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The Connell Hoax Story and Democratic Underground Fakes

manufactured grassroots, disinfo, and insidious marketing

Re: Wrapping this up

Unread postby socrates » Sat Jan 10, 2009 2:18 pm

**** On edit: Caches have been scrubbed. Even the yahoo version is getting cut off. People are now unable to see what I wrote about Fintan Dunne, Hertzberg, Bev Harris, and much more. It looks like I will have to copy and paste as much of the "Brett Kimberlin Exposed" thread as possible. These people do not like progressives. They are into making money while promoting the rightwing of the Democratic Party. DO NOT DONATE ANY MONEY TO INSIDIOUS STATUS QUO ORGANISATIONS POSING AS PROGRESSIVES ***

When I get to the material on ~A, Anthony Levensalor, I will post that on the Brad, Bev, Fintan, RawStory, etc. thread. I will use this post to wrap up with the other screenshots I have ready. That's what I do. I get my images ready to go in another window, then I write a bit to go with them.

Yes, the Bev Harris versus "Kelvin Mace" stuff was scripted, imho.


Brad Friedman recruits his patsies through the email. I must have gotten about 10 to 15 emails from him, maybe more. He liked having me around until I started asking about Kimberlin. He even told me I could guest blog. Brad Friedman is the one who told me the Rob Pelletier report was solid. Now I think perhaps that whole thing was staged.

We are talking about a manufactured zeitgeist. The DU crowd good. The Bev crowd bad. I now think the whole thing was scripted.


This was Pelletier's username at DU.


The result of the script was to create enigmas, rabbit holes, and convolution. The main goal was to create an image of whom to believe. Perhaps the true answer is that both sides were taking part in a fake fight.



I was drawn to believing in one side, the one with Bozos, Brad, and Bev.


So I was led to believe that Mace was colluding with Diebold.


More on Randi Rhodes and the astroturfing that Bev went ballistic. People should listen to the audio and decide for themselves. One interesting side note is that Randi mentioned how Andy had been fired. Bev acted surprised. Then a bit later, I'll guess a few days or a week, Andy was fired by BBV. Andy was best buddies with Ben Burch. Burch is actually on the NovaM Radio list of employees. Hmmm.


The Andy Stephenson story doesn't add up. Too many of these people have emerged out of no where to prominence in what I now sincerely believe was a manufactured zeitgeist.


The astroturfing was all meant to lead us to accepting the Verified Voting Foundation. What they didn't want folks to realise was that Andy and John Gideon were part of that group! "Verified Voting" is all about creating the illusion that elections can be fair, just as long as we put our faith in WillYourVoteBCounted and Kelvin Mace.


I sincerely believe that AnonymousArmy and Bozos were on the same side and were simply acting as if they were true adversaries. I don't believe that TroubleInWinter was ever outed by Bev Harris. I think these people have been as full of **** as Larisa Alexandrovna and Jason Leopold types.


Finally, I believe that there are two different Brett Kimberlins in Indiana. One works as a real estate agent and appears to have nothing to do with any of this. Now here is something I just located. Was this the Speedway Bomber or the other dude? I can't believe that Brett Kimberlin is that popular a name. It's not like Jim Smith or anything like that.




Was that a glimpse at the Speedway Bomber's job right before BradBlog and the Clint Curtis ******** emerged?

Here is one more screenshot. It appears that Kimberlin posts as ThirdChoice. But like most of these people, such as McCloy, Lindeman, and TroubleInWinter, they don't make it known who they are. This might not matter for folks who have been following these types of things over the years. But for newbies and fence-sitters, when so much is hidden, how are they supposed to get anywhere near figuring out the historic election integrity forum convolution?

I mean, I figured all this crap out after about a year of pouring through a lot of nonsense. Then when I tried to get my voice across, it was stifled by BradBlog and now by DU.

Can anyone say controlled opposition? How come TroubleInWinter has been such a thorn in the Speedway Bomber's butt, but she has nothing to say about Hertzberg. I provided the damn information to her and the others, and all they had for responses was that I am a cointelpro/Diebold troll, that I am CreekSneakers2 and AnonymousArmy. Fock her and fock their disinformation.

I also don't trust anyone who refers to themselves in the third person.


That Anthony Levensalor, ~A stuff, is very interesting. It ties RawStory with VR even more. It ties Brad in with it also. I will post that on the other thread I mentioned before.

