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The Phone Call

tinfoil by association

The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:37 pm

Folks may notice that Lophofo made posts here from a deleted account. Posts are not deleted. If someone is let go, their posts remain, but they are taken off the member list. I have admitted to having made mistakes as an administrator. For example, I deleted CPellatt's account, because I didn't like her association with kooky interviewers. Now as time has passed, I realise that not everyone is going to have an awareness of the "chemtrails are kooky" script. We have been in contact the last months, and she will be returning at some point. The summer, however, is her busy season, so that will take some time. The_last_name_left was another person I messed up with in regards to my moderating powers. We fought through the noise and figured out that we are really on the same side. Thus, he is back to having full posting privileges. As time has gone on, I realise I do need to chill out more in regards to running this place with an iron fist. The_last_name_left, however, isn't big on the chemtrails topic. Thus, you won't be seeing him posting too much on this forum. When there is a topic we both relate to, for example with the recent shooting at the Holocaust Museum, then you can expect to probably see some posts from him.

Lophofo and myself had an awkward falling out. Folks need to understand that this forum and myself have been under constant attack from when it was formed. I've known Lophofo since 2006. We were both at an offshoot Chemtrail Central forum. We were just about the only ones trying to figure out the true nature of chemtrails. NatureisMad was in that mix. He has bailed out. Just as con-trail did. Same as BlueSkyHope. If people don't want to post here, there is nothing I can do about it. In the future, I'll go the live and let live route rather than get frustrated.

This place in its heyday was getting over 200 unique visitors a day. That was our peak. This forum has always presented a problem for the chemtrail fakes. Even when all the organised trolling resulted in this place being primarily down to myself, Lophofo, and Isard, the attacks continued. I have asked Lophofo to partake in this specific thread. There are details to this story even I don't fully comprehend. In short, Lophofo's workplace received a strange phone call from someone purporting to be ex-intelligence. This took place after Lophofo had developed his outstanding thread on HAARP, and I had also gotten through to Lophofo about the disinfo campaign centered around myself being the actual disinfo. Fake socrates were generated. Some clown even went so far as to make it seem that myself and Lophofo were the same person. Another person posted on a Texas forum a link to one of Lophofo's HAARP related screenshots. Basically, when myself and Lophofo were hitting a groove working together, outside forces made sure distrust grew between us.

I have questions for Lophofo. Hopefully we can hammer out more about what exactly happened. I realise the phone call played a big part in mistrust developing between us. As to why he was under the impression I am DrewTerry, I never figured that one out, or because things can get so convoluted at times, I now forget how that happened. I do admit that DrewTerry was a big influence in the finding out that Steven Hertzberg posted as Navari at the disinfo website BreakForNews. To sum up, Lophofo ended up thinking I was part and parcel of all the convolution. Thankfully, we were able to break through the noise and even talked for a few hours on the phone months ago. We are truly two nobodies who simply want the chemtrails to be exposed and stopped. That's who we both have always been. We are two Americans who miss the old America. We are two Americans who so love our country, that we are willing to fight for it and its ideals. Americans are beautiful people. The good among us will never give up fighting to take it back from the military-industrial complex and their sycophants from the corporate and political world.

Anyway, here is the link to clips from the bizarre, harassing phone call received at Lophofo's workplace. I do not believe the person who called in one bit. He talks about how he is up against a foreign government. I don't remember if these clips mention the specific country, but I've heard more than Lophofo has made available for yourselves, and Israel was the alleged nation. The disinfo caller claims to be ex-intelligence. This asshat, imho, was simply trying to spook out Lophofo. That strategy may have worked at first. But it didn't work in the long run. In fact, the strategy has backfired, as myself and Lophofo have never had as much respect for the other as we now have. The dark side would have been better off ignoring this forum and the few of us. They continue to prod and push and expect us to back down. No, it doesn't work that way. One of the great character traits of we the people is we do not back down against injustice when we are aware of it. I agree with Lophofo that the last two clips are the most intriguing.


Speaking of spooky, outrageous disinfo, here are the recently posted audios purporting to be from an air traffic controller dubbed Deep Sky. Deep Sky was a hoax. It never happened. Since it has emerged that the internet has been saturated with bullcrap concerning "chemtrail believers," the fakers continue to stub their toes with transparent attempts to reestablish their lost credibility. That such attempts have been made to make chemtrails appear as unsubstantiated kookiness is proof to me that chemtrails are not contrails. I am very proud of my efforts to expose examples of such deliberately planted nonsense. Is there a reason Mark Steadham of Chemtrail Central never mentioned that he works for NASA? Why did Patrick Minnis troll Chemtrail Central in an anonymous manner as if chemtrails versus contrails was merely a hobby of his? So many individuals are tied to the hip in some elaborate disinfo plot containing crazy believers, closed-minded debunkers, and debunkers in chemmie clothes. I am not afraid to let the reader decide. Look at what I've come up with. Look at their stuff. Then make up your own minds about who's telling the truth. Then perhaps it will all add up to you why I've been cyberstalked and treated like dirt. Ask yourselves why in the heck people would go to such trouble to harass me. Ask why someone would go to so much trouble to call Lophofo's workplace and try to spook him out.




As regards to one of the individuals involved with the Deep Sky hoax, here is a post he made back in March:


...Whoever (1) willfully and maliciously engages in a knowing pattern of conduct or series of acts over a period of time directed at a specific person which seriously alarms or annoys that person and would cause a reasonable person to suffer substantial emotional distress, and (2) makes a threat with the intent to place the person in imminent fear of death or bodily injury, shall be guilty of the crime of stalking...
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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jul 24, 2009 2:32 pm

It looks like Lophofo isn't going to help us understand any of this. Unbelievable. :evil:
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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jul 26, 2009 2:18 pm

I'm going by memory. Lophofo started messing with me. He thought I was disinfo, but instead of confronting me with specifics, he started playing games. He used tor to spoof location. He came up with some "test" in which he took a fake trip to the Netherlands. I still haven't a clue about most of what went down between us.

