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tinfoil by association

May41970 is the "Missing Link"

Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Oct 18, 2007 11:49 am

May41970 recently got me his photos of chemtrails taken in 2006. Once I got the pictures up here for everyone to see, he started a thread at Chemtrail Central, reiterating his story. It is no surprise that he has gotten trolled for his efforts. The fakes are in fifth gear as regards to astroturfing that we are the disinformation. One thing I would never do is troll a fake if they happened to put up good stuff. The fakes, however, do not abide to this logic. They troll us regardless of whatever we post.

I believe that may41970 has hit paydirt. He noticed the chemtrails only after a joint Taiwan-US program called COSMIC commenced. He thought outside the box, and now it appears that he has been able to link chemtrails to actual governmental institutions such as NASA, the Military, and groups which are involved with atmospheric sciences.

Increase1776 has just called May41970 the missing link. That to me is just more of the insidious racism espoused by these disinfo agents. At DebateBothSides my avatar is Bob Marley. These creeps have had no qualms in calling me "boy," which has been an epitath thrown at African-Americans.

My new strategy, which I admit is hard to abide to 100%, is to not interact directly with these paid trolls. They want either or both of us to snap, so then they can ban us from CTC and continue with their ******** that we are "troublemakers."

Here is the link to May's thread. Also note how Increase1776 continues to bash may41970 for his choice of username. What these trolls are doing is simply ratcheting up the noise level. Their goal is to get newbies and those on the fence to spend their time on the internet convolution rather than on researching and reflecting on actual chemtrail realities. They are in full frothing mode, because they now realise that we are untouchables. They cannot warp and manipulate this website, and that in itself is driving them nuts. Also, with a lot of their mistakes, e.g. Aubuchont revealing himself as a paid astroturfer by the name AnnAngryBitch, these creeps must be in some hot water with their bosses.

One of the reasons I have always sensed may41970 is for real is because of his name. It's a great one. Better than mine. But in my defense, at least Socrates was put in lower-case. 8)

Photos of Taiwanese Chemtrails

In my response on this thread, I put up images of KSA's and Don's posts revealing the sincere logic and humanity which is evident at our place here. This is the kind of thing that drives them nuts. They do not want real people working together to get at truths. We have survived every ******** attempt by them to discredit this place and our findings.

I also put up my e-mail that Rosie O'Donnell published at her popular blog. Here is my post to her for those who missed it.


Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Oct 18, 2007 4:32 pm

I pmed Thermit the following and started an admin section thread about the trolling. If Thermit allows Increase1776 to get away with this, then this will seal the deal that Thermit is a fake. If he is for real, he will put a stop to this.

Thermit: Please Put a Stop to This

I just sent this pm to Thermit:
Thermit, I know we had a bit of a stink up a while back over the ctc changes threads, but if you are for real, please do something about the trolling. It's not right. Especially when it's your moderators who are also involved.

From Increase1776:
He or it ,uses the Kent State Massacre date as a user name.One would think this person to be from Ohio,not Tie-one-on."May-fly" you pitifull excuse for a human being,how dare you use the tragedy at Kent State and the murder of the students,as your little user or should I say LOSER,name.You spit on the graves of those students and the hundreds of others that were involved.Crawl back into your hole and take all your knuckledraggin alter egos with you. I think we have discovered the Missing Link.

from this link:

Photos of Taiwanese Chemtrails

Do I not have the right to think certain kooky theories exist about chemtrails to make the whole topic look like a non-issue?

If you can't stick up for the posters with the most logical theories and ideas, then how exactly do you think this website is helping get the chemtrails exposed and stopped?

Thanks for your time and consideration.

The Fakes Can Simply Produce New Usernames

Unread postby socrates2 » Fri Oct 19, 2007 5:09 pm

As regards to May's CTC thread, the responses kind of say it all. Someone named "Perverted Introvert" is linking to the CIA's website. Now who other than a spook id would 1) have that kind of name and 2) link to the cia?

