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Troll Deleted

tinfoil by association

Unread postby cpellatt » Sun Jun 01, 2008 3:49 am

Thank you may41970 for your explanantion. I don't mean to disrespect either you or Socrates. I know you are sincere in your quest to keep trolls off this forum. Just as you felt a need to be a cop and right the wrongs, I feel as though I must clarify information that is misrepresented. In the same way that you didn't want a connection to be made linguistically between chemtrails and rocket launchers, I didn't want one to be assumed between possible trolls, violent weapons, and a peace activist songwriter. I realize that this site is being watched, and I therefore felt the necessity to set the record straight and do it at the source. I will drop the subject after this post. That being said, I know there are fine lines between allowing people to freely post, and having to discern who may damage the reputation of chemtrails researchers and forums. And I know that you and Socrates and I are wired differently than I am. I do consider this to be a positive symbiotic connection, however.

And thank you to Socrates for posting to everyone to help clarify my point of view.
Thanks again for your post.
very truly,


Unread postby puppyhead » Mon Sep 08, 2008 10:13 pm

{On edit: You'll have to do a lot better than this to stay a member for longer than fifteen minutes, Mr. Paid troll from Asia. This person wants me to waste time explaining what this is all about. It goes back to a bunch of things, from May41970, msalling22/et in arcadia ego, Jeff Wells, to may41970 having posted that he felt like he was getting sprayed like a bug. The dark side doesn't like how good this forum turned out. In a way, one of my dreams has been fulfilled. I have taken high-powered ideas and presented them in a language accessible to all. That's called democracy in action.

This is why I ask the good people to sign up. You can see that this place is over the hump. In a week or so, this place will be perfect. The more real people there are, the less trolls like this can negatively affect the Chemtrail Haven.

Are you out there, NatureisMad? Are you for real? Or did you fumble the football when we needed you most? For someone who wants the chemtrails stopped, you've turned into another Don Smith or may41970.

This is why this troll left the post he did. He knows it will make me think about the awkward exchanges between myself, may41970, and NIM over the raid spray comments made many months ago. This troll wants me to think about a bunch of things that will preoccupy my and the readers' time.

They know I am virtually alone here. They know the best posters here don't really chip in with too much on the troll busting aspects.

The troll wants me to feel isolated, that my profound messages will never make sense.

Puppyhead is a spook. Puppyhead realises there will always be soft people like NIM who will wuss out from being a hero. This troll is practicing divide and conquer 101. He is trying to spread doubt into the members that I am an authoritarian monster who deletes people for no good reason. He wants my head to spin, to worry how myself and this place is perceived.

Like Lophofo says, there must be a lot of good info and ideas at this place that others don't want it to be that well known or for the right reasons. {This lame attempt at hurting the forum will be merged into the troll deleted thread.}

Real people, you're needed here more than ever. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Greetings to all of you truth seekers and counter intel. who enjoy life and have memory of what the sky used to look like before the spraying and HAARP.

'just wanted to say I've noticed they were spraying heavily in Taidong while I was there in June /08. Interestingly too, a small chaser plane was following the lead planes trail, perhaps taking samples to insure the right mix and we're getting sprayed like bugs here in Taipei city.

All the best,

Re: Troll Deleted

Unread postby socrates » Tue Sep 09, 2008 9:21 am

I have some extra thoughts I forget to mention in the edit above. These trolls want people to go down the rabbit holes manufactured around this forum. They want to pervert how I am perceived. They want people to think I delete anyone who doesn't agree with me. Some call me a debunker which is ludicrous. Other's call me intel. or a multipersonality sock puppet. They don't want people to dive into the excellent sources and ideas presented by AAANI. They want people to be scared to sign up and participate. They want folks to think I will eventually turn on them, that I do not play fair, that I will reveal their ip address, etc..

IP addresses rarely mean anything. Sometimes, however, they do!

Lou Aubuchont showed up here and finding out his ip address turned into a treasure trove of info. We were able to learn about AnnAngryBitch and then Mike at BradBlog. We found out and proved that "Lou Aubuchont" plays both sides of issues in controlled, oppositional scripts.

