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tinfoil by association

Unread postby socrates » Fri Feb 22, 2008 2:00 am

There is a never ending supply of nonsense that we could document showing how there is this chemtrails are kooky script being role-played out over at Chemtrail Central and much of the internet for that matter.

Weatherman714 Is At It Again

He put up satellite shots of a storm that's hitting his area. His character is like Halva, Kola, and Lou Aubuchont, the chemmie as insane.

The 74 months of USAF harrassment continues, hole at BWI

If you think I'm crying, oh f'in well. There it is in black and white, 100% harrassment by the USAF. A nice little hole around BWI where I live. It doesn't get any more obvious than this. 100% harrassment by the US Govt.

THe 3rd Amendment of the US Constitution was written to prevent harrassment by the US Military onto private citizens. The only way they knew of harrassment in 1787 was soliders quartered in anyone's home. To me this is an extention to my 3rd Amendment right. It is harrassment by the US Military in complete violation of my 3rd Amendment.

And it doesn't get any more obvious than this...

My response to those here or other's in cyberspace that consider me 1) a traitor or 2) a cry baby. I know I'm a true patriot in every sense of the word. Through Katrina I replaced members of Congress to put a stop to the facist polices of the President of the US. We may live in a new world order but not everyone in Congress lives in that reality. The Democrats have put a stop to Bush's policies and have passed legistation to ban inhuman torture to suspects with accordance to the US Constitution. Bush vetoed the bill and many Republicans voted against it. It truly says one thing. "Republicans are Republicans before they are Americans.". It also proves that my actions with regards to the information given to the Russians and Chinese are justified. Hate me, Love me, leave yourself scratching your head. You were not the one's followed for 74 months, your phones tapped, e-mail read, attacked by US Govt debunkers,harrassed by NSA and the USAF. Put yourself in my shoes and I guarentee that maybe one of you would be able to handle what I've been through for the past 74 months. Many back out and back down. Shoot me, arrest me, torture me, at least I went down as a true Patriot fighting for a real cause, to get back the true US Democracy our country was founded on by the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

"...that all Men are created equal,that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights,that among these are Life,Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness--That to secure these Rights,Governments are instituted among Men,deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed, that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government,laying its Foundation on such Principles, and organizing its Powers in such Form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness...But when a long Train of Abuses(74 months in my case) and Usurpartions,pursuing invariably the same Object,evinces a Design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their Right, it is their Duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future Security." Declaration of Independence.

Harrassment continues watch at the end of the loop... gee that's kinda interesting the snow mysteriously falls apart where I live once again.


Two More Fakes Found Through Chemtrail Central


There's a poster named Loohan, who leads us to the following links. Tinfoil anyone? Oh yeah, one can notice the warm welcome Loohan got at CTC. Hear no tinfoil. See no tinfoil. That's the motto of Mark Steadham of SEOMA. That's the gorilla in the room. All this staged fakery going on. And if chemtrails were a hoax, no way would there be all this tinfoil by association and ******** like Jay Reynolds then with Megasprayer linking to airliners.net and other websites concerned with commercial aviation. Chemtrails are not contrails. Chemtrails are real. Chemtrail forums are not.


Tim Rifat
Tim Rifat Google Search
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The Fish Rots From The Head Down

Unread postby socrates » Tue Mar 04, 2008 7:40 pm

I took a lot of screenshots from the following links, but will save those for just in case anything gets deleted. I have found some old Chemtrail Central threads which make it seem that Mark Steadham has been behind the whole CTC scam from the beginning. At DebateBothSides a long time back, may41970 and I went over how Steadham unfairly banned a poster named "innocent Bystander" and then scrubbed him from the threads. What follows is more evidence that the fish rots from the head down as pertains to Mark Steadham and Chemtroll Central.

Innocent Bystander was the debunker who got unfairly banned. Here is the story of "Delicious," the chemmie who got unfairly banned.


I'm not sure about IB, but this squabble between OrbWar.com and CTC was rigged. Orbwar is a nutjob chemmie website run by a "Luke Stockett."

E.G. holographic jet/orb chemsprayer

The only link I could find with that name is the following.
Luke Stockett: Environmental Activist Shilling for Companies Selling Insects

The second orbwar.com mirroring of a scrubbed CTC thread is more interesting. One can see how the Maverick/Lulu/Weatherman714 part of the script was created.


That CTC thread is not censored for the moment. It can be found here.

It's interesting to read that this LuLu said she was psychologically profiling all the members. Sounds like Fintan Dunne.

Only useful idiots are allowed at such places. Independent thought is not allowed to flourish. Either one abides to the cult or doesn't attack the cult too much, or they are gone.

But for the first thread, the orbwar "delicious" one, the first page really has been scrubbed. That page no longer exists according to CTC.

In the second one, it is interesting how Swampgas and others had no comment on the actions of this LuLu except for Raevlen. David and HiTech, imho, were controlled, scripted concern trolls.

