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Gastronamus Cafe Has A New Chemtrail Thread!

Unread postby socrates » Thu Aug 21, 2008 3:49 pm


Swampgas used to be the moderator at CTC. There was a time when Gastronamus had the chance of taking over as the #1 chemtrail forum. We now realise that place was rigged from the start to act as a gatekeeper for the normal chemmies. When the place got too good, Swamp blew it up.

When myself, Lophofo, and NatureisMad were there, so was a sane Lou Aubuchont and Arcadia Ego. Wayne Hall was simply ignored. Swampgas got me to forget about how crazy Kola was posting at Carnicom's forum. Unfortunately, one by one, except for the few of us, turned out to be fake usernames.

AAANI, by default, has become the true legacy of all the chemtrail forum history. This is the only forum that is organic in its postings. We have outed the disinfo while proving the existence and reasons for the programs.

One needs to be aware of ChickenLittle's signature.

Dont expect too much and you wont be dissapointed!

That's the GW Bush strategy!

[quote="ChickenLittle"]they are blatant now,this is something that they are advertising as a way of reversing global warming .
they actually have an ad on the discovery channel.
like we already have known for years;
"The solution to the climate problem is mitigation, not geoengineering," he added. "These things are not perfect and there's the potential for unintended consequences."


Her paragraph is confusing. She is acting like a Wayne Hall {Halva} convoluting global warming and chemtrails. This story has nothing to do with chemtrails. Plus, how did she miss that the show was not an ad for geoengineering. They were being critical of the idea of the mirrors reflecting sunlight back into space.

The disinfo is trying to confuse people with mixing different words and topics up. {E.G., Chemtrails, geoengineering, climate change, mitigation.}

Mitigation is actually different from what "weather mitigation" is. The new bill calls for taking active decisions to try to control the weather. Mitigation, on the other hand, usually has to do with conservation and changing lifestyles, etc..

Plus, there is no way the chemtrails have anything to do with off-setting global warming.

Watch how SwampGas adds on to the confusion.

I said this 7 years ago on CTC, that the main reasons for Aerosol Mitigation was reversing Global Warming and UV-B reflection. The weather control aspects were always possible, but not a high probability. Bio-Warfare seemed less feasible, since it would effect even the perpetrators.

The resistance by the Libertarians and Right-Wingers to Global Warming, and the acute denial might have it's roots in the knowledge that Chemtrails are actually to reverse global warming as it's main function.

instead of lowering greenhouse gases, they seemingly are putting a band-aid on the problem. Same goes for UV-B being perpetrated by Atomic Tests in the 40s thru the 60s.

Notice how he doesn't mention HAARP? He was very cynical about HAARP having anything to do with chemtrails. I had always agreed with him on the uv-b ray theory. Look at how he minimizes the idea of controlling the weather. That is a bingo's worth of disinformation. Hasn't he heard of Dyn-o-mat and Gel Tech Solutions? What about that fricken air force document on controlling the weather by 2025? Yeah, Swamp was cool in not getting into ufo's, mind control, or depopulation as reasons behind the chemtrails. The point is, the disinfo is very insidious. They sneak it into the flow of their normal posting patterns.

Swamp doesn't add up in this thread. Both of these people are acting less intelligent on purpose, imho, in order to confuse the readers.

[quote="ChickenLittle"]Personally Swamp, I think it may posssibly even accelerated the affect of the warming,it seems to me that since this game they have played at our expense,began( some what?eight ten years now?)things seem to be building and accelerating fast.
Hey, take care and nice to be on again by the way!!!! :D

She had nothing to say about the uv-b rays. Neither of them had anything to say about the particular story.

The chemtrails are obviously increasing the warming. I have thought myself sometimes that maybe an acceleration of global warming was being tweaked in pursuit of the blank geoengineering check.

I am backing off of that one.

I think it is fairly clear that chemtrails are about weather control and blocking out uv-b rays. This is the bottom line truth. If the trails were to offset global warming, they would be much higher up. But they aren't. They are right there in the troposphere, where most of the weather takes place.

Then Swamp finishes off the inane thread with an oh yeah, Chicky, forget about what I said above, you may be right!

Yep, same here Chick!

You could be right. Another dumb *** plan to correct something they started, and the increase in temperature is being accelerated. Perhaps to bring on an Ice Age by increasing Carbon Dioxide levels?

Perhaps, in that global warming could shut down the gulf stream leading to a mini-ice age.

What stands out to me is how Swampgas belittled the idea of weather control. His slant is that chemtrails are for off-setting global warming and blocking uv-b rays. Chemtrails are all about controlling the weather. The ptb's find it cheaper to chemtrail than to fundamentally change our energy policies towards those which would co-exist with nature. That to me is one more clear cut sign that Swampgas is a paid disinfo writer. He has gone the Halva/Will Thomas route of providing a strawman for Jay Reynolds. Chemtrails are too low to be for off-setting the co2 emissions according to the Dr. Evils. Chemtrails are underhanded efforts at dealing with the symptoms of climate change without having to fix the real factors instigating the planet's distress. This is what I mean by that we have figured out chemtrails. This is why AAANI is the only true chemtrail forum.
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Re: The Psy-op Continues

Unread postby socrates » Tue Nov 25, 2008 8:56 pm

http://debatebothsides.com/showthread.p ... 531&page=4

"Lou" put up some pictures and claimed them as chemtrails. Then Deborah showed up opining that there are too many aircraft in the air. These are paid spooks running out a crazy script. Neither "Lou" nor "Wayne Hall" confronted her nonsense.

