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alex jones - brownshirt

manufactured grassroots, disinfo, and insidious marketing

alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby tlnl » Tue Aug 26, 2008 10:24 am

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You are more than welcomed to get your voice across here. We are definitely on the same page as regards to these big names on the internet.

People can be very daft. They will admit to all the problems facing America and the world, but they are caught up in this myth that there are no real differences between Republicans and Democrats. I partially see their point. I actually see their point in a big way. But I am not that cynical to believe that Obama and McCain are the same. The push is on to make this appear like a tight race, when in fact, Obama should easily win this thing. We are not that racist a country anymore. If McCain is the next President, it will be the result of election fraud.



911 troof exposes itself by applauding this thuggery. Like it's a revelation that FOX news is full of ****?

What IS a revelation is 911 troof's inability to see fascism. does AJ have to wave around big red flags with swaztikas on first?

As an exercise - see if you can tell which thugs belong to which groups in that video?

I think the video is disgusting indictment of AJ - and of 911 troof in general, due to its exaltation of AJ's ********.

And imagine what AJ and his cronies would have done if there was "nobody about"? Imagine if there wasn't AJ's supposed massive police/military state to protect the "monster" they were chasing? And note how the little woman reporter is dehumanised as "a monster".......as AJ leads the lynchmob against her......? Disgusting. All to "reveal" that FOX is ****?

The video is evidence of the physical, surface manifestation of the subterranean effort by organised fascism to subvert "911 truth". And they've largely succeeded - "911 truth" is now perhaps inescapably "911 (fascist) troof"

Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby socrates2 » Tue Aug 26, 2008 2:59 pm

I'm on dial-up modem now, and the thing keeps hanging up before the video uploads. Any chance you can fill us in on what happened? I am a neutral outsider. I don't watch Fox-TV, Malkin, or Jones at all. My take is all three would be irrelevant, if not for election fraud. The ptb's are trying to make it look plausible for McCain to win. Then the electronic voting machines can switch votes without too much suspicion. This is tinfoil101.

Fox, Jones, Rivero, Malkin, Limbaugh, et al are trying to sell that America is an evenly, divided country. Free thinkers can see through such blatant propaganda.

It would be nice to hear what happened.

Here's one thread on the subject. It's like being in a seedy bar listening to the townies. I won't be back at this one.


We can play spot the disinfo agent.

I think I found one. Could this be Lou Aubuchont?

sw33tlou: This guy is completely nuts. This is your modern day Democrat party. This is just sad.

Only a disinfo agent would post that Alex Jones is a Democrat. Not only that, it's a slur to refer to the "Democrat Party." It is the Democratic Party. Disinfo plays games with the syntax. They'll refer to voter fraud, when the real issue is election fraud.

Disinfo Agent#2-

[quote="Mike"] jackass
she need to do the samething to him when he at some place just start talking **** just like he did and talk loud and calling him names like she dont have a opiuon, he's just mad she called him a lier?

One would need a high powered computer to figure out that one. By the way, Lou Aubuchont was busted posting as Mike at the BradBlog. Could this Mike be a sock puppet. Yes, there can be coincidences. The bad spelling was also overdone, imho.

I don't think as a guest you'll be able to post immediately. You could register. As a guest, you are now able to post anywhere on the forum, although with the delay.

This new place is a bit of a chore. The video embedding needs to be fixed. There is also this new function, where url's are simplified to keep the margins intact. But when one edits or hits preview, the full links are getting pruned. Great, now I have something else to bug the freeforum techs with.

I had to cut loose a member here, because she was doing interviews on the Republic Broadcast Network. You are right that 9/11 truthers need to cut loose the strawmen. We can see the hidden agendas. I 100% believe that there are many fakes all over these forums and blogs promoting "nutter" sources and ideas. I have broken the script down to crazy believers, closed-minded debunkers, and disinfo debunkers in open-minded clothes.

Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby tlnl » Thu Aug 28, 2008 12:08 am

Well, it seems potentially to be quite a defining moment - this Alex Jones/Malkin incident, I mean.

