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Let's talk calmly about global warming

tinfoil by association

Unread postby may41970 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 9:34 am

So now you will delete my posts on your whim socrates? For no reason other than you don't like what I post?

Like Tinoire? Like Mark Steadham? Like Agent 99? Like the WRH Wiki? Something's gone very wrong at this forum, socrates.

You've become the same as the people you criticize. Something's gone very wrong at this forum.

I never thought I'd have to take screenshots from here.

Socrates, something's gone very wrong here.


Unread postby socrates2 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 2:23 pm

Thanks for your help in the early days, but it isn't working out anymore. CPellatt just wrote a big post I should devote my time to, not this. It's just not working out. There's a lot of internet out there besides this forum. You should go there.

Unread postby may41970 » Wed Jul 30, 2008 11:00 pm

{troll message deleted- all further posts by may41970 will be tossed.}

Someone hit the jackpot

Unread postby SluggoJD » Thu Jul 31, 2008 10:53 pm

I wonder if the person who constantly complains about others being gatekeepers will delete this post...

I'm John Dean, from Santa Ana, CA. I have been maligned on this site on several occasions. I am hereby notifying "Socrates," that enough is enough. I am a real person, and libel is a real offense. It is one thing to say crap about an anonymous person who hides behind a screenname. it is another thing to say crap about someone real. Last week I forwarded various emails to Socrates, with ample evidence that I am who I say I am, that I really am a Democrat, that I really do donate hundreds of dollars to Democratic causes, and I even provided proof of my address. Now that this evidence has been provided to "Socrates," he cannot pretend to not know who I am, where I am, etc. I am as genuine as they come...I always have been, I always will be.

Until a recent thread of comments at Bradblog, initially in response to a very important story about Mike Connell, a right-wing guy who is intricately tied to various, suspicious GOP activities, I had refrained from posting online anything derogatory about "Socrates," ever since a previous period of time when he went after me for no reason, and I fought back at this very site - comments that were deleted by him, the guy who complains about gatekeepers all the time lol. Even though he has emailed me some rotten comments at times (as well as some nicer ones), and even though he has publicly on this site switched me back and forth from being a good guy to a bad guy, and made derogatory comments about me that were completely false, I refrained to fight back again. Those times are over. In the thread at Bradblog, I fought back, because I'm tired of his crap...no, not enough to go back and forth and waste my life in posting wars...I've got better things to do in life. For example, the Mike Connell story. If "Socrates" had bothered to research it a little, he would have noticed that I have been mentioned on more than one occasion as a contributor to the research. Here's a typical link showing my involvement:

(look for sluggojd in the credits)

Prior to that thread I mentioned at Bradblog, where I got publicly angry for the first time at "Socrates," he emailed me for the first time in 2 months (emails in May were nice ones) and wrote me the following, out of the clear blue sky:

"I hate to say it, but BradBlog and that whole Clint Curtis story doesn't add up. I'm sick of every single person I ever believe in turning out to be a fake. If you're one too, so be it. But if you're not, every suspicion you've ever had about Brad is true, imho."

His email made me mad, because he accused me once again (out of nowhere) of being a bad guy. However, I wrote back what I considered to be a nice email, with some very good advice at the end:

"Hi Socrates,

I agree that the Clint Curtis story does not add up. As for Brad, I don't have suspicions towards him - I've met him, gone to dinner with him and a small group, and even observed behavior that "outsiders" would never have the opportunity to observe. I might be pissed at him, and his politics compared to mine, but he's not a devil.

As for me, I'm just one of 300,000,000 folks in this country, a normal guy, who occasionally has compulsive urges to figure out trolls, other bad guys, etc. Nothing more. Sometimes we need to remember that there are 300,000,000 people in this country, and not just the 10,000 or so internet well-knowns, whether they are known like Brad and Bev, known by just screennames, or known as multiple-named trolls.

Sometimes I get the impression that you take meds, perhaps for dual personality stuff, or something like that. I've seen two radically different sides to you. You need to find balance, and you need to find peace.


