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Guns are evil!


Guns are evil!

Unread postby Lophofo » Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:31 pm

We should be like Norway and not allow guns. Let's do away with them entirely. Screw the N.R.A.
Hopefully, Obama, will be able to make ammo so expensive so that people won't even want a gun...because it will be too expensive to shoot.

There are too many guns. And, they just kill innocent people and instigate violence which leads to war.
If we do away with guns, then we can start down the road to doing away with gangs also.

Anyone, who owns a gun and is in a gang...or other group in opposition to the gov't should be labeled as a "threat to America" and her homeland.
And, due to Homeland Security, they should be considered and/or deemed as possible terrorists.

Let's get these criminals out of our country and secure her borders. In order to do so, we must eliminate guns first. They are the cause of so many other problems here. Do away with guns, and do away with gangs, drugs, and other problems...which lead to poverty, homelessness...poor health, starvation...addictions, etc.

You gotta start somewhere, right?

Re: Guns are evil!

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 14, 2009 8:32 am

I find it bizarre that this is the post you make after I raised disturbing questions about yourself in the "It Happens" section. Obviously your post here was sarcastic. Apparently you are arguing that guns aren't evil, but people who use them for bad are.

The way you presented this was very black and white. It reminded me of the ******** that gets posted by freepers on the Boston Herald website or elsewhere. The only thing missing was mentioning Ted Kennedy, Chappaquidic {sp?}, and how liberals suck.

There is only so much time in the day. I have made major discoveries of late concerning Larisa Alexandrovna and Brett Kimberlin. Such information is being suppressed by major forums. This is similar to the fate of normal chemmies trying to get the truth out about chemtrails. The major forums are rigged. One can't even sign up to Chemtrail Central if they want to.

If one goes to Democratic Underground to discuss chemtrails, they will become suffocated and treed by the JREF debunker cult.

There is only so much time in the day. I refuse to allow anyone to pervert the efforts I have made over the last years to investigate chemtrails and astroturfing.

This is the kind of **** I am talking about.


[quote="Lophofo"]... I am familiar with the location of Brownsville, McAllen, Sinton, and Corpus Christi. I know someone who was there for a couple of years. There are many people who are of Hispanic origin there. Spanish is spoken...and English words are intermixed to become Spanglish. This person I know speaks Spanish. Of course, English is spoken in some areas as well...but I do understand the people and their wanting to defend their heritage.

I read some articles on the KVEO.com site. I can see that this has been an issue clear back in January...and that the lawsuit happened in May. In fact, there was an article about this border fence dated on July 16th...which stated that the fence could appear as early as next week.

DHS Environmental Study on Border Fence ...

Hmm...today is the 23rd...wow, exactly one week from the date of that article.

Thanks for sharing this info, WECWATURDOIN, with us. I now really wonder if our storm system coupled with chemtrails and HAARP was supposed to be used to push the brunt of the hurricane into Southern Texas, contain it there, or help strengthen it.

I think it was an accident that our storm made landfall in particular areas in Utah. I really think this one was intended for Texas.

Or how about this one where Lophofo thanked Starman1, the ******* who didn't protect me from cybersmear attacks by Aubuchont, the ******* who runs the #1 chemtrail website for disinformation.


[quote="Lophofo"]... Thank you, starman1, for finding and embedding this for us. This is what can give credibility to the chemtrail movement.

Hmmm. I took a quick look at the video page.


What's up with the spam in the description?

... More tags, so more people will find the video:
global warming documentary commentary analysis hang glider kite remote control plane balloon ski lift beach mountain britney hilton friends comedy stand up prank soundboard cars racing olympics election media horror Coast sport Conspiracy hike children play New world order Jeff Dunham Freemasonry Achmed the Dead Terrorist Al Dajjal Peanut Walter Rihanna Don't Stop The Music Pop Def Jam StarGate Producer Gina Leonard Anti Christ Jose Jalapeno picnic beach vacation holiday pop rock hip-hop reggae soar funfair Abdullah Hashem DVD Illuminati Spark of Insanity Bilderbergs Fema Cia Skulls and Bones Bohemian grove media cover-ups satellite orb ufo alien Lucifer Satanism Israel Washington Federal reserve bank 9/11 *** ed Money masters Nato Coca Cola G8 concert gig comedy circus skiing time lapse mountain region European Union America Holland Turkey Israel England Jew Muslim Dancing comedy Christian Army avril lavigne fly girlfriend Alex Jones.....

