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Another TV Station Exposes Chemtrails{video & transcript}

dialogue and research on chemical trails

Re: Breaking News: Jeff Ferrell Closer To Exposing Chemtrails

Unread postby socrates » Thu Sep 11, 2008 4:33 pm

While fixing the previous post, it turned out that it was too long. So here is the rest.

I am almost done fixing this forum completely. I am forcing myself to finish the upgrade asap.

To:"Ferrell, Jeff"
November 27, 2007

Hi Jeff,

thanks for hearing me out on some of my chemtrail ideas.
thanks also for letting me use you as a source to show that
the Terry Stewart thing was a hoax.

As I've tried to tell you, chemtrails are really about two things:
1) the chemtrails themselves
2) the portrayal of chemtrails on the internet

I have uncovered disturbing information on Will Thomas.
He wrote a book called Chemtrails Confirmed.
In it, he featured a story called "Deep Sky," which involved
people named S.T. Brendt and Louis Aubuchont.

I know you are busy, but I'll outline this for you:

*** Thomas has written different versions of the "Deep Sky"
story. He has written different accounts of the same day.
*** From an article of the same name written in 2002,
Thomas wrote that Terry Stewart had spoken with the Vancouver Courier.
We know that the Courier actually used Whitley Strieber as their source,
and that Strieber used Thomas as the source as having possessed the audiotape
received from a "Mark Porter."
*** Will Thomas' work appears to have been written to help
make chemtrails appear as a hoax. This appears to have
been deliberate. You as a reporter understand the need to
have good sources and to stay consistent. Will Thomas has
been shown to not follow those same ideals.
*** Myself and the friend from Taiwan have been cyberstalked.
We have proof that "Lou Aubuchont" has been cyberstalking us
at Chemtrail Central. The last week, all three of us have been
banned from that forum. I have written to Mark Steadham
a number of times to help out. He has never responded. I have a
bad feeling about Mark Steadham.
*** The cyberstalking has been viscious and at various places all
over the internet.

Thanks Jeff for giving me a chance.

Myself and the friend from Taiwan have unraveled an insidious
script concerning chemtrails on the internet. The basic premise
of the script has been that there are closed-minded debunkers
and crazy believers.

Will Thomas, ugh.

I think he is some sort of intel. agent. I believe that black ops
or whatever you want to call it have been perverting the
chemtrails topic all these years. This is why, close to ten years
after the chemtrailing has started, we "chemmies" are still fighting to get
people to listen to our concerns.

We e-mailed Will Thomas a while back and asked him to recheck
his Lou Aubuchont/ST Brendt sources.

I do not believe there really is a Lou Aubuchont.
I am not looking to sue for money, but I would like to
figure out what is up with Lou Aubuchont and Will Thomas.
I can prove Lou Aubuchont has been cyberstalking us.

Thanks for your time and consideration.
Take care and peace, ***************

To:"Ferrell, Jeff"
November 27, 2007

Hi Jeff,

I've never seen that photo. The only thing that ever appeared was the fact that the text exists. I think you have to purchase it. I don't think the photo has ever been on the internet.

I very much appreciate your time.

I want you to realise that chemtrails are deliberate activity. Chemtrails are not produced by commercial airliners.

I'm not trying to bog you down. But here's a quote from the Will Thomas article.

"...But Terry Stewart told the Vancouver Courier {8/15/01} that his information confirming the Canada-U.S. military exercise came directly from CFB Comox."

The one thing I am is honest. The Vancouver Courier article was written as if the Terry Stewart comment was fact. This Will Thomas guy seems to be a plant. The only guy who said it was an alleged story was the conspiracy guy, Whitley Strieber.

I am not sure when you first learned about chemtrails. They are real, but there is so much convolution and social engineering obfuscating this issue, that we always worry about the newbies and fence sitters. Hopefully, you have personally witnessed a chemtrails event and realise that they are deliberate activity.

Maybe Rosalind Peterson of California Skywatch is for real. She is one of the leaders. Bob Fitrakis has gone quiet since the early part of the decade. Those two I would speak with. The word chemtrails getting into the Kucinich bill? That appears to have been due to the actions of a cointelpro-like hack named Carol Rosin of the Disclosure Project.

