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Re: British Attempting to Classify Manipulated Clouds as Natural

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jun 07, 2009 11:47 am

The Daily Mail
The cloud with no name: Meteorologists campaign to classify unique 'Asperatus' clouds seen across the world
By Luke Salkeld
02nd June 2009

Whipped into fantastical shapes, these clouds hang over the darkening landscape like the harbingers of a mighty storm.

But despite their stunning and frequent appearances, the formations have yet to be officially recognised with a name....

There's an image with a copyright for Ken Prior. It is from New Zealand. One poster believes the image has been darkened and provides how she believes the cloud actually looks.


That makes sense, for then it is easier to see colour qualities generated by barium. Yes, I believe these "clouds" are manipulated by HAARP weather modification technology.

Who the heck is Ken Prior? He's got the rights to photos taken in Scotland, Iowa, New Zealand, and who knows where else. I am noticing a discrepancy. In a Guardian segment on this story, the photo from Iowa attributed to Ken Prior is written as being taken by Jane Wiggins.


We'll get back to the Guardian piece after sifting through the Daily Mail one.

Experts at the Royal Meteorological Society are now attempting to make it official by naming it 'Asperatus' after the Latin word for 'rough'....

'It is a bit like looking at the surface of a choppy sea from below,' said Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society, who identified the cloud from photographs sent in by members.

Gavin Pretor-Pinney is no meterologist. He's a designer who went to art school. Is it his role to photoshop? Is he trying to make a buck off of chemtrails? There's no need to be darkening the images. The Cloud Appreciation Society reeks of being part of the chemtrails cover up, or this guy is a useful idiot for the program, imho.

Officials will then apply to the UN's World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva to have the new cloud type considered for addition into the International Cloud Atlas, the system used by meteorologists across the globe.

Professor Paul Hardaker, Chief Executive of the RMS, said: 'There would probably need to be quite a lot of heat around to produce the energy needed to generate such dramatic cloud formations.

Heat? As in energy beng produced through HAARP-like stations bouncing off of mirrors or whatnot in the ionisphere in effect manipulating the jetstream? That's what I think is going on.

The Guardian
Flying high
by John Harris
1 June 2006

Twenty-eight publishers rejected The Cloudspotter's Guide - but it has become this year's surprise bestseller. Author Gavin Pretor-Pinney tells John Harris what's so great about cumulonimbus - and why we can all benefit from staring up at the sky

"They don't really look like a cloud - they're just kind of smooth layers in the sky. They sit at the top of the troposphere, where you can see those aeroplane trails....

Pretor-Pinney, 38, has been a cloud evangelist since 2003. An alumnus of Westminster School, Oxford University and Central St Martins, in London (where he studied graphics), he co-founded The Idler magazine and supplemented his earnings via freelance work as a designer....

To cap it all, there is Pretor-Pinney's book, turned down by 28 British publishers ("Mostly, it was, 'Where does this book go in the bookshop? Is it popular science? Is it meteorology?'"), but now a snowballing success. Last week it arrived in the top 10 of the Sunday Times bestseller chart.

So there we have it. The website called the Cloud Appreciation Society is run by a graphic design artist with no science background, yet now he is working with the Royal Meteorological Society. What's next? Is Patrick Minnis of NASA going to post at Chemtrail Central? Oops. He already did, 164 times without putting his name and position in his signature. Do folks realise that Mark Steadham of Chemtrail Central admits to working for NASA, and that he has never mentioned that once on his disinformation website?

Let's move on to the Guardian url concerning this new story. It gives a lot more info in less words than the other newspaper.

No new cloud type has been officially classified since 1951 but Gavin Pretor-Pinney who runs the Cloud Appreciation Society believes that there is a new cloud that deserves international recognition. He calls it asperatus, which means rough in Latin, and he is working with the Royal Meteorological Society to have it officially classified by the World Meteorological Organisation in Geneva...




They need more information? They haven't a clue what is causing this new form of cloud?


Asperatus clouds over Nîmes, France. It will now take some time to check that these clouds do not fit into existing categories. Then the Royal Meteorological Society will take a case to the World Meterological Organisation in Geneva. “We have still got some investigation to do,” said a spokesperson for the RMS. “We are a few months away from taking anything to the WMO.”
Photograph: Trevor Boult

Check out the strange blue quality to the above image. I've seen a lot of that with the white-outs. I believe that is due to the use of barium.


This is what the disinfo writer Deborah/FootSoldier had to say:

Well, I'll say this much, these cloud formations are indicative of an exceedingly unstable atmosphere.

