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May 28th, 2006 and Crystal Rose

dialogue and research on chemical trails

May 28th, 2006 and Crystal Rose

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jun 27, 2007 9:44 pm

It took a major chemtrail operation to usher Crystal Rose into my life. While I am not happy about the blatant atmospheric modifications taking place above us, I am very happy to have met her. A few weeks ago, I wrote her a pm at CTC seeing if she was still around. It is fate that she had the notification box clicked. You see, she and I really connected Memorial Day Weekend, 2006.

I had just joined Chemtrail Central weeks earlier. At the time, I had no clue it was a disinformation palace. Crystal Rose has admitted to me that it was the idiotic postings of too many there which drove her off the board. Crystal Rose is yet another example of someone real who tried to make a difference on the chemtrail boards. Yet, who in their right mind can post there or at any of the major boards for more than a short period of time before the fruit loop nature of the places become too much to digest.

But this post is not gonna be just another expose of the "chemtrails are kooky" astroturfers. No, this post concerns the activities of May 28th, 2006. It perhaps is an opportunity to prove to the whole world that chemtrails are real. For according to Title 15, Chapter 9A, all weather modification must be reported. Thus, there must be records somewhere documenting what took place that day. If the records do not exist, then we will know that this problem is totally covert. I have a suspicion the program is somehow legal, and that there are records somewhere of the activities. I think we should find out one way or the other. We need to know if what we are seeing is on the books somewhere. It's tough to proceed, if we don't even know basics like this.

Here's what I posted for my aerosol report:

sunday poundage
Today was as blatant as I have ever seen it. I left a friend's house near Rhode Island driving a 45 minute highway route to Boston. As a previous post described their sightings, there was layer upon layer of trails for the whole trip. Planes were flying all different routes, some even going straight up toward the upper skies. I could easily count 20-25 separate trails just from the driver's seat. This pattern continued the whole trip as when you reached the edge of the farthest visible chemtrail a new one would appear. If it's "contrails" interacting with pollution and wind, I find it funny how the skies become filled everywhere with the stuff.

It was so obvious covering so much territory, I had no problem introducing the subject to a few strangers when I hit the city. Usually when the skies are saturated with the crap it is during the weekday 9-5 shift when most folks are working, or perhaps while we sleep. Now they are doing this on a sunday holiday weekend? I swear to God I have never seen so much of it in one day.

A few posts down, one can find Crystal Rose's entry. Here it is:

Sunday, May 28, 2006 Los Angeles, CA
Sunday, May 28, they were REALLY goin' at it. Unbelievable. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was probably the worst I'd seen yet. Layer upon layer upon layer, every which direction, different sizes and shapes. At one point, I saw two jets going parallel across the sky in unison -- it gave me a chill. It should have been a crystal-clear, beautiful, blue-sky day, and by the end of the day, it was that white soup everywhere. I tried to take my daily walk, but had very little energy, and since it was the third day in a row (at least) of chemtrailing, I realized I was having trouble breathing. I kept thinking PLEASE someone LOOK UP, someone look at me looking up, please someone connect with me so I can strike up a conversation and bring up the subject.

Finally, someone was looking up, but he made a comment about the message(s) in the sky: "Marry me, Krista." It occurred to me later that these seemed like chemtrails also. There were four jets creating these messages. It was one of the eeriest experiences just walking, watching and noticing nobody noticing. Finally, a little later, I went to a local raw food restaurant and commiserated with a buddy of mine who THANK GOD was equally as frustrated (aware of the chemtrailing)... I wanted to shout out, tell people, say, "Wake up!"

I've been telling people who I think will have an open mind and who have an ability to help spread the word (positive, intelligent, with-it people who know a lot of other people of the same description and who have that mind-set of getting on the bandwagon of doing something about things they see that are wrong). I've had some success. I feel determined to help spread the word and help get the word out there so more people can wake up and smell the polluted coffee and say, "Enough is enough -- this is UNACCEPTABLE and I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!!! What happened to 'By the People and For the People?!?' and I don't recall being consulted/asked."