The video has to be seen to understand how gross Alex Jones' conduct was. Charging around calling a little oriental woman "a monster"........ he looked frienzied. I had to wonder what would have happened if such an encounter had happened in the middle of nowhere? what would have become of a lone Malkin out of sight of the media mob? That's a despicable way to behave - creating such an atmosphere.

But of course, it would never have happened away from the media mob - it was a media event: alex was there with a camera crew wasn't he? Nevertheless, what of Malkin when there isn't a ready media scrum to "protect" her? What will become of "the evil" "monster" Malkin then? Alex and his troofer minions, by refusing to admit to any wrongdoing, have given their tacit approval and advocacy of such brownshirting. Even against a 5ft nothing female reporter. Shameful.

Perhaps unsurprisingly the immediate fallout from both troofers and the right-wing Malkin camps seems to be to blame "the left" - and "whack-job liberals" etc.........amazingly Malkins supporters seem to view Alex Jones as some liberal/leftist! Quite amazing - and disturbing too!

Anyway - there was a protest organised by ReCreate68 around the Mint, in Denver. As Alex Jones puts it - recreate68 were "spewing...communist trash about wealth distribution", and are a group of "phony anarchists" - provocateurs, no less. It was at the ReCreate68 demo outside the mint that Alex Jones' altercation with Malkin occurred.

People are defending Alex - often claiming he "confronted the fascist Malkin".

But "confront" is the wrong word. Alex looks deranged and maniacal. He shouts endlessly - waves his hands around - and frienzedly hunts for Malkin - saying "Where is the monster!?". It looks ridiculous as this "monster" is a diminutive (5ft?) oriental news reporter. She looks quite beautiful - especially compared to Alex's thuggery and the mob around her.

People seem amazed I will defend her - as if I have to agree with what she believes in, before I may treat her with even the least respect! And the people surprised I will defend this "evil" FOX news reporter are the same ones who claim to stand for free speech, the constitution et al.......

I don't agree with Malkin - but what Alex did to her was horrible. And now, by refusing to admit their behaviour was wrong, Alex, prisonplanet and all his minions have tacitly ENDORSED such behaviour. If Alex had worn long boots, a bright red armband swaztika - it would have looked more like what it was.

Anyway - two things happening now:

1) Malkin/rightwing blogs etc seem obsessed that people actually shouted "kill michelle malkin". This is being contrasted with the "leftist" protest (ReCreate68 at the Mint) which was about giving money to the poor to eat, peace etc.....but which is blamed for Alex's nonesense.
2) PR.is.on.plan.etc are trying to deflect attention onto those who were saying "kill michelle malkin" - again, because it apparently shows how the left is comprised by agents provocateurs........and as a reason to not have to address Alex's OWN reprehensible conduct.

The issue of who actually shouted "Kill Michelle Malkin" is a diversion imo - both camps seek to blame the left for it. No - no surprise there. :)

But in their latest article PR.is.on.plan.com seem to implicate themselves - even though the article is surely intended as a rebuttal.

It's here:

What they say is perfectly true - AJ has no affiliation with ReCreate68. Indeed - it seems affiliates of ReCreate68 have had a few run ins already with Alex Jones - and, unsurprisingly, they don't get on. :) ReCreate68 don't like Alex's WHITE POPULISM, for instance. Ring any bells? LOL

Prisonplanet themselves admit that earlier in the week they've had a few run-ins with ReCreate68. Prisonplanet say ReCreate69 have *HASSLED* them.......

Alex Jones is not a member of Re-Create 68 and in fact has been harassed constantly by them all week.

In which case - WHY THE **** WAS ALEX JONES AT THE ReCreate68 DEMO ANYWAY? It was a ReCreate68 gig - something AJ is now desperately pressing - AJ knew it was a ReCreate68 gig - he was NOT part of it..

They can't have it both ways. If it is fine for AJ to "hassle" (*brownshirt*) malkin, then Alex can't moan about ReCreate68 "hassling" him for his "WHITE POPULISM" et al. - especially when he goes to their demos!

But nevertheless - WHAT WAS AJ DOING THERE?

