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"Eeeeeuuuuuuu, these guys make my skin crawl"

tinfoil by association

Unread postby may41970 » Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:05 pm

"Lou Aubuchont" scrubs his insane rants.

Tue Nov 13, 2007 1:01 am




Louis Aubuchont.
Parsonsfield, Maine.

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"Lou" deletes his posts

Desperate Times For Spooks

Unread postby socrates » Fri Nov 23, 2007 10:13 pm

March 8th, 2005: Lou's first post ever at CTC now reads:


Last edited by Louis Aubuchont on Wed Nov 21, 2007 4:40 am; edited 2 times in total

CTC is off by four hours ahead of the real time. So he seems to have started to delete nearly every post he made at 12:40 am e.s.t. on Wednesday, well before you made your final post.

March 15th, 2005- Funny thing about that post. If you run the mouse through it, there is no record of an edit. So how could an edit have been made with no record of it? Sometimes we can make edits here without any record either. I think as an Admin I am able to do that. I also think if we edit the most recent post made, there will be no sign of an edit either. Perhaps Lou has some kind of administration access at CTC? And if the creeps read this and decide to change that somehow, I have the screen shot to prove I am not lying about this.

I was able to locate his recent rants from the last months and copy them. When I get the chance, those can be reposted to show what a frothing idiot he has been. Now I can see him arguing I am a disruptor. But there is no way anyone could consider me a debunker, unless it is for the crazy chemtrail theories that have nothing to do with the truth about chemtrails.

I feel I cannot wait for Lophofo to give me the go ahead to publish the following. He sent me this a few days ago. He told me that he had pm'ed Lou wondering what was going on. This is what Lou emailed him back:

From: Louis Aubuchont
To: Lophofo
Posted: Tue Oct 30, 2007 8:23 pm
Subject: Re: Socrates/Gastronamus Quote message
Hi Lophofo,

Sorry for the lateness of this reply but I just picked up on the fact that I had a PM from you.

This link below defines "FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe, socrates, may41970, Jeff Reynolds" and the rest of his alter egos to a "T".

Have a read and see if you don't agree.


I'm done with that *****, there is a "TAGGED" policy in place now and both 'FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe' and 'may41970' have been Tagged for there troublemaking ways, I probably pushed getting Tagged myself in trying to get them banned here but I thought the reward was worth the risk, besides, at least one of the mods agrees with me 100%.

I don't think he is worth your time but that's up to you, I pretty well did what I wanted to in getting him banned, not quite but I'll take the "Tagged" status on them as a win.

Thanks for PMing me, take care.


This is what I think is going on:

*** The whole Deep Sky, Aubuchont/Jay Reynolds fake fight, and Lou as tinfoil has been completely exposed. This does not make Will Thomas look good. I feel that Lou deleting nearly every post he ever made at CTC is damage control. The fakes have backed themselves into a corner with their ******** campaign to discredit this forum. They know that the top section here is solid. They know we are anything but debunkers.

*** They lost and we won. No doubt about it. So they are scrubbing the evidence as usual AND trying to drag us down with them. Lou and others are all about making a mockery out of chemtrails. This action was about protecting Will Thomas AND protecting the chemtrails are kooky script from being more easily investigated.

*** The recent post I made in which I took Aubuchont phrases and ran them through search engines and found similar posts made by different usernames has forced him into further scrubbing. Will he do the same with his posts at DBS? I wouldn't doubt it. But then again, he might not, considering that DBS doesn't get the traffic that CTC does.

Ok. Will stop at that.
So WRH "unofficial" scrubs their hate site. Lou Aubuchont scrubs his tinfoil. I see these recent developments as signs that we have made a difference in exposing the ********. I see the recent developments as being one tactical error after another by paid internet fakes.

When Lou came out in support of Carol Rosin, that had to be the most stupid thing he ever could have done. He may think he is in the clear on that, as it appears that thread has gone awol from google. But thanks to yahoo, even with its own cranky cache system, we now have secured the proof. In good time, what has been scrubbed will be put back up. Sure, it's impossible for me to recover every Aubuchont post made at CTC. Well, it might not be impossible, but it would be quite the time consuming effort.