This is so insidious, it's unprecedented. How can so many people not be aware, not look up!?! Shocking to me also that I myself (one who ALWAYS looks up) didn't even know until about 6 months ago. [Although, now I have memories of seeing it, but now realizing what I was looking at.]

Sorry for the rambling, but there's so much I feel about this and so few people I can really talk to about it. One of my close friends, who is so intelligent, SO intelligent (sometimes too smart for his own good, if you know what I mean) is in TOTAL denial about this, and I'm SO frustrated about it. I mentioned it to him on Saturday (we've already had our discussions/friendly arguments), and I was so irritated about the chemtrailing, I pointed up at the sky and said, "Yeah, they're really goin' at it again..." (There were two, thick trails, criss-crossed all the way across the sky) He looked up, hesitated, then replied, "Yeah, looks like regular contrails to me." I'm not a scientific person -- I'm not an argumentative person -- I didn't even know what to say to this. There's a level of denial, and it's not just him, that is ... massive and ... amazing. HOW CAN PEOPLE NOT NOTICE?!?

I see people going about their daily lives as though nothing is wrong and it just makes me crazy, ... and sick to my stomach.

Believe it or not, I'm actually a fairly happy, sane, balanced, even-tempered person. But I have a deep love for this Planet and the people on it, and I'm terribly saddened and angry.

By the way, the last two days, they've given us a break here in So. Calif., and I can finally breathe and was able to take a nice walk today. Wondering how long I have before the attacks begin again. I feel like I'm in a battle. I'm downing all these supplements (by the way, they seem to have helped, cuz a few months ago, I wasn't feeling so good -- they were spraying here A LOT). I felt like I was in a battle for my life, and I'm not being dramatic.

Thanks for letting me share.


Crystal Rose
Stop the Insanity

From her above post she said, "I don't recall being consulted/asked."

Here is a link to a pdf of what is supposed to be filed as regards to the above law about reporting weather modification. We should find out if there are reports on file for May 28th, 2006.

Initial Report on Weather Modification Activities

I wasn't allowed to copy and paste the three page form. But when folks are done completing it, they are asked to mail it to:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
1315 East-West Highway
Room 11216
Silver Spring, MD. 20910

The form says it is approved and expires on December 31st, 2007.

As for myself and Crystal Rose, one can see for themselves at Chemtrail Central how we connected after witnessing the same kind of crap on the same day, despite being 3,000 miles apart. Somehow fate has brought us together again. I am in her corner. I also want to know who did this to us that day. I personally want to see the paper work. There must be paperwork somewhere. We need to figure out whether there is paperwork or not for what we are witnessing. It is hard to proceed without knowing the answer to that one. If it's being reported, then the whole chemtrail versus contrail debate is moot. If chemtrails are being done under the table, then we are going to have to prove that there are deliberate activities going on above us which are spitting on the ideal that all people are created equal. We were not consulted. Enough is enough. It is time to get chemtrails exposed now!
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Chemmie Dialogues

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jun 27, 2007 11:05 pm

Crystal Rose has given me the go ahead to edit and publish our recent communications concerning chemtrails. We surely connected at CTC a year ago. There was much give and take between us in the ctc aerosol reports if anyone is interested. We were so affected by the aerosol operations of last year's Memorial Day weekend, that it was no problem at all remembering the other. I am not posting this as a sign of indulgence. I am posting this because of something may41970 has written about lately. He wants newbies and those on the fence to know that not all chemmies are kooky, that chemtrails are real. The three of us tried to work within the major chemtrail board system. All three of us, and "Man & Nature" too come to think of it, have given up on CTC. The only reason myself or may41970 might still post there occasionally is because we just want the newbies to know that yes, chemtrails are real, but chemtrail forums are not.

I sent her a pm at CTC on June 11th, 2007.

Me: Subject: Hi- Hope you get this e-mail
Hi Crystal, I was looking over old threads and remembered us having decent interactions. I get the feeling that you stopped posting because you realized before me that the place was strange. Anyways, I have started a new forum. I know a bunch of it might be off-putting, all the talk about the other forums. But I would love to find a way to help stop the chemtrails. I hope you get this e-mail, and sign up at the place.

