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"drewterry" trolling

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"drewterry" trolling

Unread postby drewterry » Mon Oct 29, 2007 2:00 am

{on edit: This post has been deemed as spam, as an effort to raise the noise level on the Hertzberg/Navari thread in this section.

Hey drewterry, maybe it's time for you to say adios again. The more you put up the troll posts, the more it looks like you are not to be trusted. Next time the jibberish will simply be deleted. It is as if you're trying to obfuscate the Hertzberg story by raising the noise level. Ok. See ya. Bye. Trolling and spamming usually gets deleted.

Also, unless you can prove you are the author of the illustration below, it will have to be deleted.
And if you are not the author, you will be banned from this place, i.e. all future posts will be completely
deleted no matter what. Is that your drawing?

end of edit.}

{on second edit- 11/4 This was one of the threads illegally bumped. I did actually start this thread. I took one of his posts and moved it here. Even though I did make this post and could technically have bumped it, the date of the last post jumping to Oct. 30th does not add up. Plus, the ip of the person who bumped this thread traces back to the Attributor Corporation. For more info, please check out the we got hacked thread.

Today wasn't a bad day. Obama is President and possessing less than an ounce of weed is no longer a crime in the Bay State.

Nice try trolls from the Attributor Corporation. Thanks for leaving the damning evidence that one of your employee{s} and/or one of your clients is an ******* fascist. :twisted: }


[quote="May41970"]I see zero value in your last post, drewterry. It feels like spam. It feels like an attempt to discredit/obfuscate this thread with irrelevant tinfoil ********.

Code: Select all

Chief Ludibrous Criticaster -

Many thanks for your thoughtful, heartless, venemous criticisms. I really really appreciate it. For exactly as your revulsion inspired, you shall reap nothing you do condemn, and for that I truly revile yourself, for me.

Please accept my condolences and apologies; have I run afoul of flabuginous adhocracy? I did clearly note my inability to avoid excessive circumlocution as I am chronically ambiguphobic? Cognitive Transilliteration? I had no idea.

In spite, I find nothing whatsoever at all to indicate anything written for you specifically to read and castigate for your own self-agglandizement. I myself am so offended that you must have really frustrated yourself; lacking limerace to fulmination is autologically morological logodaedaly. Sorry for you to enjoy that.

Worst of nothing yet is totally funkified by what you say not, and but you are? The eisegesis phenomenon is too often untreatable. Perhaps you are eremophobic? Or phrenemophobic? Let's hope for something I don't know what if there is a pill that will agonize the lobotomy.

As you are quite obviously a long-time misomaniac in this ludibrous kakistocracy of lubberland, it is thanks to your diligent ipsedixitism that results in the nebulochaotic omnipotence absent a whiff of hellenomania.

As much as I admit to being occasionally alienoquent it should be of no consequence to maintaining your cherished state of allodoxaphobia. I certainly do not want to violate your sanctiloquent devotion to testudinous stultiloquence.

At least no more pickthank hippopotomonstrosesquipedalian gulositic tendencies, huh? You and me both!

As the thrasonic bliss undermines anticipatory strikhedonic pleasure of a nugatory antapology, I am,

satisdictatorily veriloquently yours,

drew terry

P.S. Begrumpled lexiconophilitical bibliophobe? Say away to rebarbative rectophobia today!

Try Grandiloquent Dictionary by C.S. Bird (above) and New Oxford English Dictionary (else).

P.P.S. eYE mIND wIDE sHUT for severely opsimathiphobic optophobia.

P.P.S.S. Current and future states of consciousness subject to self induced misophistic opsimathiphobia.

:P :D (I certify under pains and penalty of May41970 castigatory excommunication that each and every word used herein is a bona-fide word found in one of the two dictionaries shown above)

BTW - asking someone to clarify what they meant about what they wrote works well. I am much more receptive to constructive angry judgemental criticisms than I am joyfully reactive to vain arrogant ignorant tempur tantrums. And I'll be sure to ignore whatever else you see fit in the mirror worthy of venemous sentiment my direction. I feel sorry for you. I really do. But know what? It's not about me. Blame me all you want to whatever you want to say. It won't make you feel better.

Ever try indifference. It works. Really. Try it sometime when you are sick of being sick of hating the world. It just takes time.


Unread postby may41970 » Mon Oct 29, 2007 7:37 am

This site isn't about clever wordplay; it's about communication. If you post something that makes no sense to anyone outside yourself - although it may be important to you - it's noise to everyone else.

Isn't there already enough noise on the net?

Post what you want; just post something that makes sense. Please drewterry, no more wordplay.

Will try harder to listen,


no mistaken impressions

Unread postby drewterry » Tue Oct 30, 2007 1:05 am

I just want to make sure you understamd that I have to wonder about only the question that is impossible for you to answer: what makes you think I care what you think about what I wrote?

Get it?

