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HAARP Disinformation Escalates

tinfoil by association

Atmospheric Gravity Waves (AGW)

Unread postby Lophofo » Mon Aug 25, 2008 11:13 am

How in the world could NASA be involved with weather modification? I thought they only dealt with space. (sarcastically asked) :wink: :wink:


What is an atmospheric gravity wave? Coleman explains: "They are similar to waves on the surface of the ocean, but they roll through the air instead of the water. Gravity is what keeps them going. If you push water up and then it plops back down, it creates waves. It's the same with air."

Gravity waves get started when an impulse disturbs the atmosphere. An impulse could be, for instance, a wind shear, a thunderstorm updraft, or a sudden change in the jet stream. Gravity waves go billowing out from these disturbances like ripples around a rock thrown in a pond.

When a gravity wave bears down on a rotating thunderstorm, it compresses the storm. This, in turn, causes the storm to spin faster. To understand why, Coleman describes an ice skater spinning with her arms held straight out. "Her spin increases when she pulls her arms inward." Ditto for spinning storms: When they are compressed by gravity waves, they spin faster to conserve angular momentum.

Hmm...I wonder what could make a "sudden change in the jet stream"?

Check out this video:


It loads as QuickTime and then press Play to get it to start.

Also, I've done some more research on Atmospheric Gravity Waves...more to come with sources

This person has some good info:

Prof. Katia Matcheva,
Department of Physics, University of Florida, P.O. Box 118440, Gainesville FL 32611-8440.
[email protected]

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Re: HAARP Disinformation Escalates

Unread postby Lophofo » Mon Sep 15, 2008 1:51 pm

FailBlog Video "Conspiracy Fail"

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edit- this link is causing some browsers to fail due to too many comments


I can't really laugh at this, and I can't really be upset. It's so ludicrous that I'm shocked it even exists.
This portrays all HAARP believers as uneducated conspiratorial "nutters" who are off their rocker.

Did she drop out of elementary school before the 5th grade? Has she never seen a rainbow before?
Has she never heard of a prism?

Is she not familiar with the album artwork for the cover of Pink Floyd's The Dark Side of the Moon?


This is the kind of disinfo and kookiness by association that turns away newbies and fencesitters.

Re: HAARP Disinformation Escalates

Unread postby tHADDIUS mAXIMUS » Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:31 pm


Socrates et al.....
I had a chance to go to alaska and see harp. I was going up there to fish for salmon, halibut and other fish. The fishing was the best. However on the last day there (the 26th of July) I drove a rental car up to HAARP. Just a cool site... Its funny my parents still do not believe in Haarp it is to far fetched for them to comprehend. But our generation knows and wants to change the world, in a different way then the old cronies do!

It was quite a far drive from where I was at but that is a different story..... told on other boards and sites... along with some killer fishing pictures and movies....

As I turned down the dirt road that leads to the harp facility I was struck by how beautiful the trees where around this area. It was about 10 pm (Still light by the Alaska Time) I drove down this road until I was stopped by 2 men in black army dress, black hats, and guns. The funny thing was that they had no I mean none!!! NO badges or something that would signify that they are from. I am thinking most likely a division of the Office of Naval Research. (That is just a guess btw I am not stating anything other then what I saw).

As they approached the ford I was driving they both stopped smoking and came out from behind this road block, which was just a small gray building with a drop down arm that prohibits vehicles from passing. They both had some really cool submachine guns that I tried to take pictures of but they would not let me, I then told them that I had friends that own land down this road (I was really hoping just to take a picture to prove myself that haarp does exist.) I asked them if I could take a picture with them because they were being jerks and not letting me drive down a public road, which they even stated was public however was temporarily closed. :x

I then asked them what was down this road that they have to defend. They both stated they did not know and they were on 4 week rotations and they did not even want to know. I proceeded to tell them both what was back there and tried to state that at the end of every summer HAARP is going to be open. Well the haarp site never previous to this time had any information about this. One of my good friends checked the haarp site the next day and funny enough there was a link stating that the facility was open that entire day. (what a load of crap) ok back to report. I told them I knew what Haarp is and what it can do and that it is a public area that is not classified at all (btw that is the best way to hide stuff) I explained it to them and told them that I was just looking for more information on haarp. I wanted to watch it and just be there for a while. They then told me I could fill out a form on the site and get access with out any problem. Well I knew that was not the case as I saved the site on my computer and I called my friend and had him look to (yeah it was late) but they confirmed there was no form on the site. The guys in black told me it is there and that I need to fill it out. Because I did not have it filled out I was told to turn around and leave or I would be put in a holding cell until the next morning. I was not scared but I was going to comply so I got in and turned around and drove down the road for a minute then stopped to take a picture of the little guard shack and the two guys. I stopped the car and got out to take the picture but before I was even able to take the lens cap off a truck came after me strangely out of no where. I was at the guard shack the road went straight and I did not see this huge black truck with 8 headlights so here it is cruising down my bumper and I got freaked out at that point and tried to snap a picture with my cell phone and regular camera as they got closer and before I could take a picture I got back in the ford and gunned it. After 5 minutes on the road they stopped following me and I cruised back to the hotel I was staying at.