Prisonplanet had already carried articles about "anarachist provocateurs" - and prisonplanet now admits it had ALREADY been hassled by ReCreate68 - so WHAT was AJ doing there? He doesn't support what he calls "communist trash" about "redistribution of wealth" - which is what the demo was ABOUT - so what on earth was he doing there?

I mean - is it really IRRELEVANT that AJ was at a demo organised by what he calls "phony", "trashy communist" "provocateurs"? WHY WAS HE THERE?

Read the whole article - it is admitting somethings, and drawing a veil over others.

1) prisonplanet.com are keen to distance themselves from ReCreate68 - and seek to blame ReCreate68 for the "brownshirting" by concentrating on the "kill michelle malkin" aspect. (Blame the left for the brownshirting. Blame the left for conspiracy whackjobs)

2) prisonplanet have no explanation for why Alex Jones was there in the first place. Kind of strange for this article - seeing as its intent is to defend Alex Jones from being some lame-assed provocateur. I mean - WHY WAS HE THERE? He already knew he wasn't particularly wanted by RAIM and ReCreate68......and he doesn't support the purpose of the demonstration (redistribution of wealth for the starving) yet he attends a rally for a cause he doesn't believe in, organised by phony provocateur anarchists he knows don't like him - and creates a huge stink - yet everyone else is "a provocateur"!? It's ridiculous......?


Anyway - here's the article. Doesn't it strike you too? That question of why was AJ even there?

I'm wondering if they've changed the article? That's why i print it all out here - because prisonplanet.com is a con - they will change things and censor whenever they see fit.

Neo-Con Media Whores Still Can’t Get Facts Straight On Malkin Incident

Blow hard blogs still parrot lie that Jones advocated violence against Malkin in coordinated defamation campaign

Paul Joseph Watson
Prison Planet
Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Neo-Con media whores are still having difficulty getting their facts straight on Alex Jones’ confrontation of Michelle Malkin on Monday at the DNC, and remain persistent with their bald faced lie that Jones advocated violence against the columnist.

“If you repeat a lie long enough, and loud enough, it becomes truth,” said Nazi propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels, and it appears as though Neo-Con bloggers have taken the words of one of their heroes to heart.

That’s right - drooling, Mom’s basement dwelling, fake right-wing hacks are still reporting that Alex Jones and/or his supporters shouted “kill Michelle Malkin” even after we exposed the individuals concerned to be agent provocateurs intent on demonizing legitimate protesters by making inflammatory statements.


Malkin herself appeared on Fox and Friends, the show that regularly serves up a morning diet of mindless celebrity bile along with Neo-Con talking points and anti-American propaganda, to discuss the incident with the ever willing brownshirt propagandist host Steve Doocy, who continued to lump in Re-Create 68 provocateurs with the distinctly different 9/11 truth movement.

Watch the clip.

“In a sorry attempt to re-create Abbie Hoffman’s satirical stunt aimed at levitating the Pentagon, a dozen Re-create ‘68 stragglers dressed up like the cast of Harry Potter, wielded magic wands and joined hands to float the Denver Mint,” writes Malkin in her syndicated column today. “The Mint stayed firmly on the ground. To salvage the abysmal turnout, an unhinged contingent of 9/11 conspiracy theorists started barking at me. One buffoon shouted, “Kill Michelle Malkin,” while the levitation experts chanted, “Peace and Justice!” and a wizard paraded around in his “Arrest Bush” T-shirt with Che Guevara promoters tossing fake quarters in the air.”

“Desperate to salvage the fizzled demonstration, 9/11 nutball Alex Jones started barking at me and attempting to make a scene and incite a riot,” Malkin further elaborates.

The foundation of Malkin’s riposte, that Alex Jones decided to confront her in order to salvage a failed protest, is nothing more than a bald faced lie. The Denver Mint protest was wholly organized and attended by members of Re-Create 68, and not by “9/11 conspiracy theorists”.

Indeed, the 9/11 truth movement’s shutdown of Chris Matthews’ MSNBC show was a wild success, in comparison to the pathetic spectacle of the phony left-wing group Re-Create 68, adorned in ludicrous wizard outfits, and their self-defeating attempts to “levitate” the Denver Mint.

