms
7 so-4-3-0.mp1.Detroit1.Level3.net ( 147.954 ms 151.831 ms 183.9 15 ms
8 as-0-0.bbr1.Dallas1.Level3.net ( 191.932 ms ae-0-0.bbr2.Dalla s1.Level3.net ( 192.009 ms as-0-0.bbr1.Dallas1.Level3.net (209.247 .11.22) 187.834 ms
9 ae-21-54.car1.Dallas1.Level3.net ( 199.983 ms ae-21-52.car1.Da llas1.Level3.net ( 195.900 ms ae-11-53.car1.Dallas1.Level3.net (4.6 8.122.77) 235.836 ms
10 INTERNAP-NE.car1.Dallas1.Level3.net ( 191.951 ms 187.848 m s 187.932 ms
11 border3.tge4-1-bbnet2.ext1.dal.pnap.net ( 191.879 ms 187.785 ms 187.914 ms
12 softlayer-6.border3.ext1.dal.pnap.net ( 183.941 ms 179.839 m s 179.928 ms
13 po52.fcr01.dal01.dallas-datacenter.com ( 179.931 ms 179.858 ms 187.885 ms
14 * * *

Thirteen hops from my house to softlayer.com... Its a great place to host breakfornews. I once researched datacenters for hosting services for myself and found SoftLayer to be very attractive for a number of features and for its reputation for quality hardware and good reliability. Prices are not cheap, but acceptable, depending on how you value the features, which are hard to find in the Industry.

One of the most attractive features at SoftLayer is their private network accessible via IP from anywhere in the world. Each dedicated server is connected to the Internet on two entirely separate networks with separate and distinct Border Routers. The private network (a backdoor network that allows admins and organization teams full access to their server) even features a KVM (Keyboard, Video monitor and Mouse) rather than the standard shell console for performing site tasks. This feature set has legitimate use and purpose; a KVM makes it easy for non-technical folks to administer their sites and also provides immediate access to the web server should a Denial of Service (DoS) attack occur. The admins are never denied access even while under brutal attack.

This private network feature set in effect, moves the hosting server right into your own living room or office, just like your own personal box you are reading this post from now. With a KVM backdoor, it is the same as connecting your own keyboard, monitor and mouse to a server halfway around the world! Imagine being able to login undetectably, browse the site for postings and PMs (whether they are intended to be read by you, or were addressed to you or not, as has been postulated), chat up a couple of your scheming rat-buddies, lurk in the backroom out of sight with one finger on edits and one on deletion and one on manipulation and one on lies and one on... well think of the possibilities that are REAL, in REALTIME, if one is inclined to scam and be dishonest?

Is this all by design and intent? Answer me.

Naw fuckit. Forget it. Its an obvious possibility ship. A design for possibility fools. So what is, truly is. For fools.

This place can't function, its completely broken. Everyone worthy of our time are leaving forever. Now what?


his is totally off-topic but it seems silly to start another thread for this. We have too much useless crap to wade through as it is:

I won't be checking my PM box here anymore. Nor will I PM anyone else here in this forum. If you have something to say to me, you'll have to say it in a public thread. I'll be doing the same. Thank you.

So just like I thought. "Fintan Dunne" seemingly has the ability to edit anyone's posts undetected. He also has the ability to monitor all mail. Now why would a poor Irishman truthseeker need fancy access to the main servers. That is what companies use to monitor their employees and to otherwise be able to keep their operations on-line.

I can vouch that "Fintan Dunne" was reading his members pm's. I was in direct contact with a "Hugh Manatee." Only problem was my pm's weren't showing up as new. They had already been read. Now who other than a cointelpro hack would do such a thing. Plus, check this out. Sorry to put this ugly bugger's image up, but check out how this person's image in real life is completely different than the one he uses for his avatar at his stupid forum.

This is how he really looks.

But here is his image plastered at his fake website.

That's what people do in Hollywood to look the part.
What an arse.

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There is so much crazy stuff on the internet pertaining to chemtrails.
This guy says his name is Kurt Brown. He is a total nutjob.

I think he may be a Hal Turner type, because he seems to be inciting violence.
Sherman Austin got busted for something that he didn't even post.
People like Hal Turner can link to violent websites but never get even a misdemeanor citation.

Here's one post he made that got me thinking he's a Hal Turnesque agent provocateur.
A Warning To Expectant Mothers, Beware of Government Injections and ....
Below is a post to today's Mobile Audit Club. In it I have a warning for
mothers and fathers about children. I have proof of some abuses at the
Mobile Audit Club Website and some here.