The next morning my flight departed early so I woke up early after barely any sleep from driving all night and went to the car rental place, the rental car man was really cool I told him where I was going and what I would be doing and he has seen them before and states that they are all over the state of Alaska. Then he asked why did I have to stir the bees nest? I was a bit perplexed and told him I did exactly what I stated I was going to do. He told me he was called about 12 midnight last night and was told he had to give all information up about me, where I lived, my plans, who I was, if I was a suspected terror ist or something like that, what my nationality was, who I worked for, and all my info I had given him. Then he was called that morning at 6 am and told to tell me that I should expect a call to discuss what I had done and why.

I was blown away just thinking of how quickly the cronies were able to get the license plate and trace it back to him and then find out it was me, now they know who I am and will probably be watching me....

Well like I like to say "give em a show if they are watching!"

Go look for a form on the haarp site or look for when they have an open house I would love to be invited next year!!!!

Re: HAARP Disinformation Escalates

Unread postby socrates » Sat Nov 22, 2008 11:45 am

{on edit- the bump feature was hacked into a while back on October 30th. I did not write this post on Nov. 22nd. All bumps will need to be done manually in the form of a post.}


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the story. I did see one of those cable shows years ago on area 51. It was shown that people can only get to a certain point without losing their American rights to travel. I don't believe in any aliens. The point is, your story adds up. I'm not sure about any form letters to get a tour of the place. I do know one can sign up for a tour of Fenway Park and meet Wally the Green Monster. Feel free to post away elsewhere about your fishing and whatnot. Although as a vegetarian, I ask you how you'd like to have a hook lodged in your cheekbone.

Thanks for mentioning the Office of Naval Research. Also, it was an oil company, ARCO, which owns the place or did at first. Lophofo has shown that there is more than one "Haarp" station. There are the friggen sassafrassa patents and whatnot concerning Bernard Eastlund about HAARP being able to modify weather.

Some debunkers would have more credibility if they fessed up to all the evidence which cannot be refuted. Take care.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: HAARP Disinformation Escalates

Unread postby Lophofo » Sun Dec 28, 2008 9:50 pm

Taken from http://tinyurl.com/8lzg8p


March 15, 2008 at 6:24 pm

Thanks for that info on the activities of the U.S. military in controlling weather patterns. In fact, the HAARP array in Alaska emits electromagnetic pulses (EMP) with the help of outer-space relay stations.

Ignorance is just as much disinformation as intentional deception. HAARP doesn't rely on outer-space relay stations. It uses the ionosphere and whistler mode to send waves along the earth's magnetic field lines to a receiving station on another continent.

Plus...EMP? This isn't like a weapon which most people think of when they hear EMP. Yes, it does send electromagnetic energy but in ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) or VLF (Very Low Frequency) modes.

This kind of disinfo never helps the cause, either. People start posting stuff and other people start believing it and spreading it...when they really know nothing about what they are really saying in the first place.

Re: HAARP Disinformation Escalates

Unread postby socrates » Mon Dec 29, 2008 10:04 am

I thought from looking into COSMIC that perhaps HAARP uses mirrors. But I've never seen anything even hinting about relay stations. I've never even heard that phrase before.

That link reminded me of the many posts I've seen in the past talking about the neocons' evil weather machines or their death rays. Most chemtrail links and ideas are simply too over the top.

I appreciate all your sincere efforts in helping numbnuts like me figure out HAARP. I didn't think HAARP had much to do with chemtrails, because I always saw it affiliated with these types of goofy links and threads.

I think it's very cool that you have contributed so much. Thanks.

On the right side is a link to one of their blogger's articles titled "The Time Magazine Devil Horn Covers: Satanists, New World Order Stooges, and Mind-Controlled Slaves."

Ironically the website is described as "The Kassandra Project: freedom against disinformation."