In conclusion, "Lou Aubuchont" is not a real person. His activities on the internet reek of cointelpro. He has gotten away with nothing. This scrub job just shows that we have been justified with our investigations. It shows that "Aubuchont" does not care about authentic chemtrails awareness. He was getting his *** kicked, so he simply quit. He knew it would only get worse the more he stuck around.

I think Lou Aubuchont has been "Ender" at WRH unofficial. I believe he has been reassigned by his bosses. He got his internet *** kicked by two nobodies with comps and integrity.

Oh my back Lou Aubuchont is down for the count.

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"Lou {AnnAngryBitch} Aubuchont" Banned From CTC

Unread postby socrates » Sat Nov 24, 2007 3:07 pm

They had to do it. He deleted 950 of his posts. It's been one tactical mistake after another by these fiends. And now one of the sock puppets, CDsNuts has called out Starman for banning Lou and not me.

It feels like a trap to try to get me to respond. The hammer on free speech has been applied. I am not gonna say a word. Starman has shown that by banning may41970 for no good reason, that anyone who dares open their mouth, no matter how eloquent, will also be banned if they speak the truth.

Why should I want to post there anyways? Sure, it'd be nice to put up good chemtrail posts at the #1 search engine result for chemtrails. But now there will be no way for me to fend off the inevitable tinfoil that always gets posted alongside the good materials.

Lou and his company have made so many tactical errors, that it has been decided to just put a torch to all the evidence that he is a raving fruitcake. The bottom line is this. If "Lou Aubuchont" truly cared about exposing and stopping chemtrails, he never would have deleted over 900 posts. He never would have called me a debunker. Troublemaker? Fine, so be it. But to call me a debunker when we have that solid chemtrails section prominantly placed at the top of this forum, that is beyond ridiculous.

I had made some of my best posts ever the last months as pertaining to chemtrails and chemtrails alone. However, each time I would cross-post such materials at CTC, "Lou" trolled me nonetheless. Now if someone really cared about the chemtrails issue, they never would belittle someone posting good stuff. They might not like that person, but they would never tarnish the solid information provided by such a person. That is one of the most glaring things about the experience at CTC:

*** The person putting up the best chemtrails evidence was astroturfed as being a debunker
*** The person putting up the best chemtrails evidence always had tinfoil thrown into the mix to discredit the info

The hammer has been dropped. There is no free speech at CTC, even if one is most eloquent with their posts. All may41970 did was ask for the specific posts he made that tagged him as a troublemaker. Let the record show that "Lou" was not tagged until much later than ourselves despite his excessive troll-like behaviour. Let the record show that "Lou" was not banned until today or last night. Let the record show that "Lou Aubuchont's" chemtrail story and posts have been all about discrediting authentic chemtrails awareness.

I will try not to overload with images. But the following show the extent of the troll spam "Lou" has been conducting over the past months. Let the record show that neither myself nor may41970 did any trolling ourselves but rather were just expressing our rights to free speech. "Lou" has been banned because the chemtrails are kooky script has been totally exposed.

"Lou" got busted as a paid fake. The Carol Rosin/disclosure project thread was the turning point. "Lou's" affiliation with the WRH "unofficial" messageboard was the turning point. I think "Lou's" bosses decided enough was truly enough, that the psy-op was backfiring. Thus, a decision was made to pull the plug on this most idiotic and transparent of internet fakes.

So, in conclusion, I think the new decision has been to shut up our voices from CTC. It is back to plan A for them. If real "chemmies" want to post at CTC, they are gonna have to stomach the fake tinfoil and keep quiet about it or walk on eggshells. May41970 thinks they shut down new memberships the last months not because of Ed Snell/Yaak/Cydoniaquest, but rather because it was becoming too risky for them that real people who have gotten our message would have signed up and supported us. These fakes know as well as us, that SOUL cannot be faked.

