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May41970 has given me permission to post some of our recent e-mails. The slugs over at DebateBothSides are making it impossible to have good chemtrail threads. Thus, we have been sending emails back and forth to take deep breaths, that we are face to face with low level spooks and nutcases.

It is no fun to be aware of chemtrails. We are two people who happened to show up at around the same time to Chemtrail Central in 2006 and have since discovered that all the major chemtrail forums have been and still are being besieged by fake believers. The astroturfing motive is to portray chemtrails as kooky.

Interesting Article I found.
Just skimmed over it once so far, but this one line caught my eye. Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to come out with an attack on Lou. Unless you've got something really solid on him, that is.

But it does kind of add up, doesn't it?

Is it common knowledge that Lou is ex-navy intelligence? Who is used to large-scale military exercises?

"A former US Navy Intelligence courier, Aubuchont was used to large-scale military exercises. But he told S.T. he had never seen anything this big. "It looked like an invasion," he later recounted."


That's a Will Thomas Article
I haven't read much Will Thomas, but the fact that he references Mark Steadham and Lou in the same article doesn't look good - perhaps Will's just gullible.

But the other thing I keep thinking - Will Thomas makes money off chemtrails. Same as Alex Jones makes money off 911 conspiracy. It rubs me the wrong way.

And Soc, I like it when you call me "chief." In fact, it reminds me of my all time favorite novel - Ken Kesey's "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest." And maybe in a way, I kind of am like "chief broom" and you're like MacMurphy. (don't confuse the book with the movie. Movie's good, but so watered down that the real message is lost) The book, on the other hand, after my third reading at the age of 30-hit some part of me and changed the whole direction of my life. My life would have been a lot easier and happier if I had never read it. Or at least if it had never touched me.

In my view, the book is about making decisions as you go through life - and which direction is the best: the smart way or the right way? Like if we were smart, soc, we'd stop banging our heads on the wall; we'd decide that we are outnumbered and give up.

I'm glad that I seldom, if ever choose the smart way. Unfortunately, the only rewards for such decisons are ridicule, poverty, unhappiness. Sometimes worse, if you live in the wrong part of the earth. Hell, but at least when I die (many decades from now I hope), that I can go with real peace.

Maybe more on that another day.

But PLEASE, if you want to call me "chief," don't word the same word on pieces of shit like thermit. I know it's a minor slip up for you, but it means something to me.

socrates I'm not gonna come out and say that Dewey189 is disinfo , but I am starting to think she might be based on how she isn't really differentiating between what Halva and Kola do and what we do. This is how they keep preying on us. Swampgas? Who wouldn't have wanted to believe he was for real, or alcon777, who wouldn't want to see a pilot come out with "proof" of chemtrails?

They are having a laugh on the world, people like alcon777, Lou, Swamp, they are like Robert Taylor of AONN Records, just having a big laugh.

Deep down they hate peaceniks. I bet they love the military and think U.S. aircraft should be able to do whatever they want anytime. Maybe they think it's just contrails and air force training. Maybe they think chemtrails are real but are good for us, so therefore it's a good thing to present chemtrails as kooky. Perhaps they are simply making a buck off of their head games and cynically don't care one way or the other.
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socrates: Wow, I never knew Aubuchont was "intelligence", that is kind of creepy.

One of the reasons I went to Gastronamus Cafe was cause Lou and Swamp were there. I had already known that Lou's chick was a prominent part of a Will Thomas paper. Very interesting. It could be used next time Lou posts something stupid.

Will Thomas has written a book on chemtrails. I like Will Thomas because he really seems logical. I lean toward him being a decent dude from Canada.

At CTC, there are a couple of threads attacking Will Thomas, including an ad hominem from Thermit. Lord Reynolds has gone after him quite a bit.

may41970: Okay, dude - this is a real nutty idea. Well, maybe it's nutty. I've been rolling some shit over in my head for a couple months, here's where it's going... Damn, I'm drunk now, but all of these ideas came to me when I was sober....

Maybe you can just stick this in your chemtrails box as one more possibility

Back at Democratic Underground, you posted about how the ct's often seem to occur in the evening, in front of the sun. And one particular "science expert" demonstrated how you were full of shit. Great post he made, but it was wrong and illogical - if you haven't figured out why yourself, just ask, I'll post you later and tell you why I think so....

