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The Randi Rhodes Message Board Appears To Be Cointelpro

manufactured grassroots, disinfo, and insidious marketing

The Randi Rhodes Message Board Appears To Be Cointelpro

Unread postby socrates2 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 5:46 am

I'm fairly confident I have put together a lot about fake progressives controlling the internet. SluggoJD got in my face a bit too much lately, and eventually I wll bust his sorry spook *** also. I think that guy has a bit of the Lou Aubuchont syndrome. You know, when certain prolific, high horse usernames spout alot about how they are using their real names. I no longer think SluggoJD is John Dean {no, not that Watergate John Dean}. The reason I mention him, is because Brad Friedman has been filling in for Randi Rhodes at times. So there is the definite connection. Some freeper board with a hoax about a Michelle Obama tape got the trollbuster plant on their case. They exposed his internet address. It is the right one. Anyway, I went to three different geographical demo locators. Those aren't always the most accurate. When I do mine, a city about 30 to 45 minutes from me shows up. SluggoJD has always declared loudly blah blah yadda blah from Santa Ana, CA. and I will not be silenced!.

One of the demos gave me the RR isp provider, not sbc. That doesn't really matter. We all change isp from time to time. I recently did, going high speed back to the turtle pace. The location for that was Herndon, VA.. I wouldn't jump to conclusions on that one, although it could mean something, hint hint. The other two had SluggoJD showing up for New York.

These astroturfers don't even just have rigged forums and websites. They have rigged trollbusters. But I'll get to that guy eventually on the appropriate thread in the astroturfing section. That guy actually posted my real name on this board, the first one anyway. That is when I decided to put all public posts into the moderator queue. Thank God, because we have been getting the spam dumped on us. But I sincerely want this place to stay public. So a few extra minutes a week deleting spam and banning the spammers is what I'll do.

Anyway, I did get banned by the RRMB a week or so ago. While usually my line is that I have gotten banned for no good reason, let's face it. Look at the username I selected. I am a fricken gadfly. I am proud. I cherish the truth and despise injustice.

I will clear the record with this thread. Egghead will be shown to be either an insidious troll or someone with Stockholm Syndrome. It was deja vu with Chemtrail Central when I committed username suicide by moderator police. I am not going to get **** on by fakes. They will let the most vocal gadfly stay. and I mean any of these rigged forums, they will let anyone stay as long as the specific truth about each forums and the overall truth of the internet is not revealed. They like to have a few real people around. Then the sock puppets gang up on the real person. It is like they are doing a psy-op on the whole readership through the one brave soul.

Like with me at the Randi Rhodes Message Board. As long as I didn't mention anything about their dirty laundry, then it was ok. Because then they simply brought in their trolls. Seeker1 is the annoying debunker. Carmenjonze and a few others are the mean debunkers. RememberEarth, Who, and Egghead are concern trolls. Morgan {OKthatsIT} is the fruitcake. RandyS, Rottmom, J2NYC, uhm, Manzo I believe too, along with the other mods are corrupt. Every single one of them. I think the good guy was a producer named Jeff Ronzo. He's made only 6 posts total. I was emailing him just before I got banned. I told him I had proof of major corruption on the board. He told me that he was busy with the elections, but that we could address this afterwards. Then I learned through the concern troll, Who, that Ronzo had been fired. That's strange. I also emailed Randi herself but got no answer.

Why is "Who" a concern troll? I was pm'ing with him right before the brutal banishment. We were having some good give and take. But then he showed up here and made a one-sentence post asking wtf happened. I wrote out a good response, but he hasn't provided anything more. He is a prolific poster at the Democratic Warrior. That place is run by someone named Big Jerr, who I believe has his own dirty laundry. That guy uses Lucifer for his avatar. Isn't that special? Uhm, it also appears that Ben Burch has the full control of that place. "Who" was telling me things in private, but when push came to shove, he has vanished.

That's what concern trolls are all about, the bait and switch. Our forum here has seen plenty of those types.I'm not saying every concern troll is a paid fake. Some are simply shallow. And who has the time to peg down so many different usernames as being trolls. I guess SluggoJD does. I am interested in the big name trolls. I am interested in the big picture. I am interested in providing proof, since I admit, I have proclaimed on many occasions that it is the reader who decides.

Paid concern trolls are the worst. They gain one's confidence, thus they get the free psychological profile on the victim. They are able to destroy a place from within. Good people are hurting for life to get better and for injustice to be rooted out. This is why we do see a lot of false hope with Obama. But don't get me wrong. It would be a crushing blow if McCain is cheated in. It would be racist. It would be a nasty outcome. It would be McSame, for real. But that doesn't mean that Obama isn't still a politician and corporate. Let's not get carried away. I do accept that he would be a million times better than McCain. But oh well, I am digressing.

The point is, we are looking for our allies no matter what situations we find ourselves in life. We want the lowdown when we are newbies. In regards to forums, we want to know who to avoid, what rules to watch out for, and stuff like that. For trollbusting, I fell for SluggoJD. He was in tight with Bev Harris and exposed a troll working progressive boards. That guy turned out to be Rob Pelletier of Diebold. For the chemtrails, Swampgas and Chem11 looked like real people compared to the obvious crap getting circulated. Same with Deborah/FootSoldier. So I went to them. Even Lou. He was one of the centerpieces for a Will Thomas book. I naturally accepted him. Same with Brad Friedman. Fintan Dunne, not so much, to my credit.

They want the aware to either go away or keep quiet about unsettling truths about these people and their forums. They will let you remain if you play their game. Look at the Democratic Underground. Where are the true progressives? I don't see tham.
Look at the RRMB. On the surface Randi Rhodes is an incredible goddess, heads and tails above the wimpy Democrats. So one might easily believe that her message board will be the same. I have never actually listened to her show. I don't do internet radio. I don't do over the air radio, either. I like to listen to tunes, not hot air and commercials. Tapes and cd's are the way to go. It's ok to repel the shallow consumerism. But to get back to the point. I dare any of you good lurkers to read at the RRMB, Kos, and Democratic Underground. Be honest about it. While you may be finding some good links, check out the posters. Read between the lines. To call these places fishy would be an understatement.

And then there are the gatekeeper trollbusters. "Who" hooked me up with these guys called Frisco and Bammo. They post at the Democratic Warrior. They are all over this guy called LibLaw, who used to post as AceBass. I had noticed these guys months ago. And while they do make a lot of good points, I am starting to see that there is an enigmatic stench of dejavu. Them with Acebass reminds me of SluggoJD and AnonymousArmy. It feels scripted. Anyone who has seen that stuff, just check out their use of fonts and one of them is always repeating over and over about Acebass being Liblaw. I mean, he'll repeat that five times in the same post. He'll mention it nearly every post. This Vietnam War fake Acebass now posting as LibLaw at the so-called RRMB which has been infiltrated by neocons blah blah. I mean, they do have some good stuff. They nailed how the RRMB allows unfair teasing of religion. The RRMB is an unfair board. It is inane. It is shallow. There's no meat on them bones. But seriously. We get it. Acebass is now LibLaw. WE HEARD YOU, Frisco/Bammo.

But maybe that is why "Who" is not here chipping in. If he is a gatekeeper trollbuster, that is one thing. On the other hand, he may see that if I am for real, that his home the Democratic Warrior is no better than the RRMB. This is what I'm talking about! A lot of these people are fakes messing with me. They act one way, but then eventually they start messing with my head. May41970 did that. My concern troll handler at the RRMB turned out to be the prolific poster Egghead.

I will let the screenshots tell most of the story. As I have done before, I will be providing materials that will only be able to be seen at this humble forum. Yeah, I can hear the grumbling, this socrates is always saying this humble forum, so what's up with his critique of Frisco. Hey, I'm sorry. I'm not gonna let trolls on the internet ruin my love for writing. What you see is what you get. I am a good kid. :)

n.b. I am now in a time crunch. I will do my best to edit these rough drafts, but I might not always have the time to do so. I apologize in advance for any bad writing, typos, spelling, etc. you may come across.

One other thing- the reason screenshots are taken, is because not only can posts be sent down a memory hole, they can be literally altered. While I would never change anyone's posts, I would not be surprised one bit if my posts have been altered elsewhere. I am not paranoid, just being realistic. Uhm, on the astroturfing thread- the Brad, DU, Bev, Hertzy, etc. one, I made a good post yesterday or so where I was able to put back up two posts that DU erased. Please check that out. I was USofFascism, and I was trying to interact with Mark Lindeman. It is very telling about which posts they deleted. For now, it appears that those are the only two they got rid of. Those were two of the best ones I made. They showed how I was debating fairly and making excellent points. But now all anyone can see is username deleted, please read the rules. The people running Democratic Underground are corrupt to the core. And finally, by deleting so many posts of their tombstoned people, they are leaving nothing to justify the bannings.