I have taken the high road at CTC ever since Starman told me to shut my yapper months ago. I feel bad for may41970 that he got banned, in a way I am jealous of him. I might as well have been banned, because they know I do not like my posts being tainted by the loony fake posts. So, effectively, I have been shut down also. The same thing happened to me at BreakForNews. Maybe this is a sign that we should find better forums to try to branch out to. The bottom line is there wouldn't be all these attacks on us, there wouldn't be all these troll kidnappings of our usernames, if we hadn't come up with a lot of good **** on both chemtrails and the internet fakery, not to mention some other stuff we have touched on.

I will post some of the Lou rants. I will post how he propped up the disclosure project fake Carol Rosin who soiled the word chemtrails. I will post proof that "Lou" made one edit yet for some reason it didn't show up as an edit.

I posted this one in October after Lou was busted as AnnAngryBitch, a paid astroturfer username. Lou got his internet *** kicked by us. What has happened the last months and recently at CTC has been Lou's version of an internet scorched earth policy. When evil gets exposed, that is when they start to melt like the wicked witch. The more I took the high road at CTC, the more I kicked his *** in a noble way for example with the Carol Rosin thread, the more Lou frothed. I really do believe his bosses pulled the plug on him. He basically got his *** kicked by two nobodies with some humble computer skills, i.e. researching, reflecting, and then posting.


So Lou can make an edit, and it doesn't show up? Does "Lou" have admin access at CTC?
From the first page he ever posted on, the bottom edit doesn't show up:


From the same page, but above it does. Did he realise he needed to get out of the admin. mode?


Lou started spamming CTC about myself and may41970 back in August.


The ******* spooks took this alter-ego/sock puppet thing too far. They forgot that SOUL cannot be faked. Once they realized they couldn't beat us nobodies for this primary reason, they went scorched earth on us. Notice the stinking crap comment. Last week I took Aubuchont key phrases and found similar sounding posters across the internet who I now believe are the same idiotic intel worker.


This was the biggie. When he came out supporting Carol Rosin, that was a mistake of epic proportions. He might as well have posted yes, socrates and may41970 are correct. I, Lou "oh my back" Aubuchont am an internet fake. There was no Deep Sky. I have been trying to sully chemtrails awareness by making it look like a hoax. Yes, the whole Jay Reynolds/Chem11/Big Bunny/Swampgas/, this whole Halva, Increase1776, Ed Snell/Yaak et al has been a goofy script.


So I basically called out Rosin for ruining chemtrails as regards to the Kucinich bill draft. I did it in a way where it had nothing to do with "Lou" personally. When I stumbled across his post here, I was like wtf, he can't be this stupid a tool. He had placed this in the conspiracy section of CTC, a place I don't think I have ever made even one post. This is why "Lou" had to delete all his CTC posts. This is why the CTC Changes threads were deleted. Just too much proof supporting us nobodies.


I posted about the newscast out of KSLA-12 out of Louisiana.
This is what "Lou" posted.


He then went on to go off with tons more spam, which I won't post in its entirety. People can track this down in
cache or take my word for it, or I can always post it all if need be.

What jumps out at me is how he was doing the same thing the fakes at the WRH "Unofficial" forum were doing. That's why I think WRH "Unofficial" and "Lou's" posts were deleted. It was a psy-op that simply backfired on them. Because as may41970 says, SOUL cannot be faked. It is too much of a coincidence that "Lou" and the WRH trolls were doing the same exact types of activity. This has been a coordinated effort that was exposed. That is why the scrub brush was taken out for both CTC and WRH "unofficial."

"Lou" copied and pasted so much from this forum.


Here is the end of the spam, and then right on schedule one of the sock puppets showed up.
These are bullies. These are fakes. They don't play fair yet still get beaten up bad by nobodies like us.


Another reason Lou scubbed his posts because it showed how much he did promote tinfoil, and how often he backed up nutcases like Weatherman714 and BrassRat.


When may41970 finally scanned proof of chemtrails in Taiwan, that was another turning point where the fakes went on the attack. "Lou" has been all about attacking the messenger and not the message. And when he has done that, it has been the same kind of nonsense coming out of the thugs at the WRH "Unofficial" forum. When we went after "Lou," we documented the evidence. We scoured the Deep Sky info. We posted about his nonsense about wiping out clouds with the power of his own mind. I went after Carol Rosin, which by chance he was stupid enough to prop up as a good source. Lou basically got his internet *** kicked. And when he was losing, when the cheating wasn't working for him, he cried, and then he quit, and then he deleted nearly every post he ever made at CTC. Now would a real "chemtrails activist from Parsonsfield, Maine" delete years of posts on the #1 search engine forum for chemtrails if he truly wanted chemtrails exposed and stopped?


