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Louis Aubuchont: A Disinfo Troll Who Reeks Like Cointelpro

tinfoil by association

Re: Michael Goodspeed claims Lou sent him an email

Unread postby socrates » Sat Jan 12, 2008 11:04 pm

[quote="may41970"]Is Lou Aubuchont a real person? Did Lou, being the good samaritan he is, stop on the side of the road to assist somone who happened to be a popular internet psychic/prophet? Did Lou then proceed to send emails out to people like "Michael Goodspeed" to tell them how stupid this purported psychic is?

It's like bad television where you can predict where their stupid internet script is going. A few things stood out. How likely is he to bump into this other crazy, internet personality? He followed him to a service station? He knew the owner who gave him the kid's name? This is like with the "Tracker" scam over at Chemtrail Central. Maxima mea culpa. Tracker ended up posting by mistake under Lou's username? It's like bad tv.

The "Tracker" crap was a big part of the script. It set up the epic rabbithole battles between Lou and Jay Reynolds. We were kicked off of Chemtrail Central precisely because we understand the major chemtrail forum histories and were not afraid to expose it. CTC could no longer afford to have us around. They are trying to bury the history.

Lou's spelling and writing seemed to be much better than usual. I didn't see any spaces before the punctuation marks. There was none of his trademark bad spelling.

I've seen a picture of S.T. Brendt. She is definitely real. Jay Reynolds appears to be real. There could be any number of folks working on this. I would guess that 10 people could handle it all. If I had to guess, I don't think there really is a "Louis Aubuchont." Perhaps he is using a real name for his disinfo job. Maybe S.T. Brendt is Lou. Maybe this Jay Reynolds lives in Maine. But they are all in it together, even if there are separate people playing various parts. I am leaning towards thinking that well over 90% of the usernames at these boards are fakes.

May41970 should be commended for starting the investigation into Aubuchont and Will Thomas.
Good job. This was a most excellent finding also.

This is all so convoluted and nutty, that I haven't the slightest what to make of it. But it would be interesting to try and get a confirmation from Lou one way or another - whether he ever wrote the following.

Or might Lou and Goodspeed be the same guy? This is some really crazy ****...

There are probably hundreds of fake bloggers working the whole internet, perhaps thousands. Goodspeed is a nutjob linked to Jeff Rense. He is into reverse-speech. He is on the Art Bell type radio shows.

Here are some links.


These are nutjobs debunking nutjobs.

Michael Goodspeed is a Reverse Speech Hobbyist who hangs his hat in Portland, Oregon. Pioneered by Australian researcher David John Oates, Reverse Speech uncovers meanings and truths expressed by our unconscious selves, literally by playing a recorded message backwards.

Chuck and Michael converse about the origins of Reverse Speech, play many "reversals," and Michael reveals why this science has altered his perspective on the universe, and his place therein.

Forward your thoughts to Disciple Goodspeed: reversespeech.com/goodsp.htm

I found a chemtrail thread at the forum link you provided. I think we have ourselves another fake socrates. But this time the person is named Socrate, with no "s" on the end. He says he is from Australia. He asks questions just like Big Bunny of Megsprayer.

This chemtrail thread has some pure fakery in it.

People were complaining about various illnesses.
This first guy mentioned colloidal silver as a remedy.
Any coincidence with this ad featured at the bottom of the page?



The next dude recommends Tums.



An oldie but goodie kooky idea: The trails are dispersed into strange images.
A poster claims he saw a chemtrail which looked like a masonic symbol.


Here's a few posts from "Socrate."
It's a lame psy-op to try to include us in the script making.
The lame psy-op is that I am BigBunny. We are all the walrus or something.
We are all on the same fictitious team. That kind of nonsense.

He's from Australia, just like "Big Bunny" of Chemtroll Central and Megasprayer.
He asks questions in a similar style to him. His name is "Socrate."

He signs off as "So." People have given me the nickname of Soc.
The fake socrates here took away one letter from both my username and the nickname.


Sounds sort of like BigBunny, imho.

Here's one more, but this is off-topic. I found this while uploading those previous screenshots. I'm just saying that most of these fakes are tied to the hip. From Madsen to Tinoire to Jeff Wells to Arcadia Ego to Lou to Thomas to Goodspeed to Dunne to Hertzberg.

Now why is a "left wing" website promoting a rightwing one like Michael Rivero's WhatReallyHappened?