Anyways, on my jog tonight, I saw chemtrails being sprayed between me and the sun. As I often see. And a new idea came to me.

What would be the simplest, easiest way for the chemtrail planes to spread their aerosols out as evenly as possible? Simple. Half the earth is dark and half the earth is light, at every moment. So wouldn't that bright/dark line separating night from day, that moves at some 1,000/mph or whatever over the earth's surface be the perfect guide? Just spray over that white dark line, and even coverage is guaranteed. Simplicity itself.

And if this were being done, then of course chemtrails would always seem to appear deliberately spread in front of the sun. Just use a lamp and a baseball in a dark room, and you'll see where my theory's coming from.

socrates: I have seen a few times trails at night/morning, the ones you see with the moon's help. Most of the time i see them already a bit spread out when the sun rises, i see them spray a lot at late am to 1ish. I see a lot of it starting at 3 pmish up to when it gets dark.

I understand what the 'scientist" was saying, and hopefully I was able to articulate the idea better. It most often seems that the target for the aerosols has to do with the sun's location. No matter where I am, unless it is an all-out assault, the planes seem to be trying to block out the sun.

When I think of chemtrail grids, I am thinking that hundreds upon hundreds of square miles are being worked on. This is why I don't think that videos and photos do the greatest justice in showing how vast the project is. I also believe it doesn't take that many planes to create the massive fake cloud cover. This is another reason why I don't think all aircraft are involved, unlike foot soldier and big bunny and quite a bunch of other fools and fakes.

If chemtrail forums were real, all sorts of ideas would have already been figured out. I have seen others post agreeing with this idea of the sun being a target. Do you think a big part of chemtrails is to block out the sun?

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did you see dewey's latest post?

Now that was highly informative. Thanks Lou. I have a good grasp of aerosol science relating to the behavior of particulates, etc. in the breathing zone of humans, but I do not have a background on the behavior of aerosols in the upper atmosphere. What I'm trying to find is something that relates to the ultimate impact of this practice on the air quality that humans breathe, i.e., what components in the the chemtrails ends up in the human breathing zone, how many miles from the spraying do the components "drop", etc. The epidemiological issues rely on that information and I just can't find it, but I'm convinced that if evidence is found that the impact of spraying is detrimental to human health, people will notice. That link, so far, has not been made.

and I thought she didn't know anythng about the atmosphere. I had assumed that her "scientific" field of expertise was something to do with being a professional witness in court cases or medicine or some such.

I'm not saying she's fake, but I am suggesting that her expert scientific testimony which she offers to lawyers might not be enough to pay the bills.
may41970: I'm not pushing you to accuse dewey of anything. I'll do it myself. But I'd like to know what you think...have I missed something? Is there anything my thinking on Dewey that's incorrect of not logical?

may41970: Couple things:

1) My recent couple weeks of posting on chemtrails burns a hell of a lot of energy. I don't know how you do it soc. I'm gonna need to take a few days off. These people; this topic, these forums - at least from my side, drain me. Even when I'm off the net, the evil and poison from these monsters leaves me feeling tired and ill and joyless. I will try to force myself to take a break for a few days. The net is a dark place, but i think these boards are the darkest corner you can find.

These boards are as close to coming face to face with pure evil than anything i can imagine. Like you say, these "people" we post with are part of the reason our blue skies have been stolen for years, and nobody even notices. I'll try to force myself to take a break.

2) The Thomas Article I linked to you about says that Lou first noticed chemtrails in 1997. So....does that make Lou the first publically acknowledged person in the world to have noticed chemtrails?

Also, I did searches on his partner, the radio reporter, "S.T. Brendt".

Also did searches on her director at the radio station, I think it was "Richard Dean". Nothing new about him at all.

So wtf? Lou, the navy intelligence officer, was the first person in the USA to publically get credit for seeing chemtrails? If you can find anyone accredited with noticing chemtrails before that time, do your best! It's freaking weird. No new news about Brendt. No new news about Dean.

I dont know the point of bringing this up. It seems convoluted, but I can't explain why.