PI asked a good question. He illuminated that "Lou" was trying to turn me into the next fake fight, like with the ones he made up having with Jay Reynolds. I doubt that was PI's true intention, as I just don't trust that guy either. I never did since seeing his perverted username. Plus, he was one of the ones who always dogged me on my CTC posts.

They have tried to portray me as a troublemaker and a hothead. But unless they alter my posts, people can see that I am not nearly as emotional and hotheaded as is astroturfed. Yeah, I have had my moments, but mostly just at DBS, where the ultimate fight club is located. At DBS, there is no limit on cursing, etc.. Even at DBS, I haven't been a total frother. Yeah, at times, but at CTC? I have never exploded, not once, at least from memory. But if by chance they alter my posts to try to rewrite history, that's the only way they might get away with this type of lying.

"Lou Aubuchont" Is AnnAngryBitch- A Frothing Disinfo Astroturfer


I responded gracefully, unlike the fake, frothing angry ***** named "Louis Aubchont, A Chemtrails Activist From Parsonfield, Maine."


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Starman1 Banned Me Too

Unread postby socrates » Mon Nov 26, 2007 7:16 pm

I had to stick up for you, may41970.
It is just not in my character to show support for oppressive behaviour.
I left one good post exposing Increase1776 for being a liar.


I went to do errands. Before I could respond to Starman's post, I had already been banned.
I had written a number of emails to Mark Steadham yet never heard back from him.
I am not sure what the laws are for cyber harrassment.
If there are such laws, it can be easily proved that we were harrassed.
Increase1776 asked for proof that he had harrassed yourself on numerous occasions.
I proved that he had.

I made a post last night about the Will Thomas/Terry Stewart story.
The one which alleged Stewart had communicated with military about strange chemtrails/contrails
in the area. Terry Stewart says that was a total fabrication.
Starman moved that thread from the chemtrails section to freeform.
So the truth gets hushed up over there. That's at least two of my threads
they have moved to the freeform section. The most realistic chemmie
doing research just wasn't gonna be allowed to get the word out.

oops, the cap button got locked.

There is no longer any doubt that CTC is in the hands of dispensers of disinformation.
They will never live this down. There is simply no proof that either one of us was a disruptor.
I simply refused to keep my mouth shut as they continued to post lie after lie.

I don't know how much time I am supposed to give Mark Steadham to correct this.
I doubt he will.

Is there even one poster at Chemtrail Central at the moment who appears to be a genuine person?
Is the atmosphere so stifling, with so much tinfoil, that no one dares to speak out?

I just put up some protest videos on another thread.
Not everyone in this world is part and parcel of the widespread corruption.

I do have the proof that "Lou Aubuchont" was psychologically harrassing us.
Perhaps there is a way for me legally to find some justice, perhaps
find out once and for all who Lou Aubuchont really is.

Mark Steadham should fix this situation.
A big part of the CTC Changes was about Mark Steadham
feeling that people were being unjustly banned.

One of those people was Starman.
Now how does someone like Starman go from banned to being a moderator?
Both swampgas and increase1776 had posted that starman was from the debunker camp.

I believe that the whole thing has been scripted.
The only question I have left is what does Mark Steadham know about this?
Is Mark Steadham an unwitting supporter of psychological harrassment?
Is he an unwitting supporter of making a mockery of the chemtrails issue?

Or is Mark Steadham part and parcel of the corruption that exists pertaining
to the topic of chemtrails on the internet?

As I posted today at CTC, anyone can go through our posts and see that we were not troublemakers.
They can see through the screenshots taken of deleted "Aubuchont" posts that we were being harrassed.

In a way I feel free.
Chemtrail Central is nuts.

