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Spanish chemtrails forum

Unread postby Isard » Sat May 10, 2008 6:00 am

Hi people,

Thanks Socrates for posting all that info on the spanish forum.

I agree with you they put too much emphasis on the orgonite stuff.

However, I do not post there anymore, as I explained in my previous message. That guy "Alfonso VI", which is the moderator, and appears in your Babelfish link, is completely against trying to denounce chemtrails issue in the media. He was the one who deleted the two threads I personnally opened there asking people to send letters to the media.

Anyway you will surely get some good info in that forum (as the ads you posted. Subliminals here in Spain are specially clear and present in cars TV ads.)

Now, a few of us have created a new forum.

It is a "closed" one, just like this one, only a few clean members. Maybe even more closed, as you will notice only us members can see the posts.

However if you, or other member of this forum, is interested, he will be welcomed there. Just ask, and we'll create user account(s).

The main focus of this new forum is about sending letters to all the media.
By the way, my first letter (the one that I put in my last message), has also been published in another newspaper

The most important newspaper of the "Kingdom" of Navarre.

Now we are trying to focus on TV stations. I have created a list with all the chemtrails topic TV appearences all over the world (It took many hours surfing the web). In case you are interested I can post it here (it is not a long list), as it may be useful.

Finally, I will travel soon some days to my native land (Uruguay), and will try to promote these infos there. As I said before, no chemtrails there, but HAARP effects are very very clear (it is normal to see those "electrolised-like" skies, as well as the halo around the sun).

You know, sometimes in third world countries people have other daily problems, and can't look further.

I think we will surely get some good results.

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