If you have any doubts that chemtrails are real, please watch the video below and take a look at the images I took screenshots of. I believe that the chemjunk comes directly out of the aircraft. One jet flies below, through, and then soars above the chemtrails with no exhaust at all. Perhaps you could use the video and then still frames to show that the trails are deliberate. Please consider that type of angle.

Jeff, the people need to understand that chemtrails are not an enigma.
Thanks for your time and consideration, **************

Please check this out. This kid filming it is out of England,
he made the best chemtrail videos.

CHEMTRAIL JETS CLOSE UPS Our skies are dying...







from other videos:








To:"Ferrell, Jeff"
November 30, 2007

Hi Jeff,

just want to say I am very impressed with your character and integrity. And thanks for realizing that I am one of the few real "chemmies" on internet forums. Thanks for hearing me out about the internet fakery. Thanks for hearing me out on my chemtrail ideas.

will just outline some thoughts.

*** we never hear about the ozone holes. we always get global warming shoved down our throats for the explanation. Ok, there is all that other ******** about ufo's, depopulation, sylphs and thunderbeings, mind control. But the #1 realistic theory given is that chemtrails are for geoengineering global warming.

*** i have used my social theory to study chemtrails on the internet. i have figured out, imho, that chemtrails on the internet has been scripted.

*** how long can we stay out in the sun? Are they "dispersing" aerosols because of the uv-b rays? It's gonna take a century before the ozone holes heal themselves, and that's only if we shut down NASA.

*** Chemtrails are basically about business as usual. All the geoengineering plans to off-set the Co2, the ones by Crutzen, Tom Wigley, and Teller, talk about dispersals in the stratosphere. The "dispersals" of particulates need to be high up there to bounce solar energy back off into space.

*** chemtrails seem to result in a net warming and drought.

*** if they are harmless and/or are for our own good, why all the secrecy and disinfo?

*** commercial airliners Do Not seem to be involved.

*** The NOAA, NASA, NATO, the US Military, UCAR, and Dr. Evil scientists are the culprits. The key to understanding this is that they do not use the word chemtrails, and they do not advertise or admit to what they are doing.

*** This is about creating fake cloud cover. This morning, to the east we had fake cloud cover, it's not just about what chemtrails look like, it's what they turn into!

*** Chemtrails as for geoengineering global warming has been an astroturfed, strawman argument. There has been nothing but ten years of pre-planned convolution on the internet as regards to this topic. It appears that Will Thomas has been part and parcel of this plan, along with a "Wayne Hall," a "Lou Aubuchont," Jay Reynolds, and many others like Bearden, Greer, Rosin, and Scott Stevens.

*** My conclusions. Short term: block out uv-b rays. warm up the planet. get a blank check for geoengineering. This is about maintaining the status quo. It is cheaper for them to go the Dr. Frankenstein route than to change the structure of our economy to one based on peace and renewable energies.

*** Just take a look at the new bills in the house and senate. they set it up, as if they are about cloud seeding, agriculture, things we already know about, like hail suppression. Then they sneak in the middle of the bill the terms climate change and weather mitigation. The US military has already admitted that climate change is a national security issue.

*** I have been attacked on the internet, because I tried to bring reason into the discussion. It is difficult to get through to others the extent of the convolution blocking out the nooks and crannies of chemtrail realities. I tried my best.

*** Thanks again for hearing me out. The email before this one, I went into full activist mode and simply tried to convey to you that chemtrails are real. I believe that the American people need to see more footage and less personalities. I believe that there are disinfo agents all over this topic trying to yank our chains and have us run around in circles. They want chemtrails to remain an enigma.

*** It takes a lot of guts to honestly confront this topic. All the pressures have been on people like you and me to be wary of being labelled as kooks or conspiracy theorists. I have family members and friends who didn't believe me at first. These are regular Joes and Janes. But over a year or two, each one has started to see that I have been onto something; That I can come up with realistic theories about what is really going on.

