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May41970 Is No Longer A Moderator

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May41970 Is No Longer A Moderator

Unread postby socrates » Tue Apr 01, 2008 8:55 pm

I'm not sure why his username is still color coded as a moderator. I'm trying to get that fixed.

There's just too much doubt, imho, to be sure he is a plant. He's spent a lot of time reading, posting, and pm'ing, especially during the more volatile times of this humble forum's existence.

{with merged thread, the adjusted view count is +165}

He's a bitter, angry person right now. I honestly don't have the time for any more conflict.

I have moved the Taiwan chemtrail threads into the other chemtrail section.

I don't mind a bit of tinfoil in the appropriate areas, but the best sources must be used. Here's a thread he started at Debate Both Sides, an armpit of a forum:


[quote="may41970"]"People have to be accountable for what they do and that is why I am pursuing this lawsuit."
Are these the words of someone just months before they would shoot themselves in the head?

I'm not saying that this story is true - maybe it's a load of ********. Probably is. But as the poor woman is dead, she can't speak for herself anymore. So maybe someone else should. As for me, my first question is this...

Could Margie Schoedinger have ever come into personal contact with George W. Bush?



This is conspiracy chatter. Someone needs to present this type of thing with real sources. It's common knowledge that spooks and other selfish interests are all over wikipedia. The second source is a joke. I think I even covered it here. Wait a sec, I'll use the search engine.

Nice, I found it.

scroll down link
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Unread postby socrates » Fri Apr 18, 2008 8:42 pm

{on edit: Full apologies to Isard, NatureisMad, and anyone else I may have wronged in the past. I don't regret being an emotional blogger at times. I'd rather be real and make some mistakes than walk on eggshells.}

There are some technical difficulties with image poster right now. Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope to not have to ever reload pictures. That would be a drag. So knock on wood for both mynetimages.com which I use and the free forums image poster.

For example, there is that huge thread I saved from the WRH Unoffical forum before it got deleted. It is on page 8 of the wrh thread. Anyone can go through it and then understand the cybersmear attack that took place. So hopefully that gets fixed and folks can read those or any others here where the image hoster was used.

ImagePoster errors

I'd really like to ban may41970 and Isard too while we're at it. Isard never responded to a long post I made in response. He seems to just want to get his silly chembuster username on the members' list. But MightyMike says I shouldn't.

The bottom line is that May41970 took a major dump on this forum. He pulled a Seventhson.

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Edits And Deletes Not Allowed Because Of May41970

Unread postby socrates » Sun Apr 20, 2008 8:09 am

{on edit- member edits are allowed. May41970 and myself have worked things out once again. Member privileges have been restored.}

After some time to think about it, I have decided that May41970 cannot be banned, but he cannot be given the opportunity to delete or edit posts. He expected to be banned for his "bipolar" posts. I believe that may41970 has been a plant the whole time.

These people are all over the internet. It has been his role to steer the direction of this forum, and then when the opportunity arose, he was to make his mind game exit. But I won't do him any favors.

This is how it works with me. I try to trust everyone unless their posts don't add up. Whenever may41970's posts didn't add up, he'd come up with some explanation, usually to do with alcohol.

I don't xcare who may41970 is in real life. The name he gave me for himself will never be revealed. Even if the name he gave me is legit, it doesn't mean squat.

The last straw here was his response to me, when I asked why he kept signing in without making a post. I had to go to free forums and get his moderator rank colour removed. He had no explanation for why he was signing in and not leaving posts. Anyone can read here without being a member. He had no answer.

He had an answer, ok, but it was lame. Today he signed in and sent me a pm. He's all worried about what I know about his personal life. This is an open letter to may41970. I don't care who you are in real life. You are nothing different than a Kola or a TOTO/Reddot/RedEnder. May41970 is a Seventhson. He is a sophisticated troll. Some like Aubuchont and TOTO are one-dimensional. May41970 was one of the best in the business, imho.

That just means he is a very clever specie of RAT.