These astroturfers have been thoroughly outed by a nobody.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: The Connell Hoax Story and Democratic Underground Fakes

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jan 11, 2009 5:16 am

**** On edit: Caches have been scrubbed. Even the yahoo version is getting cut off. People are now unable to see what I wrote about Fintan Dunne, Hertzberg, Bev Harris, and much more. It looks like I will have to copy and paste as much of the "Brett Kimberlin Exposed" thread as possible. These people do not like progressives. They are into making money while promoting the rightwing of the Democratic Party. DO NOT DONATE ANY MONEY TO INSIDIOUS STATUS QUO ORGANISATIONS POSING AS PROGRESSIVES ***

I thought I was done with this thread. Now it feels like I'll have to periodically check to see if the best available cache versions disappear, leaving it all on me to make sure this story doesn't disappear.

But I think it's all good. Except for CreekSneakers2, no one else was making any sense. It was turning into a lot of noise. I was a hero to go in there. I did major damage to Larisa Alexandrovna and Brett Kimberlin. Let me correct that. Larisa and Brett have done major damage to themselves. I simply have been reporting the truth.

I stumbled across another scrub job by Democratic Underground.

From this thread:

{By the way, I do not advise people to slog through all these threads, etc.. The dots are easier to connect if you don't fall down the rabbit hole. You only need to look in, document it, and put it in perspective. These assholes are perverting democracy, but they have been utterly busted! They are the freeper trolls they rail against! **** Kos and DU and all the shills working those boards. :twisted: They just got their asses kicked by a nobody!!!!!!}

Connell declared emergency before fatal crash

Before this and the mammoth scrub work, I had only one of my posts deleted. I just found another one.



I only made a few posts on that thread.

This one is still available, so the argument can't be made that they deleted all my posts because I was SocraticTruths. They can't even prove nor explain why I was ever banned in the first place. But I know why. It's because I was a chemmie without the tinfoil. I think of hearing that Lithos was from Austin Texas. I think Stephenson was down there. I have found other things I will share when I can, wierd crap tying Stephenson in with an ex-BBV moderator and her 15 year old pot smoking friend. I've got that Levensalor crap to produce for ya. It'd be nice if some real people came in here and helped to work through this crap. It feels like a huge disinfo racket has been proven. We have real names and websites. We have proof of their shenanigans.

But back to this DU thread. Another of my posts is still there. DU appears to have moderators who select which threads and posts to scrub. They are subverting democracy rather than enforcing codes of conduct.

These are still there. It was just like when I was saying all roads lead to Larisa and the Speedway Bomber.

47. Hi Yardwork

It was an erroneous report given to Larisa from someone who claimed the aircraft ran out of fuel (Larisa corrected it later). The intense fire shown in this video indicates there was fuel on board.

Response to Reply #47
64. from investigators...

on the scene... then they said icing... now no icing... both FAA and NTSB have concluded thus far.

Prepostericity (101 posts)
Tue Dec-30-08 08:30 PM
Response to Reply #64
96. Did anyone else report that he may have run out of gas?

I'm not seeing any other early source but yourself mentioning any running out of gas. Who was this source of yours? Surely this isn't the type of source who needs to remain anonymous? You were the only reporter given this erroneous information?

The "investigative journalist" was deleted, but CreekSneakers watched my back.

I've read it three ways now

At first is was a secret source at the airport who helping to spy on Mr. Connell's movements. I've also seen the source given as the help desk at the airport. Now its FAA investigators.

Like you up thread, I have questions too. At least I'd like to know what exactly Connell was going to spill and who he was going to spill it to. That seems like pretty big news and shouldn't be withheld if at all possible.

That has to be dominated by astroturfers for there to have only been two of us speaking logically.

Gotta get some shut eye, or else I'd start plugging away on Levensalor of Watching the Watchers, BradBlog, RawStory, and Velvet Undeground. I really wanted to tell ye about a poster named straw_citizen who claimed to have admin duties with Bev Harris right around the middle of December, 2004, when the smear trucks arrived. Yeah, Bev Harris appears to be a tool. But the attacks on her were made by other tools. How can one have a dog in that hunt?

I'm not sure when or how Andy got fired after all. There has been so much planted convolution to this thing. And we are talking over a period now of many years.

But straw_citizen? As in strawman? These disinfo fucks were quite bold back then. But now the chickens have come to roost. They have gotten away with nothing. They are indeed the cointelpro-like scum that they rail against. Yeah, I'm mad at these pea-brained, immoral slugs. Their reign of terror is over. NO ONE DONATE ONE CENT TO THESE RIPOFF WEBSITES. GIVE THEM NOTHING.LET THE SHILLS PAY FOR SKINNER'S AL FROM STATUES.