*** I am sensing you have witnessed a chemtrails event. Otherwise, I don't believe you would be taking such a fair approach to this topic. Again, I believe that the global warming angle is a strawman argument. Yet, I am starting to think "dispersals" are taking place in the stratosphere. But what we are seeing is occurring in the troposphere and is being used to block out the sun. Since global warming is accelerating faster than anyone expected, I believe that the chemtrails are warming us up. Since the deliberate trails are generally used to block out the sun, this is why I am leaning towards the immediate short term motive being to block out the uv-b rays.

*** But first things first. What is the difference between chemtrails and contrails? How can commercial airliners be involved? They have specifications for their jet fuel that the military doesn't. Plus, from the videos from the English kid and a few others, it appears that chemjunk is coming directly out of the chemjets. Most of these jets have T-tails. T-tails are used to be able to make sudden turns.

*** I think some mundane observations and close-ups during a chemtrail event, say over 6 hours, that such observations show the deliberate nature of the activities.

*** Sorry to overload you, if I have. I am that sociology, peacenik type you might recall from your college days, the save the planet type of dude. I realise that this is a tough subject to solve. But if you do, your work will spread far and wide. Sure, we all know about illegal wars, home-grown terrorism bills creating new McCarthy hearings and thought police. We can thank Keith Olbermann and other intrepid reporters like urself for this. But chemtrails? If you crack this case, you will have made a major contribution to history and democracy.

*** I am grateful you saw first hand the scam which is chemtrails on the internet. That Will Thomas guy was the big cheese in the script. Thanks for giving this your best effort. That must be a very progressive news station to allow you to investigate chemtrails.

*** I promise never to publish your e-mails. What I am gonna do, I am gonna clean up, edit my letters to you. Title it something like E-Mails to an Intrepid Reporter.

Thanks for everything. Thanks for being a good guy. Peace, *********************

{on the homegrown terrorism report}
To:"Ferrell, Jeff"
November 30, 2007

It was a good one. A lot of the newscasts nowadays follow the formula started by Channel 7 here, lots of fires and crime. Then we have a fox-25, same thing. Most of us are quite cynical about the media. Emily Rooney is good. She has a show here called beat the press, from PBS, she's andy rooney's daughter.

Your report was good. I bet you are one of the few covering things like that. I took some screen shots from your report. I even screen shot yourself, will take it down if you want.

I liked what you said about perhaps we need to worry about new forms of McCarthy hearings. Myself, I am not too worried. I think it is mostly scare tactics. There would have to be another kind of 9/11 for that to happen, imho.

I just took apart Jay Reynolds on the Terry Stewart story. He said I was like Will Thomas, always making claims I couldn't back up. He uses Thomas and others to bolster his debunker angle. He wrote that he spoke to Terry Stewart who told him Will Thomas took his words out of context. That's a lie. So thanks for letting me quote you. I fleshed out the whole Terry Stewart story- Brunet from The Vancouver Courier, Will Thomas, and Whitley Strieber created a loop of plausible deniability. Thomas wrote that Stewart spoke with the Courier. The Courier used Whitley Strieber as the source. And Strieber said that Thomas was the source of the audiotape.

If you follow up with your homegrown terrorism angle, you might want to look into the Sherman Austin story. It goes back to a law passed during the Clinton Administration. Clinton even admits that his form of an anti-terrorism bill was shaky as regards to damaging constitutional rights. A real culprit is turning out to be Diane Feinstein of California. Her husband is tied in with the defense industry. She was one of the forces that led to Sherman Austin being railroaded.

{on free scoops for the taking}
"Ferrell, Jeff"
December 1, 2007

Hi Jeff, thanks for emailing me your story. I will post that in our main chemtrails section. As for the title of this email, I kid you not. I have become an amateur sleuth in search of an intrepid reporter. Close to two years now, I have been blogging for free. That means, everything I have written has come from the heart and for the best intentions. I have many things I can share with you, but this letter will contain something that ties in with your earlier report on "homegrown terrorism."