I'm getting a good vibe out of Jeff Ferrell of KSLA News-12, Louisiana.
Maybe this is the break real chemmies have been waiting for. If he does
a solid job, I predict this one will be even better than the Paul Moyer Reports.
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Thanks, soc

Unread postby may41970 » Tue Nov 27, 2007 1:09 am

Thanks, soc. I read your last posts on the CTC board, and they were good.

Regarding your last few posts. I agree with everything you said; with the possible exception of the "alcoholism" comments- As ugly and racist as increase1776's attacks on us were ("BOY!"), I don't recall any comments about alcholism from him. I think you might have been confusing "increase1776" with "thuban" who was one of the posters at the wrh unofficial board. ("thuban" was the one who boasted about how he was on old soldier, and how he would get the "red-carpet" treatment whenever he visited a military office; he promised to use his army buddies to make life difficult for us, get me sent to Iraq, tortured by PRC, or some such nonsense. He was the one who always said, "rolls little eyes.")

As expected, no one even commented on your evidence that the Terry Stewart story is a hoax. Just like no one really commented on evidence of chemtrails in Taiwan; just like the comments on the KSLA report faded so quickly, and so many other important matters we brought up. Mainly, the moderators and regulars seem more more interested in ad-hominem attacks and talking about jesus.

Whose side is Chemtrail Central really on? Is it possible that they and their sister sites - Gastronamus and Megasprayer - are controlled by some of the very same people responsible for the chemtrails?

Ya know, it is the same little circle of associates behind those sites.

Personally, I think so.

I wonder how CTC decides who to hire as a moderator. I wonder of Thermit could explain the process. There was an old moderator there named Lulu. This person, like their current moderators, are the last people you would ever think should be hired to moderate the premier chemtrails site on the net.

Just a handful of posters left. Are they even real people? Pak? Ellyn? Free World Order?

We did nothing wrong there to be banned, and have nothinig to regret. We can hope for the best, but I don't really expect Mark Steadham to do right by this. Because I don't think Mark Steadham, his two moderators, nor the majority of the posters thereare interested in discussing / understanding / stopping chemtrails.

I think that these people are part and parcel with the same people behind the chemtrails.

But....I want to hope that some people really heard us before we were banned. As we both knew we would be.

No one ever said it's easy to do the right thing. And it's not. Don't let them get you down. We'll get our second wind.






(oops, sorry, the caps lock key got stuck)

Anyways, thanks again, my friend, for sticking up for me. Hold your head high.


Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 02, 2008 12:43 am

Just another reminder. I am socrates2. It was the username i was using in the public forum where guests could post, before it had to be shut down for excessive trolling and a dearth of real people having the gonads to help out.

I am pestering my close friends to post. It would be nice if NatureisMad and con-trail could get back in here. Their absences hurt. Even if they could pop in now and then, that would help. N.I.M. did say he had to fix his computer and would be gone for a while, but the timing of his absence has been simply awful. If con-trail and NatureisMad just came back to say hello, that they are busy but still with us in spirit, that would give us six real people who met through the major chemtrail boards who fought the odds to stay in contact. Even if they never come back, I am leaving them on the member list. Unless they ask to be taken off of it, their presence on the list signifies general support for The Chemtrail Haven. The bond between all of us has been our awareness that chemtrails are real, and also that the chemtrail forums are not.

1) me
2) may41970
3) NatureisMad
4) Crystal Rose
5) Lophofo
6) con-trail

I think the biggest reason Chemtroll Central banned myself and may41970 was to discontinue our linking to this much more credible chemtrails forum. Their script calls for gobbling up newbies and fence sitters. CTC is the #1 search engine result. They may or may not rig their # of visitors. But I bet most of their visitors are usually new ones. Who in their right mind could find that place worthy of one's time? It isn't even that entertaining, let alone informative. They have the craziest stuff at that place. I didn't realise how bad it is, because I never would check out too many of their sections.

I am done with DebateBothSides. If I go back, it will only be to bump up some threads by crossposting some info from here.