Malkin’s feigned outrage may fool Fox News’ rapidly declining number of geriatric viewers, but the real outrage is the fact that this anti-American piece of filth is still given a platform after she wrote a book advocating government critics, Muslims and other designated undesirables be put in internment camps. Malkin is also a staunch torture advocate and likes to spend her time defending people who kill puppies. Nice lady. When Alex Jones called her a “monster” he was doing her a favor. The real depth of this little *****’s evil cannot be expressed by mere words alone.

Another blow-hard who can’t get his facts straight is Andrew Bolt of the Australian Herald Sun, who writes on his blog, ”Kill Michelle Malkin!” Just another peace protest. The puffed-up thug at the head of the mob, some of whom shout death threats against Malkin, is radio “host” Alex Jones.”

The fact that those shouting “Kill Michelle Malkin” were also screaming “Alex Jones is a capitalist stooge” goes ignored by Bolt, who lumps in Re-Create 68’s provocateurs with Jones, seemingly satisfied with spewing a one sentence hit piece rather than telling the truth about the incident.

Dozens of phony conservative right-wing blogs have parroted the “kill Michelle Malkin” ad hominem smear attack, in most cases without retractions. Respondents to such articles have largely attacked the writers as having got the facts completely backward, but the lie continues to be replicated.

Also overlooked is the fact that one of Michelle Malkin’s stooges is caught on tape lying to police in an attempt to frame Alex Jones, claiming that Alex punched her bodyguard and shouted death threats, when in reality Malkin’s bodyguard assaulted Alex and his crew, and the death threats were made by provocateurs completely unaffiliated with Alex Jones.

We are also forced to stomach yellow tabloid headlines like “Mint Levitation Event Degenerates into Attack on Woman” and “Blogger Michelle Malkin Attacked in Denver near DNC08″ - quite how shouting at someone constitutes an “attack” is not explained. Another article frames it as a “mob attack on conservative commentator Michelle Malkin”. In reality, the only people engaged in violence and assault were Malkin’s self-appointed bodyguards, who elbowed and shoved Jones and his crew. One particularly aggressive character was the guy in the black Darth Vader shirt and glasses shown behind Malkin in the following picture. He physically assaulted both Jones and his cameraman Rob Jacobson.

“This is the second time that a Fox News commentator has been accosted by members of Recreate 68 since convention festivities began Sunday,” continues the article. Wrong again. Alex Jones is not a member of Re-Create 68 and in fact has been harassed constantly by them all week.

“Jones, accompanied by little more than a handful of protesters that showed up for the event were documented chanting “Kill Michelle Malkin,” only moments after chanting their previous refrain of “Love! Peace! Justice!” claims another blog.

As we pointed out, the provocateurs chanting “Kill Michelle Malkin” were part of a group who had that same day attempted to bullhorn Alex Jones himself, but the guilt-by-association smear tactic is woven seamlessly into the hit piece.

We are putting neo-con blogs on notice - any attempt to imply that Alex Jones advocates violence against Michelle Malkin - when such comments were clearly made by individuals who had no connection to Alex Jones - will be judged on a case by case basis and defamation charges will be considered should any consequences arise from these lies.


Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Thu Aug 28, 2008 7:13 am

Prior to watching the film depicting Alex Jones and Michelle Malkin, I had never seen or heard either of them (meaning visual or voice). I had vaguely heard OF Alex Jones, but not of Michelle Malkin at all (I tend to avoid Internet politics since I just get riled up, and who needs more stress in life!?).

Not being aware of the main tenets (not to mention the nuances) of either one's political position or backgound, I basically watched this film in a naive state, I guess.

To me, at the time of looking at it, it seemed Alex Jones had a belligerent, thug-ugly manner, yes, but the whole interaction seemed somehow scripted in a sense. And at the end where it was cut off, he seemed to be smirking and laughing with his cronies. There was just a false appearing and sounding, put-on "actor" quality of his words.