This troll has succeeded in a way, but barely, in that I have ended up wasting the time it takes to put this new event into perspective. The readers are also now caught up wasting more time on this that could be better spent checking out the top section. Veteran readers are probably ok. They have also seen this kind of ******** before and perhaps understand nearly as well as myself what this is all about.

The paid trolls are after the newbies and fence-sitters. It goes back to the idea of circumscribing that C. Wright Mills wrote about. Fascists desire to control social reality. They wish to destroy the human spirit.

But anyway, what are the chances that so many English speaking chemmies from Asia keep showing up at this humble forum?

Puppyhead Info:

posted from:
email address given:
Code: Select all
[email protected]

inetnum: -
netname: HINET-NET
country: TW
descr: CHTD, Chunghwa Telecom Co.,Ltd.
descr: Data-Bldg.6F, No.21, Sec.21, Hsin-Yi Rd.
descr: Taipei Taiwan 100

Yet, he registered from

IP Geographical locator:
ip2location.com {the address he posted from}

It appears that puppyhead has made a big mistake. I doubt he ever suspected that I would have access to the ip address he used to register.

When will the paid trolls realise that I am smarter than them? When will they realise that it is best to ignore me?

As for CJMG who started this thread, his address gave the following result:

Chunghwa Telecom Co. Taiwan hinet.net
NetRange: -

Hmmm. That's from the same ip range from the ip PuppyHead used to register.

I had suspected this was a troll from the username alone. Puppyhead=PoopyHead?

Ok, so are we to believe that mulitple numbers of fluent English speaking chemmies from Taiwan and now China are going to keep popping up at this forum? What are the odds? Also, isn't it strange how someone can be posting from both Taiwan and China as PuppyHead did?

In conclusion, this troll messed up in a big way by not anticipating that we would have the ip address that he registered with. He also mentioned Taipei City and Taidong, two Taiwanese cities. He never mentioned anything about China.

Yet again, the truth has won, and the dark side has been exposed.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: Troll Deleted

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:02 pm

I just don't get it. What is it with Taiwan anyway? I searched on that harris at execs dot com thing, and gee, the twisted circle looped back to Alex Jones and 911 "truth" in 2006, for Pete's sake! Is the Chinese aspect just in terms of the Taiwan separate (Chinese) locale, or are these entities really mainland Chinese or what? It's so nuts.

from forumosa dot com
An Afternoon @ the movies-Get another perspective on 9/11

I think it is part of the spam empire now (not content with mass-emailing cr@!> to all of us nonstop on our normal emails, they are engaged in infiltrating everything and everybody with junk and putting everyone at cross purposes, just to keep everything confused and up in the air [i.e. distracted]).

banger wrote:Posted: Tue, 01 Aug 2006

An afternoon @ the movies
Sunday August 13 from 2pm - 5pm

Get another perspective on the events of 9/11 and what the main stream media is not telling you.

Free admission
Free DVD’s for the first 5 people

There is limited seating for this event.
RSVP to: [email protected] Type: 911 Truth- Your Name in the Subject Line

Location: Bongos Restaurant
No.3 Alley 5, Lane 74, Wenjou St. Taipei, Taiwan.
Tel: 02 2365-6095

Sorry, no small children


The American Scholars Symposium Panel Discussion (June 2006 L.A conference)
The long-awaited arrival of Alex Jones' latest documentary Terror Storm

Edited to try to place pieces of the Taiwan link back in, 9:09pm 9/09/08
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Re: Troll Deleted

Unread postby socrates » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:57 pm

Hi BlueSkyHope,

Thank you very much for the response. I sent off an email to that address. I think PuppyHead stole that address. I have written before that I'll simply activate the new ones. Remember the pm glitch at the old forum? That's why I stopped doing that. This is how someone would know that their email address wasn't needed to start posting. So it becomes a rabbit hole. Although you did tie that email into a 9/11 video.

Your link isn't working. I am at free forums trying to get that fixed. There's also the other glitch there with the email addresses. I told them about that too. basically when you hit quote, edit, or preview, it is cutting off links not put in the bb code.

But back to the subject. I simply do not know what you know about what happened to me the last two years as regards to writing about chemtrails on the internet.

I became the most prolific. Not all of it was perfect, but I did end up in the middle of the old crowd who used to dominate Chemtrail Central.