TOTO got banned for starting an attack thread against myself {Jeff Reynolds}. But DBS is an unmoderated forum, where no one gets banned unless they make the first post a trolling one. Then the bans usually last only a few days to a week. TOTO is part of the cyber bullying psy-op that has been proven to exist. That person is probably "Louis Aubuchont." Aubuchont, Jay Reynolds, and Wayne Hall, among many others are paid to post. They are part of a script.

They work from troll lingustic science handbooks. They try to give the illusion that they are sincere, logical thinkers, but they are anything but. They get newbies and fence sitters to waste time reading their posts carefully. When folks like myself and may41970 figure out they are fakes, they then go into outright trolling mode and try to psychologically influence us.

Myself and may41970 have no excuses anymore, if we go back there. We have no excuses if we ever again post anything directly to all those fakes. DBS is a pit. It should be no loss to either of us to avoid the place.

Both of us have explained over and over again our sides of the story. The fakes are frothing that they can't get in here and disrupt this forum from the inside. They are probably frothing that Lophofo has shown up and has been putting together a solid presentation on HAARP and chemtrails. They are frothing that the top chemtrails section is solid. They are frothing that neither myself nor may41970 are letting them push our buttons any longer. They are frothing because we still have a lot of our email exchanges from the last couple months to post. Those will fill in a lot of the pieces. Those will be put on the chemmie dialogues thread.

The only thing they got on this place is probably that the new thread on a British PM questioning chemtrails has a sentence or two on chembusters. For that, I have been going back and forth wondering if I should move the thing to the chemtrails are not kooky part of this place.

They are frothing plain and simple. A couple nobodies completely busted up their script. Now if some of you good lurkers could get in here and help us out, that would make them froth even more. I don't understand how someone could read here and not want to make some comments. You know who you are. You know we are for real. Would a post now and again be too much to ask for?

But I will never give up. I will keep trying to build this place up. It does feel real good having busted up the script which has included crazy believers, closed-minded debunkers, and debunkers in chemmie clothes.

TOTO is part of the fake neo-nazi psy-op. That person reads here, then copies and pastes it at DBS. That is what happened at the WRH forum. Those fockers were so thoughtless to leave up that thread I copied and posted here. These fockers are frothing, because anyone who takes even a bit of time to look into this will see that our aim here is true, and that they really are paid, fascist fockers who hate democracy. They hate people. They hate how two nobodies brought them down. They are frothing at the possibility that this place will continue to evolve and make a difference.
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Banned from Megasprayer

Unread postby may41970 » Fri Feb 22, 2008 6:22 am

Oops, I mean "Mega." I forgot they recently took out the "sprayer" and changed their name to "MEGA". So today, I paid a visit to Mega. I wasn't logged in or anything; I haven't logged in or made a post to Mega for a very long time. Anyways, here's what I saw,


Imagine that. Big Mega. Big Bunny. Big Footsoldier. All those big scientists over there are afraid of lil' ol' me. They don't want me to read what they are posting about over there. What are they afraid of? What are they afraid I will read at their site?

I'm a moderator over here. The thought of blocking someone; ANYONE from reading here is inconceivable to me. Who, besides those with something to hide, would block people from even reading at a public forum?

So to date, two public chemtrail forums - both Mega and Gastronamus Cafe have literally taken the effort to block my computer from accessing their sites. They don't want me to read what's over there. What are they afraid I'll read?



Unread postby socrates » Fri Feb 22, 2008 5:48 pm

The only person I blocked from reading here was "Louis Aubuchont." It is kind of pointless to block anyone from reading a place. Wayne Hall has a forum. One can't even read it without signing up. I did for the laughs, and the place is dormant. There is a thread glorifying "Louis Aubuchont." There are a few posts by David Stewart or whatever his name is. He is the one who made up the Deep Shield hoax that Halva has trumpeted.

Megasprayer, including Chem11, Deborah/Foot Soldier, and BigBunny has been thoroughly exposed. They have been able to get away with their ******** for the longest time, because no one ever was able to pin down exactly wtf they were on about with the "sulphate loading." But now it is clear that they have been marketing chemtrails as being contrails.

Kudos to NatureisMad for getting BigBunny to spill the beans about "the friendly airport neighbors" or however he put it.