No doubt, anyone who has come in contact with "Socrates" could testify to seeing, at the very least, mood swings. However, the point of my last paragraph was to once again advise him that there is more to life than internet junk, and he needs (IMO) to find balance and peace. I thought it was good advice at the time, and I still think that. However, "Socrates" again went off the deep end in his response:

"You can be a pretty mean dude when you want to be. Between you and me, Brad said he sides with Ben Burch over Bev Harris.

Just because you gave up, or because you have terrible social skills or whatever, that's no reason to advocate letting the dark side win the internet. There's a new thread at my place where Last Name Left and myself have busted the big picture of right woos left. You busted one guy from Diebold.

Too bad no one has had the gonads to ask Brad specific questions about the Clint Curtis case in a logical manner. No, that's always been the trolls' job, where it could easily be dismissed. That reeks of controlled opposition.

So you have political differences with Brad? He is a rightwinger and so are you, while both acting liberal.

I forgave you for your rant thread at my forum where you called me out as bipolar. Good thing I can finally see you for what you really are, a nasty person who is either confused or in on the ********.

Have a nice life Mr. Military. You're back on ignore.

p.s. Yeah, Brad looks and talks normal. Duplicitous fucks always look like the criminals out of **** Tracy. Yeah, that's the ticket.

p.p.s. seriously don't respond or post at my forum. You are back on ignore. I need to stop trusting fakes like you.

I am a good person who trusts everyone at the beginning, but eventually when shitheads reveal their true nature, I wake up. Middle of the road fucks like you suck. Make that a triple strawman- you, Brad, and "Fintan."

You are a bad person."

No "Socrates," I'm a good guy - I always have been, and I always will be, because it is who I am. I'm not a rightwinger, as you accused me of once again for no reason, I'm certainly not a fake, and I have provided you ample evidence of who I am, I'm not a "middle of the road ****" - such a nice thing to say to someone...but I AM BACK at your forum posting one time, knowing that you, the guy who complains about gatekeepers, will once again delete something that doesn't fit into your world properly. I couldn't care less if you continue going off the deep end about other people, with the exception of one person - Bev Harris. But as I've said before, you are hereby on notice - publicly, legally, captured as evidence by me just in case, that you will stop going off the deep end when it comes to me. I've had enough of your mood swings, or games, or whatever this crap is.

For the record:

I have investigated right wing scams against seniors in this country, and provided that evidence to others for publication.

I have investigated trolls like Jeremy Lowe, who I sometimes suspect you of being, who go out of their way to **** with others.

I have investigated and heavily contributed towards putting an end to Diebold's Robert Pelletier's sockpuppet crap against Bev.

I have helped investigate various aspects of the Mike Connell story....which is bigger than anything you can imagine.

I have dug up information myself, about Hertzberg - indeed, it is highly likely that all those Bev bashers at DU have been laying off of her the past several months because of my, and your, research...and for that, you are to be commended, as I have done publicly before. The timing of our research, and their 99% stoppage of attacks, is uncanny...making both of us rightfully believe that they may very well be his attack dogs.

Anyways, enough writing...I have a life. You have been warned - unlike DU, where trolls can post all sorts of garbage about others, YOU ARE THE OWNER/LEASEE OF THIS SITE WHERE I AM NOW RESPONDING...and that means you are 100% legally liable for any libel.

John Dean

soon to be deleted

Unread postby may41970 » Fri Aug 01, 2008 7:50 am


You shouldn't be publicly posting private messages. Believe me, I understand the temptation. I understand better than you know. But in the long run, such indiscretions can come back and bite you in the ***.

Unread postby socrates2 » Sat Aug 02, 2008 1:59 pm

Neither May41970 nor this other distraction is wanted at this forum. There was a time when I trusted both of them. That time is well over.

First, concerning the gnat from Taiwan. This person has had nothing to offer this forum but mostly negativity and convolution. He has had next to nothing to contribute as regards to figuring out chemtrails. He reads at and links to some of the worst possible sources.

Lophofo's post had given him an opportunity to perhaps somehow slink his way back onto the forum. However, the deleted post above contained an unwarranted attack on Lophofo. May41970 snarked at him about a copy and paste post which made no sense.