Anyway, may41970 is from Taiwan. there was a big cybersmear attack from me, and it all centered around may41970. He drew me into Michael Rivero's forum. That guy is similar to Alex Jones as being an internet personality.

It's a long story, but if you gave me specific questions I could rattle off answers.

When I went to the Rigorous Intuition to confront Arcadia Ego, a poster named msalling22 showed up too, yet another English speaking person in Taiwan interested in chemtrails.

I know a lot of this can be hard to absorb, but my story has been documented here to the best of my abilities.

Here then are 5 people messing with me from Taiwan, all with a similar personality, imho. They must have planned all this out in early to mid 2007, when I went on the rampage at DebateBothSides.

The stuff I uncovered on Aubuchont is incredible. There are screenshots, etc.. But it's beyond that. There was Reddot?TOTO, Ender and what happened at the What Really Happened forum. There was this guy Hertzberg posting at BreakForNews. There are wierd things with Kos, Democratic Underground, progressive Independent, on and on, BradBlog, etc.. I mean really crazy stuff that I documented.

The dark side can't afford to let the reader decide. Or else they want this place to be as dark and gloomy and convoluted as any other place. There is contempt for free thinkers. There are roots to fascism. We pose a serious threat to their ******* scripted internet.

The chemtrails is a big thing, but this website has done more than that. But yes, this place is #1 for explaining everything about the chemtrails. It has also exposed every flaw and inconsistency in those who have opurported to be our leadership.

Why Taiwan? Because they are desperate to make any part of that stupid psy-op stick. Yet again, I really don't know where you are at with all this. And I've never been one to dump my problems on anyone else. And there's work for me to do to fix all the glitches. A lot of the screenshots are cut off now.

think about this. I am one person. Yet, there have been all these crazy attacks on me. People don't want to hear the brutal truths backed up by facts. They want it sugarcoated.

Like on tlnl's thread, over at one of the rigged websites, Progressive Independent, someone backed him up. But not one person interacted with the idea that Jones is a fascist. the supporter said that Jones appears to be in it for money.

No one wants to face the brutal truth.

Like Olbermann, when he didn't rip into Obama for the FISA while ripping into Bush. That was a punch in the face. It showed how MSNBC is just in it for the money. But it's beyond the money when we get into the things I went through. These are attacks against our freedoms of speech and association. I probably just contradicted myself somewhere. I'm very tired of the gatekeeping. Then when I just want to be left alone, they continue.

The ip geographical locator said the guy was in China. Beijing to be exact.

I'm all alone here. i don't get much if any feedback from anyone. NatureisMad left me out to dry. Lophofo is the only one who has stuck it through with me. Crystal Rose too. But she hasn't the time to post.

My head is spinning and my eyes are getting teary. I am damn tired of no one watching my back.

The dark side knows I am alone and that no one interacts much with my findings. May41970 is a real life mole. I leaned on him too much. It took me too long to figure out his racket. He was the only one helping me out. I fell for his game.

Don't get me wrong though. The other side has been bloodied also. In fact, I think I won and they lost. It doesn't make it easier though knowing that most people are shallow and don't care about anything but their finite existences.
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Re: Troll Deleted

Unread postby socrates » Tue Sep 09, 2008 4:59 pm

They are trying to terrorize me. The only explanation why must be because of the content on this website.
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Re: Troll Deleted

Unread postby socrates » Wed Sep 10, 2008 1:01 am

Hi again, I feel much better now. Thanks for reaching out to me, BSH.

I'm sorry about my emotional ramble above. Part of the reason i think may41970 is a mole is because of all the head games. There are a bunch of posts he made on this very forum which seemed to be attempts to tear at the very foundation of AAANI. And thanks for creating that acronym. I'm not sure i ever put it that way. In fact, I am very grateful to you for reaching out to me when you first started posting here.

Thanks for the private email today. Thanks for your solid chemtrail posts.

I want to make something clear.

It's not just the content of this forum that "they" are afraid of. They do not want people like yourself to trust in me or this forum. They want people to think I will backstab or reveal their ip addresses.

It's about the content, but it's also about our freedoms of speech and most importantly, our freedoms to assemble and associate. I'm talking roots of fascism here.

They want us to feel alone and frustrated. They want us to worry about being misunderstood and about mistakes in our posts.

