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Speaking Of Chemtrail Forum Nonsense....

tinfoil by association

Unread postby socrates » Tue Jul 01, 2008 8:07 pm

There has been an influx of fake personas at Carnicom's forum. Here are some screenshots. I'm not giving the links, because that's not the point.

This post is illogical. Who aware of chemtrails calls them "artwork" or would think they weren't being dispersed in the Pacific Northwest. This one could be "Aubuchont." Notice the simpleton attack on the "shitty government." Notice the spaces before the punctuation. Notice the reference to the limited hangout called Chemtrails by Beck.


Dr. Lan shows up with the depopulation nonsense.


He says we are all now infected with morgellons.



Kathaksung, the one mentioned in an above post has a thread going with his ramblings on weather warfare. There is a fake called Morgan at the Randi Rhodes Message Board peddiling the same ********. Chemtrails are not primarily about military applications. That is a ludicrous theory for explaining the ridiculous amount of "weather modification is going on.

A few others show up to back up the point. WooHoo. This is tinfoiltainment rather than any truth. The major chemtrail boards are flooded with disinformation to turn chemtrails into an enigma or urban legend. True chemmies can see through this ********.

Kathaksung posted that the US was behing the Katrina hurricane. Then these two showed up to back him up, just like so many fakes have been backing up Weatherman714 as being sincere rather than a scripted username.


Could HAARP have anything to do with producing earthquake lights? It sounds feasible. However, it's near zero probability that there are active weather warfare stunts going on. To me, if such things are connected, they are not products of deliberate motive. They are just being assholes trying to manipulate the atmosphere. They are playing God. What they are up to can't be good for us or this would all be in the public. The bulk of chemtrails are about greedy fascists taking the easy way out to maintain the status quo. If people knew how rockets destroy the ozone layer, or whatever else they may be up to in space, they would put a stop to this. Chemtrails are about a seedy approach to dealing with climate change and damaged protective layers of the Earth.


Here's another username that also showed up conveniently. This forum was close to 200 unique views a day. We have always peaked to that amount before subsiding due to myself having to do the bulk of the posting. This person, like Will Thomas, likes to lump 9/11 truther talk with chemtrails. It also appears the person did a copy and paste from a place with a different style format. So this could be called spam.

I notice the person claims there are no chemtrails in New Zealand. This username is a definite fake. Chemtrails have been reported in New Zealand.


It's tough to find a place with real people.

Chembusters, Flouride, and Kooky Links

Hey, I'm a Nutjob Back to say Hi!

More Chembuster ********. And what's up with some of the more respectable chemtrail websites having all these links which take one to nuttiness? What is up with all this over the top craziness? This stuff has to be planted. Every once in a while there are kooky people like this, but that is rare. These fakes are planted to scare the real people away, to prop up the crazy believer stereotype. You know it.


I found this unverified quote from Will Thomas. I have the link in the bookmarks but am too tired to get it.


Thomas continues to hawk the "Aubuchont" hoax. It looks like his old website is back on line. He's also got the new one. He published a Carol Rosin type spook named Wayne Hall {Halva}. He said before he would start his new place he would have an expose on commercial airliners producing chemtrails. I don't see that anywhere. A lot of people link to him and don't realise the damage they are doing, imho.


Where is the proof for this Deep Sky hoax. No photos or videos? The audios are not available on the internet. I found this. What a load of bull.

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Unread postby socrates » Wed Aug 13, 2008 2:43 pm

I have exposed the chemtrails are kooky script. It basically consists of closed-minded debunkers, crazy believers, and debunkers in chemmie clothes. It has been that simple and remains so.


The poster Morgan appears to be a paid plant. CarmenJonze on the other side appears the same. She has 4,462 posts since May 8th.

One can notice how Morgan, the crazy believer ties good links in with bad.

She also happens to be a global warming denier. What are the odds of that?

It's part of the tinfoil by association bombardment. People will see this Morgan and then think, oh, that is an Alex Jones robot.

Here are some links from Morgan, the crazy believer. Try to guess which is the good one.

Evidence doesn't bare out alarmist claims of global warming
Andrew Bolt
July 18, 2008 12:00am
Herald Sun, AU

Philip Jones' Open Letter to the Danish Government

These are not the result of condensation from Jet Engines. These are `bio` weapons being deliberately targetted against innocent men, women and children, not to mention livestock and vegetation. Forget that you work for the government (in reality, the Danish people), you are a member of the Human Race, and have a duty to prevent the Genocide of it's population.

Do not take this lightly, it is a deadly serious matter. I have written this in English as I intend to circulate a copy to various websites around the world.

The Telegraph
US government aims to tame hurricanes
By Richard Gray, Science Correspondent

Here's what Morgan had to say about the above link.

This is a 'dumb-down' story. The truth is the military has been conducting weather modification experiments for decades. Yet with so many people witnessing the 'aerosol spraying program' all over the world, it's much too difficult to pretend it isn't there. Soooo, the next best thing to do about that is create a disinfo story.

According to Morgan, chemtrails are for depopulation, and our interest in climate change is disinfo. I have seen this bull over the years. People can read through the top section of this forum. It has sought to establish connections between climate science and the military, not the military alone, as in the form of some evil new world order caricature. You the good reader know what I mean.
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I Confess: I Am Cydoniaquest/Yaak/May41970/disinfo

Unread postby socrates » Fri Aug 15, 2008 1:23 am


I'm not Jay Reynolds either. I am who I have always said I am, a nobody from Massachusetts. I am also here to declare now, loudly and proudly, that this is the #1 chemtrail forum on the internet. It is the only one that has put the whole thing together. This is why elaborate disinfo campaigns are put into action against me. One person. I swear.

May41970 is a probable plant. His posts have not made much sense for such a very long time. For him to call out Lophofo so much has been ridiculous. His use of three usernames at this forum said quite a bit also. I apologize to everyone for being taken in by him. It appears that he has been writing up a storm as Rosinante at redditt. He deleted his account making it tough to see his posts. The truth is he has been busted quite a bit already on this forum, and as his troll spam is being deleted whenever it appears, his influence here is now at zero.

He is trying to act as a diversion. I think everyone should forget that he even exists! I may get played a bit by these people. But I always figure them out eventually.

I do care how this forum appears. That is why I am considering making cpellatt a guest. I do not appreciate her going on the nazi news radio networks. The other stuff is tough enough to deal with as it is. She has no awareness at all of how she and people like the Arizona Skywatch and Nerw York Skywatch make chemtrails look like a stupid, internet production. NY Skywatch goes on about orbs? Bravo, you friggen fools.