That "copy and paste" was an original post written by Lophofo which dealt completely with the main topic. Lophofo also linked to one of my recent posts which summed up my own feelings.

I've been posting a bit lately on global warming and chemtrails.

I outed another fake at Chemtrail Central named Orwell Knows. That person is like other astroturfers on the net screaming about the NWO, weather wars, depopulation, mind control and other such frothings. I outed a Morgan from the Randi Rhodes Message Board along with OKThat'sIt {sp} at that same board and at the DemocraticUnderground. These are your typical rense robots.

I got a few good posts {as regards to chemtrails and global warming} published at an environmental blog. The same blog was forced to delete tinfoil spam from Orwell Knows.

This forum gets attacked because it provides the most logical explanation for the "weather mitigation." These activities are so blatant in nature that only a brainwashed idiot is unable to recognize the deliberate nature of the dispersals. Thus a zany script of closed-minded debunkers versus crazy believers was formed.

We seem to have reached consensus as to the true nature of the chemtrail programs. We are starting to see how the ptb's view climate change as being a national security issue. To me, that means that the activities aren't being documented for public consumption. The new weather bills are mentioning climate change. They have come out with the phrase "weather mitigation." People should read those bills closely, especially the Hutchison version.

In the deleted post, may41970 had the gall to link again to a disinfo source concerning Margie Shoendinger. May41970 is a waste of time and tinfoil by association, imho.

I'm gonna switch gears.

Right woos left is a definite problem. I am not in complete agreement with everything Chip Berlet has to say, but that was a brilliant phrase he came up with. I think it was him. Or who knows? But anyway, the right have clearly destroyed the USA. The right have always been in power. The right represent the status quo, of the illusion of how great a country this is, of how we have the most freedom and best lifestyle and whatnot. They are the true pigs and sheep of the society.

But seriously, history does have a liberal bias. The truth exposes the U.S. for the sheer ugliness of its history.

The #1 problem with the US is that it has a war economy. That is the first thing that has to go.

My point is, that the fascist astroturfing network knew that the old-school trolling would no longer work at some point. Cheney was at 19% approval many years ago. Now GW is probably around that number. ******* rigged polls may say otherwise. I bet the number is 5% approval or less.

Check out who is on the Supreme Court. Check out how many Republican Presidents we have had since Johnson. They are the ones who have been picking nearly all the Supreme Court judges.

How did Bush and Cheney get away with all this corruption? They rigged the Department of Justice. Damn, I'm starting to sound like Kathaksung. My main point is that we should be going well left at this point. We would be, if there weren't so many fakes who have jammed up the internet as a source for positive social movement.

Let's get back to what hopefully will get it through to may41970 and sluggo that they are not welcomed here.

May41970 had had a lot of nerve to in the deleted post yet again attack a member of this forum. Before it was NatureisMad and Isard. The other day it was Lophofo's turn.

If may41970 is for real as regards to wanting chemtrails exposed and stopped, why is he attacking someone trying hard to do that? I don't see anyone else tracking down all the HAARP links to the various institutions. {That's another story in itself. Lophofo has told me that many of his links are getting scrubbed, as if these people are aware of this small forum.}

I don't see may41970 contributing anything of value to this place. One of the best decisions I ever made was to ban him. The various chemtrail theories and threads started to become clearer. Consensus was starting to become possible and in fact likely. May41970 had no right to disparage Lophofo for, to paraphrase, a copy and paste post that made no sense.


And that takes us to sluggo, who also needs to be deleted or censored from now on. That creep had the nerve to post above my real first name. I changed it to Socrates. That's just trollish, intimidation tactics, imho. If my real name gets out, there's nothing I can do about it. It's just my name. It has nothing to do with the heart and soul I put into my posts here. We can't take our names with us into the next world. People throwing around their real names a lot make me wonder. There are a million forums and webpages for comments, and nearly everyone has a username different from their real name. When people make a big stink out of this, it makes me think there are things being discussed that they want obfuscated.

These guys like Sluggo and Brad, they work people through the emails. That is what gatekeepers do. If sluggo doesn't want to be considered as being a possible gatekeeper, then he should stop acting like one.