The reason we got cyberbullied is because this humble forum put a lot of this nonsense into perspective.

I just want to see something positive happen, and soon. I'm hoping the circumstantial evidence of election fraud in New Hampshire will result in an auditable, paper trail to stop the cheating.

John Edwards is being pushed out. Why are Hillary and Obama being given the only chance to win the democratic nomination? The Clinton votes seemed to have gotten swapped with the Barrack ones. We need some good news. We need some tangible victories against the growing fascism.

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Unread postby socrates » Tue Jan 15, 2008 6:06 pm

The fakes love to scrub and delete. For those who missed it, here are some "Louis Aubuchont" posts that were saved. They can no longer be read at Chemtrail Central. It is ridiculous that "Aubuchont" deleted all his posts from CTC and left in their place a frothing statement about myself and may41970. The truth is neither one of us did anything wrong at CTC to warrant getting banned. This cannot be emphasized enough. CTC is a disinfo pit. Its goal is to make chemtrails appear like a kooky hoax. We were able this last year to totally expose that operation. We got too close to the truth for them to handle. They didn't want newbies and fence sitters to be able to get to our findings here through CTC.

Proof of how we were trolled by "Louis Aubuchont" can be found on this thread:

The two of us seem to be in agreement that "Louis Aubuchont" is not a real person. The proof strongly suggests that he is a paid, internet username.

Who is "Lou Aubuchont?" If someone went up to Southern Maine and asked around, would people even know there is a "Lou Aubuchont?" What about Tiffany Brendt? She is clearly a real person. Is she a disinfo tool who writes as "Lou Aubuchont?" Or is her ex, Richard Dean Luttrell, or whatever his name is, "Louis Aubuchont?"

{on edit: I just noticed that LongIslandGenealogy.com doesn't want any of their materials reproduced. Even though they were posted for educational purposes, I am replacing the screenshots with the links. The information from the links lines up with Johanna Bockhorn's obituary notice. Thus, unless someone can prove otherwise, S.T. Brendt's original surname was Basille, and she had two siblings who died very young.

Now where this gets very interesting is how "Louis Aubuchont" has responded to this info over at DebateBothSides. He does a lot of frothing, most of it is unreadable. But one thing I noticed was how he has flipped out over someone saying there was or is a Mr. Brendt. As the great philosopher may41970 posted last night, to paraphrase, "me thinks Lou doth protest too much."


One final note to add to this edit. The main question is whether there really is a "Louis Aubuchont." If there is, then there is more work to do. If not, then the question remains, who is posting as Lou? Is it S.T. Brendt, Will Thomas, "Dean Luttrell," or the Mr. Brendt mentioned in the links below?
{end of edit}

This is Tiffany Brendt:


One reason I believe that Tiffany is "Louis Aubuchont" is because "Lou" would sign off on a lot of his posts as "Lou and Tiff." My intuition is telling me that Tiffany is "Lou." She was the cornerstone of the "Deep Sky" hoax. Because she is a "journalist," however, I think the fakes realised it would be best to keep her directly out of the forums. IMHO, this was the reason behind the creation of "Lou."

Tiffany's mother was a Johanna Bockhorn.



I looked into some of the genealogy. I found this info from a domain called LongIslandGenealogy.com. The Stringham family goes back all the way to some of the first settlers.


Johanna had two other children who passed away many years ago. Tiffany Brendt's original name was Tiffany Basile.



Tiffany Basile married someone named Brendt. No first name is available. I don't know who Mr. Brendt is or if he really ever existed. Here are some other anomalies I found from that genealogy website. Apparently Johanna Bockhorn's mom was married previously to a John or Martin Weston. Together they had four children. The four siblings all have the same first names as those listed in the above obituary mentioning Johanna's siblings.


This could be a bunch of insignificant tangents. My guess is that Johanna's mom remarried with the Bockhorn dude, who then adopted the children from her previous marriage. The early deaths of Tiffany's siblings is an eye-opener too. But that is beyond the scope of this post. The main point I found from looking through all this is that Tiffany Basile married someone named Brendt. The Brendt dude was not given a first name for some reason.

And what is one to make of the following? Two consecutive posters on a blog have the name Tiffany, then Brendt? What are the odds? What was up with the AnnAngryBitch and Lou posting on the same Atrios thread? One other question. Why did "Lou" push us into investigating himself further? If he had ignored us, we probably wouldn't have kept digging so much. Now my curiousity is totally in fourth gear. I want to know if there really is a "Louis Aubuchont." I want to finish what we have started. I want to know the truth.


