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Strange News


Strange News

Unread postby Uri » Wed Feb 18, 2009 3:58 pm

A popular video circulating on You Tube shows the discovery of a spy camera and a microphone hidden inside a digital TV converter box. Such devices are part of a government and industry surveillance program that is undoubtedly connected to the forced digital TV switchover being rolled out in the UK and US.


Re: Strange News

Unread postby socrates » Wed Feb 18, 2009 6:32 pm

Hi Uri, very interesting.

I have changed the link into an embedded video. Folks who ever want to check out comments of any of these can double click on it, and the url will appear in a new window.

I will only say that I think there is a chance there is something else to this story. This could have nothing to do with spying and be some type of hoax.

But there is plenty of good evidence that there is a spy industry.

Have you seen this one?

The Spy Factory

By the way, there has been a lot of cloak and dagger concerning this website and its few founders. But the good guys are starting to get the upperhand.

For folks wondering about Uri and myself, I invited her after noticing her holding her own against a pack of trolls at a place called Outlaw Journalism. I believe that whole place is rigged for propaganda. They astroturf neo-nazi ideology, holocaust denial, and other nonsense. They are an extension of the Michael Rivero propaganda network.

A long time ago I stumbled across folks there linking to this forum. I noticed JazzRoc. I think I even made a post back then expressing my disgust with that forum. When I first saw it, and the topics such as cointelpro, I was pumped and jacked. But after a quick perusal, I could see that it was some kind of fake website.

I wrote to Uri and invited her.

My new policy is that I will not ban anyone for having an appearance of tinfoil. I will not belittle them for any reason. I have even invited may41970 back into the forum. When we first started, I had a zero tolerance policy. But that was necessary for what we were trying to accomplish at the time, as we set out to show that the vast majority of those aware of chemtrails have been shamed off of the major chemtrail forums.

Much has been figured out about the cyberstalking and smearing we experienced. While it continues to persist at DebateBothSides, it appears that we, the good guys, have cornered someone who goes by the name of Louis Aubuchont.

While I have been trying to get that guy to back off, his continued harrassment may lead to his downfall. I am sincerely communicating with journalists and reporters in an attempt for us to find justice. No one should have to go through what we went through.

I tried to tell Uri that her attackers at that ******* forum will continue to be nasty towards her. I even suggested that she stop posting there. But then I admitted to my own hypocrisy, as if I took that advice, I would have stopped posting many months ago at DebateBothSides.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: Strange News

Unread postby Uri » Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:14 pm

Outlaw just banned me for speaking up. Andre tried very hard to keep up his image of being well-meaning, but in the end I was disturbing his misinformation campaign more than I was useful in giving him a cover. I was wondering why he didn't do that much earlier, but then I figured that to have "Uri" there did provide him with the appeal of being fair and balanced. I must say, he had to endure a lot with me, because truth is the last thing he is interested in. My idea is that truth is the beginning of everything. Not that I think that personal truth can't be a multitude, but truth is what gives a human the ability to think and learn.

I actually decided some month ago to leave Outlaw Forum, but something was missing. A clear picture, and I guess that's why I continued to rub them their ulterior motives in their noses on a daily basis. Most people despise the truth and the world they are living in. Anybody who comes along to pierce their bubble is seen as a threat to their comfortable little illusional haven. Naturally they attack when they feel threatened.

I also realised that I don't do this for myself, unlike them, but for the younger reader who may not have had the experience I had or a grandmother surviving the 2. World War. Today I can clearly see how people commit exactly the same mistakes as those people 70 years ago and one may ask why this is so, why people don't seem to learn. The answer is quite simple: people are not in control of their own lives and accept this "status quo" as a normal and natural way of living. If you tell them that at the beginning of the Third Reich people were led to blame one group within their society for all the things that went wrong, and that now the same trick is used against them to blame each other, instead of freeing themselves from those who propagate this irrational reaction, then what do they truly deserve? Freedom, love and happiness?

The truth is that the vast majority still does not want freedom, and when their masters make the cake smaller and there is less for every single one of the serfs, they'll gladly jump on each others' necks as suggested by the multitude of misinformationalists who hope their share from the masters will give them a leap ahead in order to escape the inescapable, the slaughter of the "disposable" masses, the harvest of souls.

This is all that humanity knows, not because they have no will, but because they refuse to use it in a way that benefits themselves in such a way that they have no need to turn cannibalistic in meager times. Matter of fact, meager times would cease, and when problems would arise, they would act in harmonious ways to balance out whatever went off the scale. Such is the ability of a human whose heart and mind is equally valued and used simultaniously.

People always think that the most important task is to ensure ones own physical survival, but it's not. What is important though is were you go from here. Does anybody really think that external time is real? Some of the smartest scientists start to understand that there is a big difference between chronological time and biological time. To understand biological time, a human must learn to walk between the outer and inner spheres of existence. NASA won't take you very far.

So what are Forums? Just another distraction maybe? Another way to kill chronological time? For the majority it still is. And Information is a drug. A friend of mine said something very beautiful: I wonder why people join groups and organisations to find something there, that can only be found within themselves.

So yes, the initial post of this thread is a joke. What's there to be found inside a TV? I bet you, most people would get excited if they were to be secretly filmed, and most people are not really offended by the cctv cameras. It gives them the perfect excuse to act like they're TV stars inside their own mental soap episode. A bit like the famous scene in which Bruce Lee fights his own image reflection in a maze of mirrors. It's a dreamlike state that confirms: I choose not to know. I choose the distraction.

