"Eeeeeuuuuuuu, these guys make my skin crawl"

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Just kidding. It is what it is, as the great philosopher Bill Belichick has pointed out. The stats here are skewed. We lost over three weeks. Plus that user stat per day, that is always gonna be low. There's a free forums account. There are the five people who have been banned. But they remain so people can see the posts.

DG is Day Glo from Carnicom's. I have seen her call out crazy believers including the Kolanut, many, many times. I wouldn't say I have ever seen too much info from her on chemtrails, but she seems sincere and is just like any of us not afraid to post the question wtf.

Now I did see her post that she's seeing 11/11 everywhere lately. And that does give me pause, especially when there are some various fruitcakes still running around there including the well-established gatekeeper id's. But anyway, she doesn't post here too much and not in a very long time.

M.A. Basher has made one post. He is a friend, not gonna ban him. The thing about PI wouldn't have pissed me off so much if it wasn't so blatantly tied in with the google search engine manipulation, Chemtrail Central, and The Rigorous Intuition. Now we see it is tied in with GoDaddy.com.

The noise at CTC is simply that. I can't even read through any of it. That blue screen makes my head spin. All that conspiracy shite. Man&Nature, NatureisMad here, he said it all one post last year. If the place is gonna call itself Chemtrail Central, then shouldn't its focus be on that. And when they do get into chemtrails, it is very convoluted.

Also, may41970, there's the new person helix who simply wants to post about chemtrails.

Ok. Here's a thought. swampgas always spoke about how he downloaded all of chemtroll central. He also said as regards to the ctc changes, he would never let thermit get away with only giving his side of the story. But when the shit hit the fan, swamp went quiet.

None of them make sense organically. Some are obvious, some are more sophisticated. some are short-term characters, others are in it for the long haul. Perhaps we are the first real people to organize something outside of their control. Maybe we get lucky and some real chemmies find this place and help us organise, get the chemtrails exposed and stopped.

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I think NatureisMad and Don are showing their support by still posting here. If they weren't, then that would mean they don't think I am just a dude from Massachusetts. It shows that they do trust that I am doing my best when putting up writings and internet research.

I have seen them make posts as regards to the fakery. Don appreciated the GoDaddy and Bob Parsons info. He says he has been researching possible ill health effects from the chemtrails.

NatureisMad said he appreciated us doing heavy lifting. He has clearly made many posts questioning the modus operandi of the major chemtrail forums. He seems more interested in the actual chemtrail truths than the phoney forums. He said that too much of this material can get to him. Gotta respect that.

This is not an attack on you, may41970. In fact, our recent brush up had a lot to do with my impatience with yourself not commenting on the Will Thomas discrepancies. Just saying here that it is all good. And thanks may41970 for looking into the recent threads and posts, etc.. It was you who alerted me to the shenanigans going on with the google search engines.

Peace to everyone.

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by may41970,
So are you members here at our board afraid of disagreeing with us? Are you kinda wondering about whether me and soc are good guys or intel? Are you wondering whether or not me and soc are the same person? If so, than please say it.
Nope. I knew you 2 were real, compassionate people a long time ago.

by may41970,
It would really be nice to get some feedback from you guys and other board members on some of this stuff. Even with the all the great posts you other members make, I can't help but feel that me and soc are running this place on our own - unilaterally deciding what the poop is on everyone and everything. Are we supposed to be some sort of gods or something? Do you fear that if you piss us off, we'll destroy you via the internet?
I try not to fear anything. I'm certainly not going to fear some plastic machine. Everyone contributes in their own way. It's not going to happen overnight. We are doing it, man. We are doing it right here, right now. There is some excellent info on this site. Example: Even if it vanished tomorrow, it will still have made it out there & have been read, copied, spread around & all the rest. We've already been making our mark in the fight for the truth.

by may41970,
NiM, where are your SPECIFIC romments on this?
I do not have the time to verify all of you & socrates' diligent work on exposing all of these fakes dealing with chemtrails via/ the internet. In fact, it is not really my thing. I read over nearly every bit of the Will Thomas Busted!!!!!!!!!!! & the Will Thomas, Lou Abuchont, & S.T. Brendt threads. I was asked by socrates my opinion of it, so I read it & gave my opinion of it.

by may41970,
So Don Smith, NIM, and the rest that won't clearly express themselves - I've got some questions for you. Please have the courage to answer:


1) Are you afraid of posting something that will offend me or socrates? That if you make us angry, we'll do something to hurt you?

