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Closed-Minded Debunker and Debunker in Chemmie Clothes


Re: Closed-Minded Debunker and Debunker in Chemmie Clothes

Unread postby socrates » Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:20 pm

Isard, thanks for your posts. Bryan and Foolsbane are the same person. This is one of the historic trolls from the beginning of the chemtrail forums. He is better known as Cydoniaquest and YAAK.

A bunch of their posts can be found in the aerosol report and the Minnis thread. If you read closely, they are playing mind games and outright lying.

This could even be may41970 considering how much he damaged this forum. I am going to reveal who may41970 said he is in real life. I do not care if my name gets revealed. They are trying to portray me as a paranoid kook despite all the evidence accumulated proving my claims. I have been through too much to not fight this through to the end. To repeat, I no longer care if my real name is revealed.

They have added our url to the end of porn addresses.

May41970 told me for months on end that he couldn't be on the internet too much, that it was hurting his home life. All that time, he was making hundreds of posts at Reddit.com. They were full of curse words and other trouble making posts. He continued to spread the Michael Chrichton disinformation.

So while I was running around on the internet to Randi Rhodes and BradBlog trying to get the word out, may41970 was making posts at Reddit never once advertising our forum. In private, he would advise me how we needed to branch out. In reality, he was making posts to look like me. He posted about the German News show on chemtrails yet never once linked to our website. Once his scam was finally figured out, he deleted his username at Reddit. He was Rosinante. It is now very difficult to see the extent to which he was working that board. I also don't think he was just posting as Rosinante. I apologize for being a jackass for so long and falling for his made-up sob story told to gain my confidence.

May41970 told me he is {name redacted}. {deleted} He even gave me a phone # in Taiwan which I called twice and spoke with him personally. All these things added up.{deleted} I called Taiwan, and may41970 picked up the phone. He seemed legit, albeit a bit flaky.

{on edit- This person has requested anonymity. It has been granted. I still think this person is paid disinfo. To all the trolls. I am not even reading your posts. You are wasting your time. By chance, I noticed this one.}

I believe that May41970 is a spook. Same as with Bryan/foolsbane. I am now not so sure about BlueSkyHope or NatureisMad. I no longer worry about what you members think about me. You see, the disinfo has driven this forum into the ground. They came after me from all different angles, with disinfo usernames, with fake socrates' scripts, with having people sign up here who gave me the bait and switch and haven't played fair.

I am planning on making videos and revealing myself. These people are pond scum. They deserve to be humiliated and ostracized. They are fascists, plain and simple. They so fear ordinary people working together and making progress, that they send fakes in here that plant the idea that I am paranoid and scientifically illiterate. Pardon my language, but f&$% them and the Rosinante horse they rode in on. They got busted. I took screenshots. I have done my best to articulate my ideas. I have been fully honest the whole way. Because of my brutal honesty, they have placed all these insidious characters like may41970, Lou Aubuchont, etc. around me. Not only that, they have spread the lies about me at other websites like Progressive Independent and Rigorous Intuition. These people are the scum of the earth.

As for your question, these people have an answer for everything except for when they are confronted with their lies and other oddities.

How can I make this clear to you, Isard? These people are the lowest form of scum for human beings. They are not content at just driving down our readership. The material on this website is so profound, that they are now tying us into porn and starting the crazy idea that Lophofo and me are the same person.

The thing with may41970 has backfired. He never should have admitted to posting so much at Reddit. From there, I could see how much of a troll he really is, perhaps a paid one too.

At Reddit, he even posted on a thread on the hadron collinder, the story by which the fakes have tried to make Lophofo and myself appear to be the same person.

Of course commercial airliners do not create chemtrails. If they did, NASA with all its money would have proven this and easily. We get all these close-ups of airliner.net contrails, yet we get no footage proving commercial airliner trails spread out into fake overcast?

These people do not play fair. They want us to doubt ourselves. They want us to think this is a nothing board.

Skywatch of youtube took down his videos. Those were the best ones, imho.

I am not going down without a fight.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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