Having since looked up Malkin on some "wiki" type sources (but not having time or inclination to track down and obtain and read any of her books) I have seen that she is more than just a mere reporter or news announcer, but rather some kind of political "pundit" and was supposedly quoted as saying she admired Ann Coulter.

Interestingly I read that her husband had previously been employed by Rand, but was later a "stay-at-home-Dad" so maybe Malkin is now the thinktank rep in her family.

I consider most everything utterly fake anymore (especially in media and the Internet) unless tremendously proven otherwise.

So bottom line, hasn't this "confrontation" just stirred up more controversy and baloney, leading to more distraction from REAL issues in all our lives, and in addition, helped ADVERTISERS out due to more Internet and television viewing?

Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby tlnl » Thu Aug 28, 2008 10:38 pm

prisonplanet continue their efforts at diverting attention away from Alex Jones' disgraceful behaviour by trying to shift focus onto the supposed "leftist anarchists" who apparently were shouting "kill michelle malkin".

Making the issue one of whom said "kill michelle malkin" diverts away from the furore condemning Alex's behaviour - which deserves condemnation. What others did is irrelevant with reference to Alex's disgusting brownshirting of Malkin.

Today prisonplanet have the audacity to claim:

{on edit: Tlnl- html code doesn't work here. It's all BB Code, at least for now. I fixed the bold.}

their jack-booted propagandist Fox News idols like Michelle Malkin."


Isn't it amazing that they can even try to get away with such spinning? Jones brownshirted Malkin - FULL STOP. No amount of spin should be allowed to detract from that imo.

Interestingly Malkin actually shares many of Alex's views - notably over immigration, and the Minutemen. They both support the minutemen - and strong borders - and all the rest of it - both refer to, and make a big deal out of LA RAZA too.

But that's not all. Read Malkin's website and her political agenda and beliefs are very close to those of Alex Jones - they are the typical perspectives of american right-wing conservatives.

eg -
private healthcare
privatised social security
immigration control
small government
pre-eminence of "the law" etc

In general the usual economics and social agendas of the right wing, derived from basic acceptance of capitalist paradigm - markets, profits, blah blah.

So in fact - whilst Alex and his minions justify brownshirting Malkin on the grounds she's a racist - she in fact shares much the same views as Alex himself. So how come she is "racist", but Alex is "a hero"?

People have also defended Jones' brownshirting of Malkin by claiming she stands for internment and torture.

Nobody seems to get the point when I post Rivero's quotes where he calls for "waterboard the hackers" - and that hackerss should be sent to Guantanamo and Abu Ghraib....... Surely that's an endorsement of torture by Rivero - so why does Alex have torturer Rivero on his show, but Malkin deserves jackbooting?

These people are SO full of sheeeet.........

@ Blueskyhope:

the clearest thing to come out of this seems to be that both rightwing groups (Malkin + Jones) have used it to attack the left. Was it staged for that purpose? I think it's doubtful. However........

The thing still unanswered - WHY WAS JONES THERE?

Someone on prisonplanet replied to one of my published comments - they said Jones was there to expose the provocateurs! haha - by staging a jack-booted provocation of his own!??!?!?!?! Well, that really doesn't make sense does it?

So WHY was Jones there, if not to cause a provocation? He has no sympathy for the demo - which was held by what Alex calls "communist trash" and "phony anarchist provocateurs". So why was he there, if not to provoke? What sort of idiot accuses others of being provocateurs, goes their demo - where he knows he isn't wanted - and ends up being the most provocative ***** in sight?

And still "the left" gets blamed! amazing.

Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby socrates2 » Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:42 am

I think the Alex Jones part was definitely staged. I've seen him acting like a monkey before, flapping his wings. He is the personification of the strawman. He is the crazy man screaming on the corner for change. But is he deluded, intel, or insidiously making a buck?

If you can show Malkin and Fox portraying Jones as left of center, that would be a brilliant connecting of dots. At the few blogs I've read on this topic, they each had someone spreading that specific disinfo.

Do you think Alex Jones is intel? That is the question.

I think Rivero is easier to claim as being such a plant. Tlnl, I am surprised you haven't discovered Markos Zuniga of DailyKos. He is the pioneer of the netroots. He is as fake a liberal as there is. His background is CIA and rightwing politics. His influence well overshadows Jones'.