2) Am I a real person? What's your honest opinion? And if I am real, do you believe that I live in Taiwan?

3) Is "the_last_name_left" a sincere poster or not? Why or why not? Should he be given a chance to post here? This is a real important question.

4) Is there anything you think that socrates or I are dead wrong about?
NatureisMad answers to:
1. I write what I want, when I want, wherever I want to post it. My past posts (at various forums) should verify this.

2. may41970, I believe you are a real person. As for living in Taiwan, I think that you do. I suppose socrates could view your IP address & see that it is not the U.S.A. But, I do want to hear more about the spraying that's now going on in Taiwan...eventually.

3. I'm not sure about "the_last_name_left" poster. I will be honest, & say that I would have to read over that specific thread (WRH msg. board) again. Socrates has proven to have a nose for smelling the trolls' b.s. Maybe socrates was a bit quick on the banning trigger? Maybe that poster was a troll, but we should have allowed more time to establish this as being so? I don't know, really.

4. No, I don't see anything you 2 are dead wrong about. I just hope that we can all keep some simple, forward-thinking dialogue going about this spraying. And I do hope that more posters will find this website & chime in. I know there are more real people out there, surfing, & disillusioned with all of the convolution & fakery that saturates the internet regarding this serious, real atmospheric spraying that continues.
Born into...& trying to survive this science fiction world

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This is the deal imho. We four have a lot in common yet still have four distinct histories, personalities, etc.. The bottom line is that we all navigated to the same websites and forums. None of us is the know-all, nor are any of us naive chumps.

I was feeling the same exact way as may41970 the previous months. I wanted tons of people to emerge and say yes, that sure is nuts what that Aubuchont guy said about wiping out chemtrails with the power of his mind. Or, e.g., I would have liked feedback on a lot of shit, like that Deborah/FootSoldier versus Jay Reynolds script.

Yeah, it would be nice if someone commented on Roy Oswald, Mr. Organite who just happens to be into making money off of blogs and forums. But it was cool to see Don acknowledge the McCaw, Mr. XO crap. It was nice to hear from Don and may41970 that the GoDaddy.com Bob Parsons shit looks like a story. Yeah, when NatureisMad said 370 chemtrails seemed to be a lot for a massive chemblitz, it was cool to hear someone else agree that 370 seems preposterous. Maybe 150. 200 chemtrails? Dean Luttrell of the "Deep Sky" hoax said they witnessed 370 chemtrails. Will Thomas wrote that these were witnessed outside the radio station. That building must be located where there is a great view of the whole sky. Where are the pictures? No video camera? Why does one have to pay cash to find out the "truth" from Thomas? Why doesn't Aubuchont ever explain that day on these boards? One would think that was a major day in chemtrail history, what with bringing alleged air traffic controllers into the story. Why all the secrecy? Oh, "Deep Sky" seems to have been a hoax.

But then again, this is fairly esoteric crap, and I've finally gotten to the point where I can understand if people don't have much to say on it. Like with Don Smith, what's more important, if he can tie together with reliable sources a connection between health trends and chemtrails, or is it better if he scrounges around archives reading crap from Halva, Chem11, Deborah, et in Arcadia ego, swampgas, Thermit {Mark Steadham}, et al?

That's why there are four sections here. Chemtrails, chemtrails are kooky shit, internet astroturfing, and everything else.

We just have to remember may41970 that our message got out, that there is some kind of racket going on with the internet.

On another thread I put up the image for Chemtrail Central. Does that thing make one feel dizzy or what. Chemtroll Central is a dive. Thermit is involved in making money with the internet. Aubuchont must be getting paid. Did anyone see the other thread about Roy Oswald? Now that to me is one of the best discoveries that I have made. It was like he screwed up leaving his info. Just saying it feels good to have nailed a real person outside of the major chemtrail boards.

Maybe this is why they try to sucker us back into the circus. They are just internet names like any of us. That is why the message is always more important than the messenger. Bob Marley said the same thing.

We can't beat them in those rigged places. Here we at least have the chance to express ourselves, post interesting things, just try to let the those who stumble across this place know that time on the internet involves using common sense and reflection. It can easily become as useless as the television and newsprint.

I'm mad that the proverbial "they" have butchered the internet so much. It should be a vehicle for positive social change.


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Chief, thanks for this post, hit the spot. Also, splendid of you to comment on the ChemTroll Central thread on the German newscast. How you said this isn't about Lou or socrates, but about that show. How ironic that Halva/Wayne Hall was on-topic. He is usually the one bringing threads to a screeching halt, but there he was actually making a good point that the military chaff explanation got too much play.