Maybe I was wrong to delete cpellatt. But to be honest, how am I supposed to be taken seriously with my theory about internet convolution, if one of the most prolific posters here is tied into neo-nazi astroturfing.

There is a lot of psychology going on of an insidious nature.

I fixed a few spelling errors i had, but i won't touch what i wrote again. If it is foggy writing, I apologize.

In the email you sent, you explained how you used to follow Scott Stevens and then you ended up looking at CTC. Somehow you found my username there, FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe, a line from a Rage Against the Machine song. I am very happy you are here. I also want Isard to know how much I respect him for stepping forward. It is not easy to admit that one was interested in chembusters. But he has the capacity to change. I just got tired of being pigeon-holed as a dictator debunker. Lou Aubuchont is saying I am Jay Reynolds. May41970 was insinuating that you are ST Brendt. Or he was calling me out for making claims based on coincidences. One or the other. He is either implying you are a fake, or that my research methods are not to be trusted.

Ok, let's see if I can wrap this up so this post makes some sense.

I think we need to tighten up, draw in the caravans, or whatever the cliche is.

When I came out in early 2007 decaling that all chemtrail forums were fake, in retrospect, that wasn't exactly rocket science. I think I was just goofy enough and had the high speed internet and I then figured out screenshots and image hosting places. I was the right half nerd/half hippie at the right place at the right time.

I like the link you found. It shows that maybe that email address was PuppyHead's real address. Who attacks us? It is the tinfoil sources.

We are attacked because we care how we are perceived.

I shot off an email to the Chinese webmaster of the ip address PuppyHead registered with. The post he made did come out of Taiwan. By the way, that is now 5 usernames I can think of coming from Taiwan. But the address PuppyHead registered with is from Beijing. i asked them if they could tell me if that was from a US embassy or company, etc.. I hope the email reaches them and that we are given the answer. I tried the whois, but I seemed to only get the Go-Daddy type front. If we can find out who owns that ip address, we will know at least one entity which is trying to as you put it above, to keep everyone confused and distracted.

They are trying to confuse and distract me. They are trying to repel real people from finding the gumption to sign up and join in.

There could be around thirty members here by now, for real. But so many like PuppyHead came in with no appreciation for the general message of this secod chemtrail forum. Did he have to mention bug spray? That is one of my biggest pet peeves with over the top fakes like Morgan at the Randi Rhodes forum. All the crazy talk is spammed to prevent the obvious explanations that the few of us have banded together around.

i am not a debunker. I am not a troublemaker. I haven't been banned from every place I've posted. I am not afraid of being banned either. But when people can't even see why a person was banned, doesn't that kind of imply that the bannings were unfair?

I was banned from rigorous Intuition before making one post. There are these little things here and there that started to add up for me. Instead of figuring out one or two fakes and then moving on, more and more of them started to emerge.

I am not saying cpellatt is a fake. But she is too connected to them to be a member here.

This is my plan. My health is a bit off lately, so i need to regroup with that, nothing too serious. Also, I have to move. I have a bunch of things in the real world to get to.

My plan is to find the time to fix every link and image.

Then my planis, as I explained in a group email today to active members and NatureisMad, is to go after NASA and Patrick Minnis. I was never afraid of Jay Reynolds and the debunkers. The first person I realised was a fake was Wayne Hall/Halva. I didn't understand why he was such a loser as regards to dealing with Jay. I tried to debate Jay Reynolds at Debate Both Sides. People who saw that know that Jay wilted and ignored. He had no explanation, for example, how in the Skywatch video that one plane was able to cruise below and then way above a massive chemtrail without any visible exhaust.

Here is the debunker page from Minnis and NASA. Oops, my point here. Then I realised Lou Aubuchont also had a convoluted history frothing about the "onion farmer." Yikes, I am starting to ramble. This is why they attack me. They want me to make no sense.

My point is, if we can debunk NASA, we will have reversed all the trolling. Why do I call it reverse-trolling? I figured that out today. Back in 2004, we Bostonians came up with a phrase for our Red Sox. It was called Reverse The Curse!

So let's reverse the trolls!