Re: The Randi Rhodes Message Board Is Internet Cointelpro

Unread postby socrates2 » Mon Nov 03, 2008 8:46 am

Before getting started, I just wanted to clarify a point. I can confirm the address given for the slug as revealed by the freeper hoax website, but if that gets changed, that is obviously out of my control. And this goes for anything I have posted about. I am one person. It is impossible to keep going back to everything and checking for that sort of shenanigan. I know from being an admin here that I could alter posts and leave no trace of an edit. But I would never would do that. Most of us are honest. Most of us, e.g., give money back at stores if the tellers make a mistake. Perhaps this goes back to the fable of George washington and the cherry tree. Most Americans are good people. We do the right thing when informed.

Thus, the only defense against that type of thing would be to screenshot everything. And who's gonna do that. I screenshot what I can but try not to go overboard.

Before getting into exposing Egghead of the RRMB as being either a paid fake or a victim of Stockholm Syndrome, I want to revisit how Morgan was exposed as being a sock puppet of the prolific crazy believer known as OKthatsIT.

If you scroll down this page, Morgan denies being OKthatsIT. But here's the proof.

From a RRMB thread which converts images to the url:


From a post from the Democratic Warrior forum:


Okie dokie, just another example of what I got good at doing. Here's one more tangent before getting to the Egghead story. Before the RRMB went down and was ultimately completely deleted after Randi Rhodes got fired from Air America Radio, there was a thread in the Cindy Sheehan section smearing here as being a media *****. A hoax was established that she had done an interview with Larry Flynt and his porno magazine. This is the only thing I could retrieve from the wayback machine:


I was friends with two people at the RRMB. I had joined last year but forget the date. One of the main reasons I did was because they had a whole section devoted to Cindy Sheehan. I was kind of a Sluggo protector type {for Bev Harris} for Ms. Sheehan at HuffingtonPost back in 2005/06. How long has it been since Murtha advised our govt. to get out of Iraq? Anyway, I applied my trollbusting techniques to that thread. I posted about the HuffingtonPost attaqcks on her. I think I linked to FreeRepublic astroturfing her as being a media *****. I even posted some of my screenshots on the Advantage Consultants, the stuff about flooding the zone 24/7 with blog attacks. It was one of my finer efforts. I never expected the RRMB to be totally deleted. Otherwise, I would have saved all the posts.

Recently I have gotten back in contact with Aletha. I want to believe in her but have been getting mixed signals. She has blogged a bit on that hoax but never mentioned me, never game me the credit. I also noticed how she posted on a feminist blog how she had rebuked my romantic advances. She didn't mention me by name, and that post was made a while back before this recent Egghead crap. I don't know about Aletha. The bottom line, however, is that I was only friends with her and Egghead. Soon you will be able to see the attack thread she started on me, one that is now gone. In fact, nearly everything I will subsequently post on this thread will only be available here, similar to the screenshots I have for the WhatReallyHappened thread revealing the cybersmear script used against me. One of the bs allegations from Egghead was that I hit on every female member on the RRMB. How can that be true if I was only in contact with Egghead and Aletha?

I admit I am a flirt on the internet. I've never hidden that. I even flirted with Ms. ManHands, Deborah/FootSoldier. Luckily, before meeting her {we are both from Boston area}, Chem11 flipped out against Swampgas and myself. When Deborah didn't chime in, when Megasprayer then revealed my email address, I cancelled my membership and got the frig out of that debunker zone.

I flirted with CPellatt. I've flirted with CrystalRose. WhoopDeDoo. So I am attracted to women and show that. Sue me!

I just have a bit more of establishing the environment before getting into the good stuff about Egghead. When I was first starting out at the RRMB, pre-scrub job, Bushwa was given the task of being my designated troller. At that point I didn't realise that every single moderator and admin except for Ronzo was a tool. I certainly had no idea yet that WhoseMarie and RandyS were big supporters of Bushwa. I admit I am good at data mining or whatnot of the internet for info. But come on. The internet is immense. There are limitations for one person to be able to know and figure out everything. I am not a data mining company like the one whose ip showed up as being the anonymous who bumped all those threads on Oct. 30th AND seemingly altered the date of the previous posts. That story is developing and is being covered in the It Happens section.

I went to WhoseMarie to report on Bushwa for trolling. She said no, that she saw no evidence of that. I think I then went to RandyS and got the same answer. Then I went to Egghead and asked her who of the moderators I could trust. Because the old board is now gone, I have no access to those emails. But I do have the ones from around May 8th, when the board reopened. :twisted:

The protecting of Bushwa is a prime example of how rules are not evenly applied on "progressive" boards. I went to Egghead because she too had been trolled o'plenty by Bushwa. We developed a friendship despite what she would later claim, that she had sensed I was a conman from the get-go. There is a thread at a forum I think called Air America Place where she went after him. I also have a link I will provide that shows another example of her fighting back against him. The screenshots of our exchanges after the board reopened will show how much she despised him and how she too had a problem with the moderators. The screenshots will show that she considered me a friend. I also have one screenshot of her recently interacting with Bushwa. I have another link with her doing the same. The email screenshots will show that she told me Bushwa made her feel nausea and that it was best for her to ignore him. In short, the screenshots will prove the duplicitous nature of Egghead. To me, they will prove that she is either a paid troll or is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome {e.g. Patty Hearst}.

I will upload the screenshots in doses to make it easier for folks on dial up. I will try my best to cover all the necessary ground. I have no hidden agendas.

Egghead Starts An Attack Thread On Yours Truly

Uhm, I screenshot her post included in my reply. The thread was titled Be Careful. I was the prime example. She also then went on about how people can pm others for donations. Yes, we should be careful about pm's and emails. I myself can have a fairly bad temper at times with them. I can write differently, less inhibited, than on the public board. It's like with a dive like DebateBothSides which has a saloon type anything goes atmosphere. The way I have posted at DBS would be more like the way I have been in some emails. I am not proud of that but am trying to be honest and aboveboard.

Be Careful




Much more is to come which will prove that Egghead is a big time concern troll and a bold-faced liar.

Re: The Randi Rhodes Message Board Appears To Be Cointelpro

Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Nov 06, 2008 12:38 pm

This is gonna sound strange, but I can't even get to my bookmarks anymore. Every time I try, firefox shuts down. It's all good. I do need to shift gears as a blogger. I need to go from being more of a researcher to a writer. In a way, it is cathartic to tie together the loose ends. It's also more fun to write. Theoretically, one could research forever.

Internet cointelpro appears to be going through a transition. Kelvin Mace and SluggoJD have their fake truce. Andy Stephenson is still being adored in the DU electoral integrity forum despite his rich involvement in shadiness. The attacks on Bev Harris, however, have been reduced to a trickle. The RRMB continues along with its shallow blatherings, albeit with this renewed phoney hope. They are ratcheting up their fake version of us versus them. They are the fake progressives. They are part and parcel of controlled opposition. They are the more successful version of the Progressive Independent. Now that it has become clear that Tinoire and PI are rightwinger plants, the RRMB is the gatekeeper bastion for progressives turned away by the Democratic Leadership Council's gatekeeper forum called Democratic Underground.

I have said my goodbyes to DebateBothSides, although not before outing NeuroticBurger as being a fake commie. It just felt right to leave once and for all. My username was Jeff Reynolds, a funny take on Jay's name. People can find most of my posts directly through the profile. There is a button to search for the threads started. There were also some big threads not started by me which I made some posts. DBS only keeps links to the last 500 posts a person makes. There are the search engines too. But I warn you, that place is disgusting and pretty much a waste of time full of divide and conquer rabbit holes.

Right now I am only posting at two places. Nearly everything I am writing now is to be found here at AAANI. I did make some excellent posts recently as Vincent Gambini at the real Violet Blue's website concerning Burch's smear and lie campaign against her. I am posting a bit, just a bit, at Carnicom's. There I am seemingly up against Yaak and Kola sock puppets. I also called out Cliffie himself for his close affiliation with Jeff Rense. I went to Rense for the first time in about a year to see what's up there. That's like when you're standing in line to pay for groceries and take a quick peek at the tabloids.