Thermit created a whole section devoted to NSAsucks, a guy who goes by the name Don Bradley. How was Thermit not totally involved with the fakery? People can look through what is available in the archives and see how convoluted CTC's complete history has been. This is why they have deleted so much. For those who are interested in this kind of ****, here is one of the most bizarre threads still available. It involves Cydoniaquest, who swampgas and others have said is Yaak/Ed Snell {that scripted rabbit hole diversion}, and Don Bradley, a nutjob who Mark Steadham gave a whole section to.

Chemtrail Song: Sea to Sea

Cydoniaquest certainly does sound a lot like Yaak when he posted at Carnicom's. It's been a ******* script. Nearly all reasonable people simply stop reading and posting. Somehow, myself and may41970 have felt driven to get to the bottom of all this. I think we did.

don bradley chemtrails
Don Bradley Google Search

Flynn's Blogs

After browsing ‘MessiahMews’ blogsite and with my slowness in taking a hint, I finally thought to myself, hey, I should reference one of team orgonite’s peerless (as one poster describes from one of his articles) writer from L.A.

1. Below are two sites by DB:

Website: uwantsun.com

Blogsite: uwantsun.myblogsite.com

I visit his blogsite everyday whenever I have the chance but mainly view the most current content by subscribing to the feed of his blogsite via uwantsun.myblogsite.com/rss.xml. There are lots of interesting thoughts and photos of and by him to share in this manner. And this is one of the reasons why I too have my blog site of my own. If only I were more computer savvy and had all the time in the world to learn programming for web designs, I could clutter my blogsite with lots of animated photos and colorful links. But for the meantime, it’s all about keep simplicity to everything and for free via WordPress.com.

2. For orgone related products, please visit:

Current site: vaccinetruth.net/cbswork/cbswork.htm

Mirror site: uwantsun.com/products.html

I bought a few orgonite related products from his previous sites a few years ago and donated most of these items to a ‘Chris’ near Oakland, CA for the healing of last year’s oil spill in the San Francisco Bay Area. The HHG by ‘cbswork’ are especially powerful because I’d get a tingling sensation in my hands. Although my eyes cannot see etheric realms behind these orgonite items, I know they work wonders to make the world a better place in which we all could live.

3. For DorkBoy related products , please visit:

CafePress.com: cafepress.com/Dorkboy

I already bought a bunch of medium-sized T-shirts for the looser ones but larger-sized for the tight fitting ones. I like the fact that these T-shirts are 100% cotton to allow for a natural feel. Plus, the material is pre-shrunk; so this means that I don’t have to worry about throwing out the shirts that no longer fit me. CafePress.com makes ordering online much easier, too.

4. Here are books by Don Bradley:


The Feds Are Leaning on DB (cbswork) Again
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Unread postby socrates » Thu Mar 13, 2008 9:01 am

So now "KevinMartin" of Chemtrail Central believes chemtrails are real? Why should anyone think there are any real posters at CTC?

KevinMartin, the self-acclaimed weather expert and autistic savant, the admirer of eugenics, the hybrid of an et in Arcadia Ego with Weatherman714. This is the person who got banned for being a troll but was for some unknown reason allowed back in to post. Myself and may41970, we get banned from CTC because we were stubborn with pointing out the tinfoil by association nonsense.

And to all you good lurkers and members who never help this forum out but agree with its message, you are the problem. You are the reason we can't get the chemtrails exposed and stopped. There's that saying, when good people do nothing....


KevinMartin Posts Disinformation

If one goes to the whois, Kevin's website is provided by GoDaddy.com and has a different name for the owner other than "KevinMartin." "Kevin" also has a donate button at his website. Are people that stupid to actually donate him funds? And like with other tinfoil fakes like Will Thomas and Fintan Dunne, I do not believe for one moment that they are in need of donations. When slick enterprises like that are formed, and there are no ads and only a donation link, it appears that they are being funded for their efforts.

KevinMartin wrote:Chemtrail Documents Found...Chemtrail Forecasts POSSIBLE.



Then the resident fake crazy believers showed up as concern trolls. How predictable. "Kevin" responded with his hey guys, I'm one of you now!

KevinMartin wrote:Nah I've been turned around for a bit now. I'm working on a chemtrail alert system to track these planes moves, and target the areas they are spraying.

This is the page.


You can follow the process if you wish.

Chemtrail Central is a complete scam.
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Unread postby socrates » Fri Mar 14, 2008 8:55 pm

Chemtrail Central has been exposed as being a sock puppet haven for disinformation elements. I must admit, however, that this KevinMartin transformation into a chemmie is a throwback to the old days of a more entertaining brand of ********. Chemtroll Central is strictly there as a deterrent to newbies and fence sitters. It has the same kind of nasty stench of a Tom Flocco or Fintan Dunne. There is no going back to the old days of having a minute shred of credibility. I doubt any of the posters there right now are real people.



I'm not trying to make light of how evil they are, when I say this is a more entertaining brand of disinfo. This new plot twist reminds me of many of the bait and switches that have been done over the years. You had Cydoniaquest go from Chemmie to mocker, the modus operandi of Ed Snell/Yaak. There are many more examples, but to be honest, I think that website and its history now speaks for itself.