They take your info in emails. They usually respond with what one would like to hear. Brad was showing me emails from Kathy Dopp. I won't republish them. I was shocked that Brad would ever send me those. I was only telling Brad that she was unfairly banned from Democratic Underground. Brad is an apologist for the DU. He thinks all the bannings made sense. I point out crap about Ben Burch, he blows it off.

Brad doesn't add up. Larisa doesn't add up. Sluggo doesn't add up.

This guy's threatening me with a lawsuit for libel, yet he continues to say I might be some Jeremy Lowe person. Now that makes no sense. Why do people write such nonsense? Is he trying to get people to go down the sluggo rabbit hole? They'll plug in Jeremy Lowe, etc..

Sluggo talks about investigating the Hertzberg story but actually has provided squat. He posts my personal email. He makes many comments about me having mental disorders. He never admits the chance that perhaps his personality can instigate negative responses.

I actually now dislike both of these people so much that I no longer care what either of them thinks.

I only trust people for so long until the pile of contradictions becomes too much.

Sluggo cried like a baby about libel, but he didn't give any links, nor did he copy and paste and link to how I so disparaged him. Does Sluggo need a hug? Or is Sluggo a disinfo pimp?

So where does Sluggo explain how the Clint Curtis story doesn't add up? Can anyone show me that? Or is this just more hot air from a big mouth.

He's done research on Hertzberg? Ok, everyone should just believe Sluggo, because HE TELLS YOU HIS REAL NAME!

No comment on Brett Kimberlin, RawStory, and Brad from sluggo? This is typical. That's how gatekeepers work. They evoke authority, and then anything they ignore must not matter much. That's how they operate. What's the saying? First they ignore, then they ridicule, then they are forced to accept?

Sluggo says he recently sent me all this info about him donating to the Democratic Party. I'm curious why the emails didn't get sent back to him undelivered. I had put this annoying creep on ignore. I don't care about him. He keeps calling me a Jeremy Lowe.

I don't care about you Sluggo. How's that for the truth? I blocked you from sending me email, because you are a mean-spirited waste of time. You want to post here again, maybe it will be deleted! Your distractions and disinfo are not gonna muddy up this small forum. You want to sue me, do it! Then you can explain to the court all your theories about me being Jeremy Lowe.

Brad and Sluggo have been such a waste of time as regards to Hertzberg. It's as if Brad Friedman is a gatekeeper. He has ignored the story, thus rendering it unimportant in the eyes of the many people who think Brad is a real activist.

Maybe he is a real activist, but ultimately so shallow that he got involved with a convicted bomber. Or maybe Brad is a spook. For sure, his asscoiation to Curtis and Kimberlin look awful. Such things turn BradBlog into strawman fodder.

The gorilla in the room is Brett Kimberlin. A convicted bomber, someone charged with murder, a person whose alibi for having DoD insignia was because he was a major drug dealer, this person seems to have been the one who established RawStory and BradBlog with his funding. Larisa wrote some crazy things at DemocraticUnderground that she should either cough up the evidence or RETRACT her ludicrous statements. She said Kimberlin was exonerated for the bombings. She said he received a great sum of money for being wrongly imprisoned. Others asked her for the proof. She provided and retracted nothing.

Sluggo could easily have been gift-wrapped the Pelletier/Diebold lead in order to get into Bev Harris' good graces. I don't know one way or the other. I just know that Sluggo deleted all of his posts on Kelvin Mace {David Allen- former Bev publisher}. I have seen nothing out of him questioning the Curtis story. I find it astounding that someone who so went after AnonymousArmy now says that guy made a lot of good points. Well then, what were they? Oh yeah, don't bother.

I was thinking Brad Friedman and Fintan Dunne were double strawmen. There was a big chunk of that email of mine that sluggo didn't post. There were other emails too, where I sent info and links. The materials were ignored.

Brad made it seem I could guest blog on "weather mitigation." He told me what I wanted to hear. He confirmed to me that "Mike" at BradBlog had the same internet address as "Lou Aubuchont."

But Brad never got back to me with his editorial remarks on my blogpost submission. Then I started to relook into Brad's past. I was so blinded by the sheer lunacy of "Fintan Dunne," that I didn't realise the Curtis story had been such a gorilla in the room.