3) Did you say you can't visit Rigorous Institution? Did you ever visit it? Cause I came across a very interesting (and somewhat non-linear feeling, in the "Innocent Bystander" style) from if i recall correctly from Aug., 2006. It ssaid something about chem 11 going against thermit and jay reynolds and stuff. If you haven't seen the thread, I'll copy it and send it to you.

4) I hope you realize that my post to Dewey that I made is a test. I also hope I wasn't too obvious (at least to anyone other than you.) If you did see my post and thought I was suggesting that "sylphs" are a topic worthy of serious consideration, then you don't know me as well as I hope. (please tell me you grinned when you saw my post)

If Dewey says anything other than that "SYLPH'S ARE TOTAL BULLSHIT," I think you're going to have to find a new signature. I'd be honored to call her out as a fake, too. And yeah, what's the deal with her suddenly talking to kola?

Time after time, your suspiciouns prove true.

5) speaking of proven true, weatherman714's response to my post is proof to me that he's worthless, but do you think there's any chance that the kid is totally insane? I want to call him out as a fake, I want to make it clear that he failed to address my challenge, but (on the off chance that he's a sick kid) - I don't want to hurt hm. Or maybe I should just call him out as a fake in a kind way, and suggest that he goes to his "jesus camp" to solve his problems. I'll figure out something.

Take it easy, and I'm gonna do my best to stay off the boards for a few days. I really need my energy back.

may41970: I want to get a break - and the weekends are a busy time for me. but I''ve got to hang on over the weekend, best i can. I keep checking back, though I wanna stop.

Kola has just destroyed every last vestige of his credibility. It doesn't any longer matter if we can "prove" him a fake. He might even be out of a job. As long as DBS stays straight and doesn't delete his posts, he will NEVER outlive his words tonight. He's trying to hide beneath some facade of being "an indian" being "tied to the earth", pure soul with the spirit of eagles.

More confirmation that these low-level spooks are really low level clerks. Could they be any more stupid?

No matter, Kola will NEVER be able to downplay his crazy posts, unless he removes them and they also disappear from google cache.

Victory, dude, and they did it to themselves. Kola is down for the count.

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I sent this private message to Dewey189, but she never wrote back.
"Why you shouldn't lump us all together"
yes..dewey could be a "fake"..lol..or could be another jeff reynold username. kola
This is the same Kola who has been trolling these boards the last couple of years. Yes, he can seem funny and charming, etc.. Yet, this is the same Kola who thinks sylphs can bust up "chemtrails".

There is no way to get an honest chemtrail discussion going on anywhere on the internet because of these paid fakes.

Every post I make is followed by some childish comment by Kola. Everytime I try to stay on topic, these asshats come out of the woodwork. Yes, I see u now realize what Halva is, but Halva is just the tip of the iceberg.

But thanks for staying openminded.

She did make the following public posting:
dewey189: In case you haven't noticed, this entire board is full of assholes and interacting with them is yet another hobby of mine. It's probably a sign of mental illness, but....

Like I said before, I need to see them [chemtrails] before I take action, but trust me, I will take action if and when I do. And I don't care what they're saying about you, Jeff, I trust you and that has to count for something.

Perhaps this is the best closure there will be to figuring out "Dewey".

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socrates: They want us to feel drained. They want us to feel like there is no way to combat against their fake numbers, be it Kevin Martin, greenman, mmmmbarium to swamp, big bunny, halva, to kola to lou to thermit. I am drained too. Our job must entail posting quality over quantity.

I have had this new thought about Kevin Martin. He is a strawman for strawmen. You are right about how "they" are trying to post more on chemtrails, trying to retake control of the boards. but it is too late for them. Their achilles heel is that they want people to think they are the bigtime chemtrail posters while still seeming kooky without seeming deliberately kooky.

Breaks are good. We need to be careful too. If we just post anything, we are gonna make mistakes. Remember, revenge is a dish best served cold, and quality is better than quantity.

I used to read at the Rigorous Intuition forum a lot because it had plenty of fake chemtrail posts, a lot of similar type of crap Kola used to post at Carnicom's before he got banned.

