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Steven Hertzberg Needs to be Investigated for Fraud

manufactured grassroots, disinfo, and insidious marketing

The intro

Unread postby socrates2 » Tue Oct 30, 2007 2:10 am

If you want to write a short essay, a couple paragraphs, etc., please do.
The new intro could easily be added to the start of the big thread.

It's really not as complicated as it seems.
The last few days were tough, but thankfully it got tidied up.

There are always gonna be some shallow people.
But there are also plenty of good, thoughtful folks into the truth just like us.

This Is Too Good To Be Buried

Unread postby socrates » Sun Nov 04, 2007 7:00 pm

I apologize for the tons of stuff compiled on Hertzberg.
I just felt this was necessary in order to get at the big picture
and ensure he wouldn't get away with any cover up.

The following to me says it all.

stevenstevensteven's Journal at DemocraticUnderground


Just in case the above image gets deleted:
Good for Ohio
Posted by stevenstevensteven in Election Reform
Wed Feb 14th 2007, 07:23 PM
Damschroder is clearly the best candidate for the job. He's one of the smartest and most capable election official in the nation. He'll do more for election transparency and accountability than anyone else in Ohio. Election reformers who are able to remain objective and non-partisan should be supportive of this positive development.
Discuss (0 comments)

He also left the same post here on a different thread.

Matt Damschroder
Created by Jami
Matt Damschroder
Type Individual
Position Election chair 2004
Political Party Republican

Matt Damschroder's Friends:

Karl Rove

Damschroder, who was supposed to count Ohio votes, met with Karl Rove on election day 2004.


George W. Bush

On election day 2004, the head of an Ohio election board met with George Bush and Karl Rove.


Ken Blackwell

The two Republicans in charge of counting Ohio votes met with George Bush and Karl Rove on election day 2004.


Republican National Committee

Damschroder was Franklin County, Ohio Republican Party chair.


Diebold election systems

Damschroder said he wouldn't take Diebold's $10,000 bribe to use Diebold voting machines, but the county GOP he'd chaired would be happy to have it. He took the check and mailed it himself.


Let's add one more friend to the list.
Mr. Steven Hertzberg of the Election Science Institute-
a big fan of Ron Paul and Leo Laporte



Here one can see him on video.
Cuyahoga Board of Elections Attacks ESI after its Primary Election Audit
google video link
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Election Fraud In New Hampshire?

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jan 11, 2008 1:20 am

So who are we to believe about the ramifications of the 2004 Ohio exit polls, Steven Hertzberg or the professor from Princeton? People need to understand that Hertzberg was Navari at BreakForDisinfoNews. They need to see how that represents that Hertzberg is probably a paid, disinformation agent. How else does it add up? What about all that work he's done for the nutjob Ron Paul? The threads at this place clearly show there is something very fishy about Hertzberg's internet presence.

Now to take this a step further, consider how he was in personal contact with the strawman for the idea of internet fakery. Fintan Dunne came out a few years back with a list he said included CIA internet fakes. At the time, his list made a lot of sense. We all can sense disinformation. It's not a tough stretch to wonder about Rivero, Alex Jones, and Jeff Rense. But who else did Dunne have on his list? The Brad Blog. Beverly Harris. That Hertzberg and Dunne are now forever tied at the hip implies to me that the BradBlog is actually legit. That dude has been in the forefront reporting about election fraud. Bev Harris is another story. One that I am not sure I can figure out. Fintan Dunne and Hertzberg are obvious fakes. Dunne used to write for Rumour Mill News, a total whackjob website. He has stated before that he has deciphered an alien language. Fakes like this don't come out and make it easy for us to see they are total nutjobs. It takes time and effort to tie together loose pieces.

Hertzberg being exposed was a huge piece of the puzzle. Seeing how he has been such a big fan of the now obvious fake, Fintan Dunne, it is easier to see that BradBlog has credibility.