But Jones certainly does have his own niche.

Is he a moneymaking redneck or a spook?

I think most of the internet is in tatters. Comment sections have become unreadable due to a heavy influx of fake posting.

I think Jones was there to yell at the neocon Fox News and get it up on youtube. I saw him do the same thing to Geraldo Rivera. This is a gimmick he likes to use.

Remember Ender at the What Really Happen forum? He used to talk a lot of crap about cointelpro.

Before I forget, I do think you're stretching it a bit with the torture analogy. Rivero's just acting his part, acting the tough guy. Yet, has he ever promoted the use of torture on anyone other than hackers?

This is how they woo the left and are able to blur lines that are otherwise clearly drawn. People naturally gravitate to good sources. I remember seeing The Guardian and other good ones at these places. Even Rense sometimes puts in a good story. :shock:

Maybe people are websurfers. They only see the good things and miss the bad. Unless people look into this like we have, they are not going to understand why Rivero and Jones are bad news and threats to democracy.

Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:08 am

3 things, real briefly.

1. This site has become extremely slow and bogged dow. This started yesterday afternoon. I am on a T1 and I can't imagine how slow dialup must have become.

2. I noticed an ad appeared when I got on this morning earlier (upper left side) for MICHELLE MALKIN's Blog Site!

Either this Forum software is mining what we are WRITING ABOUT to put ads up, or it's an unblievable coincidence, or Socrates has done it as a joke (which I doubt).

3. When I thought about that Jones vs. Malkin confrontation, it seemed like HE was asked by Mr./Ms. "Randler" (intel handler pseudonym, whoever it is) to go do that for possibly 2 reasons that "they" had:

(a) for HER publicity and benefit as portrayal as "victim" -- she seemed on board with that fake-appearing "attack" of Mr. Jones et al.
(b) for ramping up the current "meme" of impending disaster and concentration camps looming supposedly for the populace.

I noticed yesterday, on an earthquake and earth changes prediction site, in terms of (b) above, that there was more than the usual talk of mysterious trucks, men, and planes out in the Pacific Northwest, where there have been recent earthquake swarms (since April noticeably and continuing now) off Vancouver Island (Canada) down into the Oregon coastal areas.

One alleged "local resident" commented to "confirm it" and moaned something about "getting anxious about a possible military takeover coming soon and being in camps."

I often look at 3 main woo-woo sites to see what is being said: TB2K (Time Bomb 2000) -- also its analog "TheTreeofLiberty", syzygy, and earthboppin dot net.

Although I believe it has been "in the background" continually for several years, since about a year ago, an escalating theme has been
(a) There will be large natural disaster(s) around the time of the 2008 Presidential Election.
(b) Bush will still be in office, so will declare "martial law" to "handle the emergency."
(c) Therefore, the Election will be postponed/canceled.
(d) Anybody who doesn't like (b) and (c) will be put in a "camp" of which numerous have supposedly been readied.

So when I heard Jones ranting about "camps" I felt like he was just saying that scare-word over and over (yes, Malkin, for whatever reasons, has already produced the tome about the subject, but that was several years ago that it was published for heaven's sake, it's not real recent).

It's like he was supposed to harp on that one word, whatever "rationale" he used to explain it. It was a thin plot, eh? Doesn't make ANY sense to me without knowing about this doom and gloom scenario meme of "camps."

TB2K site had 2 pages of discussion yesterday on the Jones Fracas (see Wardogs ID's comments at 1:09pm on this forum link. Wardogs also had an amusing list of Jones beliefs on page 1.

It seems like that list is soup-to-nuts (emphasis on NUTS) compounded conspiracy and scifci disinfo from "the govt is behind everything" to "the alien reptile-lizards are behind THAT (the govt)" so as someone said on TB2K, he's like a regular "shock-jock" with this other element too.

Someone on TB2K also pointed out that he screamed his URL numerous times, and traffic has supposedly increased there mightily.