I think sluggo thought maybe I would post his emails in retaliation, opening up some kind of floodgate. Sluggo to me will be very easy to ignore. If he posts again, it will probably be deleted. No one deserves to take mental abuse from anyone, especially at their own forum.

I'm not gonna fall for that. If he wants to be a creep and reveal my true name, I guess that's my fault for ever trusting him. He's the one who got my foot in the door with Brad.

Brad has a lot of "posters" who rail against the evil NWO caricature. Maybe Brad has FBI contacts on his blackberry like Hal Turner does?

What is a double strawman? It's when both sides of a scripted battle have deep contradictions. Brad is viewed as tinfoil because of his shoddy past with Curtis, his deep ties to Brett Kimberlin, and because his forum is run by a fake progressive named Agent99.

Agent99 is similar to Tinoire. These are the types of people who took over that Peace rally many years ago, the one where A.N.S.W.E.R. took the wind out of the sail of the peace movement. Remember that one? Everyone was set to fight against the illegal Iraq War, but all anyone heard about was Palestine. It was ridiculous. Have one or two maybe cover that topic, but it was just too fricken much.

Agent99 actually dissed Cindy Sheehan in a past BradBlog thread. I can probably track it down if necessary. It's the one on when Cindy got booted out of Congress or somewhere for wearing an anti-war or anti-Bush t-shirt. Sorry I don't remember the specific story. It was a big one at the time. I do remember that Agent99 attacked Cindy as good as any freeper troll could have.

These people do slip up from time to time and reveal their true colours.

I'll end this post with a few more comments. Yes, both of these people's posts are now subject to deletion. I'm not gonna let them play their parlor games here. May41970 keeps linking to ******** ideas and sources. Sluggo keeps frothing about me being Jeremy Lowe, which makes him look like an idiot, which could be the point. If he looks like a madman, then perhaps that is the goal, to have that rub off on Bev Harris' image.

By the way, this is how the double strawman works. You have an ******* like "Fintan Dunne" who makes no sense. Then people are more likely to flock to Brad and Bev. Bev harris got most of the dirt thrown at her, so people will probably end up at Brad's place, if interested in election reform.

They will maybe hear about the Curtis story. Maybe they will believe it, since nutjobs like Fintan and AnonymousArmy disagree. Thus, the faith in Brad increases. Thus, the association with the Agent99 type ******** solidifies. It's right woos left.

Others may be more insightful than I was and figure out the Brett Kimberlin connection much sooner. Brett Kimberlin alone makes Brad Friedman an instant strawman.

We're left with a double strawman. Fintan makes no sense. Brad's connections to both Kimberlin and Curtis make no sense. Both sides are basically warped. We are talking controlled opposition here. Gatekeeping101. The result is called the enigma. The enigma becomes the core consensus via rabbit holes and the formation of zeitgeists.

People should check out the Connell story. Right before I quit posting or reading at BradBlog, I could already see how many were propping up Connell as a potential, whistleblower hero.

The big story reported was that Connell had been threatened by Karl Rove to take the fall for the electoral irregularities. These are strawman articles and threads, imho. These are simply more Fitzmas. This is about controlled venting.

Larisa of RawStory wrote that Brett Kimberlin was merely a pot dealer. She made it seem like no biggie, that he was a great guy who was wrongly incarcerated. She said he was completely exonerated and received a hefty sum for compensation.


Every time this forum picks up or starts to take shape, it is attacked. Every time this place uncovers important information, whether on Hertzberg, Aubuchont, Kimberlin, Mike Rivero, Agent99 and BradBlog, on and on, it is attacked.

No one wants to admit that there is widespread "weather mitigation" going on. Nor do folks want to consider the extent of fakery on the internet. So all over the internet we witness the raising of the noise to signal ratio.


Bev Harris

Unread postby SluggoJD » Sun Aug 03, 2008 6:03 pm

You're an idiot.

