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One thread isn't enough for fakes

manufactured grassroots, disinfo, and insidious marketing

Unread postby socrates » Wed Feb 20, 2008 6:33 pm


{educational excerpt}
Ex-candidate convicted of faking post-crash disappearance
By Holly Ramer
Associated Press Writer / February 20, 2008
DOVER, N.H.—A Rye businessman was convicted Wednesday of faking his disappearance after a car crash two years ago to draw attention to his long-shot congressional campaign.
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A jury convicted Gary Dodds of falsifying evidence, causing a false public alarm and leaving the scene of the April 2006 crash. He showed no emotion as the verdicts were read in Strafford County Superior Court after one day of deliberations and a 15-day trial.

Though Dodds faces up to seven years in prison for what County Attorney Thomas Velardi called "one of the biggest frauds of 2006," whether he lands in prison is somewhat beside the point, the prosecutor said.

"He stole money essentially from the people of New Hampshire, and we seek to recoup that money," Velardi said.

Dodds, 43, claims he injured his head in a crash on the Spaulding Turnpike and nearly drowned in a river before being rescued 27 hours later from the snowy woods. Prosecutors say he spent part of that time soaking his feet in cold water to make it appear he spent the night outdoors, all to boost his faltering campaign.

"He had a story that he was going to stick to," Velardi said during closing arguments Friday. "It would've been a heroic story. It would've been a great story -- all the people who hadn't heard of him before ... really would've known who he was."


{There are some good videos in the last post showing how the work of Bill Hicks was lifted by other comics. Also, there is a clip on Hicks calling out other comics as being hacks, while he explained his own poignant philosophy on what makes for great comedy. The you-tuber who made the video called out Carlos Mencia. Good call, imho. I do not like Mencia, never did, have always felt he was stealing from Chappelle's forumula.}
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