Peace, FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe {damn, too long a name, but I like Rage Against the Machine, it's a line from one of their tunes. Sorry for rambling. Image

Her: Re: Hi- Hope you get this e-mail
Dear FUIWon'tDoWhatYouTellMe:

Thank you soooooooooo much for the nice e-mail!!!

You're right -- I was BITTERLY frustrated at the ignorance at some of the folks posting and it kept getting me so upset that I had to stop going on there. I was dealing with some other stuff at the time as well, so it got to be too much.

But I'm still as concerned and pissed off as ever. They've been BOMBARDING us here in L.A. since the last we spoke. I've managed to convince a few people about what's going on. My apt. mgr (a very nice lady) now totally "gets it." She says she feels "tired all the time" and other "side effects" and she is now one of the really pissed off ones -- she can't believe this is going on.

Thank you again for keeping in touch, and I will be checking out your new forum.


Crystal Image

Me: Hi Crystal, thanks for writing back. It's been a long, strange journey for me from the time we crossed paths. I just want you to know I am not a nutjob, even if by chance I appear as one. The last years I was helping out a family member, and I just had a lot of free time to post on the boards. I'm not sure how much of the chemtrail forums you have read, but I ended up writing at swampgas' place, basically, I took the plunge and ended up writing more about chemtrails than anyone this last year.

There was a guy here around the time as yourself, may41970, his name is for the kent state massacre, but anyway we both had an interest in astroturfing, netvocates type stuff. We had a falling out, but a few months ago we made contact again, and we came to the realization that all these chemtrail forums are a scam.

This is fairly, what's the word, esoteric? It's like if someone doesn't know about the forums, they might think we are crazy. But we are just two nobodies who developed a nose for sniffing out ********.

I just want you to know that the new forum is wide open. I don't want anyone to think they have to discuss all this stuff we are on about. If they are into it, fine, but basically the point of the forum is to allow anyone real to post there. We don't want any Mr. Jones or weatherman714 or any others you can think of who seem to be made up to make us all look crazy, that basically chemtrails are kooky. I would love to find real people like yourself, and just have a place where the real "chemmies" can post.

I have a best friend, and he was always telling me I was wrong. But then he and his wife started noticing them. It stinks in a way to be aware of them, ignorance is bliss I guess, but if we are gonna save the planet we can't be afraid to face truths. So, I can definitely relate to your success story. I think the biggest problem for folks like us has been the internet. It's not like those behind the programs can "chemtrail" without people noticing it. So what they do is turn it into an enigma, repel real people from posting at these places. I see no other explanation for there not being a solid body of work here, organised, ready to present. This place should really be called Chemtroll Central or Tinfoil Central.

You are a kindred spirit. I can tell you are beautiful and have wonderful friends and things that money cannot buy. I am a regular dude from Massachusetts, remember when you called me Massachusetts dude, those were good days for me here. That's before the rest of them started to encroach on the space real people needed to make good posts. Swampgas, he used to moderate here, he invited me to his place. Long story short, the internet is not the answer, or I mean, the chemtrail forums are not the answer. The only way it could be is if we got 10-100 real people to put our minds together. Right now it's just myself and May{an american now living in taiwan if u can believe it} and we are kinda fixated on the astroturfing. We just sent separate letters to Will Thomas. We both are unsure if he is for real, yet I am more hopeful than May41970 that he might be legit.

But if we put our minds together, we could perhaps come up with strategies and info helping the chemtrail awareness movement. What I mean is, I kinda am thinking about the 100th monkey, that story about how the 100th monkey was the one to stop the nuclear war.

I just want you to know that it isn't all about fake this, fake that, and the place is wide open. If you want to start over, invite your nice apt. lady, your friends, anyone you meet.