He started accusing me of being DrewTerry. I don't remember everything, but I was forced to ban him. I then opened up the phone call clip he'd sent and listened to it. I emailed him saying I had nothing to do with it and wasn't DrewTerry. Long story short, we ended up speaking on the phone for a few hours and got over misunderstandings.

The "ex-intelligence" dude had called his workplace about three or four times before thinking he had gotten Lophofo. Basically, he had been showing a front of being interested in the company's services but was really trying to get transferred to Lophofo. On the third or fourth try, he got the co-worker. Here's from the first clip Lophofo sent me.

One Phone Call

Disinfo Stalker: Yeah, the only problem is I'm up against this Israeli government thing.

Co-Worker: I know. The Middle East.

Disinfo Stalker: They've got- and I'm ex-intelligence and know how the way this game sits-

Co-Worker: Well, they've got an NSA equivalent too.

Disinfo Stalker: Yeah, you've got to remember, they've got a piece, they've got an open door to a lot of our secrets. The public doesn't know this, but there's a lot of tugs going on between our people that are not in leadership like our analysts, our people that are under the first level of NSA and CIA leadership- There's a lot in there that are chomping at the bit that are kind of ticked off that the door is open so wide. The thing is there's a fight going on there. They have access to a lot of stuff, and they can sit there and if they see- even though I've altered the names, some of the spelling- I don't know what their trigger is.

Co-Worker: It's some sort of algorithm where they look for so many things in common.

Disinfo Stalker: Right, right, right. Exactly. Exactly.

That clip was about a minute long. If Lophofo is legit, then some disinfo creep called his workplace, tried a number of times to be transfered to him and ended up with the co-worker he mistook for being Lophofo. If Lophofo is legit, then he received a psyop in which it was insinuated I am NSA, Mossad, or something goofy like that. You the good reader, this is what I want you to consider. Why, if chemtrails are not real, would I personally have received so much bullshite over the years? Why would Lophofo's workplace receive such a bizarre phone call? Or have I been attacked for helping to expose other forms of internet fakery? Or has there been a cross-section of creeps who work for the same disinfo who turn run of the mill trolling into sophisticated, cybersmear scripts? How does one reconcile the idea that I was banned from Rigorous Intuition without making a post? That was done by et in Arcadia Ego. Now why would any admin ever be checking ip's that closely? He remembered my ip from Swampgas giving it to him? Everything I do as an admin is at a fundamentally basic level. I can check ip's, but only if I am around and signed in. For the most part doing so is a waste of time. I have no program that collects ip's. It was very suspicious that Tinoire from Progressive Independent smeared me in the same exact way Swampgas had, with the 19 or 25 personality thing. Swampgas had said I was the historic troll Yaak~Cydoniaquest. Tinoire accused the_last_name_left as being me. The same script emerged at the WRH "Unofficial" forum. Now we find out that Tinoire has admitted working for intelligence. For those who don't know it, Tinoire used to blog o'plenty at Rigorous Intuition. She used to post o'plenty at Democratic Underground. She portrays herself as a lefty, but then goes about promoting Michael Rivero and Ron Paul. Et in Arcadia Ego has been an admin at both Rigorous Intuition and with Swampgas at Chemtrail Central. :twisted:
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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jul 26, 2009 5:47 pm

I'll provide the transcripts for all I have. Each entry will be from separate audio clips Lophofo provided.
Physics and Evolution

Disinfo Stalker: Actually, most of my work is in physics and in evolution.

Software to Intercept-

Disinfo Stalker:: ...software or programs out there that people have searched the internet with where they can interdict or get in there.

If They Want To, They Will Crack you

Disinfo Stalker: Again, I don't know if you're that ambitious or not. I know damn well if they want to crack you, they're gonna crack you. You guys are not going to be able to stop them.

Co-Worker: It's a matter of doing it in real time.

Disinfo Stalker: I understand that, but {mumblings]. My education is in cryptologic science. And it's very doubtful you guys could beat the NSA.

Co-Worker: Oh I'm sure we can.

Disinfo Stalker: Listen, there's times when you guys might be in for a while, but it's unlikely it's going to be long lasting.

New But Been On Net- Go Daddy

Disinfo Stalker : I'm new and need to be reacquainted. This internet's a lot more complicated than what we used. I've been on it for years. Let me put it this way. I'm tired of being on it. Having a site and everything, while before I didn't. Ok, let me ask you on this Go Daddy thing. I don't like that guy at all, but anyway, I'm sitting here a little bit nauseated even thinking about it. Even though he's ex-military, I can tell by the way he is, he's not exactly the kind of man to {nervous laughter then cut off}.

Internet Intelligence Monitoring

Disinfo Stalker: See, I've got a foreign government up against me. And the thing is, I've altered the name of what I'm doing. So maybe it will get passed theirs. But I know they monitor internet. I know for a fact they do. When they see certain names, they try and grab them. Ok, it's been a lot of years since I've been in intelligence. Guys want to frisk people on the internet. My organisation was one of the first organisations. We didn't even call it an internet.

Co-Worker: No, it wasn't. It was back when it was just between universities and so forth.

Disinfo Stalker: Yeah, universities. NSA had it, and it was connected to the White House basement. Top brass in the military had it. And there was a couple universities that had it and a couple physics labs had it. That was about it. But uhm, I still, I know the way it's structured and everything.

I've one more clip to copy into a transcript. It's about five minutes long and contains the chemtrail stuff which came out at the end of the phone call. Fricken unbelievable. It's pretty bizarre the extent of how much trolling this forum has experienced. I'm a nobody from Massachusetts. My story adds up. The internet is a bad joke.
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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Sun Jul 26, 2009 7:25 pm

NSA Watchlist- Chemtrails- HAARP

Co-Worker: I have a friend who's probably on an NSA watchlist.

Disinfo Stalker: {boisterous chuckle, abates into a giggle} Oh really? What the hell, what's he on a watchlist for? You don't have to be real specific.

Co-Worker: He's into the chemtrails thing. Haarp. {The co-worker pronounces it as harpa.}

Disinfo Stalker: The what now?