Then Entropian Artifact shows up. {no way oligarchs} He posted that myself and may41970 would make this a worse world if we were in power, but that we are not fakes. Thanks! :?

EA has never been afraid to post disinformation. He did it here in pm's to myself talking up eugenics. Then when I banned him from here, he wrote me another pm arguing that he was testing me. Wtf?

EA reeks of being the typical right winger showing up all over the internet presenting himself as something he is not. Like a Steven Hertzberg acting as a progressive, when in fact he has been trying to paint Ron Paul as a tinfoil candidate as "Navari," while in "real life" he has been busy whitewashing election fraud. Since Turkeyneck showed up talking about 9/11, I went to the CTC section to a thread started by EA.

Twin Tower Deception and Demolition

The irony. This is the same person I invited here after he wrote to me that "Fintan Dunne" and his website was disinfo. Yet, in this thread one can see how he attempts to legitimize "Dunne." He even throws out another eugenics comment.

Most people don't matter.

Those trying to discredit this website are doing so because of the top section primarily, and perhaps also for the anti-war stuff Don Smith and others have posted. Perhaps the astroturfing angle has been making a bit too much sense also.

Unread postby socrates2 » Sat Oct 20, 2007 12:08 am

Here's a screen shot of the post I made in the admin section for Thermit/Mark Steadham.

Is he a somewhat sincere person just making a buck off of "conspiracy theories?" This is the same question as regards to Will Thomas. Are these people trying to make a buck, or has it been their role to also facilitate disinformation?

Do they have no shame?
Starman told us to take our battles over to Debate Both Sides. Yet, the paid fake "Lou Aubuchont" has been relentless to pin me as being an internet troll with id's of names I haven't even heard of before. "Lou Aubuchont" is not a real person. He is part of the psy-ops and not just with the chemtrails. The proof is all in that chemtrails are kooky section.

May41970 for the last year has simply wanted to get his chemtrail story across. From the beginning he has wondered about the timing of chemtrails in Taiwan with the start of COSMIC. Myself, I have known chemtrails are real since about 2002. In 2006, I consciously joined Chemtrail Central with the purpose to get involved. Within about a month I recieved a pm from "swampgas" talking about wolves in the henhouse. At that time the CTC Changes threads were still available.

UV-b radiation is the most logical explanation for the chemtrails. Swamp agreed with that, and we all were in agreement that CTC was disinformation, full of plants and misdirections. Halva was at Gastro around the same time. He and Will Thomas , for examples, have been saying the chemtrails are attempts to offset global warming. No matter what it has been for, I have always sensed that chemtrails have to do with the environment, climate change, atmospheric sciences. I have also always felt that if they were "good for us," they would not be a secret.

That's the deal with me.
And Thermit is full of it if he doesn't address this type of bull.


Unread postby socrates2 » Sat Oct 20, 2007 3:02 pm

I posted the new atmospheric manipulation bill also at CTC. I didn't even have to read through that bill to know it was even more blatantly to do with chemtrails than the one that got ****-canned recently. It includes the phrase "Weather Mitigation." It goes on and on about cloud seeding, but if you look closely, it gets into climate change issues. What is up with these fascists that they think they can do whatever they want to and try to legalize after the facts?

U.S. Govt. Admits Chemtrails Are For "Weather Mitigation"

I admit I sensationalized the title. But I think it's accurate. A poster named Tenger responded. I guess I gotta respond back. Was gonna try to take today off from the posting. But I do think that the early vision myself and may41970 had for this forum has finally succeeded. We cannot be denied our place in the chemtrail forum history. What at first seemed convoluted, perhaps tit-for-tat, has certainly worked out for the best.