I also notice the video is of Cheshire, England. That's where Skywatch took the best chemtrail videos. For the "Chemjets and the Truth" thread, I focused in on his close-up video apparently showing trails coming out of the tails rather than being from engine ehaust condensation. Now those videos are gone! Now we get this ******** instead?

Lophofo posted on a WeatherFraud714 thread. Doing so was showing support for CTC and the fake meteorologist.

USAF targeting IL,IN,OH,WV,PA,MD,NJ,NY for a Major Ice Storm
by weatherman714

[quote="Lophofo"]Today (Thursday, 2008-12-18) was the second big snow storm this week in Utah. It was 35-40 MPH tops on the freeway.

Tuesday (2008-12-16) was the first big snow storm this week. Last Friday (a week ago) we had major chemtrail operations here.

Looks like they were getting ready.

Hmmm. Now I see Lophofo has made a new post mentioning me. I also notice that he removed the link to this forum. I also see that he responded to a fake I outed known as Orwell Knew and SMT {ShowMeTruth}. Not only that, he made it seem that I am Orwell Knew. He quoted her and then says that I am correct? You are outed right here right now Lophofo. :shock:


SOMEONE, some celebrity or person with a modest amount of resources, or even enough activists or a news reporter or organization who wants to have a REALLY breaking story must find a way to get enough funds to rent a jet with a simple collection device attached that can fly at the required altitude and collect air samples for analysis. That will be about the ONLY way we all find out exactly what is being spread and what it's potential toxicity is.

Socrates is correct. We need someone like Mark Cuban, Ted Turner, Richard Branson...or even Sean Penn. There has to be a celebrity who can front the money (they would have lost it any way...if it wasn't due to insider trading) to get some insitu sampling done and tested.

Otherwise, like Socrates said...we're dead in the water...and I don't see this chemtrail movement happening. We've got to get those tests done.

So guys, speak up if you're willing to front some cash, will ya'?

Here is an email I just sent to Isard.

[quote="socrates"][quote="Isard"]I have just read the posts on Lophofo.

It is difficult to believe how someone who did good posts in the past (or at least seemed so), now acts that way. Maybe it was just about getting trusted for destroying the forum from inside.

Hiya Isard,

I read your other email, too. I am requesting that we make these types of posts in public and not go with the private messages.

My problems with Lophofo are running deep right now. I have put a lot of work into writing on the internet and not just on chemtrails. I'm not gonna allow him to make the truth look like fiction.

My background is Sociology. I am humble, but I also have a swagger as a thinker. I know English isn't your first language, and I am used to having friends like this. I know how to cut slack. Unless someone has autism, they can eventually figure out idioms, uhm, folksy ways of saying things. I'm not sure if you have noticed, but I really did live in Ireland, so there should be a bit of a lyric feel to my writing. Communication is crucial. Being logical is crucial. Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence.

Before I start rambling too much, please, pretty please, make posts in public rather than email. I am not afraid to be alone on this board. I would rather have things based on the proof and myself than have to worry about how others may make me look like part of some script.

I wanted to get the orgone/chembuster thing out in the open, because otherwise, folks will see how you wrote about those at CTC, then might think I am fake because I allow a chembuster person to post here.

I believe that both Demeo and Croft are fakes. DeMeo could be part of a cult. He could be some spook too. Extraordinary claims are tough to make. But right now I believe both of those guys are black operations. But it is pointless for us to discuss this in private. That is what may41970 did to me. He posted so much in private and so little in public. I cannot play that game again.

And today, he writes a new post on guns and the NRA (??).

Precisely. He doesn't answer my call out to him. But he uses sarcasm to attack liberals. He talks up issues that are divisive. What's next? Is there free will? Abortion? People are getting slaughtered from war and he's talking about porous borders in the U.S.?

This is why I want us to talk in public. There is only so much time in the day. What gets written in private is useless. Please. We need to write in public. I am gonna go after Lophofo on that new thread of his. I cannot allow the good work I have done to be discredited by who I associate with. This is why Carole Pellatt was turned into a guest. She had no qualms about being associated with disinformation. I refuse to go that route.

If I ever posted on the Bilderbergs it was a mistake. I sometimes get wrong, i recognise.
But it's the normal path m I am also learning and trying to reach good info.


