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Chemtrails and this Forum

dialogue and research on chemical trails

Chemtrails and this Forum

Unread postby socrates » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:47 am

Those are not contrails when they are all over the place and expand into cloud cover. It takes steady observation to get clued into it. It's too easy for most to brush it off as increased air traffic.

It's not outrageous to believe deliberate man-made clouds are being produced. There have been patents. There is something called environmental modification techniques. This isn't science fiction. It's not like saying there was no moon landing. It's more akin to the Bermuda Triangle or the JFK Assassination. There are proven anomalies. If the conditions aren't up there to explain persistent contrails, there sholdn't be anything up there like has been witnessed. Sometimes the conditions are there, but it still looks fishy. But when the conditions aren't there, as in relative humidity, it means those are deliberately produced.

I don't know what's up with the Bermuda Triangle. Maybe there is some kind of magnetic, scientific explanation, and when planes go over that area, their controls get botched. The JFK Assassination also makes no sense, in concern with the Oswald lone nut angle. There were witnesses in the grassy knoll. There was a conspiracy to start the recent war with Iraq. Look up the White House Iraq Group. Rove and Company wanted war with Iraq. They planned for it. Think of WW1. The countries mobilised for war. At some point it was inevitable. There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? It didn't matter. The ptb's were going to start that war no matter what. Some cockamamie story about Nigerian uranium was cooked up, and the rest was unfortunate history.

I'm not into reinventing wheels. This forum is what it is. It has come up with the most plausible theories for why cirrus aviaticus is being deliberately produced. This forum used to have promise, but too much convolution ended up within its boundaries. Now it's down to survival. A post needs to be made here every 59 days or free forums will declare it inactive.

It's pretty much down to three people. Isard has been very busy, but he told me he'll try to post more. He understands the 60 day factor now. Crystal Rose will try, but she really doesn't like sharing personal thoughts on the internet. She got put through the ringer by crazies at Chemtrail Central. That's where we met. We both quit the place and lost touch. I eventually got banned for sticking up for a crazy. At the time I felt it was the right thing to do. He had been a very loyal crazy. That's where this place headed for trouble. The few who were into it turned out to be unstable or worse. Isard's one of the few normal "chemmies" I've met, but English is not his first language. CPellatt is a good person, but she like Crystal Rose has been turned off by the internet. Zap from Australia, I'm not sure what happened to her. She was having computer problems. I recently emailed her again. Maybe she'll come back.

Otherwise, if there are any good, normal lurkers out there who would like to help keep this place going, please sign up and make posts every once in a while. It's not like there is much need for more info to be added. Chemtrails have been pretty much figured out. The key is to keep this info online. One could always revive the old threads and add to those.

Someday this will all become common knowledge. Perhaps someone with pure facts could whistleblow that info to Wikileaks. Unless something like that happens, we are never going to get anywhere. So at a minimum, we keep this info alive, and perhaps the right person with a conscience will read it and see this is no hoax and break the story.

I used to be big into blogging. Now I am just holding on. I will post here once in a while to keep it active. When I'm inspired to blog, I do so at DFQ2. Recently I got into watching old movies for my internet time. I'll find a good one to embed here. It's called Scarlet Street with Edward G. Robinson. It's in the public domain, so this won't be deleted, unless the person posting it deletes it. It's a good one.

On edit: I noticed after posting this that with embedded videos, one is unable to click it into a big screen. You can do so by right clicking for the link to the locations at youtube and take it from there.

link to part 2

Here's another Robinson one but also with Orson Welles and Loretta Young. It's all in one link, so you don't have to keep searching for the next parts. It's called The Stranger.

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