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Unusually low humidity weather forecast

Unread postby Isard » Thu Aug 07, 2008 7:12 am

From Accuweather.com
Unusually low humidity:

A cold front will make it all the way to the Southeast by the weekend, ushering cooler, drier into the South. The clash between less humid air behind the front and hot, humid air flowing from the Gulf will spark strong storms today.

The East Regional News story reports slightly cooler and much drier air will trail behind the front, with highs mainly in the upper 70s to the upper 80s. The big cities of Philadelphia, New York and Washington, D.C., will have near-normal high temperatures, but dewpoints will be mainly in the 50s, which is unusually low for this time of year and will feel comfortable.

When dewpoints become higher than 60, the air is a little muggy. Once the dewpoint gets above 65, it becomes uncomfortable. When the dewpoint is above 70, it feels downright oppressive away from the old air conditioner.

The South Regional News story reports that south of this cold front, sultry air will linger today. Above-normal high temperatures and dewpoints above 70 will be common. Temperatures in areas of interior South Carolina and Louisiana will soar above 100 degrees.

This sluggish cold front will sag southward today into this weekend. As cooler, drier air is pulled southward, thunderstorms will fire where these two air masses collide. These storms will be most prevalent in the immediate vicinity of the front, which will be in North Carolina westward to Arkansas and then bending northwestward into southwestern Kansas today.

According to the Severe Weather Center, the main threat with these storms will be drenching rain and gusty winds. The strongest storms will contain hail. While it is not out of the question for an isolated tornado to spawn, the risk is not high today.

Friday and this weekend will feature, as mentioned above, the cold front moving slowly southward. As it does, the threat of thunderstorms will also move southward with it. Areas that see the cold front pass to their south will have a refreshing change in the air mass, as unseasonably dry air will move first into areas such as Louisville and Nashville on Friday.

By Saturday, areas as far south as Little Rock and Atlanta will feel this drier air. Toward the end of the weekend, this dry air mass will make it all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Dry air making it this far south is common for October, not August. This will be the driest air reaching this far south since April. This is highly unusual for this area this time of year, and the law of averages says it will not stick around for long. This is true, as a return southerly flow behind a high pressure system begins to draw moisture northward from the Gulf of Mexico in Louisiana Monday and this humidity spreads eastward on Tuesday.

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Unread postby socrates » Thu Aug 07, 2008 1:23 pm

I found some propaganda/disinfo in the sports page today.

No time to be under a cloud
Hitting every detail, China says it may control tomorrow's weather
By Shira Springer
Globe Staff / August 7, 2008

BEIJING - In an effort to fully orchestrate the glittering pageantry of tomorrow night's Olympic opening ceremonies, the Chinese are trying to control Mother Nature and clear the skies overhead.

From driving restrictions designed to reduce pollution to meticulously manicured grounds throughout the city, little has been left to chance. And during a packed press conference yesterday at the Beijing International Media Center, that thoroughness was on full display as the country's top meteorologists discussed weather forecasting and weather modification for more than an hour.

"We can say we have already mastered the available rain reduction technologies in the world," said the director of China's Meteorological Administration, Yu Xinwen, through a translator. "We have invited experts from Russia to give us guidance on this aspect. To do a good job in this aspect, we need exploration and time. . . . Will we try it in the run-up to the Olympic Games? That will be determined by the weather and the needs of sport events."

I'm not saying Shira is disinfo. She used to be the beat writer for the Boston Celtics. She is a trained journalist who is just supplying what she is given for info.

On this forum elsewhere is a link showing that the US also has been working with China as regards to weather and the Olympics. I think the disinfo slant is that China and Russia are totalitarian governments who do these kinds of things, not the US and other more civilised nations who have parliamentary procedures.

What was the story out of Russia some time back? Oh yes, their weather mod formula turned into cement and crushed a house.

Oh, those wacky and crazy commies. Thank God we live in the West. :?

The forecast calls for partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid-70s. If all goes as predicted, neither rain nor hazy pollution will ruin the show. If not, the Chinese cloud physicists may resort to seeding clouds with chemicals to alter rain patterns before the ceremony, then herald relatively clear skies as a scientific triumph.

The world's cloud physicists fear the Chinese will credit cloud seeding with clearing the skies. But China's ambitious plans for Olympic weather modification fall more into the realm of science fiction than science.

I'm srtarting to get deja vu with the Popular Science HAARP article that Lophofo exposed as propaganda. The message being sent is that this type of thing doesn't go on so much in the West. That's how I see this.