Brad and his website are all over the ******** results out of the New Hampshire primary. Here are some links.

But first, oh my, Hertzberg's buddy Damschroder is under investigation for election fraud.

Ohio SoS Announces Investigation of Franklin County Board of Elections (Finally!)
All Eyes on Diebold's Man in Franklin, the Dirty Matt Damschroeder...

Tribune Media: MSM Failed to Note 'Hackable Diebold Red Flags' in New Hampshire Primary Results

7 Point Swing for Clinton Over Obama in NH's Diebold Precincts

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NSA-Affiliated IP Ranges?

Unread postby socrates » Mon Apr 21, 2008 5:32 pm

Are Hertzberg and AnonymousArmy the same person? Are they associates?


Latest Updated NSA-Affiliated IP Resources
From cryptome.org
22 October 2007 [/b]

Abacus America Inc. [NSA-affiliated IP range]
San Diego CA US -
ns2.abac.com []
ns1.abac.com []






I'm not sure about the NSA angle, but it appears that RonPaulOnline and those others were being hosted on government domains.

Abacus America Inc.




I've since become friends again with sluggoJD.

He once went toe to toe with AnonymousArmy.

Holy Kos trolls Batman! AnonymousArmy is Free Republic's good friend!

[quote="John Dean"]Here is the original WHOIS info for scamdy.com from 6/3/05:

Domain servers in listed order:

here is original WHOIS info for anonymousarmy.com from 6/3/05:

Domain servers in listed order:


you only know that because I was honest enough to tell you I sent them to my old hosting company you disingenuous piece of crap.



The current whois for HeartMountainGroup.com doesn't have the ip address or mention of Abacus America Inc..


People should look at some of that exchange between John and AA. The guy admitted he was involved with the scamdy.com thing. His language and debating skills were way too foul. It reminded me of when Navari threatened DrewTerry at BreakForDisinfoNews.

This guy AA was way out of his league with sluggoJD.


Buddy go play in traffic.

Every time I post about RWers you claim its designed to trick people. But if anyone actually clicked the first links at the top of this piece of **** diary they would see clearly I have been posting about Plame since day one, and about gannon, and those are but two of many examples.

Note that Stephenson and leopold both talked so much **** about those two subjects that anyone with an ounce of credibility would have been calling them on it.

You have none so I'm not surprised you try and battle me instead.

Let's make rope!
by AnonymousArmy

I read some of MrNiceGuyDied over at DemocraticUnderground. In the Booman thread sluggoJD pointed out that was AA's name there, and AA didn't deny it. MrNiceGuyDied was 90% of the time on Terry Schiavo threads.

Just to clear it up, the Troll ******* was MrNiceGuyIsDead

Skinner explains why MrNiceGuyDied was "tombstoned."

About the Andy Stephenson situation

Many of you have been following the posts about Andy Stephenson's surgery for pancreatic cancer, and a large number of you have been generous enough to donate to the cause. I am touched by how big-hearted this community is when it comes to our attention that one of our own is in need. Earlier today someone claimed that the entire thing was a hoax to scam our members out of their money.

Allow me to be clear: I have my own opinion about whether this is legit or a hoax, but it is only that: an opinion. I do not know the truth. It has long been the policy of Democratic Underground not to vouch for anyone who uses this website in order to raise money, and we have not done so in this case. It is our preference to let our members weigh the evidence, and decide for themselves if they feel comfortable donating or not.

Our policy of not verifying anyone should not be interpreted as a statement about the legitimacy of any claim, including this one. Put yourself in our position. If we say "we think this is legit" then we might help someone in need, but we are personally responsible if it turns out to be a hoax. But if we say "we don't think this is legit" then we might protect people from being scammed, but there is a chance that a person in need goes without help. So, we're kinda stuck.