Imho, it has been proven beyond a doubt that Chemtrail Central has been a scam, with the intention of making a mockery out of the idea of people working together to figure out chemtrails. That is the overall scam we see with the internet. Disinfo is everywhere tring to tear apart at the fabric of humanity.

CTC exposes themselves. This goes back to may41970's saying that soul cannot be faked. Thus, it's not so important to keep a close eye on them. One can try to find good info at CTC, but it is highly doubtful that much if anything will be found.

This KevinMartin is very similar to one of the fake pilot stories from a few years ago. It's about stringing people along, with the final punchline being that the reader has been a chump for believing any of it. Then the disinfo people hope the frustrated readers start to doubt that chemtrails are real. It's a form of bait and switch. The main goal of CTC is to tell the reader that there is nothing that we can do about the chemtrails. But there is much we can do to get them exposed and stopped.

It's about controlled debate. The one side rants of conspiracy nutters. The other side is full of conspiracy nutters. This script is so extensive that it could not possibly have formed on its own. Astroturfing is the one menace holding back the internet. People need to become more internet savvy.
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Unread postby socrates » Sun Mar 23, 2008 2:16 pm

I've found two more usernames who appear to also have been sincere chemmies driven away from Chemtrail Central by the fakes who control it. A third named Soulcore also appears to be a sincere person. He was involved in the first thread below. So it seems that myself and NatureisMad weren't the first real voices of reason driven away. I remember Soulcore ended up at Rigorous Intuition for a few posts. He must have given up after realising et in Arcadia Ego has been a disinfo plant username.

Anyone out there who has experienced this type of shite from CTC, please sign up and share your story. There is no reason why we can't overcome that and other disinformation places turning our concerns into a crazy hoax.



Chemtrail Orb Video Clips


A transparent fake named Kathar-syS made a thread on orbs. Mmmmbarium, who has been part of that script for years chimed in the following.

Good stuff Kathar. Keep it coming. I always enjoy watching people's proof of this blatant befouling of the skies.

As far as the Orb's go. Well I'll probably get shot down for this. But, I personally believe the orbs are E.T in origin. IMO they are flying around the chemtrials because # 1 trying to analyze what toxic crap man is dumping into the skies #2 upset with the NWO (as shown in the erratic behavior of the orbs) for doing this to us!

If the orbs are of military origin, then why would they be flying around chemtrails. That would only draw more attention to the chemtrails.

Although, its possible that the military has this technology as well, and are using at various times to diguise the evidence. As shown with the "Orb spraying planes".

soulcore wrote:I've gotta say, this is a bit of a stretch.

It's quite obvious that most of these "orbs" images and videos you are showing us are simply out of focus spray planes, distorted thanks to their altitude and your digital zoom.

I also agree with the poster in the other thread with the other video, the spray plane only appears as a orb whenever the auto focus would try to adjust with a new object (the foreground trees) in the frame.

Kathar-syS wrote:...I honestly have no idea what you're talking about, but I DO know that your
rather sketchy attempt to discredit my videos is pretty suspicious.

newtonnjd wrote:You must be new here, because soulcare has contributed a hell of a lot to exposing the crap going on in our skies.

It's important not to jump at just anything that looks slightly suspicious. To convince the world that there is a problem, we need to be 100% certain our evidence cannot be explained away rationally. I don't think your videos meet that standard.

I remember when I first took a video recording of the sky, and was all excited when I watched it back and saw little black discs zooming across the image. It took my wife to point out that it was probably just out of focus bugs, and it was.

Here Swampgas chastized newtonnjd and supported the tinfoil side. This poster named iceni6 started a ridiculous thread on holograms being used for 9/11. She signed her last post as following.

9-11 & Chemplanes Are Holograms/Weapons ARE IN Space!

Carolyn Williams Palit

Wow, that name has been behind a lot of chemtrail disinformation on the internet. I also find it strange how similar her name is to Carole Pellatt. I am not saying the Carole here is a fake. But it wouldn't be tough to argue that about Carolyn Williams Palit.

Carolyn+Williams+Palit Google Search

Anyway, back to Swampgas sticking up for tinfoil over reason.

iceni6 wrote:...The holograms inside of the microplasma "orbs" have whatever pictures go with whatever mind control trip they are trying to run on a person -- demons, angels, gods, God, goddesses, fairies, elemental spirits, dead relatives, super soldiers, celebrities, cartoons, whatever they think they can use to get you to listen to the associated voice-to-skull transmissions that are transmitted along with the holograms.

Hey, I am not the insane one here. We have photographic, documentary, and sound recording evidence. We have calibrated meter readings. They are using weapons of mass destruction on Americans like the psychopathic creeps that they are (psychotronic weapons were declared WMD in 2002 by the U.N.).

At low powers, the beam weapon can transmit pictures to victims just like one would transmit frames of a movie. The beam weapon can be tuned to a very large diameter with entrained macroplasma when one wants to transmit pictures that are very large -- like a hologram of a Boeing 767.

The frequency of this weapon can be cranked up when one wants to transmit extreme pain or kill someone.

These weapons are more than likely already in space on low-earth orbit satellites. The first particle beam weapon test was sent into space in 1989 under the BEAR project.