She writes at a debunker website called Megasprayer. She along with two other old-school chemmies argue that all aircraft are involved, that basically chemtrails are contrails. They label me as an apologist for the aviation industry. BigBunny calls me a Republican sympathizer despite no evidence. He puts me on the negative end of the chemmie spectrum. Those he considers good chemmies include one who claims to be able to wipe out small clouds with his own mind, and another who has often spoken of plans to sell billion dollar weather formulas to the Chinese and Russians. :lol:

I've been up early today. There were some odd looking clouds that got me to thinking about these new clouds the art graduate has classified as aspertus. The sky has cleared a bit since then. I have seen some suspicious trails. A few were of the "persistent" variety. The soundings yet again do not indicate the necessary humidity levels for persistent contrails. I also wonder why when there are only a few "persistent contrails," if the conditions are ripe for those, why aren't the skies filled with them all over? If the conditions are there, and we have such an increase in air traffic, then why aren't the skies either filled with tons of them or none?

I saw another discrepancy today. The noon readings for Chatham were available two hours ahead of time. There seemed to be the necessary humidity at approximately 20,000 feet, but it wasn't cold enough. Then when the cold temperatures are there higher up, the humidity is too low. I emailed Minnis about what I saw in late April. He seemed interested and asked me follow up questions. When I replied back, he did not. Chemtrails are real. Chemtrail forums are not.


Bonus Chemtrail Post:

Strange News
New Stamps Highlight Cool Clouds
By Sarah Davidson, LiveScience Staff Writer
posted: 10 November, 2004 9:00 a.m. ET


The science of clouds

Clouds rely on factors that include changes in temperature, pressure, humidity, and prevalence of dust for their survival. Water is the key ingredient, however, and its constant movement through the phases of solid, liquid, and vapor determine when clouds form and how long they last.

The temperature surrounding water provides energy to the molecule. At its lowest energy water is a solid, at its highest a vapor. When temperatures increase around water at the Earth's surface some molecules become energetic enough to escape and rise into the atmosphere as vapor.

As water rises the air temperature eventually cools and the amount of energy in the water molecule decreases, changing the vapor into a liquid. If that liquid has something to cling to, usually dust, the water molecules are able to start to cling together and form clouds.

"I hope the stamps remind everyone of the science, knowledge and extraordinary beauty of the ever-changing canvas in the sky above us," said William Johnstone, a former Air Force weather observer and Secretary of the Board of Governors of the Postal Service....

Notice the word dust? That will be the limited hangout used to cover up the chemtrails. They'll be talk of global warming, African dust, and Chinese pollution explaining why we are getting the manipulated white-outs.

The altitude of the clouds in this image descend from the pictures in the top row to those at the bottom. Here are the USPS descriptions of the cloud types:

A few of those clouds look synthetic. From the top going left to right:

#2 Cirrostratus fibratus
Relatively transparent cirrostratus fibratus clouds occur mostly in winter and often produce a halo effect around the sun or moon.Thickening cirrostratus frequently indicate the approach of a frontalsystem.

I think that could be geoengineering. They are high clouds apparently in the stratosphere. Perhaps troposheric white-outs are blocking view of geoengineering already begun. The chemtrails could be used to block out uv-b radiation and knock down severe weather fronts, while the stuff recently put on the table by Obama's science advisor could be going on way above that. If chemtrails have been dispersed for about ten years, why would the ptb's wait for authorisation to geoengineer the stratosphere?

#3 Cirrocumulus undulatus
Cirrocumulus undulatus are patches or layers of small puffy clouds arranged in patterns. They have a rippled appearance due to wind shear and usually cover only a small portion of the sky.

These are probably most related to the "aspertus" clouds. The ripples are coming from the "ionispheric testing." Stamps #'s 4, 6 and 8 also appear to be HAARP influenced, imho. #'s 7 and 12 appear to indicate white-outs that most of us are unfortunately acquainted with observing.

#7 Altostratus translucidus, cloud sheets formed by the rising and coolingof large air masses, often precede advancing storm systems. A "watery"sun (or moon) may shine dimly through the thinner sections of the cloudsheet.

#12 Stratus opacus
Gray, featureless cloud layers that can spread over hundreds of square miles, stratus opacus, like stratocumulus, are generally composed of water droplets. Stratus clouds occasionally produce drizzle or light snow.

With the last one, I am thinking of how the white-outs often coincide with a less than expected rain or snowfall. I think of dyn-o-gel, and how it's used to sop up a small percentage of severe weather. Think about the basics of cloud formation. Think about the word hygroscopic.

1 : readily taking up and retaining moisture
2 : taken up and retained under some conditions of humidity and temperature

We know that barium has been used to produce clouds. Barium nitrate is non-hygroscopic. Yet, barium oxide is. Perhaps the former is used with clear blue sky dispersals, while the latter is used for when the frankenscientists wish to utilise the existent humidity.
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