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Louis Aubuchont: A Disinfo Troll Who Reeks Like Cointelpro

tinfoil by association

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jun 18, 2008 9:07 pm

{on edit: I admit the houses are probably different. The dark side tried to turn me into a Dan Rather where a whole story is discounted because of some small mistake or whatnot elsewhere, even when the fundamental of the story has been proven. May41970 was blabbing about coincidences the other day. He said one could think BlueSkyHope is really Brendt. It's little things like this which reveal how may41970's role has been to suppress this forum. As soon as he was tossed, everything seemed to fall into place. This is a great forum, and it is my gift to humanity.

Does Stitcherman look like Aubuchont or what? Check them out close. Check out the glasses.

As predicted, the disinfo agent named "Louis Aubuchont" wishes to tie me in with the convolution. He wants me to focus on whether he is Stitcherman or not. He doesn't want people to contemplate on why he has written in such a divisive manner with the AnnAngryBitch posts. He doesn't want people to think about the homophobia, the reference to Lieberman as a Jew, or that as Mike at BradBlog he portrayed chemtrails as being nutty conspiracy chatter.

Himself and Halva have an extensive history of being scripted adversaries for Jay Reynolds. They want to frame myself as being the new Jay Reynolds. I am not gonna fall for their trap. I am going to spell out more why Stitcherman is probably Aubuchont, or how at the least, they are on the same disinformation team.

Here's one final look at the pictures.


Image {house/view}

Here's "Louis Aubuchont"

This one with ST Brendt shows two houses. One with the red and white, the other with the green shade.


Aubuchont is acting dumb about the house next to the green one. Not that I really care. It is what he wrote as Mike at BradBlog which was revealing. It was his posts as AnnAngryBitch that told the story, that he is some kind of retired army disinfo pimp. This nail has been hammered in.



If one looks at his frothing diatribes from DebateBothSides, no where does he admit that there is a house with the red and white.

Here's what the creep posted:
"Oh yeah_almost forgot to mention it, but 'socrates / Jeffie Boy' said that the house in the 'Stitcherman' photo he posted could be our house because it has the same white trim, what a MORON, our house does have white trim but the house is GREEN and not RED like the house in the 'Stitcherman' photo."

He's reading every word here, whatever. He wants the reader to forget about all the crippling evidence compiled on this guy. He is raising the noise to signal ratio, plain and simple.

The fakes develop one-dimensional usernames and then create lists for each one to have specific spelling mistakes, grammar, and other strange inconsistencies.

The first inkling I had that Stitcherman and Aubuchont are probably the same person was when "Aubuchont" strangely enough cross-posted a Stitcherman one. What are the odds of that happening?



People might remember how TOTO liked to spell proof as proff. Stitcherman likes to spell actually as accually.





Stitcherman is just another fake woo woo tinfoil by association username just like Aubuchont. He also, just like Aubuchont, tends to leave a space before the punctuation. This next thread, Stitcherman again spelled actually as accually, had the space before the punctuation, and had the Aubuchont technique of shoving his right woos left slant into posts.



Here are more Stitcherman posts with that awkward space before the punctuation.

This one he posted just like TOTO of DBS.



Then he followed that with a fake socrates type botching of the plural of a word ending in y.





The main point is that even if it can't be proven that Stitcherman is Aubuchont, and I have never made that claim other as an opinion {unlike with other usernames where I can guarantee the match}, the other things proven are enough to conclude that Aubuchont is paid to post. His posts at BradBlog were startling. He posted as both a chemtrail debunker and as a debunker in general. As AnnAngryBitch he made homophobic posts. As Lou he has posted as a right woos left anti-semitic *******.

He messed up. Once he got outed as AnnAngryBitch, he should have been more careful when posting at BradBlog. His supervisor must be ripped mad at him for making so many mistakes. They want folks to concentrate on all these new pictures of Stitcherman versus Lou Aubuchont. What they don't want the good reader to do is remember the posts made by "Lou" and AnnAngryBitch on the same Atrios thread. They don't want good people to read closely at what he wrote as Mike at BradBlog. They certainly do not want people to check out the screenshots of Aubuchont's smear attacks at Chemtrail Central. They don't want the good reader to ask specifically where are the photographs and videos from the Deep Sky hoax. Finally, the good people will wonder about Will Thomas and why he would ever make such an easily discredited hoax the centerpiece of his book on chemtrails. The dark side does not want the reader to find out about the Terry Stewart hoax or about much of the documentation that has proven that chemtrails as portrayed on the internet has been a scripted production.
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