Chemtrails are a warfare spray for warfare satellites. Not one American can afford to sit on their hands anymore. Everyone must get involved in turning this around and quickly.

This is psychopolitical corrections and the beginnings of a world psycho"civilized" society. Mass genocide by slow techno-torture. We are having an Inquisition.

Carolyn Williams Palit

newtonnjd wrote:Please, get a grip. There is healthy skepticism, and there is unwarranted paranoia. You are also hurting the 9/11 truth movement with that hologram nonsense.

iceni6 wrote:like I said -- go read and look at the site. the evidence is there.

newtonnjd wrote:Based on your evidence, I would like to help you. I've heard that tinfoil hats are good protection against the governments mind-control ionic beams. I will sell you one for $24.99, how about it?

billder wrote:Whenever the words tinfoil beanie come up, realize that is prepared disinfo and these people are DHS for sure, lost their jobs because of bush, now buddying up doing disruption and chaos on the net to pay the bills....thats how the nazis got their homeland security dept way back when too...lot of parallels between israels naziism and germanys now that we look at it...AYWAY....the nwo fools depend on secrecy for their tech because it really is easy to defeat....mirrors of any size seriously disable the DARA/TIA through wall surveillance functions of many of the warfare plasmas...

there are certain groups whose denials are becoming shrill and screeching, and you can bet they have known all about this security technology, and the contrived circumstance (911) which made it its testing and use on Americans possible!!! here is a neat patent on what you are talking about, btw...

newtonnjd wrote: :lol:

So, all of my posts up until this moment, including presenting lots of my own photos, was just a smokescreen so that I could attempt to discredit someone who likes to take freakish photos of themselves in the mirror? :mrgreen:

This is what newtonnjd was referring to.


...Because I will not breakdown and let them "program" me remotely or be intimidated into doing their bidding, and because I am an activist on this issue and the chemtrail issue, I believe that they have put me on a slow-kill program. I am to be terminated slowly so that it will look like a natural death. They constantly hit me with the electromagnetic weapon in the heart area, the thyroid, the brain, the liver, the reproductive organs, the lungs, and other parts of my body. My whole body is irradiated with these EM energies. These are more than likely microwave, neutral particle-ion weapons that entrain plasma and involve remote voice to skull technology and brain scanning.

My website: www.noexoticwarfarezone.com is evidence about my torture and has pictures of what is happening to me and other victims and a recording of the sound of the plasma hitting my head. I never signed a consent form to be a part of any governmental or non-governmental experiment.

Please print this out and save it somewhere. In the event of my death, I am authorizing the local authorities to autopsy me to look for electromagnetic damage to my tissues. If I die, I want my death to be investigated as a murder. If the local authorities will not investigate my death as a murder, then I am authorizing the people who have received this email to insist that my death be investigated as a murder and that the necessary autopsy is performed....

But back to the CTC script. In this episode, the two big stars were this Carolyn lady and Swamp Gas. Because I fought back against this type of nonsense, because I've been documenting it, this is why this foum gets attacked. The disinfo does not want real people to work together.

Swamp Gas wrote:Newton,

I think what Billder is saying is that the phrases tinfoil hat, and UFOs, etc, are sure signs of disinfo, either consciously by shills, or unconsciously by people who think that the US government does not do heinous things to the public.

What you are saying sounds like some of the Pork Rinds that used to stink up the site coming from NSA, Air Force, and MAverick's. I'm not saying your are that, but I would choose my words more carefully next time, because the government DOES instigate expermiments on the public.
Heard it from a pilot who spoke real gooooood!

newtonnjd wrote:As I am neither of those things, it obviously isn't a "sure" sign.

If anyone here is spreading disinfo, it's those who make conspiracy theorists look like whackos by taking theories to ridiculous extremes.

I think my first 100 posts speak for themselves.

Swamp Gas wrote:I know you are agood poster Newton. Everything we think about 9/11, Chemtrails, NWO, are ALL theories. Even the "experts" are theorists.

I think it looks bad for new lookers here to see attacks or ridicule of any type of theories. We are all trying to get to the answers, and the most logical will survive.

Just do me a favor, and please hold back bopping someone if their particular theory seems far out to you.

newtonnjd wrote:Okay, got it.

I suppose 100 posts isn't that much and I'm still learning the etiquette!

A Poster Named Lucidity


I am pretty sure this is the same Lucidity who posted at BreakForNews, another disinformation website. I was involved in a big thread there, where a disinfo username named Jerry Fletcher was playing the role of Jay Reynolds. He had put up images of WW2 fighter jet trails. With the following question, Lucidity was simply asking for advice on how to deal with such a debunker.


Lucidity wrote:a man sent left me a comment on my blog about chemtrails with a link to a site he claims convinced him that chemtrails were not real:

I think that most if not all of these are contrails, (not chemtrials) which are ice particles formed on the wings of aircraft and released to form trails while traveling through areas and layers of temperature and humidity that allow them to form. They were common during WWII bombing runs, and many actually changed weather patterns.


any thoughts?

Jeannie, another member of the Chemtroll Central script, was called in to drive Lucidity away.