The problem is made worse by the fact that we all know that the potential for abuse is huge. A group of people just raised a huge amount of money -- twice as much money in two weekends than DU itself raises during any of its week-long quarterly fund-drives. And they didn't even have to provide any proof whatsoever. (Again, let me repeat: This is not a statement on the legitimacy of Andy Stephenson's situation. I'm just trying to be honest about the issues involved.)

Here's what we all know.

Some people have raised a large amount of money -- mostly from the members of Democratic Underground, but also from some other websites -- which they claim will be used to pay for surgery for Andy Stephenson at Johns Hopkins University Hospital. They say the surgery was supposed to be today, but it was postponed.

Earlier today, a DU member by the name of MrNiceGuyDied posted a few messages claiming that he had been in contact with a Dr. Cameron at Johns Hopkins University Hospital, who told him that this was a hoax.

Then, a DU member by the name of qanda started a thread claiming the same thing. The thread by qanda did not mention the posts by MrNiceGuyDied. In the thread, qanda gave the impression that qanda had called Dr. Cameron and was told that this was a hoax.

All hell broke loose. The moderators and I had to step in and lock all the threads.

qanda posted an apology in my thread which said this: "I apologize for starting the thread questioning the story about Andy. I am way too cynical, and should not have been so quick to believe someone who had no clue." So, qanda seems to be saying that their thread was based on the post by MrNiceGuyDied, but that is not clear.

Here's what you don't know.

MrNiceGuyDied is a troll. He was formerly banned from DU under half a dozen other usernames, all of which were heavily involved in stirring up trouble on the BBV issue. There is absolutely no reason to take any of his posts seriously.

qanda sent me a private message apologizing for the thread. After I sent her a rude response (I'm sorry, I was very angry), qanda said that they did in fact call Dr. Cameron. So that is the context of the thread.

Other people have sent me private messages vouching for Andy.

I did not want to share this piece of information, but in light of recent events, I think that DU members need to know that the administrators actually do care about what get posted here. Even though we don't vouch for people, we have been very concerned about the possibility for abuse.

When the goal for the fund drive suddenly changed from $25,000 to $50,000, we started to get concerned. Last week I called Johns Hopkins Hospital to try to verify that Andy Stephenson is actually getting surgery. Every person I talked to gave me the same answer: Federal privacy laws forbid them from disclosing the names of patients. I want to be clear: My actions are not a reflection on Andy or any other members of this website. I was hoping to quietly verify Andy's story myself, and nobody would be the wiser.

Yesterday, as part of my search, I was directed to an individual at Johns Hopkins with the job title of "patient representative". We have been playing phone tag since then, so we haven't talked yet. Given the previous responses, I am pretty doubtful that she can help us out.

Given that this has become an issue, I think we all need to do what we can to put all the concerns to rest

I think that Andy Stephenson obviously wants to set the record straight and clear his name. And I would like to put the concerns of the DU membership to rest. Here's what I propose.

Andy Stephenson and I need to talk this out on the telephone. He needs to somehow release Johns Hopkins Hospital from their privacy restrictions so they can talk to me directly and verify that the surgery is taking place, and verify that it does cost somewhere in the neighborhood of $50,000.

Then, we will report back to you, and all these concerns will be put to rest. I will send Andy Stephenson a private message with our office phone number.

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding as we work our way through this.
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Unread postby socrates » Fri Jun 27, 2008 5:17 pm

The following post got deleted by Agent 99 of the BradBlog for being off-topic and too long. She did say I could post it at the end of a thread.

{on edit: The post didn't get deleted after all. Brad responded to my post and fixed things I had messed up on. I had a couple other questions, but he is busy on the road, so they may never get answered. But according to Brad, ~A is not Hertzberg and used to work for Raw Story. The thread can be read here.

My follow up post:

Hi Brad, thanks for the information. I don't think I was making any accusations. Some questions do remain. What was that fifty state voting irregularity study? Why does ~A refer to election fraud as vote fraud? Why is Raw Story linking to Madsen?