"Aubuchont" has been thoroughly exposed the last months. His own words can be very revealing. How he posted as AnnAngryBitch and made the homophobic comments. How "Lou" with the second id came in with the same kind of bs, that typical frothing. If one looks at May's post, he mentioned how the US Military is involved with the COSMIC program. I think the fact that we have made connections to the atmospheric science side is what's driving the fakes and useful idiots up the wall. They don't want us thinking about the NOAA or the wording of the new "weather mitigation" bill. This is because the theories argued here take the tinfoil right out of the equation. We have been trying to empower people to look beyond the manipulated bs astroturfed all over the internet. When we don't sound like nutjobs, when things are quiet enough, newbies and those on the fence are able to look for the best evidence, avoid the never-ending rabbit holes, and arrive at their own sincere conclusions.

You Have Been Tagged

Unread postby socrates2 » Fri Oct 26, 2007 9:27 am

Ooh, Chemtroll Central has tagged both myself and may41970, warning us to get ready to be banned. What a joke. Neither of us have done anything but respond to the constant trolling of ourselves that never gets "tagged." "Aubuchont" of the "Deep Sky" hoax never gets tagged for his lunatic frothings. "Perverted Introvert"- yeah, wouldn't only a spook have that as a name- he welcomes a new poster named Lophofo as my fifth sock puppet, yet he doesn't get tagged.

The disinfo pimps have a problem with the truth. They have a problem with real people speaking truth to power. If anyone comes across my bad temper at Break for News or anywhere else for that matter, I give no apologies. These astroturfing punks are all over the place calling protestors frothing moonbats. La di frickin da as Chris Farley would say. Yeah, here is a big FU to all the fascist pigs out there contaminating the internet with their pathetic attempts at social engineering: "Peaceniks are stinky agitators and naive believers in tinfoil ideas."

FU- I won't do what you tell me!

rage against the machine: Renegades of Funk


Bob Marley - Redemption Song

Four Musketeers

Unread postby may41970 » Fri Oct 26, 2007 10:43 am

me you, don, and n.i.m.

Man, I'm glad to know you guys.

We're not alone, socrates. I saw your rant over at break for news, and you've got nothing to regret about it. I liked the post. There's no reason to feel ashamed about getting angry and expressing fury. That's what it means to be alive; what it means to be a human being. It's great to see one real post of passion among pounds of manure.

Is there anything honorable about controlling genuine frustration/anger and speaking with falsified gentleness? Many articles recently about how USA has become a "wussified" nation. People that express their frustration in public are ridiculed or attacked. Kids that feel emotion are ridiculed as being "emo's" or are sent to psychiatrists to learn how to deal with their anger.

what the **** is wrong with wanting to scream, "**** YOU, YOU MOTHERFUCKING PHONY?"

I felt the same thing you probably did with the responses at BFN that were delicately, yet expressly written to make you want to implode.

But there are four of us here that are alive.

Yeah, it will bother me when I get banned at CTC. I have something I want people to hear, but bit by bit - the net is becoming a place of censorship. If people want to silence your voice, they do. Just as Tinoire silenced us, we can expect the same at CTC. Who knows? Maybe they'll even use Tinoire's explanation in defence of their decision to ban the both of us.

Remember when Yahoo closed down their message boards to "improve" their service? I think that was the beginning of the real death of internet free speech. It's getting harder and harder to speak out on the net. There are too many censors, and too few places to post ideas that can be read by large numbers of people. The big "left-wing" sites appear to be run by cointelpro. Where can someone speak out their ideas without getting attacked, banned, threatened, blacklisted?

Why are the major "heros" of freedom - Beverly, Rivero, Dunne, Jones, etc...one by one getting outed as cointelpro frauds?

But this site is a good place.

Don, Soc, N.I.M. - maybe I don't say it too often, but I'm really glad you're here.

and don, I'm finding myself admiring you more all the time. I just wish we could something we could gab about. How about Lightning Hopkins? Not only does he refuse to follow the "set-in-stone" 8-bar rules, but I think he's got the most haunting sound I've ever heard. Plays the same licks over and over, but it always sounds good.

and n.i.m. - hope you can come back soon.