It looks more like conspiro-tainment to me. Newbs and fence-sitters will see that and get an initial reaction of great, another website that sounds like tinfoil.

I just got banned from Carnicom's because I had the gall to complain about Kathaksung, the habitual, fake conspiracy theorist. Cliff deleted my post. Here it is:


I'm kind of relieved. I always felt funny making any kind of posts there. Carnicom has some kind of "activist" group in which Jeff Rense is involved. Cliff links to him and others of dubious character. Cliff Carnicom is a spook, imho. If he is, just like with Mark Steadham and "Aubuchont," then that to me is more proof that chemtrails are real. Why else go to so much trouble to portray chemtrails as kookiness? Everything now adds up, imho.

Over at Chemtrail Central, Starman1 reopened up his public forum. A few days ago, I responded to a thread wondering about the closed registration. I explained about Steadham working for NASA and how he never admitted once to that at CTC. That whole thread was deleted. I forgot to take a screenshot, because I've been busy busting up Kimberlin, BradBlog, and RawStory over at Democratic Underground. But I did screenshot one other post I made in the CTC guest forum that has also been deleted.

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Huge Waves Detected in Atmosphere

Unread postby Lophofo » Fri Jun 12, 2009 10:39 am

Check Out the HAARP animations from this article I posted back on Jul 18, 2008: HAARP military research & animations

This shows the animations of the HAARP activity occuring up in Alaska. Now, check out the Discovery.com article which was recently released. Man, these guys are slow. And, look for the disinfo. I'm sure you'll be able to spot it. You also should really go to the article so you can see the picture they've posted showing these "waves."

Discovery.com wrote:Huge Waves Detected in Atmosphere
Irene Klotz, Discovery News

Gravity Waves

June 4, 2009 -- Researchers have detected giant, fast-moving waves of air, caused by thunderstorms and other disturbances, above Poker Flat, Alaska, where a new radar is churning out the first three-dimensional images of upper atmospheric phenomena in the polar region.

"People have been envisioning doing this project for 40 years," said Eric Donovan, an associate professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. "There's just a lot going on in this region that we don't understand."

The radar combines 4,096 small antennas, each with its own transmitter, on a single instrument, rather than one giant dish equipped with one powerful transmitter. Rather than physically rotating the radar to point in different directions, the steering is done electronically by slightly phasing each of the antenna elements differently.

The radar, which can be run remotely via the Internet, can be very quickly adjusted to pinpoint and track velocity, temperature and other changes in the upper atmosphere.

Small antennas? Small in comparison to what? Like my friend said, "Yeah, maybe small in comparison to the Eiffel Tower." Oh, and believe me...they do understand what's going on in this region. They picked this region intentionally after experiments in "other regions" over a period of decades. They want to play dumb so that the rest of the world thinks they don't know what their foolish experiments are doing.

Can anyone say "HAARP"?

Check out the article I posted back in October of 2008: NASA, Barium, and their relation to HAARP & K. Papadopoulos

Here's a quote from that article:

Lophofo wrote:Anyone ever heard of Poker Flat Missile Range...up in Alaska?
An interesting fact is that you can't find it on Google Earth just by typing it in. You have to type in its coordinates.
Sure, go ahead and try it out. Hmm...why is that?

Re: HAARP Disinformation Escalates

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jun 12, 2009 11:23 pm

We've come a long way. Folks probably don't know everything about what we have been through. We have kind of trickled out the story here and there. There's a reason why this forum went from having great potential to trying to stay afloat. I was correct in calling out all those forums and usernames for being disinformation. My take on chemtrails has been solid. Basically, may41970 was in over his head. He was not up to the task of being a hero. He is too much of a conspiracy theorist and not capable of seeing how his moon landing ideas, or debunking global warming, or posting about my stuff elsewhere without citing me or this forum made for the fake socrates script to take off. Folks probably barely are aware that Lophofo was next in line to be made to appear as myself. Basically, I got my *** cybersmeared and stalked by a sophisticated script. I took screenshots, saved whole pages, and did what I had to do to prove it.