Tiffany Brendt in local politics. The station she worked for is given as a link.


I think eventually this Brendt/Aubuchont/Thomas scam will be figured out. That Thomas continues to run with the "Deep Sky" hoax along with other dubious stories makes him appear to be a plant from the beginning. I am really leaning towards thinking "Aubuchont" is Tiffany Brendt. The rest of this story might be easy to figure out. One needs to go to the Parsonsfield, Maine area and start asking questions.

The chemtrail forum fakery is circumstantial evidence that chemtrails are real. A lot of time and effort has been put into it. It can be theorised why Will Thomas has been involved. He has either been duped or is in on the fakery. But why is this Tiffany Brendt involved? Why has this "Louis Aubuchont" been frothing and spreading disinfo the last couple years? We need to pin down who is Louis Aubuchont. We need to find out if he is a real person. The way to do this will be to figure out his connection to Tiffany Brendt.


In other forum fakery news, I have recently become discouraged about the Randi Rhodes forum. It appears that many good posters have been banned there for no good reasons. Yes, some have been justifiably banned. The problem is one needs to be a forum member to check out posting histories. So I can't really go into specifics and be able to provide a link for everyone.

I had recently called out someone named "bushwa" for appearing to be a plant. He continually makes posts that a freeper would make. He astroturfed that the Willie Horton story which tanked Dukakis years back was no big deal. That's wrong. The Willie Horton thing was classic Atwater/Rovian Republican manipulating.

He also comes across just like any other fake Democratic debunker. They are the types who want the reader to know how progressive they are. But if one looks closely into their posting histories, they are anything but progressive. They are concern trolls. They might make some good posts once in a while to keep folks off of their astroturfing scent. Bushwa and others are protected by the Randi Rhodes forum moderators and closed access to seeing his and others' posts. Maybe I will be banned for making these comments.

The only reason I don't think they have banned me is because they think I represent the progressive as being a conspiracy theorist. There are folks at Randi Rhodes who love to link to Wayne Madsen. Madsen is one of the financial donors for the Progressive Independent. Then Bushwa always comes in and points out what a stiff Madsen is, how he makes Democratics look kooky. There seems to be a script in place at the Randi Rhodes forum. If I had to guess, I would say that Randi Rhodes is not personally involved with it. I believe that fakes find ways to gain moderator status at such places and then destroy the such forums from within.

When the Bhutto story emerged, Bushwa was in on every thread decrying the "deification" of Benazir Bhutto. When the story seemed to be heading towards the ISI/CIA connections, he would show up and call everyone conspiracy theorists. When th3e New Hampshire Diebold scam recently emerged, yet again Bushwa showed up to derail the natural flow of the thread.

There is someone called OKthat'sIt. That person is like Wayne Hall/Halva to Bushwa's Jay Reynolds type character. OKthat'sIt is 24/7 with the tinfoil slant. She is always linking to Madsen. This Bushwa scam is all about creating the illusion of the level-headed Democratic. Thus when election fraud emerges, the fake progressive shows up and spews enigmas and froths about tinfoil and conspiracy theories.

Here are some links to forums and blogs which have had some tough questions for the Randi Rhodes Message Board and other "progressive" forums which seem to have been manipulated by astroturfing rightwing slobs who hate democracy.

There is a place called Democratic Warrior, where folks can find threads critical of the Randi Rhodes board. Here is one example.


An example from the AirAmerica forum:

This last link is very interesting. The whole blog is dedicated to exposing forum fakes, the ones who manipulate the liberal and progressive forums. Knock on wood this is for real. If so, there are more of us questioning the abundant fakery than it seems. If interested, there is plenty there and also in the comments.

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Lou Aubuchont is Brendt's Husband????

Unread postby may41970 » Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:09 am

Hey Will Thomas, did you really say this...

During his hitch in U.S. Navy Intelligence, Brendt’s husband had never seen an aerial armada this big. “It looked like an invasion,” Lou Aubuchont said.


As for me, I don't think that "Lou Aubuchont even exists. Considering that "Lou Aubuchont" is the centerpiece of Will Thomas' chemtrails books - this could very well be a groundbreaking matter.

