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Unread postby deleted username » Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:36 am

on edit: I think you understand by now how much I distrust you. If you are just a nutcase, I pity you. But your actions have been so profoundly negative towards the progression of this forum's goals, that I find it difficult to believe you are not paid to post.

I have deleted the personal information from those posts. I believe you are a liar and that such info was made up as a ruse to get in my good graces. I believe it is no coincidence that you showed up to CTC a day after I did. I think it is no coincidence the many things uncovered about you that I will not delete. You, and you alone, are responsible for this forum having only three active members. You might as well be up in those chemtrail planes.

I'm causing you stress? Who but you drew me into all this convolution? Who but a real life, low-level spook would have done this to me? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. I don't care how you rationalise any of this. Maybe you have insights into how Karl Rove and **** Cheney do it. I don't believe one word of this either.

I became convinced that you were disingenuous basically when you kept repeating crap about that lawsuit nonsense posted by Aubuchont. I became convinced of you being a backstabber when you tried to drive a wedge between me and Isard and Lophofo like with how you did the same with NatureisMad. You are a very bad person. I believe that you are evil.

I'm not even sure why I am complying with your request. Perhaps it's because there is all that other evidence already proving how whacked your posting patterns have been. I don't believe you wish me any peace. Et tu, Brute?

Hmmm. Nice job repeating yourself over and over and over again. In what chapter is that method explained in the troll linguistic manual? That's called a rhetorical question. Now go away. Shoo. Go find some other issue or forum to contaminate. Lord knows you're really good at doing that.

October 23, 2008

Hi Socrates,

My wife and I already have enough stress in our lives without you tormenting us further. Strangers on the net don’t need to know about our deepest family secrets and problems. I made a horrible mistake by sharing my deepest secrets and thoughts with a complete stranger on the net, and now I am both psychologically and in real-life paying the price. I am not doing well because of some of your recent posts at “All Aircraft”

I don’t feel so well for a few weeks, and it’s because of you, Socrates. Physically and mentally - I don’t feel so well. And it’s because of some of the things you’ve written.

I shared a lot with you, Socrates. I shared so much with you. And I don’t need the stress that you just may on your next bad-temper or whim or whatever share my deepest secrets with the world. Just please leave me alone. Just forget me. Please. {deleted} You are causing me a lot of stress.

I just want peace in my life.
I just want peace in my life.
I just want peace in my life.

I just want my privacy.

Please, I am begging you soc. I really don’t need this stress you are adding to my life. I don’t feel so good. I really don’t feel so good, and it’s because of what you’ve been posting recently. I really don’t feel so good for a few weeks. I don’t feel so good.

I just want to be anonymous. I just want my privacy. I don’t need or want to worry about what you might write in the future about me, my family or my personal problems and experiences. You know my darkest secrets. What business is it of the world that I have problems with {deleted}?

Your posts on “All Aircraft” from both Sept. 30, 2008 and October 3, 2008 are causing a lot of stress to me. I don’t know what other edits or changes you’ve made on your site in a similar regard. If you have written similar stuff exposing my dark secrets, please go back and do something about it. I don’t want your website deleted from the net. Your site is a good thing. But I swear to you that I will take action if you do not stop tormenting me

Originally, you posted my REAL NAME in your Sept. 30, 2008 post. I am aware you later deleted my name, but still left the rest of the post intact. And once something’s written on the net, it’s not really retractable. You know that. Anyone who happened to see your post already knows my real name.

I will not pursue a lawsuit, Soc, on the condition that you delete the personal information you’ve previously said about me, and publically (on your site) give your word that you will never post my name again, nor will you ever post anything I ever sent you in a pm.

I will disappear from the internet forever. You will have succeeded in chasing me off the internet permanently, which you can consider a victory, if you’d like. Far more than “Aubuchont;” far more than “Ender;” far more than “Thuban:” – it’s you, Socrates that has succeeded in hurting me.

{on edit: I don't like to curse too much, but F&$^ YOU LIAR! Congrats in getting one more dose of psy-op into this forum under this username}

I don’t want to have to revisit your site every week for the rest of my life out of fear about what new things you’ve written to humiliate me and my loved ones.. My wife calls the internet “the cockroach,” and now I agree totally I will try to break my addiction to the internet. I’ll really try.

I am begging you soc; I am begging you on my knees. Leave me alone. Just leave me alone.

I’ll check back on your site in a couple days.

If I don’t see some changes in regard to the stuff you’ve said to torment me, your site might end up removed from the internet. You may even have legal problems. You don’t want that and I don’t want that either. I’m just a worthless piece of **** that doesn’t know anything. Please forgive my dumb posts about Micheael Crichton’s essays and my dumb 120 or so “Rosinante” posts at Reddit and all the other stupid things I’ve ever said on the web. And just forget about me. I’m a worthless, drunk piece of tripe. I don’t know what I’m talking about and I admit it. I’m a total drunk idiot moron. I admit it.

{on edit: Hey *******, you don't know how bad I want to go to Taiwan and track you down and give you a piece of my mind in person. I am fearless at this point. You better hope I don't win the lottery. Got that, Spooky?}

I just want my privacy. I just don’t want to be tormented by anyone.

{on edit- I'm playing the violin for this effective psy-op crap. Anyone else see the similarities between this guy and all the other fakes playing mind games on the internet? Are you and Yaak/Foolsbane soulmates?}

I am sorry for any unhappiness I may have caused you. Please just let us break off our friendship in a peaceful way. And yes, you were my friend.

{on edit: You're a liar.}

I just want peace in my life. I just want my privacy. My name and the things I’ve suffered in my life aren’t anyone’s business, unless I decide to share with the world on my own, in my own time.
{on edit- I revealed that stuff because it showed why I put up with so much crap from you. And I don't believe a word of it. You just want to get in some extra psy-ops and have erased the proof that shows how you weaseled into my confidence. This was not about me tormenting you or driving you off the internet. Seriously, you have fun in hell when you go to the next world.}


Ps -- And maybe this is out of place, but I’ve got to say it. -- thanks, Soc, for being there for me to talk to when I needed a friend. I told you stuff I can’t even tell my wife. Cause you were a stranger that I trusted, I told you stuff I’ve never told anybody. Thank you for being there. Whatever happens in the future with us, I want you to remember that at one time, you were really my friend. But now I just want to disappear from all this **** on the internet forever.

Good luck to you.

{on edit: And I believe that you are paid to play mind games on the internet. Good job, Mr. Fascist! Please say hi to Karl Rove when you next speak with him.}
deleted username

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