Many people have simply been scared off, while too many of a kooky nature showed up. Even when it was just myself, Lophofo, and Isard plugging away, the cybersmearers couldn't just leave us alone. They had Lophofo believe I was someone named DrewTerry. That was probably easy to do, since it was DrewTerry who uncovered the truth about Steven Hertzberg posting at Fintan Dunne's disinformation palace. Then Lophofo received a strange phone call to his work place. Think about that. I've listened to it. Some ******* made himself out to be ex-intelligence. These people were trying to scare Lophofo away. Someday that phone call will be available to all. Our story is the truth. It is organic, and we haven't made up anything. I've had my identity stolen. I've been put through the ringer, just because I wanted to help get this story out about the weather mitigation. That such sophisticated attacks have been put in place should tell you the good reader, that we hit the ball out of the park. We nailed this story on many levels. I nailed other stories too in other areas. I am not suicidal. I am not violent. I am a survivor. I am not scared of anyone or anything. I hold my chin up high. No lies and libel written about me are the truth. Think about why such a campaign has been put in place to destroy this forum, if we have not been making perfect sense on this and other topics.

Of course Lophofo has shown how HAARP works. Of course HAARP has to do with weather modification. Just looking at Isard's new post with his letter to a Uruguayan publication, one can see that Bernard Eastlund was all about manipulating the climate through HAARP. Yes, Lophofo is the expert. I never thought much of it until he showed how it works. No way are white-outs going to be created so smoothly due to wind currents alone. Some kind of technology is being used to white-out the skies. It is HAARP related. The ptb's are trying to minimize the project. Oh, it's just minor testing. Oh, it doesn't have that much power. Oh, you and your talk of Dr. **** Cheney weather machines.

Hey Lophofo, not sure if it means anything, but we have a new poster talking up orbs, mysterious black jets, chemtrails forming out of nothing, and how the crazy colours in the sky are not a rare occurence in the U.S.. So first we get the lame explanation of earthquake lights, which might actually mean something, since couldn't the HAARP technology mimic earthquake characteristics? Or now when we start to form consensus on HAARP influenced cloud patterns, such as with the gravity waves or fish scales or whatever, now Discovery and others are gonna explain it off as some kind of natural occurrence?

Disinformation is the rule of day. People are basically shallow. Or they have been shamed or scared away from participating. It is sad that there is nowhere to really go to join forces. Myself and may41970 were correct to have the zero tolerance rule for tinfoil. Where we messed up is we never expected the fake socrates script to become bigger than could ever have been imagined. And how were any of us to know that may41970 would be too weak to confront the many headed disinfo monster?

I need your guys' help. It is quality over quantity that will overcome the disinfo. I have now developed friendships with you, Isard, and Crystal Rose. I have spoken on the phone for hours with yourself and Crystal Rose. I have developed a correspondence with Jeff Ferrell. I am going to try to figure out who this cyberstalker's real name is. I do not believe Mr. Deep Sky Hoax is truly the person he claims to be. Sorry for rambling on. I've just put in too much effort to give up and hide behind a rock. To repeat: I am neither suicidal nor violent. I am fighting back.

Here's the screenshot of the new gravity wave clouds the disinfo are saying are caused by thunderstorms and other so-called disturbances. That's a riot. They have discovered these new clouds? You pointed them out in the HAARP thread. Most of us have mentioned them at one time or another in our chemtrail observations. I've seen these myself. Who hasn't noticed these types of clouds? Where the hell do these people get the nerve to label this as a new discovery?

Gravity Waves
There are a variety of atmospheric waves, but many require radar to detect them.
This NASA satellite image however shows more obvious gravity waves peaked with
clouds off the coast of Australia.

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Re: Scott Stevens Represents Chemtrails as Kookiness

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jun 21, 2009 3:47 pm

Maybe it's a coincidence, but a few days ago Scott Stevens made an entry which included two stories recently covered by this forum. I'm not saying we personally come up with everything first. A year and a half ago, I was fairly effective in searching out the newest stuff on chemtrails. Lophofo has been really good in coming up with pertinent goodies, especially pertaining to HAARP. If Stevens was trolling this board for posting material, it is more likely he took from Lophofo's contribution from Discovery.com concerning Poker Flats and the gravity wave clouds.

It seems to me that Stevens has picked up on the recent theme here concerning various attempts to classify new cloud types, which actually appear as consequences from the chemtrailing. Hat tips should probably also go to Sno Dome concerning the "circumhorizontal arcs" and perhaps to myself for articulating this new trend.


Stevens has been presenting chemtrails as kooky for years. He's talked up ufos. Here we see him yet again talking those up along with orgone. Why can't a sensible approach, as Isard would put it, be applied to chemtrails?

{excerpt- my emphasis}
Are they natural? That is a valid question. They are natural in the sense that they do occur in the sky on a rather regular basis. But, would they take form without the technologies that are presently in place to manipulate the atmosphere? That’s also a good question, and if I am allowed to speculate, I would say no. These clouds wouldn’t be photographed as frequently as they are without the stimulation of the planet’s Orgone energy field, artificial and space based introduction of gravity waves into the atmosphere and the additional host of other environmental manipulations that remain active to this very moment.

