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I pretend it doesn't phase me

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I pretend it doesn't phase me

Unread postby deleted username » Tue Dec 04, 2007 7:38 am

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It gets to me. I like to pride myself on having a cool head but it gets to me. Socrates recently commented on a post over at Chemtrail Central by a guy named "David." For a little while, it appeared that David was going to show that he had the stuff to say something in support of me and socrates. Something about the unfairness of us being banned.

The moderator, Starman, came down hard on David - and as the sad norm seems to be - David folded into a little mouse and apologised. Brought to mind the guy that Cheney shot in the face - I think his name was Harry Whittington - and how he apologised to Cheney for the "trouble."

David, you are a mouse.

It does get to me.

Mark Twain once said something about real courage. Something about how in the beginning, only the people with balls speak up. But later, when their ideas become the status-quo...well, everyone joins in the choir. "Yeah, we were with you all along."

Me and socrates are all alone here. We are two real people.

Man in Nature...WHERE THE **** ARE YOU?


Why are we alone here?

Is there anyone out there that's got the stuff to stand up and join us. Are we the only honest website on the whole fucking net?

And it's starting to feel like, bit by bit, that our voices are being squeezed off the net by the dark side. That we are gradually being silenced by the dark side.

It does get to me.
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Re: I pretend it doesn't phase me

Unread postby socrates » Fri Dec 07, 2007 7:00 pm

Chemtrail Central is toast. David is not a real person. Great analogy with the guy Cheney shot. That wasn't even real hunting. Rich people have areas closed off, and wild animals are placed into enclosed areas for fascists who can't even hunt fair.

I don't think there is even one real person left at Chemtrail Central. I have stopped reading there for the most part. I did see a few new people posting, but they are usernames started a few months ago and even one from a few years back. The whole place is compromised, as is Debate Both Sides.

You need to realise that it is fairly obvious what the truth is. It may seem like we are getting silenced through googlesmears and cyber gang stalking. But, it's just not true. They are simply making tactical errors, one after the other. We totally exposed Louis Aubuchont. We totally exposed the WRH forum. No matter how many times I warned them to back off of us, they didn't take my advice. All they have are the sock puppets and the ability to raise the noise level. Look at what these people did to Cindy Sheehan. We need to accept the fact that truthseekers are gonna get verbally abused and swiftboated.

Here are some DBS threads lurkers may want to check out, that is, if they are still on the fence about ourselves. They can see how the usernames "Mr. B" and "the Truth" were exposed. But this is another strategy the fakes are using. They want us to spend so much time exposing their limitless numbers of sock puppets. We needn't fall for that trap.


Personally, I am pretty much done posting there. I only went back today to help you out on your new thread. My main point is that the dark side makes too many tactical errors. Their game plan now is to ratchet up the noise while trying to make us frustrated. They also want us to spend time answering and debating their posts. That to me is ok to a point. But I am not gonna debate forever with fakes who don't debate fairly. I am proud of us for standing up to them. But I do want to move on.

I want to post more crap on Will Thomas. My new idea is that he made too many mistakes for them not to have been deliberate. I'm saying that Will Thomas appears to have been a created strawman. So I have found some more blatant discrepancies by him and will be able to bump up those threads in the chemtrails are not kooky forum.

We are not alone here. Lophofo has been working overtime trying to figure out HAARP and chemtrails. I already warned him that if he uses folks like Stevens and Bearden, that I'll have to debunk those guys. Or maybe not too much, as they have been exposed elsewhere. NatureisMad and Con-trail, on the other hand, I do not understand them. They should at least have the guts to say they don't feel like posting here anymore. It would be nice to have real people helping this place out. But it's better to have a short memberlist full of real people, than to have a long list full of a lot of fakes. So eventually, if con-trail and natureismad don't return, i will have to assume their intentions were never good. Don Smith, i keep meaning to take him off the list. Remember how he quoted Lenin in his signature? That was ******** right there. Lenin was a bad man. He turned the dictatorship by the proletariats into a dictatorship of the proletariats. Trotsky was the real man.