All the big names in the major chemtrail forums have been finally figured out. The script is toast. It is now fairly clear what the whole thing has been about. And Jay Reynolds has been part and parcel of it too. Ed Snell/Yaak, Weatherman714, Mark Steadham, ditto. It truly is over, and we won, and they lost.

Gastronamus blocking you along with Megasprayer shows that these forums are all part of the same scam. Remember how I got banned from posting and reading at Jeff Wells' Rigorous Intuition forum? Swampgas had given et in Arcadi Ego my ip address. I was banned before making one post. These paid trolls are their worst enemies. We see by what they post and such actions that they take, that this has all been an organised scam. Throw in Tinoire and Rivero's WhatReallyHappened forum, and it becomes clear that a couple nobodies figured out how to fight back against paid posters.

We have survived every psychic hit thrown at us. Due to the capturing of screenshots, and based on that we are clearly smarter than them, or more honest might be the way to put it, we have beaten them bad at their own game. That's kind of what I mean when I come up with my own phrases like the reverse-troll or refer to troll linguistic manuals.

:twisted: 8)
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Chemtrail Disinfo At Gastronamus Cafe

Unread postby socrates » Tue Mar 04, 2008 6:35 pm

So you have Chemtrail Central, the #1 search engine result for chemtrails. From there, you have the three off-shoots, Megasprayer, Gastronamus Cafe, and Debate Both Sides. There may only be the seven of us here who started at CTC, but I declare right here, right now, that we are the one off-shoot that is for real. Any real chemmies out there, or newbies and fence-sitters, if you can see how convoluted these chemtrail forums have been, please sign up and show support. Plus, this is a regular forum too, with only a few. New people have the opportunity to give this place shape.

Strawman Thread Started At Gastro


[quote="ChickenLittle"]Tonight on our Seattle nightly news they are going to have a segment about stewardesses' who are saying they have bouts of uncontrolled shaking and feeling horribly ill and they are saying that they feel that there has to be "something in the air" (YA THINK!!!!)that they are flying through daily that is affecting their nervous systems and making them feel overall terrible.
I will try to catch the clip and see what they say.
I have a feeling this chemtrail stuff is going to have to come to a head soon.
I can only imagine what they must feel like flying through it daily and then down on the ground would be a double whopper.
take care

MUST WATCH! Stewardess illness

[quote="ChickenLittle"]You guys have got to see this,how long and what will it take for them to figure out it is IN THE AIR coming on board.
Ironically the symtoms are the same as we chemmies have discussed for the past 7 or more years.
chicky :?


It can ALSO...come in through the BLEED AIR system as well.

Oil is bad enough..leaking through...but I really believe its the Barium.

That **** is insidious.

BLOOD TESTING for Barium and heavy metals is the best bet.

[quote="ChickenLittle"]Thats exactly what I was thinking,don't they see these trails and wonder wtf,
Perhaps the people have read about all this and so the test get done they won't mention chemtrails.
I was thinking I probably leave a message on the site that shows pictures of the other jets leaving trails and they need to be tested for Barium poisoning.

I watched the news report. The problem appears to be that chemicals from jet fuel are seeping through into the planes during the jet fuel's path to and from the engines. But that doesn't stop Mech from screaming BARIUM. It's called a strawman.

They didn't mind me at Gastro when I was going after Jay Reynolds or Ed Snell/Yaak. But they certainly started to shut me out, when I went after the crazy believer crap. They didn't even mind me going after Chem11. Somehow they tied that in with a fake fight between Swampgas and Chem11. Questioning Arcadia Ego, however, as a debunker in chemmie clothes, was the real turning point. That was the hit nerve that seemed to cause tremendous damage to the chemtrail forum fakery script.
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I liked the old site better

Unread postby may41970 » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:48 am

Yeah, I liked the old "All aircraft" site better. Without all the neat sections and their pictures. I liked it better when me and socrates banned posters we didn't trust; didn't feel right about. We followed our intuition. Maybe right, maybe wrong. But at least we were being true to ourselves.

Now, it seems this place is trying to be "fair to all" whatever that means. No problem to let people come in and post about Bilderburg and other freaking nonsense.

