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Hey Socrates

manufactured grassroots, disinfo, and insidious marketing

Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:00 pm

Just to add briefly, Cpellatt also had an expose she did on evil military testing and whatnot completely hacked by a Don Harkins of the Idaho Observer. He turned her solid work into tinfoil.

Turns out the guy has ties to The Spotlight.

I'm just saying what you have done is good work. I think it is important what we have done. We are not telling folks to spend too much time into all the rabbit holes but just to consider the possibility that a lot of the internet is rigged.

I think we have made a dent into the insidious, astroturfing network.

The Randi Rhodes 9/11 message board has become invisible to the public. I don't think there is anyone in there anyway without an agenda. The debunkers are quite ridiculous and predictable. This CarmenJonze has to be a paid troll. I suspect the same with someone named Bushwa and in fact the moderating crew there appears dodgy.

I tried to get Brad Friedman to look into a bunch of stuff like this. The WRH forum trolls even ended up going after mne at BradBlog. I used to trust Brad, started writing there, when I noticed him going after Markos Zuniga of DailyKos. But even those attacks were gatekeepertsh.

Ok, one last anectdote. There was a guy named Dredd who quit BradBlog a bit before I did. There was a big story that came out on a San Diego Republican named Tony Krvaric. This prominent Republican turns out to have a shady past including major hacking.

He has all these ties to big insiders. Brad pretty much ignored the whole thing. Dredd was digging up stuff and Brad completely ignored it. That is gatekeeping101.

They create these internet icons, cults of the personality. Rivero. Arianna. Et al. And then whatever those people ignore affects what their hard core readers are learning.

Then they have their systems of emailing. They gain the confidence of the prospective bloggers. You have to check out the Hal Turner story. It's quite the anecdote. He's a blatant nazi. But it looks like he is a fake one too.

You must know about cointelpro. It feels like they are all o0ver the internet in various forms.

Sorry for the ramble. It's tough to stop once one gets going.

Re: Hey Socrates

Unread postby socrates » Sat Dec 27, 2008 9:42 pm

I screenshot a letter from Rivero's WRH.


Mike Rivero's clearly in bed with neo-nazi fascists. I looked into this one a bit but quickly got disgusted. It brought back memories of when Ender from the unofficial forum wrote about Jews being blood sucking vampires with the only solution being to drive stakes into them or some other nonsense.

It's strange how some apparently sophisticated cybersmear attack has been put in place against us. I am fairly certain the roots of that emerged from the WRH unofficial. However, the initial posts that said I had 24 usernames and was disinfo might have started from when I took down the chemtrail forum fakes. At this point there are many overlaps, because I wrote a lot about many places on the internet. The big links concerning yourself would be Tinoire to Jeff Wells. Et in Arcadia Ego to Wells. Ego to the chemtrail crowd. The WRH unofficial forum stuff then got played by Progressive Independent. Then the thing branched out away towards Democratic Underground, BradBlog, websites you're probably less familiar with. You too branch out different from me. Good thing. It takes a village to accumulate the truth. Consensus is a good thing.
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