**** fear and don't let the bastards get to you too much.


last post I made before getting my scarlet letter

Unread postby may41970 » Fri Oct 26, 2007 11:01 am

I was "tagged" by starman at CTC about 9 hours after making this post:


It's not a crime; it's not even unethical. Unless that person uses his different ids as "sock-puppets" - like holding conversations with themselves at the same message-board.

Socrates uses different ids at different message boards. It's never been a secret; he's never kept it a secret. He volunteers this information freely. That's something which I consider honorable. He openly admits to his different id's, and he doesn't post as more than one id at any individual message board - as far as I know.

All these people that criticize socrates for posting under different ids - what's so wrong with it? Take a look at yourselves first. Can you honestly say that you only post under one id ever? And if not, then are you willing to volunteer all the different ids that you use?

There is nothing unethical about using different ids at different message boards. And there's nothing wrong with keeping that information private, if you so desire. AS LONG AS IT'S ONLY ONE ID PER BOARD. Kudos to socrates for having the integrity to admit who he is and who he posts as.

If it matters, I've only used two ids ever (with the exception of the old Yahoo Message Boards): "Will Kane" at wrh unofficial and "may41970" everywhere else. That's information that I shouldn't have to share, but I'm sharing it anyways.

The administrators here at CTC know my ip. They know what city/country it appears to come from. They also know socrates' ip, and where it appears to come from. Doesn't prove anything, but maybe it means something little. (Likewise the administrators here also know which single-ip addresses have multiple id's posting from them)

If Socrates has ever held a conversation with himself using his different ids; if he's ever used his ids as sock-puppets; if he's ever used more than one id at any message board - than please post evidence of it. Otherwise, maybe it's time to stop attacking the messenger, and listening a little instead.




Unread postby socrates2 » Fri Oct 26, 2007 3:32 pm

Maybe this shows that we really do pose a threat to the chemtrails are kooky script. Why otherwise do they risk appearing so authoritarian? This is the same thing that happened to me at the Gastronamus Cafe, even when I was the most prolific chemtrails poster.

Don't hate me May41970, but you wrote the following in a pm a few days ago.

Did you see starman threaten to ban me for the "final time?" Because some of their members are complaining about us?

I almost responded with some comment about it being the first time he's made the threat too. Or some comment about selective punishment. You ever read "Cancer Ward?" There's some part in the book about how the old USSR wanted everybody to break the rules. The rules themselves were set up to be broken. That way, whenever the people running the show wanted to punish somebody - anybody - they could always do it.

Selective punishment. If my post was a rant (which I don't think it was) - what about the **** that increase1776 posts? Or Lou?

Not sure if you recall, but Increase1776 started a thread at Gastro pretty much saying that Starman1 was part of the Maverick's crowd, the debunker website that includes Jay Reynolds, Ed Snell, and Weatherman714 to name a few.

The irony is that myself and Lophofo hit it off good at Gastronamus. We were working together on the chemtrails, kind of like one can see with myself and NatureisMad. It's difficult for one or two people to work through this stuff. Hopefully, Lophofo will sign up, and we can all finally get back on track after a tumultous year of banging our heads on the walls of the major chemtrail boards. Tinfoil1776 actually said a short time back that only Thermit/Mark Steadham can ban. So this is a contradiction to hear starturd say that he can ban us on his own.

While over at BreakForDisinfoNews, "Fintan" showed up and conveniently ignored the topic of himself translating an alien language and anything to do with Navari/Steven Hertzberg.
Sorry- no alien/ufo smilie when you need one.

Bev Harris sold Clinton cigars and also evidently raked in massive amounts of cash when her reputation was at its peak. Alex Jones- he is the "Lou Aubuchont" of the police state. He could go toe to toe with Lou/AnnAngryBitch as regards to appearing like a frothing lunatic.

So far, so good with BradBlog with the CondiLizard thread where a number of us have questioned "John Dean" for sounding like a pig lover. Mr. Sluggo is Bev Harris' #1 fan. But hopefully Brad is a cool dude and doesn't censor.