Daily Foreword August 12, 2008: Today, I, Kurt Brown, also known as Saint
Ram Bone, have returned from traveling through Missouri and Tennessee. It
appears that lies are being spread about myself, a former informant on
government corruption who was terrorized by our enemies in power in the
United States governments.

A Missouri man said, "Isn't that the man who killed the bank examiner". The
truth is I survived an attack after working as a FDIC bank examiner. I had
reported money laundering and a murder labeled suicide in the FDIC of San

A Tennessee man who spoke Arabic said, "You are the man who said that the
attacks in New York was the humane striking back at the inhumane". "You
must be one of us".

I do not like killing of the innocent as the dictatorship in the United
States and Israel have done to the people of Arabia. Now the enemies in
power in the USA attack and sometimes kill honest Americans.

I encourage young people aspiring to become military men or women to serve
other nations on a contract basis. The enemies of mankind rule the United
States. If you are ever tired of the foreign whose military you are
contracted with, you can always go AWOL and just not go back. The pay is
better if you have a special assignment to kill mankind's enemies on the
Earth or in space. You also have a foreign citizenship if the enemies of
mankind continue on their escalating rampage against us, the lower caste
and outcast.

The biggest mistake I ever made was trusting the United States government,
having served in their military and having worked as a bank examiner for the
federal government. The second biggest mistake I ever made was serving the
USA military.

It is my hope that a Democratic Socialist party in the United States rises
against the regime in power and slaughters them like they are the enemies of
mankind, because they are our enemies and we are theirs. They inject us,
they do forced medical procedures us, they force us to sign documents, they
rob us from cradle to grave. Some people are too ignorant and brainwashed to
see the truth. Our parents were conned by the mass media Television which is
owned exclusively by our enemies and the FCC is their partner in crime. Our
parents who only had television and no internet access were taught that our
people are their enemies. Our people bleed around the world and are the
lower caste and the outcast. We must fight back, even if it kills us all, as
death is better than life in a living hell.

Protect your young. Do not let them be subjugated to pre-natal contact by
strangers or in the hospitals and do let your children be born in hospitals
or in the presence of strangers. What you can not see can and will hurt your
child. They or it is caste setting and I believe they or it is damaging our
children at birth and that many of us have been damaged by them or it. Do
not let them get injections, just feed them healthy natural diets. Do not
let them go to public schools, train then on the internet or in close knit
community progams. Do not let them watch the lies and degrading programs on
mass media television, teach them to use the internet and to expand their
knowledge and awareness. America is in flames and the world is watching,
and I wait for my day, the day I watch those who forcefully injected me and
who tortured me with medical procedures and extortion and robbery and
imprisonment and exile and banishment from being a government watchdog get
executed. Crush the regime in power.

The joke of the day is the government's gun buyback program. In Mobile
Alabama the mass media alleges that 1000 dollars per gun was paid for 750
guns. The joke is that it was a government swindle, it is ironic that they
even say they waste the taxpayers money on gun buybacks. Guns will be
useless in the initial stages of any conflict with the regime in power. I
encourage weapons and defense systems designs by the public and
non-disclosure to the enemy in power in the United States. Be prepared, they
or IT has a diabolical game plan in progress. I hope that the Department of
Homeland Security enjoyed allowing the Flagstaff Medical Center forcibly
inject me and knock me unconscious in 2004. The LA Feds injected me in 2001.
The entire government is gone and they are a criminal syndicate fit for the
kill. Hide your weapons from the calloused IT factor of the regime.

The latest information given to me about the closed door government in
Mobile Alabama is that a huge amount of foodstamps are made as payment to
this day to corrupt government officials. The Tombigbee waterway was
yesterdays ripoff. Today, they eat the food from starving children's
platets. In the event of famine, we should feed the politicians of the
regime to the hungry children and call IT spam.

Here is some proof of the hidden nature of government. See the "continuing
problems" section on the link. You should be aware also that Kaiser
Permanente Hospitals gave children untested drugs and killed some in the
1990's in foreign nations. Rodney King riots were a distraction for the
greater holocaust at that time. I was injected and tortured by federal
officials at LA VA in 2001. They were supposed to have stopped in 1999.


Mobile Audit Club


Demand to the federal regime in power, our enemies, "NO MORE FORCED
INJECTIONS". If necessary, send the message in a package of bullets.