I noticed Rense has a gazillion Obama smear links. That's when I decided to not even click on anything from that friggen nazi's website. The disinfo on the internet is switching gears. They want the past buried. They want everyone to forget history. They wish to continue with their baits and switches and keep us in the realm of emotions. I know that sounds contradictory. What I am really saying is that they are the same old same old, but that they are trying real hard to suppress their histories. That is the #1 reason why yours truly is not wanted on the "progressive" boards. I am like wait a second, what about this and that from then? The "progressive" ptb's don't want anyone to reflect on older threads. To do so would give away the disinfo store. They are fascists trying to steer newbies and fence-sitters away from damaging contradictions. They realise not everything can be scrubbed and flushed. But what they can do, and are good at, is to delete and ban anyone who thinks freely. They only allow those few real people to remain, if they don't get too vocal about their findings, if they don't get too productive with outing the fakes dominating these boards and whom are protected by the gatekeeper mods and admins. Now they are into their new era of hope. It is a wait and see period. The inauguration is not even until January.

The biggest complaints I have about the net are that there is too much going down memory holes, too many forums are closed shops despite their facades, and that the search engines are rigged and/or gamed.

I've got two ideas for this post. I want to add something found on Ben Burch which can hopefully be eventually figured out. I also want to start putting up some of the screenshots taken from the RRMB.

Ben Burch does not only archive Randi Rhodes' and other "progressives" like Brad Friedman's radio archives. He is also listed as being on Nova M Radio's staff.


One problem emerging with the internet is that information is becoming a commodity. We have the net neutrality thing to worry about. We also have this new trend where archived news stories are being buried. One can perhaps find brief abstracts of them, but in order to learn more, one needs to sign up to places like HighBeam and Goliath to get the rest of the stories. Then one can't even post too much more than a brief excerpt or run the risk of getting a removal request for violating copyright laws. And those are free trials anyway. The one at HighBeam said one can get seven free days, but then ka ching would need to be drawn from one's credit card. No thanks.

Then again, that shouldn't be a problem. It will simply force bloggers to actually write an original thought or two. It will force them to seek out multiple sources and only use fair use excerpts to aid their writing. One college trick is to use quotes to fill out a paper. That may work in high school, but I hope not. Good teachers need to teach our students how to write. But anyway.....

Publication: Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL) 10-DEC-06

Article Excerpt

Letter writer should get his facts straight

This letter is in response to Ben Burch's letter regarding the Kane County Board's recent appointment.

First, kudos to Kane County Board Chairwoman Karen McConnaughay for striving to have the County Board represent all of its constituents. This appointment reflects her commitment to improve diverse representation in Kane County.

Second, we believe that Burch should have done a better job reviewing the facts before making statements in the newspaper. If one does not have all of the...

Ben Burch was fighting against diversity? Shocked, I tell ya? McConnaughay is a Republican, but it appears she had to by law select a Democrat to fill the vacancy. Now what were Burch's complaints really about? I don't know the full story, because access has been denied, but perhaps someday someone from Illinois might want to do a story on David {Benjamin} Burch. He appears to have mucho influence not just on the internet.

Castro ready to join board
By Lenore T. Adkins | Daily Herald Staff

Cristina Castro is the Democrat of choice to compete for the Kane County Board District 20 seat, Tuesday night trouncing the man appointed to the seat nearly two years ago....

De la Isla, 28, of Elgin, has held the seat since late 2006, when he was appointed to fill a vacancy. He did not return phone calls Tuesday night....

Who the hell for real is Ben Burch?


Five More Endorsements....
January 25, 2008

To our neighbors in Northeast Elgin:

The undersigned Democratic committeemen (past, current and candidates) of Kane County's 20th District announce our full support and endorsement of Cristina Castro to represent us as a member of the Kane County Board.

The people of the 20th District elected Marlena Fox in 2004 to represent them. When she resigned, the Elgin Township Democrats nominated a number of acceptable replacements. The Republican chairman of the board appointed someone who was not on that list......

We urge all registered voters of Kane County's 20th District to take a Democratic ballot in the February 5 primary and vote for Cristina Castro.....

Ben Burch
Precinct 6
668 Forest

The Node:
Discussing the Systems Which Control Our World

[quote="toshirotzu"]"Leftists" Vs "Liberals"

So in light of my last entry I've been talking to a number of progressives about this phenomenon. I've been trying for the past week to find the proper words for it and one of the people who I was discussing this with put it perfectly. I'm going to blatantly copy what The Bionic Cowlick said and post it here....

Beautifully put and I completely agree. So the question for those of you on the left is, are you a "leftist" or a "liberal"?

Bionic can be found here.

Mykeru can be found here. Take the time to read his dealings with "Ben Burch", "MMTF", and "POAC".

The original link is now gone. This is what Bionic Cowlick wrote:

""Progressives" are divided in many ways, but, generally, there are two main camps that I consider important: the leftists, and the liberals, because, as I have mentioned many times before, the two are not the same.

"Again, in general, leftists are concerned about the nuts and bolts of society: the economy, foreign policy, and so on; they tend to be more "realistic." Liberals on the other hand are often preoccupied with moral issues; to them, everything tends to boil down to an ambiguous "because it's not right"; the number one liberal social edict is: "Be Nice." Liberals tend to think that if everyone is "nice" to each other, then everything will be alright, and they seem to harbor the idea that 6+ billion people being "nice" to one another is a possibility; all they have to do, they say, is "believe." And that is no wonder, because liberals are superstitious. Do a survey of the "be nice" tribe and you are likely to find an inordinate number of people who speak in terms of reaching "a higher consciousness," englightenment, satori, etc.; animal rights activists; Wikkers (or whatever the **** the name is); ****-tube addicts that are loyal fans of whatever the popular thing-of-the moment is in mainstream media culture; and, in general, people who have a standard, predictable personality, who are incapable of thinking for themselves, and who follow a formula for no matter what they do.

"When these people get on boards, they recognize one another from the identical scripts that each is following: I say this, you answer this, I respond this, and, see, we're nice to one another and we're friends; why can't everybody be enlightened like us? Once their tentacles have felt one another out and they are satisfied that they, indeed, are the same infection in a different body, they hook up and proceed to either infect everybody else, or, if they meet resistence, to destroy what is not like them, what is--original. They have no clue that this is true about them, that this is their most salient characteristic, but what they are is Fascists: They spread like the plague and kill everything that is different. They eat truckloads and **** truckloads for this sole purpose: to spread and make the world uniform. They fear what is not the same. In the Church that Mykeru is a member of, they are referred to as the "pinks."

"Therein lies the story of what is happening to Mykeru. He did something that didn't follow the script, something that wasn't "nice," and he had to be destroyed. Naturally, Mykeru is trying to defend himself. Surrounded on all sides by the same pulsating amoeba with different heads, he is shutting down the communication channels that have allowed the disease access. Defence by itself won't help, however. What needs to be carried out is a coordinated offence. Offence because, left to him or herself, the infected personality will continue to repeat the same behavior over and over again. Coordinated because the infected personality needs people around him or her to affirm one and the same thing before he or she will do anything; an idea by itself and based on its own merits means nothing to the infected; only social pressure and the fear of being alone can motivate them."

That was eloquent, imho, and explains it all about fake progressives.

Mykeru seems to have flushed out all the dirt he coul compile on Ben Burch but then deleted it. Yet, if you go to the following link, and scroll down, there is a lot of cached material. I'll copy and paste what's there. This stuff supports the real Violet Blue's assertion that Burch had been internet stalking her and revealing her personal info. I believe Violet Blue is a modern day version of Dr. Ruth. I believe Ben Burch is the modern day version of a "progressive" strawman.

This goes precisely to the concept of scripted controlled opposition. It serves the purposes of internet cointelpro to promote the double strawman and the creation of enigmas and rabbit holes. Examples abound everywhere. Jay Reynolds versus Lou Aubuchont. Ben Burch versus FrankSolich/PJ Comix. SluggoJD versus Kelvin Mace. Brad Friedman versus Mark Lindeman or Fintan Dunne.

When people like me, inquisitive nobodies, just want to know wtf is up {wassabi?}, we are not wanted. Our questions are not wanted. That's what has been going on with BradBlog and DemocraticUnderground. Good questions are not allowed. Who is Ben Burch? Who was Andy Stephenson, for real? Who is Brett Kimberlin? Who is Steven Hertzberg? What is Verified Voting Foundation and VoteTrustUSA? Andy Stephenson and John Gideon can now be directly tied into the Verified Voting Foundation. Don't they promote the use of electronic machines with paper receipts? How does that square with BradBlog being against those machines? It doesn't! So yours truly is not wanted at BradBlog, precisely because real people are not wanted around disrupting the flow of and exposing their controlled, oppositional scripts!

