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Severe Climate and Environment Reports

may also include historical analysis and perspective

Storm causes severe flooding in Salt Lake County

Unread postby Lophofo » Tue Jul 22, 2008 10:34 pm

Storm causes severe flooding along west side of Salt Lake County

Heavy rains this afternoon caused major flooding along the west side of the Salt Lake valley. Businesses and homes in Taylorsville, Kearns, South Salt Lake and West Jordan were damaged by water and hail.

In Taylorsville, water washed through the Mulberry Park apartment complex, located near Bangerter Highway and 5400 South, and forced everyone from their homes.

A thunderstorm came pouring down around 3:00 this afternoon, and the water took out a chunk of hillside behind the complex.

"In a matter of minutes it came down so fast that the side of the mountain started to slide, and the water was coming down like a river. It went right into the apartments," said Taylorsville police Sgt. Rosie Rivera.

One resident told us, "It started raining, and my sisters and brother told me look in the backyard; and I looked back and the hill's gone."

There are 14 buildings in the complex and roughly 80 units, but we're not sure exactly how many people have been evacuated. They've been told to go to a nearby LDS ward house.













That's some pretty crazy weather in Utah for July...or is it!?!
Any way, check out the videos and the more photos...incredible

Now The Fakes Are Saying Lophofo Is Me. Yawn.

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jul 23, 2008 4:46 pm

ctc thread

{on edit- sorry I hijacked your thread. Just passing through fixing url and video codes. Severe weather is on the rise, imho.}

[quote="Lophofo"]It makes me wonder if this storm we had today was in some way meant to eventually make its way over to Texas for that Hurricane.

We had flooding and hail. Watch the video and look at the 67 gallery photos. This storm came out of nowhere...and others parts of the state 50 miles away experienced no rain, no hail...and temperatures in the 90s.

It's extremely odd, but I don't think it's a coincidence. I do believe there is some connection, intended or not.

[quote="Tinfoil1776"]Aren't you banned Douchbag? Go find a litter box to play in ,or better yet a freeway.

Then after being chastized by Starman1 for the bad language and sock puppet insinuation:

I will no longer moderate CTC.Consider this my resignation.

I got banned for responding to the same kind of ******** from Increase1776. People had been trolling me all over the place, from the Aubuchont to the Perverted Introvert. Starman1 never put a stop to that.

Aubuchont has been outed as a psy-op troll by yours truly. People should check out closely what I found out about him. Sometimes we are in the realm of speculation. Other times we hit the jackpot. As Mike at BradBlog, Lou Aubuchont ridiculed chemmies. He presented himself as a debunker. As AnnAngryBitch, he let it rip with the homophobic divide and conquer.

Starman1 is a hypocrite. He also has a very shady past. Swampgas said he was a debunker troll thrown off of the method of destruction chemtrail forum which is no longer available. The CTC Changes threads are also gone. Now at Swampgas' forum, they have nothing on chemtrails. Same with Megasprayer.

Carnicom's forum also is a dead-end. Anyone see the tags posters can add to their threads? There are tags for implants {breast?}, chembusters, bilderburg, 9/11, orgone energy, and other such nonsense as yikes, killing. Now who else but Cliff Carnicom would be adding those tags?
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Wind / Wild Weather in New Zealand PLUS RSOE EDIS Website

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Thu Jul 24, 2008 11:12 am

Hungarian "RSOE EDIS" is reporting New Zealand having wind, waves, and snow right now (7/24/2008) and Liberia having severe raining and flooding.

RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Budapest, Hungary

Havaria Information Service Alert Map

I got that link awhile back on one of the relatively disinfo earthquake sites "Earthboppin Earth Groans" from an entity (SignonID) that seemed more legit than most. Apparently the "Security Clearance" is low just looking at it, since at times (when one wants to look at a photo for instance) it may have an error message mentioning the Security Level being too low.

It seems to be connected to USGS here in the US for earthquake information. But beyond earthquake information, there is everything from air and motor accidents/incidents to flu and epidemic or disease cases or outbreaks, volcano eruptions or warnings, weather-related events such as rain, wind, hurricane, and heat or cold extremes, etc. A good site to bookmark.

I was noticing that Liberian flooding and extreme raining situation.

Night before last, in "Storm2K" website,

Regular Weather not Disinfo Weather Site STORM2K

I noticed that someone was saying that a weather system coming AFTER "97L" (which was then off the west coast of Africa but has since been "abandoned" by the National Hurricane Center, officially, in terms of tracking it, last evening) would be the one to watch. (Possibly this was because the "GOES" Model* said this, I don't know.) This was strange since there was nothing "official" about any such system or pre-system whatsoever being said, or shown at that point on the maps they maintain on that site. I reckon Liberia (coastline said to be 350 miles or so long) to be about 1000 miles "as the crow flies" from Cape Verde (this is just a rough estimate on my part).

At any rate, RSOE EDIS has there being a lot of rain in Liberia at present.

*GOES means Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite

** Experimental Product **
Composite images of satellite-derived sea surface temperatures (SST, degrees Celsius) for the Western Atlantic and Eastern Pacific. SST is calculated from GOES infrared satellite data. Composites are an average of 5 days of hourly images (a total of 120 frames). Areas with no valid data over the 5 days are shown in black.

The Enhanced fields use dynamic colorbar settings which allow higher resolution for regions with small ranges in temperature. Blue areas in the Age and Numbers fields show most recent data and greatest quantity of data, respectively.