Don't worry about NatureisMad. He has written me a few pm's. He's been busy, says he'll be back in a few weeks. I feel a bit sorry for those guys, him and Don. If this stuff is still somewhat convoluted to us in the middle of it, I can only imagine how tough it is for them to try to follow it. Good thing we have been able to spit it out over the last half year.

We really don't need that many people. We just need real people. Helix might have been real and just got scared. But Athena88 and KSA reek of being paid trolls. I hope N.I.M. doesn't get mad at me for revealing the following, but I feel it is important for folks to know. A while back I asked him if he could invite ChickenLittle from Gastro to post here.

I don't know what else to do. I am not trying to betray anyone's confidence with the pm's. I promise.

[quote="NatureisMad"]Sep. 28 (thereabouts) I logged onto the Gastro website & sent a P.M. to chickenlittle. I then logged out. Just a couple of days (at the most) later, I tried to "log on". The site said that I was logged on, but I was incapable of utilizing any of the member options. Like Personal Messaging, posting, viewing member profile options & listing, etc. Then I tried to "log off" & was unable to do so. My screenname just sat there on their main page for about an hour or so. I continued to try this, over & over for the next week, & kept getting the same thing. How is someone supposed to reach an "administrator" of that place for a situation like this? Or...were they just screwing with my account? Like you said they screwed with your old account. Well, screw that place. They are scared to talk about Chemtrails, anyway. **** on em'.
I do see, apparently, that chickenlittle has logged on there since I sent her that P.M.

What I wrote back to him:
maybe you missed it, but myself and may41970, too, we have called all these places out as being fakes. Swampgas has even posted that I am Ed Snee/Cydoniaquest. Three of you have signed up here who posted at Gastro- Don, urself, and may41970. I am not sure about chickenlittle, but swampgas is playing around with you now. I am not sure where u are with ur awareness of the convolution. I do know you took a look into the lou aubuchont.

this is what happened. my mom was sick for years with cancer. i helped out. i started posting antiwar at huffingtonpost. then i ended up at a place called breakfornews which seemed to hit the spot with me talking about a network of fakery on the web. But then they too turned out to be a strawman for this idea. So i went to ctc, you and may41970 also at that time. swampgas drew me and may over to gastro. u asked about it at ctc. so then u made it over. Remember Lophofo? He/she has shown up at ctc. me and him, think he's a him, can never tell sometimes, we used to work at understanding weather modification, in particular the enmod- My mom died in June 2006. I went into a rut, but also went nuts posting at Gastro and at the megasprayer, then democratic underground, then debate both sides, now here for my base. Meanwhile myself and May41970 became good friends, if that makes any sense, seeing that we are just on the internet to know each other.

well, sorry for the ramble. it's all kinda existential. ChickenLittle might never have got that pm. i kinda think she is for real, but i have strong doubts about swampgas and halva and increase, arcadia ego, big joe, etc. et al. When the CTC changes threads got deleted, there was no longer any proof to the progression myself, may41970, urself went through. the history has been deleted. swamp was the gatekeeper for anyone normal like us who wanted to work together with others to figure things out. but then he banned me. If he cared about chemtrails, he would have let me stay. not trying to make myself out to be something other than I am, but with swamp, chickenlittle, urself, and lophofo, we were becoming a good alternative to ctc. my mind is kind of getting worn out. We got chemslammed bigtime today, the obvious event, and yes done late afternoon to the west. big 90 degree turn one.

i do believe that myself and may41970 uncovered the scam that is the chemtrail forums.
chemtrails **** me off so much, that this is why this will always have chemtrails as the main idea.

we have trouble here finding real people to post.
but it seems to have accomplished what it set out to do.
maybe we need to find real people in real life into chemtrails and have them sign up.
the real people who lurk are too shy. or they think we are part of the convolution.

Yeah, swampgas isn't gonna trust you now.

did you read i got banned from rigorous intuition by jeff wells before making even one post?
that means swampgas gave my ip to arcadia ego who gave it to wells.
that means they are so into this that they keep track of ip numbers like that.
they are so into it, they- swamp noticed u signing in trying to contact chicken little.