Are you starting to understand, good people?

Now I am not saying one way or another whether Mykeru is a fake. I don't think he is. I just don't know for sure. I can't figure out everything. Is not nearly everything good enough? :D

If I had to guess, I'd say Mykeru was someone like me who noticed and understood the concept of gatekeeper fakes and scripts, and who refused to back down. There are people like us who despise injustice and trolls. And the more we get pushed around, the more determined we become to kick back in self-defense at the ugly concern trolls and gatekeepers in pursuit of self-preservation and that of our ideals and aspirations. When we finally see why we are getting nowhere and are instead getting attacked.... When we realise why we are spinning our wheels on so many topics, we simply take things up a notch and do indeed go on the high horses. We, the good people, to quote the Blues Brothers, are on a mission from God. :)


From the Message Board:


I think you should stop your bashing of herpes-infected, morbidly obese, "Ayn Rand Libertarian Pagan", "erection-impaired-so-he-fists-instead", bi-sexual but "looking for a long term fisting position with a woman", lying sack of Elgin, Illinois ****.

That's just my opinion, you understand.

You know, Charlie, I appreciate your sensitivity to those more unfortunate and vastly more unhygienic than ourselves. I don't want to appear unfeeling, and despite disagreements over outing, viruses, lies, accusations of gay bashing and such, all of which wouldn't have happened had Ben Burch had not attempted to intimidate me, and then my wife, because he fell victim to a little net mockery, I would like to give the impression that I still value Ben, and by extrapolation all the microcephalic morons squatting in their own feces over in the Mike Malloy Truthseeker's Forum. Which is, of course, the forum for people who need a messianic political leader, but have pathologically low expectations.

But, unfortunately, if I could give that impression, I could be having a lucrative career selling steer **** to Texans.

Still, perhaps it's time for a moratorium, because even I'm beginning to feel funky exposed to the smarmy online presence of Uncle Fister. Besides, in our little confrontation which began when, as Mr. Wiggles, I exposed Truthfreeper hypocrisy and mendacity, Ben managed -- by the not too clever route of a Network Solutions domain lookup -- to post my name, my then address, and managed to make sly Wicked Witch like remarks wherein my wife assumed the role of Toto in his rhetoric.

Well, you know what Ben says about privacy.

I, however, managed to reveal his legal name, which is not the "real name" he posts under, his address, his resume, two BDSM personal ads, one of which he posted via an anonymous remailer despite claims he made that he always posts under his "real name". Those sad spanking ad posts detailed some of his more interesting predilections, including "vaginal fisting" and his need to be on maintenance doses of medication to control his decade-old case of Herpes. I have shown that he has outed people before, including soliciting information on where his target's spouse works and child goes to school, which should give anyone the creeps. I have, as you allude, established that he is, indeed, a middle-aged, 45-year old 290+ pound fat **** in need of a full body shave, not to mention a non-too-erotic caning with the Cluestick 9000. I have established that he is, not surprisingly, divorced and blames his wife for giving him "The Simp". I showed that he had and lost custody of his two children and while he had them was interested in hitting up his wife for child support, although she didn't make a lot of money. I have revealed posts where he mentions "difficulties" in fulfilling his "marital relations". And I have shown that, despite his protests of innocence regarding the lame sending of viral attachments, that he owns and operates an adolescent site that has no purpose save the dissemination of trojan viruses. I have detailed that when he called the Mike Malloy radio show in October 14, and related an irrelevant gay-bashing rumor regarding the right wing poster boy for dishonesty, Rush Limbaugh, Ben knew he himself was being just as dishonest as the "Pigman" because of a post of November 2002 where Ben himself says he doubted the tale. Along the way I vivisected his pretentions of being a "Thelemite Neo-Pagan" as little more Randian personal egoism and selfishness dressed up for the Renaissance Fair. Not to mention that, despite his claims to being a "progressive" Burch has, in other venues, claimed he is a Libertarian. Hardly a New Deal sort of guy.

Plus I have gotten to mock him in word and graphics and, as a bonus, made sure it was all properly meta tagged to be picked up by the search engines for the benefit of nosey acquaintances and potential employers and anyone else who needs an object lesson in how not to be a smart-***. Even as we speak, Googling the verb/gerund form "burching" gets a couple of results.

And now all he has left is squatting on a declining net message board patting himself on the back about how he got the better of me.

Well, kids, if that's what it looks like when Ben Burch wins, I'm going to assume his losing absolutely rips a fucking glory hole in the fabric of space-time.

I'm feeling quite serene.

Tuesday November 11, 2003
Burching: It Just Gets Weirder and Weirder

Today I received an email from a "[email protected] (Ben Burch)" that contained a variant of the [email protected] worm in an attachment that was killed deader than Jesus by my anti-virus software. This usually happens whenever Burch's name comes up on this site or in forums. Rather like clockwork, really. I've gotten a half-dozen or so over the past couple months.

Although Burch denies responsibility, isn't it interesting that there is a now defunct trojan virus site that was operated by a "Ben Burch", as well as a site Trojan Source (PDF capture of now defunct page) which promotes itself as "The Source For ALL The Best Trojans" and is "© 2003-2004 Ben Burch". Must be some other Ben Burch. The site isn't an academic exercise. It promotes itself as having live trojans for download and tutorials on creating your own trojans in order to access and even shut down a target PC.

Ben Burch writes on the MMTF: "If I wanted to send you a virus, BTW, you'd have lost your system".

Maybe Ben. Maybe not. And no, Ben, that's not a challenge for you to try harder. In any case, it's hardly a denial, is it?

Ben also says "He made the really ignorant assertion that I sent him some sort of virus. Obviously, this was one that his antivirus software was able to detect. Which means that it was a well-known viral payload. I'm simply not that lazy. "

Again, an interesting sort of "denial", wouldn't you say?

1. Even assuming that a worm infected the MMTF database, why is it I only get virii emailed to me from Ben? Apparently Occam was as ignorant as I am.

2. Maybe he's just trying to be annoying. He may not be lazy, but he seems to have more than enough energy for juvenile tantrums.

3. A "well-known viral payload". Well, isn't Trojan Source all about well-known viral payloads? Why send someone an arcane virus. I mean, if you are going to shoot someone, use a high volume manufacturing piece of **** like a Lorcin and not a .58 caliber Harper's Ferry Horse Pistol, especially when you are a gun collector. It's a giveaway.

The site provides the following text for search engines:

Trojan Source, Download Megasite. #1 trojan resource on the net.Download All the best, popular, working trojans here. Sub7 , PEST , NetDevil , NetBus, optix pro, net prank and tons more.- trojan trojans IP port scanner fun security free download hack hacking system dll ocx winsock ben burch direct working big fast source code poll keegan games astalavista client server virus keegan bakker norton net internet dos keywords" content="trojan trojans IP port scanner fun security free download hack hacking system dll ocx winsock ben burch direct working big fast source code poll keegan games astalavista client server virus best visual basic delphi c c++ nuker virii bomber tools best

And the HTML source code contains the following keywords:


In addition the source code contains a link relation to the now defunct Geocities site (what a coincidence). The Trojan Source site itself uses cjb.net, an URL redirection and cloaking service, which means it's possible that the site sits on the same server as whiterosesociety.org (homepage.mac.com/benburch/). Hey, for all anyone knows, a few cents may be skimmed off every dollar contributed to whiterose in order to pay for Ben's trojan habit.

Ben claims to be an "open book", yet his path is littered with anonymous remailers and cloaked URLs. More like a book with the pages stuck together, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

Ben is, as usual, taking a page from the stupid playbook. The guy would actually be irritating if he wasn't basically inept. Not technically, of course. I wouldn't want to malign his skillz, but if social interaction was a sporting event, he'd be running in the Special Olympics.

And losing.

But it gets weirder. You should be vigilant when accessing the site. It will try to install software onto your computer if you are using Internet Explorer (which isn't my default browser). Of course, nine out of ten people with a brain recommend that you don't allow a site that deals in trojans and hacking to install software on your system. And the tenth person is just a moron. What's odd, is that the certificate is for "The Gator Corporation".....

Interesting. Ben Burch describes himself as a Libertarian in his usenet posts, posts with his NRA gun buddies on Fullauto.Com, and now his site is distributing material that, coincidentally, carries the user name of the administrator of a conservative site?