I no longer care how I appear. :twisted:

I did my homework. I am now declaring that yes, a few of us are experts on chemtrails. I am declaring loudly and clearly that the chemtrail fakes have been thoroughly exposed.

It's kind of late here, and I don't have the time to post much more. I could. You guys know how I dove into the social-psychology of chemtrails on the internet. You also know there is tons of solid info in that top section. You know I have done the work. You can see why I am attacked in such an idiotic manner.

Swampgas says I am Cydoniaquest/Yak. Chem11 calls me multiple personality.

I stumbled across a few threads which clearly represent how far these fakes have fallen. Now the following links can show you the true colours of Megasprayer and et in Arcadia Ego. I believe that more likely than not, those are not real people. Those are characters sending out messages.

Did you see the good links Lophofo has put up? He tells me a bunch of them get removed. He thinks this forum is being read to see what we can come up with. The few of us have come up with plenty! Everyone knows it.

Chem11 made a post on this thread linking to this Rigorous Intuition thread. I am mentioned quite a bit in both. Fancy that. :shock:

This is an organised psy-op campaign, plain and simple. While chem11 is correct to say that I was never part of the old CTC, he has nothing on me to call me multiple-personality. They think if it is kept repeated, it becomes true. They are hoping no one reads closely ANY of what I have come up with.

The funny thing is it was that specific Megasprayer thread where Chem11 freaked out against Swampgas. Then I took him to task, shredded him in fact. They were messing with my profile, so I quit the place. I wrote a thread at Gastronamus called Chem11 Declares All Aircraft Are Involved. It was my fight with arcadia Ego that led to me getting the boot from Swampgas.

There are a lot of coded messages in that RI thread. Much of it I personally predicted would become the new debunker points.

Good people, don't be afraid to sign up and help out. This forum won. I feel it in my bones that this forum makes sense. Big Bunny mentioned ad hominems. Everything i come up with is with links and explanations. I fought the astroturfing script while trying to figure out chemtrails. Both tasks were completed.

They are in the catch-22. This forum rules. 8) I believe the fakes wished to slow everything down on the forums while converting CTC to a more kookier version than usual. The idea is, the psy-op is that over time, this internet urban legend called chemtrails would wind down.

The fakes never saw the that this place would firmly put them in their place. They underestimated me. The catch-22 is that they cannot ignore this forum. That is where the fake socrates came in. I feel really good right now. I believe that the reader decides, and that it is fairly easy to understand the propaganda. It would have helped if more people chipped in, but if one person like me could figure it out, then I am sure everyone who has visited here understands. I appreciate that.

I'd write more but am tired. It feels good to have accomplished all that I have. I also want to thank Lophofo and NatureisMad for making this possible. Both of them gave this forum a tremendous lift, when it was hurting. I'm also appreciative of good people like BlueSkyHope and Isard for being real and for being openminded enough to look at some of the things I've posted.

I do not have a big ego. But I do realise that something has happened here. A lot has. I also realise that such a good job was done, that the whole network of fakes have at their various times had to scramble in lame attempts to restore lost credibility.

It is the totality of this forum. It is the solid aspect of the top section. It is about appreciating the truth into even its innermost parts. A certain judge said that way back when, and it's a line that hits at the very core of our souls.
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More Likely Than Not, May41970 Is A Paid Fake

Unread postby socrates » Fri Aug 15, 2008 11:47 pm

This guy is a scumbag. He has shown his true colours. I was taken in by what is referred to as a concern troll. They are everywhere. All the big usernames in the chemtrail forum history are disinformation concern troll fakes. They act like they care, but they get paid to do so. And all the while they undermine true freedoms of speech and association.

Then whenever things might start to click between real people, the clampdown takes place. Like when I figured out that Et in Arcadia Ego was a debunker. I am one person who has figured out the racket in its whole nature. May41970's job has been to sabotage this place. He failed miserably, as all low level clerks eventually do.

I found a lot of posts by may41970 over at Reddit. It isn't easy to find them, because he just deleted his account. It looks like while he was telling me his wife was forcing him to get off the internet, he was increasing his posts at that other place. And you wouldn't believe the stuff he posts. He tried to sound like me. He made some of the most shallow posts I have ever seen on the internet.

There are so many fakes I have exposed. There is only one of me. There are so many of them. That is their edge over me. I have soul, while they have the power of fake numbers.

This forum makes such utter sense, that this is why I get attacked. They know it is impossible for me to keep reinventing the wheel. They think I fear the need to keep repeating. No, this forum has solved chemtrails. Now it's just a matter of the right people getting the information.

If people can't do their own homework and look at what I have already been through and documented, then there is no point in me caring one iota what they think.

I put my heart into this for two years. I am humble and nice. If people met me, they would like me. I am a good person, a real free thinker.

My writing adds up. My proof adds up.

A big friggen script turning me into a multipersonality fake does not!

Some of these people better be very careful. In general, people do need to be careful with the laws of karma. I am a vegetarian who would never harm another. But there is also a saying to try to walk in someone's shoes for the grace of God. I try to do that. Then I get burnt. If I was violent at all, such people would be in a lot of pain right now. Is there really a Louis Aubuchont in Maine? Does he want someone to want to kill him? I wouldn't do it. But for what he has done to me, if he had done that to someone else, he would be ice cold dead right now.

I was taken for a ride.

Ok, this has to be said. This forum has been the voice of reason for presenting chemtrails. It has also exposed many an astroturfing fool who couldn't compete with my troll busting skills. The "comeback thread" is good. There are these connections between astroturfers that now cannot be denied. Arcadia to Wells to Tinoire. Now we can even connect BradBlog to Tinoire, and thus to Madsen and Rivero.

I don't think may41970 expected me to ban his sorry state out of this forum. He had been taking me for a ride. He was trying to steer this place towards the convoluted script. You know, the one where I am him and all these other fakes spreading troll posts across the net.

Why did this take place? It must have to do with the presentation here. I used screenshots and ideas. I am the opposite of the ad hominem poster. I might be abrasive at times, but I try to back up my words, and if not, I take them back. We as people evolve. It was may41970's job to steer this forum. He succeeded for a long time. But it is over. He has ultimately failed as a disinformation agent, same as with what happened with Jeff Wells, Chem11, Swampgas, Increase1776, Wayne Hall, Hertzberg, Lou Aubuchont, Mark Steadham, Deborah/Foot Soldier, Jay Reynolds, Yaak{Ed Smell},Tinoire, BradBlog, Randi Rhodes message board, democratic underground, Mike Rivero, uhm, and all the rest who either f*#%ed with me or who crossed my path.