Co-Worker: "Harpa" or Haarp, Upper atmospheric testing.

Disinfo Stalker: I know. I know. What is it, he's one of those guys who wants to shut it down or...? {cut off by co-worker}

Co-Worker: No, no, he's one of those guys who just wants to tell people what, who really pays the bills over there, universities and militaries. There's the Dept. of Defense and everyone else. Every time he visits his site, in fact from home or from here at work, within, right when he would check into his site, somebody from either the military base in Arizona, and where they moved the computer guys, NSA proper, a couple places in Virginia, They all came back to military and ...

Disinfo Stalker: Oh, he saw they were compromised they got into his site?

Co-Worker: Every time he goes into it, in half a second, two seconds, one of those military [domains] goes to the site.

Disinfo Stalker: Ok, ok, I understand. He recognised their presence.

Co-Worker: He recognised the presence and he'd start to go....

Disinfo Stalker: You said Virginia?

Co-Worker: Yes, Virginia and a couple places.

Disinfo Stalker: Does Fort Meade, Maryland sound familiar? {co-worker answers yes} They're all over the world. Their primary phsycal location is Fort Meade, Maryland. Give me again, because I may be confusing this with the Navy program... What is "Haarpa?"

Co-Worker: "Haarpa" is, or HAARP is the upper atmospheric... They do upper atmospheric testing where they heat up a section of the upper atmosphere and see how it changes...

Disinfo Stalker: Oh, this is NASA.

Co-Worker: NASA's involved as well. It's called HAARP and the Department of Defense {loses train of thought}.

Disinfo Stalker: I've heard of HAARP. I just didn't know what you really meant. Because there is a Navy {cut off by co-worker}.

Co-Worker: There's what- NSA, NASA, Yeah, the Navy's involved and like there's a whole lot of places involved including the Air Force. In fact, let's see if I can get anything here....

Disinfo Stalker: Yeah, they're probably trying to make sure he's not [inaudible] or something. Trying to figure out what the hell they're doing.

Co-Worker: Oh, they know he's in America. It's interesting, because HAARP is mirroring what other things around the world are doing. It's actually a probably interesting thing that. He... Let me see if I can get the....

Disinfo Stalker: My guess is probably it's FBI. I don't know that for sure. In my day, CIA and NSA and DIA NS and all these intelligence agencies that fight overseas. In my day you did not spy on inside the United States. I'm...

Co-Worker: Ok, that was the FBI's job.

Disinfo Stalker: The FBI in my opinion should be the only one that can spy inside the United States. To me, it's dangerous to have NSA, CIA or any of these other ones spying within the United States, without the FBI in tandem with them. Because we don't want to create a situation like the Soviet's had. I'm not saying anything I ever did overseas was --- anything like that. When you come back to the States, you don't perform in the States like you did overseas. You keep them separate. We have to protect our democracy and everything. Right now they're trying to loosen those. {co-worker agrees with him} To me, you never do that. You take the risk that you're destroyed because of it, but if we [inaudible], we will be destroyed. {tough to hear what the two are saying for a few seconds then the disinfo dude segues into talking about Mormonism. :? } The Mormans ... You're the ones who [inaudible] by virtue of not having {something about family} and everything. That's basically been a... gonna finish this country if we don't turn that around.

Co-Worker: {in agreement with the disinfo dude} By a lack of virtues.

Disinfo Stalker: Exactly. You know, virtues are a great defense

That's all I got. I didn't get the last parts perfect, but I got most of it. I think the best stuff was actually the disinfo dude talking about Israel. :lol: Why would they care about a chemtrail and astroturfer busting forum? He says he's ex-intelligence, but then he's pushing some Mossad-Michael Rivero right woos left angle. I honestly don't understand everything about this call. The word bizarre does come to mind. This ain't no troll in the basement situation. We have here this direct confrontation with an apparently paid spook, and Lophofo says nothing. :?
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Re: It never stops

Unread postby socrates » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:30 pm

In regards to Lophofo not helping to explain the phone call, there's nothing I can do about it. It's cool with me. I no longer desire any input from him. Six posts in a half year after him thinking I am DrewTerry and part of the phone call doesn't give me much reason to believe he is reliable. I wish I could explain this phone call more than I have. I had nothing to do with it. I am a friggen nobody who has put his heart and soul into blogging. I got my arse cyberstalked and smeared. No one deserves what I went through. I don't need anyone who is going to leave me out to dry. I'll be happy to have just a few contributors and any good lurkers who wish to participate. Cpellatt should be back soon. Isard is a good guy. Sno Dome has made some interesting contributions with his few posts. I wrote something today at the-last-blog-left.blogspot that I sincerely believe. I have been the most effective and important chemtrail blogger ever. That's not arrogance. It's the truth. Just check out the top forum and this one, and everything has been figured out. Maybe it's for the best that the conspiracy theorists have abandoned this forum. Tinfoil has never been desired.

A former member and moderator here has left the following post at Reddit.com.

If one checks out the Democratic Underground thread, they will see that this is a non-story. There is something called a redirect. You can have a link, click on it, and you will end up on some other domain. Someone from Reddit has it correct.

After reading through this I am not sure which group to be more scared of, the White House IT group, or these conspiracy ravers who don't really seem to know much about the plot they are ranting on about. I mean really, to OP of the main thread in that group knows how to do a traceroute to whitehouse.gov but has never heard of the dig command...and then once someone brings it up he demands the posts from this 'new command' to be posted because he thinks he's being lied to? Please spare me. These people have just way too much time and so little to do with their hands and this is the best they can come up with?

nothing to see here, move along...

Why would anyone put up an easily debunked conspiracy theory link from over two years ago? Lophofo is from Utah. The website which was redirecting folks to a government domain was being hosted by bluehost.com. Lophofo's personal website linked to above which covers the spy factories is hosted by the same company. I will allow you the good reader to connect the dots.