So let's figure this out. Is there a "Lou Aubuchont" that lives in Parsonfield, Maine? I think we need to get to the bottom of this.


Re: Lou Aubuchont is Brendt's Husband????

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 16, 2008 9:15 pm

[quote="may41970"]Hey Will Thomas, did you really say this...

During his hitch in U.S. Navy Intelligence, Brendt’s husband had never seen an aerial armada this big. “It looked like an invasion,” Lou Aubuchont said.


Lou frothed how Will might have made a few inconsequential errors. I'm not sure, but it looks like nearly all of Lou's CTC posts are gone from the internet. The wayback machine's not working for me. How much more pruning and scrubbing can they do? Have the wayback machine archives of the past years been deleted by Mark Steadham, because they expose Lou Aubuchont for the disinfo troll that he is?

Mark Steadham will never live this down. I mean, he will never live down the stigma of creating and owning that dirtrag of a forum. He recently took down the links at CTC to his fancy domains. Hopefully, people will search engine Mark Steadham and find this post. Then they may think twice before doing business with him. They may look at CTC and think that Mark Steadham is a disingenuous, tabloid spouting, internet *****.

Saved from the scrub job
Mark Steadham of SEOMA:


Here's an article written by Steadham. Standard boring material. But here Thermite is described as "the creator of many popular websites including Money Talk and SEOMA. Mark Steadham is also the creator and owner of Chemtrail Central. Based on that, Mark Steadham is an insidious creep.


As for me, I don't think that "Lou Aubuchont even exists. Considering that "Lou Aubuchont" is the centerpiece of Will Thomas' chemtrails books - this could very well be a groundbreaking matter.

Good thing we saved those frothing posts from "Aubuchont" before they were scrubbed away forever. We have CTC where we had the WhatReallyHappened forum. They have both been exposed for scrubbing their histories and applying totalitarian censorship rules.

So let's figure this out. Is there a "Lou Aubuchont" that lives in Parsonfield, Maine? I think we need to get to the bottom of this.

It'll be figured out. I'm leaning towards thinking S.T. Brendt is "Lou."

I found some more strange links including the name "Lou Aubuchont."


I just played around with a search engine and found that quote. The username isn't Aubuchont, but it is the kind of divisive, homophobic crap Lou was posting as AnnAngryBitch.

Brad Pitt Shows Love for George Clooney


People can check out the other comments. I think "Louis Aubuchont" was using many a sock puppet on that one.

How is "Louis Aubuchont" not a paid troll?

Ok, one more like that. They are kind of fun to try to figure out.


It turns out to be a quote from Matt Drudge.

Miami New Times that:
... I am a conservative. I'm very much pro-life. If you go down the list of what makes up a conservative, I'm there almost all the way.[41]

It does appear that Aubuchont's CTC posts are nearly all gone. I found the following of his copied and pasted at a place called Godlike Productions. I tried to find the original through the wayback machine, but no dice. No cache. No wayback machine. Total scrub job.


[quote="Dee"]I found this posted on an open forum


Credit to Louis Aubuchont of Maine
He wrote May 10, 2005 concerning chemtrails...

What I gleaned from this is that there is a concentrated effort to squelch questions about Chemtrails.

The following.

Since the fall of 1997 I have been working mostly alone at first, chasing down leads to the spraying issue and trying to remain objective about it.

I had read all of the theories that were circulating back then and still are to date, I focused on what I thought was the most reasonable which was "A protective UV shield high in the atmosphere", "The military doing something to enhance communications or satellite radar"and my last choice was "Some sort of weather / climate experiment".

I had put aside the notion of "Culling the population" as I thought that Scenario was just to diabolical to consider.

I ruled out " Alien" involvement as I did not want to appear to be a UFO fanatic, that subject is pretty well covered by other peoples time, energy and recourses.

I did not buy into the "Air born inoculation" theory because at the time the spraying seemed so random and wide spread to be an effective delivery system.

Eventually I started working with a few other people who were interested in the issue, sharing what little actual hard, factual information that we had been able to come up with, at the time it was not much, reports from ex-military people, airline personnel, no one in public office would even talk to us about the spraying issue.

Time dragged on and we were getting nowhere, being stonewalled and given the run around, letters written to Senators and Congressman that took months to get a reply on were a waste of time as I am sure a lot of you know all to well.