This place is rock solid. My efforts were pretty decent. If they weren't, there's no way all these sophisticated attacks would have taken place.

They wanted to retire the script, imho. Megasprayer had shot its load. Too much of its disinfo became apparent. I do not believe they are getting more views than Chemtrail Central. They could have computer programs to bounce up those page views. What is that place? Do they think it becomes forgotten that they are debunkers? Do people really believe all the posters at Jeff Wells' forum are real? Does anyone honestly believe that Et in Arcadia Ego is for real? or Weatherman714, or Aubuchont, on and friggen on, how can any of these people be for real?

How many posts did may41970 make as Rosinante? A thousand? He seemed to be there a lot. I never got the chance to fully check it out. It may seem I am superman with this, but to be honest, there are 100s of these trolls. There is not enough time in the day to do this. Some things just fly under my radar until they are right in my face.

You know what? I'm not even gonna do the screenshots. Dial up makes it all too slow. Sorry to keep whining about that. I'm cool with it. I'm proud. I have nothing to be ashamed of. I accomplished great things despite what the dark side tried to do. I will give some links with May41970 quotes and call it a day.

I kicked their ***, didn't I? All of them. You know it.


This will probably sound dumb, but why is it that so many people to hate Google, or say that "Google is evil," etc?

Can someone succinctly explain it?

Is there really something "evil" about Google, and if so, what is it exactly?

Thanks in advance to anyone who answers.

Why is he asking such a question? He knows damn well through this place how google is either evil or easily gamed. That's like when Aubuchont posted as a debunker at BradBlog. Those are the kinds of posts one never lives down.

One needs to use cache to find his posts.

Comments By Rosinante On Reddit.com

Here again he was pimping the global warming conspiracy rubbish.


Hey duongt, I think dangermouse interpreted the article correctly. And it's for that very reason that I think this article is probably more NASA PR, but a bit subtle.

I agree with you, duongt, that politics and "Public Affairs" are the antithesis of science. No scientific consensus is needed when it comes to scientific fact. Truth is truth - with or without NASA PR and the media.


I think he was trying to present himself as a troll and sound a bit like me.

Here's another telling post. I actually have better things to do than prove that may41970 is a paid troll. Check out how he attacks Mike Rivero but turns himself into a strawman. May41970 is a paid scumbag, imho. No one can be this shallow. Check out the other comments and how may41970 helped make Rivero look good by making a shallow post.

And yet again, no mention of this forum was made. People can check out chemmie dialogues and the speaking of chemtrail forum nonsense thread and see how much I relied on this guy for support. The whole time he was fifth column, an insidious mole, on the same side of Aubuchont and Halva and all the other paid fakes.



Interesting story, allie, and definitely worth looking into. Sadly the article loses a lot of credibility due to the website's inks.

The first link, prominently displayed, is to Mike Rivero's website, "What Really Happened." Truth is, Allie, it doesn't do a lot for the cause of truth and justice to be using a reference which proudly links to a fascist Jew-hating website.


It's you who have lost a lot of credibility. What Really Happened is not a "fascist Jew-hating website". It's primarily a collection of links to other sites, sometimes with commentary. The site also contains some articles.

Rivero opposes Israel's worst excesses and the U.S. government's support for those excesses. Your characterization of the site is contemptible.


We're getting off topic. Yes, you're right that Rivero's got lots of great links at his site.

But Rivero is also white-supremecist. Do a search on "Special Forces Underground" and find out for yourself about Rivero's work with them.


I searched for the things you suggested. I found that in late 2002, an S. Boyle posted articles to various indymedia sites. The articles tried, with some questionable reasoning, to associate Rivero with "Special Forces Underground". I found nothing else with my (less than exhaustive) search. I also searched for "Stormfront Rivero" (why did you edit your post and remove the mention of Stormfront?). I found an article on Rivero's site where he presents evidence suggesting that this apparent Neo-Nazi group may actually be controlled by supporters of Israel.


I do not agree with Rivero on everything and I do not uncritically accept all of his claims as truth. And yes he clearly has a subjective point of view. He supports his claims with evidence and I believe redditors can potentially benefit from reading his site.

Your characterization of his site is extremely biased and, as far as I know, not supported by the facts. Even if it is true, however, that does not mean everything on his site is tarnished (particularly the links). Even should we determine that a person is evil (which Rivero is not), that does not mean that every one of his opinions and arguments are automatically illegitimate.

It really bothers me that you tried to blackball the article about Carnaby simply because its author appreciates WRH. If association equals guilt, then you could find a way to paint just about anyone with this brush.


It's primarily a collection of links to other sites, sometimes with commentary. The site also contains some articles.

Like reddit,digg,fark...


But linking to reddit is anti-semitic! You racist *******!


I can ignore that part of whatreallyhappened and take the rest. Even with the corporate media you have to pick and choose. Every site has their own agenda for who the bad guys are.


Hmm, the force is strong with this one.

Who is may41970 for real? I now think he has been fully involved in perverting the internet. i believe he has been working with whoever has been attacking me. There are just too many contradictions.


Check out this next one. It has the same one word sentence formats that the trolls Ender and Lophat both used.


He posted about chemtrails but didn't mention this forum.


All the time he talked about the need to publicize the forum, and here he was simply a rat the whole time.

He is now "deleted" and no longer Rosinante. I wonder why? :roll:


My reddit karma is only 1, so who's gonna listen to me if I say that Ralph Nader loves people more than money and power. That he's so honest it's disgusting.

Why is being honest characterised as disgusting?

People can look into this more if they want to. I for one am done with this paid fake.
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Re: Speaking Of Chemtrail Forum Nonsense....

Unread postby socrates » Sun Aug 31, 2008 1:33 am

This is easy pickings. I am surprised more people haven't chimed in on all this obvious scripting. You're gonna tell me these people are for real? You're gonna tell me chemtrails on the internet hasn't been rigged? Here's more proof.

Explain how this exoticwarfare lady with the similar name to Cpellatt isn't a plant. She left a link at Carnicom's to some lame class action suit that makes us all look like whackjobs. How is she not a plant?