There's nothing wrong with being wrong sometimes. Nothing wrong with getting angry, being unreasonable, being a *******, or being beautiful. It's all part of being a person.

But even after all the **** me and soc have been through, there's still mistrust. And the truth is the mistrust will ALWAYS be there. It's the nature of the internet. The real people are so outnumbered, in my strong belief, by gov't shitheads that no real, honest person can ever make a name for himself on the net.

In the interest of being "fair," socrates has opened his doors to people to post nutty stuff. He has made this site look like every other site because...because the pressure to cave in and try to fit in with whatever is "normal" on the internet is pretty strong.

I'm tired of talk about bilderburg and depopulation and NWO and I'm tired of all the ****ing kooky stuff on the net. I did a google search on chemtrails today, and I visted links down to to several hundred. Most, if not all, are filled with kooky ****.

It is impossible to go somewhere and make a sincere post about chemtrails without gov't ****heads and useful idiots sstarting talk about orbs and ufos and depopulation and "educate yourself."

This is the only real chemtrail site, and now - in the interest in being fair to all - is opening it's doors to the NWO/Bilderburg gang. Is making it look slick with cool pictures and sections I don't understand. What's up with the "Dr. Evil" section? I liked this place better when it was straightforward. I liked it better when people like sluggo and isard weren't allowed here. I liked it when we were HUMAN, even if we were wrong.

But that 's the nature of the internet. Soc will NEVER know if I am real, and vice versa. We are peons playing on a game board run by a powerful enemy. Like cockroaches - no matter how sealed our house is, they will get in. I liked the old site. I liked it when we didn't allow talk about bilderburgs and other nonsense.

Now soc tells me I don't add up. I've been through this too many times and I'm used to it. And I don't blame him.

I want soc back; the old soc. I want this site rough and honest and I want soc banning and running the site his way - whether wrong or right. I'm really sick of the "let's play fair to every poster, even if they post crazy **** sometimes."

I like "Unknown News." And I've always felt surprised that they haven't talked about chemtrails. Well, I did a search and found that a nutty chemtrail poster sent them a nutty letter linking to "Educate yourself," etc. I think that the nutty chemtrail posters - most of which are gov't assholes - makle sure to prove that anyone who believes in chemtrails is a total nut. And the fake poster at "Unknown News" succeeded in her mission. She made us chemmies look like weirdos. He/she succeeded in convincing the nice people at "Unknown News" that chemmies are to be ignored because they are kooks.

It is IMIPOSSIBLE to discuss chemtrails without the fake nuts coming onboard. I'm tired of being doubted. The internet is a scam.

Soc doubts me and, though it's no fault of his own, it's to be expected.

The internet is a dead end. No message board; no forum; no blog will ever EVER make a change. No flea, not even the smartest, most soulful, most real flea in the world can break down a brick wall that's held up by a huge team of fascists.

The internet is a dead end.

still I miss the old site. The one wihout the slick pictures. The one where me and soc had tempers and banned people and made mistakes. That's what it is to be a human being.

This post is a mess, but I'm not going to even proofread it before posting.


PS I'm not sure whether it was me or soc that came up with the signature line, "chemtrails are real, chemtrail forums aren't." I acually think that I said it first over at the (now scrubbed) "what really happened messageboard." But it doesn't really matter who said it first. It's true.

Chemtrails are real. Chemtrail forums aren't. And now the cockroaches are inching their way into this one too, perhaps.

If this were my forum, I would rule it with an iron fist. (My, have I changed!) But what can you do when you're up against an enemy that even apparently real and soulful people can't see or understand in the slightest.

People like Carole and Unknown News and Bradblog. They are good people, perhaps, but they don't understand what's going on here in the world of forums.

They don't see what soc and I see. And what soc and I see is so crystal clear.

Can you see what I see? (Now that was soc's creation - I admit.)

they can't see. That's the problem. Like that nice girl Carole - due to their innocence or hope or whatever - they don't see it.

Let's fight the impossible fight and try to keep this place clean, even if we f*** up somethimes. Let's avoid what we surmise to be kooky. Period.

Let "All Aircraft" be the only real chemtrail message board.


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