There are close to 200 of his videos. Here is one.
He is in the mold of a Kathaksung.
Or an Ellyn.
This is your basic tinfoil by association.
He's also got that Ender kind of way about him.

Below is a pretty sneaky move by this jackass to put the KSLA News 12 story into the title of a tinfoil youtube.

Re: Local news station confirms barium in chemtrails

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Chemtrails are Kooky Bullshit, Insidious Propaganda, and Conspiro-tainment

It finally happened. After so many years of searching in books and the sky I’ve finally seen an ETV (extraterrestrial vehicle). I don’t believe in UFOs. I was an aerospace engineer for twenty years, I know aircraft. If something floats silently by or makes a high speed instantaneous 90 degree turn, I can identify it. It is most likely an ETV. That is obvious. So why call it unidentified? If something looks like an F-15 and flys like an F-15 then it should be called an F-15 until additional observations disagree.

There is a possibility that an aircraft that makes high speed instantaneous 90 degree turns belongs to some sort of secret Earth technology. Or it might be visitors from Earth's future, but the ET explanation is the most likely explanation especially considering that space travel is no where near as difficult as we have been led to believe. What was most interesting about the ETV I saw is that it was making chemtrails (chemtrails are explained in the section after the next)......

Around 4:00, Larry spotted a sprayer coming in our direction at 10,000 ft. It was approaching Foothill College from the east. Suddenly, it stopped spraying and slowed down. The sun was at our backs and just ready to set. Sunlight was bouncing very strongly off what appeared to be a metallic, dumbbell-looking object. Perhaps the reflected sunlight had washed out the light transmissions that the craft uses to cloak itself to appear like an airplane. Perhaps it was having power difficulties. That would explain why it stopped spraying and slowed down. The power problem may have effected the output of its cloaking equipment because as it approached, I could see the real ship. An artist friend help me recreate what I saw.



My Chemtrail Theories

Someone with advanced technology is spraying something onto the inhabitants of Earth. Why? I have three theories, two of which do not hold up to scrutiny. Scrutinize these for yourself and you may come up with a new theory which I will add to the list if you send it to me. My theories (2B is the best fit so far):

1. Spraying is performed by someone on Earth who has advanced technology. Problem with this theory: there are thousands of these craft spraying the Earth. To manufacture such high numbers of exotic craft would attract attention, and other countries are being sprayed so one government should be ruled out. Can you imagine another country allowing you to spray this stuff?

2. Spraying is performed by Earth humans from the future who travel back in time to either:

A. Reduce the effects of fallout from a soon-to-come nuclear war. Apparently the war was so destructive that the survivors are not thriving. By reducing the effects of the war by spraying radiation absorbing barium, the time travelers hope to allow more people and plants to survive. Of course you must believe the parallel time line nature of reality to believe this and also realize that they simply came back to create a new time line where Earth recovered more quickly. Problem with this theory: they would not spray for two years because the stuff falls to the ground or is blown away a day or two after spraying. If they are from the future, they know when the war starts. Any spraying more than two days before the beginning of the war wouldn't have much effect, but they have been spraying for two years.

B. Reduce the effect of the "new" sun on our planet. The sun has been freaking out for the past few years. Of course our government has tried to keep this information from us, but the effects are hard to miss if you have any interest in astrophysics. The increased activity of the sun may be having a disastrous effect on our DNA. Earth humans from the future may have decided to reduce this damage by traveling back in time and blocking as much of the sun's radiation as possible. In our labs we have proven that time travel is possible and the parallel worlds theory proposed by a number of scientists shows a simple way that such time travel is possible without causing a paradox no matter what you did when you travel to the past. One problem with this theory is that chemtrails have been seen at night. If they were protecting us from the sun it would make more sense to spray in the earlier part of the day.

So look up in the sky! Is it a jetliner? A tanker? An ETV? No! It's my great great great grandson.

3. ETs who want us to be their servant race. To reduce their transportation costs they are eliminating Earth humans who couldn’t live with the pollutants they have sprayed into our air which represents the air on their planet. When there is a high level of spraying, hospitals have an increase of elderly coming in with respiratory distress. Problem with this theory: the ET's planet can’t have enough room for all the people on Earth. They must have another, more selective ways to pick who they will take.

If you have a better theory, please, I’d like to hear it. contact me at Paul Winter [email protected]. Don’t tell me they are contrails, I’ve seen with my own eyes what is spraying us. They make no sound.