All the while what little we had found out was adding up to what looked like the Governments / DOD involvement in two operations, "Comminations and satellite radar enhancement" and " Weather / climate experiments", the weather modification term did not come into play until later.

Finally, on March 12, 2001 after a long period of hearing nothing we got a break, on that day we were getting a massive spraying here in Maine and New Hampshire involving hundreds of aircraft, the sky was full of them making Chemtrails, even in my time in the service I had never seen so many large body aircraft at one time in any military exercise / operation, it was just surreal and outrageous, it looked like an invasion.

I and S.T.Brendt were both amazed and angry at what we were seeing going on to the point that I asked her to call the local airport an find out what was going on, she did and was told that what we were seeing was a military exercise taking place, well, I knew that was pure BS so I had S.T Brendt make a few more calls to various airports, one denied that anything was going on, another confirmed that it was a military exercise as the first call had produced and the third call found someone that was as angry as we were at what we were seeing.

That third call produced "Deep Sky" who works for the FAA in air traffic control, after a lengthily conversation "Deep Sky" agreed to meet with S.T.Brendt for an interview, It was at this first interview of three to date and we learned at that first interview what the military was doing was connected to "Weather Modification" as "Deep Sky" told us that information had come down from much higher sources within the FAA in the form of "What Not To Tell The Public" if asked.

After getting to know "Deep Sky" I can say that what he has told us to date has been confirmed by other ATC people and the fact that security has been tightened with regard to what FAA employees can relate to the public about the spraying proves that "THEY" do not want the public to hear anything regarding Weather Modification.

ATC people have already lost their jobs for talking to people about the subject.

We have become very conscious of the effort to find out who is talking by the Government types and take every step possible to avoid exposing "Deep Sky" and other sources who are now talking to us.

It has taken a long time to build up the kind of trust so that people will talk to us and hopefully very soon a good deal of information is going to come out with regard to the FAA´s complicity in covering up this aerosol spraying operation, that is all that I can say about it right now.

What are my personal feelings about the spraying, I believe that it is weather modification, I believe that it is going to far and playing God at the probable expense of the people like us, I believe we have a right to know and not be treated like we do not exist only in the sense to pay taxes that end up in the hands of those who keep secrets, I have but one goal with regard to this global spraying and that is to find out the truth about it and expose it to every man, woman and child on this planet.

I would like to do it without the speculation and assumption as both I feel defeat any chance of getting to the real truth of the matter, obtaining hard data and information that can not be disputed or debunked as the ravings of some fringe wacko is the only way short of the Government coming clean on the subject to bring about the truth, I and a few people close to me will continue in that effort.

Whether or not I personally believe in the NWO, the illuminati or UFO´S and little gray aliens has no relevance in the only real thing that matters with regard to this spraying issue, finding the truth is all that matters, once the truth is out the spraying will be history and if the NWO, illuminati and little grays go with it, all the better but we have to get to the truth first.

I am sure that I have left something out but feel free to ask, I hope that I have satisfied your basic questions, my way is not your way but it is the way I will continue.

It kind of adds up now. That Aubuchont comment on Terry Schiavo. That "burn a flag or a ***" nonsense. Those AnnAngryBitch posts. Those neo-con-artists in steaming piles of narcissistic personality disorders. "Louis Aubuchont" does not appear to be a real person. He is a cartoon. A buffoon of epic proportions. A paid troll.

Every once in a while he made sense. They got us thinking about debunkers. Now we realise the extent of the script. Back then, how were we to know that 98% of them are fakes driving off real people?
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Another "Aubuchont" username found?

Unread postby socrates » Mon Feb 11, 2008 7:46 pm

"Lou Aubuchont" is probably TOTO at DebateBothSides. That means Lou was probably also Ender, Thuban, Reddot, and other sock puppets at Michael Rivero's WhatReallyHappened forum. The best thing that ever got uncovered was the AnnAngryBitch proof. That opened the doorway to seeing that "Louis Aubuchont" is a paid disinformation agent working the internet.

Ok, the new username found belonging to Lou is BottomLine from BreakForDisinfoNews.


BottomLine has that same annoying trait of leaving a space before the punctuation. In this post he is supporting someone who one could assume Ender and Co. from WRH would appreciate, what with the divide and conquer, anti-Jewish people angle.


Then at the end of the post is where I realised this was probably "Louis Aubuchont."