It is so frustrating. I write to meteorologists and get no answer. I don't want to sound like a snob, well I am poor too, but I have much education. I have sincerely been watching the skies and reading all I can. To me, this isn't about some hoax or about believing, they are real. I think 25% now know something is going on. Politicians have spoken up in Canada, Germany, and England. All it would take would be one politician here, or one prominent lawyer, one good organisation to get this baby out into the open. You had your Paul Moyer shows, those were good developments.

Sorry for rambling. I hope you sign up at the new place and contribute whatever you can.

Her: WOW!!! What a nice note!!! Thank you soooooooooo much. You had much to say and I want to respond to it all.

First, and most important, yes, we ARE kindred spirits -- I can sniff 'em out too. We both come from a pure heart, and that, I agree, is THE most important thing. And, yes, things WILL get better.

It is un-friggin' believable to me that SO many people are in SUCH denial. And SO many people DO NOT look up into the skies. These Chemtrailers are INSIDIOUS. I noticed they DID NOT chemtrail during the Memorial Day weekend. I often wonder if that is because they figured more people might be looking UP.

At any rate, I had another success story. There was this place I was working at about six months ago, and there was a fellow worker who I would chat with during coffee breaks. The subject of chemtrailing came up, and he was INTO IT!!! He was hip, he GOT IT, and he knew way more than me (one of these SUPER intelligent types). What really INSPIRED me was that he spoke to EVERYBODY at the job about it, educating them, saying, "See, now, THAT'S a chemtrail, that's a contrail, and the reason you can tell the difference is..." He and I BOTH agreed that these people who say that "it's all just contrails" can be PROVEN wrong because if you ever see (which we did that day, and I have many times since then) BOTH a contrail AND A CHEMTRAIL in the SAME SKY with the SAME CONDITIONS, then you KNOW that the "concept" of CHEMTRAILs MUST, by definition be REAL....

The landlord lady is totally into it. She doesn't have a computer, but she KNOWS it's REAL. And she is PISSED.

Thanks again -- it's so nice to have been remembered, noticed and appreciated. That means more to me than you can possibly imagine. And, we definitely have this "thing" in common. And, yes, we MUST FIGHT this in any way we can. I'm up for just about anything.

Talk to you soon, and Godspeed. Peace, Love, and Everything Good right back to ya. Sunshine and Rainbows, Crystal Rose

Me: I wish swampgas, Deborah, chem11 were for real. I never wanted to have to start a new place. But a part of me just didn't want to give up after all the blow ups. When you were here last year, did you ever read any of the ctc changes section? It has now been hidden from the public. That's what they do here and at other places. They scrub and hide stuff, links get broken.

I dread posting here or at debate both sides. I agree with May41970 that the chemtrail central has a look and read to it that can cause vertigo.

The air here is very bad today. We have those strange looking ripply clouds. A guy at the store was having some odd sniffle, pained look. I told him that it was from the chemtrails. He nodded yes. I asked you know what I mean? He said yes.

These places are just trying to keep real people out. They are trying to get us to feel defeated.

Thank God you kept your ctc messages on to be contacted. I really do believe in the "100th monkey." I really think that a few of us can get a lot done, and in a way where we aren't "obsessed," but are just trying to do the right thing.

Peace. Even though the air is bad, making contact with you has made a headache go away.

That is awesome how your friend got through to so many of your co-workers. I too have learned over time how to get the message across without sounding looney tunes.

Her: EVERY time I go outside, and seem them Chemtrailing, I mutter under my breath (or outloud, depending on if anyone's around) -- "Bastards." I pray that they get "outed" -- that the TRUTH comes out. It has to, right? I mean, seriously, people don't get away with murder forever, do they???

I had no idea things were that weird on this website. I just felt the icky energy and, at the time, it was overwhelming me, and I literally couldn't handle it. I was feeling such negative energy coming at me, and I didn't know why. And, you're right, it made me feel like my sanity was being called into question. My mother was a teacher, who cared deeply about her students' self-images, so I have a particular tender, sensitive spot when it comes to being accused of being completely bonkers. I know what I see, I know what I experience, and based on all the information I've been exposed to, this is the conclusion I've come to -- they are REAL. NO ONE can tell me otherwise. But, it astounds me how many intelligent people INSIST on denying that they are real. And, I am not a scientific person, so I just shake my head. I'm not argumentative either. I'm no match for some of these types of people. I'm rambling but you get the picture.