Winter Works
4113 E Sabino Trail
Cottonwood, Arizona 86326

Domain name: HANDPEN.COM

Administrative Contact:
Winter, Paul
4113 E Sabino Trail
Cottonwood, Arizona 86326

I am a cancer survivor, author, and alternative health publisher (since 1989). I have been a field engineer working on jet aircraft, an avionics systems engineer, and a technical writer for about ten years each. Technical writing requires an understanding of complex material and an ability to clearly present it. This makes me a perfect candidate to explain cancer treatments to laymen.

Currently, I live in the Sedona area of Arizona and practice various healing arts, including hypnosis and the LIFE Quantum Biofeedback machine.

In 1989, after half a lifetime of interest in alternative medicine, I decided to combine my information presentation skills with my passion for alternative medicine. I started publishing alternative health booklets and sold them through health magazines and local stores.

In 1997, as the result of some reading I had done, I obtained the National Cancer Institute (NCI) test results that proved NCI had lied about Cancell. As I often do, I thought about my sister who died 25 years ago due to complications from taking chemo. She was only 35. It was and continues to be the low point of my life. I turned my sorrow into motivation to help prevent this type of tragedy. So I started the Cancell Home page which has grown into this web site.
I am all for alternative medicine and homeopathy, but this dude reeks of being a fake. He is like that creep on the tv infomercials making a buck off of cancer survivors. Jay Reynolds and other debunker frauds use kooky ideas like the chemcube sprayer to argue that chemtrails is a hoax. When they see the "kooks" like this guy, Will Thomas, and the orgonite dolphin dude {who this thread was first about} making money off of "chemtrails," true chemmies are further marginalized. When scumbags like Carol Rosin tie the words chemtrails and extra-terrestrial weaponry together, closed-minded debunkers like Jay and Epoxynous feast on that. Those types never debunk the good proof that chemtrails are real. They don't have to. They simply ignore that stuff, because they have enough chemtrails are kooky material to keep newbies and fence sitters off topic.

So Paul Winter started the "Cancell Home Page." One can go there to buy products to protect themselves from the aliens flying around in cube-shaped vehicles. Oops. Paul Winter thinks they are human time travellers, not aliens. And where the fuck are the good lurkers when you need them? Clearly the "chemtrails are kooky" script has been proven real. But you just keep reading this crap for fun. This is not fun to me. Sometimes it is fun to post on forums, I'll admit, but we have to get the chemtrails exposed and stopped. I make no money posting on the internet. In return, I get trolled and cyberbullied. Please, good people out there, help us out. You know this forum is for real.


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What the heck is this about?

There is so much crazy disinfo, it makes me feel this is proof that chemtrails are real.

John, (and everyone),

Yes, you are right: "Chemtrails" normally is off-topic for UFOFacts (and DrRichBoylanReports). But I have recently come across information that places a new perspective on Chemtrails that, in my view, bears a direct relationship to UFOFacts' topics. Let me explain.

Although at first ambiguous, the evidence for an actual, concerted, clandestine campaign by governmental or ragovernmental aircraft systematically spraying aerosol chemicals into the high atmosphere in regional criss-cross patterns ("chemtrails") has now grown to undeniable.

While "chemtrails" are the fodder of the conspiratorial-oriented e-lists on the Internet, it is important not to throw the baby out with the bath water.

As some on this List will recall, I last year posted a response I got about chemtrails from a "retired" Air Force Colonel friendly to Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) interests. Colonel Ware blandly acknowledged that large airplanes (some of them apparently Air National Guard tankers) have indeed been spewing a chemical soup into the upper atmosphere. He stated that far from"conspiratorial" motives, the covert project had as its intention to reduce the amount and intensity of the sunlight penetrating to Earth, as a way of combatting global warming.

I will not go into a tirade here (unless requested) about the stupidity of this proposed solution, as well as its toxicity. Suffice to say, that if Project Chemtrails is a sample of the genius coming out of the CFR, Bilderbergers, and Trilateral Commission global "planners", then we all have reason to "be afraid, be very afraid" about what other "magic cures" they have in store for us.

But let me get to the connection with experiencers, Star Kids and Star Seeds and other humans developing their higher consciousness. Working with a Star Seed yesterday, I got information about an even darker motive behind the chemtrails.

As you may well be aware, many folks are working to help balance and restore the energy ("ley") lines which criss-cross the Earth and create a balanced energetic grid that vitalizes and sustains all living things here.