Contrails***Chemtrails, You be the Judge

Me thinks a little debunking is going on here. It just takes some common sense, investigating and paying attention to what is going on in our skies to know for a FACT that all is not normal in our skies above, globally. If anyone says awwwwwwwwwwww these are just common ole contrails, they are either are ignornant, uniformed. a debunking "expert," or just a plain ole arrogant fool... Can you tell I have no patience with spreaders of disinformation :?: You doubters can do your own research, there's enough out there. :wink:

Lucidity responded:

hell i know that. i've done my research and i'm convinced of what this is...wouldn't be here otherwise.

i was looking for 1.) anyone who ever ran across this particular argument from a debunker and 2.) an opinion on that particular site as he used it in debunking.

Jeannie retorted:

In the past we have numerous serious debunkers giving long and on their part, hopefully convincing arguments why there are no chemtrails. They finally gave up and stopped posting. Excuse me if I seemed touchy. Your comment following your quote didn't appear as though you were convinced...

So basically, no one answered Lucidity's question. What one could read about on this thread were many allegations that chemtrailing has been going on for decades. Newtonnjd again was the voice of reason:

I don't want to sound like a debunker, but that's the kind of evidence we don't want if we are telling people that CTs are a recent phenomenon. Debunkers claim that CTs are nothing new and jets have always produced them.. that film might seem to prove it. :(

In conclusion, Chemtrail Central has always been a disinformation palace. It has always been controlled from the inside. Whenever real people have tried to post there, they have been overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of crazy believer sock puppets and useful idiots. Real discussion of chemtrails is not allowed. For those who wish to confront such disinfo head on, they will soon learn how deep the rabbit hole of Chemtrail Central can go.
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Unread postby socrates » Wed Mar 26, 2008 10:14 pm

There must be millions of examples by now of how chemtrails have been portrayed on the internet as a crazy hoax. The craziness is so prevalent, it has to have been deliberate.

Anyone notice how DailyKos is calling election integrity advocates "conspiracy nutters?" Welcome to our world, BradBlog.

I think we figured out chemtrails. The existence of all these scientific documents seals the deal. I was reading someone at youtube sounding like this. They were saying how you have to use different search engine words. These are ideas that transcend any of us as individuals. Word is getting around on how to figure out chemtrails.

By exposing the script, chemmies have been liberated from the shackles of ridicule. The totality of the evidence that chemtrails are real is astounding.

Ok, here's a good one. There are all these usernames and histories, some still available, other parts totally deleted. This Christy/Swedishoo from the early days of chemtrail forums posted this back in September, 2005.

I've known it for years but thanks for the proof, CYaak

Yeah, I've said it a million times....Jason ALWAYS messes up. I know it, he knows it...that's probably why he harasses me so; because he knows he can't fool me. I've known for a long time that Cy was Yaak and I know all the other twisted personalities he portrays on these message boards. Who in the hell knows why he does it....attention? boredom? mental sickness? predator? Who knows. I just happen to have the knack to know when he's up to something and what identities he's using. Now, we know Jason is many posters but it's so much fun to expose the proof when he slips up. Gee, I guess call it a hobby. Here's Yaak -Cy- aka Ed Snell's profile from 2004. He registered nearly a year ago but didn't make any posts.

Profile of Yaak
Name: Yaak
Registered: 11/11/2004 3:28:18 PM
Country: USA
Private Message: (Private Message)
Posts: 2

PSIQUEST made 52 posts in one day (labor day) and then the board mysteriously disappeared the same day. When it came back up I banned Cy again. BUT he came back a THIRD time (today) under ANOTHER IP as Cydoniaquest AGAIN. Each time he needs a new IP to enter and this is where he slipped up. I guess he forgot he registered YAAK Ed Snell nearly a year ago, so look what happened when Cy and YAAK post: Ooopsie they have the same IP!

ViewIP & Changelog Information
Changelog for this post
no modifications yet.
IP address for this post
Users posting from this IP address
Cydoniaquest [ 5 posts ]
Yaak [ 2 posts ]
Other IP addresses this user has posted from

The ip # comes out to a defense contractor.

I also think I've found another "Louis Aubuchont" username. At Debate Both Sides there was a poster named The Shadow. He came in and went straight at it with Reynolds. Lou has been shown to play both sides of the fence. That's called controlled opposition. I always thought of him as a blue collar Democrat. Yet, he posted to a rightwing website pertaining to Terry Schiavo. Yes, Lou had at least the one rightwing moment back in the day. As to the Shadow character, if that's Lou, then that shows how the Lou grammar/spelling mistakes have all been an act, part of his insidious astroturfing career.


Shadow gave a link that Lou posted on. Just like with Tracker, J Vitum and others, The Shadow stayed around for just a while, then disappeared. Around the time Shadow phased out at Debate Both Sides, Lou Aubuchont started posting at the scripted Chemtroll Central.
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Unread postby socrates » Thu May 01, 2008 8:02 pm

I'm not giving the links to the following. The screenshots will do. These are further proof that the whole chemtrail forum thing has been a scam.

Starman1, the moderator at CTC, talks about geometric figures in the sky. ********. That's the same thing some numbnut came up with on Cpellatt's ISeeLines thread at youtube.