A website called AlaskaFreePress.com, affiliated with a Michael Rivero of WhatreallyHappened.com, has been housing what appears to be illegal activity. My humble opinion is that the source of these threats appear to have originated from government black operations. Recently, the AlaskaFreePress shut down for "maintenance." This is one of the websites that has been involved in the cyberstalking of myself and the friend from Taiwan. I will attach the file I saved before it was recently deleted from the internet caches. I am an honest man.

From my website:
WRH "Unofficial" Contained Illegal Inciting Of Violence?
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Re: Another TV Station Exposes Chemtrails{video & transcript}

Unread postby socrates » Sat Jun 13, 2009 2:48 pm

A quick note. If a link to this website doesn't work, for example with a previous post, it's because I merged threads. The post still exists but is to be found within a larger related thread.

Ok, the person who was interviewed for the KSLA report on chemtrails, Bill Nichols, has put up a video on youtube. He has pretty much shown folks how to look for possible chemtrail fallout. I have seen these things too. In fact, he uses the word chaff. The stuff really does look like outrageously long spider threads or chaff. Perhaps this is why the German meteorologist explained in his report that chaff was showing up on the radar. This is not to be confused, however, with military chaff. Also, please do use all precautions when looking up to the skies. We are not supposed to be looking directly into the sun.

Chemtrail Chaff

If one ever wants to get to the original embedded youtube videos, simply double click on it. Someone did show up to debunk, while the video only had 14 page views. It sounded like someone who showed up to debunk me at another website. I agree with Mr. Nichols that many debunkers appear to be paid disinfo. The one who came after me, he also pointed out that the barium levels reported by KSLA were wrong. He says he contacted Mr. Ferrell, who admitted to it. Yet, I don't believe him. I am not sure if a bad mistake was made in that way. Even if it had been the case, I do not believe it was deliberate or debunks the sheer reality that chemtrails are deliberately produced. On a side note, that debunker who went after me on chemtrails also did so in regards to my findings that Michael Fingerit {MajorFlaw of DKos} had direct ties to Democratic Underground "election integrity" fakes and the perversion of democratic processes on the internet. I believe these two debunkers might actually be the same person or work for the same disinfo team.

Here are a few screenshots taken from the end of this new video. They kind of say it all.




He has a myspace page under the pseudonym grandmacaesar. He blogged a bit on his experience with KSLA TV.

There was supposed to be three parts to the report.

This is the transcript to part two, which seems to be included in the video. It sounds familiar.

KSLA NEWS 12 FOLLOW-UP: We learn more from Louisiana Poison Control Center Director Mark Ryan. As a bioweapons expert, we turned to him for his knowledge on exposure to barium, a suspected ingredient in so-called Chemtrails. But, he had plenty more to tell us.

Ryan's journey into the history of covert government testing on Americans began as a personal curiousity. "And then after 9/11 everybody was clamoring for anybody that knew anything about this stuff."

Soon, it was the government that came looking for him. Ryan continued, "they kind of found out that we knew a little bit about it and so all of a sudden we're being sent all over the place to learn more and then come back and teach other people."

He learned about the military's use of proving grounds in Arizona and New Mexico, the same places used for nuclear testing. He said that's where a U.S. Air Force plane once sprayed a ten mile area with a deadly biological agent. "They had cleared the area and posted guards and there were two guard that were like 43 miles away, both of them got sick. They were using the actual agent. So, it was pretty impressive," described Ryan.

The agent in that particular test: Tularemia, also known as "rabbit fever", a potentially deadly, infectious bacterial disease. Other times, secret testing of Americans involved the release of less deadly biological agents. One example, said Ryan, involved testing off the coast of San Francisco, explaining, "(they) put detectors out to see how far, you know with the various winds and conditions, if someone was to release anthrax or something, how far it would go, the potential kill rate if you know, one kilogram was released."

We turned to Ryan on Friday, November 9, for his knowledge on barium, a suspected ingredient in so-called chemtrails, alleged cloud formations that look similar to contrails but don't fade for hours.

"I suspect it may be some sort of weather control," said Stamps, Arkansas resident Bill Nichols who gave us a sample of material which he said landed in his backyard after what he described as another chemtrail spraying. We had a local lab test his sample. It did show 3-times the accepted levels of barium, a hallmark of similar chemtrail testing in other parts of the country.