They, them, whoever, can spin this as lefty paranoil tinfoil. I no longer care. This place is backed with evidence. This place transcends myself or may41970.

People's true colours eventually emerge. May41970 has been trying to drive a wedge between myself and NatureisMad. He has tried to play mind games with me from some troll linguistic manual. It's over for his reign of manipulative terror.

I'll keep chugging along, thank you very much. I might not post as much as I used to, but I'll try to continue coming up with decent material, things worthy of people's time. For those who like to figure out internet trolls, for those interested in the chemtrails, astroturfing, assorted news and stories of human interest, I will continue onward.

I have been fighting back at trolls ever since I started amateur blogging at HuffingtonPost back in 2005. I do not regret choosing chemtrails as my #1 internet project. They are real. The astroturfing that they are kooky is real.

A lot of rabbit holes have been explained at this humble forum. No low level spook is gonna silence me. People can read between the lines, sometimes whole scripts have been completely spelled out..... with no help from may41970.

I have found something good to share about those who have been involved with the election integrity noise. I give a lot of credit to John Dean/SluggoJD for having done the bulk of the troll busting against the Bash Beverly Harris brigade. I think I have figured out a lot by going through the archives. All this reading has led me to be able to see the big picture. When I can, I'll get that new interesting info up on an astroturfing thread. It appears that some of these apparently paid trolls have been working on government owned ip addresses. I'll stop here. I just want the good people out there to know that I will never give up. Real people are more than welcomed to join in. This isn't a cult or a spook forum. I am one individual, real, same as Lophofo, CrystalRose, and NatureisMad. I have plenty of doubts about may41970 and Isard. But I see the four of us- CR, Lophofo, myself, and NIM as being four real people who posted at Chemtrail Central, each of us realising what a mockery that place and others has turned this issue into. {I did first meet Lophofo at Gastronamus, though he finally got an account at CTC last year in between long stretches where new members are not allowed. During this period we got into contact again. He along with NIM were the only two people at Gastro who honestly interacted with my posts, and vice-versa.}

Thanks to the good lurkers. Please consider signing up. There is a lot here that simply has not been addressed by others. That would be the fault of may41970, who in retrospect has not provided much to this place. What he did do was draw me into the cybersmear ****. But his words have exposed himself. One can look at his last posts and see how he tried to destroy this place. He failed. He simply exposed himself as being part and parcel of the tinfoil troll network.

From holocaust denial to questioning whether we landed on the moon to interacting to next to nothing with what I have posted to providing next to squat as regards to chemtrails awareness to drawing this place in to disgusting freeper trolls like Ender/Reddot and Lou Aubuchont, this disinfo punk's reign of manipulation over me is finished. His internet posting tendencies just don't add up. He is really no different than a "Fintan Dunne" or AnonymousArmy or Ender. He has become part of the noise. He tried to turn this place into noise. He failed.
Last edited by socrates on Mon May 12, 2008 1:58 pm, edited 1 time in total.
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Unread postby may41970 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:10 am

This is my last post here.

You think I'm a rat and it might be true. But if I am a rat, you should also know that it will be my job to deny the accusuation vehemently. And if I'm not a rat and you're falsly accusing me - same story.

Yes, I question whether NASA ever accomplished a moon landing. How many rockets exist that can land on earth and then take off again? You know of any?

Yes, I think the case of Margie Schroedinger needs to be looked into. Dead people can't defend themselves, so someone should. The reason I posted the dumb links is because I was posting them for people with short-attention spans. I've been interested in Margie's story for a long time. Her ex-husband is apparently still alive.

Yes, I've added virtually nothing to this board.

And yes, in your shoes, I would perhaps think the same.

The reason I came onto the net about chemtrails was to announce that they had arrived in Taiwan. Later, I got caught up into all kinds of other stuff.

I'm leaving here. I resign. I want my account cancelled, because I don't want to be responsible for the fact that others can't edit their posts. Please ban me. I think this is the best site on the internet, and yeah, it does make me feel strange that you've made a great argument to "prove" that I'm a rat.