Is the following a coincidence? Since there have only been a few of us posting, I have at times looked for chemtrail pictures from others across the net and put them up for an aerosol report. I did that with Arizona. I cited the photography of Cpellatt.

Then Halva by chance made a subsequent post about her. Coincidence? Give me a break. The fakes have been reading at this place and trying to circumscribe us into their convolution since we've started. We are the heart and soul of what Chemtrail Central should have been. Fascists don't like independent thought.

Halva tied Cpellatt in with black helicopters. He totally distorted her work just like The Idaho Observer and Educate-Yourself did.


I have learned from Carole not to suffer fools. I have given up posting and reading at DebateBothSides which has been overtaken by neonazi and freeper trolls including Lou, Halva, TOTO, etc..

The thing about Halva is he outright lies. He never answers questions directly and is a bald-faced liar.


Part of the reason I selected Socrates as a username was because I had yet to realise that Halva and Lou were paid fakes. What if they are not paid fakes? Well, then they are certainly insane. Which would so happen to fit in with portraying chemtrails as kooky, wouldn't it?

These fockers hate independent thought. There is plenty of proof at this forum of how they operate. Concrete proof. Screenshots. I have used research skills and logic. Letting the reader decide works in my favour, because I have always done my homework.

But the time is now to ratchet up the actual chemtrail section. Or at least go after the more insidious astroturfers like Mark Lindeman of Bard College. He has been covering up for election fraud. I can tie him in with groups who are advocating the use of electronic voting machines. Fakes like Halva, Lou, Swampgas, Arcadia ego, etc., they are convoluted and need no one like me to expose them. They do it themselves.

I'm not gonna reinvent the wheel. I am a bit disappointed that more people haven't signed up and contributed as regards to exposing the chemtrail forum fakes. It was unfair of decent lurkers out there to not help out. But I got this done despite the lack of courage in the lurkers.

You know the story. Gastronamus and Megasprayer were established as the place for "normal chemmies" to go to. Anyone can see that Chemtrail Central is insane. Megasprayer and Gastro were much more difficult to figure out. But it happened. They have been pawned or whatever the kids call it.

The whole script has been exposed, no doubt about it. You know the deal. There are crazy believers, closed-minded debunkers, and debunkers in chemmie clothes. The top section of this forum may not have everything it needs. But it is a damn solid presentation showing with facts how chemtrails are more likely than not a deliberate activity. Chemtrail Central, Gastro, Megasprayer, and others have nothing that comes near to what is here.

Every once in a while I have checked out Gastro and Megasprayer to see if anything at those places may be worthy of mention. People can go to Gastronamus Cafe and wonder wtf happened to their chemtrail section. It has turned into a copy and paste Deborah/Sore Throat place with tedious debates over global warming between Swampgas and Mech. I think one of the reasons Lophofo and NatureisMad probably arrived here is because of how Gastro abandoned the chemtrails issue. It probably didn't help also when Swampgas posted that I was Ed Snell/Cydoniaquest with 24 personalities. But seriously, what happened to their chemtrail section? There's absolutely nothing there anymore to do with the deliberate aerosol activities.

One thing I noticed today is that both Gastro and Megasprayer now are listing their stats for the previous 24 hours. That is a new thing, from what I remember. Another coincidence?

Gastro doesn't seem to be getting much activity. They don't seem to be getting the view we do here. That can change, but I think the script calls for Gastronamus to be irrelevant.


If we fizzle here, I am sorry, we tried our best. But we haven't fizzled yet, and there is hope this place could survive and become a force. The more people who step forward, the easier it will be for this place to be less about me and more about the trails. And people can probably see that I have tried to be very objective and provide a place where newbies and fence sitters can learn about chemtrails.

My thinking returns to the concept of the debunker in chemmie clothes. That has been the plan. One can see this by looking at the evolution of Deborah/Foot Soldier, Sore Throat, Et in Arcadia Ego, Chem11, Ed Snell/Yaak/CyQuest, etc.. That has been a common theme of the script, that chemmies will eventually see the light and learn of some other explanation for the crap in the skies.

So when I went to Megasprayer and saw some incredible #'s for visitors today, I was only shocked at first. I think they are rigging their stats. This is a psychological operation. They are running with the story of the debunker in chemmie clothes.


There is simply no way they are legitemately getting that amount of traffic. There are a few people there who copy and paste. It has an ugly looking board. They seriously don't have much for chemtrail info. In fact, they are debunkers. Now why would someone keep going back to read copy and pastes by BigBunny? They wouldn't. The point is they are not letting go of the debunker in chemmie clothes angle.

Megasprayer is no different than a Wayne Hall/Halva or any of the main characters who never answer any direct questions. Their strategy is to be vague. Their strategy is to leave wiggle room and confusion. They do not try to put this topic into any type of easily digestible presentation. These are obfuscators.