Not that I do not care about giving the wrong impression, which is why I endeavor to be clear about indifference, which is the essence of individual freedom; the individual will, aware of yet unencumbered by externalized influences, those which cause one to doubt their self and who they are, those that keep us inside our own prison that is entirely constructed by our imagination, and maintained by the fear of exposing the inside to the outside. The walls grow to become not limit but security, and the more they seem to protect our self the more the self believes the protection is necessary. The more necessary the self the more necessities the self needs just to be the self we believe we are. Inside of the walls without windows there are only impressions internalized through experiences related to the self from the self outside of the inner self. Inner self imagines to experience the outer self as if the inner self actually participated, and since the inner and outer self are at the core the same self image reflected inside and outside to appear in the mind as self. They are reflections of the same self but each is dissociated from the other by the experiences they each keep separate from the other as the best way our self image could safely be expressed living life.

Unread postby socrates2 » Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:15 am

Hey may41970, some people are just full of ****.

Full of Self Expression

Unread postby drewterry » Tue Oct 30, 2007 6:33 am

Hey may41970, some people are just full of ****.

Thank you for expressing yourself. :D

More **** served:

Re: the U.S.A. is the 'R&D' test baby country of the benevolent British Crown for whom we became the model of "Economic Hit Men" imperialism.

The history of the country is Debt. History makes clear the U.S. owed the British for debts fighting the Revolutionary War (popular history, who knows the truth?). Aside from nitpicking about history since then, it is clearly established the indebtedness existed. I believe we have been subject to servitude since the beginning, but at least since 1935 and the creation of SSA.

Why would we owe for debts incurred fighting a war we supposedly won and they lost? Because a debt is a debt that must be paid? Sounds contrived, like so many other debt/bankruptcy horror stories I heard growing up. Failing to repay debt an unforgiveable, inexcusable, excommunicable sin of irreparable dishonor? Sure it is not, if fear of punishment keeps people from questioning assumptions. What keeps people ignorant and in servitude, like citizens self-censorship by politically correct propaganda.

Is Fear the only way to keep people paying interest on debts created by the color of money? Fear? What about obligation? We borrow paper. We repay with paper. The paper we must repay the debt we first earn by exchange, our labor for the required paper.

Is the paper we borrow for present value equal to the labor we expend in the future to exchange for paper of future value? If the paper we labor for to replace the paper borrowed is equitably exchanged, the value earned by labor spent would be comparable value. Inflation indicates less value for more labor. Zero Sum Gain. Our labor, more work, less value.

All the parents with parents who abhored debt due to the scars left by fear of the 1930's have passed, and with them passed the constant, vigilant, financial caution. It was no accident there was such aversion to debt for so long. They experienced what we could not imagine, then and now. Generational Cognitive Dissonance.

Unread postby socrates2 » Tue Oct 30, 2007 4:41 pm

Hey drewterry, did you draw that picture above?
If not, i'll have to delete it.

Censorship vs. Authorship

Unread postby drewterry » Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:08 am

Can you draw a picture?

As far as I know it is impossible to draw a picture.

So no, I did not draw that picture.

No picture can be drawn.

What difference does it make if I own it?

Why don't you just take it down if you don't like it? You don't need to frame me to blame me for removing what you would rather not look and see.

I understand. It is okay to say no way Jose: Out of sight, Out of mind. Jose don't mind.

Perfect NIMBY role models. Bravo!

judge for whose self?

Unread postby drewterry » Wed Oct 31, 2007 2:59 am

The more I hear troll the less troll I know,
the fun not had by troll,
roles no, not I, sir, no sir-ee,
who do I know that I decide don't believe?
never did I imagine the day would be here,
when I heard them that day "you yeah hey troll go away"
we don't hear the words, the way you word play,
this you should know we play words that way,
words are for work, not impossible jerks,
no play words on work shirts, no oxymoronics,
no primary base root word histrionics,
no primordial tort a curse of the worst,
the meaning we decide for the message inside,
not no way to go play take troll bait not anyplace,
just so you know we will make clear as mud,
we trust not the words hot there must be a covert plot,
the dreaded troll trusted, the mole find the hole,
the words the troll tasted, some flavor words basted,
what arose of the fear of the words used so dear?
there might be to see a perspected reflected,
the vantage point seem, aboriginal means,
the insight is not right, three sides to the story,
what he, she and thee said is all of the gory,
the fact of the matter is the chatter what shattered,
the sign of the times, the sign lost by hindsight,
the left over warm, the responded outta might,
all for the troll slight we put up the good night,
what does he think this makes him look real?
how did a troll bite our private derriere,
the troll tracks left no attacks, no dirt anywhere,
how that by itself the guilty troll tale,
all no more we need hey stop it right there,
just who trusted you to get where you are,
we know you gotta go, clever words go not far,
the know it all we say the who, what, when, where?
we say you keep the play a long way from heresay,
and know this the gist of what words part the way,
once again thank you for a wonderful day.


Unread postby may41970 » Wed Oct 31, 2007 8:51 am

I honestly can't tell if you're either insane or paid to post. And you know what? I don't care. There are enough real people; normal people out there that freaks like you can stay out.

Actually, as socrates has some history with you somewhere else, I guess I'll have to let him make the final decision on you. But as for me, I want you out of here forever.

Hey are there any members here? Hey, does anyone other than me or soc have an opinion? Ahh, **** it. Whatever.

Get lost, drewterry.


Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:31 pm

There's no history between us, may41970.
He was just in the middle of that Hertzberg/Navari thing.

Maybe this is the point where we should just delete anything he writes from now on. He's just not making any sense.
Last bumped by Anonymous on Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:31 pm.

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