We're not getting squeezed out at all. It is a sign that we have exposed so much, that they stopped ignoring us. They backed themselves into a corner. Real people, if they want to, can do some researching and decide for themselves. The other side has made so many tactical errors, that there is no way sincere readers will side with their nonsense.

You can't let them get to you.
It's the content that matters.
We have good content here.
That means more than any fake number of members.
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Re: I pretend it doesn't phase me

Unread postby Lophofo » Fri Dec 07, 2007 11:39 pm

socrates wrote:
We are not alone here. Lophofo has been working overtime trying to figure out HAARP and chemtrails. I already warned him that if he uses folks like Stevens and Bearden, that I'll have to debunk those guys. Or maybe not too much, as they have been exposed elsewhere.

Alright, I wanted to make some grand entrance with a magnificent first post. However, to show that I am serious about this, I will post a URL to one finding right now, to give you an idea of the type of stuff I am working on. I won't be referring to Stevens or Bearden, or even quoting from them. This will be mainly a scientific and scholarly approach which is over most people's heads, hence the time it will take to simplify things into layman's terms.

Take a look at this for a sneak preview. Save it and download it if needed. There's much more out there. And I am compiling it and explaining it for our viewing pleasure and how everything all relates to the overall big picture:


HAARP anyone? Hmm...doesn't the official HAARP website say they are funded jointly by the USAF and the Navy?

Official HAARP website wrote:haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/faq.html

Who is building the HAARP facility?
The HAARP program is jointly managed by the Air Force Research Laboratory and the Office of Naval Research. The facility is being constructed by commercial contractors through a contract with ONR.

I find it interesting that the PowerPoint presentation specifically mentions the following:

Sponsored by Air Force Research Laboratory,
Office of Naval Research
University of Alaska, Fairbanks
Institute of Plasma Science and Technology,

and this presentation was held at the

UCLA Arrowhead Conference Center

What involvement does UCLA have in HAARP, atmospheric research, and chemtrails?
Or, was that just a convenient place for all the scientists and players involved to meet at?
What about other universities like ones in Colorado, Stanford or MIT? What is their level of involvement?

Well, we will attempt to expose this and let the readers come to an understanding of the big players in this and why it's so important, who's receiving funding, who it's affecting, etc.

So, that is one of many links I have found and have been investigating.

Unread postby may41970 » Sat Dec 08, 2007 7:06 am

Thanks, Lophofo, for coming in and speaking up - even it it was earlier than you originally intended. And you chose the perfect time and perfect thread to make your introduction.

I do wonder about Haarp too. Last time I visited their website, many months ago, they had a "proverby" picture that was hard to miss. It said something like:


It's disturbing to see the mix of high technology with low wisdom. It implies to me that HAARP is not on the side of truth or peace.

I've seen the fishscale clouds, and even posted a few times about them. I've read about EMF and ELF and that - but usually the stuff all leads to weirdos like Bearden. I think there's something important to this aspect of chemtrails, and if you have the ability to explain it; to put it together so that regular people can understand - than your contributions here will be invaluable.

Welcome lophofo. Don't walk on eggshells. Just say what you want. Of course you know that we'll be wondering whether you are for real or not. If you're aware of the **** we've been through with fake posters, you'll be able to understand our cynicism. Even if you don't like it, I still hope that you'll deal with it the best you can.

Please dude, don't feel intimidated.

But I'm not giving up hope. I know there are more real people out there. I'm really glad you're here. Thanks for coming in, lophofo, at the time you did.

peace and courage and **** fear


Unread postby socrates » Tue Dec 11, 2007 11:57 am

May41970 has let me know he won't be able to post so often. He says he will try to post every few weeks or so. I will cut back dramatically too. I am not giving up, but I am gonna lower my expectations.

The messages presented at this forum were successful, imho. How else can one explain the brutal internet attacks against ourselves?