It's not just that BottomLine made fun of the masses by calling them losers, something that Aubuchont has written before. It's not just the strange spaces before the punctuation or the same gruffy kind of style to the writing. Look at the font colour he chose. Have you seen that used before?

From DebateBothSides, the "normal contrails some sanity" thread:


Lou is a disinfo agent tied in with promoting tinfoil by association. It is that simple. He is paid to post. His function has been to discredit the left. He has not only been a chemtrail fake. That is what we have discovered the last half year. There is no Louis Aubuchont in real life. Lou is probably ST Brendt or her husband Brendt, if there is such a person.

Lou Aubuchont Posts More Homophobic Frothings:


And here is even further proof that "Louis Aubuchont" has been posting as BottomLine at BreakForDisinfoNews.

He linked to Jim Phelps, a notorious and legendary chemtrail fake character. Lou is not the brightest disinfo poster. He simply left too many bread crumbs. Visiting here and getting busted as AnnAngryBitch was a big mistake. Making homophobic and other incendiary posts as AnnAngryBitch exposed himself as being paid to post. Here as BottomLine he made similar mistakes. Perhaps this is why he or she only made 8 posts as BottomLine. Here's another huge bread crumb. Lou linked to Jim Phelps.


Here's more spacing before punctuation and more of his patented attacks on Bush and "neo-con-artists."


Here Lou BottomLine posted about no-planes disinfo. I am thinking Lou has posted at this website also as TurkeyNeck and Techman. TurkeyNeck came here when the place allowed guest posts. He started that thread on no-planes.


He even made a Rense-bot post.

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Unread postby socrates » Fri Feb 22, 2008 1:48 am

For those interested in this rabbit hole called "Lou Aubuchont," he made another strategic error in disinfo judgement. He went with the fake socrates angle that took place at HerbAllure in this instance. He said the ip came out to where some company named Socrates.com is located. He or she is not the brightest spook. If you can get through Lou's frothings, I put him and the others in their place. Also, Kola got banned for making a threat against me. You need to look in the edit box to see that the moderator deleted it. He'll be back, though for those who enjoy very sadistic frothings. I don't remember exactly what he wrote. It's not like I read everything they write.


It's on page six where I really set the record straight. Good people out there, you know we won this fight, the two nobodies, the few others who witnessed this kind of ****, the tinfoil by association and other crapola.
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Maybe Not Aubuchont, But A Similar Type Of Disinfo Creep

Unread postby socrates » Sun Feb 24, 2008 8:41 pm

On the surface, Aubuchont has appeared as being a lefty progressive. But if you look behind the facade, what one is left with is a lot of tinfoil and frothings that would make Karl Rove proud.

The last few days, I searched for more possible Aubuchont usernames. I search engined phrases like steaming pile, wraped mind, neo-con-artists, etc..

I tracked down one username that appears to be one that is involved in the same kind of career that Aubuchont, Hertzberg, Kos, and many others are part of. They all seem to make posts in attempts to promote hidden agendas.

Personally, I don't think this is Aubuchont. There is more to internet fakery than Lou. What started out as a hunch for many of us, has been proven true the last couple years. Revelations have shown that there are paid fakes all over the internet.

This person I discovered yesterday appears to be tied in with the CIA, a "prestigeous" law firm, and astroturfing.

Right-wing smear machine tries to crucify Al Gore

Two straight posts contained the search terms that I had copied and pasted from an Aubuchont post. This could be the case of the use of sock puppetry. While the first poster also can be found to have a strange posting history, the second one

ferins wrote:t never ceases to amaze me how the republican party basks in its own collective stupidity as if it's something glorious.

some imbecile craps out a steaming pile of propaganda, and the next minute you have at least 50 million conservative "intellectuals" covered in it.

no citations? no studies? no diploma? no problem!

The next poster is the one to focus in on.

ferrous wrote:"They have never, and I repeat, never smeared anyone on the right like this, not even close."

You must be joking. I suppose all the constant hatred at the current President of the United States of various members of his cabinet doesn't qualify as smearing in your warped little reality. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

It must be great to live permanently in liberal la la land. Give my regards to Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and Michael Moore who all own massive palace complexes there.

Check out what the original blogger said in reply if you want. Here is the post he made directly after that one. Maybe he based this on access to Ferrous' ip address?