{sorry for the bad writing. I've touched up the below paragraph. sometimes my writing is a rough draft, and I forget to tidy it up. sorry. my next point is that real people are not going to post at CTC and the other major forums without going toe to toe with the planted convolution. The five people I mention next are for real. They make oustanding contributions. There is no way real people like these will stay at those places. Crystal Rose felt like she was run off the site. People like Mr. Jones were making idiotic comments to her. That was also a time when Steadham opened the place back up to trolls. The Kevin Martin fake had already been banned. Yet now he gets to post there, and a person like myself is banished. There is zero tolerance for real people at these forums who speak truth to fakery.}

How come this is the only chemtrail website that makes sense? How come there aren't more people like NatureisMad, Lophofo, BlueSkyHope, Isard, CrystalRose posting at the major chemtrail forums? It's because of the obvious. Those places are meant to repel normal people.They all reek of an elaborate scam. Maybe a Boomer Chick was real. I don't know. I am not saying every one of them was fake. But a big chunk of them seem to have been, and perhaps every single one right now is a plant! Think of Arcadia Ego. Think of Deborah and megasprayer. How is that place not rigged?

I went through the top section fixing youtube videos. No other place has such a straightforward explanation with as much of the best evidence compiled. This is why this place has survived. Itbecame bigger than me many months ago. This place is my gift to normal people who have witnessed the deliberate activities and realise this forum alone has put it all together.

This person is for real? This is the class action suit that will expose chemtrails? Is this goofy, intel psy-ops?

This is nuts. This is Carol Rosin all over again.

Contamination with Biological Implants, Heavy Metals, and Germs
iceni6 | 348 | 2008-08-26

his is a public interest lawsuit started by ExoticWarfare.org a program of the International Humanities Center which is a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization under the IRS code. We are looking for lawyers who can sue certain federal agencies for criminal negligence, endangerment, personal injury, and possibly pursue charges of obstruction of justice, misprision of felony, failure to give equal protection under the law or other charges.

There have been approximately 10 years or more of ongoing aerial releases of aluminum, barium, heavy metals, nanotechnology, carbon, germs, fungi, viruses, red blood cells, chemicals, heavy metals, conductive minerals, sedatives, and other substances over the United States and all NATO countries on an almost daily basis -- these releases are called "chemtrails." The EPA and other relevant federal and state agencies were notified over and over and given good evidence that these substances were and are in our environment, water supply, air, soil, and our bodies. Congress persons inquired of the United States Air Force about what was being sprayed. The Air Force replied, "radar chaff."

Patents have been found that were developed through funding from the National Institutes of Health, the United States Air Force, the University of Illinois, and Tufts University that prove advanced, nano to macro-scale materials can be created that can be used for conductive radar chaff but also used as biosensors, slow drug release devices in the body, tissue engineering, genetic tampering, conductive nanowires, or for other purposes in the form of thinner-than-human-hair, biological implants. These devices self-replicate in the body in the form of nanowires or other nano-machines and can create in vivo crystals in the body. These materials can pass through the blood/barriers in the lungs to travel to and replicate in the brain or replicate in unborn children. The base material used for these nanotechnology devices may be an organic/inorganic spider web produced in the milk from transgenic goats owned by the United State Army or recombinant spider silks.

We are not saying that the particular patents below are the exact inventions involved but the patents show that advanced, nano-scale, biological implants can be developed from organic/inorganic spider web material that can also be used as "radar chaff." Regardless, the EPA, the above universities, the United States Army and Air Force, and the National Institutes of Health should answer some serious questions under oath.

Patents to read:
Wipo Patent WO/2005/000483
Wipo Patent WO/2006/076711

And, also regardless, the chemtrail substances cited above are showing up in environmental and medical laboratory tests from all over this country and in other countries. There are around 100,000 people diagnosed with Morgellons worldwide; 60,000 of them are in the United States and this number is increasing at the rate of 1,000 a day. Morgellons is a syndrome of nanotechnology contamination and biowarfare elements may also be involved. People are turning up with terrific cell damage to their blood cells. The EPA and other relevant agencies should be held accountable for not investigating these substances in our environment. Aluminum has increased in the environment by 4X and interestingly so has Alzheimer's disease. Aluminum in indicated in the cause of Alzheimer's and neurological damage. Barium has increased to dangerous levels and causes heart disease, brain fog, brain swelling, and confusion. Heart and lung disease have gone up dramatically. Water tests, air samples, blood samples, urine samples, plant samples, animal tests, tissue samples, and advanced materials testing of areas and people from varied places in the United States are showing the above substances. Nanowires, nano-arrays, crystals, other foreign objects, and heavy metals are coming out of people's skin, eyes, urinary tracts, bowels, reproductive organs, lungs, sinuses, and throats. There is evidence that certain of these nano-devices can receive specifically tuned microwave, radio, ELF, and other electromagnetic, wireless transmissions, and it is common knowledge that conductive metals and crystals can amplify signals. Since thousands of people are also complaining of being tortured with directed energy and psychotronic weapons these substances and biosensors may be involved in that torture.

Laboratory report to read:
Rense.com (advanced nano-materials testing)

Websites to read:
http://carnicom.com (blood, soil, water, and air testing)

Nanotech, directed energy, and exotic experiments on Americans:

It seems we may need to do different types of legal actions on the above related issues of experiments on humans and the environment. But, the first lawsuit should probably be a class action against the EPA and maybe the Justice Department. They are not giving people equal protection under the law, investigating environmental crimes, official misconduct, treaty violations, nor human and civil rights abuses, and they are criminally negligent. Both of these agencies have been given sound evidence of these crimes. They have done nothing to remedy this situation.

We are inviting lawyers to review the evidence and guide us in the proper course of action. ExoticWarfare will be posting more research and tests reports on this listing soon.

This forum has all the traces of good info above without the 95% of noise. What's it gonna take people to wake up and start helping me expose these cretins? Why is it all on Last_Name_Left to expose Rivero? You don't even have to register to post. Sincere people, you have no excuses. This is our chance to overcome the scripted nonsense.

Check out The Carnicom Institute. He wants money. Wow. When's this nonsense going to end. I don't trust him one bit. His forum is awash in disinfo.


Board of Directors

President (in perpetuity)

Clifford Carnicom
P. O. Box 23721
Sante Fe, New Mexico 87502
Email: [email protected]

Clifford is a self-employed professional computer consultant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He provides, unique on-site personal services to small businesses and individuals including system analysis, networking, software development, and website consultation design, and implementation services. He originated, developed, and maintains a high traffic environmental and socially conscious web site and public discussion forum.

