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hat tip to Lophofo

In the July edition of Popular Science is an over the top tinfoil by association piece written by Abe Streep.



The first paragraph establishes the thesis, that internet nutjobs are blowing this thing way out of proportion.
If the paranoid blogosphere is to be believed, every morning a group of plasma-physics grad students wakes up at a research facility in Gakona, Alaska, 200 miles north of Anchorage, and prepares for another day of playing God. It’s cold, dark as a mineshaft in winter, and the day’s work does little to cheer the mood. Depending on the unpredictable agendas of military scientists, this group of technicians must shoot radio waves into the upper reaches of our atmosphere to create missile shields, eviscerate enemy satellites, set off the occasional earthquake, or control the minds of millions of people....

The disinfo tries to create a wedge between Eastlund and the development of HAARP technologies. They want people to buy the propaganda that HAARP is a limited research project with benign effects. In the below paragraph one can see how Begich gets placed side by side with a perhaps planted disinfo writer named Jerry E. Smith.
Since Eastlund’s death last December, Nick Begich, son of a former Alaskan congressman and co-author of the 1995 book Angels Don’t Play This HAARP: Advances in Tesla Technology, has led the anti-HAARP crusade. “It’s not that I think it needs to be shut down,” Begich says. “It needs to be monitored more closely and scrutinized. The government hasn’t been up-front about the nature of these programs, and they’re utilizing the system to manipulate portions of the environment without full disclosure to the public.” He worries that HAARP may be capable of mind control because the waves it produces can exist at frequencies similar to those of human brain waves. Citing Eastlund’s patents, Begich also worries that the facility can alter weather. More extreme skeptics, like Jerry E. Smith, author of HAARP: The Ultimate Weapon of the Conspiracy, suspect that HAARP was rushed into completion after the 2005 hurricane season, which included Katrina, to keep the storms from making landfall. Others say it was responsible for the destruction of the space shuttle Columbia in 2003.....
Lophofo told me about this article a few days ago. He thinks, and I agree, that it is suspicious that Umran Inan was quoted for this piece. On the HAARP thread here, the Stanford professor is mentioned at the top. There aren't a million chemtrail forums. Is it a coincidence that Inan was included? Was it a jab at this specific forum?
Ask a HAARP scientist about allegations like this, and he’ll either laugh or lose his temper. “This is completely uninformed,” says Umran Inan, a professor of electrical engineering at Stanford University whose research group works with HAARP. “There’s absolutely nothing we can do to disturb the Earth’s [weather] systems. Even though the power HAARP radiates is very large, it’s minuscule compared with the power of a lightning flash—and there are 50 to 100 lightning flashes every second. HAARP’s intensity is very small.”

“You hear these people talking about mind control, and it’s just not serious,” Papadopoulos says. So we don’t need tinfoil hats to prevent evil government scientists from controlling our every thought? “We have difficulty measuring the signal. We do experiments all the time up there, and we don’t wear hats.”

I agree with Lophofo that there is a lot of chatter on the net about HAARP since the Chinese earthquake. Now that people realise HAARP is an actual reality, people are thirsty for knowledge on it. We both have noticed an obvious trait of the disinfo. It is the emphasis on a "paranoid blogosphere" which believes HAARP is for mind control. The disinfo wants people to forget about the more realistic applications such as weather modification and star wars missile defense. The submarines and communications angle gets played up big in contrast to the mind control kookiness.

With all due respect to Cpellatt and Begich, I do agree that HAARP can mess with our natural compositions even if HAARP is not being deliberately used to target individuals with mind control zappers. Disinfo is all about blurring the facts into one pot, so newbies and fence-sitters will be able to brush this off.

I have noticed a debunker at the Randi Rhodes forum in particular. He isn't a mean poster, but he is going out of his way to speak the company line that HAARP is no big deal. I don't see how anyone would take the official HAARP website at face value. With all the available documents and whatnot, how can anyone not be suspicious of what HAARP really entails?

Randi Rhodes Message Board

Is Seeker1 paid to post?


Why is the moderator named Libertas also making predictable, closed-minded, debunker posts?


A trend I am noticing at the RRMB is that the debunkers are making hit and run posts. They do not reply to fair questions. They simply ignore them.

The CBC put out a fair and balanced report on HAARP.

HAARP Exposed on CBC (part 1 of 2)

HAARP Exposed on CBC (part 2 of 2)


Ground-Based 'Star Wars' Disaster Or 'Pure' Research?
by Dr. Nick Begich and Jeane Manning

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Who is Abe Streep? He certainly seems ill-qualified to write a scientific article. I found a few links. I think he might be a "critic," a relative of the astroturfing family.

