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Lost Post Found!

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jul 23, 2007 9:34 pm

originally posted on July 2nd, 2007:

Some books and movies can still inspire and motivate us, even when some critics might harp on there being some kind of "New Age" molasses to the art. Maybe the idea of the "100th monkey" is idealistic, utopic, and full of molasses. But I personally don't mind. Back in the day, us Generation X'ers used to talk a lot about consensus. This was about getting around the majority making all the rules. The idea of consensus centered around the vision that if we just try to do the right thing, we will find the solution that makes sense logically for everyone.

The bhodisattva cannot rest until every blade of grass has reached enlightenment. We idealists need to stand tall with our chins up and keep up the good fight for when the world will be based on love. This will happen, eventually.

I have been inspired by Crystal Rose to write this post. She has recommended a movie for me to watch. It is called "Peaceful Warrior."

Wikipedia entry on "Peaceful Warrior"

movie trailer

Dan Millman presents The Peaceful Warrior's Way

A Warrior’s Way to Peace
Saturday April 07th 2007, 3:52 pm
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In the political arena, we meet both idealists and realists (as well as idealogs and cynics). Some people enthusiastically engage the political process, with hope-springing eternal (like a new baseball season) that the next Democrat, or Republican, or Independent, or woman, or person of color, or “bold new visionary” will finally turn the tide toward a wiser, more enlightened leadership and new priorities (that is, more like our own).

It is always possible, and important to engage the best process we have at present. However, a part of me views it as arranging deck chairs on the Titanic. That’s why I’m a short-term pessimist, but long-term optimist. Eventually, we will get the message. But what is that message?

Einstein once said, “Problems cannot be solved at the same level of awareness that created them.” Changing politicians works at that same level of awareness. I’d like to suggest a warrior’s way to peace:

When humanity (or a sufficient portion of people) recognizes that we are all in this together; that we are in a real sense one human family; cells on a living creature we call “Planet Earth” — when that vision becomes obvious truth, we will realize that we are all the same body, and one religion or nation or tribe or gang or family fighting one another is like the heart fighting the brain or the arm at war with the leg. It is not only “unenlightened,” it is INSANE.

Within this currently-insane theater of life, with its twisted priorities, spending billions on weapons of destruction and a pittance for our own children (and their teachers), we have soldiers sent by theorists and power-players to fight for “truth, justice, freedom, and national interest.” Like our tongue destroying our eyes for “liberty.” We have a ways to evolve before this vision of One Humanity prevails.

Meanwhile, in the real world, predators and sociopaths (like Hussein and his sons) do exist — criminal elements to destroy and control (using religion or whatever rationale they chose). And we must, in this real world, stop and remove such destructive elements. (I am not a complete idealist.) Head in the clouds, feet on the ground. Peaceful heart, warrior spirit.

It has been said that there are only two kinds of people: the decent and the indecent. There are millions of good and decent Muslims, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, men and women of every culture and nation. We need to take a stand together. Let us divide people not by religion or cultural or ethnic identity, but whether they are decent or indecent.

Meantime, let us turn our priorities (and money) to supporting, helping, healing rather than more weapons of destruction. It has to start somewhere — with that vision of oneness. The best way to get rid of an enemy is to make them our friend. This is not always possible, but we can try.

We will know when we are awakening to this vision of Humanity as One Body when we shift from competitive to collaborative thinking. But that’s a topic for a future time.

My favourite molasses movie is Pay it Forward.

Wikipedia entry on Pay it Forward

Pay it Forward Movie Trailer

Pay It Forward Foundation


“Pay It Forward” is a book written by Catherine Ryan Hyde, but it's also an idea. It's an action plan within a work of fiction. But does it have to be fiction? We're hoping not. In fact, since the book was released in January of 2000, a real-life social movement has emerged, not just in the U.S. but worldwide. What began as a work of fiction has already become much more.

Reuben St. Clair, the teacher and protagonist in the book “Pay It Forward,” starts a movement with this voluntary, extra-credit assignment: THINK OF AN IDEA FOR WORLD CHANGE, AND PUT IT INTO ACTION. Trevor, the 12-year-old hero of “Pay It Forward,” thinks of quite an idea. He describes it to his mother and teacher this way: "You see, I do something real good for three people. And then when they ask how they can pay it back, I say they have to Pay It Forward. To three more people. Each. So nine people get helped. Then those people have to do twenty-seven." He turned on the calculator, punched in a few numbers. "Then it sort of spreads out, see. To eighty-one. Then two hundred forty-three. Then seven hundred twenty-nine. Then two thousand, one hundred eighty-seven. See how big it gets?"
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Unread postby Don Smith » Sun Jul 29, 2007 2:08 am

One of the frustrations that authoritarian types must contend with is that freedom of speech, religion, association, etc. means that a very sizable number of people will be indifferent to whatever the "cause of the day' may be.
If the policy d'jour is terrorism, there will be a large faction which is simply not terrorised. So long as any particular issue is not immediate, familiar, and seen to be part of the territory which is of immediate concern, few have the motivation, or the interest to make any decisions or actions about it.
The old cliche about steaming frogs in a kettle which has the temperature raised gradually applies here, particularly.
In a sense, the "representatives" of this society are the same as the mass of citizens which has "elected" them. Most are completely out of touch with the spectrum of events which will define humanities' future upon this planet.
For the most part, they are no better or worse than the culture which raised them up as "leaders", and to expect a superior performance from inferior materials is quite unrealistic.
To remain focused upon any issue requires discipline, and a mind which is able to remain on task for longer than a sound bite. The culture has been dumbed down with decades of immediate gratification, this applies to ideas or laws, or whatever you may choose.
Stress is an immediate turn-off, as most people panic at some level when stressed, and their cognitive functions shut down, returning to the reptilian "fight or flight" mode.
The challenge is to present ideas in such a fashion that their very nature impels people to deal with them in a reasonable manner, without hysteria or all the other primitive reactions which served us for millions of years until now.
Quite a task.
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Don Smith

Apologies for Being a *******

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jul 29, 2007 5:55 pm

Sorry if I was a bit too harsh towards con-trail on this thread. I just sent him this e-mail.

Hi con-trail,

I am gonna make a post and openly apologize to you on your nwo music thread. It was just that you were here at the same time as Viking/Brass Rat, and he is one of those guys making everything seem like tesla dr. evil mind control **** or is saying check out the orgonite I just collected from my homemade chembuster.

Hope all your stuff is going well. Peace.

I think the mind control comes down to the dirty structure of capitalism. It's one thing to have mom and pop shops. It's another to have loving communities taking care of each other. But that is in the past.

Common sense says we need socialism for some things, capitalism for others. But when the elections are rigged, when Bush is still President, when the television is full of nothing but crap, when each school only has a few good teachers, and the rest are bricks in the wall...

Maybe "they" are preying on our stress levels. People really do need to stay cool, get the ducks lined up. Yet, the problems do seem daunting, almost as if there is a deep conspiracy.

My solution. End war. Livible minimum wages and guarantee of work, housing, health care, education, and all those freedoms Don mentioned.

We have to fix the voting booths. We have to fix the lack of truth in our educational systems. We need to structure society for the common good, not for selfish war mongering pigs.
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