I have another post I am gonna add to this thread. It is already saved. I wrote it a while back but never got around to posting it.
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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Fri Aug 07, 2009 9:32 pm

Here's hoping Lophofo joins in and offers some insights. In the meantime, I'd like to recap the AnnAngryBitch story and add to it. In the early days here before things picked up, I noticed a repeat visitor from Maine. I bookmarked the info and forgot about it. Months later I went to the googler, and the following turned up.


It was the same exact ip as the visitor. I went onto cybersleuth with that info and got plenty of hits. "Lou Aubuchont" denies making that post. At first he blasted me for exposing his ip address. Now he claims he never had it. On April 30th, 2008 he said, "mine is" {I've saved the web pages just in case.} On February 23rd, 2009, however, he asked. "how do you explain what Brad Friedman had to say about that IP address you keep LYING ABOUT and trying to say is mine when my IP is in fact and has been since we got online here in Maine."

Why did he change his story? "Lou" put up a screenshot of Brad telling him that his new ip address hadn't been used on BradBlog. Brad also informed "Lou" that "Mike" did indeed have the same address as AnnAngryBitch at the WOW forum.

On February 10th, 2009, "Lou" wrote,
You've been swearing that my IP address was "" when in fact it's really and has been since we have had internet service here, you where so busy and caught up selling your LIES about me that I let you keep right on thinking that my IP address was that "" number and you thought you really had me.... Some of the links I see have that "" you have been LYING about and trying to say is our IP, to bad our IP is, that kind of throws your STUPID ATTACK on me over using the "AnnAngryBitch" name a few times at only one blog out of whack_A-What?

Like I said in prior post over you're ATTACKING BS, I don't have a copyright on that "AnnAngryBitch" name as the search on it well confirms and your continued assertions that I have posted as "AnnAngryBitch" with the "" IP has been proven to be completely FALSE by myself and Brad Friedman.

One can google AnnAngryBitch. That is a unique name started by "Lou Aubuchont" and only used by him. It was only after Brad confirmed "Mike" as posting with the same ip as "Lou" did Mr. Deep Sky associate change his tune. I had a hunch that "Mike" and "Lou" were one and the same. I asked Brad, and he confirmed it. Both of those ip's lead to Maine by the way. Here are the two screenshots that make "Lou" appear to be a fake chemmie. It was only after I proved "AnnAngryBitch" and "Mike" were the same person, that "Lou" decided to recant having the original address and proclaim that AnnAngryBitch is a username used by many. Uhm, no. Anyone want to try to find someone else using his trademark phrase a-what? You may find that I used it once. There is only one AnnAngryBitch and "Louis Aubuchont." They are the same person.



Chemtrail conspiracy bs.... One of the chemtrail believers..... Hmmm. What sincere person interested in exposing the weather modification would post such a thing? Could it be someone who is trying to make chemtrails look like a hoax? Could it be someone who thinks they can wipe out small clouds with the power of his own mind?

Lou Aubuchont- alleged chemtrails activist from Parsonsfield, Maine wrote:Wilhelm Reich / 2007 International Conference {posted on 6/21/07}
It is a most startling revelation when one discovers for the first time that small clouds, very small (scuds) can be dissipated quite easily by just the "Visual Ray", I believe my first words after doing it myself for the first time was, "No,..WTF was that?" as I could not grasp mentally what had happened but amazingly the small cloud had vanished right before my eyes as I watched it get smaller, smaller and then just wink out of existence.

Having been an accomplished water dowser from the time I was only sixteen but not really knowing why I could dowse when I first started reading about 'Dr. Reich' and Orgone Energy I quickly perceived how it is possible for people to dowse and how it is Orgone Energy that makes it possible as all ground water has vast quantities of Orgone Energy passing through it at any given time.

I have located some more AnnAngryBitch posts from the Atrios haloscans. I probably won't put them up here and am thinnking of just providing links to the images. But check out these posts. Ever hear of the phrase concern troll? It means what it reads as. Insidious posters go on blogs and forums expressing concern while really they are attempting to undermine democratic processes. We are talking about divide and conquer in its most simplest form.

Here's one that may be familiar to some of you good readers. The person below him mentions concern trolls. It's a coincidence he is in Asia, or I'm just saying I have never been past Western Europe. I don't have a sock puppet in Taiwan is what I'm getting at.


There is some new information given on the WOW forum link from above, the one "Lou" now claims he never wrote even though it sounds exactly like the character he plays on the internet. In addition to "Lou" and "Mike's" is this: (XFF:, I am no computer expert, but I found out that number is used for load balancing. That means more than one computer system is involved. This is kind of over my head. I also found a bunch of other posts made from the address. That number can represent where a proxy account originated from. On the other hand, it can have nothing to do with proxies and deal with what I just said above- interaction and services among various computer systems. I found one ip from the WOW forum used by three different usernames. Something fishy is going on. Were the following posts made by some form of coworker many miles away? I personally don't deal with sock puppets and posting insidiously. Look at it this way. Some people cheat at cards even when there is no money involved. We would never do that. But those who would do exist. It's mind boggling.


I'm not sure if it means anything, but the tracer route for the loqad balancing address runs through the planet.com, the same server for Chemtrail Central. So do the two ip's associated with "Lou." But maybe a lot of ip's run through the planet.com. Both of them also run through Portland, Maine.

I don't believe there is any real person with the name of Louis Aubuchont. After looking into the Deep Sky hoax and then really starting to notice the bizarre posting patterns of this dude, I definitely thought it was a fabricated name.

Parsonsfield, Maine is an extremely small town. The 2000 census put it at a population of 1,584 coming from 634 households. One of the leading citizens is Joan Chamberlin, one of NASA's ambassadors to the stars. I admit that could be a coincidence with Mark Steadham of Chemtrail Central also having worked for NASA. You can take the following for however you want to. There is a Christopher Chamberlin who resides at the same address as Joan. I first learned of him through his reviews at Amazon.com. He goes by the name of CD Chamberlin. But we can be pretty sure his name is Christopher. I can prove the two live together but won't supply that info to protect their privacy. Even if this has nothing to do with "Lou," it is quite interesting. I know where my gut is with this one, but I'm not gonna go there based on feeling.