Richard wrote:Oh, and by the way, the commenter Ferrous works for a firm called Preston Gates Ellis. Here's the first line of its write-up in Wikipedia: "From 1994 to 2001, Preston Gates Ellis & Rouvelas Meeds LLP employed Jack Abramoff, a Republican lobbyist later convicted for his illegal activities. "

So now we know. Congratulations Ferrous - you're in fine company.

I found Ferrous posts at a place called The Press Democrat. In a little over one year, he was up to over 1400 posts. Steven Hertzberg/Navari has made thousands of posts too. The question is, are these folks on the clock, or are they just into posting on forums like the rest of us nobodies?


Ferrous wrote:Let me ask a simple question. If you were boarding a plane, and there were 4 or 5 young mid-eastern men , some with heavy accents speaking broken English, would you feel at ease, knowing that their Civil Rights weren't being violated by us not taking a little notice of them?
We are at war, and the enemy has been identified. Now it is up to us to sort through all of those that fit the description. War is hell, and a lot more people are going to be killed. Should we do everything that we can, to give us an advantage over these terroist, that hide among their own kind? Wouldn't you think that lawful Islamic people in this country would wish to help?
That might be the biggest question. Are the lawful Islamic people willing to help the West, by betraying the radical fundamentalists? If the Islamic people can't aid us in tracking down these crimminals and putting an end to their "Evil" then this might be the "Jihad". In that case, it will mean either the end of Islam or "Hell on Earth"

{no paragraph breaks like our buddy Don Smith, but I digress.}

Maybe Ferrous is Don Smith? Here he is found posting on a local blog from Don's geographical area.


Ferrous admits working with that firm mentioned above.

I can vouch for this. Pedersen is one of the partners at the firm. (I work there. Doesn't mean I have to like it.)

Posted by: ferrous on July 27, 2006 02:21 PM

People can engine search that firm, Jack Abramoff, throw in Chalabi and the CIA if they want. My question is where do all these hotshots get the time to make thousands of posts? Are we supposed to believe they are doing this in their free time?
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Aubuchont Sock Puppet Ridicules Chemmies

Unread postby socrates » Wed May 21, 2008 6:04 pm

"Lou Aubuchont" has messed up again. He called this forum "a website that is RIPE with all kinds of CHEMTRAIL CONSPIRACY BS..."


The context: BradBlog's moderator is very sensitive to claims about "conspiracy nutters." She was siding with a few of those. Phil said he could control the weather with his own mind, something Lou has also claimed. Nunyabiz used a discredited link which claimed there have been some 80,000 plus American deaths due to the Gulf Wars. I took exception, while Agent99 had brain cramps. The cybersmear gang decided this was a good time to move on in. Unfortunately for them, this has backfired.


We are not supposed to feed trolls. However, "Lou Aubuchont" is the gift whuch keeps on giving.

Lou might also be A J Nickols. What we know for a fact today is that the Mike cross-posted here is "Lou Aubuchont." Mike's posts came from the same internet address as Lou's.

Why would a self-proclaimed "chemtrails activist from Parsonsfield, Maine" infer that chemtrails are a ******** conspiracy topic? Remember, this is the same guy who deleted over 900 of his posts from Chemtrail Central.These are things that strongly hint that "Louis Aubuchont" is a paid spook. He replaced those deleted posts with a generic one calling myself and May41970 debunkers. He says we are the same person. He says he can wipe out small clouds with his own mind. He has posted in honour of Carol Rosin, the cointelpro-like fake who hijacked the peace in space movement and drafted a bill for Dennis Kucinich tying chemtrails in with extra-terrestrial space weapons.


There is a long thread on the WRH forum at this humble place. People should check that out. On page 8 are plenty of screenshots preserved from that now deleted dive. That thread, started by "the Last name left" can only be seen here. It is not in cache.

This is the bottom line. Ganging up on me at BradBlog failed miserably.

"Lou" had the nerve to sign off as "Mike."



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Aubuchont Evokes Imagery Of An{n} Angry Agent Provocateur

Unread postby socrates » Sat May 24, 2008 9:21 am

The key to troll busting is to get such people away from their controlled areas. This is what happened with "Lou" going to the BradBlog. I swear to God I am rarely going to DebateBothSides. Yet, I did check out his initial response to my posting his new sock puppet identity. He answered that the attack was on me for my conspiracy theories about chemtrail forum fakes. He can twist it any way he wants to. But the truth is he signed off at BradBlog as Mike. He also gave no indication that he agreed with the idea that chemtrails are real. Later on in the DBS thread, he switched gears, denying that he was "Mike." He posted that we should be able to see the BradBlog ip logs.

