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Let's talk calmly about global warming

tinfoil by association

Re: Chemtrail Research may pay off in the long run

Unread postby SluggoJD » Tue Aug 05, 2008 12:11 am

Lophofo wrote:
SluggoJD wrote:Does chemtrail research pay your bills?...At some point, what's the point???

:!: Chemtrail research might actually help reduce the bills I have to pay...for doctors' bills, hospital bills, etc. Imo, they have definitely help contributed to an ever growing epidemic of previously undocumented illnesses that suddenly crop up in areas and are inexplicable by practitioners.

Lophofo, I meant no ridicule. There was a time when I thought chemtrails were complete BS. Then one day, during the first period when Socrates stopped speaking to me, I watched a video that he provided a link to. I was at a loss for words - I could not rationally explain where the stuff was coming out of the plane from. It sure didn't look like it came from the engines. So now I have a more open mind...but I also recognize radioactivity when I see it, and the subject is radioactive.

Nevertheless, I do sympathize, and hope things get better for you.

Unread postby socrates2 » Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:57 pm

Now that I'm on dial-up instead of high speed, my troll busting days are somewhat over. I'll never be able to duplicate what I did. I'm not giving up. It's just a whole different ballgame when one has to wait for pages to download, etc.. I have a new found respect for the folks on dial-up.

Larisa of RawStory needs to answer for her extensive comments about Brett Kimberlin at the Democratic Underground. She's supposed to be a reporter.

Has Larisa of RawStory lied about Kimberlin




According to the LA Steele Show, Kimberlin funds The Raw Story website.


It was as if Larisa was deliberately ignoring the superway bomber story with the Dan Quayle pot story.

Check out this strange post by Jamboi at DU where he seemed to be willingly posting disinformation about Brett Kimberlin.

Jamboi Post


If you look at the bio page for the Epoxy band, it is clear that there is only one Brett Kimberlin, and he is the one with the aid of Larisa of RawStory and Brad of BradBlog getting away with the cover up of his own story. That makes sense if he is bankrolling them.

Larisa needs to come clean on this story, or she has no credibility.

The RawStory puts up a lot of good stories, but I suggest to folks to not rely on it as a #1 source for news. In a way, they resemble Rivero's WhatReallyHappened or Rense.com with their wide array of news stories. Hopefully, RawStory isn't some form of controlled vent giving us the illusion that these people are on our side.

This is a pretty disgusting story. A man who got his leg and two fingers blown off because of Brett Kimberlin later killed himself over the grief. Either this story gets told, or this has been an exclusive expose on them by a humble forum/blog.



Unread postby socrates2 » Wed Aug 06, 2008 6:10 pm

I wish the chemtrails were harmless contrails, but it doesn't look like it. In that Skywatch video, it does look like the trails are not starting out of the engines. It's called "weather mitigation." I believe it is not on the books and is classified as a national security project. The ptb's have termed climate change as a national security issue. They want to keep drilling, go for nuclear plants, go status quo with illegal wars, instead of changing to a peace economy.

Two most obvious theories for chemtrails are to block out uv-b rays and to control weather. Geoengineering to offset global warming has been advised to be done in the stratosphere. Ozone in the troposphere attenuates uv-b rays greater than that in the stratosphere. They may indeed already be experimenting in the stratosphere.

They astroturfed rather well that chemtrails are kooky, even though they are a logical and more likely than not explanation and are indeed not kooky.

The same thing happens all across the internet, imho. It happened with the electoral integrity forums. It happened with Fitzmas and the but, but, but Clinton nonsense.

Right has wooed left. But there are pockets of awareness.

Demilitarise the United States. That is the only solution. I'm not saying let other countries invade us and whatnot. But enough is enough with the way the world is structured. The War Industry needs to be shut down. And ground NASA. NASA is not anything like what they present themselves as.

{end of rant}

Unread postby Isard » Thu Aug 07, 2008 2:40 am

socrates2 wrote:Demilitarise the United States. That is the only solution. I'm not saying let other countries invade us and whatnot. But enough is enough with the way the world is structured. The War Industry needs to be shut down. And ground NASA. NASA is not anything like what they present themselves as.

Yes, it definetly is the only solution. I am not american, but the US military-industrial complex has gathered so much power that it is nowadays a global threat.

But it will not be beaten by any foreign power. It has to be destroyed from inside. The system is already extremely corrupt.
US citizens (in my opinion), have the responsibility to re-create a true democratic society. I sincerily hope they will.

This is not an anti-american post. Just a constructive point of view.
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Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:50 pm

We have severe institutional problems which make it tough for us to get that job done. You probably are well aware of Orwell for his Homage to Catalonia. Here we are saturated with Big Brother and shallow mass consumerism. Our news is scrubbed. Our internet is perverted. It is going to be a long struggle to save the planet. Our chief law enforcement is corrupt. Maybe we need someone like Eisenhower who spoke out about the excesses of the Military Industrial Complex. I'm not giving up. We do have the truth. Unfortunately, present reality feels like The Matrix movie, where only the few are aware while the sheep continue with their apathy.

I just search engined Michael Chricton. What a major tool!

Crichton's conspiracy theory

Re: real real

Unread postby lost_in_shananigans » Sun Aug 10, 2008 10:56 am


"is that enough "information" for you?

i actually meant, "is this REALLY enough information for you?..."


Unread postby socrates2 » Sun Aug 10, 2008 2:10 pm

{on edit- the post linked to wasn't deleted. I rarely delete anything. But when threads got merged, some links got broken. Just going around right now turning lophofo.com links into protected code. He does keep track of who downloads images from his website. 1/16/09}

This is Lost_In_Haze who showed up here. Maybe folks might want to read his posts on that thread. He appears to be writing differently.