Clifford also worked as a technical research scientist acting in a professional capacity supporting analysis and development of major Department of Defense physical and weapons modeling systems, with extensive computer programming and system application development experience. He has held a Top Secret/SCI clearance. He was appointed for and completed two years of intensive graduate level studies in mathematics, statistics, computer science, and geodesy under the auspices of the Department of Defense.

In addition to computer, design and website management skills, Clifford holds a variety of other skills and expertise from his prior careers including his work as a Cadastral Land Surveyor and research scientist in support of public domain lands of the Bureau of Land Management where he developed original software to assist in the automation and efficiency of large scale database operations. He investigated and researched alternative and sophisticated technologies for geodetic surveys.

Clifford has been an federal employee of the United States government for 15 years within 3 agencies, including the Department of Defense, The Bureau of Land Management, and the United States Forest Service.

Clifford was the Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center Employee of the Year, Supervisor of the Year, and he received the Geodetic Sciences Departmental Award for outstanding technical, managerial, and cost effective performance.

He provided the US Defense research industry with original solutions to system development and modeling problems, including application of higher mathematics, statistics, computer programming, information management, task scheduling, product development, and computer graphics.

Clifford has extensive technical briefing and written communication experience. He has received the Department of Defense Best Presentation Award representative of his excellent communication skills.

His Bachelor of Science *** Laude degree was attained in the field of Surveying and Photogrammetry from the Civil Engineering Department at California State University at Fresno, California. His post-graduate studies were conducted at The Ohio State University and Washington University. He also possesses an Associate of Sciences degree and a Forest Engineering vocational degree from College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California. His education encompasses a wide variety of disciplines, including geodetic science, advanced mathematics, engineering, statistics, physical sciences, computer science and the life sciences.


Vice President

Kimberly Dawley
P.O. Box 15814
Richmond, Virginia 23227
Email: [email protected]

Kimberly has 3 years experience in the United States Army overseas. She has worked in and around the legal arena as a legal assistant and paralegal for nearly 24 years and has knowledge and experience in nearly all areas of law. She is now a self-employed digital transcriptionist for corporate, financial, legal and medical companies. She also builds websites frequently for companies and individuals.

Kimberly ran an Ohio citizens group concerned with the ongoing atmospheric aerosol programs which resulted in protests in front of the governor's mansion and Wright Patterson Air Force Base. She also worked heavily with Clifford Carnicom, David Peterson and Lorie Kramer on CACTUS (Citizens Against Chemtrails U.S.), primarily with recruiting volunteers in each state and organizing a grassroots educational and community outreach effort.

Kimberly has contributed for nearly a decade to many radio and print medias on this issue as well as issues facing the world and her beloved United States of America. She is now one of the editors of Gotham City News, an alternative news website. Kimberly likes to say, "The truth is rarely pure and never simple."

Kimberly's primary motivation for working again with Clifford, David, Lorie and Lee, and Carnicom Institute is to help empower people with the knowledge they need to become healthy and stay that way. She believes the balance is tipping and that all life on Earth is in great peril.



Lorie Kramer
P.O. Box 31900-216
Houston, TX 77231-1900
Email: [email protected]

Lorie is the mother of three, grandmother of four, who is employed as an In Store Systems Coordinator for Whole Foods Market.

Lorie has maintained her own website since 1996 covering various topics and issues. She is also an independent investigative researcher, reporter and journalist. She has worked with Jeff Rense of Rense.com for approximately 12 years covering a number of alternative news and under reported issues. Independent media projects included working on the emergency radio station KH5XIM, 95.3 FM set up at the Astrodome/Reliant Center complex for Hurricane Katrina evacuees in September 2005 for which she received a commendation from the City of Houston Volunteer Initiative Program and Volunteer Houston.

Working with Houston Independent Media Center and Pacifica network radio station KPFT 90.1 FM, Lorie has reported on various issues and interviewed a variety of individuals, including Katherine Albrecht, Lauren Moret, Kale Lasn, Kinky Friedman, Cissy Farenthold, Ron Paul, and Cindy Sheehan.

Lorie was a reporter featured in the Sept/Oct 2004 issue of the magazine Clamor - The Revolution of Everyday Life article 'Thorns in the Paw: Independent Journalists in the Age of Bush.' In that article, Lorie stated, "I am convinced that utilizing independent media can be a powerful tool to effect change when the rights and interests of the people are threatened."

Lorie has been researching and reporting on illegal aerosol operations since 1998. She was one of the co-founders of the Yahoo Group Chemtrail Tracking USA in 1999 which is still in existence today, and was active in the grassroots group CACTUS. She has worked with Clifford and Kimberly for many years and attended the chemtrail protests held in Ohio in front of the governor's mansion and Wright Patterson Air Force Base.

Lorie reported on and was also one of the attendees at the First Annual Morgellons Disease Medical Research Conference in Austin, Texas in March, 2008.

Lorie's involvement with the Carnicom Institute comes from her passion for truth and for the welfare of all life forms on the planet, both of which are in danger.


Additional Directors

David Peterson
P.O. Box 2921
Aspen, Colorado 81612
Email: [email protected]

Truth Activist.


Lee Riddle
P. O. Box 2964
Harbor, Oregon 97415
Email: [email protected]

Lee has worked in the fields of agricultural research for nearly 32 years, plant disease diagnosis and control, and weather and climate monitoring. He has some Environmental Protection Agency experience, some chemical knowledge, and nonprofit corporation experience.

Lee was educated at Butte College in the fields of horticulture and chemistry, and at Cal Poly SLO (California) in the field of botany. Lee continues post-graduate extensive reading in the areas of emerging plant and animal disease, eugenics, chemistry, "enviro mentalism", property rights, and other United States of America constitutional issues.

Lee's personal motivation for becoming involved in Carnicom Institute is his growing awareness of negatively changing conditions in the atmosphere, plant and human health, and in political freedom. He strongly believes that our previous collective efforts to 'work through the system' were lessons in stonewalled futility.

Lee believes that the founders of Carnicom Institute have a proven history of identification and documentation of current emerging issues while working very economically.


Jeff Rense

Simply put, Jeff Rense produces the most consistently fascinating, intriguing, and definitely not always politically-correct talk and information program in radio. In addition to close to scores of nationwide broadcast affiliates, The Jeff Rense Program is probably the world's most listened-to radio program on the internet and the programs archives are considered unmatchable in broadcast journalism.

Night after night, Jeff presents the most advanced, provocative and revealing information available from the most exotic and eclectic venues of research and inquiry possible. With a guest list second to none (50+ intriguing personalities each month), Jeff interfaces with his subjects and listening audience in a unique fashion that has been described by broadcast executives as "a completely new dimension in talk radio" and "the best information program ever."