This is what happened. I have been bashing Brad's trolls to the best of my abilities, from "Fintan Dunne" to AnonymousArmy to Mark Lindeman. Brad does try to rein me in whenever I make a post that needs such doing. Yet, imho, Brad likes and respects me. He appreciates my passion for seeking out the truth. I asked him if "Mike" had the same address as the one AnnAngryBitch had on the post he made about Larry Craig, the same one that I noticed visited here when we were just starting out. It was confirmed that yes, the Mike posts from above were made from the same exact address.

Here is an excerpt from the last post "Lou" made at BradBlog. It could be argued that Lou tried to sound different from his Aubuchont persona. The following implies that he is not just a whackjob, but that he is indeed an agent provocateur.


Mike wrote:Is it any wonder that 81% of Americans polled think that we are headed in the wrong direction as a country, Is that news really a big surprise to anyone, I hardly think so because I'm one of that 81%, how about you?

I hate to say it but I have come to believe that if the people of this country really want to take control of it back they are going to have to do it by force because trying to do it by voting will not work, all of government, both parties, both houses, the justice system, it's all corrupted to a point that it's become a dictatorship dressed up as a democracy.

Finally, on the true colours thread, I took a quick look into the recent Clinton controversy as regards to her comments about Bobby Kennedy's nomination being given in June, 1968. Since I had knee-jerked responded that she had become incredibly evil, I felt that similar responses could be coming from trolls. Astroturfers of this type are into divide and conquer and ratcheting up emotional resentment towards social reality. They wish for us to feel helpless and angry. While I do not have the same proof that Aubuchont is the following as there is for the Mike i.d., imho, the following person is also "Aubuchont."



Ann_American_2004 has made 34 posts. They all seem to have been made this past month. If so, why does the username appear to have been made in 2004? Trolls are not the best and the brightest. They usually give it away at some point that they are fakes. This username is all about divide and conquer and propping up a fight between Hillary and Barack. In the post from above he made the disgusting reference to Chappaquiddick. Aubuchont for all intents and purposes appears to be a paid troll.

google search for democraticunderground.com ann_american2004

Welcome to The WOW Zone Open Forum




Lou Aubuchont at Chemtrail Central- {since deleted}
He claims to be able to control the weather with his own mind.
This has been a friggen script that needed to be exposed.

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No Doubt About It; "Lou" Is An Astroturfer

Unread postby socrates » Tue Jun 17, 2008 2:04 pm

Lou Aubuchont as "Mike" at BradBlog has been confirmed as having the exact internet address as the one used by AnnAngryBitch at the Wow Zone Open Forum screenshot above.


*** Aubuchont called me "one of the chemtrail believers."
*** He called me "something of a major conspiracy wacko."
*** He signed off as Mike.

He did not write that post as if he expected to be exposed as "Aubuchont." With Tracker at Chemtrail Central and J. Vitum at Debate BothSides, he didn't try to hide that it was himself. "Louis Aubuchont" has been the strawman for Jay Reynolds. The whole thing has been a script.

The same can be said of his AnnAngryBitch persona. Like with "Mike," he wasn't expecting to be revealed. He simply got taken down by a trollbuster. In the quote above, he clearly is astroturfing that "chemtrail believers" are misguided. To sign off as Mike shows that he never expected to be found out.

This next one can be found on an Atrios haloscan.


Notice the anti-semitic use of the word Jew? Who else but a spook would throw that word in just like that?

There is the comment he made against Michael Schiavo on the rightwing blog. Here are a few more, repeats for those who have seen them, which clearly indicate that "Louis Aubuchont" is paid to make divisive posts on the internet. Notice the use of his sock puppet on the same thread. Notice the homophobia in his voice. "Louis Aubuchont" is a freeper troll into divide and conquer. He gets paid to post on the internet. What a creep.




It is my sincere conclusion that Lou works the internet, that he is part and parcel of the tinfoil by association scam. Chemtrails are only one topic he has openly manipulated. As shown with the above, he is not afraid to use sock puppets, he doesn't believe in any chemtrails awareness movement, and he is a bigot. His types are referred to as "concern trolls." He is a right woos left fake.

See also:


And much more in this forum.
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