Long before the Robert Pelletier expose', there was this series of diaries at Daily Kos, which got me banned:

Bev Harris - She really is an American hero after all, Part 1
Bev Harris - She really is an American hero after all, Part 2
Bev Harris, an American Hero - Part 3, Time for Truth to Prevail!
Bev Harris, an American Hero - Part 4, a Conspiracy to Malign

Pay special attention to the last one - ties to Flocco via Robert Mendenhall Jr.

Bev would tell you herself that she has had no stronger supporter for years than me. Try this as well!

BevHarrisEnemiesAnalysis "BASHBEV.COM" - an analysis

Seriously dude, if you are going to obsess about me, at least get your facts straight...unless of course your intention is to libel people, in which case, you're doing a great job, but all things come to en end.

Unread postby socrates » Mon Aug 04, 2008 11:02 am

With due respect to Lophofo's decision, I am going to move this thread back to the public forum. I still want every may41970 post deleted. He is not wanted here.

AA {He signed up here}, Anonymous Army, this isn't the place for you to be a member, but if you have any comments, please keep in mind that I am fed up with the tension. I don't want it on this forum. People, including myself, need to stick to facts and sensible ideas, or there is no way that this conversation should continue.

Sluggo, if you want to post here, you're gonna need to drop the nasty comments.

I am not on the internet trying to libel anyone. If you want to kindly point out what you are referring to, then fine, I'll take a look. If you can show me errors, I will fix them. I do find it quite curious how silent you are about Brett Kimberlin, and how Larisa of RawStory lied about him. Now if she can show where he was exonerated for being a bomber scumbag, then that's why the retraction was invented. But I doubt he was ever exonerated, and I think it's quite strange how he is tied in with RawStory and BradBlog.

The electoral integrity movement on the internet has been a joke with tons of noise. That's probably the one thing we all agree on.

So Sluggo outed Tom Flocco. If he hadn't done that, Flocco would now be bigger than Mike Rivero. At least that's what Sluggo wants people to believe.

I also wonder where Sluggo's exposes are on Kimberlin, Clint Curtis, Mike Rivero and Willis Carto. He keeps insinuating that I am Jeremy Lowe. At least he isn't saying for sure, like how he declared Kelvin Mace as Neil Forzod.

I remember going through these stories in archives. I remember after hearing about the Forzod claims, that I started to have doubts about Sluggo as regards to the Pelletier/Diebold troll findings. I didn't start looking into all this closely, until I realised a troll named Navari at BreakForNews was in fact Steven Hertzberg of the Election Science Institute. I thought Brad might be interested in such a development. I guessed wrong.

It was only after Brad Friedman told me that the Pelletier story was fact, that I then looked at the big study put together by Bev Harris on the matter. It looked slick and convincing. But if folks see the Forzod claims, then I bet they won't look too deeply into the Pelletier ones.

I don't trust either of you. But if you want to make some posts, feel free. I simply ask that everyone, me included, drop the attitudes and stick to the facts and being civil.
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Forzod was also Rob Pelletier

Unread postby SluggoJD » Mon Aug 04, 2008 9:15 pm

Wow, I got something wrong, and had to publicly retract. I guess I suck, especially since I was honest, re-evaluated and tried to disprove myself, succeeded in disproving myself, and posted that I was wrong.

I don't see you retracting very much around here about anything, no matter how absurd some of your writings are. Instead, you just police the gate, and post more stuff.

As for the list of names you are wondering why I am not hopping up and down all over trying to bring to justice, what's the point? Nothing I do or try to do, or did, or tried to do, actually accomplishes anything. Nobody cares. Nothing changes. And life is much more enjoyable when you get away from the keyboard.

How many people are busting down the doors here because they care about your work? Does chemtrail research pay your bills? Did troll research pay mine? At some point, what's the point???

Besides, it's baseball time. Just google me again and look for baseball.

Chemtrail Research may pay off in the long run

Unread postby Lophofo » Mon Aug 04, 2008 10:43 pm

SluggoJD wrote:Does chemtrail research pay your bills?...At some point, what's the point???

:!: Chemtrail research might actually help reduce the bills I have to pay...for doctors' bills, hospital bills, etc. Imo, they have definitely help contributed to an ever growing epidemic of previously undocumented illnesses that suddenly crop up in areas and are inexplicable by practitioners.


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