As Earth and the people on it heads towards a Transition largely accomplished by 2012, that the Mayans called "the end of historical time" (as we have known it), and which involves Earth shifting to a degree into an adjacent dimension, less dense, more energetic, larger consciousness "coefficient", where the calendar of human history will have to start anew, there are many people now (2004), "light-workers" if you will, who are working to promote both the well-being and the "ascension" (raising of energetic and consciousness levels) of Earth and its people. They are thus helping accelerate Earth for the phase-shift Transition. In the new "Fifth" World, there will be no more ecocidal chemicals being used, like plutonium, uranium, petroleum fuels, coal, or even natural gas as a fuel. The New Society will not be based on competition, endess acquisition (greed), vertical power concentrations, and segregation of groups into "us" and "them" or "good" and "bad".

The New Society will be based on extended-family dynamics. Oddly enough, there are some people who do not want this Transition to occur. And some of these are extremely powerful and enormously-wealthy persons, who form a coordinated Cabal, who are desperately seeking to slow down this Transition, and even stop it if possible. One of their tools is sabotage. If they can sabotage the bodies and consciousness of the Transition-helpers, the "light-workers", then the Cabal can buy time, and even hope to keep Earth anchored in its current third-dimensional existence, with all the cruder attributes that currently go along with that existence. In other words, more time to rule over and expand their global "empire" (their hold on Earth).

Thus, the Chemtrails Project. The toxic stew that spews out of those sprayer nozzles on the back of the aerial tankers reportedly contains (highly-toxic) barium compounds, ethlyene dibromide, blood cells and bacteria, aluminum, (which crosses the blood/brain barrier, and has been linked with Alzheimer's Disease,) titanium (a lung irritant), and other substances. While the entire composition of "Chemtrails" is not known, and in some reports varies some from location to another, it seems clear that the wholesale spraying of such massive aerosols above the Earth, especially in populated regions, is an environmental challenge, as well as a medical hazard especially to highly-susceptible populations, including young children, the elderly, and those predisposed to respiratory problems.

Further, this Chemtrails spraying affects the Earth and those who do beneficial consciousness work for the Earth. The Star Seed I worked with noted that the Chemtrails serve to disrupt the energy lines/grid of Earth, and impair the ability of "light-workers" to utilize their full consciousness in Earth-healing work.

The disruption of Earth's energy (ley) lines may be related to the electroconductive properties of the Chemtrail aerosols. Or the Chemtrails' chemicals may serve as an energy-reflective barrier to help shape and intensify weaponized energetic beams from HAARP and other scalar weapons engineering systems, which may be being used to disrupt Earth's natural flow-lines of energy, and at any rate clearly do so when powered up..

The affect of Chemtrail poisons on "light-workers" may not be much different than on other persons - lung irritation or infection, reduced energy, malaise, etc. It is safe to say that light-workers cannot work as effectively or as consistently under such chemical bombardment. And a number of these chemicals accumulate in human tissue with repeated exposure.

And as the Earth is impaired in its ability to recover and reequilibrate from the insults of human activity, and as the light-workers are impaired in their ability, health and focus to aid Mother Gaia, so more "precious" time is bought for the geoplutocrats to continue their power grasp of Earth and its societies, and to prolong the unsustainable status quo.

Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

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Unread post 11 Jan 2009, 20:37 #8

This could be a breakthrough proving disinformation thus proving chemtrails. For why would such efforts be taken to alter the contents of books to make it seem that commercial aircraft can create chemtrails and always have and thus chemtrails are contrails???

The focus returns to the Epoxynous character, now known for spamming youtube and having a disinformation website named Contrail Science. This is no obvious scammer like "KevinMartin" who offers enigmas in the form of convolution. This guy works with subtlety.

I took care of this guy last year. For another one of these types of videos, it turned out that every example he found was from military aircraft.

Now he has made a video alleging to have found chemtrailed skies from 1972. I used a proxy to get into Carnicom's where I found out about this. The hat tip goes to Vericarl, who by chance has been accused by Megasprayer of being my sock puppet. There was only one other thread that seemed interesting. Day Glo, the voice of reason, deleted her posts, so I don't know what it was about. But I think it was similar to her previous types of posts pointing out crazy ideas that make chemtrails look like an internet hoax.

I believe a few of us have made a difference. I believe that despite the fact that the major chemtrail boards have been rigged, a few of us have gotten the word out that it is not outrageous to believe in chemtrails. Maybe Day Glo saw my post slamming Kathaksung before it was deleted and I was banned. Perhaps Day Glo is for real and is starting to realize that Cliff Carnicom is part of the problem.