In addition to offering compelling personalities with often unforgettable information and experiences, Jeff was a pioneer in making talk radio interactive, and commonly presents interviews with simultaneous online illustrations and images which make these programs ever more special.

His Rense.com internet site is one of the world's elite and most referenced 24-hour news services. It is the world's number ONE talk radio site and records close to 10 million total hits per month. Rense.com archives over 150,000 pages of stories, articles, reports and features. Rense.com is a powerhouse and sits firmly in the top .001% of the 20 million websites on the internet. World rankings as of March 1, 2007.

The Road To Radio

As an award-winning television News Director and News Anchor for over ten years, Jeff continually pushed for higher standards of journalism and responsible, intelligent reporting and inquiry. Regrettably, those goals were often at odds with the irrevocable tv news obsession for tabloid exploitation of the trivial, the tragic and the sensational. The situation became so dubious and distasteful that one day he walked away from his highly-successful news anchor/news director career (as high as a 53 Share of the audience - Nielsen) and moved to radio, recognizing it as the last viable approach to bringing reality to the American public...and now with the internet, to the world.

Unmatched Diversity Of Information
The reach and impact of the Jeff Rense Program and Rense.com is enormous. The site and program are constantly visited by globalist elite, government agencies, military and intelligence agencies and worldwide defense industry sources ... all confirmed by electronic monitoring of site visitors.

Thanks to the program and site, listeners, researchers and information seekers from across the US and around the world are being exposed to information and learning about the most important issues of our times they rarely, if ever, encounter in the controlled corporate world of mainstream broadcast and monopoly print media.

The Jeff Rense Program's quest to present the most intriguing news and personalities knows no geographical, political or ideological limits. One night Jeff may be talking with a geopolitical analyst from California or New York, the next night might find him with a spy from Great Britain, a scientist from South Africa, paranormal researchers from Australia, a university professor in Cuba, an economist in Germany, an emerging disease expert or epidemiologist, or a journalist in Israel. The range of information and material presented on the program and site is unprecedented and includes:

Political Intrigue And Corruption
Worldwide Power Geopolitics
Secret Technologies And Black Ops
Intelligence And Espionage
Propaganda And Mind Control
The Erosion Of Our Civil Rights
Assault On The Constitution
Nuclear Power And WMD
Emerging Diseases And Epidemics
Nanotechnology Revolution
New Science And Space Issues
True Conspiracies And Coverups
The New World Order
BioWarfare And Toxic Vaccines
Paranormal Phenomena
Military Remote Viewing
Health And Medicine
The Failing Environment
Polluted Food And Water
The Dumbing Down Of America
Illegal Immigrant Invasion
Our Disintegrating Culture
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Re: Speaking Of Chemtrail Forum Nonsense....

Unread postby socrates » Sat Oct 18, 2008 1:44 pm

I am at a loss for words as to how good lurkers and members have ruined this golden opportunity to create an authentic chemtrail forum.

The two major chemtrail forums are Chemtrail Central and Carnicom's. CTC has been closed for new registrations for about two years, except for a brief period in 2007. I can't think of one poster there who is a real person. As soon as it turned out that Stitcherman and Aubuchont are the same person, Stitcherman has disappeared. Ellyn continues to post her rubbish. Other posters continue to let such ******** go unchallenged. The key to understanding CTC is that it is meant to portray chemtrails as a crazy hoax. Which leads me to Carnicom's forum.

The nutjobs are out in full force there. We have someone named Judy who I sense is Aubuchont or one of his coworkers. There is a poster named offamychain, who I sense is Cydoniaquest/Yaak, the person who recently showed up here to troll. There was another newbie there who posted about treetop spraying of white crap in California. Treetop spraying? Give me a focking break.

And then there is the rubbish which is DebateBothSides. In the archives there one can read Jay Reynolds, Arcadia Ego, Halva, Deborah, Jim Phelps, and other planted usernames. Or just check out the long thread on commercial airliners that Deborah started, the normal contrails some sanity thread. If you go to the very first post, you will see how it was edited two years after the original. You see, that thread was actually about the emergence of the debunker in chemmie clothes. It started out as saying "Jay Reynolds sez..."

Deborah/FootSoldier erased that and whole paragraphs, because she didn't want folks to see how the ******* thread had been an epic battle between fake debunkers and believers. We are talking about controlled opposition.

One can go to the Randi Rhodes Message Board and read more fakes on the chemtrail threads there. That place is chock-full of paid trolls. There is a Carmen Jonze, Seeker, Morgan, Hannibal and others I forget. There was a moderator named WhoseMarie who seems to have finally been deleted. I think the Randi Rhodes board got flushed on purpose and had nothing to do with any dispute with Randi Rhodes and AirAmerica radio.

There was a jackass named OKthat'sIt, who has changed its name to Morgan. OkThat'sIt was prolific. Now that person is gone and the new name is Morgan? These are paid fakes, without a doubt.

At Democratic Underground, OKThat'sIt was posting Day Glo's chemtrail picture, the one that looked like a fat fish with its gills spreading out. I screenshot and have posted that one here. OKThat'sIt also made some posts similar to some I have made, where I would provide links to the Moyer and Ferrell chemtrail reports and a few others. She has said she is from Boston, like me. She never once cited where the photo was found. It was posted by Day Glo at Carnicom's! Has she been a more subtle form of a Fake Socrates?

Chemtrails and other injustices won't be stopped until people get off their asses and start helping out. Good lurkers have left this place to rot. Why aren't you in Iraq charring Iraqi babies? You can't even make posts at the one place that has put the whole chemtrails thing together?

You are spineless fockers who would have made nice brownshirts. You are mental midgets who deserve to have your skies stolen. You having fun surfing the internet? I think you're all full of ****, no better than the psy-ops all over this issue.

When good people do nothing..............
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Re: Deborah/FootSoldier Admits to Connection with "Aubuchont"

Unread postby socrates » Sat Nov 22, 2008 12:17 pm

The internet is not only full of paid posts and planted convolution. Did ye know that internet traffic can also be bought? Think of that next time you see there are over a thousand visitors a day at Megasprayer. Or of how Chemtrail Central claims to have had over 9,000 visitors back in 2006. These places are rigged. They have been from the start, around the year 2000.

Megasprayer only recently added the visitors viewing feature. I believe that they are paying or have robot systems in place or their own "unique" sock puppets making that forum seem to be even more popular than Chemtrail Central.