Besides, what's this middle-aged adolescent perhaps doing essentially running a script kiddie site? Remember: He's not describing trojans, cataloging them or doing his own security response to them, he's distributing them. This Burch appears to be running this site out of belief that the ability to impose your will with viral action-at-a-distance and "own" people is cool. And twelve year-olds everywhere are awed. I'd love to read the "legal disclaimer" on the site, but unfortunately, Burch may be a Thelemite pagan fisting god, but his ability at HTML is somewhat lacking.

Not to say he won't claim to have taught a web design class.

And now Ben is lobbying Mike Malloy to be made administrator of the Mike Malloy Truthseeker's Forum?

Nah, that would be paranoid, wouldn't it?

Still, couldn't happen to a nicer place.

Monday November 10, 2003


And Now: *****-Slapping the Duplicitous

I'm sorry. I just couldn't help myself. An astute forum mole sent me notice that Ben Burch (See: Burching Rush Limbaugh on the Mike Malloy Show) announced his intention to have himself appointed administrator of the Mike Malloy Truthseeker's Forum (MMTF). Don't worry if you've never heard of the MMTF, no one else has either. Normally Ben Burch would be a gnat small enough to flit through the mesh of the bug-zapper that is Mykeru.Com, but Ben has a bit of a history that makes it necessary for me to play Orkin Man.

Ben Burch (AKA "MasterBen") has made the case that no one on the net should have a reasonable expectation of privacy, especially those people who question or otherwise **** him off. Annoying Ben Burch means that you and your immediate family are fair game (including my wife), although to be fair while he also targets people's children, I don't think the curse of Ben lasts more than a generation or two. He only seems to advocate a single generation of visiting the sins of the father upon the sons.

He's enlightened that way, I guess.

In any case, Ben Burch has posted on public message board on a couple of occassions giving out people's personal information and inciting harassment against them for no other purpose than intimidation. In doing so he violated the very rules of the MMTF and generally accepted standards of netiquette. To my knowledge the ethics of Mike Malloy and his forum don't extend to applying the same rules to themselves as they do to people of other political persuations and even to people who are not members of their little message board.

Of course, I'm not their kind of liberal. I'm not only left-wing, but a left-brained linear thinker. I hold more to the left-wing freethought line, and think that evidence for claims, regardless of political affiliation or religious delusion is important. In fact, I could trace some of my troubles with the MMTF to disagreements with some members, over religion and pseudoscience. In short, I expressed an opinion, which I defended, that even the "liberal" form of Christianity was complete codswallop and that goes for indefensibly stupid pseudoscientific crap like homeopathy. Unfortunately, there are a lot of patchouli-stinking lefties that think being a leftist means I have to uncritically accept any sort of mental dandruff people shake off their heads.

Ben Burch, just to relate his error, called the Mike Malloy show repeating an unsubstanciated rumor about Rush Limbaugh being gay, claiming he had evidence for this when, in fact, all he had was the rumor and even admitted as much in a usenet post of November, 2002. When I contacted Burch for him to present this evidence, the buzz of crickets was deafening. In fact, Burch has had almost a month, as of this writing, to cough up the evidence and has not done so.

Now, it's not as if I have a soft spot in my heart for Rush Limbaugh. It's just that I'm not tactically stupid enough to think that the best way to impress on people that Rush is a lying, dishonest rumor-mongering is to spread a tale that is easily shot down, where very person spreading the rumor who claims to have evidence for it publically asserted that he doubts it is true himself.

That's just stupid.

I have related this to the Mike Malloy staff, namely Malloy's wife, Kathy Bay, and it's obvious that they have not yet begun to stop cramming their long necks into the sand.

This guy Burch makes a big show in his "outing" of people, particularly in releasing personal information, offering the non-sequiter rationalization that he posts under his real name. Aside from the fact that his real name is David B. Burch, he posted a BDSM personal ad under the name Ben Burch. However, he posted a slightly more detailed ad under the name "The Kinky Pagan" where he included information he left out of the post under his "real" name, such as his having active herpes that he must take medication to control. One would think this would be pertinent information in a personal ad soliciting both a bondage roleplaying and straight sexual relationship.

Let me cut to the conclusion here, in case you are wondering where I'm going with this:

People like Burch are scum. People who tolerate people like him are scum too. The toll that people like him, and by tacit approval, people like Mike Malloy, take in the credibility of progressive causes is incalculable. We already know that conservatives can be the most shameless hypocrites on Earth. What's worse, they tend to be able to get away with it with the public acceptance of image over substance. Some people have yet to realize that a turd wrapped in the flag isn't a patriotic icon. It's just a turd wrapped in the flag. Unfortunately the much maligned left simply doesn't have the same luxury as the right. We really do have to talk the talk and walk the walk. Rules we apply to others we really have to follow ourselves. We can't cop an attitude of ethical superiority and then do as what we loathe does at our convenience. Well, of course, we can, but then that would just make us hypocrites. And as far as hypocrisy goes, we don't have nine lives like the right wing. Maybe someday we can be as hypocritical as they are with impunity, but that hardly seems like a worthwhile goal.

I've got little patience for religion in general and fundamentalist Christianity in particular. If we are to criticize the irrationality of the Christian Right, we certainly don't need equally loopy fashionista practictioners of "Thelemite Magick" like Burch speaking for the Left. Frankly, with regards to religion there is only one rational and defensible position, and that's atheism. Everything else is just varying degrees of absurdity.

Left-wing positions should be rational and defensible, a reflection of Enlightenment thinking and not just mirror images of right-wing excesses. Too many people who consider themselves "progressive" have a running mental check list of flakey, infantile crap that a "true" leftist is supposed to believe in, or uncritically accept in others......

As a practical exercise, let's evaluate Burch's thought processes that lead him to think he can judge my "leftist" credentials by his standards.

Seeing that Ben was once again boasting about his prowess in single combat, that is to say, combat when he's the only one fighting, at the same time he was lobbying to be made an admin of the MMTF, essentially promoting himself from an ordinary member over the moderators to essentially running the place (reluctantly, of course), I just had to sent him a little note:

From: "mykeru"
To: ;; ; <[email protected]>
Cc: [a whole bunch of people, just to keep Ben honest]
Subject: More Grist For My Mill?
Date: Sunday, November 09, 2003 11:53 PM

Ben Sez:
"I've been avoiding it, but I think I will have to ask Mike to make me an admin and let me clean house. Not sure if he will, as I can be trigger-happy, but I am definitely going to ask."

Excellent idea Ben. Considering that my well-linked site has already investigated your "Rush is gay" claim (it's ******** and even you posted as much in November of 2002), your thinly veiled threats against people and their immediate family for their political activity, your claims to wanting to "fist" people as well as my whole "fun with Ben" story, as well as your various and sundry forum extracurricular hi-jinks, should you be made an admin set to "clean house", it'll just be another example of the weird hypocrisy that is MM inc.

I mean, hey, it would be hard to top "Burching Rush Limbaugh on the Mike Malloy Show" for sheer hoisting with one's own petard, but apparently the well isn't exactly dry yet.

Already the links to the Iraqi Body Count Visual Aid on other sites, and there are tons, including a permalink on Buzzflash, terminates in a discussion of exactly why it is that the MMTF would be so anti-Progressive and petty as to delete the thread of the same name on the MMTF. Should you be elevated to a administration position after all your abuses and violations of the rules of the very forum you will supposedly be policing, much hay will be made. In a snarky laugh-at-the-hypocrital-Mike-Malloy-and-company way, of course. Thanks for being my muse (scumbag division).


"Serenity through Viciousness"

From: <[email protected]>
Cc: [...]
Date: Monday, November 10, 2003 12:07 AM

Thanks, Mykeru!

Honestly, if folks like you think I'm a scumbag, then I consider my life well lived. Keep those slanderous links going! In fact, I'm gonna link the heck out of them from my site, I think.*


*[So far, he hasn't had the guts--Mykeru]

From: "mykeru"
To: ;; ; <[email protected]>
Cc: [a whole bunch of people, just to keep Ben honest]
Subject: Re: More Grist For My Mill?
Date: Monday, November 10, 2003 12:43 AM

Ben sez: "But PC's just not worth it. (Heck, Mykeru wasn't worth it, really, but the sadist in me had fun with it.)".

You seem confused, Ben. I think you meant to say the masochist in you. Let's recap:

I've established that you violated the forum rules of the MMTF. The fact you did it with impunity doesn't change that.

