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The Four Amigos And An Open Apology To NatureisMad

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AAANI Is Moving Forward

Unread postby socrates » Sun Aug 17, 2008 1:13 pm

This is the true American forum devoted to exposing the chemtrails and getting them stopped. It will soon be upgraded to vol. 3 of the software. The public forum has been turned off for guest posts, until we have got settled in with the new look. There will be downtime when freeforums does the switch. Avatars, icons, and settings will be lost. No posts will be.

The member list has been whittled down to eight sincere people. It's not that I don't like cpellatt. It's that she is tinfoil by association. The last straw for me was her going on interviews with kooky sources. One of them is directly tied into the type of neonazi astroturfing that may41970 brought into my life.

People need to realise that we were sending a lot of emails to each other as this place formed and grew. He had access to my inner thoughts, of what stories I was interested in, etc.. He had the access to steer this forum.

If one checks out the top section, they will see next to nothing from may41970 as regards to chemtrails. That was another characteristic of Don Smith. That makes one wonder.

The truth has emerged about both of them. Don Smith actually resumed posting at a whackjob, deliberate, disinfo website called BreakForNews. May41970 asked me recently whether there was something I said that might have turned him away. I replied that the only thing I could think of was that he had moderator status in the first public forum. He could see the internet address numbers. All the guests get lumped into the one list. Everyone with guest on their name appears at first sight to be the same person.

But Don Smith returned to BreakForNews. That confirms that he is a spooky username. No one can be that inorganic, imho. It's like when may41970 told me his wife was kicking him off the internet. That was his excuse for the lack of posts. But at the same time, he was busy rattling posts off at a place called reddit, much of it being crass spam and language.

BreakForNews is total disinformation as regards to the global warming topic. May41970 has been spamming reddit with his Crichton spiel. Don's back at BFN? May41970 is pimping freeper tinfoil? These are outrageous developments, imho.

I had to lean on them. I had to trust them. It was just me at first.

There is something very zen-like going on with this website. There are only a few of us, so it may appear a bit disjointed. Yet, consensus has emerged that the global warming denial propaganda is rubbish. That's not exactly rocket science either. I am ashamed of anyone who denies the influence of modernity on the climate system.

I never forced this topic on people. I always assumed that 90% have a basic understanding of the influence of the modern age on the environment and atmosphere. Who would have thought the Alex Jones/BFN spam would become so saturated.

This is controlled disinfo debate around a topic that isn't debateable. The spammers like Sorethroat and Deborah/Foot Soldier is outrageous. The tinfoilers spamming back the same too. The envionmentalist chemmies have nothing, nil, zip, nada to say about chemtrails. The Deborah/Megasprayer and Arcadia Ego's were meant to fill in the gap. They just failed miserably to account for the few of us who fought back and won.

This is the only forum which has put it all together. We have figured out the main reasons for the "spraying." We have isolated nearly every form of kooky spam/scripts concerning this topic. This place has succeeded despite every attempt to bury it.

Again, I ask the good lurkers to consider signing up and helping this place grow. We are the true legacy of the major chemtrail forums. This is the only true chemtrail forum on the internet. The disinfo is simply not allowed here. Thanks for your time and consideration.

p.s. I could write more about may41970, but I really don't want to. I talked to this guy on the phone. I talked with his wife. He then told me his wife said I sounded hungover, like a depressed loser. I bet she never said that. I bet she doesn't know may41970 is a propable low level clerk for internet disinfo.

A few months ago I deleted a line or two about may41970 perhaps having some type of mental health issues. He said that specific type of comment really hurts his feelings. He asked me to delete it, so I did. So then what is up with him calling me insane? {I deleted that comment too. All his posts will be deleted.}

That's inorganic posting.

My point is, none of these people can break my spirit. I don't like to read any of them anymore. So I don't. May41970 had been steering me towards direct contact with the convolution from the beginning of AAANI. Each time I answered the call. I kicked troll ***. His latest efforts have failed because I finally saw the light that may41970 is fifth column. He's a worthless hack who plays mind games for a paycheck. Those are evil characteristics.

However, the whole plot has backfired. I got the job done.

But this all makes one wonder about all the interest in my development as a blogger on the internet.

Why all the sophisticated attacks?

It must have to do with the chemtrails. It must have to do with the effective two-pronged attack. The kooky script was exposed. Most important, realistic ideas and proof about deliberate air traffic activity {resulting in white-outs} has been provided.

I've convinced many a person in real life that chemtrails are for real. I can only assume that I have done the same thing through the internet.

This isn't about me anyway. Now that the bad influences have been weeded out, and great ones have joined in the struggle, this place has made tremendous strides.