Outside Magazine, June 2008

Dispatches: Media

While You're Eating Your Hungry-Man...

By Abe Streep

Apparently, 19th-century naval reenactments aren't sexy enough for prime time. Since spring 2007, when the Discovery Channel poached Digging for the Truth star Josh Bernstein, the History Channel has been striking back at the number-one adventure network. First came last year's surprise hit Ice Road Truckers. This year brought two more self-consciously macho reality shows, Ax Men and Tougher in Alaska. Should Discovery—whose new Bernstein series debuts in August—be worried? Here's how History's new shows stack up....

...Book reviewer Abe Streep of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “ … while casual readers don’t generally pick up public health books expecting to stay up late turning pages, Morris manages a neat trick — he provides an in-depth medical history that at times reads like a mystery.” .....

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Hi Lophofo, It's not like there are a million chemtrail forums. Some places like Democratic Underground might have had a thread going like you're talking about the chatter, but it got buried in their 9/11 conspiracy forum. Chemtrail Central has enough crazy stuff to repel any serious thinker. I don't think there is anything there that comes even close to your approach. Maybe buried in their archives is good stuff. But good luck to anyone finding it.

I think this article was directed at people like me, not great at science, but not in the mood to suffer tinfoil-tainment fools.

At places like DU and Randi Rhodes, there were always the typical debunkers linking to the HAARP website, that paragraph minimizing the program.

Do you think HAARP caused the Chinese earthquake? I can't picture that having been a deliberate activity. I know there is the Secretary of Defense Cohen quote.

The debunkers also were quick to teach us about earthquake lights. I see those lights in Massachusetts. Could HAARP possibly be working with noctilucent clouds? Any HAARP info you can put into easy words for science numbnuts like me would be appreciated.

As for Abe Streep, unless I'm mistaken, he is no scientist. He is a media critic. How he would even get that gig is suspicious.

At first, I was taken aback by your idea that this forum was singled out, specifically, your thread. But you did mention Inan right at the beginning. Again, there aren't a million chemtrail forums. Our place here seems to be the only one centering in on the exact institutions involved with chemtrails. We are one of the few voices who have offered a reasonable theory for who is behind the chemtrails, and also the why's.

The Colorado array is being deployed in June 1996, while the eastern array will be in place by October 1996. The purpose of HAIL is to measure ionospheric effects associated with large thunderstorms, including those which produce sprites. The eastern array is geomagnetically conjugate to the regions monitored via measurements at Palmer Station.

Bingo. HAARP is tied in with the "weather mitigation." The Popular Science article makes HAARP seem like it's used to improve submarine depth levels and whatnot. The article, from memory here, didn't seem to have anything to say about HAARP's ability to modify the atmosphere.

Lophofo wrote: The full name is Umran S. Inan.
For some reason, scientists often go by First Initial, middle initial, last name...or sometimes just First Initial, last name.

However, I would bet dinner that you won't find this guy's name by plugging in the keyword of HAARP. There's too much other disinfo stuff out there to compete with.

You had Inan featured right at the beginning of your thread. Thus, I think you are correct for why Inan was featured in that article. If people read here, then google will take them to the Abe Streep article.

I just googled "Inan Haarp." The first result is a pdf. Most people probably avoid those. The second one goes to a blog covering the article.
Advanced Invention » Blog Archive » The Military’s Mystery Machine ...
Jun 26, 2008 ... The Rebuttal: “This is absolute hogwash,” Stanford professor Umran Inan says. He points out that, compared with a lightning strike, HAARP’s ...
www.advancedinvention.com/2008/06/the-m ... hine-haarp - 570k - Cached - Similar pages
The link doesn't even work right now, it gives an error message. That's odd.

When folks eventually find the article, they will be bombarded with the strawman, mind control theories. They'll get the typical little info on HAARP and plenty on the nutty blogosphere.

I think I agree with Lophofo's idea. On the surface it sounds a bit pompous. Debunkers will say who are we to think anyone cares about a small pond forum like this. But beneath that facade, people do find this place and eventually see we have called out Chemtrail Central as being a deliberate dispenser of disinformation. Then those people will wonder why such an elaborate plan to portray chemtrails as kookiness has been implemented.

This is also one of the few places that doesn't allow crazy believer or closed-minded debunker nonsense. The dark side isn't allowed here to spam us with robotic, predictable threads. They must be hoping we sink into obscurity. Perhaps they did plant Inan's name to discredit Lophofo's thread. I don't think this is outside the realm of probability, the more time passes.

You know, it is very dodgy how Papadopoulos' real first name wasn't used. It is as if they were denying people the chance to research more about him.