Both Sides Exposed As Disinfo Punks

Could you explain these associations?



You appear to be against hand counted paper ballots.

Can't optical scanners be rigged too? How do you know that the "verified voting" you advocate for won't simply be rubber stamping?
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: Bizarre Finds

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 14, 2009 11:29 am

Some new age babe into tantra and election fraud is claiming to have been the one who brought Kimberlin, Spoonamore, and Arnebeck together. :?

I also made a few posts, one each at both Huffington and DailyKos. It will take a week before I will be able to write a diary at Kos. Knock on wood that the Connell hoax story is finally allowed to be told. I am proof that one person can fight back. Anyone out there who sees what I see, please get in here and help make sure the truth doesn't get buried. Thank you for considering that opportunity. The only thing anyone has on me that I believe in chemtrails. It's not my fault the chemtrailers made it so blatantly obvious what they were up to. If folks are cynical about chemtrails, I don't blame them. I don't agree, but I can see how all the rubbish out there could make one think they are just contrails. People need to be aware that a lot of the internet is rigged, while the rest is being gamed.

Lori Grace wrote:...As many of you know, I have been involved in tracking the unpopular topic of election fraud since 2003. I have been particularly involved in the neglected area of tabulator fraud....

I played a major role in enabling Barbara Boxer (D-California) to feel comfortable on January 5th, 2005 standing up to protest the 2004 presidential election on the Senate Floor. I helped her feel comfortable by listening closely to her aides about what she would need to stand up, and then, by working on providing her with it during December 2004. Boxer wanted to be connected with a federal congressperson in Ohio. With the help of Susan Truitt of CASE Ohio, I connected Boxer with Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio). Boxer later wrote a letter stating that it was her connection with Tubbs Jones that was pivotal in her desire to stand up and speak her truth in the Senate on this particular issue. I also commissioned the Free Press to write a story about the elections, which I circulated on January 4th, 2005 in the U.S. Senate building when we were lobbying senators to stand up and protest how the 2004 elections had gone. That story became the basis for talks in Congress that both of these women made on January 5th.....

In 2007 and 2008, through my work with Velvet Revolution, I became aware that plans were afoot to once again steal a third Presidential election. Two people from the McCain campaign, one who went public, Steven Spoonamore, and another, who decided to remain within the McCain campaign, both complained to Bret Kimberlin about the tabulator fraud that was being set up to steal the election. In fact, the computer genius who had worked for Rove and the Bush family was also working as the chief technical officer for John McCain and political strategist, Karl Rove. Bret Kimberlin and I worked for many months to try to stop the rigging from occurring. One of the actions I took, at the advice of a lobbyist, was to connect a lawyer, Cliff Arnebeck, who I had worked with peripherally on election issues in 2004, with Bret Kimberlin. Mike Connell was eventually included in a lawsuit that had been started in 2005, and then stopped in 2006, charging Rove, Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, Bush and Cheney with the stealing of 2004. With the advent of new information, the 2006 stay on the case was lifted and Mike Connell was added to the lawsuit. The judge who had lifted the stay did not let us include Rove before Election Day; hopefully, Rove will be prosecuted in the lawsuit during the next few months. Mike Connell avoided the subpoenas for a week and then, finally, cooperated when the court compelled him to appear at a hearing the Friday before Election Day. On Monday, the day before Election Day, he was compelled to give his deposition. He appeared on Monday and was considered "obstructionist" in his responses and protective of Rove.

You might ask, "How did all of this affect what happened on Election Day?" Here is how: First, in late June, McCain announced that he would win in the last 48 hours. We started to be concerned then, because that is often the time when tabulator fraud starts to take place. Additionally, on the Monday one week before Election Day, he said that he would win after midnight, a clear sign of tabulator fraud by our standards. I became really concerned then. We had also been told by the whistleblower Spoonamore, in September, that McCain was set to win by approximately 51.5% to 48.8%. On Tuesday, the day after McCain made that announcement, the courts ordered Mike Connell to appear that Friday. On Thursday evening, we learned that he would be at the hearing. We rejoiced. He did appear at the hearing and listened to another man being given a lighter sentence in a fraud case by cooperating with the government. Connell was ordered to appear on Monday. On Saturday, three days before Election Day, I heard about another tip from an informant within the McCain campaign who said that the rigging would not take place if the polls were showing more than 3% difference between McCain and Obama in key swing states. On Monday, Rove announced that it was going to be an Obama landslide — the first time he had said anything of the sort. Mike Connell gave his deposition on Monday, where he resisted giving any information which implicated Rove.

IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO NOTE THAT ROVE APPEARS TO HAVE BASICALLY CHANGED HIS MIND OVER THE WEEKEND. BETWEEN THE HEARING AND THE DEPOSITION AND THE RISING POLL NUMBERS FOR OBAMA, HE DECIDED TO CALL IT OFF. In other previous elections, such as the election in Georgia of Max Cleland in 2002, Kerry in 2004, and Governor Seligman in 2006, differences were slightly over 3% or higher and the rigging still took place. We know that Rove and Connell were nervous about the lawsuit because we were able to track them reading our website http://www.rovecybergate.com. They were studying the website for close to a year. Additionally, Steven Spoonamore had left the McCain campaign and had submitted two affidavits to the courts, the second one after Mike Connell had been avoiding the subpoenas. There was a lot against them. And there still is. It is important to know that the vulnerabilities of our election system are still in place for another year. According to cyberexpert Steven Spoonamore, the system is vulnerable not only to Republicans, but also to Democrats, and to people outside the country, due to how easy it is to break into our tabulator systems.

So, in summary, my friends, what I did that I am so proud of is the following: I assembled about three-quarters of the main team. I brought together activist Bret Kimberlin with whistleblower Steve Spoonamore. And then I brought together activist Bret Kimberlin with Cliff Arnebeck, the lawyer with a background in election law; he had the ongoing lawsuit in Ohio with a favorable judge and district attorney on the stealing of 2004. I can only call this DIVINE NETWORKING.

After bringing everyone together, I could not help but continuing as an activist and important funder and fundraiser for the whole effort. I am very proud of myself for what I have done. I have helped create a country I am much more comfortable living in.....

Bring a snack or dessert to share and a towel if you wish to use the hot tub (swimsuit optional) after the evening is officially over.

My love to you all,


Ooh la la? Those groovy, peacenik activists? Why am I having trouble believing what she wrote? Maybe Lori Grace was Straw_Citizen? She sounds like a female version of Brett Kimberlin.

With my bookmarks not working, I often use search engines to find links. I just plugged in Edsall Alexandrovna, and all the results are Alexandrovna demanding a retraction from Edsall calling her a conspiracy theorist. She's not even linking directly to his article. She links to Edsall's HuffingtonPost hompage making it ever increasinglydifficult to locate it. You have to scroll down a lot of his blog entries.

An Open Letter to Professor Edsall: Retract

Larisa Alexandrovna wrote:Update at End

Let me first say that I respect professor Edsall tremendously. He is a treasure to journalism. Unfortunately, he has been incredibly sloppy and bordering on defamation in his latest entry on the unfortunate death of GOP programmer Michael Connell.


I would also like to say that I am proud of my work. My asking of questions got a man out of prison. And members of Connell's family have thanked me for my reporting on his case.

Mr. Edsall needs to retract his inclusion of me in his conspiracy story and apologize. He also needs to retract his inclusion of Raw Story as well. Failing to do so, now that he has been made aware of his errors, would very quickly prove that Edsall is no longer operating under ethics that me and many others have long respected him for.


Mr. Edsall has retracted his earlier statement and apologized. I thank him for his response.

Ha. There's that crazy use of the word defamation again. She likes to act angry.

I left this post at the beginning of Edsall's comments section. Sorry for any typos/mistakes. I try my best.

The Intriguing Death Of Top GOP Consultant Michael Connell

broccolli wrote:I think Edsell should have held his ground. There are so many problems with Alexandrovna's reporting and this story in general to take it seriously. The real story is how Alexandrovna has been so tight with discredited internet personalities such as Larry Johnson, Jason Leopold, and Brett Kimberlin. The real story is about how Alexandrovna has outright lied about the Speedway Bomber. She says he was completely exonerated for those Bombings, that he was a political prisoner. That's not true, not one bit.

This Connell was threatened story, in short, has no legs. All roads are leading back to Brett Kimberlin and the Velvet Revolution. He is the one who found Spoonamore. Years before, he found another alleged rightwing whistleblower named Clint Curtis. That story too has no legs.

Michael Connell's attorneys never filed anything about alleged threats by Karl Rove. That was done by Cliff Arnebeck, who by chance, is an attorney for the Velvet Revolution.