Then Shira brought in the evoking of authority much like Inan was used in downplaying the ionispheric manipulations fallaciously referred to as "xeperiments."

"I shake my head because this has brought about all sorts of controversy in weather modification," said physicist Roelof Bruintjes, who leads the weather modification programs at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colo. "Many people are making unsubstantiated claims. The Russians have been doing cloud seeding on the May Day parades also, and like many people who do it, they dip into it with no scientific proof it works."

There is tons of solid evidence on this forum and in reality that show that the US and other Western countries are knee-deep if not more so in the Frankensteinian Sciences of Atmospheric Manipulation.

Oh, it's all science fiction. It doesn't work. Russia and China love to make such grand propaganda displays to keep their peasants in line. In the enlightened US, these such actions would never be attempted.

That's the heart of thr propaganda, imho.

With recent smog-filled days blurring views of the National "Bird's Nest" Stadium and scattered thunderstorms originally forecast for the remainder of this week, Chinese meteorologists face even more obstacles to success. Leading up to the Olympics, the Chinese conducted cloud seeding experiments and developed a two-pronged weather modification plan. They would create rain to wash out pollution in areas away from Olympic venues. They would also prevent rain around the National Stadium to provide a perfect backdrop for the ceremonies.

Pressed several times for specifics, Yu did not elaborate on the technology. Cloud seeding, long used in dry areas to bring on rain, involves injecting silver iodide into clouds using rockets, artillery shells, or planes. The iodide disperses into the clouds and forms ice crystals. The ice crystals change into rain drops and fall from the clouds. But since cloud structure varies greatly depending on temperature, humidity, and pollution levels, there is no guarantee it will work in Beijing.

The Chinese also believe they can prevent rain by overloading clouds with iodide and ice crystals. With ice crystals competing for limited water vapor in the clouds, the crystals will be too small to fall as rain.

* Graphic Fighting rain with rain
* Discuss Should the Chinese control Mother Nature?

But this process is hypothetical, with no scientific evidence it will work. Experts in cloud seeding are skeptical potential Chinese efforts will make any difference during the Olympics.

"The problem is that the weather systems they have in Beijing are too large and too complex," said Zev Levin, professor emeritus of atmospheric physics at Tel Aviv University.

"It's like you're putting a fly on an elephant," said Levin, who has studied cloud seeding for 40 years. "The elephant doesn't even feel it, and he does what he wants to do based on his strength and his size. It is the same thing with the clouds. They are much too big. Anything the Chinese are trying to do in them will hardly make any dent in what the clouds are going to do naturally."

Scientists have explored the potential benefits of cloud seeding since the mid-1940s. But not until recent technological advances could atmosphere physicists gather precise data about the structure of clouds before and after seeding. Yu acknowledged the country's forecasting abilities are "still somewhat behind the international advanced level with room for improvement."

China did not begin upgrading its cloud seeding technology until five years ago. But more than scientific know-how may be at issue.

"China has spent a lot of money and a lot of years on cloud seeding," said Bruintjes. "They have 30,000 people working in this field. They have always been telling the government that it works. Maybe the government has never asked for scientific evidence. In those situations, if you do it for 30 years, suddenly telling your government it doesn't work may put you all out of a job. There's political issues involved, especially in a country like that. Deep down the scientists I have worked with in China know they need to really start evaluating and looking into what they are doing and trying to quantify it."

The Chinese cannot escape the facts, and the visible haze that settled on top of the city Sunday has remained. All the positive talk about the "Green Olympics" by Chinese officials at the heavily air-conditioned press conference was a marked contrast to the muggy, hazy air outside. Like claims about their ability to modify weather, specialists say, the Chinese overstate the impact of cloud seeding on pollution.

"It's a very superficial way of dealing with a problem that has roots that are much deeper," said Guy Brasseur, atmospheric chemist and pollution specialist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research. "If you can make rain, you can probably improve certain aspects of the pollution, but the improvement is going to be intermittent and limited in time and space."

Yu had a different perspective. He did concede China's meteorologists will face many challenges in the weeks ahead with rain, pollution, and weather modification. The threat of thunderstorms throughout most of the games only adds difficulty.

"You are all very concerned about weather modification," said Yu. "I can tell you it will be very effective with systematic weather. But when we encounter extreme weather conditions it will be very difficult for us to achieve remarkable results."

As much as the Chinese want to control human nature and mother nature during the Beijing Games, they say they may not achieve the impossible. They can revoke visas and send human rights protesters home, but the rain and haze may be here to stay.