At Megasprayer I ripped Jeff Wells in the fight club for allowing this type of crap, but Chem11 then supported him. I signed up at R.I. as "NotBuyingIt". It took about a week before I was able to log on. Then a few days later, I went to make my first post. I got a message saying sorry you are banned from this website. I asked Jeff Wells in his blog about it, and he responded that he had heard that I was a disruptive element. So basically Swampgas had given "et in Arcadia ego" my ip address, and I was banned before even making one post. Truth.

If you want to, you could track down some goofy shit from there and put it up on the new sylph thread at DBS to show how there are forces out their deliberately trying to make "chemtrails" appear kooky. Some of this stuff is so insane, the educate-yourself type crap, that I see no other explanation. It's like those supermarket tabloids. Does anyone actually believe any of that crap, or is it just 'for entertainment purposes only'? Or is it to trap anyone new to chemtrails into believing that chemtrails are kooky?

It is strange how Dewey is interacting with these people so much. I totally understood your test with her. I have written a new post backing you up, asking her pointblank about 'tinfoil by association'. Strangely enough, Dewey is now agreeing with Halvar, thanking him for saying that she answered your questions. Deep breaths, friend. Wax on, wax off, wax on wax off-- You know that one? It's from the Karate Kid. That was Arnold from Happy Days. Wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off.

I think Weatherman714 is a fake. I think he is Ed Snell/cydoniaquest. This is tough to prove, so I just will say that this is how it feels.

But if you want to go to rigorous intuition and grab some threads with marykmusic and dragon, they are related to Don Croft from educate-yourself. Wells finally banned the dragon, but seriously, the best way to go forward is to keep our chins up.

You called it though, how "they" are trying to reinsert Lou and the others as chemtrail forum gatekeepers. I think "they" really wanted to have chemtrail boards slow down to a trickle, but with real people still here and there on the internet making chemtrail posts, and now with their fakery being exposed, "they" seem to have decided to up their number of chemtrail postings. It's too little, too late though.

Yes, they are idiots. I still don't understand why Swamp and all these "characters" have completely imploded. Why was it decided to have Lou A. start sounding nutty with his ever increasing support of tinfoil? Why don't these "chemmies" ever wonder about the fake believers? With swamp it was always ed snell this, ed snell that, as if chemtrail fakery was predominantly about some lone wingnut trolling.

It's a mind f^ck, but not if you don't let it get to ya. There's gotta be plenty of folks out there in cyberville who witnessed the same shit as we have. We can't be the only two people to start viewing these forums at the same time and start wondering about the craziness. There has to be people from the past too who lurked and saw this shit we went through and said to themselves yes, those new kids are right.

Dude, I've tracked down tons of posts by Kola proving that he has been over the top kooky.

Have fun with this, or be nice to yourself and get away from it it. Neither of us should feel the weight of this crap on our shoulders alone. And like you have said, they end up exposing themselves anyway.

I gave Kola the chance to back the "f" off of me. He didn't. Now he is gonna get slammed bigtime. Sadly, this is a game in a way.

Kola will be exposed just like weatherfraud was, then anyone who still supports their crap will be seen as being involved, such as with lou aubuchont, Mr. Navy intelligence. I didn't read close enough to see that Lou was navy intelligence. That was a good find by you. so he just wasn't navy, he was intelligence. these spooks are retarded. i know retard can be a mean word, but these people are retarded. And Lou was the first person ever to witness chemtrails back in 1997. By coincidence his girlfriend was some radio reporter who ended up taking the "DeepSky" interviews. How convenient.

Be nice to urself. we are winning, they are losing.

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I never asked you for any personal information, and as I am not a douchebag, I will never reveal anything you told me. I am sorry if posting your chemtrail thoughts has made you feel uncomfortable.

I don't see what the point is any longer in posting at DBS. These assholes are clearly working on the same team, be it Lou, Halva, and Big Bunny to Lord Reynolds and Ed Snell. I believe that there are 5-10 people/agents covering every discussion anywhere on the internet as regards to chemtrails. Remember how Lou tried to make me out to be a snob for pointing out his spelling? I am not a snob, it's just in order to maintain a character, they make them have the same stupid consistent mistakes. Maybe people like ourselves have one or two words we get wrong a lot, but who would keep getting your/you're wrong, too/to wrong. They are also starting to all call me Jeffy-Boy. CDNuts, Increase, Lou, and Kola all sound very similar, even Swampgas, big Joe, etc., they all sound so similar. They even have an Ed Snell kind of feel to their words.