Gotta go take my walk -- hopefully the air is better today. Yesterday and the day before, it was such a thick, grayish-white soup that I could barely breathe. I could LITERALLY SMELL the chemicals. And I KNOW I'm not crazy.

And I DEFINITELY believe in the 100th Monkey phenomenon. Critical mass, if you will. We can turn this thing around. We can.

We're part of the same generation. I, like you, believe in Civil Disobedience. Martin Luther King, Jr. has been and always will be one of my heros. I'm just a regular gal, just like you are a regular guy, but it's always been my belief that regular people can help save the world.

Love and Peace.

This reacquaintance between us has really got me feeling positive again. Thank you for that.

Myself and may41970 just wrote to Will Thomas, the Canadian dude, the prolific writer. It is so scary, because it gets to the point where one asks who is there left to trust?

I write to meteorologists and get nothing back. Now, i'm praying that Will Thomas is legit and at least tries to figure out what we are talking about.

It won't take too many of us to get the ball rolling. I would like the new forum to become an opportunity to figure out how to mount a real challenge. Right now it feels like limbo. I can't tell whether "chemtrails" is ever going to go public or what. I think it goes beyong the chemtrails. It goes to the totality of the overcasts. If they spray at night when we are sleeping, we might never see how the "trails" turned into the vast manipulated cover.

We had rain here spring 2006 in some ways worse than Noah's Ark.

You mentioned how they didn't spray on memorial day. Yeah, they can't be so obvious. The problem is there aren't enough real people posting on these forums. But memorial day 2006 we got slammed. I remember that because when I went through our old posts, I saw what we wrote. I've seen maybe two or three times it being that outrageous. But I do see them at it a lot, but I think they would take stalled overcasts over obvious spraying.

But I'll never give up. There are politicians and all these folks to pester like a socrates. Sorry I got that pretentious name, but it's all about the critical thinking and questioning the "authorities."

Her: There is just so much to say.

Yes, there are so few of us who are "aware" of what's going on in the skies -- it just baffles my brain. There are some days when it is just absolutely outrageous. It's even more outrageous that more people don't notice. I cannot believe it's been going on for so long with virtually no one in the media or any "celebs" on top of this. People go on and on about Global Warming (which is important, don't get me wrong), but it just shocks and amazes me that NO ONE is talking about this which seems far more dangerous and lethal than a lot of things I can even imagine.

Me: I think most just aren't looking up enough. Or they are at their cubicles. Or they read at some of these forums and decided it was a joke, that it's just contrails. There is also that phrase cognitive dissonance. It's such an outrageous situation, it is kind of hard to believe even when aware and it is right in our faces.

Part of what is driving myself and the other dude is that we want people to know there are normal folks who are aware of the chemtrails and are aware that the major chemtrail forums have been badly compromised.

Maybe I get through to Teddy Kennedy. I just wish I could win the lottery so I could go full time to stop the chemtrails. I can write quick. I can write decent chemtrail type stuff. I can find some good links or get some ideas across. But I will never have the amount of time to devote that I did the last 2 years. That is why I came out with a vengeance and eventually was saying that they all are fakes, not all, but nearly all of them. Me and May think there are tons of people who just got fed up and left the forums. We uncovered a lot of stuff on this, but it is kind of esoteric, a bit goofy, kinda nerdish, like who is gonna spend all this time reading through the forums and the archives. Not that I am doing that too much anymore. But it was strange. As each fake kept making crazy statements, I would give each the chance to clarify. And every time it would turn out that they seemed to be made up personas, just part of an astroturfing campaign.

They want it to be an enigma. They want it to sound kooky. They want people to think chemtrails are contrails. They want to direct people towards some phoney debate between "believers" and "debunkers." That's why I named the forum what it is. If we could find ways to really prove that these are deliberate activities, then we win. Then it comes back to who can we trust. Why is only Paul Moyer of KNBC, Los Angeles doing reports on chemtrails?