This is the type of propaganda which puts the lid on the obvious chemtrailing.

I truly believe the ptb's are in a fix with their operations. I think in real life, enough people are aware of them, and no ******** internet scam to portray this as a hoax can prevent real people from demanding accountabilty.

I do think there will be more blatant episodes. But I also think the ptb's are working over long stretches of area, working with various storm systems, etc.. They can do this while we are asleep. They can work with existing humidity/clouds in the upper troposphere. I don't think they can spray at will, however, when it is mostly blue skies. They have and will probably do so again. But I do think as long as people keep spreading the word, they cannot get away with this indefinitely.

Here's the graphic that went with the story:


I left a post on the discussion thread for the article.

This is already taking place in the US. Hutchison {Nazi-TX} has sponsored a "weather mitigation" bill. Climate change is being called a national security issue.

Unfortunately, we are some of the dumbest people in the world. Anyone with half a brain can see that there are deliberate dispersals taking place in sick efforts to control the weather, perhaps block out uv-b rays.

Anyone who thinks a few aircraft can naturally white-out the sky is an idiot. Such deliberate activities are taking place all over this fascist nation. But the average Jane and Joe are too fat, selfish, and brain dead to realise it.
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Tropical Storm Fay - Developing Eye Over Land?

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:01 am

I have been following the discussions over at "Storm2K" during hurricane seasons from (part of late) 2005 to now. It is a mixture of "professional mets" and amateurs, all of whom basically write comments which seem to me to be of the standard type weather belief systems/theories.

Occasionally someone posts something about possible weather manipulation, and that entity is laughed off the threads.

But this current situation (Fay) is puzzling to people. Models have been ALL OVER THE PLACE with no 2 in agreement basically, and NOW, the storm is (official model consensus) believed to be going to re-energize over water and take a drastic left turn west back toward Mobile, Alabama toward the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) possibly by Thursday of this week.

Here is what is being said right now on a discussion thread which I find interesting as well:

Various Comments on S2K right now wrote:STORM2K ID "Normandy"
I give up on this storm. Its entire life over water it could not get a vertically
stacked center, but once it crosses land it develops an eye. Outrageous.


STORM2K ID "Cookiely"
Am I seeing this correctly? Fay proceeds across the state, comes back in the
GOM and proceeds to landfall in the same area a second time. What are the odds? A zillion to one.

STORM2K ID "Gatorcane"

There is no doubt Fay is strengthening over the Everglades this morning. A northern eyewall seems to be
trying to form on the North and East side of a well-defined center on radar analysis. it's quite
unbelievable if you ask me.

STORM2K ID "Normandy" again
I need a pro met to explain what is going on with Fay. Storms don't develop eyes
hours after they make landfall, they usually lose their eye features. Fay barely had a eyewall going
when she came ashore, and the latest radar return shows an almost fully enclosed eyewall. It just makes
not sense. Is it being enhanced by the trough to its north?

STORM2K ID "Cuber" insists:
The Everglades is not your normal dry land it's wet warm and flat .. feeder band from the warm Atlantic picking up moisture to feed the beast too

so "Normandy" adds:
While what Dolly did over land was impressive, it doesn't hold a candle to this...I would encourage you all to look at a landfall radar shot of Fay, and look at it now. The difference is absolutely hilarious, its as if it went over a warm eddy over the gulf. Even though the everglades won't hurt the storm as much, there has to be some other reasoning as to why Fay is behaving like this.

While I was typing all this, "Professional Met" designated STORM2K ID "deltadog03" of Macon, GA, supposedly, chimed in at 9:43 a.m. quoting the "Normandy" ID saying he needed a professional met explanation (see above) with
"LOL....how about I Dunno!!!"

All are in S2K Tropical Weather Active Storms - All Basins page 478. The Storm2K admin types were saying last night at 10:30 pm EDT was their highest number of people on ever. (Although certainly during Katrina et al in 2005 it was active, let me tell you!)


Fay Additional Info

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Tue Aug 19, 2008 9:12 am

I forgot to mention that I had already seen Dr. Masters of "Wunder Blog" refer to Fay as "The Joker" (and indeed there was one really strange portrayal of the storm at one point in infrared or something, I can't recall, that made it look like a devil's head with an intense face).