But, the Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality, DEQ, told us that (barium level) proved nothing about 'where' the barium came from. That's just one reason why Ryan is skeptical, at the moment, about chemtrails.

Most of all, Ryan sees verified government testing from the past as far less sinister than conspiracy theorists or Hollywood movies might have you believe. And however misguided their efforts were in the past, Ryan is now convinced it was meant, ultimately, to protect not harm Americans. "Some of it is scary, a lot of it's fascinating. And some of it too, the more you learn about it, you have great respect for it," concluded Ryan.

Now we know who was responsible for nixing part three.

Bill Nichols wrote:Jeff was working on part three of the story, but according to him, KSLA Stormtracker 12 chief meteorologist Stephen Parr approached KSLA management at the station urging them to "kill" the story, because it catered to the "lunatic fringe." So they did. In early december, Jeff emailed the rest of the story to me, and said I could share:

Here again is what was posted here a while back, as Jeff had also emailed this to myself, a humble nobody from Massachusetts.

A scientist now confirms that the United States military funded research which led to a patent suspected of making so-called "chemtrails" in our skies. In this follow-up report, investigative reporter Jeff Ferrell also discovered a U.S. Air Force manual called "Owning the Weather in 2025," which describes the very same approach.

Ferrell's original report aired on KSLA News 12, the CBS-TV affiliate in Shreveport, Louisiana where he works as a reporter and anchor. The story attracted attention from hundreds of people across the country and Canada. They watched it on YouTube, Google Video and a host of other web sites that posted the story. In turn, those viewers began emailing and calling the station.

While Ferrell immediately began investigating for a follow-up report, the station's interest in the subject waned. So, here's what he found out in his independent research:
"I learned about U.S. Patent #: 5,003,186, titled ..Stratospheric Welsbach Seeding for Reduction of Global Warming," better known by chemtrail researchers as "The Welsbach Patent."

The patent describes putting metallic particles like aluminum and barium into jet fuel. Then, exhaust from the jet engine seeds the stratosphere. In turn, those small metallic particles serve a dual purpose by: 1) reflecting incoming light back into space and 2.) helping convert the warmth below into infra-red waves, allowing them to escape from the earth's atmosphere.

"It turned out that it seemed to work and so that's why we had applied for a patent," said patent co-inventor David Chang. Chang confirmed that the U.S. military did fund that research while he worked at Hughes Aircraft, an aerospace giant at the time. It would later downsize considerably and evolve into Direct-TV, which required some of the very same kinds of research and development.

In fact, Chang described several other military-funded projects where jet engine exhaust dispersed metallic particles into the atmosphere. "For instance, we were using it to develop targets for laser range finders," continued Chang.

I then learned about that U.S. Air Force document titled, "Owning the Weather in 2025." it details weather modification for war-fighting and describes putting carbon dust into jet fuel for dispersal as the quote, 'most convenient, safe and cost effective method," just as the Welsbach Patent explained. That method is described on page 15 of the Air Force report, originally written in 1996 as a study paper.

In September of 2002, then-Secretary of State Colin Powell even told a United Nations World Summit in South Africa quote, "we are committed to a billion-dollar program to develop and deploy advanced technologies to mitigate greenhouse-gas emissions." Powell never fully elaborated.

And few may remember that the U.S. military used covert weather modification in the past. During the Vietnam War a top secret mission called "Operation Popeye," seeded clouds over the Ho Chi Minh Trail to create floods and wash out the enemy's supply routes. Reporter Jack Anderson is credited with breaking that story back in 1971.

A Discovery Channel program, which first aired in February 2007, investigated so-called Chemtrails, describing them as contrail formations that persist in the skies for hours after a jet passes. But the military refused them access to jet fuel for testing.

"I suspect it may be some sort of weather control," said Stamps, Arkansas resident Bill Nichols in our first report on the subject, which aired on KSLA News 12. Nichols handed us a mason jar with a sample inside containing water and ‘other’ material collected recently from his back yard. Independent testing at a Shreveport, LA lab did show high levels of barium, a hallmark of other chemtrail testing. Louisiana regulators described such a reading as unusual, but very difficult to prove its source.