I remember in these times what the producer of that old TV standby, "The Waltons" used to say (he was quoted in an article in TV Guide at the time). He was saying the actors of that show (once it became "famous") would come in and demand a raise, top billing, or more lines or whatever, and he would just raise his hand in the air while they were raving on and on. This was to remind himself that "They are ACTORS" and keep him from reacting to their fervent emotional pleas for more money (by mentioning sick family members, or whatever gambit they were using).

Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby tlnl » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:26 am

Markos Zuniga of DailyKos?

I don't know anything much about him. As a leftie, I don't have much time for even a genuine liberal/MOR organisation - let alone one that's apparently wrapped up with CIA, or whatever. :) I try to stick to things I know about - that's all.

As for Rivero's support for torture - yes, I think it is only hackers he's explicitly said need torturing. However, he asserts hackers are "domestic terrorists" - thereby opening up his calls fo torturing hackers to include terrorists. And if hackers are "terrorists" - who else qualifies!? Zionists? Communists? Shoplifters?

Today prisonplanet.com is quoting ACLU about police activity around DNC. However, I remembered attacking prisoplanet a long time back for their attacks on the ACLU, and I traced this article, where they say

The ACLU Socialist Front

No single group has had as much a detrimental effect on our society in the last half century as the American Civil Liberties Union.
Promoted as a patriotic group they actually would have us reduced to socialism or outright communist oppression.

I tried posting this at prisonplanet once already - and they censored it.

What you say about comments sections is true - but actually, having been around rightwing blogs because of this Malkin story, I've found they operate far less censorship than Troofer sites.

But yes, the view that Alex Jones is "a leftie" seems to predominate. Damn it! What a disaster!

I can't but help think that's part of what this was all about - or at least, that's a good part of what is has become about, as it serves both Alex's and Malkin's groups to blame the left.

I think the most important things are that 1) Alex's behaviour was manifestation of fascist influence on 911 Troof, and 2) there is no plausible reason for Jones to have been there, other than to cause a provocation.

Why can't people see how insensible it is for Alex to be at a rally he opposes, organised by people he accuses of being provocateurs, for a cause he doesn't believe in - and yet it's Alex that ends up causing an almighty ruckus?

Who is the real provocateur?

In the days before this incident, prisonplanet had been trailing the meme that provocateurs would use the DNC to stir up trouble. Isn't that what he was doing there - to prove how perspicacious he was in predicting trouble? Only thing is - it took AJ's intervention in the form of bootboy tactics to achieve it.


Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby tlnl » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:30 am

BSH: Either this Forum software is mining what we are WRITING ABOUT to put ads up

Yes - that's all part of the wonderful "directed" ads we have google and others to thank for. They scan content, and place "relevant" ads on the fly. Technically great, and probs a boon for consumers. Less good for those of us, like myself, who have a pathological hatred of advertising.

Remember when people used to deride the soviet union for being so bleak? Part of that was the absence of advertising. Bring back bleak, I say. ;)

Re: alex jones - brownshirt

Unread postby tlnl » Fri Aug 29, 2008 12:17 pm

Prisonplanet's transparent efforts at damage limitation are made clear, here, where they refer to Malkin's people admitting AJ wasn't himself shouting "kill malkin" :

“This admission by Malkin’s people should put to rest the claims, primarily on neocon blogs and, unfortunately, by Mark Davis at the Dallas Morning News, that Alex Jones threatened Malkin.”


The spin is that just because Alex didn't shout "kill malkin" he therefore did nothing wrong.

Anybody whom watches the video can have no doubt AJ's behaviour was out of order - and WRONG. it's particularly disturbing to see AJs minions condone such behaviour. Why must we all be expected to endure such disgusting behaviour? Even if AJ and his supporters can happily tolerate being treated like that themselves - which is very doubtful - why should the rest of us have to? Condoning such behaviour is endorsing brownshirting. It amazes me that people ask of Nazi Germany - "How did it happen?" - and yet here we are in 2008 America, and we have supposed critics of the establishment condoning the brownshirting of a (tiny female) journalist.

I hope my fear and worry is misplaced. I hope AJ has far less influence than I suppose. But this is a very dangerous precedent, and a possible warning of what's to come.


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