One of the reasons "Aubuchont" deleted all of his CTC posts was because on one of the threads, it was clear that "Aubuchont" was also someone named Tracker. "Aubuchont" is a paid shill. I have proven that by showing how he ridiculed "chemmies" at the BradBlog. He also has at times supported Deborah/FootSoldier, a proven debunker in chemmie clothes. Recently "Aubuchont" has gone on the offensive at DebateBothSides singling out what appears to be another of his fake id's as being none other than Jay Reynolds. That is nothing new for the spook from Maine. What is new is that Deborah, also now known as Ms. ManHands from a photo of itself sent to me from her when I was at Megasprayer, has also pinned "shooter" as being Jay Reynolds.


I think Reynolds, Aubuchont, and Deborah all receive a paycheck from the same company. I believe that the existence of convoluted chemtrail forum scripts is further proof that chemtrails are real. How else to explain it?

Deborah and Megasprayer jumped the shark. They all have. But the thing with controlled opposition is that it is very difficult for real people like myself to expose them on their own controlled turf. These fockers want to be the ones to debunk each other. They wish for Jay Reynolds and Aubuchont to cancel each other out with the result being enigmas.

Deborah and Megasprayer, due to a large part of my doing, for real, have also been exposed as being disinfo plants. This is why we see how Deborah doesn't even try to hide the fact that she has been outed as being a paid shill.

Jay Reynolds has admitted to having had close ties to conspiracy theorist William Cooper. That in itself is shocking. How does a JREF freeper troll explain his close relationship to a conspiracy theorist? He can't. But what we are truly looking at is the suppression of the best evidence and theories pertaining to chemtrails. Chemtrails are obviously for the attenuation of harmful uv-b rays and for weather mitigation. Only certain aircraft are involved and none of them are commercial airliners.

Basically, this fake crowd is resorting to the old tricks. When in doubt, they ratchet up the old nonsense. Thus, you have Aubuchont and Deborah posting about Jay Reynolds. You even have Halva {Wayne Hall} reviving the same nonsense at the very same time.

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: Speaking Of Chemtrail Forum Nonsense....

Unread postby socrates » Fri Nov 28, 2008 11:07 pm


I have proven that these are fakes. But because no one else has stepped forward to support me, it is what it is. Anyway, the proven fake "Lou Aubuchont" asked how many planes does it take to create fake cloud cover. Deborah/FootSoldier said that this is a result of increased air traffic over the last 35 years. None of the other fakes took her to task. Kola showed up to astroturf that he is a native American. Does that justify his debunking geoengineering and his claims of sylphs and ufo's? Does it justify all the rubbish he has posted on chemtrails the last few years? No, it doesn't. While he has attacked Deborah at Carnicom's as CloudedReporter, I think that's the name he is using, he did not nor did Lou or Halva call her out for being a debunker. These are fakes acting out a script.

I am over at Carnicom's forum as Grhyts, I think that's how I spell it. Deborah says I am late to the party and am of little significance. She says she has met Cliff Carnicom in person. Carnicom has Jeff Rense on his new age something or other committee. I say fock them all! I have a masters in Sociology. I don't just talk out of my butthole. Everything I have done in the last few years has been from the heart and based on a semblence of academic principle. I make mistakes like anyone else. But I am no liar. I am a real dude who is sick of the chemtrails and also of the obvious psy-op propaganda concerning them.

Anyway, Halva "Wayne Hall" linked to some new chemtrail forum out of Australia. It looks like bullshite. The bottom line is that it follows the status quo of Rense, CTC, DBS, etc. tinfoil crap. It has its anti-semitism. It has its various outrageousness.

I don't give two shits that this forum consists of basically one person who stepped forward. I got the job done and will continue to try to do so in real life and here too when I can.

I have three college degrees. This forum is historic. I have proven that chemtrails are real and have shown what they are for. I have also shown who is behind the program.

Everyone else can kiss my ***. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

I give no credit to anyone else. 95% of these usernames in forums across the internet are fakes and phonies. I have it set up here so anyone can post. I have lost faith in all the lurkers. It wouldn't have taken much effort to make some posts here and there. I accumulated a lot on chemtrails and got zero help. Who helped me? And how much.

Those assholes are not real people. They are real, but their writings are scripted. They are full of **** spooks.

And to any good person who has read here but has never posted to help me out, fock you for being a chickenshit brownshirt. Am I afraid of anything? NO FOCKING WAY!
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Re: Speaking Of Chemtrail Forum Nonsense....

Unread postby socrates » Fri Dec 19, 2008 12:05 pm

Is Jazzroc also Trausti from one of the unofficial WhatReallyHappened forums? I think it is quite possible. Trausti has deleted his forum from public view. Back in the day when myself and Last_Name_Left were having a blog war, those two had a thread pertaining to this forum. It turns out that Trausti was Tuddi here, the person showing up to defend TLNL from my scathing posts.

I find it hard to believe that Trausti would have such an interest or any knowledge of chemtrails. A few days after I gave him the heave-ho, Jazzroc showed up at youtube talking about how he had been just banned from a place for debating chemtrails, and that the moderator continued to debate him even after he was gone. I had made a post in response to Tuddi/Trausti after I banned him. This was either the mother of all coincidences or Trausti is Jazzroc!

I have been posting at Carnicoms a bit. However, even with Cliff getting rid of OffAMyChain, he shows no ability to take care of the crazy believers. He says that his forum might not always exist. He says that he doesn't have time to moderate the forum. Crazy believers are the #1 problem for chemtrail awareness. As myself and Lophofo showed in the NASA's Big Bluff thread, debunkers pose no threat to disproving chemtrails.

And why doesn't Carnicom's forum past show up? Minnis has confirmed that he was indeed Canex at Chemtrail Central. Thus, we can assume he was also DogsBreath at Carnicom's. Why can't we view what could be very informative dialogue between Carnicom and Minnis?

The poster named CloudedReporter is Kola. There is another crazy believer who has shown up. Now what is up with all these fake believers? Judy0h4063 something has disappeared. She had shown up here and her address linked her to the NOAA. I busted her like I busted Morgan/OKThat'sIt from DU and the RRMB {Dem. Under. and Randi Rhodes MB}. People like that disappear. Aubuchont even disappeared a bit after I thoroughly exposed him as being a paid troll. He deleted his Chemtrail Central posts. After driving me off of DebateBothSides, however, he is back in action acting as if concrete proof has not been secured proving that he is a fraud.

