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Open letter to Uruguayan press (translated)

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Open letter to Uruguayan press (translated)

Unread postby Isard » Fri Jun 12, 2009 1:30 pm

Hi readers,

A few weeks ago, I wrote an open letter to denounce weather modification. I sent it to the main media here in Uruguay (printed press, radio, and TV). There was specially one publication called "Busqueda", which is read by businessmen, politicians, etc. which was my target number 1.

Gratefully, "Búsqueda" did publish the letter without any censorship, but there were no comments of other readers in next edition (it is a weekly publication), as I expected. I can not confirm if it was published anywhere else, but I do know that TV and radio stations were completely silent on this.

Even if the letter is a bit focused in our regional current situation (severe drought, energy problems because of low hydroelectric generation, etc), I thought it would be worth sharing it here in the forum.

:!: I must thank Socrates who spent time fixing the translation so to make it clean and readable.

Hope you will find it interesting.


Dear Sir:

Considering the critical situation that faces our region, I am grateful for the publication of this letter.

Although the desire to control or manipulate the climate and meteorology is age-old, the first time the skies were indeed interfered with in a scientific manner and thus proven possible to modify the weather, was in 1946. A team from General Electric under the supervision of scientist Vincent Schaefer developed a process called "cloud seeding." That is to say, a process was instituted by which precipitation could be enabled through the dispersals of certain aerosols into the troposphere.

Thus, development of the atmospheric sciences had begun with an accelerating interest, shown for example with the installation of facilities on a global level devoted to monitoring the ionosphere.

During the Vietnam War, the USAF embarked on "Operation Popeye," whose objective was to bring about precipitations of artificial form to leave the famous Ho-Chi-Minh track impassable so as to block the delivery of arms and food to the northern army.

After that experience, the subject of weather modification designed for military aims was debated in the United Nations, while internal debate also took place in the USA. In 1976, a multi-national conference on ENMOD convened (Convention on the Prohibition of Military or Any Other Hostile Use of Environmental Modification Techniques). Proposals were voted on by the General Assembly on December 10th and were finally ratified on October 5th, 1978. Over the years, the Convention has been adopted by about seventy countries, including the USA, the former Soviet Union, as well as our own country of Uruguay. The treaty has also been updated with two Conferences of Revision in 1984 and 1992.

On the other hand, investigations into the ionosphere (one of the high layers of the atmosphere) and on the effects of electromagnetic waves on the same, have allowed enormous progress with the existing technologies. We must emphasize the HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) installation. Located in Gakona, Alaska, it is presently displayed exclusively as a low scale scientific investigation, yet in fact it is a joint project of the U.S. Navy and Air Force. HAARP basically consists of a series of antennas that emit enormous amounts of electromagnetic energy into the ionosphere (perhaps picture the inverse of a radio telescope). The operation is based on the patents of Dr. Bernard Eastlund, which were obtained while he worked for ARCO, a company part of the defense sector. Its antecedents owe much to Nikola Tesla, arguably the greatest scientific mind of the twentieth century. In these patents, references are made on many occasions of the technology’s ability to intentionally influence the weather. In patent number 4,686,605, Eastlund indicates that, "Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device.” HAARP can even bring about steep changes in regional temperatures located on the other side of the planet. We should also mention that Russia owns a similar installation, well-known like Operation Woodpecker, although HAARP is by far the most powerful and dangerous.

In addition, NASA has also for several decades experimented with the dispersals of various aerosols into the atmosphere in order to evaluate their effects.

Another particularly important fact is that on November 13th, 2001, patent number 6,315,213 of the United States, corresponding to a substance known as “Dyn-o-gel,” was granted to Peter Cordani, CEO of Dynomat Inc.[now known as Gel Tech Solutions]. The spanish translation of its header cannot be made clearer: “A Method to Modify the Weather.” Further ahead, it is explained that, "The polymer is dispersed into the cloud and the wind of the storm agitates the mixture causing the polymer to absorb the rain. This reaction forms a gelatinous substance which precipitate to the surface below. Thus, diminishing the clouds ability to rain." Experiments with the substance have already been undertaken, and its capacities have been verified.

Manipulation of the climate has had repercussions, even internationally. Here are some examples.

On June 5th, 2007, the economic Spanish newspaper Expansion dedicated an article to weather modification titled, "The New Gods of the Climate." Several of the subjects mentioned above were included.

On July 23rd, 2001, in the Spanish enclave of Melilla located on the Mediterranean coast, an event occurred so outide the ordinary, that it was noticed by many of that country. The Spanish main newspaper, El País, published an article with the following headline. “A Strange Phenomenon Results in an 18 Degree [celsius] Increase in Melilla's Temperature in Only Five Minutes: This sudden ascent in temperature, accompanied by winds of up to 70 km/h, was produced in a one hour interval." The meteorological service never gave a convincing explanation for this event.

Concerning a different story, the meteorological service of China confirmed that their weather had been altered in order to avoid rainfall during the opening ceremonies of the past Olympic Games. The American magazine Newsweek had actually forewarned of this event in an article dated June 2nd, 2006, which highlighted the Chinese government's strategy for weather control.