Just one thing I ask. Please, PLEASE bring my Taiwan Chemtrails posts back to the main chemtrails section. Or provide some kind of arguement/facts/ whatever to explain why you think my "Taiwan Chemtrails" posts are kooky.

The chemtrails in Taiwan, btw, started again in earnest on Sunday, April 6.

I wish you the best, belive it or not. You're arguemtns against me are good. But you made mistaken about me. Whatever. That's the problem with the net. Nobody can trust invisible people. I still trust you though.

Take care.

Anyone who wants to contact me, my email is "may41970"

**** FEAR

Unread postby may41970 » Tue Apr 22, 2008 7:13 am

I mean "[email protected]"

Goodbye, soc.

Unread postby socrates » Tue Apr 22, 2008 8:58 am

I'm busy today, but when I get the chance, I'll change it back so people can edit their posts. I won't cancel your account just yet, but I will if let's say, in a month, you come back and want it deleted.

Deleted means simply that the username is taken off the member's list. It doesn't mean the posts get deleted.

That Margie story is a real story. It's just that there is no proof that she got raped by GW Bush. There have been many delusional people who have gone after Presidents. There was the attempt on Gerald Ford.

By the way, there were Puerto Ricans who went after Truman, but they never meant him any harm. They simply wanted the issue of Puerto Rican independence to make the news. The problem with the Margie story is that there is no concrete proof that any claims she made were truthful. Yes, a month or so ago I looked into it and saw that she had really filed the lawsuit.

As regards to moving the Taiwan threads back, I think one of them could be put back. Free forums doesn't have the ability to merge threads, or else we could put them all into one. But I will move at least one of them back.

The chemtrails are not kooky section is not meant to be tinfoil entertainment either. Some very good stuff is in there. I agree with your assessment. It's not like when ViewFromKSA posted clear cut tinfoil in the main section.

So I think maybe after a cooling off period, if you still want off the members' list, I'll do that.

Nonetheless, my reign of terror calling you a rat is over.

The truth goes beyond any one of us personally. I've made some big mistakes here in the past. I never should have banned Banta, Yoyos, SluggoJD, DG, perhaps even The_Last_Name_Left. In my defense, it was just getting a bit too much for me, and I've only recently been able to come to terms with the cybersmears.

Banta was at Rigorous Intuition and Yoyos was at Sign of the Times, so I figured they were plants. But I don't think they have posted at those places again. To them, if by chance they read this, I am sorry.

So I have put a ban on bannings unless they are totally necessary. If in a month you still want off the list, I will grant that.
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Unread postby socrates » Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:56 am

Members can edit their posts again.

May41970, I don't think you're a rat. I am thinking you were just mad at me and forgot that it would be better to slam me in private than in public.

I also think you have contributed a lot to this place, just not so much on the actual chemtrails nor on many of the things you said you would help out on but never did.

I'll return the one big Taiwan chemtrail thread to the main section and edit in the links to the other two. The problem with your Taiwan photos is what you already know, that the dating mechanism from the camera was busted.

Maybe you have a friend who has a digital camera you can borrow where there is the internet memory card, so you could take some photos and easily upload them to your computer. More pictures from Taiwan would be cool to see. They would really cement your claims better. I very much recommend mynetimages.com for image hosting.

My theory on why you slammed this forum is that you just couldn't deal with the pressure of being a leading voice in the chemtrails awareness movement or with exposing internet fakery, etc.. Hopefully, now that you are not a moderator, now that we have had the biggest confrontation between us, perhaps you can relax and just be one member with not so much pressure on you to post.

Things get said in the heat of battle. We just need to realise the difference between debating through conflict in public versus the need for tougher venting to be done in private. If we write something mean in private, then things can be worked out in private. But as soon as there is fighting in public, we become noise and confusion.