CD Chamberlin wrote:I thought this memoir was excellent. I was in Da Nang, Viet Nam from "69 to "70.

The Maine House recently gave Mr. Chamberlin an honor.


Since losing all faith in "Lou Aubuchont" being a real person, it really stands out, imho, that his awful spelling, grammar, and whatnot is an act. Folks can check out CD Chamberlin's reviews. He is the complete opposite. I only noticed a few spelling mistakes and such. But the guy was as bitter as it comes with his reviews.

I found the book poorly written and developed.... Superficial at best, enthusiasts will be left wanting.... This mystery is very weak... I believe this author needs to take college creative writing courses.... I found this book to have been a major disappointment.... This book was [to] unrealistic to be enjoyed. It failed as a Viet Nam war novel and failed as a mystery. This was one terrible read.... There are way too many grammatical errors which ruin the natural flow of the story. A good editor would have caught the errors and corrected them--I never thought a Briton would so skewer the King's language!!!! .... There were too many errors of grammar that never should have been made..... I waited for this book to be released with anticipation of greatness; how wrong I was. He has descriptions of all the actresses, but offers very little information where to locate the nudity. He ONLY offers one scene per actress, even if the actress is nude more than once, in a movie; sometimes what is given is not, in my opinion, the best scene in the movie. He only offers a brief description of the nudity in all the other movies he covers (breasts, full frontal, etc.), not the location..... I guess the author (Candian) could be forgiven, but I can not. It was a serious sloppy editing error.... I almost put this book down, because of these mistakes', but I do enjoy this genra, and I am glad I did not....Too many grammatical errors (what is a co-author for if not for editing a book and knowledge of English?)and a very bad mistake of calling Jack Daniel's Bourbon--I'll bet Jack Daniel turned over in his grave when that was published!!! ... This is a series that could be as good as Bobby Lee Swagger, if not better, because it is written by a real sniper.... Stay away from 'Apocalypse Now,' it is so unrealistic it borders on fantasy, and is very disrespectful to the American soldier. If I could rate this lower, I would rate this "ZERO."... Very disappointing book and author for me. .... My second disappointment was how badly he butchered the English language. There is at least one (1) grammatical error on each and every page of this book: so many, it seriously ruined my book enjoyment. Many times I had to stop and think through what the writer meant before continuing the read. Very poor writing skills combined with an extremely poor understanding of English and grammar ruined my book enjoyment; notwithstanding, there was no evident editing of this book..... his has to be Elmore's poorest outing yet as a novelist. I could not find much in it to praise. I had hoped for some excitement; however, I found this to be a very trying read at best. No excitement, just plain dull. It is to be expected that a novelist, as good as Elmore is, to have novels cover the spectrum from excellent to bad and everything in between--this just happens to be his 'bad' novel. I find it hard to believe, that with his experience, he could not have enlivened it more. One wonders where the excitement from his classic '3:10 to Yuma' disappeared?... The very numerous grammatical errors distracted me from the story line. Does any writer, worth his salt, know how to write English?!?! The novel started very fast, but it soon slowed to a crawl with an extremely weak end. I do not recommend this book to anyone to read; there are just too many reasons not to like this novel of very little suspense and no thrills.... I was also disappointed in the military descriptions--very many telling mistakes. I was most disappointed in the very many grammatical mistakes that were made by the author. He could definitely use a college level writing class to improve his grammar. He writes as though he has no understanding of the English language. I was very disappointed in this book. I will read no more of this author; he does not deserve my time..... What a great read! This book has it all for those who enjoy real action scenes of war and professional killers. The hero is a sniper from Viet Nam who becomes a professional after the war for the government. He has to kill again to protect himself and his friends, hence the title.... I just wish he had a better proofreader to catch all of his historical and grammatical errors.

Sorry about that. Those are snippets I took from all his reviews. If "Lou Aubuchont" is a real person, those two must know each other. Small town. Both veterans. Hmmm.

For the rest of the way, here are new screenshots I found that have shown up for AnnAngryBitch from Atrios. There are more Aubuchont and AnnAngryBitch posts to be found on this forum. I'm just not buying this guy's story, not one bit. The phrases concern troll, crazy believer, disinfo, etc. come to mind. Hopefully someday the truth emerges of who he really is.

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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Wed Aug 12, 2009 10:11 pm

I've a few emails from Lophofo I can post later on. He basically explained why he thought I was disinfo or whatever he was getting paranoid about. He admitted I should have banned him at the time. Yeah, we found a way to reconcile after I finally listened to clips from that phone call. It's his problem not helping folks figure this out. I had this thing dumped on me. I'm always getting crapped on like this. I guess Lophofo and his family are busy getting sealed. That's when latter day saints do their thing to become Gods. Yes, the Church of the Latter Day Saints have some insane beliefs. It is cultish. I know there are some normal Mormons. Danny Ainge of the Celtics is cool. Donny and Marie seem normal. Mormons who are secular are good people in my book. However, anyone who actually believes in Joseph Smith as a crucial prophet is way out there. At least the Hare Krishnas are basing their cult on a real bible. Joseph Smith was no good. How anyone can believe in him or that church blows my mind.
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Sun Aug 16, 2009 12:05 am