I hate these assholes, and it doesn't seem to matter how calm and rational either of us are. It doesn't seem to matter to them how insane they sound. I don't mind Dewey coming around and believing in chemtrails, but I am sick and tired of her being nice to the assholes.

I too am fed up with the whole thing. I am not sure any longer what is the point of the chemtrail postings. I am not saying I am giving up, but that it is beyond ridiculous what they are posting, both the "believers" and "debunkers". It's like we have won the baseball game 12-3, but these creeps are saying this game goes for 187,000 innings, not nine.

So next time you wonder if weatherman714 is just crazy and not a fake, that is the art of the psy-op, to keep making us have doubts.

Yeah, Lou sounds like a lunatic. They all do. You nailed it when you theorised that they are trying to just lump us all into the one boat. They are trying to "circumscribe" us into the wheels of oppression. This is because we have been effective in exposing them. Do you think I should keep posting at DBS? I am starting to think there isn't much more that I can do over there. It is impossible to debate with insane posts. You are correct that we have come face to face with pure evil.

Lou's answer to you says it all. He reiterated that fake posters are "debunkers". He didn't have anything to say about crazy "believers". He had nothing to say about the Kent State posts. Why should I keep posting there, when it just makes me want to track these asshats down and put a hurt on them. Why should I even contemplate going to Maine to find Lou A. and talk to him? Why should I see if I could get into a self defense situation to then knock the shit out of him? That is all I am getting out of any of them, that they want us to be confused and end up with a range of emotions that aren't healthy.

I still think we won in some way. I have seen this before on message boards. The lone one or two who knocked down sock puppets understood that it was futile to make camp on enemy turf. So they made their points and left.

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I have given you moderator status. I am thinking it could be time to open this place up and see if there are likeminded people out there who would like to participate.

I am also thinking it will be a never ending battle to keep trying to expose the fakes on both sides of the script. I believe that it is quite obvious that there is this fake script, that this hasn't really been that big a discovery, that we simply have been the first to be vocal in posting about it. Any ideas? We could start putting this website in our signatures. I have a few friends who have come around and believe that chemtrails are real. They like comps, have my space pages, maybe I could ask them to sign up here.

I do believe that quality is better than quantity, and that we don't need to reinvent the wheel. Perhaps we need to get a few threads going that are strictly about chemtrails. I do believe that people should be aware of fake scripts and the tinfoil by association, but I also think the chemtrails in themselves are even more important to focus on. Maybe this is another reason why the paid trolls are trying to get us to focus primarily on them. They don't care if they appear insane, they wish us to be lumped into that group also, plus all this focus on fake chemtrail board scripts keeps folks from discussing the actual reason why real people would even care about reading chemtrail boards. People want to know what is going on above us, and what can we do to get it stopped.

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may41970 wrote:That's quite an honor for you to make me a moderator, especially after I gave you some shit. Thanks for the support, man. Lou's post kinda made my whole day suck, even though I know I shouldn't give him that power.
You don't have to believe me, but I think you might agree at some point, but 85-95% of all chemtrail posters at the major boards are fakes. Look at DebateBothSides(.com). Who in their right mind would post there? Just look at the onslaught of both trolling and insanity of late. When I went to DBS after getting "tombstoned" by DemocraticUnderground, it was quiet. I was able to power out the ideas quick before the paid numbnuts arrived.

I am not a snob, but heck yeah, I am well-educated in a Liberal Arts way. Because of a family situation, I had plenty o'time to write. We started chemtrail posting at the same time. We both know what is up. Now while a lot of people might think we are obsessed, I beg to differ. It was just a matter of being somewhere in life at a certain time.

It is just that those who are aware of the chemtrailing feel a fundamental need to spread the truth of what is so obvious. I never in my life have thought that crazy websites truly do screw us royally until you recently pointed out how Dewey189 was lumping us all into the same group. I don't think she did it on purpose. Look at it this way. What is not new to us is completely new to her. Maybe she is just a shallow person or maybe she does not see the influence of her words that we do. It drives me a bit nuts too. Sometimes it looks like she's lumping us all in together, but the next she seems to be rooting for our outlook, AND calling Halva a woodtick and implying Kola is a nutjob too with his thunderbeings. Maybe her life is so busy, plus she has developed defense mechanisms to post at a wide open shitfest like DBS.