Take it easy.
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Unread postby may41970 » Sun Apr 27, 2008 7:14 am

I used to enjoy posting on message boards. I even used to make jokes and have all kind of fun. Those days are over. I haven't laughed and had fun on a message board for....years? Seems to me that at the time Yahoo shut down their boards "to improve them" the joy of posting died.

Even you doubt my chemtrail pics from Taiwan. Not a single person, other than me, has come out with chemtrail pics from Taiwan. I'm tired and sick of it. Where is another sane person from taiwan with chemtrails pics?

Other than this place, there's not a single messageboard I'm aware of that doesn't cheat; that doesn't intentionally take action against free speech.

But it's not working out here either. This messageboard **** is making my life miserable. There's noplace I can post, just post without monster-freaks attacking me without the backup of moderators. There's noplace where people can sensibly converse - except here. But i don't really fit in here anymore.

I read your recent post to Carole about how you grew up. It could have been me that wrote that post. You and I are a lot the same, soc, but I don't fit in here either anymore.

Carole sounds great. She's perfect, practically. Wish she had come along to this board a long time ago. Wish she had made her post at DBS a long time ago...that's how the ball bounces.

Just today one of my posts was scrubbed from DBS. Dewey scolded me that I should grow up. I wasn't banned. just my post was vanished. Whatever. **** it.

I feel like I want to throw my computer out the window and watch it smash up, just like all those tv's on the intro to SCTV.

Once again, ban my account. Because if you don't, I fear that I'll return to make more posts, and I don't want that.

good luck, soc.

Now ban me from this board

Unread postby socrates » Sun Apr 27, 2008 11:59 am

Ah, come on. It has been very bad in places, but there have been some good times too.

Debate Both Sides is clearly a compromised, freeper forum. I don't post there too much anymore. In fact, over the last year, I have warned the good lurkers to bail out, that it wasn't worth it to read there.

Now you are your own person. I can't tell you where and what to post. But I have tried to advise you to give up on that place and to stop dealing directly with what appears to be a network of paid trolls.

If you like this place so much, then don't give up on it. The reason why your Taiwan photos are in the "dungeon" so to speak, is not because I think they are fake. It's simply because some have the wrong dates, so they aren't the best evidence. But if you could get a hold of a camera, if you could take some new photos, that would be awesome and very much appreciated.

Now, that other chemtrail section is not really a dungeon. There is some really cool stuff in there. One thread is about a British Politician looking into chemtrails. I believe that is a real story. The reason it is not in the top section is because it had talk of chembusters.

I think Carole is smart not to deal with DebateBothSides. She showed up to set the record straight about Siegmund, who I think is Yaak/Ed Snell, who tried to make her look like a kook.

I am curious about this new post that got deleted at DBS. Was it on a thread already started? I used to think DBS, even if it was clearly a pit, that at least they didn't delete anything. Well, they have thrown that out the window. DBS is disgusting. There's no way around that for a conclusion. If I were you, I'd stop posting there, or if you do, put the fakes on ignore. They are not worth the time. They are not worth thinking about. They try to drag us into their petty worlds. But take a look at some of the stuff in the chemtrails are not kooky section that has nothing to do with them. That is solid material I never would have located, if I stayed fixated on interacting with trolls.

As for banning you, I will do that if that's what you want. I don't think you really want that. But if you do, it can be done. Would it be ok to block your account but keep you on the members list? That way, you'd know it would be impossible to post. Kind of like if someone is a cigarette smoker, but they are on an island with no smokes to buy. Then if you had a change of heart, you have my email address, and it would take less than a minute to give you back the access.

My advice is that you've taken the trolling way too personally and need to stop dealing with them directly. You know how they operate. They're all over the internet screaming divide and conquer frothings. They are astroturfers. They don't want us to calmly articulate social realities while utilizing the best sources.
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Unread postby socrates » Fri Jun 06, 2008 12:27 pm

It just isn't working out between myself and may41970. I have deactivated access for him to his username and wish him well.
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