Deborah/FootSoldier wrote:Maybe there are just too damned many planes in the air.

I've been back and forth to the southwest every 2-3 years since 1975 and I lived out in Flagstaff for three years recently. Over almost 35 years I've watched the skies out there change from the historically clear, brilliant blue of most days to what a friend in Sedona refers to as "Dirty Toilet Sky"...

She says no one wants to face the truth. Except for me, no one else has stepped forward and exposed these specific, paid, government shills.

35 years? She's saying chemtrailed skies are a result of increased air traffic.

There's a reason I got cybersmeared along with all the other rubbish I went through. I was the only one to call these creeps out for being propaganda plants.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Unread postby socrates » Sat Aug 08, 2009 12:40 am

I just took a look over at this disinfo palace. What total rubbish.

Ellyn has a thread up purporting to have links to an ad for FEMA Camp guards. But when you check it out, it's an ad for prison guards for military prisoners.

WECWATURDOIN has a post up titled New World Order: detention centers await. But when you go to the actual bill he has linked to, it is for emergency camps, the friggen obvious. Remember Katrina and how all those people were stranded for days on end in the Superdome and elsewhere? This story is about having facilities ready, if the same thing happens again.

CTC has had 849 visitors over the last 24 hours. I bet a good chunk of those are spiders and robots. That website used to get many more views. It is so obviously a tainted website, that it has run itself into the ground. The drive to portray chemtrails as a kooky hoax is represented by such over the top posting of nonsense.

There's one other thread that has caught my attention. It pertains to a recent History Channel presentation on Weather Warfare. A post by Starman1 is somewhat shocking. It's as if he has co-opted my concerns about Will Thomas. I don't remember that guy ever having a bad word for Thomas before, though I admit I stopped reading there a very long time ago, kind of in I never truly read much except to figure out the disinfo slant. One can try to find some chemtrail awareness through the archives, but they're gonna be stymied for the most part. This is a topic people are going to have to figure out without these arses getting in the way. I actually think Starman1 is Mark Steadham. I think he gets paid to spew bullcrap. I once spoke to Steadham's sitster or sister-in-law, when I was getting trolled on at CTC by the disinfo writer "Louis Aubuchont," Will Thomas' associate. The reason "Lou" deleted all his CTC posts and replaced them with an idiotic claim that I am may41970 and a debunker is because what he was doing there obviously backed all my claims that he is a disinformation troll. Now why Starman1 doesn't separate his sentences into paragraphs is beyond the beyond. Or maybe it isn't. "Aubuchont" got into calling me a cartoon character. These people are characters. They are fake and get paid to write fake crap all over the net. I busted them, and that's why I got cybersmeared and stalked. I took a lot of screenshots and saved whole web pages to prove this. I sincerely believe there is no one in Maine with the name of Louis Aubuchont. I truly believe that he and others from some NASA black-op are behind the chemtrails are kooky script.

Starman1 wrote:I just watched this show and I must say for the most part I was quite impressed by the presentation. I watched it with some acquaintances who four years ago thought I was just way too fringe with these ideas, and now they too are convinced these technologies may in fact be reality. I recommend seeing it if you can.

For the most part it covered the implied uses of HAARP like technologies, backed up by Tesla sciences.
There was a section which included a Chemtrails discussion and their potential uses as a co-operational aspect of weather manipulation etc., but the focus was more clearly on how in fact the use of ELF waves may be being used to not only manipulate the atmosphere and there by ascertain control over the natural weather processes, but also how they may be used to ignite earthquakes via ELF waves in the ground. (They left out potential volcanic disruptions)
The show was explicit on the military benefits and uses per scribing these technologies for warfare and how that the use of such technologies could in fact be denied by the parties using them as per there would be no tell tale evidence to prove they had been employed other than the recording of the signals themselves.
They also brought up how the Russians had been broadcasting signals that were recorded by ham radio operators around the world all the way back to 1976, that were related to the Russian Woodpecker project, which was given that code name because the sounds the signals made were similar to that of a woodpecker.
They never called the technology "scalar"; moreover they referred to it mostly as ELF (extreme low frequency) waves.
They also pointed out that there are multiple (HAARP like) "atmospheric heater arrays" around the globe, and that the HAARP array in Alaska is the newest member of its kind to join the ranks.
The section they did on Chemtrails was a little less in depth and they used "Will Thomas" as the chemmy expert, that was a little disheartening because of the controversy that surrounds his character and therefore the issue, but over all I believe that Chemtrails are still just a pointer to a grander plot and by bringing the issue up in the public foreground it has increased awareness of the greater threats we face as a people and a race.
So then, Google “ENMOD” treaty.
I was glad to have seen this show and for me personally it has been somewhat vindicating, because many of those around me who have been skeptical of my claims over the last 4 years have been given new insight and instead of seeing me (and you all) as fringe, at least as far as these particular issue's go, now see us as ahead of the curve and are more prone to believe what it is we have been saying with respect to the chemtrail issue. I see that as a help and not a hindrance, so kudos to the producers of the show and to those of you here who are still diligent watchers and reporters, keep it up...

How can Starman1 be taken seriously in his critique of Thomas? It's not like he explains the problem, unlike what was done on this forum.

Here's the show.

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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