But anyway, the convolution and noise has been brought to the yin-yang, like you pointed out. And there is no way to win...... if we play by their rules. Instead of rushing over to DebateBothSides and getting into the fray, I just posted decent stuff on the Steven Hertzberg thread. Even embedded a few good videos on election fraud, the second one looks really good. I know they are both over an hour, my basic inclination is that those are good ones.

I skimmed through a bunch of the swill left by "Lou" at DBS. And the key word is skim. These are trolls. One reason the ptb's are afraid of the internet is that because the real people have figured out how to recognize them and how to use the scroll button. I heard that John Kerry was dissing the internet. A lot of folks snub their noses at us common folks who feel the need to express ourselves. The ptb's don't like our potential. They know that a lot of we know that they are full of shit.

So anyways, it looks like ur buddy Reddot from WRH "unofficial" forum signed up as TOTO at DBS. Now that's strange. There is a Toto at BreakforNews. Why didn't Reddot or who that person is use their username from wrh "unofficial" forum? And did you notice how "Lou" called me "Not Ed?" The only way he would know about that name is if he has been over at the wrh "unofficial" forum. We both have said before that a lot of these usernames seem very similar, often seem like some of the trolls we've encountered at the major chemtrail boards. To me, "Not Ed" seemed to mean Not Ed Snell. Remeber how swampgas always talked about ed snell and his 24 internet personalities? The Cydoniaquest/weatherman717, the yaak/ the whitemajikman, buzzkill, fastwalker, whatever, just listing some from memory, It just seems strange to me that "Lou" says I am "Not Ed."

"Lou" can try to pass the "AnnAngryBitch" off as being some kind of change of pace, but to me it shows that he has been reading everything here, which is odd in itself. Plus, it shows to me that in all likelihood, "Lou Aubuchont" is a full-time internet disinfo astroturfer. He is not trying to sell products. He seems to be trying to sell emotions, basic divide and conquer stuff. He made the offer to me because this latest find, to go with the J-Vitum and Tracker, is just too devastating. It was the cherry on the sundae. It solidified all the fears we have recently developed since looking into the Aubuchont/Will Thomas story.

We won, and they lost. This place here is solid. They know it, we know it, and the readers know it. I think as long as we troll bash them on our own terms, that they are powerless. Then we just get back on topic. Here's what I mean.

For people who like to post on internet forums.
1) research, be honest, keep a smile no matter what, be human, be nicer to people. {I'm trying with that last one}
2) Trolls show up
3) Squash Trolls
4) Get back on topic.

Here's another irony out of Halva. I have had a real problem with him ever since he said it is a sign of neurosis to think there are chemtrail believing fakes. But lately he has been questioning Weatherman717's faculties. Not sure if this is more script. Maybe Halva is a nutjob but for real? But I noticed he finally found out that WeatherFake thinks man-made global warming is a hoax. That is Halva's big topic, even more so than with his chemtrail stuff. To me he kind of had a time in history where he had credibility, getting posted at Rense and all over the internet. But, the point, he said that Weatherman717 used grammar just like WhiteMajikMan did. Swampgas said that ed snell/cyquest/wmm/weatherfake, etc. were the same person. Someone named swedishoo had a chemtrail forum and said that ed snell and cydoniaquest had the same ip. So, yeah, a lot of interesting convolution is going on. I think if Halva, all of them are in the script, they are just trying to get the heat off of the "Lou Aubuchont" creation. Because imho, there are somethings that can be proven and some that cannot. Hope this post made sense. We won, and they lost! Thanks for all your help Chief.

They want us to run around in circles, but after writing the decent post on the Hertzberg thread, I don't think it is necessary.
Plus I got my cousin Jay fighting them off too! 8)

The enemy of my enemy became my friend. But then again, notice how Jay hasn't attacked me at all. Are they all fakes desperate to make me look like a debunker? How can anyone think I am a debunker? The chemtrails section here is solid. And it was all put together in a few months. I went after all these shits after getting tossed from Gastronamus. I had 799 posts at Gastro? And all that time and effort got wasted. That is what drove me friend. Going to DemocraticUnderground, then DebateBothSides. We ruled DBS for a while. That was cool. So smile, may41970. They can only screw with our psyches if we forget that it is the reader who decides. Like you've wondered whether this is good or bad for us, whether bad publicity is good publicity. I'm leaning towards that all publicity is good publicity. There is literally tons of stuff now at this place. We got bullied around, but we perservered, and we won, and they lost!