Is it time for a new cloud type? Probably so. But that then opens up a whole new can of worms. Clouds tweaked from above, clouds littered with chemtrail debris, clouds created by airfoils manufactured by these waves.

Don’t get me going now!

If you go to Stevens' link, you may notice that he doesn't differentiate when he is quoting a source with when it is his own words.

The quote above is his added to the bottom of an AP article. That is an insidious practice I've seen other disinfo writers utilise. A right woos left troll named Mattes did the same exact thing of late. That can never be justified. Plagiarism is wrong. There is no excuse for not differentiating between sources and making clear who has written what.

The bottom article Stevens copied and pasted mentions ufos and sprites. But the way Stevens set it up made it seem like he was adding in his two cents at the bottom like he had done with the above story. This entry of his had two separate stories. One should probably check out the above link to see what I'm talking about.

Here are a couple more examples of Stevens having made chemtrails look kooky.

Weatherman Claims Japanese Mafia Behind Hurricane Katrina

POCATELLO, Idaho (Wireless Flash - FlashNews) – Here’s a theory that’s sure to cause a storm of controversy: A meteorologist in Pocatello, Idaho, claims Japanese gangsters known as the Yakuza caused Hurricane Katrina....

Here are excerpts from a transcript put together from a podcast. Scott Stevens is bad news. Is he making money off of this crap? If not, then he must be receiving a paycheck as a dispenser of disinformation. Stevens can be added to the list of arseholes including Jeff Rense, Cliff Carnicom, Alex Jones, Will Thomas and others who have turned what is obvious and easy to figure out into something that is impossible to get to the bottom of without tremendous effort.

...in this way they can covertly use weather as a weapon.

...it’s a fantastic weapon, as [Khrushchev] so boasted on the cover of New York Times in 1960 that it was a fantastic weapon based on reducing the need for conventional weapons for man on the ground. It would be able to do these things remotely. And indeed it’s underway. It’s been underway for quite some time. It’s just been a war that has not been in the public eye.

...When I became aware of the scalar weaponry that was happening in the skies I couldn’t approach that topic without having addressed the chemtrails in some form or fashion. At first I thought it could’ve been climate, it could’ve been ozone protection, it could’ve been numerous things.

...And then seeing that happen over and over I started thinking that there’s something happening there, there’s something there. They’re not just creating clouds. It was too general of an assumption. And then I started making videos of these planes, and noticed in the sky in an around these cirrus clouds that there was an unusual imprint.

...From watching these cameras and watching the contrails you can see if a foreign weather modification program is being deployed to try to get a desired effect in our weather.

...But they need these planes constantly surveying the sky looking for this electromagnetic effect in the atmosphere and then that data is dumped into the short-term forecast models for the military, not to the public. And then they run out to see what is the eventual goal of the foreign weather modification program on our domestic soil, by the constant electromagnetic interference in the atmosphere. It’s an amazingly complex program, and it went on for years before we got a clue, probably since the mid- to late-eighties. They’ve had nuclear power plants fueling these weather modification weapons. It’s an incredibly complex program. And we had to understand it before we could deploy our countermeasures.

...the name “Katrina” was chosen ahead of time, as was the name “Ivan.” There was a plan for Katrina to do what she did, it was simply a playbook in operation. Russia is ahead of us in this technology and we’re struggling to catch up. Katrina and Ivan are both Russian names, and I believe it was the Russians who caused this. This was a demonstration of what they are capable of, generating a hurricane and driving the eye on top of this nation’s hurricane forecast center(which was destroyed),. This was a wake-up call that the Russians sent: “You guys don’t know what’s coming.”

To wrap this up, here were the final exchanges between the interviewer and Scott Stevens. Is Stevens a disinfo spook? Apparently so.

H: If you’re right about this weather modification thing, we’re at war, but what is the ultimate objective of all this? The destruction of the United States as a coherent economy would bring about mass starvation and a world catastrophe from which civilization would not recovery during the lifetime of anyone alive now.

SS: That is the stated goal; you put it very very well.

H: To reduce the population, is this what you’re talking about or….

SS: It’s begun…..it’s simply begun, and they’ll try to keep the status quo in place for as long as they can rather than prepare us for the incredible change in society which has begun. We’re a nation in debt, and a nation in debt is one without a lot of options.
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