They are saying that all aircraft create chemtrails. Chem11 and Big Bunny are not adding up. Check this out from Chem11, he is still running with the jet fuel theory. Now how come then there hasn't been a big debate between himself with Deborah and Big Bunny over which aircraft are involved. Deborah and Bunny are saying that chemtrails are contrails. That doesn't jibe with the following:


Chem11 made a crazy post months ago. He said the "sulfate-loading" operations had been suspended because of his website. That made no sense then. Their website makes no sense. Don't believe me? Take a close look at the place and explain where they are exactly with chemtrails. Then look at the top section here, and think how our place here is fundamentally different from theirs. This place is honest and open. Theirs don't add up.

Check out Gastronamus. What happened to the chemtrails section? It is gone. It is now all about climate change and boring global warming debates that go nowhere. I'm telling you, those places' inability to make sense has made this place's role much more easier to define. At first I was on a mission. I was hurt. I didn't want to reinvent the wheel, so I went to CTC, then those places to work with who I thought were the real chemmies. I was shocked that one after another, they each turned out to be fake.

When we first started up here, I emailed the few people I had met through these places and invited them over. Crystal Rose and NatureisMad. NIM had stopped logging into CTC, but he eventually read about us and saw that we wanted him to sign up here. Con-trail, I had pm'ed him. A good turning point for us here was when Lophofo was finally able to sign up at CTC, and I pm'ed him there.

But back to NIM, when he finally got here, I asked him if he could go to Gastro and invite Chicken Little over. Don Smith was here. I was kind of thinking, let's get all the people we can from CTC and Gastro over here to try new yet again to develop a good chemtrail forum. NIM explained that he could log in, but that he was unable to post or send pm's.

It's worked out for the best on that one. ChickenLittle has just exposed herself as being yet another fake username. She is now part and parcel of the debunker in chemmie clothes. She is another one in a line of chemmies who now doubt there are chemtrail programs. She is now sounding just like Ego, Bunny, Ed Snell, and Deborah/Foot Soldier. They are astroturfing that it is ok to think chemtrails are real, but that eventually one will see that they are a result of normal air traffic interacting with atmospheric conditions. She took a page directly out of Arcadia Ego's playbook. he was the chemmie who now says what we are seeing is supersaturated ice. He is a fake. He can come up with signature lines all he wants to saying his story adds up. He's trying too hard. They all tried too hard.

They have all been exposed. The whole scam has been exposed.

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Unread postby may41970 » Fri May 02, 2008 8:19 am

Great post. But the real kicker is that "chickenlittle" comment from Gastronamus Cafe. This poster, in such embarrassingly bad writing that it doesn't even seem to be written by a native English speaker, asks a question that sets my head to spinning and my eyes to rolling around.

Keep in mind, this is coming from a long-time chemtrails poster. A supposed chemtrails activist:

chickenlittle writes [SIC]:
So I have a question
Are most of these jets that seem to be chemtrail jets possibly not dispating the fuel as it did so many years ago when we were kids......could it be that:
The atmosphere has so much more cloud cover that it is affecting the jet emissions in a way that causes these trails to linger? So could they not all be chemtrailing?

I do admire Carole Pellatt for staying away from weirdos that post on chemtrail forums. It's good for her peace of mind; for her credibility too. And more and more, I'm coming to respect Carole as a sincere and soulful chemtrails activist.

Bui I still feel the same as I have for a long time. If not for the fraudulence of chemtrail message boards and their fake/insane posters, the reality of chemtrails would have been common knowledge YEARS ago. Common knowledge to everyone.

All this talk about "Depopulation?" WTF? Where did such a crazy idea ever get started, and why the hell is it all over the net? I have yet to see A SINGLE cogent argument providing evidence that "depopulation" could be the reason behind chemtrails. IMO, it's really the ultimate chemtrail straw man argument. Even Mike Rivero publically discounted the reality of chemtrails by saying (roughly) "Depopulation? What kind of crazy idea is that?"

I don't know if chickenlittle is a filthy gov't operative, or just a useful idiot. It doesn't matter. Chemtrails aren't kooky. But just try doing a google search on chemtrails. Anyone trying it for the first time will come away with the idea that chemtrails are the nuttiest idea since...well, since Bigfoot, Nessie, Astrology, and the flat-earth believers.

I've come to believe that some bad people are dominating the net and intentionally trying to make it seem that chemtrails ARE the ideas of kooks. I think these bad people -- these obviously fake posters like Toto, "Lou Aubuchont," Halva, Cdsnutz, Starman, Increase 1776, Hippiedude, Big Bunny (1000 hits at his site in one day???), Footsoldier, and so on are tied into NASA, NOAA, DOD, and other military offices. I don't think they are crazy at all.

So is Halva real? If so, he would come out and tell us whether or not he believes that "Lou Aubuchont" has such powers of telekinesis that he can destroy clouds with his own thoughts.

Like soc says. If chemtrails are so nutty - why is it necessary for someone like "jay reynolds" to spend YEARS posting about it. Thousands of posts? Hundreds of thousands of words? Why doesn't jay spend years telling us that "Bigfoot" is nutty? That ESP is nutty? That the concept of God or Heaven or Hell are nutty? Why does jay choose to focus on chemtrails? Is he crazy or is he paid?

Doesn't matter where you go on the net. it seems like there are a group of people that work FULL TIME searching over the net to find anyone that makes a common sense post about CT's, regardless of the board - and then to attack them.