Posting on the Bilderbergs was not the problem. It just seemed out of place for the message I have been trying to make about chemtrails not being kooky.

May41970 made a lot of good posts too like Lophofo. But then he attacked you. Then he attacked me. Then I looked closer at his internet posts, and he doesn't look good, like Lophofo looked crazy with his weather wars angle, that a storm in Utah was redirected to Texas. I am not going to let him get away with that. I am not gonna let him get away with trying to make it seem that this forum was hacked again.

It's like with chembusters and Demeo. Yesterday I looked closer at his website. I didn't realise before that he is an alleged William Reich disciple. Now I truly believe he is a spook after looking at that page again. If Reich was thrown in prison and had all his notes burned, etc., it makes sense to me how propaganda has been built around him by cointelpro-like entities.

I've got to go. There is only so much time in the day. Nothing personal, but I can't afford to private message too much. I have been burned too much before through that.

I am not sure if you are for real or not. But I have to at least give you the chance to prove it one way or another.

I think you may be affiliated with Jazzroc. Or maybe they are trying to make it seem like you are.

So I will go to Lophofo's thread and call him out. I will also mention yourself and my take on DeMeo, Croft, and chembusters.

Please also don't forget to use the [url] tags, otherwise your links won't come out right.


P.S. I am gonna copy and paste this. I like things to be out in the open. That way no one can accuse any of us of having hidden agendas.

The other day Lophofo activated a fake DrewTerry then cleared the admin log of that action. I wrote about that in the "It Happens" forum in the "Lophofo made Admin/Founder" thread. I believe that Lophofo was trying to make it seem like we were hacked.

I can be fooled. I have been before and will be again. That only means that I am human. But once someone gets on my radar for being a fake, I look into things and make sure that the ******** is documented.

When it comes to finding sincere chemtrails research and dialogue on the internet, I think of that song by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, the one where the dude sings that there's nowhere to go.

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: Guns are evil!

Unread postby socrates » Thu Jan 15, 2009 1:03 am

{on second edit- this is so fricken confusing. I haven't a clue about this. Cult or disinfo troll...... Ugh.}

{on edit- I am going to leave the following as I wrote it. I must do what I can to protect this forum. I now believe that Lophofo is neither a nutjob or a paid fake. I believe he is a cult victim. I will not reveal his name. I just want him to leave me and this place the **** alone. But first, it would be nice if he could come clean and answer these recent posts.

The truth is, after more research, that Lophofo is part of a cult. It hurts to say that. But he is. There is no other explanation for the crazy post he left at the Utah newspaper. I wish Lophofo had been upfront from the start. Lophofo is old-school Mormon.

I am not a fake, Lophofo. But, I am sorry, your nuttiness is not wanted. I know you hid it as best you could, but I found it, and I'm sorry kid, but you are a victim of a cult. May grace be with you to find a way to become a normal Christian. Please, while your children are young, find a way to get away from the mental illness which is to follow the "teachings" of Joe Smith. Deep within you must realise that this is the truth. Why else would you post such a crazy link as documented in this post? You being in a cult is actually a good thing. It means you're not a spook. It means that you are basically a good guy. It just means that you have been brainwashed. You need some heavy duty couseling. I advise you to take your wife and kids and start a new life. Read through that last link you provided to that Utah media website. How is that not crazy? Who gave you the right to put my work side by side with such nonsense??? Have you no shame? Are you so fascist that you felt the right to make me look like a hypocrite???? Spit it out Lophofo. For once, tell the friggen truth. I sincerely believe that you have been victimized. You are getting up there in age and it's got to be a blow to the ego to realise everything they told you has been lies.




Originally, this post was an announcement asking Lophofo to admit whether he is a paid fake or a useful idiot. What I have found out since is that he is a pure Mormon, a cult victim. Hopefully he can start to come to grips with that and start protecting his children from what he must know deep down is a whole lot of rubbish. This ain't no Danny Ainge type Mormon. No one links to what he did without being bat-crazy Mormon. Sorry to be harsh, Lophofo. But I can't allow this **** to ruin my forum. I don't think you are a paid fake. i think you are a victim of a cult.}

I have informed Lophofo of my recent posts in the "Lophofo made Admin/Founder" and in his "Guns are evil" thread. He has a decision to make. I need to know whether he is a paid troll or simply a tinfoil wingnut.

This has nothing to do with him being a right wing Mormon. Although that doesn't help. Yet again, Danny Ainge is a normal Mormon, so there are some of those. There are also some with 18 wives.