I know we are all busy. I know life can get very confusing and scary. It looks like the fix is in for McCain. It looks like the battle for peace and awareness is gonna be a long one. I have no option but to trust and believe in other people. That has been an achilles heel, yet it has also been one of my most redeeming values. People can go through the forum archives like I did and see that nearly everything I have written in this second chemtrail forum is the truth. But with limited time and dial-up, it is time for me to focus on the top section. The only thing missing from this place is confronting the real debunkers, not the fake ones along with the crazy believers.

Here's the link put out by NASA I'm hopeful we can all work on.

NASA Langley Contrail Page: Contrails Not Chemtrails

Newbies and fence sitters will see this page and go aha, all aircraft are involved. We need to help them see through the propaganda. There is a lot on that page. There are pdf's, images, and other links. I think it is all a big bluff.

I think we need to take deep breaths and smile. We need to keep our chins up and move forward. We need to hammer in the nail and then there will be at least one website which speaks the whole truth about chemtrails.

I thnik the trolls have succeeded in a way. otherwise, more real people would be here helping out. They have plastered me with a bad image. It's a catch-22 for me. If I stand proud, maybe I appear pompous. If I quit, then perhaps all hope is lost. I know that probably sounded like a delusion of grandeur. I know this and the previous posts have been disjointed to a degree. Perhaps our best bet is to find people we come across in real life to help us reach consensus.

A lot of people do believe in chemtrails, but they are lost in the worlds of Alex Jones, Scott Stevens, and Will Thomas.

And again, it is not rocket science to understand that all these chemtrail forums and websites have been rigged. I was simply, to repeat, goofy enough, to go after that topic.

My goal thus is to clean up the rest of this forum like I've blabbed about in the admin. forum and to start a new major thread in the top section going after that NASA website.

If anyone has any questions at all, please ask them.

Anyone remember when I found that contrails.nl webpage showing how Deborah/FootSoldier was a debunker as early as 2004? That was a solid find. What did may41970 write? He wanted to know about Lib at DBS deleting my post for mentioning her alleged real name. May41970, remember the Kimberlin story? His response was the same.

Great post Soc!, but that's not what I really want to talk about.

I guess I need to accept that no one is gonna get into details about any of the stuff I have come up with on this forum. I guess they were content to just read what was posted. I put up options for anonymous guest posts, and we have only two real people doing that, Helix and LastNameLeft.

But uhm, the v.3 doesn't allow us to upload images. But it's the same process at a place called mynetimages. They have the box you click to brows your desktop. You upload the screenshots. Then you can copy and paste the image url's from there into the bb codes here.

I'm actually gonna take the time to proofread this one a bit, then hit enter.

I admit I am an emotional kid. I watched someone close die. It hit me hard. then I dove into this topic. I am ready to step forward. I am not scared of death or anyone. From The Iliad, I learned that it is better to lead a short life with honour than a long mediocre one. I am ready to take this up a notch, time permitting and considering that I am on dial-up. This is why I have been whining for new people to join in. No one is an island.

While I try to have a sense of humour, this is not tinfoil-tainment. I am not a fake. I really did devote a couple years to researching and writing on chemtrails. I think we can win this thing.

To anyone out there with whois ip language, please make a guest post if you can figure out who owns the following ip address.

It is originating out of Beijing, China. The truth about chemtrails may actually emerge out of one of those totalitarian countries. They obviously don't give a s%#& about human rights. So I figure pigs like that might someday come out and admit what they are doing to tame the weather, block out uv-b rays, etc..

The US, on the other hand, has the facade of democracy. One look at the electoral college and the voting machines tells we the people otherwise. They're not gonna admit nothing to nobody here.

Please, can anyone tell me who owns

I am thinking if we can find this one out, then that will show us who really is scared about this forum.

Astroturfing is not just about pushing products!

Take care all.

p.s. I get timed out a lot, but if you just relog on in a separate window, you can enter posts in no problemo. I'm doing that right now. In another window, I'll relog, then I'll hit preview, clean this one up just a bit, apologies for any rambling and/or incoherence, then I'll hit enter, then I'll hit the sack.

Hey Isard: If you read this, I promise to never delete your account. I am not what they make me out to be. If you were a troll, you would have interacted with me quite differently the past months, before i got to trusting you.