Internet fakery was outed.
Chemtrails were proven as real.
Chemtrail forum fakery was outed.
Other astroturfing scams have been outed.
Real historical analysis and good links were provided.

I read through one link I found on HAARP.

I am not sure how much HAARP has to do with the specific chemtrails we have all witnessed. It could have plenty to do with it. If HAARP is basically about the ability to push weather around from the ionisphere down or whatever, then it seems like it could be utilized in the creation of artificial overcasts.

And I agree with may41970 about seeing some strange, baked-looking clouds, as if there was some kind of oven way up above cooking them.

HAARP is also part of the "owning the weather" type documents. That is a fact.

My main concern has been to prove that chemtrails are real. I believe that has been established. I also believe that we have proven that there has been a scam in place, a script, to portray chemtrails as a kooky concept.

We went a step further when we looked into Michael Rivero, whatreallyhappened, and his forum. That along with exposing "Louis Aubuchont" and the Deep Sky hoax coincided with the brutal cyberstalking attacks on ourselves. It coincided with Don Smith and NatureisMad bailing out on us.

The bottom line is the truth is what it is. Chemtrail Central is not a legitemate forum. Myself and may41970 showed up right when the deleting and scrubbing of their history was in full bloom. They did not get away with it. Once it was realized that we weren't going away, that is when the attacks commenced.

The new moderator at chemtroll central goes by the name of starman1. Swampgas wrote at Gastro that he was from the debunker crowd, and that he had been banned from a place called method of destruction for being so. that forum is now inaccessible. there are trolls like cdsnuts and increase1776 who inorganically have let the chemtrail board history become hidden. swampgas and his gastronamus cafe is now done. same as megasprayer which has become a debunker website.

the lou aubuchont character is done. we should take full credit for that. jay reynolds is also done. basically, anyone who wants to figure out the scam script including closed-minded debunkers, crazy believers, and debunkers in chemmie clothes can read through what has not been hidden or deleted and see that our interpretation has been the correct one. Unless this forum gets deleted, the basics have been proven and preserved.

may41970 has given me permission to edit our pm's. so there could be much more may41970 posted. we are tired, but we haven't lost. I do believe that chemtrails have been exposed. No matter how many fakes on the internet are still scamming this into being a hoax, chemtrails have been exposed as reality.

But if we can't even stop illegal wars, torturing in our name, stolen elections, etc., it still is gonna take a while for chemtrails to get stopped.

I will never give up. There are real people in this world who believe in peace and love who will never give up. Not everyone in this world is shallow. There is always hope.
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So here's the deal

Unread postby may41970 » Sat Dec 15, 2007 8:07 am

I spend too much time on the internet. If I don't get off the net, my wife will divorce me. The deal is that I can log on once a week from now on.

I don't know if the fakes have won or not. But they do have money and numbers. And we've got no idea what their money and numbers might be.

As soon as we're down, they stop talking about us. They want to make us invisibile.

I know that a lot of the hits we get on this site are from paid motherfuckers. You think you're doing a job, but it's a lot more than that. You're a smaller version of a mercenary. You're job is to kill/frighten away anyone that might have a bit of humanity or soul.

I have soul. Socrates has Soul.

Bit by bit, our tiny (but obviously heard) voices are getting wiped off the net. We've talked about Mike Rivero, Hertzberg, Top 10th net, and so many other things that we believe are real. There are two important things here. One is chemtrails. The other are fraauds ont he net whose job it is - well, is to screw and confuse everything.

Sorry I can't write better tonight.

Socrates, I'm sorry that I've got to be posting less.

I will never give up either.


Soul Killers

Unread postby may41970 » Sun Dec 23, 2007 6:53 am

I've loved and played blues music for 24 years. But "Watermelon Slim" makes me feel so uncomfortable about it. He makes me lose my desire to play. He makes me want to throw my harps in the garbage. He's smarter than me. He's a better player than me. And he's the ugliest thing I've ever seen. But that's just cause I'm a nutcase that belongs on meds. Everyone says it. Maybe it's true.