I've established that you posted messages on a public message board which could only be interpreted as a thinly veiled threat against Kathy Valente and her immediate family. The fact you were inciting a third party means nothing.

I've established that you posted my then name and address on a public forum in a similar attempt at intimidation and, when that didn't work, you decided to imply that you would expand the "outing" to my wife.

I've established that you called the Mike Malloy program repeating a rumor which you practically debunked yourself the prior year. I even gave you an opportunity to provide me with the evidence you claim to have had. You ignored that. So forgive me if I chalk you up as doing a little rumor mongering.

And just for fun, I've established that despite your claims to post under your real name, that you did, in fact, post a variation of your standard BDSM personal ad under the name "The Kinky Pagan" where you included information such as your having herpes that you, strangely enough, didn't include in posts under your real name. Your later ads under not-quite-your-real-name of Ben Burch left out information such as your having a contagious sexually transmitted disease.

It's you who made the case that people should have no reasonable expectation of privacy. As you have said "Good for the goose? Good for the gander!" Of course, hypocrisy means never admitting that your axioms apply to yourself. So Ben, you just have fun posting your little barbs about me and mine on a forum where I can no longer respond. That's about your speed for courage.

Oh, and by the way: Slander is oral. You mean say libel, you ignorant buffoon. And truth is the best defense against claims of libel. I would be happy to retract any claim that you can show is demonstrably false. I fully expect you, rather than provide evidence I know you simply don't have, to pull some variation of your not wanting the time and bother to back up your claims.

Of course I would appreciate the links, although I really doubt links from The White Rose Society is going to do much for my traffic. It would be fair recompense though, considering how well-known your name is becoming for outing, hypocrisy, vaginal fisting and no doubt your need to go through Zovirax like popcorn.

Damn, I hope you wear a rubber glove.


Mykeru www.mykeru.com
"Serenity through Viciousness"

From: <[email protected]>
Cc: [...]
Subject: Re: More Grist For My Mill?
Date: Monday, November 10, 2003 3:58 AM

Dear god, you are full of yourself. Have fun. Like I said, you are a Troll with Photoshop... Hmmm... Maybe that domain name is open? TrollWithPhotoshop.com? If not, .net or .org should be sufficient. :-D

You can do whatever you like to slander me, Mykeru. (Yes, I know it is libel, Sister Mary Albert would be PROUD of you, son.)

As for Herpes...

Yep! I got it. Got it from my first wife, in fact. Always use a rubber. Always take meds for it. Always discuss this with potential partners. Didn't include it in subsequent ads as it was always part of my first email back to those who responded anyway, and it seemed like that would be redundant. And I always use latex barriers; I am an Act Up! person, remember? I *teach* safer *** classes, distribute clean needles and bleach kits to addicts, and do HIV outreach to prostitutes. I'm an open book. Had you asked any of this I would have simply TOLD you. But I know, you don't work that way. You Right Wingers never do.

And I was right about you; Fred Phelps wouldn't do a better job of bashing somebody's sexuality than you yourself are doing. This puts you in the Big Time. Congrats, kid, you made it. :-) My lovers don't care, and my community doesn't care, so I don't think I know what you expect you are accomplishing? This little online world? Most of them don't care, either, and those that do I don't want anyway! Makes it easier to know who to add to the Troll file.

Oh yes, and you are now in the Troll file for this account too, so don't bother to respond.

Have a good life, sad little man.


From: "mykeru"
To: ;; ; <[email protected]>
Cc: [a whole bunch of people, just to keep Ben honest]
Subject: Re: More Grist For My Mill?
Date: Monday, November 10, 2003 7:28 AM

----- Original Message -----

> Dear god, you are full of yourself. Have fun. Like I
> said, you are a Troll with Photoshop... Hmmm... Maybe
> that domain name is open? TrollWithPhotoshop.com? If
> not, .net or .org should be sufficient. :-D

Full of myself, Ben? This from the person who wrote "And I will do the SAME again to anybody like her that has it coming.", meaning inviting people to knock on a woman's door while soliciting others to find out where her husband works and their kid goes to school for the purposes of harassment because you were pissed off. And that after you had a year to reflect on what kind of person would do something like that. That's not exactly an attitude that displays humility, Ben, and so I'll have to give you a big pot-kettle-black and display it on the hypocrisy scoreboard.

Sure, Ben, you can claim I'm a "troll with photoshop" rather than make any sort of specific and substantive claims, but that's all I would expect from some flake that tosses around nonsense such as being a "Thelemite neo-pagan", which sounds exactly like the sort of thing some unkempt asocial geek who took Dungeons and Dragons far too seriously would think sounds all New Age chic. You also, like many, seem to be nothing but a hanger-on. I have yet to see you produce anything like original content. You post on forums. You serve a technical function to record and disseminate other people's ideas. You create nothing.

You call it trolling. I say "Art is not a mirror. Art is a hammer." You are not the first person hammered with satire to think it had no redeeming value.

Oh, and if I was you, I'd save the smilies for when you actually write something amusing.

> You can do whatever you like to slander me, Mykeru.
> (Yes, I know it is libel, Sister Mary Albert would be
> PROUD of you, son.)

Ah, you meant to say libel, but wrote slander. And I'm certain had you actually made a mistake you would have admitted it.

Now, it isn't actually libel, Ben, as what I wrote was either true, fair comment or an opinion. For example, writing that you have a sexually transmitted disease is true. Writing that you concealed this when posting under your own name is fair comment. Your being a scumbag for it is an opinion.

> As for Herpes...
> Yep! I got it. Got it from my first wife, in fact.

You wouldn't just be blaming your ex-wife, would you?

> Always use a rubber.

I think the term for you is "finger cot"

>Always take meds for it.

So, it's still active. That's funny. You have been divorced for almost ten years now. That must have been the king-hell case of the Simp. Normally these things tend to go into remission after five years or so. Not to question your exemplary safe-*** credentials, but are you sure you got it from your ex wife?

>Always discuss this with potential partners. Didn't include
> it in subsequent ads as it was always part of my first
> email back to those who responded anyway, and it seemed
> like that would be redundant.

Odd: You included all sorts of unpalatable things in your personal ad which were, admittedly, mostly unpalatable because they had to do with your physical description and personality (fat, slightly hairy pretentious flake), yet you require people to write to you before you deploy that little deal-breaker bit of information about your STD.

>And I always use latex
> barriers; I am an Act Up! person, remember?

I wasn't aware that being in Act Up conferred on someone the power to refrain from passing an STD, Ben. Who'd thought?

>I *teach*
> safer *** classes, distribute clean needles and bleach
> kits to addicts, and do HIV outreach to prostitutes.

And priests give advice on *** too, so what? None of that has to do with the fact that, although you smugly claim to post under your own name, you saved the bit of information about your STD for a pseudononymous post. See that thing way over there that you keep missing, Ben? That's the point over there.

> I'm an open book. Had you asked any of this I would
> have simply TOLD you. But I know, you don't work that
> way. You Right Wingers never do.

I did ask you, Ben. I specifically e-mailed you on the Rush Limbaugh rumor. You never responded.

Oh, now I'm a right-winger, So my progressive political opinions are only valid insofar as where I stand on MasterBen? Talk about someone being full of themselves.

> And I was right about you; Fred Phelps wouldn't do a
> better job of bashing somebody's sexuality than you
> yourself are doing.

I'm sorry, Ben, I'm not bashing anyone's sexuality. And comparing criticizing you with a fundamentalist nut-case who pickets the funerals of gay people is outrageous in a grasping-at-straws sort of way. My left-wing progressive freethinker credentials are all in order and don't need your validation.

As far as I know, being a diseased and dishonest threatening scumbag isn't a sexual orientation. Besides, aren't you the one that called the Mike Malloy program and talked for ten minutes about a rumor regarding Rush Limbaugh's supposedly being gay that you knew was unsubstanciated, simply for the pejorative value? Oh, got to give that one a big pot-kettle-black too.

>This puts you in the Big Time.

For criticising you? Again, exactly who is full of themselves here?

> Congrats, kid, you made it. :-) My lovers don't care,

Some people have no standards, true.

> and my community doesn't care, so I don't think I know
> what you expect you are accomplishing?

Blah-blah-blah. This has nothing to do with your sexuality Ben. It has to do with your behavior. So put that strawman away, you're getting red herring all over it.

>This little
> online world? Most of them don't care, either, and
> those that do I don't want anyway! Makes it easier to
> know who to add to the Troll file.

