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Strange effect in Melilla - 2001-Jul-23 - Ionospheric heater

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Strange effect in Melilla - 2001-Jul-23 - Ionospheric heater

Unread postby Isard » Mon Jan 19, 2009 1:34 pm

During my first days in Spain, back in 2001, there was a very strange phenomena, occured in the region of Melilla (the spanish city in the african side of the Mediterranean).

I have finally found a reference to that, which now that I know about HAARP and other ionospheric heaters, seems very easy to explain:

The article from "El Pais" (main spanish journal), is in spanish. Will try to find something in english.

Un extraño fenómeno aumenta la temperatura de Melilla 18 grados en sólo cinco minutos
Esta repentina subida de las temperaturas, acompañada de vientos de hasta 70 km/h, se ha reproducido en el intervalo de una hora

I translate: "A strange phenomenon increaseas temperature in Melilla by 18ºC in just five minutes.
This sudden variation of temperatures, together with winds up to 70 km/h, has reproduced again with a one hour delay".


The most :D is that "experts" stated it was a natural event...
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Re: Strange effect in Melilla - 2001-Jul-23 - Ionospheric heater

Unread postby socrates » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:13 pm

Thanks Isard for all your efforts. I realise it must take extra effort to post here. I think your English is quite good. I know a bit of Spanish, so it could be possible for me to tidy up your translations in the future. That is, if need be, maybe we could work together if there is something in Spanish which could be useful to get across to English speaking people.

I googled sudden temperature anomalies.

Downward-propagating temperature anomalies in the preconditioned polar stratosphere

From: Journal of Climate | Date: April 1, 2002| Author: Zhou, Shuntai; Miller, Alvin J; Wang, Julian; Angell, James K


Dynamical links of the Northern Hemisphere stratosphere and troposphere are studied, with an emphasis on whether stratospheric changes have a direct effect on tropospheric weather and climate. In particular, downward propagation of stratospheric anomalies of polar temperature in the winter-spring season is examined based upon 22 years of NCEP-NCAR reanalysis data. It is found that the polar stratosphere is sometimes preconditioned, which allows a warm anomaly to propagate from the upper stratosphere to the troposphere, and sometimes it prohibits downward propagation. The Arctic ...

I then googled HAARP and the official explanation seems to be that it doesn't influence the troposphere where our weather mostly occurs.


HAARP & Weather

Safety and environmental questions


Is HAARP capable of affecting the weather?

The HAARP facility will not affect the weather. Transmitted energy in the frequency ranges that will be used by HAARP is not absorbed in either the troposphere or the stratosphere - the two levels of the atmosphere that produce the earth's weather. Electromagnetic interactions only occur in the near-vacuum of the rarefied region above about 70 km known as the ionosphere. The ionosphere is created and continuously replenished as the sun's radiation interacts with the highest levels of the Earth's atmosphere. The downward coupling from the ionosphere to the stratosphere/troposphere is extremely weak, and no association between natural ionospheric variability and surface weather and climate has been found, even at the extraordinarily high levels of ionospheric turbulence that the sun can produce during a geomagnetic storm. If the ionospheric storms caused by the sun itself don't affect the surface weather, there is no chance that HAARP can do so either....


This is from the Eastlund patent #4686605

Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth's atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere


This invention has a phenomenal variety of possible ramifications and potential future developments. As alluded to earlier, missile or aircraft destruction, deflection, or confusion could result, particularly when relativistic particles are employed. Also, large regions of the atmosphere could be lifted to an unexpectedly high altitude so that missiles encounter unexpected and unplanned drag forces with resultant destruction or deflection of same. Weather modification is possible by, for example, altering upper atmosphere wind patterns or altering solar absorption patterns by constructing one or more plumes of atmospheric particles which will act as a lens or focusing device. Also as alluded to earlier, molecular modifications of the atmosphere can take place so that positive environmental effects can be achieved. Besides actually changing the molecular composition of an atmospheric region, a particular molecule or molecules can be chosen for increased presence. For example, ozone, nitrogen, etc. concentrations in the atmosphere could be artificially increased. Similarly, environmental enhancement could be achieved by causing the breakup of various chemical entities such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxides, and the like....
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Re: Strange effect in Melilla - 2001-Jul-23 - Ionospheric heater

Unread postby socrates » Sat Jan 24, 2009 3:28 pm

I was doing some search engine attempts for the NSA, and one result was for the ARM program and its facilities in Barrow, Alaska. That NSA stands for North Slope of Alaska and may be worthy of looking into.

I also stumbled across an old article concerning HAARP.

Antenna Products Corporation Awarded Contract

FORT WORTH, Texas--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Feb. 7, 2005--PHAZAR CORP announced today that Antenna Products Corporation in Mineral Wells, Texas, a wholly owned subsidiary, was recently awarded a $3,723,531 firm fixed price subcontract from BAE SYSTEMS ATI for the production of 270 Low Band Antenna Matching Unit Assemblies and 346 High Band Antenna Matching Unit Assemblies. This equipment will be manufactured at Antenna Product Corporation's plant in Mineral Wells, Texas, and deliveries are scheduled to begin in June, 2005 and continue monthly through September, 2005. The equipment will be shipped to the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) ionospheric research site near Gokona, Alaska, the site of the recently completed installation of an array of 132 crossed dipole antennas built and installed by Antenna Products Corporation in 2004.

As the result of this order, Antenna Products Corporation's backlog of orders as of Feb. 4, 2005 was approximately $5.9 million....
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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