Everyone, just EVERYONE says Slim's "paid the price" or whatever the term is. Everyone says Watermelon slim is the "Real Deal." EVERYONE.

Me, I'm dust.

Blues is about soul. Maybe Watermelon has the soul that I imagined or dreamed that I could develop? Maybe I've seen myself as a dream. Maybe everyone is right. Watermelon Slim just came out of nowhere like the filthy stench of dog **** behind your back door. But they all love him. He's the REAL DEAL.

Me? I'm dog ****. The internet's made that point very clear.

I think some people would like to make me hate myself so much that I commit suicide. But I'm not suicidal, so that's just not gonna happen.

Nature is Mad thinks the funniest thing he ever heard is when I said how "I feel like a bug being sprayed with whatever a kid dug up from under the bathroom sink." Nature is Mad thinks it's hilarious. And now socrates wants me to apologize for feeling weird about why NiM found that so funny.

**** you Nature is Mad. No apologies are gonna be coming from me. I'm tired of being blamed and attacked. I'm tired of people telling me that I should hate myself. That I should despise my soul. I'm tired of people murdering my heart.

I made some posts at the WRH Unofficial messageboard. Freaks followed me there and turned the board into a circus of hate against me.

I made some posts at the DBS Science Board. And freaks followed me there and turned that part of DBS into a circus of hate against me.

I made some posts at Chemtrail Central. And ditto.

I tried the DBS main messageboard Ditto.

Socrates, who is the only stranger on the internet that I completely trust; that I completely believe - has suggested that I apologize to NiM for thinking badly of him.

I feel like the intenet, or some awful group of people on the internet want to kill me. Kill me in a worse way than murder. They want me to die from the inside. And sometimes I'm afraid it's already happening or happened.

No, socrates. I'm not going to apologize to NiM.

I hope I can learn to love playing the blues again. I hope I can learn to love myself again.

The internet is filled with people who do nothing more than try to kill your soul.

I wish I had never discovered the internet. My life would have been better. I would have flown higher.



Please give me a second grace. Please give me a second face.
I've fallen far down, the first time around, now I just sit on the ground in your way.

Now if it's time to recompense for what's done, come, come sit down on the fence in the sun.
And the clouds will roll by and we'll never deny- it's really too hard for to fly.

Please tell me your second name. Please play me your second game.
I've fallen so far for the people you are, I just need your star for a day.

So come, come ride in my streetcar by the bay
for now I must know how fine you are in your way.
And the sea sure as I, but she won't need to cry for it's really too hard for to fly.

Unread postby socrates » Sun Dec 23, 2007 1:50 pm

Our readership dropped from 200 a day to 40 around when Don Smith bailed out of here with no explanation.

You'd think out of all the good lurkers, there would have been at least 5-10 people who could have joined in and helped build this place up.

There's good stuff here, may41970, which completely vindicates us and trashes ******* fakes like JEFF WELLS, Mike Rivero, and Tinoire. We didn't just take care of the ******** chemtrail boards. We took care of some of these periphery players who are into mind games.

They have nothing on our souls. It may feel bad now, but happiness is just around the corner.

Listen friend, we got a lot done. We exposed the chemtrail forums completely, while proving that chemtrails are real.

I just suckered "Jeff Wells" into revealing that he is a fake. I have the e-mails and screenshots to prove it. It may feel bad right now, but like that dude S. Boyle, our findings will be found. Our message will be found.

If NatureisMad can't explain that line he made, then yeah, he should go away. He can be just like con-trail and Don Smith, fakes like swampgas, halva, kola, other non-real people who prey on our blood. It's fasism. It's non-death necrophilia as Erich Fromm wrote about.

I gave Jeff Wells every opportunity to check out our side of the story. He hasn't given us one fair shake. He is just like that Watermelon Slim, some "real name" that comes out of the woodwork.