Where do these people come from? Kevin Martin, BardofEly/Jazzroc, Judy, Morgan, Weatherman714, Visual Ray Wizard, on and on these forums are saturated with nutjob fakes who appear to be paid to astroturf the internet as unorganised nuttiness. I declare that the whole internet is rigged!

Anyway, Carnicom seems to be treating me good for now. I came out and blasted his associate Jeff Rense. He didn't censor or ban me, not yet anyway. He has deleted a number of inane threads including a bunch pertaining to OffAMyChain, who was FoolsBane/BryanSails here and Cydoniaquest/Yaak elsewhere. I didn't mind him doing that. I mean, I can't call it censorship. It was more of a clean-up job to maintain his policy of repetitive, ******* debunking not being allowed.

But why doesn't Cliff have the same attitude towards "believer" disinfo? Like I have said before, I don't trust Cliff Carnicom one bit. I think he knows he can't ban me or treat me wrong, or that will throw him into the Will Thomas/Mark Steadham bin of zero credibility. It's a shame that people like Rosalind Peterson and Carnicom have turned out to be the chemtrail leadership. I will say they have been a whole lot more effective than Steadham or Thomas in maintaining their positions.

Deborah/FootSoldier has taken a brutal beating from me on Carnicom's board. She even had one of her ******* long threads about anything but chemtrails scrubbed by Cliff. So for now, it appears that Carnicom is deliberately allowing me latitude at his place. Deborah said she has met Cliff. Carnicom simply cannot afford to bounce me and support FootSoldier. He already had allowed Yaak/Cydoniaquest to dominate his board for years. People like Peterson and Carnicom are trying to hold on to what they got. They do not want to fall to the wayside like Flocco, Rense, Rivero, and many other obvious fakes.

I think the paid trolls are trying to get me to attack the crazy believers. But I won't do it. I mean I won't do it in a way that is bannable.

That forum is a pit as regards to learning about chemtrails. It always has been, just like Megasprayer, CTC, DBS, and Chemtrail Central. The preponderance of the evidence shows that making chemtrails appear kooky then as normal contrails has been the overall script. But it failed. Too many mistakes were made, especially by Aubuchont. Megasprayer should also have never come out as debunkers. Deborah never should have given up making chemtrail posts.

In short, not to be a pompous ***, but I alone have taken down and exposed the whole facade of the crazy believer versus closed-minded debunker script. Most important, I was able to figure out the Deborah and Et in Arcadia Ego hidden agendas.

Chemtrails are deliberate activity. This is the only forum which has figured out who exactly are behind the chemtrails and why are they doing this.
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Re: Now they are all debunkers in chemmie clothes

Unread postby socrates » Mon Dec 29, 2008 7:50 pm


[quote="Deborah/FootSoldier"] Visual:

A Mesmerizing Look at Global Air Travel

Clark Williams-Derry
December 15, 2008 1:45 PM

Via Wired, the best YouTube video since Chocolate Rain: an animated look at 24 hours of global air travel, compressed into 72 seconds.



[quote="FootSoldier"] [quote="CDsNuTz"]
Sorry had to step away, my comment was meant to be sarcastic, there are many MORE important questions that come to mind...

It might be a good project to look into whether all or most of the air traffic in the above-posted video is made up of chem planes. That would be a question well worth following through on, I should think.

[quote="FootSoldier"] [quote="kola"]
IMO, that "imagery" was not very conclusive at all.

It was a bunch of yellow color bleeding outwards. That does not tell me much... nor does it allow me to see or count the flights.

sorry, but I don't think its beneficial at all.


No problem.

I guess you didn't read the accompanying text, though. That might help.

.....an animated look at 24 hours of global air travel, compressed into 72 seconds.....

[quote="Halva"]Kola do you think it could be beneficial to try to introduce the point into the discussion that I introduced now? (Check the link again)

From the link:

[quote="Wayne Hall/Halva"]If we are going to have a discussion about the bad effects of aircraft emissions, can we include the point that there are scientists, and presumably a latent lobby, that see such emissions not as a problem, but as a solution, employable for purposes of "geoengineering", i.e. climate change mitigation?

Why is there no public dialogue between those concerned about the amount of pollution being caused by aircraft and those who think that such pollution is beneficial?

[quote="Halva"] [quote="foot_soldier"]
It might be a good project to look into whether all or most of the air traffic in the above-posted video is made up of chem planes. That would be a question well worth following through on, I should think.

We are not going to be able to find out any such thing from official sources.

[quote="FootSoldier"]So, what would you like me to do about it?

Listen, I have thus far seen no compelling reason to modify my position on the matter being examined in this thread. In other words, I am of absolutely no use to your process.

If you wish to continue attempting to goad me into uncharacteristically unpleasant responses that is your prerogative.

You will not succeed, however, as I have no intention of being manipulated by you or anyone else.

I am not a threat to your process. That is a fact.

Thank you.

No problem.

I guess you didn't read the accompanying text, though. That might help.

I read it. i have no idea how many flights are zooming around up there. I live close to Denevr airport and col Sporings airporat and about 5 or 6 militay bases with runways. theres a shitload of traffic on some days and other days I rarely see one jet.

as for "worldwide" air travel? ...I haven't a clue. ....yeah those yellow ink bleeds look impressive but again it tells me nothing. Is it possible to get a print out of all commercial flights on a worldwide basis? The military won't release ****.

[quote="Kola"] [quote="halva"]
Kola do you think it could be beneficial to try to introduce the point into the discussion that I introduced now? (Check the link again)

wayne, I have said this long ago. i would rather call it "jet pollution"..... than chemtrails or "persistant contrails."

But ya know wayne, this **** is going to continue as long as they money to fund it. The only hope of stopping this is a global depression..a financial meldown...which then initiates revolution and chaos. Greece is rebelling..and if you have seen, they are using police as agent provocateurs..just as I said they would do.

imo chemtrails are weakening immune systems, altering the weather and clouding radar signals. Later on they will be used more intensely to sicken populated areas. They will fog us like cockroaches. Have you seen california lately? (and IMO one of the hardest hit area for chemtrails). Cali is in a steady thick fog 24/7 and they are spraying for the gypsy moth as well.

[quote="FootSoldier"] [quote="kola"]
Is it possible to get a print out of all commercial flights on a worldwide basis? The military won't release ****.

All the resources you need to get that kind of information are right here in this thread.

The name of the thread is titled "Normal Contrails: Some Sanity."

chemtrails are real. chemtrail forums are not.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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