Ok, here's my theory of what the astroturfers are trying to effect for an outcome:

*** We are paranoid conspiracy theorists with clouditis. Or we are disinfo agents for some reason twisting out of proportion an innocuous research program.

*** People come across the names here first, which may be more likely than not. They then go to a rigged google and end up at that predictable piece on the "crazy blogosphere." Then they maybe think Lophofo got the names from the article or maybe not. Either way, it becomes Lophofo's word against Popular Science. Veteran "chemmies" will understand this, while newbies might have their excuse to avoid this website.

I think their plan backfired, because Lophofo found the article, plain and simple. I do not think Lophofo is out of line for thinking that the Abe Streep piece cited Inan and the other guy because of his thread on HAARP.

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Things disappearing can be a hassle. The Air Apparent website is gone. Sometimes things are gone and come back. I think Will Thomas' last domain has returned.

Thomas is considered the #1 reporter on chemtrails. He arrived at the beginning of this game about exposure and accountability or lack of. He promoted the Terry Stewart hoax. He continues to promote the Lou Aubuchont/Brendt hoax. I think "Aubuchont" deleted nearly all of his Chemtrail Central posts precisely because his image created through his extensive blogging was tearing down the whole Will Thomas aura of credibility. I don't think any of his old posts are available, even from the wayback machine, except for here. The same can be said about screenshots from the What Really Happened Forum.

People will see what they want to see. That is human nature.

It is the evidence which supercedes any individual biases.

I am able to say with confidence that a brutal, cybersmear attack was put in motion against myself, because I saved the screenshots. So even if any links get scrubbed, the truth remains established. Me, a nobody, just someone who wanted to post on the major chemtrail boards, got singled out.

I don't think everyone is a fake. Abe Streep is more than likely a good kid. And I say kid, because he appears to have played baseball and then graduated from Middlebury College a few years ago.

Somehow he has gotten published in major publications. The truth is he is a critic and lifestyle writer, and it seems chemmies coming across anything by him has been a fluke, imho.

I agree that HAARP has been exposed. The mind control is the easiest tinfoil to spread. Weather warfare is too close to the truth. I think the mind control gets plugged to repel the newbies. I think the weather warfare is emphasized for folks who look beyond the surface.

Someone's gonna tell me that all these chemtrails are for weather warfare? I think the occam's razor should be applied to chemtrails. In the early days of disinfo, it was all about divide and conquer, "debunkers versus believers." Once the Netvocates story came out, and then again since Markos DailyCIAKos Zuniga got exposed, there is a heightened awareness of the sheer amount of disinfo in the blogosphere. It has been easy to astroturf a tinfoil chatter internet, because that is how covert groups have manipulated things to appear.

But as the years have gone on, people have become more internet savvy. They have learned how to use the scroll button. Unfortunately, there appears to be no place on the net for public commentary that hasn't been messed with.

Occam's razor, or whatever that phrase means, tells me the sheer amount of chemtrailing must have some specific purposes. The increase in air traffic argument doesn't hold water.

I think chemtrails have mostly to do with a Dr. Evil approach to dealing with climate change including the uv-b radiation problem. Clearly the military is involved, and I do think there are military applications too. I just think that the magnitude of the operation implies some kind of finite set of rationales.

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I just want to add that people can disagree with me, and I won't flip out. Part of the reason I had to let may41970 go was because he was ranting and frothing. I asked him nice to tone it down. He never did.

If people think weather warfare has more to do with the chemtrails than I do, that is fair enough. Also, if someone doesn't buy the uv-b ray angle, so be it. I simply feel it is a good idea to have plausible theories for newbies, just in case they at all think chemtrails are contrails blown out of proportion.

If someone doesn't believe in man-made global warming, that doesn't mean they are exiled from this forum. I do find it a bit strange that anyone would think the greenhouse effect is a hoax. Chemtrails do seem to have a warming effect, I'll concede. That is why I personally have settled into the uv-b ray explanation along with a take on the dyn-o-gel concept, that Dr. Evils are trying to grab the reins of a wild buck named climate change. The solution to me would be a total restructuring of the economy with renewable energies. Maybe we will have to stay indoors more. Skin cancer is one thing. Respiratory illness and whatnot from chemtrails is another. We should be able to pick our poison. Covert weather modification should not be taking place. The shenanigans have been cloaked in secrecy. They have been perverted into being some urban legend or perhaps a mass hysteria akin to when Orson Welles did that radio show about aliens, and people literally freaked out. Chemtrails are real.

I am interested in all people's perspectives. It is interesting to hear what other sincere people think about chemtrails.