Don't worry, may41970. I think we look pretty good. A couple nobodies exposed a lot of ********. Keep your chin up. We did nothing wrong. That is obvious. Have some faith in the real people. It'll all come out in the wash.

We took the spiritual pounding. I agree. We'll recover. We're like Will Kane's at the end of High Noon. We slew the dragons with no help from the passive, gutless masses. You know what I mean. He threw his badge to the ground, then got on the stagecoach with Grace Kelly, who actually ended up saving his life. It's ok to be a bit bitter, may41970. But it will pass. We look pretty good in all this. Not just saying this. We do. When the dust clears, etc., you'll feel good about what we accomplished. And who knows, maybe some REAL people will get off their arses and help us out. But for now, no matter what we ever post again, WE DONE GOOD! 8)

I'm not saying I am giving up on the good lurkers completely. But I don't understand what they are waiting for. Either help us out with the chemtrails or with the internet fakery. That's all.

But thanks for checking in when you can, making a few posts. You're a good kid. Better days are ahead for you.

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For You, Mr. Chief

Unread postby socrates » Sun Dec 23, 2007 2:16 pm

John Lennon Watching The Wheels
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A Breakthrough On Understanding Troll Linguistic Science

Unread postby socrates » Sun Dec 23, 2007 5:47 pm

Some folks like Theresa Duncan seem to have been driven to suicide. There are those few who end up doing that. But most of us do not. So what are the paid trolls trying to accomplish with the rest of us?

*** Get us frustrated so we quit trying
*** Get us to doubt one another
*** Get us to feel that our messages do not make an impact

I think a big part of our friendship has developed because the other was willing to answer the question, do you see what I see. This is why they try to drive us apart, isolate us from one another. They also know that good people hate injustice. When we see that they do not play fair, when we see the illusion put forth that we are part of the overall fakery, that is the fundamental source of our angst.

Do You See What I See?

I'll put up a few screenshots, to show you what I am on about. It is clear that Jeff Wells does not play fair. If he did, he would have taken a look at the thread from the WRH forum showing proof that there has been a psy-op in place against us nobodies. If Thermit/Mark Steadham, Swampgas, and Increase1776 were fair players, they would make the CTC Changes threads available. They might not put them front and center in their forums, but at least they wouldn't hide them completely.

If 86BushNow was fair, he wouldn't have scrubbed and deleted all those threads and posts from the Alaska Free Press. He wouldn't have gone to the trouble of scrubbing the wayback machine archives.

Swampgas banned you from Gastronamus, so us two in particular couldn't communicate. You were a convenient person for the fakes to label as an Ed Snell/Cydoniaquest fake username. When Arcadia Ego showed up at Gastro about a year ago, and I started to ask him to clarify his chemtrail ideas, the hammer had to be dropped on myself.

When we finally reconnected during the Spring/Summer of this year, and they realised we weren't going to allow them to contaminate the flow of this forum, that is when they decided to go with that ******** psy-op. They know we are not suicidal. They know we know we are not crazy. But they do believe that we think masses of people are falling for their convoluted portrayal of ourselves and our findings. Please do not fall for that. People are not dumb. They can see that we are for real.

There is no part of the internet in which they allow any real people to post without their troll linguistic sciences impeding human contact. Our writing styles are like our fingerprints. Maybe not that precise, but damn close, imho. SeanGar at the Boston Globe sports forum is Ender from the WRH forum. Just check these few examples out. There is no way someone could write so similar to Ender. No one goes on a sports board and writes like this. No one. No one who is for real. On this forum elsewhere, I put up a screenshot of this same person who happened to make divisive comments about flag burning and homosexuality, just like AnnAngryBitch/Lou Aubuchont.

The end result is someone like myself, and others who don't even have an inkling about who this fake is, we end up feeling like no longer reading what should be some get away time. Again, who the fock posts crap like this on sports boards? The Troll Linguistic Science manual calls for the driving away of people from even trying to utilize the internet for human contact. It calls for the making of us feel dirty and confused.