Epoxynous/Contrail Science is a Patrick Minnis mouthpiece. They are admitting that we are seeing what Minnis refers to as contrail outbreaks. These guys are going way out of their way to try to make chemtrails look kooky. They then have Deborah, Chem11, Arcadia Ego, and BigBunny spreading the disinfo that chemtrails are contrails. This has been an elaborate script covering many years, around nine to be exact.

There is even the same kind of nonsense going on at Chemtrail Central with someone named Free World Order, but I digress.

I am not sure why two books would have the same isbn number. Perhaps that isn't a big deal. I don't know. It could have been a typo or it might mean something.

But unless the Italian chemmies are plants, some form of strawmen, they have located the book Epoxynous used for his video. The book has obviously been altered where the photos used by Epoxynous are located. The only thing I can think of is that the Italian chemmies are fakes, and it will be proven that they scripted this whole thing, that they are the disinfo strawmen to boost Epoxynous' credibility.

However, the only thing I see from their youtube page that doesn't add up is that the guy "TankerEnemy" wrote that he is censored on his own pages. Yet right in the comments, there he is. Controlled opposition is a problem we must keep an eye out for. But nonetheless, please check this out. It sure looks like Epoxynous and many others have been busted for being spooks.

" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false

TankerEnemy wrote:We found these kind of anomalies not long after a symposium of C.I.C.A.P. (italian debunkers). During the conference, Simone Angioni, an italian chemistry, (as well as component C.I.C.A.P.), showed this book with the same strange details. Obvsiouly he showed it trying to demonstrate that hours-persistent-contrails ever existed. We know it's a lie then we purchased the same volume and found what we let anybody see in this video. Some pages were torn and replaced with other different ones. Somebody manipulated a number of original informations of this book, "Clouds of the World". Ask yourself: WHY?

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini

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Unread post 26 Feb 2009, 22:46 #10

I've had some concerns with the big forum he is affiliated with. They seem to have stuff on orgone and ufos, for a few examples. But I don't know Italian, so it's not something I have access to figuring out.

That all the early evidence of aircraft induced white-outs are from military aircraft implies that such evidence is useless. Plus, those white-outs don't look like those that showed up around the year 2000 or a bit earlier.

We've also already heard all the explanations from the closed-minded debunker side. Increased air traffic. More pollution particles in the air. New turbo engines. It's gotten very stale.

Your horse seems to be one that keeps running in the stratosphere despite the consistent claims of witnesses that the white-outs are being created much lower than that.

I'm not saying for sure that the book in question was tampered with, but it sure looks like it may have happened.

It's good that you were banned from youtube. No one likes to read spam.

You are a broken record. I was in the trenches and figured out a lot about fake chemmies named Deborah, Chem11, BigBunny, Arcadia Ego, Wayne Hall, Lou Aubuchont and many more. But oh no, according to you, it appears that I am just smearing them because they disagree with me. And real scientists agree with them! So it doesn't even matter, according to you, if a sophisticated fake chemmie/fake debunker script has been uncovered.

In a controlled opposition, discrepancies are planted for the scripted foes to debunk. The result has been nothing but noise. Real people have been shamed out of participating. There's no need for real people in such discussions. Lou Aubuchont is a nutjob? Have Jay Reynolds point that out. Carol Rosin is in all likelihood a cointelpro plant in the peace in space movement? Have ContrailScience point it out. God forbid the few real chemmies who refused to give up have been the ones to clean up the whole stinking disinfo ship.

This forum wasn't established so people like yourself could show up and change the tempo. Your past spamming attempts and bullying efforts are taken into consideration when reading these present efforts.

As for David Icke and the Outlaw Forum, those are two of the worst websites on the whole internet. Why you would want to post there is beyond my imagination. I can see how Uri stayed on a fair bit to set the record straight about the neo-nazi ideology being spammed, but for you to say you are such an intellect, yet post at those kinds of places, is hard to make sense of.

Just because someone gets caught in lies, does not mean everything they post is lies.

The preponderance of evidence shows that a "chemtrails are kooky" script has been put in place. There is something referred to as concern trolling. Folks will make it appear that they are one of the good guys. They will post things that make sense in order to gain the reader's confidence. But what goes on with such folks is a confidence game.

I'm sorry, but it doesn't look like things are working out here. Nothing personal, but I'm starting to remember how annoying you can be.

Take my advice and go to DebateBothSides. I kind of don't want you here.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini