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Unread postby socrates2 » Mon Oct 22, 2007 4:21 pm

Athena88 wrote:I truly don't recall where I saw the cloud-busting thing, I thought it was somewhere on this forum, but it could have been on the other one. What I recall was that it didn't work for chem-trails. Your reply I felt was mean spirited.

Ha. Please get ur facts straight. Have you seen the "chemtrails are not kooky" section? It is being argued that the thought of chembusters is so ridiculous, that it seems to have been deliberately astroturfed as something gullible believers of a hoax like to talk about so much. You can act the victim if you want, but you reek of being a fake.

I guess I would be called a "chemmie" ... It's time to join together and take action.

I look at myself as a "chemmie" like African-Americans have taken over ownership of the "N" word. The word "chemmie" was coined by paid disinfo writer like "Jay Reynolds." It's just one of the things included in some silly, psychological operation of a script which includes "crazy believers" and closed-minded debunkers."

I thought I was a member of this forum, but when I tried to log-in, it didn't work, then I looked at the member list and I'm not on it...what's up?

It's the spirit of this place. We don't want to hear talk of cloud busting or chembusters. Unlike other places that pad their membership #'s, that won't happen here.

...where I originally found out about this site, is for Arizona: groups.yahoo.com/group/pac-pc

What is up with this group hiding their forum? All I saw there were some "ask yahoo" threads making fun of "chemmies" and astroturfing that all aircraft are involved, just like Megasprayer does with their fake characters named Chem11, Big Bunny, and the Deborah/Foot Soldier.

I can understand why the new architects/engineers forum is closed to the public. This link you provide is worthless. No one can see what is going on there. Maybe it is for real, and you are trying to make it look bad. But because it is hidden, I can't say one way ot the other.

Unread postby Athena88 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 2:33 pm

{on edit: Athena88 was in all likelihood paid disinfo. Last Name Left was not. I just thought he was, because he got encircled by the cybersmear attacks also. But this one, friggen yes, paid to troll. No one can wipe out clouds with their minds. Too many chemtrail posters are nutty. These cannot be real people. I have a graduate degree in the social sciences. I'm not just going Fintan Dunne on the world. I took this amateur sleuthing very seriously.

Anyway, the forum she said was open was not, unless you signed up. Now what is the point of having a forum if no one but members can read the posts?

I don't understand why you say pac-pc group
is hiding their forum, you see a message, you
read the message, and you can post a reply,
but you may have to be a member to do that,
I'm really not sure. Anyway, one of the members
posted the German TV on Chemtrails from this
site on Sept.27. The post had this site linked so that's how I ended up here, hoping to connect with others
around the country. At this point, I'm sorry I ever mentioned the cloud dissolving I did for fun many
years ago, it certainly hit a nerve with this group. Because I've not done forums before, there are terms you use that I do not understand, but am able to get the jist using context clues. I had wanted to send you a pm (it took me a minute to figure out what pm meant when I saw it) at which time I could have possibly assured you that I am not a hoax or a fake,
and sent you my e-mail address.
Given all that you have been through with those
other sites etc., I understand why you might think that. I'm just a person in AZ who has been observing
and photographing chemtrails for over a year now,
here and in my travels.
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