Now don't get me wrong. I love Native-Americans as I love all races and ethnicities and whatnot. I just agree with you that he was pushing the image too much. It seems scripted. Kind of like it feels scripted when Kevin Martin, the self-proclaimed new "american hitler" revealed himself as autistic. It was too "I am gonna be rude, but I am autistic, so go with it plz."

Or Lou, "I am Mr. Woodsman with a cranky back. Pepperidge Farm Remembers.... The Maine."

"Your" gonna tell me "you're" name isn't the date of Kent State's saddest day? That is how Lou always spells those words, just like Kola shoves his fictitious "Native-American heritage" in the reader's face.
I just made a short post at DBS, that I probably shouldn't have. Forgive me dude, I'm human too. I don't know if Dewey's real or not, but I just don't feel so good about her yet.
I thought you made a short post being sarcastic about Kola being funny and just saying good on you Dewey189 for being openminded with chemtrails.

Lou's post put a damper on my whole day. Hurt my classes even. I really want to answer as to WHY I asserted that Lou carried unsealed documents, or WHY I asserted that Brendt was his romantic partner, or WHY I don't need to tell the world my name, or WHY may and socrates are not the same person.
That "Ender" dude at WRH- He sounds like Lord Reynolds but with odd twists. He blames everything on "Jews", just like Kola and Swampgas. Kola wrote Jewliani. Swamp wrote zionasi. But anyway, to the point, "Ender" was calling the normal person a psy-op agent. That's the same thing the other side is doing now. I am sure letting the reader decide is working in our favour.

But don't ever let these asshats ruin your day. You can very well try to ask Lou those questions, but think about this. How many of your questions has he already ignored? Like you said, they don't mind appearing irrational. Like you said, they are trying to get readers to lump us in all together.
I want to ask him, "If I am on ignore, then how/why did you read my post?" And, "why am I on ignore?" "Since when?" I want to know which post I made that made him angry at me.
The first question is legit, especially if you copy and paste and show clearly that he has credibility problems with his statements. The second one, it is like when you think Weatherman714 might just be crazy. He isn't. Kola isn't. None of them are. Halva isn't. They are reading from some astroturfing manual. They are so arrogant as to believe they can push all the buttons, that they can always figure out a way back to their fake equilibrium between tinfoil by association and everything is an enigma. So when we let our guard down, like I did with Swampgas, then they just start trying to toy with us.

Anyhow, it's an honor that you've made me a moderator here. When I get some time, I'll try to figure out how it all works.
Yeah fill me in when you figure it out. I thought with you 12 hours away we'd have fairly decent coverage in case someone nasty shows up. Also remember Cydoniaquest and Duncan Kunz, how they deleted many of their posts. A defense against that is to hit the quote button more.

There have just got to be more real people out there - whether believers or disbelievers.
Yeah, as long as they are real, I don't mind. Dewey189 was a real debunker, and now she says she witnessed a six hour assault. I have a few friends who believe in them now. Today I spoke with a real estate lady and mentioned how there were no fake clouds today. She said, "what?"

I said there were no fast jets, around 5-10 of them zipping back and forth with some zigzags and then wait a few hours, and bam, massive fake cloud cover. I then asked her if she knew what I was talking about. Honest truth- she answered, "you know, I have noticed that before, but I never thought about it that way."

I think 98% are aware of the same thing we are, but for one reason or another, only about 15-20% of people know about "chemical trails" the way we do. Chemtrails are friggin pretty obvious if you ask me. I'm pumped if Dewey189 is for real. I am not surprised she finally saw them and now believes in them. It's not that tough to explain to people, especially when they are happening in real time.

I'll try to get my wife to start visiting this board and posting stuff too, though I don't know if you'll like what she says.
This is a big board. Right now there is nothing below, and other sections can be created also. If she wants to ever talk chemtrails, I am right here. If she doesn't fine. But if she does like forums, this is a brand new spiffy place.

{p.s. freeforums.org has a message board with great feedback and technical assistance. I signed up, so if there are any problems, questions, or suggestions, just let me know or sign up.}