Two separate radio interviews with Brett Kimberlin have reported that he has been a driving force behind RawStory and BradBlog. I tried to get this story out on DemocraticUnderground. Larisa then warned me that I was guilty of defamation. DU deleted two whole threads and around 200 posts, implying that Alexandrovna has inside connections there with the moderators.

Now, on the one hand, she vouches for Brett Kimberlin. Yet on the other, when someone came up with two sources saying that Kimberlin is associated with RawStory, Larisa barked defamation. I'm not the one who said Kimberlin was a driving force behind RawStory. Kimberlin is the one who has allowed that idea to spread. Nonetheless, if Larisa vouches for Brett as such a sparkling progressive, then how would this be defamation anyway? If I said that Mother Theresa was a driving force behind HuffingtonPost, would that be defamation? It wouldn't be true, but would it cast Ariana in a bad light?

All sources claiming that Michael Connell was threatened by Karl Rove lead back to Larisa Alexandrovna and the Speedway Bomber. The first mistaken reports that Connell may have run out of gas? Larisa Alexandrovna. Proof that Connell was threatened by Karl Rove? All this leads back to a lying sack of manure named Brett Kimberlin.

I refuse to let phony journalists get away with this Jason Leopold type rubbish. While the DemocraticUnderground serves as a gatekeeper against such truths, they are not the only outlet on the net. This Mike Connell hoax story will be known about in the zeitgeist.

Last thought. Alexandrovna claims that Connell was scared and ready to spill the beans. Alexandrovna, while conceding that there may not have been foul play with the crash, also has run with the idea that these threats must be taken into account for the NTSB, etc. investigations. If Connell was so scared, if he was a source of hers, then shouldn't she be worried? She doesn't seem to be.

I am calling out Larisa Alexandrovna as being at a minimum, a first rate hack, and at worst, part of some insidious network of right woos left disinformation. Brett Kimberlin was never exonerated. There is zero evidence that Connell was ever threatened by Karl Rove. Because of insidious forces such as Brett Kimberlin and Jason Leopold, a boy who cries wolf effect is growing. If real news reported on the internet is to have any chance of hitting the mainstream media, pseudo reporters cannot be allowed to represent this new medium. Imho, It is very unfortunate that Edsell has retracted what his instincts first told him.

From this DailyKos subthread, Are you joking? Nobody reads Kos.

Prepostericity wrote:Good point.

This is my first post by the way.

I have read DailyKos before, but except for rare occasions, it has been of archived threads I found through search engines for specific topics.

By chance I found your post because I scrolled down to the bottom, so it stood out.

A lot of folks use the internet for email, sports, etc.. Not everyone is a news junkie or a surfer of the web zeitgeist.

I personally have had a story to tell, but it got suppressed over at the Democratic Underground. I don't mind being banned {for no good reason}, but to have whole threads and around 200 posts deleted is not cool.

I have figured out that the Mike Connell story has been a hoax. The dude was never threatened by Karl Rove. All roads to that story are leading back to the Speedway Bomber, Brett Kimberlin.

I understand that unsubstantiated tinfoil is not welcomed here. That makes perfect sense. Extraordinary claims and whatnot.

I have much to say about this and am gonna try to get a diary together the next week or two. However, I agree with Tom that unless great truths are able to get front page or even fair coverage, those who think that the internet is a powerful steering mechanism for positive social change are dreaming. It's getting more and more difficult for me to not think that there are gatekeepers. There are major forums with their own types of aristocratic hierarchies. There are ways that search engines are manipulated. And it is no conspiracy theory that people are paid to make posts on the internet. That is conspiracy fact. Just google netvocates, the Rendon Group, astroturfing, etc..
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Lori Grace not showing up in google for BradBlog or VR

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jan 14, 2009 1:19 pm

If you go to google, most sites will be given a new link to be able to search within those domains. But when I plug in Lori Grace into BradBlog and Velvet Revolution, there are zero results.

But I did find one result for the Peter B. Collins Show, one Brad frequently guest hosts, and la de fricken da, Brad and Grace appeared on the same day.


There is a lady reporter whose name has shown up before when I snooped around for information on Brett Kimberlin. Her name is Ruth Holladay.

Bob Landman: in gratitude

Sadly, the Good Earth's reputation was somewhat tainted later on by Landman's business partner, Brett Kimberlin. Brett was the un-cool hippie, the one who never got the peace message and ended up going to prison for planting bombs in Speedway.

Maybe I should send this nice lady an email. Maybe she could help ensure that this story doesn't get buried. I wonder how aware she is of Kimberlin's insidious internet presence.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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