This morning's blog by Masters around 9 am, has this to say:

Wunder Blog wrote:Where will Fay go next?
The computer models continue to disagree on the long-term path of Fay. Most of the models now agree that the trough of low pressure pulling the storm to the north will not be strong enough to finish the job. Fay will probably be left behind by the trough, and forced westward by a ridge of high pressure expected to build in. The official NHC forecast keeps Fay over Florida and turns the storm to the west over southern Georgia. However, most of the models expect this turn to occur further south, and have been trending further south in recent runs. I give Fay a 60% chance surviving its traverse over Florida, then turning back to the west over the northern Gulf of Mexico by Saturday. This would allow the storm to regenerate, before potentially making landfall again along the northern Gulf Coast between New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle early next week. The GFDL has the rather unnerving solution of pushing Fay out into the Atlantic Wednesday, intensifying it to a strong Category 2 hurricane that then hits the Georgia/Florida border region Friday night. The HWRF is similar, but foresees that Fay will only be a 50-55 mph tropical storm when it hits Georgia. Given the rather high levels of wind shear (15-20 knots) predicted to be over Fay late this week, plus Fay's recent inability to build an eyewall in the 24 hours it had over the Florida Straits, I am discounting the GFDL model's solution of a hurricane hitting Georgia. However, Fay may push out to into the Atlantic far enough to regenerate some on Thursday or Friday, before it is forced back west again over northern Florida or southern Georgia.

Note that he mentions "Fay's recent inability to build an eyewall in the 24 hours it had over the Florida Straits" above, yet I find that even now, one is said to be building (per Storm2K) OVER LAND [they're on page 480 now of that thread].

Per what is being said on Storm2K, the "official explanation" at this point (for the eyewall formation) is said to be "frictional convergence" (whatever that is) and the "tightening effect of interaction with land" (which I am paraphrasing from several comments I see out there where amateurs are quoting or discussing what they are hearing from their local TV mets or whatever).

Still Following Fay on Storm2K

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Tue Aug 19, 2008 4:35 pm

Storm2K wrote:txwatcher91 Post subject: Posted: Tue Aug 19, 2008 5:25 pm
Category 2
Joined: Tue Aug 02, 2005 3:29 pm
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Location: Greenville, NC I don't know what this means, but I just noticed something interesting. Low level clouds over Tennesse, Arkansas, Louisiana, etc. are moving west while the high level clouds over the same area, especially the tall thunderstorms, are moving to the east/northeast. Anyone know what this means, as if the ridge was building in the high storm tops should be moving west also, right?

This is from. ATL: Tropical Storm Fay Over Florida Penninsula [sic]

At this point, CNN has noted (I just saw this on the TV in the hall) that this storm's wind speeds INCREASED OVER LAND today. Also, by the way, CNN, an Eyewall featuring an Eye also formed.

It is considered all very mysterious.

Unread postby socrates » Tue Aug 19, 2008 10:18 pm

Thanks BlueSky. Your posts are very impressive. Early today I noticed this story on yahoo. The AP reported how the storm wasn't as strong as expected. That caught my eye. Now I see from yourself that there could be so much more to all this.

I don't think the chemtrails are to off-set global warming. They are too low for that. Still, they could be to off-set the consequences of global warming, such as with severe weather. Maybe there is a lot of chemtrailing going on as regards to these specific types of weather systems.

The skies are being modified. BradBlog can cover this up. Whatever. Chemtrail Central and other fake crazies can make this seem like an internet hoax. Whatever.

There are pockets of awareness. There is hope. Things have been figured out.
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Re: Tropical Storm Fay - Developing Eye Over Land?

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Sat Aug 23, 2008 10:03 pm

Hi, Socrates, thanks for getting and keeping it all together as this site updates! I wondered what the stats for today are in terms of nonmember unique viewers (you have mentioned that the stats are larger than before and more accurate possibly) -- what with this "Tropical Storm Fay" and all that's been going on with it.

I have seen a new site of interest out there, regarding MODIS sites and research and various "sporting" enterprises (yes, that's a terrible pun) underway, that I think the public needs to be aware of and keep an eye on. This came up during this storm watching (through the Internet that is).

Global Hydrology and Climate Center and NASA site

MODIS acronym = Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

Note: some recent MODIS sites in the news: Melbourne, Miami, Mobile! Wonder WHY these were in the news? Hmmmm

Re: Tropical Storm Fay - Developing Eye Over Land?

Unread postby socrates » Sat Aug 23, 2008 11:09 pm

BlueSkyHope wrote:Hi, Socrates, thanks for getting and keeping it all together as this site updates! I wondered what the stats for today are in terms of nonmember unique viewers (you have mentioned that the stats are larger than before and more accurate possibly) -- what with this "Tropical Storm Fay" and all that's been going on with it.