Funny, Ben, people who think they are getting the better of someone (sadistically, of course) don't start snivelling and prattling about their killfile. You seem to have a completely different attitude (whipped) when I can respond, as opposed to your bitchy little comments on the Mike Malloy forum where you know I can't respond.

> Oh yes, and you are now in the Troll file for this
> account too, so don't bother to respond.

Sure, I'll just post it on the web. Oh, and since a bunch of people are CC'd, the fact that you've kill-filed me doesn't mean I need not respond. But then, I'm full of myself that way. Maybe they'll send you a link.

> Have a good life, sad little man.

This from a fisting, flaky middle-aged neo-pagan diseased stalker and full time intellectual parasite. Now that hurts.


Mykeru www.mykeru.com
"Serenity through Viciousness"

Troll with photoshop?

Whatever could Ben mean?

Maybe Ben needs a vaction. You know, get out into the country

Because it sound like he feels put upon and unappreciated.

The most egregious thing, of course, is Burch trying to smear me as bashing his sexuality. What exactly that sexuality is, I'm not sure. Although Burch claims to have been married, was soliciting a female BDSM partner through his personal ad and is, at best, a recreational bisexual, he tries to tie me in to gay bashing? Now, not only is there no text support for that assertion, desperate attempt at poisoning the well that it is, but when he called the Mike Malloy radio show and opened with the claim that Rush Limbaugh's wife was a "beard" (a woman providing a front marraige for a closeted gay man), he had a good chuckle at Mike Malloy using the innaccurate expression "*** hag" (46k .wav) for the same, which Burch describes as being "exactly right". Actually, the term "*** hag" refers to a woman who enjoys the company of gay men, not a woman who provides a front for a closeted gay man. Yet Burch wants to formulate an accusation of homophobia out of thin air. The only thing stranger is that whenever anyone questions Burch on something, it turns out he's teaching a class on whatever is at issue. I assume he has the best educated cockroaches in Elgin, Ill. Otherwise there is the untenable possibility that he just makes **** up based on the mendacious needs of the moment.

I mean, really, the guy wants to be able to call up the Mike Malloy show and say "Hey Mike, guess what, Rush is a *****! That's right, he's a *** hag!" So I ask, "Uh, Ben, do you have any proof for this? I ask because of your marked tendency to just make **** up and considering that you describe yourself as 'somewhat bisexual' I find the pejoritive tone of that conversation odd.". Pop quiz: Which one is the gay basher? Uh-huh. We have a word for people like this. We call them a "hypocrites".

Here we have a guy making veiled threats, attempting to intimidate people, spinning, lying, spreading rumors he knows aren't true, playing shitty little word games, and all the time slathering himself with the balm of righteousness and casting judgement on other people's left-wing credentials. When called on it, all he can do is lob a spun-from-whole-cloth accusation of gay bashing and claim I must be a Fundamentalist Christian Republican for taking him to task, although what I was taking him to task for was not displaying some of that "total responsibility" he tries to sell to other middle-aged adolescent coven wanna-bes. That claim is especially amusing considering that he adheres to a "philosophy", to use the term loosely, that is little more than Ayn Rand dressed up as a witch for Halloween. He is blissfully and totally unaware that I am not a "troll". Rather I am the *****-slapping hand of ten-fold karmic satire that amoral mages like him should fear.

How deceitful is Burch? Consider this recent post made on the MMTF:

Apprentice Truthseeker

Joined: 28 May 2003
Posts: 360
Location: Elgin, IL

Posted: Sun Nov 09, 2003 2:36 am Post subject:

Spitfire of ATJ wrote:
Oh,...that's funny,...he implies Mike and you must secretly be Right Wingers...

Which is even more funny when he acts just like a 'winger himself!

Especially his Rev. Fred Phelps-like campaign against my bisexuality, my love of BDSM activities and especially "fisting."

Who would have thought that he would have such little regard for the rights of sexual minorities?

Well, I'm proud of who I am and what I've done, and he can continue to make himself look ridiculous by trying to "out" me. Hell, I have been trying to out myself for the last quarter century, and if he can help matters along, more power to him!

-Ben, the kinky bi-*****

The guy is simply nuts. When did I "out" his bisexuality? On this site, of 191 documents, there is only one published reference to to bisexuality at all (and "recreational bisexuality" at that), having to do with how odd it is that Burch was attempting to "out" people, sexually and otherwise:

Or if you heard it from Ben Burch, who can't be considered a disinterested party in rumors of Rush Limbaugh's supposed gay soliciting/pandering/whatever when Burch himself is a recreational bisexual who had advised the services of prostitutes to others. Then again, Bartcop may have simply gotten a batch of Ben Burch's unsolicited and harassing e-mails trying to pawn off the rumor.

In other words, he's accusing me of exactly what he's doing. Hypocrites are like that. Ben is only half-clever, though. You will see, should you look at the original post, that he's hyperlinked the words Rev. Fred Phelps-like campaign, bisexuality, BDSM and "fisting." The links don't go to anything I've said about the same, and instead go to third party sites on the topics, subject to Burch editing his own post. He does link the word campaign to this site, but it's basically an Ann Coulter footnote, made to look like support when it's nothing of the sort.

I only referenced his BDSM activities insofar as it figured into his outing of Kathy Valente and soliciting threats against her family.

As far as "vaginal fisting", well, I'm not a psychiatrist, and I don't play one on TV, but I do find it strange that a supposedly feminist male who lost custody of his two kids to an ex-wife who he claims he caught a sexually transmitted disease from is interested in taking his fist and jamming it up women's vaginas. But, you know, that's just me. If someone can get Sigmund Freud on a Ouija board, we can get to the bottom of this.

The advantages for Burch in squatting on the MMTF preaching to the choir is immeasurable. From his point of view it's got to be far more pleasant than, say, backing up a single thing he says. In that thread he quotes a two week old email. Perhaps he just has trouble keeping up.

The only thing stupider on that thread is the normally laconic Spitfire of ATJ who breaks out of his habit of 5,000 three word posts to opine: "he implies Mike and you must secretly be Right Wingers".

Uh. No. I didn't. Don't put yourself out providing a link or a quote for that assertion.

Although I actually don't accuse Burch of being a right-winger, I do question his right to question my credentials as he's not exactly a progressive either.

Ben Burch, while he accuses me of being a right-winger, actually identifies himself a Libertarian in his BDSM personal ad, an identification he doesn't normally make. This hardly makes him a "progressive", and certainly doesn't entitle him to question my politics. Basically, a Libertarian is a conservative who wants to smoke pot and hire hookers without getting busted while getting all bent out of shape at the thought of food, education and shelter for the little brown babies cutting into their recreation fund.

From the Libertarian Party site:

Highlights of the Libertarian Party's
"Ending the Welfare State" Proposal


The Libertarian Party believes it is time for a new approach to fighting poverty. It is a program based on opportunity, work, and individual responsibility.

1. End Welfare

None of the proposals currently being advanced by either conservatives or liberals is likely to fix the fundamental problems with our welfare system. Current proposals for welfare reform, including block grants, job training, and "workfare" represent mere tinkering with a failed system.

It is time to recognize that welfare cannot be reformed: it should be ended.

We should eliminate the entire social welfare system. This includes eliminating AFDC, food stamps, subsidized housing, and all the rest. Individuals who are unable to fully support themselves and their families through the job market must, once again, learn to rely on supportive family, church, community, or private charity to bridge the gap.


Almost everyone agrees that a job is better than any welfare program. Yet for years this country has pursued tax and regulatory policies that seem perversely designed to discourage economic growth and reduce entrepreneurial opportunities. Someone starting a business today needs a battery of lawyers just to comply with the myriad of government regulations from a virtual alphabet soup of government agencies: OSHA, EPA, FTC, CPSC, etc. Zoning and occupational licensing laws are particularly damaging to the type of small businesses that may help people work their way out of poverty.

In addition, government regulations such as minimum wage laws and mandated benefits drive up the cost of employing additional workers. We call for the repeal of government regulations and taxes that are steadily cutting the bottom rungs off the economic ladder.

[emphasis added]

Yeah Ben, you're a real "progressive". Maybe Ben doesn't support this, perhaps he's a member of a radical offshoot of the Libertarian party that is for social services and security, public education and health care that isn't outsourced badly to private local charities who would be redundant and far less efficient than large-scale government programs. Maybe Ben thinks that a McJob shouldn't necessitate a McStarvation Wage. Maybe Ben doesn't think Oliver Twist was a blueprint for a just society. If so, he really should stop calling himself a Libertarian, because it's the Libertarians who decide what is and is not Libertarian, not Mr. "total freedom and total responsibility" Ben Burch, and it's apt to cause confusion.