But trust me, may41970, a lot of people do see what we see. Don't let "them" make you think otherwise. We have made a difference for the better.


I have also located past posts made by Reddot at the WRH forum. If I wanted to, I could upload also, and others made by Anonymous posters sounding like Reddot, to show how TOTO from DBS is the same fake.

Here are a few more examples from the Boston Globe sports forum.

Recently a person signed up as Suduko, very similar to the name I selected at Wells' mind fock of a forum. Coincidence? Could it not be fakes giving me a message that they are everywhere, even at my relaxation places, and that I can't prove it, and that there will never be any escape from them? Are they trying to make me and anyone else by chance aware of this forum and our ideas, that we are crazy? Is it more likely that the paid fakes want to make us feel crazy, rather than suicidal? That's what I think is happening. But I know that neither you nor I is mad as Don Smith tried to portray, as Jeff Wells is trying to say. We are not crazy. If we hadn't come up so much good stuff, we never would have been attacked. And keep in mind that they are targeting all of us, the good lurkers too. We need to be strong like Will Kane.

Keep in mind that the last visit stat is always wrong at the Boston Globe forum. However, the # of posts seems to be accurate.


Here's one more example of the depths of convolution that the fakes go to. It has been shown that they even target innocuos sports forums. They simply are attacking everyone's peace of mind.

One thing the fakes do is make a lot of accounts, don't use them, then wait for some time in the future to utilize them. One can see this at CTC, where usernames from the past creep out of the woodwork. That is how they get around the recent shutdown of new memberships. That is how they can put up usernames from months or years ago in some simplistic attempt to give the fake username some kind of credibility. But people do see what we see. Do not forget that. This next username signed up in September of 2005 and has had only one post.


Now the username shows up again to comment on some recent hot stove Red Sox talk. Remember how the fake socrates wrote Red Sox Rule? The fakes are just gonna keep running with the ******** psy-op that I am a multi-personality troll. But do not worry, may41970. Good people can see what we see. My question concerning the following post. Who would put a space before nearly every punctuation mark? Do you see what I see?


Finally, I have decided to never ever post again on Jeff Wells' blog or forum. I have exposed him for his part in the inept psy-op used against us. People can check out the comeback thread in the chemtrails are not kooky section and see that creep for what he is. I have called him out for the bully he is. I have dared him to sue me. He knows he can't. He knows I have secured proof that he has contributed to the psychological attacks against ourselves. He knows that if anyone is going to be successfully sued, it is going to be him and all the others involved in the psychic attacks against ourselves.

These fockers never learn. The more they pile on, the more they continue with the ******* psy-op and don't debate fair, the more good lurkers will check out our side of the story. They will see the proof that has been accumulated. That is why Tinoire deleted every post I made at her Rivero proxy website called Progressive Independent. These fockers know that I have never posted as a disruptor. Their claims against us are tautological, that is, their proof is simply their words. We, on the other hand, come up with real proof for our ideas. they realise that their best bet is to isolate us, try to drive us mad, get us frustrated. We need to toughen up like Will Kane did.

Posted by Jeff Wells-

He also posted the following, which I am sure is also his, because the blogger address was the same.

Here's one last example. Someone had posted to Wells to not pay note to trolls like myself. Then someone showed up criticizing that poster, using the same argument I have used, that we can often identify trolls by their grammar/spelling. You now realise that I am not Mr. Grammar police. My point here is that the dark side does read every post we make, and they do try their best to make good lurkers think we are nuts. But my final point is, especially for yourself, Chief, is that they have gotten away with nothing. Good lurkers can see that we are for real, and they are not. Thus, overall, our findings posted at this website do have enhanced credibility. They can troll our reputations all they want, but please believe me when I say their strategies have always backfired. The force is with us. We are the untouchables. We really have done good.


{I'm just gonna hit send, no edits, I'm gonna let this beaut stand on its original own. Soul cannot be faked, Mr. Chief.}

Do you see what I see?

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