I have noticed a few odd things about him since we reunited from our days at the Gastronamus Cafe. I've been posting with this guy for over two years on chemtrail boards. He was the only person at Gastro who understood the need to frame chemtrails as some form of weather modification. He was the only one who responded directly to the research I was doing. It wasn't much, but it was on topic and pertinent.

After I got tossed from Gastro for outing Deborah, Chem11, and Et in Arcadia Ego as debunkers in chemmie clothes, that forum fell completely apart. When Lophofo got here, it felt like a blessing. When he first asked about making a thread on HAARP, I requested that he not use any tinfoil sources. He responded that he thought that Scott Stevens, Bearden and others were shady, and that it is in fact better to research and write about HAARP without any of their crap. He said it could be done, and he appeared to have gotten it done.

There were only a few times when I got that strange feeling in my gut about him. Recently he talked of the illuminati. Not cool. A million times worse than Isard mentioning the Bilderbergs, an actual real group. A while back I did notice that he had some weather war angle to a wild storm in Utah he said should have hit Texas. But somehow he got me to accept that it wasn't that big a deal, just an idea he had. So I figured like with Isard talking up chembusters, that if someone said something nutty, but very rarely, that it would be ok.

Actually, in the background I have been pushing Isard to come clean on that crap, to stop pm'ing and to make posts instead. I have come up with a lot of good things. I'm not gonna let anything crazy stick to me. I have just single-handedly outed Brett Kimberlin and other election integrity frauds. I have done a good job blogging. I have made over ten times more posts than anyone here. If this has to be a blog in the form of a forum, so be it.


You need to tell us whether you are a paid troll or a useful idiot.

I have put so much into this blogging the last few years that I no longer worry if my real name is revealed. I told Lophofo my name. He told me his first name, and I figured out the rest with concrete proof.

In short, I am not going to allow him to discredit this website anymore.

It's as if he has been working out of the proverbial army manual for psychological operations. When I uncovered the psy-op spread on the internet that we were the same person, he did all the right things. He wrote about it. He even started a thread in the chemtrails are not kooky section. He posted on the thread when I outed Steadham of Chemtrail Central admitting to working for NASA. He wrote posts on the "Patrick Minnis/NASA's Big Bluff Called" thread. The only crazy post I ever saw from him was the one from CTC about the storm from Utah. I didn't care if he voted for Ron Paul. When he used the word illuminati, I did cringe.

I just spent the last hours researching this guy. I have found things that no one else is capable of finding. I am not an *******, but I refuse to allow him to continue to damage this website.

This is what tipped me off that I needed to check him out. About a week ago, I was in the admin section. He had made some visits. People, you need to realise that I gave this guy 50% rights. He could have deleted the whole place. But about a week ago, in the admin section's front page, one can see a limited number of the most recent admin. actions. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Lately I have been at Democratic Underground making a historic outing of Brett Kimberlin, Larisa Alexandrovna {Jason Leopold's sister?}, and others. I also eventually got out the word out about how a nutjob named DrewTerry had outed Steven Hertzberg's name at BreakForNews. I screenshot the google cache. If it wasn't for me, the story of how Hertzberg was outed could never be proven. It was all about showing how an "election integrity activist" had been outed as a top blogger at a website calling Bev Harris a 9/11 CIA rat.

A day or two after posting that, I saw a post here made by "Drew.Terry" on some silliness about 9/11 and some documentary maker named Naudet. From memory here. Uhm, I deleted that.

But anyway, I'm then in the admin section. It said Lophofo had cleared the admin logs. He basically had made this Drew.Terry a member and then tried to clear any evidence that he had done so. If he had just left it alone, he might have survived that blunder. But couple that with the "hack" from Oct. 30th where an anonymous was able to bump threads, I can only conclude that Lophofo wanted me to think we had been hacked again.

You see, free forums told me that only the person who starts a thread can bump a thread. We were clearly hacked, albeit in a silly way. By him clearing the admin log, he totally blew his own cover. These people know I have my weak spots, but they also know that I am no fool over the long run. His mistaken attempt to clear the admin log made me realise that in all probability he is paid to troll the internet.

But I am willing to also let things slide if he'll admit to his tinfoil, useful idiot ways. That's his choice.

