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Perhaps this will help you

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Perhaps this will help you

Unread postby SluggoJD » Tue Oct 23, 2007 12:00 am

Socrates, you need help. Anyone who writes multiple personality emails like you have to me, has a serious problem.

Perhaps this will help you find a way to get better.


Take care, and get better soon.

{on edit: Maybe SluggoJD should send the article to his good friend Cannonfire.}

Thanks, Sluggo for all your help.

Unread postby may41970 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 5:33 am

For someone that doesn't want to be here, you sure spend a lot of time and energy defecating on our heads. Goodbye Sluggo. At least until your next incarnation.

and sluggo says, "OH NOOOOOOO!"

(Hey Deputy Don, you out there somewhere? I'm not quite sure how to ban ips yet. Can you help out?)

Unread postby socrates2 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 9:34 am

Banning ip's doesn't do a thing because of proxies. Sluggo is mad at me because I wouldn't let him be my "handler." I trust people at first, then if things don't add up, I move on. Sometimes I look into them more closely, like a "Lou Aubuchont" or a "Navari." This one reeks like the ones from WRH "unofficial" forum, like any of them trying to get us to respond to them, spin our wheels, etc..

This is an exercise into the roots of fascism. Fascists are necrophiliacs, as explained by Erich Fromm many decades ago. Yet they are not the necrophiliacs that we are aware of, those who tend to work at morgues, etc.. Fromm spoke of a non-death necrophiliac, a person who wants to control the blood of others.

Sluggo's reaction gives me the impression that he is involved in the "big picture" that we have been trying to get a grasp on.

I was trying to not shove Bev Harris under the bus, but the more sluggo trolls this place, and my email box for that matter, the more I am starting to wonder.

Now why did Bev Harris sell Clinton cigars? Why couldn't sluggo answer that one?

Trolls like this are trying to throw us off our game. He is like a "Fintan Dunne" and a "Navari." He is like many of the trolls who can't stand independent thought. They go on about fake this and fake that, but they never have any proof. That is the difference between them and ourselves. We question what is written, what is factual. I think these trolls are just trying to circumscribe us into the noise. Their frustration is getting quite obvious. Their internet personas are pre-built for incoherence. They want the readers to believe that we too are part of this vast network of internet personas pre-built for inconsistencies and meltdowns.

Sluggo should just go away. The more he trolls here, the more he ignores the big picture, the more he ignores the tough questions, the more it is starting to appear that he is in cahoots with Hertzberg, Netvocates, The Rendon Group, Advantage Consultants, et al.

Why doesn't sluggo want us to get the big picture?

Perhaps like "Navari" he is part and parcel of the internet scams to make us all mistrust each other, even ourselves as to what we believe is real and what is not.

Sorry for this somewhat incoherent post. It's just that I don't even care about this dude. It's like weatherfraud714 or Kola or Halva/Wayne Hall, trolls like them. I don't care what they say, because it is apparent that they have twisted mind-fock type agendas.

This really stinks, because it appears that Bev Harris has done great work. These weasels do what they can to gain access and support from "big names." Halva did the same thing to Rosalind Peterson. These characters are built to fail, built to make only some sense, but eventually they are nothing but rabbit holes. They are trying to control our blood like Erich Fromm explained in The Anatomy of Human Destructiveness. They are trying to nip every free thinker on the internet in the bud. Since their characters are built to look crazy, their other strategy is to tie all of us into it. Maybe such posters can be referred to as nutjob by association trolls.

No One's Hiding What Sluggo Thinks Is Important

Unread postby socrates2 » Tue Oct 23, 2007 9:01 pm

SluggoJD wrote:let's cut to the chase...

Why do I care about Hertzberg's activities since August 2006 so much?

1. Hertzberg/ESI continues to advertise and seek donations as a 501c(3)
2. <a href="http://www.electionscience.org/about/contact_us_form?subject=Enquiry%20from%20foundation%20or%20other%20donor">Hertzberg continues to claim</a> ESI is a 501c(3) as part of SFFCIF - bet you didn't notice that one.

3. <a href="http://web.archive.org/web/20060823210001/www.cifunds.org/store/">Internet Archive reveals</a> that ESI HAS NOT been part of SFFCIF's 501c(3) recipients since at least August 2006.

If Hertzberg has participated in any election-related activities since August 2006, and collected any donations since August 2006, he's busted. Not busted as in finding bad stuff about him online, but busted as in breaking the law.

But to bring him down, we need evidence that he broke the law. And that is why I care so much about the last 14 months.

This is what sluggo wrote on the Hertzberg thread. Fine. Nothing is stopping him or anyone else from working on whatever he is on about. I refuse to have anything to do with this dude. He got his jab in, and it didn't hurt.

Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:52 pm

VIDEO: Condi Confronted in Hearing Room By Protester with Bloody Hands

Look how good old Sluggo made strange comments and then ran away.

Also, if you are reading this Mr. Sluggo, there's no need for you to keep e-mailing me. What are you trying to do, get me to reveal your emails, then you reveal mine? We both said we didn't want them seen.

So why after trolling this forum did Sluggo send me yet another email, this one with an attachment? The heading reads "FYI - email from Hertzberg, video does show trail from the back of plane, etc. -..." Wed Oct 24, 2007 7k

wow- I'm not gonna open that one. It sounds like one of those intriguing emails that if you open it, say hello to a virus or something.

And Sluggo, if you want to post here and not be deleted, you better watch your mouth and debate fair. Otherwise, I got one word for you- whatever!
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