But yeah, somehow the nerd in me appreciates good chemtrail talk, always have. So, I think once real people can get together away from the fakes, then perhaps we could really work out strategies or perhaps inspire and motivate people we don't even know to find ways to get the **** stopped. Peace.
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Chemtrails Insidiously Presented as Sky Writing

Unread postby socrates » Sat Jul 28, 2007 1:43 pm

I think it was in Crystal Rose's post here, the one that got "nuked," where she wrote of how she witnessed what appeared to be sky writing, but which in reality looked to be just like more chemtrails.

There is a poster at YouTube named AirshipAl. He caught footage about a half year ago of this very same type of event. Here are the links to his videos proving that this is going on.

Here one can start to see the fake skywriting taking place. At the end of this one, there is footage of a black "contrail" also. To me it looks purplish-black. I have heard that barium can have purple or even green qualities.

NYC Chemtrail Activity 12/31/06 #3

The next two, it really starts to get interesting.

NYC Chemtrail Activity 12/31/06 #4

NYC Chemtrail Activity 12/31/06 #5

This last one shows the end result of the chemtrailing, a near total white-out of the sky and the sun.

NYC Chemtrail Activity 12/31/06 #6

At YouTube, the posters put up tags to identify the kind of video they are putting up. AirshipAl uses the terms chemtrail, contrail, and cloud.

But then there is another YouTube poster named WarriorMatrix, who for some reason decided to take one of these videos and post it under his own name. When I decided a while back that AirshipAl's videos were important, I went to google to try to find them again. So I plugged in Manhattan sky writing and ended up at the next link given below.

WarriorMatrix appears to be part of the network of YouTube fakes. He has taken one of Al's videos and renamed it Manhattan Sky Writing. Hmmm. It was added a few days after AirshipAl put up his work. This page makes it see that this video was produced by WarriorMatrix. But his YouTube tags are much different than Al's. His tags are WarriorMatrix, chemtrail, contrails, nwo, sky writing, NYC, Manhattan, clouds, chem, jet, photography, chemical, and pollution.

Then here is some of his introduction to the short film.

You can eliminate this form of Aviation pollution with a homemade Orgonite Chembuster...

Anyone can build one out of easily available materials.

For more info please see:

Orgonite Forum

You can make a difference with Orgonite!

I would be very interested to find out if AirshipAl knows his work has become affiliated with such nonsense.

Al has his own chemtrail website. It can be found here.
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Crystal Rose's Post and Others Located

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jul 29, 2007 7:08 pm

I have found a bunch more posts via the googler. I'll just leave out the AirshipAl links that I have already put back up.
socrates: {June 29th} Crystal Rose wrote {at CTC}:

...Finally, someone was looking up, but he made a comment about the message(s) in the sky: "Marry me, Krista." It occurred to me later that these seemed like chemtrails also. There were four jets creating these messages. It was one of the eeriest experiences just walking, watching and noticing nobody noticing.....

Here is some proof that backs up what CR observed, this psy-op of chemtrail planes posing as skywriters. By Airshipal....

Great work by this guy. Here is another one I found by him that looks like chemtrail documentation. Not of fake skywriting, more of the classic chemtrail grid patterns, the attempts to cover vast areas of the sky with fake cloud cover.

NYC Chemtrail Activity 8/13/06 Epiphany

I am grateful to this person and others like Skywatch. We are all in this together. We are more likely to get this crap exposed and stopped if we work together.

I am feeling very positive. Breaking off from the addiction to the major chemtrail boards has helped me to understand that the key to cracking the code is to make the leap from internet chatter to concrete action taking place in the real world.

Now who do I call to find out about May 28th, 2006? Hmmm.
To be continued I guess.........

socrates: {June 30th} Airshipal has his own chemtrail website, maybe it is time for real people to start networking. Sometimes it backfires to reach out, as with what happened with myself and may41970 at the Gastronamus Cafe, but I think also that we can't let fakes ruin our basic trust for fellow human beings. They want us to live in fear and trust nobody. They wish to divide and conquer us, make us confused with their "enigmas" and their "invoking of authority."