I can't speak for anyone else, but I feel that anyone who believes they can become a God is part of a cult. I don't see how there can be any other explanation. How is the Church of Latter Day Saints not a cult? I don't feel malice about this. I feel pity. I also feel let down. I got an enormous amount of stuff piled on me, and this phone call thing was the final straw. It was the one in which I started thinking what the fock is going on here? Why am I attacked so much? Certainly these are not trolls in the basement going after me. But even worse than the attacks has been the lack of other good people watching my back. The dark side cannot touch humanity, if we don't let them. I feel pity for anyone who is a member of a cult. I truly do. But I cannot forgive this person for hanging me out to dry. He dumped all this stuff on me and has explained none of it publically. What I do suggest for this person if he reads this is to contact ex-Mormons who have been deprogrammed and find a way to save his family. There must be a way to put a stop to anyone believing in Joseph Smith as being anything other than a con artist. I'm not trying to embarrass anyone or make them feel bad. This is serious business. I do not believe this person is any form of paid disinfo. I think he is confused and doesn't know how to correct the situation. I wish him the best, and hopefully he doesn't take down those clips so folks will always be able to see what I have been on about with this thread. I actually forgive him for making me look bad. If he would like to return and help us all figure this out better, the door is open. The paid disinfo realise that I have won, and they have lost. This forum has survived and has provided great truths about internet disinformation, cyberstalking, and yes, chemtrails. The fake clouds we see are being dispersed mainly to block out uv-b radiation due to extensive holes in the protective ozone cover. I now believe these same buggers are geoengineering further above into the stratosphere. But those aren't chemtrails. Those can't even be seen. I don't have proof that geoengineering has been going on way above, but my gut tells me it is going on.

I don't remember everything that took place. I can only go mostly by memory. I do know that Lophofo "tested" me. I will put up some of his explanations. I won't make a huge data dump. I just want to put a bit more on the table, and with that put this thing to rest. To Lophofo, I am not the enemy. I now realise you might as well be from a far away foreign culture. The Latter Day Saints, in a secular way, like with Marie Osmond and Danny Ainge, I can relate to. True believers in that stuff, no, it doesn't pass any kind of reality test. I am a nobody from Massachusetts like I have always claimed. I did a darn good job with what I did. If I hadn't, I would not have gotten the kitchen sink thrown at me.

I am looking through my old emails. I received the first phone call clip on January 18th, 2009. I didn't have a clue, and with all that "testing" going on, I wasn't about to open up the attachment, although obviously I eventually did to figure out what he was on about. We even ended up on the phone for a couple hours and hammered stuff out. At that point I did read the transcript he sent me with the clip. Other than that and the clip attachment, there was no explanation. It's actually a long story. I ended up interacting with a co-worker of his. I came to figure out to an extent what this phone call thing was all about. It was meant to divide myself and Lophofo and to scare him away fro helping keep this forum alive. The irony is it was unnecessary. There are enough differences between us that there will always be a divide anyway.

You know what they do is, they, and you probably already know this, they look for a certain, as you said, an algorithm that's going to reflect letters or words. And then what happens is, their resources get alerted, and they get directed to that almost instantaneously. Um, and, and then, uh, OK...then, there's, there's going to obviously be a software decision that will be made in milliseconds, microseconds, picoseconds, whatever...

The thing is, Lophofo let his imagination run away with certain things. Weather wars in Texas. Reverse ip's. The reverse ip thing he might be onto something. But one of them was a yahoo ip that reversed became a DoD domain. That's called a coincidence.

I will basically just copy and paste the main post he wrote me explaining why he wasn't sure if I was legit, why he was starting to wonder if I was part of "Aubuchont's" racket. You see, "Aubuchont" has zero credibility. That's why he deleted all of his posts at Chemtrail Central. That's why he has cyberstalked me for a couple years. "Lou" never expected me to uncover and prove this. But I did. So what do low life disinfo workers do when they have lost the hearts and minds of the good readers? They go with the "nuclear" option. They strive to drag their opponent, in this case myself, into the murky realm of zero credibility that they reside in. Lou doesn't want the chemtrailing to stop. No true chemmie would have ever written what he did at BradBlog. He spoke of chemtrail conspiracy bullshite. He referred to me as one of the chemtrail believers. Once I had fully exposed him as being a fraud, his only option left was to cyberstalk and smear to an outrageous degree. Do I believe "Lou" was behind or associated with those behind the phone call? Who else would be? Heck yeah, I think he was involved with this.

This was how Lophofo explained why he started to be confused about whether I was part of Lou's internet scheming. It was written on January 27th, 2009.

[quote="Lophofo"]the similarities and tactics of a troll

Subject: Re: socrates / Lou replies
Date: Sun, 04 Jan 2009 23:23:12 IST
He is very good at character assignation, taking what people say and
focusing in on a very narrow part of it and concentrating on twisting it
to portray his attacking views, I have disproved his clumsy attempts at
saying that I am other people such as the poster 'Stitcherman' at CTC so
many times that I have lost count but yet he still keeps making post in
which he claims that I am other people, I believe that he is quite
mentally ill.

Ok, socrates. Now, at DBS, all of this stuff is coming up again about
Stitcherman. And, he's using the words character assassination again.

back to the email...

Thanks for the email address, I very much dislike using the PM's at DBS,
I don't trust that it's secure from prying eyes there.

Good to hear from you, hope your enjoying all that snow your getting.



Subject: Re: Re: socrates / Lou replies
Date: Wed, 07 Jan 2009 10:08:26 IST

[quote="Lou"]There is really no way to tell for sure but I believe that 'socrates' has
shown up in the Current Events section of DBS as the SOCKPUPPET
"Ttowntom", after being the target of 'socrates' constant attacks I'm
familiar with every facet of his writing styles and I knew this
"Ttowntom" was just another one of 'socrates' cartoon characters almost

Check it out if you want a laugh, he might as well leave a calling card as
his signature.


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Post # 28 is where he starts his BS with me.


Like "may41970" has done several times in the past, this new identity
"Ttowntom" criticizes my language in the post, this is typical 'socrates'
for sure, I'm 99.999 % sure of it., want do you think?

There's Lou using the word cartoon character again.

back to the email...

...Tiff's attorney, her attorney is Guido Banano who happens to be
family, her uncle, 'socrates' has pissed off the wrong people, you don't
**** off anyone in New York / New Jersey named Banano, sooner or later
that will catch up to you BIG TIME one way or another.

I did a search on Google for "Guido Banano" and it came up with two results.
One of them says =CARTOON NAZI=: Fuckin’ Europeans Never Learn
and the other one is out of the netherlands.

So, more cartoon character names...and an interesting tie to the
Netherlands, where I said I had gone.