And before any of you readers think I am out of line, think of how you would feel if you devoted a few years to internet research and blogging, and then one of your members was making you look like a fringe conspiracy theorist.

I have mentioned the few threads above where I have written more extensively on this problem. Today, Lophofo insidiously made me appear to be a poster I had outed as a fake months ago {Orwell Knew/SmT/ShowMeTruth}.

But that's not the worst of it.



It makes me wonder if this storm we had today was in some way meant to eventually make its way over to Texas for that Hurricane.

We had flooding and hail. Watch the video and look at the 67 gallery photos. This storm came out of nowhere...and others parts of the state 50 miles away experienced no rain, no hail...and temperatures in the 90s.

It's extremely odd, but I don't think it's a coincidence. I do believe there is some connection, intended or not....

I am familiar with the location of Brownsville, McAllen, Sinton, and Corpus Christi. I know someone who was there for a couple of years. There are many people who are of Hispanic origin there. Spanish is spoken...and English words are intermixed to become Spanglish. This person I know speaks Spanish. Of course, English is spoken in some areas as well...but I do understand the people and their wanting to defend their heritage.

I read some articles on the KVEO.com site. I can see that this has been an issue clear back in January...and that the lawsuit happened in May. In fact, there was an article about this border fence dated on July 16th...which stated that the fence could appear as early as next week.

DHS Environmental Study on Border Fence

By Mark Nino

Story Created: Jul 16, 2008 at 8:07 AM CDT

An environmental review finds the planned U.S.-Mexico border fence will make life harder on some South Texas farmers.

The Department of Homeland Security study also found the fence would likely damage valuable wildlife habitat, impair views and generally become an obstacle to border life, but the study also found South Texas residents will benefit from increased security against illegal cross border activity.

Construction could begin in the lower Rio Grande Valley next week.

Hmm...today is the 23rd...wow, exactly one week from the date of that article.

Thanks for sharing this info, WECWATURDOIN, with us. I now really wonder if our storm system coupled with chemtrails and HAARP was supposed to be used to push the brunt of the hurricane into Southern Texas, contain it there, or help strengthen it.

I think it was an accident that our storm made landfall in particular areas in Utah. I really think this one was intended for Texas.

I'm not sure how I missed the craziness of the posts he made at the television website. I must have missed his second post. Because I'm no fake into tinfoil ******** like this.

Storm causes severe flooding along west side of Salt Lake County- Comments

1st post:
Yeah, it should've hit that Hurrican about to land in Southern Texas
Report Commentby Lophofo @ 10:43am - Wed Jul 23rd, 2008
They probably did miss the pin on the map with this one, Rick.

You should check out some links in my thread further down towards the bottom. :-)

2nd post:
[quote="Lophofo"]The Storm was intended for Texas and landed in Utah

Ever heard of chaos theory or the butterfly effect? It basically is the concept that one simple change thousands of miles away can cause an undesirable effect elsewhere...the simple flap of a butterfly's wings or a sandstorm in the West African desert.

By laying particulates off the West Coast and heating the ionosphere, they can actually manipulate the auroral electrojet which changes the jetstream. This affects pockets of high and low pressure which help guide storms to desired locations.

I believe they were trying to help divert the oncoming hurricane which was about to hit Texas


The problem is that it built up too much and landed in Utah before reaching its final destination.

Now, it's too late. We received a storm with flooding and hail, and Texas received their hurricane.


Ever heard of chemtrails or HAARP?
If you want to know what atmospheric scientists are up to these days, you should check out this forum thread:


And, for those of you in Draper up on the bench...practically on the beach shores of Lake Bonneville, you should also be concerned with flooding.

Here's something to read and ponder. What was witnessed yesterday could simply be a premonition of things soon to come.


The only thing I can think of is that I was happy to see this forum given some publicity and missed the true implications of his post. I definitely must have avoided the last link and not have it register in my mind to check for it. That's my weak spot. I only can see things are off when I am looking for it. For the amount of things I have tried to go through and figure out, I might have zippadedooed it through that post. But yeah, that last link is insane. Lophofo makes this place look insane. That is a problem. So Lophofo, are you paid disinfo or a useful idiot? I need to know.

The first link is an AP article, quite normal.

The second link is MSNBC, normal.

Then he linked to this forum.