I don't have time for Chrichton supporters. Lophofo pretty much summed up that nonsense. I suspect this is a paid troll.

There is plenty of information in that top chemtrails section besides coverage on the German chemtrails story.

There is a paid script which has been in place all these years portraying chemtrails as a kooky concept. Trolls like this run the risk of having their posts deleted. It becomes spam. There are plenty of kooky forums who will welcome him with open arms. Not this place.

Global warming isn't real? Were the moon landings faked?

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jun 29, 2009 8:31 pm

Man-made global warming is real. Those denying it are tied into "right woos left" conspiracy theory networks. There is a guy doing podcasts out of Texas named Patrick Timpone. He works for KLBJ in Austin. Well-known right winger Alex Jones also works for KLBJ. It's strange how both of them believe in chemtrails but not in global warming. Their unscientific approaches and devotion to as many conspiracy theories as possible make them the perfect strawmen. A newbie might see how ideological, tabloid like, and utterly goofy they are and be less likely to realise that chemtrails are not contrails. Patrick Minnis has a doctorate and works for NASA. He says chemtrails don't exist. Who are the newbies more likely to believe? The guys blabbing about a global warming myth, or the dude with scientific credentials? Those who evoke authority are dependent on flawed opponents. It is no accident that chemtrails have been portrayed as kookiness. It's all part of an elaborate tinfoil by association plan in effect all over the net. Its origins are from the right.


I only signed up for Timpone's website, because I wanted to listen to the Will Thomas interview. Will went on to push the Deep Sky and Terry Stewart hoaxes. Today I got one of Timpone's newsletters.

Global Warming - Is it a Myth? with Professor David J. Bellamy OBE ....

Tomorrow we speak with a Professor LIVE from England who has been researching eco matters and travelling the globe for some 40 years. We talk about the great Global Warming myth. Professor David J. Bellamy OBE has research to show what we are being told doesn't quest seem to make sense. LIVE 10am -11am CST.....


According to Timpone, there are three ways to help him out. You can purchase holistic products from advertisers and his store. Here's an example.


Or feel free to send him some cash.


Back to the show!


Alex Jones is selling the same angle.

Botanist Bellamy Shunned by BBC for Questioning Climate Change

There are some related links to:

1. Czech leader joins meeting of climate change deniers
2. Humans not causing climate change, look at Hitler
3. Irish Environment minister Sammy Wilson: I still think man-made climate change is a con
4. Climate Change Conference: Genocidal Global Warming Policies will Kill Hundreds of Millions
5. Majority of Britons: Climate Change Cause is Bunk
6. Climate Change Psychosis
7. Czech President Klaus ready to debate Gore on climate change
8. Climate Change Zealot: Put Oil Corp. Bosses on Trial
9. Bill would require California’s science curriculum to cover climate change
10. NASA’s Chief Climate Scientist Calls for Climate Change Civil Disobedience
11. Climate change must be tackled before global poverty, says Prince Charles
12. Climate change rhetoric spirals out of control

The Alex Jones website has the same kind of ads, same with Michael Rivero there are those gold ads. Everything's a conspiracy. They're trying to kill us off. They make up global warming! Don't trust the doctors!!! Run for the hills, it's the Jooooos!

Or buy this elixir.


So Bellamy isn't even a real scientist. He's a botanist who has no credentials in explaining what's happening in the atmosphere. Hello strawman for sure.

I'm kinda not in the blogging mood. I'm gonna just give ye some links to check out if you want to. This Bellamy guy is bad news.



Has David Bellamy gone mad?

Mindless Alternatives

patrick timpone podcast

Patrick started in radio during Viet Nam. He enlisted in the Navy for four years and worked as a Journalist and the final two years as a disc jockey for Armed Forces Radio in the South Pacific....

Here's a funny connection made.

Declaration of Standing

Patrick Timpone wrote:Here is one of the best websites to start your research. Don’t let it spook you at it’s wealth of information. Do a little at a time and the more you learn, the clearer it gets. This fellow’s research, I am told by people’s who’s opinions I respect, is top notch:


With liberty for all,


{Excerpts from that link}

The Communists have said for years that their 'friends' are: other True Communists, Fellow Travelers, and Useful Idiots. It may occasionally be appropriate to ask oneself:

"Am I a True Communist? ... Why?"
"Do I benefit from being a Fellow Traveler with a True Communist?
"How do I benefit?
"Where are we going?
"Do I really want to go there?
"Am I being a Useful Idiot?
"Why would I want to be any kind of idiot?"

It never hurts to know the enemy; so here is
The Communist Manifesto:

The Communist Manifesto as manifested in these united States of America:

Get the picture? You can also find your way to the Willis Carto inspired Idaho Observer run by Don Harkins. Hey, welcome to the Patriot Network!!!!!

These are freepers. Alex Jones works with Michael Rivero and hence is affiliated to Jeff Rense and Curtis Maynard. Right woos left has never been clearer. Now how would any of this crap find its way into the progressive blogosphere? Are those useful idiots or paid fakes spreading such memes? The internet is a big fat scam which cements the status quo. The true left has been weeded out and alienated. True progressives don't support right wingers and spread Jew hate.

These are fakes. They are strawmen making a buck. They might as well be up there dispersing chemtrails. Crazy men are saying there is no global warming but that chemtrails are real. These are your typical conspiracy theorists. All of these people are coming from the extreme right. At best, they are making a buck off of gullible conservatives with little education. At worst, they are paid disinfo on some kind of black op payroll.

This guy believes in chemtrails?

That's the kind of support we don't need. Alex Jones is literally bad news.
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