Now, you have a signature which talks about nobody...I mean nobody pulls
the wool over the eyes of a Gambini.

I found this online regarding the family name Gambini:

Where did the Italian Gambini family come from?
From the historical and fascinating Italian region of Venice emerged a
multitude of noble families, including the distinguished Gambini family.

Subject: Re: Re: Re: socrates / Lou replies
Date: Thu, 08 Jan 2009 02:24:07 IST
I find it odd to say the least that Jay Reynolds, who was a real pain in
everyone's arse and was a prolific poster in the DBS Science In The News
section of that forum regarding Chemtrail's, has just gone missing and has
barely been heard from in months , something that oddly coincides with
'socrates' being shunned at DBS posting as "Jeff Reynolds", it's only my
gut feeling talking here but I have suspected for some time that Jay
Reynolds and 'socrates' are one and the same people, if they are not then
they are working together towards the same goal of discrediting anyone who
appears to be a major player in the Chemtrail issue and those who make
post that get to close to the truth .

Jay Reynolds has long time ties to the oil industry, having gone to work
for I believe the "HESS OIL Co." as soon as he graduated from the Texas,
A&M Maritime Academy in the mid 70's, I know that he also did some work
for a company that tested listening equipment for the Navy / DoD, this
along does not mean much but given his long time anti-chemtrail stance and
near rabid debunking efforts of same I've come to believe that Jay
Reynolds has no doubt been in the employ of some Government agency for a
long time.

Now, Lou had talked about the Navy...and Jay (whom he believes you to be
as well) having worked with the Navy / DoD.

Now, I'm getting hit by Halliburton...which traces back to Verisign out of
Dulles, VA...which traces back to the DoD in Columbus Ohio on Broad St.

Amd you are saying that you sent in a request to the Navy about Lou. So,
you're both saying each other was in the Navy.

back to the email...

Ok, I guess that's enough of my rant, sorry, I kind of got off track but
the crap at CTC really got to me, still gets to me, I'm really angry at
'starman 1' and Thermit for letting the site got to HELL and get overrun
by Debunkers, TROLLS and the likes of 'socrates' and his CARTOON

Lou talking again about CARTOON CHARACTERS, your name, starman1,

Then, Lou sends me this email:

Subject: Re: interesting goings on at 'SOCRATES', A-What?
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2009 03:10:54 IST

Isn't just amazing how this anonymous coward 'socrates' goes about
alienating even those who have tried to be his friend?

Isn't it just interesting that Sooner or later he gets around to attacking
everyone in the chemtrail Community.

This guy is a WORTHLESS POS_big time.


Re: Lophofo Given Admin/Founder Status

New postby socrates on Mon Jan 12, 2009 10:59 pm
In hindsight, it was a mistake to ever make Lophofo a founder. Now I am a
bit paranoid that here and there my posts have been altered. But I have no
proof, and I'd have to go through all my posts to figure that out. I am
glad that I quickly took back his ability to do such things. Why don't I
trust him? He made this fake DrewTerry version a member and then cleared
the admin logs of such activity. Now what kind of excuse can one come up
with to justify that?

Lophofo told me that this Drew said that I was his boss, and that I would
be exposed if he wasn't allowed to make some 9/11 posts. :?

By the way, this fake DrewTerry was using an ip address coming out of
Boston University. I didn't look into that too much, but then a few days
ago, someone tried to sign up as Joe McCarthy. His email address used was
very similar to that of the fake DrewTerry. His ip was from MIT,
Cambridge. But then I looked into it further, and that ip is called a tor.
That gives people the ability to spoof location.

But I don't think that clears Lophofo one bit. When I saw in the admin
section that Lophofo had cleared the logs, it made me realise that Lophofo
wanted me to think we were hacked again. Why else would he have cleared
the logs? Why would he have tried to hide the fact that he had approved
this fake's membership? That doesn't add up no matter how hard one tries
to crunch the data. I didn't activate him. I never would have. Obviously,
Lophofo wanted me to believe we were hacked. I think he was setting the
stage to take full control of this forum and move it to a new domain he
acquired. We were going to move the forum. For me to think we were hacked
again would have accelerated that process, imho. It would have compelled
me to put even more faith into this person from Utah who believes there is
an illuminati and who wrote that post implying some ******** "weather
wars" angle. Why else would he activate a member and then try to erase
that he had activated the account?????

This makes me wonder about the original hack where unauthorized bumping of
threads took place. Maybe that was an inside job, no pun intended.

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini

He's obviously reading our posts at the forum...and I don't know what
else...PMs at DBS. Is he in with the DoD who have been intercepting my
internet packets...and DDoS'd me a little over a week ago?

Or, is he in with you? See why I have been concerned?

another email...

Subject: Re: Re: interesting goings on at 'SOCRATES', A-What?
Date: Sat, 17 Jan 2009 07:22:33 IST

Sounds like you tried to get a reaction out of him with the 'Drew Terry'
business and it seems to have worked, was it the reaction that you

Socrates the ANONYMOUS COWARD that he is gets pretty paranoid at times
when people get to close to the truth about him, he goes right straight
into his attack and character assassination mode of anyone that he thinks
is on to him.

There he goes with the A-What? Also, you basically said the same thing to
me in a PM at AAANI about DrewTerry. I told you that I had baited you to
"test you" and that your reaction was expected...and that if I had been in
your position that I would have banned me also.

back to the email....

Your right about socrates playing the Spy Vs. Spy Psy Ops head game crap,
so much of his BS is straight out of the right propaganda to use manual, I
swear, he might find one little inconsistency in what someone has to say
and he then blows it all out of proportion into some huge internet HOAX by
FAKES and COINTELPRO (an acronym for Counter Intelligence Program) AGENTS
(as if?), he paints everyone but himself as being part of some RIGGED
internet conspiracy of paid posters (wish I did get paid to post.), I see
all of this crap that comes out of him as being really twisted and blatant
manipulation on his part and the only real person that I know who has this
same MO is none other than the infamous Chemtrail Debunker John Boyd
Reynolds, Jr. AKA, "Jay Reynolds" who lives in Calico Rock, Arkansas.