Unfortunately for the left, there's always going to be people like this who are all too happy to step forward and appoint themselves as spokesman, leader and authority. Even when they aren't the real thing. For progressives, for people interested in justice, fairness and tolerance, this is poison. Many seem to be more "anti-conservative" than actually progressive and original thought among them is lacking. We can't let these people, the flakes, the left-authoritarians, and the powerless power worshippers to take the lead.

Mike Malloy himself has been offered up as some sort of leftist leader, often as the left version of Rush Limbaugh, which is a strangely apt comparison, but not for the reason his promoters think.

That's why there's a two-fold task: To deservedly stomp the right for their lies and hypocrisy while at the same time policing our own to make sure that we are not condoning lies and hypocrisy because they are coming from "our camp" or fall for the inevitable line used by these people that we have to excuse their scummy behavior because, like George W. Bush says, we are "either with them or against them".

No, sorry: Wrong. Contempt for scumbags isn't an either/or, it's not a zero-sum game where we have to pick one scumbag over another. We should be more than prepared to loath both the Right that co-opts the symbolism and words of American liberty with none of the spirit while we mock mush-headed lefties that attempt to hijack progressivism for a personal agenda which has nothing to do with anything but themselves.

If you'd like to ask Ben Burch why he squats on the MMTF forum spreading lies and half-truths send a polite email to [email protected] or [email protected]. If you would like to ask Mike Malloy why he cuddles up to a scumbag like this, or runs a forum where people can lie with impunity but can't write the word "****" write to [email protected] or ask his producer Kathy Bay at [email protected].....

This site is powered by pure vanilla HTML and should work for later versions of IE, Netscape, Mozilla and Opera. Text, graphics and code ©1998-2004 Mykeru.com (Michael Cortese), under an Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial Creative Commons license. You are free to link to and use material on this site with proper attribution for non-commercial purposes.

I know I said I'd be putting up screenshots from the RRMB, but we'll leave those for a fresh post. I promise to expose Egghead as being a fake. She was telling me things in emails which directly contradict the attack post she made on me.

It's sad but true that the major "progressive" boards are in actuality freeper controlled. True progressives need not apply. I am looking for honest people. They don't even have to be lefties like me. I like Lophofo, because he is honest. The major "progressive" boards are all about gatekeeping and divide and conquer.

Finally, it appears to be that Ben Burch, just like Brad Friedman, are strawmen. People like this do not mind, if their histories don't add up, because that is what strawmen want. This is why they don't scrub and delete everything. Their main techniques of covering up truths is to ban sincere people who ask the tough questions. They don't mind when there are freeper strawmen around to pummel to give the impression that they are the progressives. So it comes as no surprise that Ben Burch would have posted the following pretty much admitting to being a scumbag.

Ben Burch Admits to Being a Pervert, a Rightwinger, and Disclosing Reverend Mykeru's Personal Info

[quote="Ben Burch"]Yep! I'm very kinky!

I'm bi, into swinging, S&M, flogging, fisting, etc. I'm a sexworker's rights activist, and I used to be a <<>> Libertarian!

I'll have to go read it over again on his site and see if he "improved" it any, though.

One can also read the first post and see how Burch admits to having posted Mykeru's personal information. He says he was wrong to have done so, but that didn't stop him from recently doing the same thing to the real Violet Blue.

And this is someone who Brad Friedman refers to as a good guy.

Re: EggHead: Disinfo Plant Or Cult Victim?

Unread postby socrates2 » Tue Nov 18, 2008 8:57 am

Egghead from the RRMB is what is referred to as a concern troll. On the surface, such people appear to be down to earth and into the truth no matter what it reveals. They are Eddie Haskells. They are good only in order to serve insidious agendas.

Egghead came up with an attack thread against me out of the blue. She said that I was a conman who hit on every female member on the board. She said I was all about attacking the moderators and other members. The following private messages show that she is a liar. They explain why I went to her for help. They show how Egghead is in a word, a hypocrite.

I had made some outstanding posts at the RRMB before the old board got deleted. I exposed an insidious hoax put in place against Cindy Sheehan. I confronted a well-known troll named Bushwa. Back then I had made the mistake of going to a WhoseMarie to alert the mods that Bushwa had been trolling me. She blew off my complaints. I basically went away at that point. I was doing most of my secondary posting at the BradBlog.

But when that board disappeared, I got curious again. When the board reappeared in early May, and when the old board did not return with it, I signed up again, as we all had to do, trying to find out why the old board had gone down a memory hole.

In short, WhoseMarie yet again tried to bully me off the board. It worked, because I went away until about a month or two ago. Ironically, Bushwa alerted me to the recent Egghead attack thread. I was shocked. I was also upset that the thread got deleted. I wanted all this to remain in the open. It was like when I got cyberstalked at the BradBlog. Brad asked me if I wanted the posts deleted. I answered no. I don't want anything to disappear. That is the #1 problem with the internet. Things get pruned and scrubbed all too often.

Without further ado, the following screenshots should help the reader to understand how the RRMB, just like all the other progressive boards, is rigged with convolution, stupidity, and basic unfairness. Those descriptions can be applied to every major forum. There are a number of reasons why yours truly is attacked so much. It's because unlike most of those who are unfairly used by these boards, I have fought back. I have taken screenshots. When I had high speed internet, there was no one who could escape my authentic sleuthing. I am truly independent from all the fakes and frauds dominating the internet.

I sent this letter to Egghead on May 7th after being threatened by WhoseMarie.













I knew two and only two people on that board, Egghead and Aletha. Aletha had shown up on that Cindy Sheehan thread and was the only other person who understood the implications of my find. Cindy was being portrayed as a media *****. One of the main reasons I started to post at all at the RRMB was because they had a whole section devoted to Cindy. I had got suckered in by a concern troll messageboard.

After that letter from randys, I was finished with that place. I only returned a few months ago, because I wanted to make some chemtrail posts. I was shocked to see her unwarranted attack and responded. I was the prime subject of an attack. After all the ******** attacks I have documented all across the internet, I was not about to let this strange one go.

What I quoted from her was the original thread starter.


My response to someone named Wayne:


in admin, a friggen hidden to the public section- wanted answers

All I got was more ********:

J2NYC mod queue

Just a few more screenshots to go. I tried to touch base with a poster named "Who" had supported me on my thread about internet disinfo.


I wrote an email to Ronzo, the only person left on the mod team I had any faith in. He told me he'd listen to my story after the election. I am under the impression that he was recently fired as one of the show's producers. I now believe that the whole RRMB forum is rigged. I have zero faith in Randi Rhodes. Her executive producer is a self-proclaimed progressive moderate. Randi was in the Air Force and appears to be more of a blowhard personality than a thinker activist. I have zero faith in Mike Malloy and his messageboard. I have zero faith in the left gatekeepers. The right gatekeepers? Uhm, that's an oxymoron. To be on the right is to admit that one is for the status quo and gatekeeping. I'm not saying there aren't a few conservatives with integrity who are simply confused. In short, finding a sincere, intelligent rightwinger would be akin to winning a million dollars in the lottery.

Letter to Ronzo:

RememberEarth is another concern troll. He or she wrote me a pm.


I didn't know what that meant. I thought it had to do with Egghead attacking me. But then I saw how this troll made a disinfo post. I quickly bashed such nonsense.

troll squash

Is Egghead a paid troll or the victim of a cult? I honestly don't know.

From her profile:
image redacted- I'll her profile picture stay hidden

I guess Bushwa is no longer on ignore, that he no longer makes her feel queasy.


Another 9/11 truthseeker has apparently been unfairly banned. PetGoat from Democratic Underground got the ax. I don't know who the fock DU thinks they are kidding. Their JREF debunkers are outrageous disruptors. 9/11 debunker plants break rules left and right, yet sincere "conspiracy theorists" are spit on with no moderator support. The best ones are tombstoned.

I nailed this disinfo script. The only reason there aren't more of us working together is because there are also gatekeepers for outing disinfo. We are not allowed on the major forums. I saw how someone named Atomic was canned by the Malloy forum for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

My take on a crazy believer, closed-minded debunker script has been spot on. I advise all good people to sign up on these forums and spread the truth. Take all the screenshots you can. The DU is deleting whole subthreads. They don't want people to understand the truth about Leopold, Alexandrovna, Ben Burch, Slu&&oJD, the DU, Zuniga DailyCIAKos, on and on the list goes.



But never ever give up on humanity and people in general.

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