Coming back to the Outlaw Forum, it isn't Uri that told them that the Holocaust happened most likely as was reported shortly after the war. It was their own reflection, their own reaction by silencing me to speak up for those who are long gone and who can't speak today because they were murdered, the victims of the 2. World War. They made themselves acting like the mob chasing out the suposed reason for all the problems that their Forum experienced and copied the very script of that which they claim does not exist.

In a physical sense they succeeded in getting rid of me. For a while they will feel victorious, maybe even a certain "common purpose" of their bubble community, until their dull emptiness requires another sacrifice of a scapegoat, another Jew or whoever fits their description. Jesus the Jew is such a powerful symbol, but only a very few ever understand what he really stands for. Not to cleanse away your sins by symbolically eating and drinking him, but by stooping to murder him in others respectively. By stooping to scapegoat your fellow human and sacrificing him/her in order to protect your lies and the illusion of separation. A riddle to most "christians" yet unsolved as I stand as a witness today. "Uri" was the shaman who took them to experience natural time.

It is the lies people tell themselves that keeps them trapped forever, and never the outside reflection of their own inner dispair.

I am glad I am finished with this real time demonstration. I see myself as an artist and am pleased with the result.

Life is not a stage on which we pretend to be something we are not, but a canvas on which we always reveal ourselves.

Uri aka Manahuna

Re: Strange News

Unread postby socrates » Sat Feb 21, 2009 4:52 pm

Hi Uri,

That was an excellent essay. I hope you don't mind, but I tidied up some spelling. You are obviously very intelligent, and your english and sentence structures are substantial. You are the type of foreign speaking thinker that academics love to have as students. It is truly the thoughts that count. Anyone can learn grammar and spelling over time. In fact, I'd say you're better than me when it comes to diction and getting straight to the point.

I wonder who this Andre is and how he ended up with such a splashy website and forum. I don't think the place is for real. I think the point of it is to show web surfers that there is a lot of neo-nazi hate speech on the internet tied in with conspiracy chatter. There is a word called astroturf. In 'real' life, that is fake grass. But now there is a new definition. Astroturfing refers to efforts made to create a facade of grassroot movement. So, I think the Outlaw Forum is just one of many promoting the idea that it is ok to question the morals of Jewish people, that it's ok to think they control Hollywood and the media, that they caused 9/11, that they control the US government, etc..

There was an appealing feature of allowing you to stay there. You said it, that it implied a freedom of speech, that fair and balanced is good, and that simply "Uri" is on the wrong side of history.

But when you started to bring in the sheer horror and numbers of the Holocaust, when you played fair and admitted that Jews were not the only ones murdered, when you made too much sense which shone light on their cowardly ignorance, you had to be shown the door.

I ended up in a similar situation a few years back. I was at a place called BreakForNews. I didn't fight back against them too much. I kind of went away. But then while lurking, I stumbled across someone who appeared to be a political operative, whose real name was revealed. I then went back and totally exposed "Fintan Dunne" for being a fake. I made too much sense and was booted out for good.

You were too strong a mind for them to break. They wanted you to explode and curse. They wanted to be able to yank your emotions. I do not believe that is a real website. I believe it is full of sock puppets. Perhaps there are a few real people who are simply ignorant, hateful conspiracy theorists, but I believe that the majority of the posters at this Andre place are made up personas. That's tough to prove, but it's what I sense.

Like with the strange female who recently showed up. She first seemed to be openminded and listening to you. Then all of a sudden she started to make it seem that you are mentally imbalanced. There is a phrase for that. It is called the bait and switch. However, every time something was thrown at you, your response was dignified and logical.

I agree that what you did was an art form. It is not easy to take down a whole forum's credibility on one's own.

There are pockets of awareness on the internet. Good people are finding ways to fight back against what appears to be planted ignorance and astroturf.

That Outlaw Forum is bad news. You have every right to be proud for exposing them. I think that place is rigged. I think that guy Andre and the other "writers" are elsewhere on the internet writing the same kind of stuff.

People make money off of the war and spy industries. When fascism increases, it is the progressives who are forced to the fringes of political debate. There are a few words that describe you in addition to perceptive and smart. You are feisty, spunky, and a credit to humanity.

You got banned on your own terms. That is the best way to be tossed out of any shady saloon.

Those people are actually the Palestinians' worst enemies. They create the idea that Israel is vulnerable to being wiped off the map. They feed the divide and conquer. It's obvious that it is in Israel's best interest to either live side by side with a substantially sized Palestine or grant everyone their full civil rights.

I do not know what the answers are. But shallow dialogue concerning the Middle East does nothing but perpetuate the status quo. Maybe Israel is kind of similar to Northern Ireland. If the Protestants and Catholics there can start to figure out a way to co-exist, then perhaps the Israel/Palestine conflict can be solved also. This focus on the "Joos" has nothing to do with such a process. It only diminishes the chances of its success. That's why I believe this neo-nazi movement is fake. It is not organic. It doesn't match up with demographics. I'm sensing some kind of scripted nonsense has been shoveled all over the blogosphere.

But the ptb's need a facade of freedom and association. Their wiggle room becomes our potential to break down the wall.

A Video Tribute to The Wall by LHHig
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: Strange News

Unread postby dianeleslie9559 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 2:26 am


(Spam troll banned with signature link deleted. And what's up with the one word post? They don't make astroturfers like they used to. Fricken no subtlety or anything to offer. Like someone was actually going to click on her stupid ad for hair removal? Like someone who is looking for electrolysis doesn't know how to open up a phone book or ask around?)

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