Sorry, I actually have no time to proofread or edit. This one like the others was from the heart. Peace to all.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: Troll Deleted

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:33 am

Researching this enigma of briefly, through Google, I see first of all that "Renquist" is not really being too helpful at forum freeforums dot org, but I dunno who/what that entity is, or where he/she/it is coming from as far as their perspective.

Anyhow,I had noticed yesterday that the contact email address for that execs dot com site where harris at execs dot com email address was prevalent, included something like ms27 at hinet dot net.

Looking into "hinet" goes back to Chunghwa Telecom and there is said to be a lot of automatic spam and dynamic IP address hinet type stuff coming out of that quarter, per numerous accounts I am seeing through Google. "Renquist" making the snide remarks is probably aware of some of this.

It is said that the spam empire is a pyramid scheme with top management (so to speak) cleaning up on it big time, and the rank and file (which is more often prosecuted or gone after) just contributing to that, up the chain.

Plus the whole thing works "hand and glove" with the selling of ANTI SPAM software to block the entire mess.

It is within the realm of possibility that the "poster" trollbot is just data-mining content on sites, whether chemtrails or 911 or whatever,
to create a pertinent "comment" and then get an "in" to go after legit email addresses available on a forum.

At a previous company I worked at, several years ago (and I am quite sure the technology for targeted spamming has advanced considerably since then) a virus/spam entity raided the company's email system, and started sending out viruses FROM OUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESSES, to each other!

Luckily the first person who got one, telephoned that supposed sender in another department and confirmed they had not sent anything to them whatsoever. That got the word out immediately to tech support to announce it was a virus attack and not to open the emails. That is "old school" now and of course a lot of the public is "onto" it, being more aware nowadays to be careful with emails.

Wiki on Chunghwa and HiNet

Wiki-Chunghwa Telecom wrote:Chunghwa Telecom ... (NYSE: CHT) is the largest telecommunications company in the Republic of China (Taiwan). Prior to the 1980s, the telecom industry of the Republic of China was completely nationalized, and the company has its roots as the operating branch of the General Bureau of Telecommunications ... under the Ministry of Transportation and Communications ....

Due to martial law being in effect at the time, special regulations gave the Defence ministry and police agencies the power to interfere in the telecom industry for national security reasons. However, during the 1990s, public demand grew to deregulate the telecommunications sector, and the government has since carried out a privatization policy. In 1996 a series of 3 telecom laws were passed that split up the Bureau and created Chunghwa Telecom as a government corporation, and reformed the Bureau solely as an industry regulator. Although still wholly government-owned at that time, plans to privatize were underway by 1997. As of August 2005, the percentage of government ownership has been reduced to less than 50%.

In addition to traditional landline services, Chunghwa Telecom is also currently the largest mobile phone operator in Taiwan as of 2006.(1) Internet services are offered under the brand name HiNet. HiNet is said to offer the slowest and most unreliable internet connections in Asia. HiNet has been heavily criticized for being a haven for senders of E-mail spam, which has resulted in many Internet service providers routinely blocking e-mails originating from the service.(2,3,4)

Re: Troll Deleted

Unread postby socrates » Thu Oct 30, 2008 12:50 pm

Above, I wrote decaling, when I meant declaring. I'm not gonna edit that. If my spelling/grammar is ever off, it is because I posted a roughdraft out of laziness. Sometimes it is fun to just let a post rip, as if we were talking on the phone.

Renquist left another post at freeforums telling me to take my meds. Wow. I was eloquent in return, asking him to think about his lack of compassion and humanity. He is showing symptoms of fascist thought. There's no need to be mean, or to make fun of a whole group of people who take medications for all sorts of various trauma, etc..

Anyway, I found a tracer for the Chinese ip. It leads us to Chengdu, China. There is an aircraft, perhaps even an aerospace connection there.

I think it comes down to whether things become goose chases or answers.

Sometimes we have coincidences, sometimes we find true connections. Say with Aubuchont reading here way back when. The ip led to Maine. That could have been a coincidence. {By the way, Lou told me in an email a long time ago that he was working on a project with Scott Stevens. I'm wondering if he was lying or not.}

Then I plugged in the Maine ip into google and one result appeared with an AnnAngryBitch. When reading that one post, it was clear that it was Lou. So then I plugged in AnnAngryBitch and found examples of astroturfing and even one in which Lou and AnnAngryBitch posted on the same Atrios thread. That to me is pure sock puppetry.