Here's a challenge. Find the most obscure message board you can, and try getting a dialogue on chemtrails going. How long before the closed-minded freaks show up and start ridiculing you? How long before the kooky believers show up and start posting nonsense like "chickenlittle?"

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jun 27, 2008 10:56 pm

may41970 wrote:
Doesn't matter where you go on the net. it seems like there are a group of people that work FULL TIME searching over the net to find anyone that makes a common sense post about CT's, regardless of the board - and then to attack them.

Here's a challenge. Find the most obscure message board you can, and try getting a dialogue on chemtrails going. How long before the closed-minded freaks show up and start ridiculing you? How long before the kooky believers show up and start posting nonsense like "chickenlittle?"

Common sense is lacking when it comes to chemtrail on the internet. Both the closed-mindedness and the crazy nonsense are so abundant, that it is fair to think that this has been scripted.

Luke from OrbWar.com signed up here today, but I am not interested in anything he has to say. I am done suffering the fools. I do not mind pointing them out, but I refuse to have any more direct contact with convolution.

Here's a crazy youtube video on orbs.

The person linked to orbwar.com. The whole youtube thread is ridiculous. The crazy ufo nuts are shot down by the planted troll Epoxynous. It's a very predictable, typical thread for this kind of thing.

Some of Luke's links are revealing. They show very clearly how orbwar.com is tied into the Swampgas-Yaak/Cydoniaquest psy-op. At the following forum one can see that Swampgas' scripted foes such as Yaak and Maverick were there.

Crybaby Maverick and those elusive WMD.......


Basically, the moderator there, UKchemtrails, is a J Briggs who used to post at Chemtrail Central.



Orbwar.com was a big factor in linking chemtrails to ufos and aliens. This was posted elsewhere on the forum, but this is the kind of crap "Luke" is proud to link to.


Around 4:00, Larry spotted a sprayer coming in our direction at 10,000 ft. It was approaching Foothill College from the east. Suddenly, it stopped spraying and slowed down. The sun was at our backs and just ready to set. Sunlight was bouncing very strongly off what appeared to be a metallic, dumbbell-looking object. Perhaps the reflected sunlight had washed out the light transmissions that the craft uses to cloak itself to appear like an airplane. Perhaps it was having power difficulties. That would explain why it stopped spraying and slowed down. The power problem may have effected the output of its cloaking equipment because as it approached, I could see the real ship. An artist friend help me recreate what I saw.


The ship gave the impression of being unmanned; there were no portholes visible. The large cubical components may have been tanks, but the nozzle was unmistakable. The entire ship seemed to be made out of the same very metallic material.

"Luke" also links to Chem11's Megasprayer and Swampgas' and some guy named Eddie's Method of Destruction forum. By the way, Swampgas said Starman1 of Chemtrail Central was banned from the MOD forum, but unfortunately, the place has been scrubbed and deleted or blocked from public view. That is the same thing Mark Steadham did with the Chemtrail Central Changes threads, the ones in which it was explained why the old moderator crew had to quit CTC. Swampgas and Chem11 were the alternatives to CTC. Swampgas even invited me to Gastronamus after warning me that CTC was "Daarpa-infested," that the "wolves were watching the henhouse."

It would take a number of months before I started to smell the whole sinking ship of rats. One by one the old chemmie usernames turned out to be posers. That has been clearly documented and pointed out by this humble forum.

The whole thing has been a script.
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Psychological Operations

Unread postby socrates » Tue Jul 01, 2008 1:27 am

The crux of the operation is to portray "chemmies" as mentally unstable and deluded.


weatherman714 wrote:I have to say I agree with Mike Ruppert. No one is going to come knocking on my door from the main stream press about peak oil and weather modification. Even though I have successfully used it with the cooporation of foregin forces against the US. I understand completely how markets work and how to use this project and my skills to outst political leaders in different nations,including the US. No one from the main stream press is going to come knocking on my door...

Weatherman714 is a scripted persona just like most of usernames found on chemtrail forums.

Starman1, the CTC moderator, is another fake persona. He shows up in the script to "tag" Weatherman714 for his treasonous words. No where, however, does he point out the sheer lunacy being expressed. He acts as if such threats need to be taken seriously.

Here is Weatherman's response to Starman1's warning. Let's break it down and understand what these disinformation writers are trying to project.


For one, the bad spelling and grammar is meant to convey that "chemmies" are predominantly uneducated. Secondly, the chemtrail usernames are representing that they are collectively insane. They want people to be afraid to reveal their suspicions about the activities. Here Weatherman714 is crying out that he realises he is insane.


He wants apologies from heads of state. He wants to help "our side" by telling the USAF where to spray. He is saying he has doubts. He is saying he needs a long stay or a long break. A long stay sounds like he means an asylum. The disinfo writers mess up like this. They are not convincing. They are not organic. They are not insane in that they are not real. They are playing parts in a script.

New fakes have been showing up at Carnicom's forum. I took screenshots and maybe will make a post on them. But then again, I am at the burned-out stage. If I don't get some help soon for this forum, this could be the end of the road.
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