There he goes using COINTELPRO...a word you always use. Plus, he is
saying Psy Ops head game crap...you say psy-ops.

He mentions "straight out of the right propaganda to use manual"...(keep
in mind at this time that you thought I was still intelligence).

You told me the same thing...that I was using propaganda right out of an
army manual.

Then, Lou makes a post at DBS trying to bait me to go public against you
with what I know.

Now, you are "eagerly"...almost impatiently...trying to get me to go
public with what I know about Lou and / or others who have been attacking

I know you see the similarities I posted above...so don't deny them. Just
explain, please...how in the world are things so similar..and how are you
and Lou's tactics so alike if something is not going on...if you're not
working with him or for him?

Also, I just tried logging into AAANI and in the background, it started
loading chemtrailcentral.com for a minute...and then it laid AAANI right
on top of it.

WTF!?! Seriously, What the F*CK?

Your whole board, AAANI, is being routed through the USAISC. Do you not
know that? That's right, the United States Army Information Systems
Command in Ft. Huachuca, AZ.

They can read anything on it. They have the entire data. If you want
explanation on how I know this and found it out, I can explain.

It's not safe...the IMs aren't safe. We will need to move the board once
we expose these trolls.

Email only...too bad you don't have secure email. hey, you want me to set
you up a secure email account you can check online?

Let's do it.

I'm not sure if everything he has told me is correct in regards to military ip's checking us out. I did do a reverse ip whois on this forum. It was leading to a military domain before but isn't now. Now for sure we got visits from Case University, and we covered that elsewhere on this forum. We have gotten some visits and extensive ones at that. But here is one reverse ip that leads to a DoD domain- The problem is, the correct ip of is yahoo. So I do see how Lophofo has uncovered stuff, and I do believe this was an authentic reaction of his to getting stalked at his workplace. Unfortunately, he also allows his imagination to get the better of himself. Yahooo is not part of the DoD. It's called a coincidence. Now the phone call is actual concrete evidence. Same with my work on chemtrails and as an amateur, internet cybersleuth. Michael Rivero has been uncovered to have worked for McDonnell Douglas, the largest military contractor at that time. No one but me has figured that out and proven it. I wish I could explain more about this. But without Lophofo's input, I'm not sure what else there is I can provide. I'm certainly not gonna copy and paste all our exchanges. I no longer have access to an email account Lophofo set up for myself, so those emails are gone. I admit that I kind of exploded on him recently, as I was getting tired of his not helping out here. But I did a bit more research, and if he believes he is on course to become a God, well, there's not much more I can say or do. It's unfortunate for ourselves that the main person who could have helped solve all of this convolution is in another cultural zone, one outside of 99% of our grasps. I have always liked Lophofo and wish him the best. He needs to figure out that Joseph Smith and the Latter Day Saints is mythology. No one can become a God. There is God, and then there are ourselves, human beings out in this strange world just trying to do our best to save the planet. That's been my goal since I was 18, to be a hippie peacenik and do my best to make this a better world. Sometimes I wish I was born twenty years sooner. It was cool being part of the older Generation X crowd, but things have gone remarkably downhill since Reagan's counter-revolution. But we can never quit trying. Peace and love are the only options. By the way I never said Lou was in the Navy. That's what "Lou" has claimed. I requested the Navy to tell me if they had any Lou Aubuchont in their records. They never replied back. As for thinking Lophofo was intelligence, I had stumbled across a person I thought was himself who turned out to be Air Force Intelligence. When Lophofo "tested" me with the DrewTerry thing, I tried my best to figure it out. I made a mistake on that one. The two have very similar names and are tangentially linked in a way that really doesn't matter. Recently I did figure out who he is, and I won't reveal his real name, but it does seem that he believes he can become a God according to the Book of Mormon. If he wants to dispute this, he is still a member and can do so. As for Lou claiming I may be Jay Reynolds, that is ludicrous, and "Lou" never believed it. "Lou" isn't the smartest psyop worker on the planet. Otherwise a nobody from Massachusetts nor anyone else would have figured out his game, if he truly was qualified. Is Lou the best and brightest that psyop central is able to find to do their dirty work?
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Re: The Phone Call

Unread postby socrates » Wed Aug 19, 2009 3:07 pm

I'm glad to see this thread has gotten a good chunk of views. It's kind of been about trying to tie together all the loose ends after a few years of being cybersmeared and cyberstalked. The bottom line is that this has been too sophisticated an endeavour to pin on some lone troll in the basement. It reeks of having some kind of money behind it.

I agree with Lophofo that "Aubuchont" has tried to sound like me. I believe he has been trying to circumscribe myself into the network of chemtrail forum fakes. He doesn't want the good readers to know that I am the nobody from Massachusetts I claim to be. Anyway, here is a recent post he made at DBS using the word friggen, one I have often used, albeit I usually add on the modifier sassafrassa. Coincidence or not, that is the question.


I am trying to find out his real name. I sincerely do not believe he is Lou Aubuchont. While logistically it could be impossible to press criminal charges against him for cyber harassment, I do believe a law put into place by President Bush could lead to figuring out his true identity.

Political Cyber-Stalkers In Peril By: Koney, Ebby

The 109th US Congress passed a law in the United States against the use of fraudulent identity for cyber stalking with severe penalties. President Bush signed that law into effect on January 5, 2006 and is known as Public Law 109-162. “VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN AND DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE REAUTHORIZATION ACT”. This law prohibits the posting of annoying or abusive Web messages or sending annoying e-mail messages without disclosing the sender’s true identity. Criminal penalties include stiff fines and two years in prison. This federal law states that when you annoy someone on the Internet, you must disclose your identity. Here's the relevant language:

"Whoever...utilizes any device or software that can be used to originate telecommunications or other types of communications that are transmitted, in whole or in part, by the Internet... without disclosing his identity and with intent to annoy, abuse, threaten, or harass any person...who receives the communications...shall be fined under title 18 or imprisoned not more than two years, or both."
Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini
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