Then I got cyberstalked at BradBlog, and the moderator Agent99 sided with the cyberstalkers. At that time, Brad and myself were emailing back and forth. I asked him to check the AnnAngryBitch ip with the cyberstalkers. He confirmed Mike as a match. {There is another Mike posting there, so other amateur sleuths should keep that in mind.} One of the posts Mike made referred to me as one of the chemtrail believers. To repeat, Lou Aubuchont referred to someone as one of the chemtrail believers. That is playing both sides of the fence. But all that has been covered elsewhere. It's fascinating, imho, a catharsis.

As to this situation, your explanation could be the truth. It could be a coincidence that the new person was posting from Taiwan without any knowledge of this forum's history. It could be like you said. He could have thought that what he made was a standard chemtrail post, to get the in, then to check us out for any visible information for members. It could be like with the Sren trollbot. The Lou as AnnAngryBitch, the Lou as crazy believer, is fact. This new thing is tougher to pin down.

The danger is that we could end up going down rabbit holes and onto goose chases.

The NASA link above, however, is right there for the taking.

I am leaning towards thinking PuppyHead is a dark sider, rather than being a spam/phish bot. I did read there is a big problem with Chinese hackers. And I do appreciate your point that such entities are good for the computer protection industry. The logic here being akin to if there were no crime, policemen/women would have to find new work. Ironically, we are sounding in agreement with Mike Rivero, although neither of us are calling for hackers to be tortured. :)

Too bad PuppyHead didn't register from America. I think we would have had a great find, similar to when ProgressiveGold pinned down that the Secretary of Commerce had visited their place in response to a devastating expose on Bob Parsons of GoDaddy.com.

I was talking with MightyMike the other day. He was in agreement with me that people can be mean to others quite often. Renquist, where have I heard that name before.....

Chief Justice and fascist, William Rehnquist?

Another coincidence?

To tell someone to take meds, to me, that is no different than using the N word or the R word for people with down's syndrome.

The HiNet is simply the comcast/earthlink type business for Taiwan.

This one could be an enigma if we can't figure out the entity of the Chinese ip hiding behind the telecommunications company.

I'm thinking in a month or two, this place will be ready to expand. I've stopped advertising us in the blogosphere. I want all the links to pop up in convenient new windows. I want all images cut off replaced with convenient new window links.

It's time consuming though, because I have to manually fix everything from post to post. Fortunately, I have used the url code frequently, and it's not too tough to transform the cut off images to links. Plus, all the videos have been fixed.

Isard is correct. We are on the good road.

Please everyone, no walking on eggshells. Let it rip!

I Just remembered something- a lot of robots are registered, but there will be some who show up unregistered. If you see on the who is on line that guests are looking at user control panels, that means it could have been one of us logging in or logging off or something like that. Mostly, it could mean some robot was trying to check them out, they look into everything they can, but they don't actually get into the ucp's. They get asked for a password, and then that's the end of that one.

Also, from the top section, about something you mentioned. I agree that the sun feels a lot harsher by the year. Even with the Montreal Protocols, the aerosols take fifteen years to do more damage. It takes 100 years for the ozone layer to heal itself. It takes many centuries, not a few, for the greenhouse emissions to work themselves out. It also appears that activities such as shuttle rockets continue to do damage to the ozone layer.

We're not supposed to be outside for more than fifteen minutes without sunscreen? That sounds pretty dangerous to me. I could possibly support the use of organic dispersals to create a sunscreen. But I do not trust the military or government to do what's right. Plus, treating symptons rather than the source of duress is never the answer.

There was some guy who mysteriously died a few years back. He invented an electronic voting machine which could be verified. I could try to track that story down. I believe he even came from Georgia. I think there could be truth to this, because one doesn't hear much about it. My point is, the ptb's are going to get rid of the electronic machines with no receipts. I believe they will come up with some Mickey Mouse verification process. The optical scanners, while providing us with ballot receipts does nothing if there are only limited or fudged recounts.

Ok, the man's name was Athan Gibbs Sr. of Nashville. His invention was called the TruVote System.

DU Thread on Athan Gibbs Sr.
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