It's a fairly bizarre situation. even us people in the middle can have trouble figuring it out,
the chemtrail board aspect of it.

Maybe Lophofo can sign up. He seems for real.

I somehow think Drewterry is for real. Why else would he have revealed Navari as being Steven Hertzberg? Unless of course hertzberg was maybe set up a bit, by the people he works for? Not sure really. "Dunne" is definitely a paid fake. And Hertzberg seems to be from the same company. Maybe Hertzberg just messed up and told Drew who he was, and then Obeylittle figured it out, then I showed up and fleshed it out?

On the Hertzberg thread, I made an open statement in a N.I.M. fashion. He once made a plea to the chemjet people to come clean. I told Hertzberg that the dark side route is gone for him, that he could still make things right by blowing the whistle. Hey, a kid can dream. There's always hope.

One last thought, back to how we don't need so many people. A few more dedicated to chemtrails would be great. The other stuff is really no problem. Don Smith has a good sense of social reality. You've certainly come into your own as an internet personality. 8)

p.s. major, obvious chemtrailing went on all week here. Many more people are now aware that there is something devious going on with the skies and particular aircraft.


Unread postby may41970 » Fri Nov 23, 2007 3:31 pm

by starman1, a moderator at Chemtrail Central.

I said:
Once again, I ask why I have been "tagged?"
Fri Nov 23, 2007 12:35 pm

Please direct me to the post/posts that resulted in this charge. Please explain to me clearly why I have been tagged. I am now on the verge of being banned from this site, yet I still haven't the slightest clue why.

Even the police are required to explain to people the crime they have been charged with. Won't you guys here at CTC, at least live up to that ideal?

Please, Thermit. Please Starman, Please Increase1776. I beg of you. Tell me what I did wrong so I can be sure not to do it again.




Starman responded:
Re: Once again, I ask why I have been "tagged?"
Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:28 pm

Originally posted by may41970
Please direct me to the post/posts that resulted in this charge. Please explain to me clearly why I have been tagged. I am now on the verge of being banned from this site, yet I still haven't the slightest clue why.

Even the police are required to explain to people the crime they have been charged with. Won't you guys here at CTC, at least live up to that ideal?

Please, Thermit. Please Starman, Please Increase1776. I beg of you. Tell me what I did wrong so I can be sure not to do it again.





Dear may,
Congradulations, you have finally achieved your goal, and are now being led to the exit door. You have predicted this would come for sometime now and it is with great regret that I must make your prediction come true by removing you from this community.
First I would like to give you a quote taken from the CTC Changes thread, you and your friend have been so tirelessly wasting your precious energies on. Something Thermit stated in them,

I'd like to take CTC forward from here, and make it a place where people can discuss ideas of all sorts without fear of being banned, just because their ideas are different. I want it to be a place where people don't get ugly with their fellow posters. We are a conspiracy related forum and so we are here for those interested in these conspiracies. If it's clear that a member's real purpose is too troll, attack or be generally disagreeable they will be removed. There is even the possibility of creating a system which allows the CTC members themselves to do some self-policing.


anyway, it is my decision and opinion that you have been guilty of being a deliberate disruptor, you have been warned and even "tagged" for your continued attempts at baiting and instigating infighting and disrupting the general atmosphere of this community. Because you have been "tagged" here you are not technically entitled to an explanation, as outlined in the "tagged" policy, as to why your are being removed, but as a courtesy I have chosen to give you a brief. Many have asked for your removal and I have asked them for patience on your behalf, yet you continue to try and create problems and distractions for me and others to contend with, and now you have finally warn out my patience as well, and I am showing you the door. Maybe this was the outcome you were looking for and maybe it pushes forward your real agenda I don't know, but I'm sure time will tell. Anyway, I am taking the liberty to ban you from CTC.
Good-bye to you.
Starman1 of Chemtrailcentral.com

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