Displaying data for July 24, 2008. Click on thumbnail for larger image.

from site
GoesSST Model Sea Surface Temperature

Unread postby Lophofo » Thu Jul 24, 2008 12:40 pm

Wow, that's quite some site. Thanks for sharing.

It says that there was a nuclear event in France this morning with 100 people injured.

This site should definitely help us keep tabs on things globally to see if anything is interrelated.

Unread postby socrates » Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:10 pm

Big weather news out of Epsom, New Hampshire. They're not saying for sure the area got hit with tornados, but it looks like it. A lot of trees were chopped off, not uprooted, by whatever came through.

{on edit- the news is reporting that the Weather Service out of Taunton, Massachusetts confirms a tornado did touch down yesterday afternoon in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.}
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Unread postby socrates » Thu Jul 24, 2008 4:28 pm


It's called TOMS Aerosol Hot Spots Page, brought to you courtesy of NASA. Any global chemtrail program would probably want to have the data on all the types of aerosols flowing up there.

The one big reason I go with the uv-b theory for my main chemtrail theory to go with "weather mitigation" is because of the Paul Crutzen conclusion that ozone in the troposphere is more effective at attenuating uv-b rays than that in the stratosphere.

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Spray du Jour (Around Here) and Tornado Interactive Site

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Thu Jul 24, 2008 8:00 pm

After some spraying in the late afternoon, sunset came in spectacular. Ugh. What must be up there!? Aerosols, indeed. It is predicted (by Channel 2) to be unusually cool this evening and the next couple of evenings. Must be to reduce heat, eh? But why was it SO hot around here, yet strangely nonhumid, for these parts (based on my 33 year knowledge of the area).

Here is the "
Weather Underground Interactive Tornado Map

They pioneered this tornado information service within the last year I think it was.

There is a purple upside-down triangle, meaning "Tornado Vortex Signature," it says, on Maine right now.

Wunderground wrote:Storm capable of producing a tornado
Tornado Vortex Signature (GYX_B4)
ID: B4
County: Franklin
Max: 36 dBZ
Top: 6,000 ft.
VIL: 1 kg/m²
Chance of Severe Hail: 0%
Chance of Hail: 0%
Max Hail Size: 0.00 in.
Speed: 60 knots
Direction (from): S (175)

WELL, after I managed to get the "Quote" codes in, and went back to look at the Tornado Map, the purple triangle had gone away. I guess the danger passed for now, and the map only shows ACTUAL tornadoes (that is, reported and / or confirmed ones, not just threat of one).

Following is our sunset after spray went on for a couple of hours.


Jeff Masters Off to Vacation Again with Sub Blogger B. Woods

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Fri Jul 25, 2008 2:58 pm

Yesterday, I noted Dr. Masters once again mentioning his opinion on how this hurricane season will be. Despite that upcoming severity apparently all's quiet for now, so he can once again go off on vacation, leaving a substitute to handle his blog.

Jeff Masters wrote:Elsewhere in the tropics
The tropical wave (97L) off the coast of Africa, a few hundred miles west of the
Cape Verde Islands, is now over cool water of 25°C. The wave still has a large
circulation, but has lost all of its heavy thunderstorm activity. Until 97L can find
some warmer water (which should happen by Saturday), there is little chance of it
developing. Wind shear is expected to be around 15 knots on Saturday, which is
marginal for development, and there is plenty of stable, dry air for it to contend
with. None of the reliable computer models show development of this system.
The four reliable computer models are not predicting development anywhere else in
the Atlantic for the next 7 days.

Last blog until August 6
With the tropics relatively quiet now, I'm going to take some time off and do some
hiking in Colorado (I've spent the past 3 days blogging from the back seat of a
heavily loaded rental car, driving cross-county!) The peak part of hurricane season
is almost a month away, and if the behavior of the tropics in July is any
indication, it will be a long and severe hurricane season. So, I'm going to get some
R&R in, and let Bryan Woods blog for me while I'm gone. I will be keeping an eye on
things, and can jump back in if anything nasty pops up.

Jeff Masters

(Note: Mr. Woods blogs right in Dr. Masters' spot on Wunderground, without mentioning it is Woods not Masters but the same material will be at his own blog when he substitutes for Masters.)


Bryan Woods' Own Blog TheStormTrack dot com

Chicago Thunderstorms

Unread postby Lophofo » Tue Aug 05, 2008 10:58 am



Tornado spotted and warnings all over the Chicago area tonight, August 4, 2008. Over 200,000 people are currently without power, as reported by Comm Ed, from the high winds and very strong thunderstorms and flooding, a tornado reportedly touched down 15 miles outside of Chicago. Millions take cover from winds of 50 to up to 75 miles per hour and very dangerous thunderstorms. Trees down and high water in streets are causing major taffic delays, especially as fans leave the packed Cubs Game at Wrigley Field. As the sun rises tomorrow, light will shine on significant more damage through Northern illinois and into Indiana.

Tropical Storm Edouard hits Texas

Unread postby Lophofo » Tue Aug 05, 2008 11:01 am


Tropical Storm Edouard made landfall Tuesday morning on the Gulf Coast in Texas just west of Louisiana, and was dumping heavy rain as it moved westward toward Houston.
Gary Baldwin walks in the rain from Tropical Storm Edouard in Galveston, Texas, on Tuesday.

Gary Baldwin walks in the rain from Tropical Storm Edouard in Galveston, Texas, on Tuesday.
Click to view previous image
1 of 3
Click to view next image

The storm was expected to weaken as it moved over land, allowing residents to breathe a sigh of relief that it wasn't morphing into a hurricane. Edouard was expected to stay at tropical storm strength until Wednesday morning.


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