I have seen a new site of interest out there, regarding MODIS sites and research and various "sporting" enterprises (yes, that's a terrible pun) underway, that I think the public needs to be aware of and keep an eye on. This came up during this storm watching (through the Internet that is).

Global Hydrology and Climate Center and NASA site

MODIS acronym = Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer

Note: some recent MODIS sites in the news: Melbourne, Miami, Mobile! Wonder WHY these were in the news? Hmmmm

Hi Blue, thanks for posting. There are a million new gadgets and trinkets to this place. It looks pretty smooth. I can install quite a number of more board styles too. We can use the it happens section to discuss any forum glitches and ideas.

I like the way the board looks better when I am signed out.

I don't trust quantcast's numbers, although we seemed to be doing ok for a small pond.

We've had ups and downs. The bottom line is that I personally was in the trenches of the major forums since the middle of 2006. I came into direct contact with all the big names. This place has been a wild ride.

I'm glad I repeated a number of my major points. I feel that if anyone is interested, they can learn from this place, even from my experience. It's not about me. I am a normal chemmie who was at the right place at the right time. Thankfully, myself, Lophofo, and NatureisMad hit it off good at Gastronamus Cafe.

Megasprayer and Gastro were the two havens from the madness of Chemtrail Central. The Arcadia Ego and Deborah/Foot Soldiers went debunker.

But back to the stats. We were getting well over two hundred unique views a day at one point. Otherwise, we have fluctuated from 50 to 150 views a day. That's 5-10 percent of Chemtrail Central.

I don't understand why Megasprayer gets so many views. Could it be a robot program? A diebold count?

I'm all ears on your weather and chemtrail ideas. I've always appreciated good chemtrail talk. It helps to be able to vent like this, especially after today they saturated a clear blue sky. This was one of of the ten worst chemtrail days I've ever probably witnessed. They attacked the skies.

We get almost as many views as Carnicom's forum, but that is not saying much. But we are only four people right now with the others once in a while. Perhaps we are entering a good cycle.

Do you notice an increase in skin irritation when they are spraying? I do. If it was just water vapour contrails, we wouldn't be having these reactions.

If we got 5-50 solid members, we would become the number #1 chemtrail forum, no doubt.

Megasprayer is the disinfo bully, the king of the mountain. They are packed with megatons of copy and pastes. Where do these people get the time to do all that.

I like to write. I like to scream my chemtrail ideas out to the world. I like to feel that this makes sense.

The Megasprayer used to be Chemtrail Central. Same as Gastronamus. DebateBothSides, while containing much evidence of the overall script, is a skeleton of its disinfo past. It is now overshadowed by the racists, cultists, and disinfo writers who dominate there.

We are like Olbermann before he hit it big.

Yeah, let's figure out a stat counter. The stats aren't even showing anything except for a five minute period. That exaggerates our readership numbers. We definitely have been pounding on Gastronamus Cafe as regards to viewer hits. Sorry to ramble. This was an old-school chemtrail forum post. 8)
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New Orleans Is Preparing Now for Possible Gustav

Unread postby BlueSkyHope » Wed Aug 27, 2008 3:23 pm

There is a press conference right now (started 3pm CDT about 25 minutes ago) dealing with how New Orleans is planning to evacuate if Gustav is predicted to arrive as a Category 3 or higher, 60 hours out.

Interestingly, they are saying that AMTRAK will take 7200 people in 7 trips (supposedly to be senior citizens preferentially).

News Conference 08-27-08 3pm NOLA time

Giant wave hits Canadian beach

Unread postby Isard » Mon Sep 01, 2008 7:41 am

From RSOE Emergency and Disaster Information Service
Budapest, Hungary

Two adults and two children were taken to hospital to be checked out , after a giant wave hit Middle Cove beach. It happened around 8:30 last night, as sudden large waves swept up the beach and pulled several people into the water. Rolanda Ryan says several dozen people were enjoying bonfires along the beach when a giant wave came out of nowhere and rolled over them. As people ran for higher ground, strangers were helping strangers from being carried out to sea. She says there were many heroes, as strangers grabbed people from the ocean, to safety. Ryan says after the waves subsided they checked to make sure everyone was accounted for. She says bonds were made between strangers that will never be broken. She says they don't know their names, but they will remember their faces for saving people. The St.John's Regional Fire Department and the local volunteer fire department responded to the scene. There were no serious injuries. Police say everyone on the beach at the time of the incident appears to be accounted for and there were no vehicles left on the parking lot after people left the area.)

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