Crystal Rose: {July 2nd} Well, I thought I'd make an appearance.

After a couple weeks of really blue sky (for the most part) -- the bluest sky I remember seeing in a long time... my spirit was dancing and my heart and lungs were happy.

But, alas, yesterday, they were at it again. Not bombarding us all over the skies, but very sneaky and insidious. But it was definitely there. The white soup. Ah, well, I knew it was "too good to be true," and that it wouldn't last. Not being negative, just being "real." I pray for the day when these bastards and idiots can "wake up and smell the coffee" and do the right thing because it's the right thing. I mean, I pray so hard that these guys flying these planes will somehow, by some miracle, be hit with a bout of CONSCIOUSNESS. Is it that difficult to be a conscious human being?

There's a lady in my apartment building who is outraged. She's PISSED because she "gets it" (after my pointing it out to her -- she couldn't figure out why she was having certain physical symptoms) and she's indignant because she wasn't consulted. I remember that's how I felt when I first became aware of this. Then, as time goes by, you can't walk around being pissed all the time, so you find a way to "live with it." But, in a way, that's also very disturbing.

It's NOT okay. I don't care how anyone tries to spin it, and I won't allow myself to get super angry anymore, but I will ALWAYS LOOK UP...........

Have a good day.

Happy 4th, everyone.
Loves Blue Skies

DG: {July 3rd} Wow, Crystal.. reading your posts it's as if I'm reading my own writings.

I feel all the same frustrations you do. The "it's so obvious, why do people not see!?", etc.

Keeping it short today..
Have a Happy 4th :)

socrates: {July 3rd} Hi Crystal Rose,

I think your attitude is spot on. I, too, used to get super angry whenever I'd see the strange aircraft maneuvers. I'd go to youtube and find some of the better produced ones, and I would get even more bitter.

But you sent me an e-mail the other day that really got through to me. You spoke of how we are in a spiritual war, that the PTB's want us to feel broken down, worthless, insignificant, etc..

I used to stay away from thinking about how our healths might be compromised by the aerosol operations. But after interacting with you at CTC last year, and then reflecting on it, I have come around to believe that our collective healths are under attack from the chemtrails. It is so hard to breathe. Alzheimer's is up. That has been shown to be influenced by increases in heavy metals getting into our systems. Repsiratory illnesses are up. Mysterious, unexplained flu-like illnesses are on the increase. There is the mysterious morgellons, and the bird die-offs. I think of how the birds are always soaring the skies, how if any creatures were to be most affected by the trails, it would be them.

So it is tough not to be angry. We are being assaulted in so many ways.

*** Blue skies are taken away far too often
*** Our healths are under attack
*** We are being portrayed as kooky conspiracy theorists

It is tough not to be angry. But since reacquainting with you this last month, my spirits are up again. I am fascinated by your idea that we are being tested. Perhaps the key to all this, perhaps the fundamental key to getting chemtrails exposed and stopped, is to maintain our inner equilibriums. Perhaps we just have to be more like Gandhi and Mother Theresa, than Angela Davis and Abbie Hoffman. I realise those are tough ideals to live up to, but it could be worth a shot.



DG: {July 4th} That's a dandy sentiment, but it's almost on par with the tin foil hat people.

Sorry to burst the bubble here, but even Mother Teresa and Ghandi would get sick from Chemtrails. They are not exempt.

socrates: {July 4th} Yeah, thanks DG for the wakeup call. This is no time to
be a wimp and think a love-in will stop the tampering
with the skies.

I think my main point was that we can't let "them" get us down.
I picked the two pictures of Ghandi and Mother Theresa because
they were smiling. I think if anyone deserves a bit of peace it's
the chemmies who are aware of the situation. Nelson Mandela
unjustly spent a lot of time in prison as a political prisoner, but he
still smiles a lot.

Sorry for sounding too new-age tho'. Good call.
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Report from L.A.