From the last link, yikes:

Was President Bush Behind Katrina? Salt Lake City Deluge May Be Coming Soon

U.S. Black Ops and other colluding extra-governmental shadow-entities have obtained significant mastery of weather engineering after decades of practice. The same cabal that brought us 911 has now brought us Katrina, to push the U.S. and the rest of the world closer to Martial law. Coming target: Salt Lake City?

Sept. 6, 2005

By Sterling D. Allan

n the title of this piece I have already given you the conclusion: President George W. Bush was behind hurricane Katrina.

I realize this will sound absolutely preposterous to most people. Most people won't even read this far. They will see the title, and completely dismiss this out of hand without going any further.

That is not who I'm addressing. I'm addressing those of you who already have studied up on some of the premises, which most people have not. For you, this conclusion is only one step away from what you already have come to know to be true -- not fourteen steps, which it will seem to those who have not awakened sufficiently to study these foundational premises.

Premise 1: There is an international conspiracy to establish a world socialist order, which will subvert freedom and individual responsibility, and place a heavy bureaucratic military state over mankind, in an Orwellian like grip. "Big Brother," as it has been aptly named, is ever increasing its grip. This conspiracy has been at work for millennia, very methodically plotting their ascendancy. They are social engineers, and honestly believe that they are smart enough to control the entire planet with their scheme, usurping God, and enthroning Lucifer instead.

Premise 2: George W. Bush is a long-time member of this international conspiracy, as have been most presidents of the United States in the last century. I cite as sample evidence Dubya's well-known lifetime membership since Yale in the order of the Skull and Bones. He is not in a directorship role in the international conspiracy, but does follow their orders and participate as is it is his blood-oath duty to do so....

Premise 3: The attack on America on Sept. 11, 2001, was not merely a terrorist plot from some Arab faction. Included in its masterminding and execution were elements of this international cabal. For example, those planes could not have been accurately navigated and flown by novice pilots into pinpoint targets. The hijackers were just a ruse and scapegoat to promote additional agendas. Those planes were flown by remote-control under the direction of these aforementioned insiders. The towers were felled by previously-planted, well executed demolition charges, building 7 included. Those make of planes have that capacity. George W. Bush was complicit in this attack, purposely delaying his response to give time for enough planes to hit their targets.....

Premise 4: This conspiracy, of which the U.S. black-ops serve as the militarized bully-muscle, has obtained high-level technology intelligence over the decades from a faction of extra-terrestrial beings who also have a repugnance toward freedom and individual responsibility, as that impairs their ability to control the minds of the masses. Some of that technology includes anti-gravity craft as well as super-powerful energy devices, which they have been keeping from civilians, and which account for many of the UFO sightings, which are dismissed as a matter of policy. Whether or not you believe in the extra-terrestrial influence, the fact remains that man has developed such capabilities. Included in that arsenal of ultra-high technology, is weather modification. Cloud seeding for precipitation promotion or diminishment is a tiny portion of what man has learned to do. For some time now, they have been able to manipulate the jet stream and target earth quakes, for example. To create the monster hurricane, they could have diverted cloud cover over the right portion of the Gulf waters, causing them to become very hot from the sun's exposure, thus fuelling and directing the powerful hurricane that ensued....

Much more nonsense at that link.

At the top of the page it reads:

The whole creation is groaning in earnest expectation, waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God.

To the Remnant:
Greater Things
"greater things shall be manifest"

World War III is Avoidable

For the establishment of Zion : the gospel and government of God working in harmony for the improvement and sanctification of all things. The kingdom of heaven on earth.

666 ~ Tomorrow's News Yesterday ~ 911

And Lophofo has the gall to be playing mind games with me in pm's. I just want the truth. He made it seem to me that he was normal. But here is all the proof one needs that Lophofo is at a minimum a useful idiot and at worst is paid to make psy-op troll posts. I am offering him a deal. I simply want him to address all that I have posted here and on the "Guns are evil" thread and in the Lophofo made admin/founder" thread. I refuse to let him get away with his blunder of clearing the admin logs. And to repeat to this person, I am not scared to have my name out there. I figured out exactly who you are, and you know from all the crumbs left that I do know who you are while no one else really does. I am not into outing you to your community, state, the country, etc.. But I refuse to let you get away with the type of ******** you posted at the website.

So what is it? Are you a merely a crazy believer or are you a paid troll? You need to admit that you made nutty posts that made me and this forum look hypocritical. I know you will never admit you are a paid troll even though that in fact appears to be what you are. So spit it out. How is that last link not totally insane?
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