Chemtrail skeptics argue barium is used very often commercially for everything from mining to oil drilling. But Chang told me that's 'exactly' why they considered such material safe to use in our skies as a welsbach particle.

But, no one has yet to officially confirm a direct connection between these alleged chemtrails and the U.S. military. Such a discovery is the 'Holy Grail' of chemtrail researchers. Such a revelation, if there is indeed such a covert program in existence at all, would require someone to step forward and potentially risk court martial or legal action. Until then, the guessing and the waiting continue.
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Re: Another TV Station Exposes Chemtrails{video & transcript}

Unread postby socrates » Thu Feb 18, 2010 9:43 am

I wrote Jeff an email a long time ago asking him if the barium readings were off. I never got a reply. I have just sent him a second email questioning this, because organised chemtrail debunbers are passing around an alleged letter from Jeff saying he did make a formal retraction.

socrates wrote:RE: Hi Jeff- Did you write the following?

There's a post that has been circulating around the internet contending that you made a retraction on your chemtrails report. Was this you?

Thank you for the email. Yes, I did make corrections to my first report, which originally aired almost 2-years ago now… after quickly realizing my very embarrassing mistake. I was not happy with myself. Unfortunately, the first version of my report got out to the internet before I could make the correction(s), and the wrong version is shown repeatedly. There ‘are’ some salient points in the piece, but your issue about ground level pollutants is a great one, as well.

(name was redacted), unlike some who may stubbornly stick to a report even when portions of it turn out to be wrong, I am only interested in the truth. My feeling is, and maybe you’d agree, that if such aerosol mixes were created and loaded into jets with either a separate/independent dispersal method other than the exhaust, or actually in the fuel itself… somewhere, somehow, you’d expect someone to talk. I have not heard that yet.

I also interviewed the scientist who originally patented what some believe was a precursor to so-called chemtrail technology. He’s a very kind, helpful man who could not have been more helpful. He says he knows nothing about any such conspiracy. Again, as with the previous graph, that neither proves nor dispels such a conspiracy… I am awaiting more facts.

And ironically, this is not the only investigation that’s shed light on everything from Bin Laden’s FBI poster to martial law and the role of the clergy in such a scenario. But, for whatever reason, chemtrails has become the most popular. Below is a sample of some of that work. Thanks again for taking the time to contact me and feel free to pass along any information, if you’d like.


Jeff Ferrell

I continue to get pestered by the chemtrail crazy believers. Lophofo (name redacted) of (name redacted) recently put up a screenshot of an alleged tracer route of my forum leading to the FBI Office in Salt Lake City. I don't believe it. One of the reasons I do believe in chemtrails is because of the sheer amount and nature of the attacks on myself for exposing such believers are tied to disinfo. I also noticed on more than a few occasions that the balloon humidity readings couldn't account for cirrus aviaticus. I have also 100% tied Patrick Minnis of NASA to the Chemtrail Central website, and of course that website is directly tied to all sorts of planted convolution.

I appreciate your time, truly. I am most curious if you wrote that above letter admitting that the numbers were off in your report. Were the numbers off?

Thanks Jeff.

Hmmm. Jeff allegedly wrote, "Yes, I did make corrections to my first report, which originally aired almost 2-years ago now… after quickly realizing my very embarrassing mistake. I was not happy with myself. Unfortunately, the first version of my report got out to the internet before I could make the correction(s), and the wrong version is shown repeatedly."

I don't see any second version or retractions or nothing except for this purported email. And by odd chance, it's found its way into becoming a debunker coup. Googling KSLA.com only results in this and that. I don't see no stinking retraction or another "version" anywhere.

The numbers do appear to be off. There's no point in presenting his report as evidence, if it truly isn't.

I also took a screenshot of that Lophofo thingie mentioned above and will post it in the Chemtrails are not Kooky section. Maybe this thread should be moved into that area also. Yet again convolution reigns on the net in regards to the chemtrails topic.
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