As of today, China, Russia and the USA are the primary countries that by far are taking advantage of manipulating the climate. Lamentably, the technologies that enable it are generally under military authority.

How does all this fit in with the present situation our country faces? Well, for one thing, it is impossible otherwise to explain through natural cloud science, why we have been languishing for months with continuous and perhaps permanent high pressure systems. Unfailingly, most of our cloud fronts are becoming debilitated before even entering our region, and thus awaited for rains are not arriving.

In other words, it is well-known that our country has traditionally had a temperate climate with perfectly defined seasons. Now the weather has been altered from being subtropical to a more dry climate, from us tending to enjoy smooth summers to experiencing more calamitous weather. Most peculiarly, this change has taken place over about the last 25 years, when for all we know, natural changes in the planet's environment tend to evolve over a million, thousands, or at a minimum hundreds of years. Those of sufficient age, if they pause a little while to think, will realize that the changes in our local climate have been too fast to be explained by nature.

Today, thanks to Internet, we have access to satellite imagery. For example, one can view daily photos from NASA's MODIS Rapid Response System. In doing so, one can see the effects of aerosol anomalies, or to clarify, of how atmospheric dispersals are altering the evolution of cloud fronts. Here is one example taken of the southwest of Buenos Aires, where such dispersals can be seen (AERONET_CEILAP-BA Subset - Terra 2009/118 from 04/28/2009). In addition, the influence of electromagnetic impulses (caused by facilities like the aforementioned HAARP or Woodpecker) can also be reasonably distinguished from natural cloud layers. Here is an image from our country taken on May 3rd and identified as AERONET_CEILAP-BA Subset - Terra. These effects are also distinguishable by any person on sight. The clouds are furrowed by parallel waves, similar to ocean waves, or as if natural clouds had electrical energy or radio waves pass through them. Such clouds usually appear as diminished systems, resembling more like cloud columns than as true weather fronts that could develop into any significant rainfall.

Mr. Director, I believe that the situation we are suffering is quite clear. We cannot simply wait “to see if it rains” as any animalistic tribe of thousands of years ago would. Geoengineering and weather control is of the here and now. In fact, the Weather Modification Association already exists (in fact its last semester encounter took place in October of 2008 in Mendoza, Argentina), as well as tens of companies that work in this sector.

It is essential that discussions take place at the regional level of our country, along with the raising of such issues in international forums. An updated version of the ENMOD Convention is also needed. It is quite strange that in none of so-called meetings of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel for the Climatic Change) of the United Nations, are there discussions on weather modification, which without a doubt is having a profound influence on the global climate.

The Earth, although it seems enormous to us, is a single interrelated system, and small manipulations in one region can bring about very serious disasters in others. I am not merely making false associations between ideas. It is strange that while o a large extent Argentina has undergone a very serious drought, areas of Southern Brazil are experiencing emergency floodings.

What is needed is a non-political scientific forum at both national and regional levels in which public opinion can be ascertained.

Now that we are in an electoral campaign cycle, it is essential that our future governors declare their position on this topic.

It is also fundamental that our meteorologists are made aware of what is going on. It is not that difficult to realize that something completely abnormal is occurring, when rarely do rain fronts arrive in the region. And I must clarify that this is not the result of an “El Niño” (ENSO) or “La Niña” effect, for those who simply wish to offer easy debunking to those who are new to this subject.

Also to the Business Chambers, many of which depend on the climate for the success of their businesses- they should pay special attention to this topic.

The role of the media is obviously fundamental.

Finally, we cannot afford to fall in error to solve these problems through geoengineering. For if a drought is caused artificially, the answer is not to create artificial rains, as some would like to think. Not only would that be a false solution, but we would be adding to the planet's stress which could lead to dire consequences for humanity.

Dear Sir, I have wanted with these words to raise subjects that most people have probably never heard of nor imagined. I sincerely do not know if this is all about military experimentation, whether there are some beneficial products, or if new technologies are simply being tested on. Nonetheless, the only certainty is that this is happening, and now is the time for all of us to confront this reality with a critical spirit, even if we may lack in some scientific knowledge, in order to ensure the restoration of a normal, moderate climate in Uruguay.

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Re: Open letter to Uruguayan press (translated)

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:50 pm

Hiya Isard, I tidied it up a bit more. It needed some extra spaces, a bit more tinkering with the format. I didn't change any of it. This was a solid effort by yourself. It is nice that the major newspaper published your letter. This is about planting seeds rather than bashing our heads against walls in frustration. The few of us realised that the major forums are rigged, that in short, chemtrails as portrayed on the internet are a bad joke. A decision was made a long time ago that this forum would never succeed. Thankfully we have persevered, and anyone who is able to get to this place will see how all the others are contaminated with rubbish information.

This letter was very good. It's got a lot of the basics. It shows that weather modification isn't science fiction. The powers that be fear this forum.

I changed one of your words from hopefully to gratefully in regards to the letter being published. Hopefully implies it didn't happen yet. Gratefully means it had, and you are thankful to the paper. Take care.
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