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tinfoil by association

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jun 15, 2008 2:22 pm

I think much of the internet is scripted. The September 11th forum at Democratic Underground is called The Dungeon. It is their "conspiracy theory" section. The astroturfing idea is that kooky stuff needs to be isolated from "real news." The DailyKos portrays the election integrity movement as being some kind of tinfoil product. Real issues get buried because of tinfoil by association.

It's hard to know how many posters are fake. They weasel their way into forums and start spreading the obfuscations. The debunkers ridicule the believers, rarely show sincerity, and force the other side to keep reinventing the wheel.

I'm not sure how much you've seen of Chemtrail Central, but the "believers" there are outrageous. They simply can't be for real. There is someone named Ellyn who posts about a galactic federation of something kooky. Weatherman714, someone who has been around for years, talks about selling his weather secrets to the Chinese and Russians. A few have even posted about their ability to wipe out chemtrails through their own minds. Now seriously, no one could ever believe that. These can't be sincere people.

And that's the kind of ******** one finds at Educate-Yourself. There was a whole network to how "chemtrails info" got circulated. I checked them all out. It is like going into a maze with no openings.

If Don Harkins and his wife or whomever are so bogged down, where did Don get the time to rewrite whole sentences and manipulate to such extents? What that guy did was probably criminal. Maybe there is a law against what he did.

There was the adding of the title, "X marks the spot," which you never wrote. I think that guy is a paid fake working for the Willis Carto racket. He turned your outstanding graduate level work into a high school term paper. He made up a part two and a part three. Now wtf about that?

The guy made it seem like you agreed that he could publish your work. I think they're trying to create a blur between you and the nutjob Carolyn Palit. I think Harkins was simply trying to box you in with the manufactured nutjobs.

The archives are out there. I just happened to be the one to write it up.

The dark side has been trying to turn me into the new Jay Reynolds, the new target for the fake believers. But I'm not going there. They try to box us in, to drain us of the energy, like you were saying.

Newbies have every right to web surf chemtrails just like we did. They should heed the warnings, though. Plus, it wouldn't hurt if they did pick up some search engine skills. They shouldn't be afraid to try to figure this out without relying on a word which is considered a hoax.

I just did google and yahoo searches on "yes we are being sprayed." Yahoo puts you at #1.


It is so strange how Harkins cooked up a part two and three.

Google directs people to the bogus websites, at least one of which can be directly tied to the Willis Carto network of right woos left fakes. Educate-yourself.org is ******** too. What a friggen joke. Are we supposed to believe chembusters are the answer to our problems? Are we to pray to the magical sylphs they post about? I wouldn't be surprised if Educate-Yourself is tied in with the same fascistic tools. We get no respect precisely because of these assholes.


They didn't even get your title right. People should check out exactly what they did to Cpellatt's excellent effort. This reeks of being willing disinformation.

We could document this to the yin yang how badly your paper got perverted.

To be honest, I don't think my theories on rigged chemtrail websites is far-fetched. The tinfoil by association campaign has been too over the top, imho. There is nothing organic on how chemtrails has played out on the internet.

Did you have an agreement with them before they printed your work? Who gives anyone the right to corrupt someone's writings? While it wasn't outright plagiarism, something seems illegal about what they did.

Google vs. Yahoo for "weather mitigation." We come up fifth on yahoo. Nada with google.


Google seems sanitized, while yahoo seems to be more organic:

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