Sorry for getting that indictment story wrong. Wow. So it's true that there were sealed indictments against Karl Rove? Where is the proof? I don't see anything except truthout.org as a source.

Sorry for any excessive "tweaking."

{end of edit}

Nice, this is a perfect thread for me to post on. Claims have been made, falsely, that BradBlog became an internet force because of its coverage of the Clinton Curtis dog story. There was AnonymousArmy at DailyKos running his mouth off about it being a planted story. AA was also well-known for being right in the middle of the scripted election integrity forum rubbish. There was also a "Fintan Dunne" who took the same angle. Now the Clinton dog story is but one story. And my condolensces go to Mr. Curtis, albeit years later.

There are other strange happenings on the internet which are tough to put into words. There was the Jason Leopold thing, with saying Bush and Cheney had been indicted. There's this Wayne Madsen character who strangely enough gets linked to by Raw Story. There is much more I could say as regards to other internet personalities who are linked. In short, there has been a deliberate attempt to stymie freedom of association on the internet by raising noise to signal ratios. There was someone named ~A who had a blog called Watching the Watchers. He linked to many progressive sites including Brad's Velvet Revolution and Raw Story. Here is a wayback machine article written by ~A called My personal experience with Bev Harris' Caustic Personality. If this link ever gets scrubbed, the paper was screenshot and is available at my humble forum.

To quote ~A:

She is doing good work, and she is a patriot, don't get me wrong. I like what she's doing, but the more I find out about her and the more I have to deal in the same space as her (I'm doing the fifty states voting irregularity research, not with her), the more I just don't think she's the right person to be doing what she's doing.

Fifty state voting irregularity research? Was that like the work Steven Hertzberg did for his Votewatch campaign? Hertzberg was a prolific poster at "Fintan Dunne's" forum. "Fintan" has called Brad a CIA fake. He has called Bev Harris a 9/11 CIA rat! And here is where things get really strange. One of ~A's bloggers was Ron Brynaert, now executive editor of Raw Story. Ron's claim to fame is that he was a Jeff Gannon scholar. I smell a rat, and I don't think it's Bev Harris. So Ron Brynaert of Raw Story, why don't you tell us what you know about ~A and his fifty state voting irregularity research which sounds suspiciously like Hertzberg's Votewatch. ~A actually made a few posts a long time ago to BradBlogToo. Maybe there is a way to figure this thing out. So how 'bout it Brad, any comments? You don't find this at all strange? {end of post}

I think that is a good find worthy of some comments by Brad and anyone else wondering the wtf has been really going on with the internet and astroturfing.

A bit off-topic: Now even Keith Olbermann is letting me down.

Keith Olbermann: Then and now by Glenn Greenwald

Basically, Olbermann's over the top rants have been his downfall. He has turned out to be too gimmicky {sp?}. How can he rightfully rant against Bush and the unconstitutional wiretapping but let Obama off the hook. The rants need to be directed at everyone who flip flops in a right woos left manner. Personally, I now believe that Olbermann is being abused. He is a smart guy, even has a good heart, but he is being pushed around like a puppet. He is wooing the rightwingers who know Fox TV is a joke.

This type of thing by Olbermann makes it very difficult to fend off right woos left astroturfing to vote third party. This is not England where alliances between smaller parties and larger ones can be formed.

Does Olbermann understand that the personal is political?

Here's a good movie to watch on election fraud.

UNCOUNTED is a wakeup call to all Americans. Beyond increasing the public’s awareness, the film inspires greater citizen involvement in fixing a broken electoral system. As we approach the decisive election of 2008, UNCOUNTED will change how you feel about the way votes are counted in America.

Uncounted - Election Fraud
movie link
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Re: Steven Hertzberg Needs to be Investigated for Fraud

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jan 12, 2009 3:36 pm

This needs to be bumped to be up there with the recent developments at Democratic Underground concerning the Connell hoax and election integrity fakes like Larisa Alexandrovna, Brett Kimberlin, Joyce McCloy and others.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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