Unread postby Crystal Rose » Thu Jan 03, 2008 5:01 am

[font=Comic Sans MS]Hey, all,

Well, they've been pretty much bombarding us almost everyday for weeks and weeks and weeks now. Yesterday being no exception.

Nice to have a place to post w/out being chased off by a debunker like what happened to me on another forum last year.

Thanks for providing this. I'm just a regular gal living my life. Trying to, anyway.

May not be posting for a bit, but Blessings to you all.

CR[/font] :D

{on edit- socrates here. Everyone on this board is for real. MightyMike, Crystal Rose, and M.A. Basher are friends of mine in real life. The others here are too. I even consider con-trail to be a friend, even though he seems to have bailed out on us. My point is, that even if CR, MightyMike, and MA Basher don't post much, I am grateful to them for showing the basic support for chemtrails awareness. Of the three, CR is the one who is the "chemmie." But she may not be able to post much over the next few months. Like she said, she is a regular gal who knows that chemtrails are for real. We have members on here who may not post too often, but they are still with us in spirit.}
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Report from USA

Unread postby Crystal Rose » Tue Jan 08, 2008 5:48 pm

I flew from coast to coast yesterday and I couldn't believe what I saw. I remember someone saying awhile back that when you fly (and look out the window) it really gives you a new perspective on this whole thing, but when you see it for yourself, it's unbelievable. The chemtrailing yesterday was NON-STOP (continuous) from coast to coast. In other words, it wasn't just over each city -- it was OVER THE ENTIRE COUNTRY. I was mortified. I saw it with my own eyes. It was everywhere. It makes me want to cry. It was unbelievable. They were everywhere. That disgusting white soup was a blanket over the entire country. Everywhere. I could see the trails as I was flying -- ALL OVER THE PLACE. Most of them (trails) were above us but some were below. The icky feather-looking ones were far lower, and the trails (which were a LITTLE above in altitude) went for hundreds of miles. The trails went from one major city to another and beyond. There were trails all over the skies. A couple times, the trails were like 50 yards away from the wing of our plane. And a couple right next to each other. Went on for miles and miles. A couple times I saw the CT planes flying the opposite direction from our plane -- just a little above us and maybe a couple miles away... Every place in the country had that same look that L.A. has had for weeks and weeks and months and months and beyond. This operation is far more MASSIVE than I could have possibly imagined.. I am just flabbergasted.

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Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 09, 2008 9:41 pm

Hi Crystal Rose. Thanks for the observations. I found it interesting that you saw chemtrails below and above the plane. I think that the lower trails are used to block out uv-b rays. I am now thinking that the higher trails may be attempts at off-setting the greenhouse effect. There is much documentation on such plans. Yet, if chemtrails were good for us, they would not be done in secret.

In an email you sent me, you mentioned observing from a video chemjunk coming directly out of the tail and not the engines. I try often at youtube and other places to find good looks at chemtrail planes, but there really aren't too many. We need to get someone with high-powered filming equipment to zoom in on these planes. Not only would we be more able to identify the aircraft, we could see if the crap is clearly not contrails. Fake debunkers will say that it only looks like the **** is coming out of the tails.

We got "sprayed" heavily this whole last week. It is shocking how massive the program is. There is no way it can be argued that chemtrails are contrails and are only more apparent because of the increase in air travel.

Chemtrails as portrayed on the internet is all about the creation of enigmas. We the few regular chemmies fed up with closed-minded debunkers and crazy believers need to stand our ground. The main goal of this forum has been to show the world that real people know chemtrails are real. The internet craziness actually helps prove our case. If chemtrails are a crazy hoax, why the need for such time consuming efforts to proving it so? Why are there these career debunkers spending so much time on something they claim is a ridiculous hoax? Nobody debunks flying humanoids, because it is such a ludicrous idea. Why has this Jay Reynolds person devoted so much time to chemtrails, if they are apperently so kooky?

Yet, as I have tried to say, there are really three components to the chemtrail forum script.

*** crazy believers
*** closed-minded debunkers
*** debunkers in chemmie clothes

The last group argues that all aircraft are "de facto spray planes."

Chemtrails are real. Chemtrail forums are not.
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