This place is organic.

p.p.s. aerosol report: today, i noticed to the east, around 8 am, that there had probably been some dispersals. You could see the gel/powder like appearance of fake clouds that the aware can spot.

Today is supposed to be sunny. I'll go take a peek.

It's total blue from what I can see. I think that the early chemclouds were from ocean activity. The plan, imho, is to block out uv-b rays. This all adds up. Ozone in the upper troposphere is uv-b related protectful than that in the stratosphere. That is a crucial nugget provided to us by Paul Crutzen. This is why most of the activities seem to be so low.

{No chemtrailing here so far- it'saround 2 pm.}

That's how global warming got convoluted as regards to chemtrails. Chemtrails are too low to do anything but warm us up.
But that doesn't mean they might not be geoengineering in the stratosphere with chemtrails obscuring view of that.

This website adds up. That is why it has gotten attacked.

I don't want to delete posts. But I consider some posts to be troll spam with the motive of diverting attention away from the consensus, based on common sense and facts, which has emerged.

We also know about the new bill which mentions "weather mitigation." It speaks of climate change. We now hear that climate change is considered a national security issue. This is why we can't completely expose the racket that easily. National security means hidden knowledge. This is not kooky conspiracy theory. This is how the ptb's get away with the chemtrails.

But lots of normal people in position of power know about the trails. Perhaps they are biding their time. Perhaps there is word of mouth grassroots forming where a silent majority is fed up with this perverting of the skies.

This forum has neutralised the kookiness factor as regards to chemtrails. It has also provided a solid presentation on the actual topic.

You know it.

But yeah, good people should not be afraid to sign up and chip in. There's tons of disinfo against me. Ask yourselves, "why?" Follow the paths to the attacks' origins. One will see it goes back to the what really happened forum and progressive independent days. Then there were the Aubuchont - Reddot/TOTO/fake socrates attacks which were identical in nature.

Then when all the dust appeared to settle, it was may41970 who attempted to tear this forum apart once and for all. He may have succeeded getting me to turn away NatureisMad. But Lophofo is still here. May41970's attacks on Lophofo revealed his inner motive to break up the party, similar to what Swampgas did to the Gastronamus Cafe.

NatureisMad may show up once again. I hope so. BlueSkyHope has made some great posts. The others have certainly contributed, showing how everyday people believe chemtrails are for real. Lophofo's provided tremendous insights into HAARP. I mean, there is no where else on the internet which has been so down to earth and rigorous about getting to the truth. Thanks also to our amigo from Spain, Isard, for keeping it real.

MightyMike and MA Basher are personal friends of mine. The rest of us are refugees from the major chemtrail forums.

Except BlueSkyHope, I think she just stumbled upon us, can't remember. There's Helix, too. Maybe he wants to resign up? He heard of us through the WRH forum. He recently thanked us.

Eight members may be a low #, but at least we are for real.

Chemtrails are for blocking out uv-b rays and for "weather mitigation." The damage from the ozone holes goes beyond skin cancer. All life is subject to damage done by the solar energy. This is why the fakes spew out all the garbage they can about mind control, depopulation, weather wars, global warming denial, ufos, etc.. They don't want newbies and fence-sitters to know about the probable rationales behind the "spraying." They want those folks to think the internet has a lot of kookiness. They want people to see chemtrails as contrails and thus normal engine exhaust turning into man-made cirrus, an eyesore, but not deliberate.

All aircraft are not involved in the operations!

This forum is moving forward.
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Re: AAANI Is Moving Forward

Unread postby socrates » Fri Aug 22, 2008 9:35 pm

It's gonna take a bit of time to figure out what needs to be done. The youtube code needs to be added, for example. Other settings need to be fixed. Right now, the stats are different. It'd be nice to see how many people visit each day. We have gotten over two hundred visits before. This could be a good time for new people to come in and pile on with great truths about chemtrails, astroturfing, current events, etc..

I know there are some of you out there who should sign up and help positively shape this website.

The public forum will be reopened, as soon as the adjustments are made. Imho, this forum looks a lot better than the last version.
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Re: AAANI Is Moving Forward

Unread postby socrates » Sat Aug 23, 2008 12:43 pm

It'll take a while to figure everything out. My idea is to open up the whole board to public posting. The only catch will be that posts will be put in a holding pattern until a moderator approves it. Otherwise we will be swamped with spam and other assorted nonsense. But now with this new modification, outside guests will be able to post anywhere. I only ask for patience, while i try to figure out the new board. Thanks for your time and consideration.

We got chem-slammed today in Massachusetts. It was brutal. I haven't looked in a bit. Guess I'll have to come up with an aerosol report.
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