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My Experience At Keith Olbermann's Site: Yes, It's Fake


My Experience At Keith Olbermann's Site: Yes, It's Fake

Unread postby Lucid Dreamer » Fri Apr 25, 2008 4:21 pm

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First, I am so glad that I found this place. I was beginning to think that I was alone in this Fake-Forum theory philosophy. : )

Can I vent?

I am a forum board surfer and have been for a few years now. I have had several accounts at several places across the world wide Intertubes and I know Socrates, that I have run across you somewhere. (I say that in a good way)

But for quite some time I have noticed 2 significant traits these “Fake Forums” share. (1) There’s a little group of .... I dunno .... 5 who steers the conversation to their liking and become the “Deciders” of whether you get booted off their “Island” or not. (2) At some point, a forum board will crash just as I settle in and before I know it, it rises again- but a little altered. The board may look the same and the names haven’t changed, but it’s “Different”. You know. And by the time you’ve looked back and God’s gotten the news, you have lost several posts and the admin :::Blinks:::: doesn’t know how that happened.

JUST 2 examples: I went to an old account at Colbert Nation and I only have 4 surviving posts from 27.

Dang..... Just Dang....

A lot of time goes into some of these posts. Effort, as well- but mostly, thoughts and occasionally, a little heart.

The Conspiracist in me feels as though this is part of the NSA's wiretapping scheme, in order to muffle dissent.

But another, more cynical side, feels that if it's not entertaining enough, "Swipe it"

Another Board I belonged to was: Conspiracy Café where (in their ranking system) I went from "Junior" Member to "Plotting" Member- I Mean, "Plotter" And in another post where I displayed the American Flag upside down, was removed because it was considered offensive.

And I KNOW that I had more than 13 frakkin posts.

The thing was that, the ones that are all gone are ones I’ve disagreed with Mods, Popular members, and Admin and those to do with topics of dissent, regarding the food supply, The Iraq War, Mad Cow Disease, even (Don’t laugh) John Titor..

But those are not the only 2 nor the latest Fake forums I have run across. There are 2 others I’ll discuss and I look forward to sharing.. But I don’t want to ramble and ramble on my 1st post.

Hope to see you out there.

Lucid Dreamer

Unread postby socrates » Fri Apr 25, 2008 10:37 pm

Welcome Dreamer,

Venting is good.

You have me wondering where we crossed paths. There were a few of us at HuffingtonPost talking fake this, fake that a bit. You mention John Titor. Try having to admit you posted at Fintan Dunne or Chemtrail Central. Yeah, that looks good on the resume.

That posse theory sounds right. They have it at the Democratic Underground. I've seen that in the election reform and dungeon forums. I got into DailyKos just a bit when it came out he had worked for the CIA. His gang has also put a clampdown on election fraud proof being discussed.

I have been a sucker at a lot of forums. I go in thinking yes, finally, a place to call home. Progressive Independent. Wow. Now they are supporting Ron Paul. Yeah, that makes sense, not. I thought the Randi Rhodes forum was the real deal. But then I found out there was some purge back in 2005. People with thousands of posts were canned. When I'd try to figure out why they were banned, there was usually no good reason. There's someone named BushWa at Randi Rhodes who reeks of being a plant. He's made 30-40 posts a day for years. He came out saying Randi should have been canned. He's also been on Democratic Underground posting the same thing.

And the Randi Rhodes forum for now is gone, flushed away. I looked around, and maybe it is being revived. But this name Ben Burch keeps popping up, and I think he is a fake or incompetent. I had a lot of hope for the Randi Rhodes Message Board. But in all honesty, it has been on my radar system for a while as being very compromised.

Where else is there to go? Even if one doesn't get banned at Democratic Underground, it's a friggen chat club. I went to BradBlog, and Agent99 was deleting and scrubbing my posts, while protecting neonazi trolls and other outrageous posters. Brad is legit though, imho, and he put a stop to that. But the damage is done. Even the BradBlog comments section seems controlled. But don't get me wrong. I trust Brad and a lot of the people posting there.

But seriously. Raw Story, Crooks and Liars, firedoglake, quarters something with larry spooky johnson. I'd like to know of one major forum that seems to have fair moderating, freedom of association, and minimal amounts of paid trolling.

Back to this steering committee thing. You are right. The last months I've started to think maybe they try to run these things like a cult. Because at BreakForDisinfo News, anyone thinking global warming has a lot to do with human activities got jumped on bad. And these are supposed to be progressives? One quote on a Dunne post at DU says it all. I wish I had the link. The person basically said that Fintan Dunne is a republican operative.

But there are enough of us who save posts, who take screenshots, and we are forum hounds, and we don't want to be silenced. We hate injustice. The more we get squeezed, the more determined we are to expose them. It's like that saying don't feed the trolls. Well, they are messing up by feeding the troll busters.

Some folks are probably saying we are paranoid, that we turn computer glitches into some conspiracy to silence us. They say we must have big egos to think anyone cares about what we or others post. But we have the proof. This WRH "unofficial" forum/Mike Rivero thing was nuts. Who the hell am I to end up having fake socrates created? Who the hell am I that there was all this crazy stuff going on. And the problem is this is about esoteric rabbit holes, but true ones nonetheless. It would probably take someone many, many hours, perhaps days to get through that WRH thread here, which is proof of the type of thing you mention. May41970 got jumped on by the pack. Now that whole place has been scrubbed? At least the most important thread to save was saved. It shows how allegedly I am Mossad and my lawyer's name is Cohen. You can't make this stuff up. I sincerely think whichever pack of creeps was behind that, they messed up. They didn't scrub and prune quite good enough.

The dark side or whatever is saying so what, you figured us out, but no one cares. But some care. And we chug along. And who knows what any one of us may come up with. Some guy at HuffingtonPost had a great line. It's not the one blow that knocks down the tree, it's all the accumulated hacks. There is strength in numbers. I think people are becoming net savvy. Too bad there isn't a real big forum with clean rules. Things definitely seem to have gone downhill for internet forums the last couple years. I think this started when Libby got off the hook. It was a definite wtf moment. It was classic bait and switch. There's no other better phrase to describe the overall internet atmosphere, other than it's teeming with pyschological operations. In short, they've overplayed this kooky internet strategy, imho.

NSA, Cointelpro, astroturfing, fbi, corporations, all these alphabets. But you are right about the NSA being the top dogs for being fascists. I used to think things like that were all CIA. But then the Netvocates/Rendon Group thing emerged. I learned that the NSA was the #1 intelligence agency, or whatever they think they are.

Sorry to talk so much. Hey, please private message me where we posted at the same place, if you don't want to reveal it. I promise not to tell anyone. I'm just curious.
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Unread postby Lucid Dreamer » Fri Apr 25, 2008 11:08 pm

I thought the Keith Olbermann site was a little stuffy but alright when I first logged in several monthgs ago under a different name. Became quite popular until I began talking about how 9/11 was allowed to happen and Gallup Polls are rigged.

They wanted none of that.

So, after a while I wanted to see how it would be to admin my own forum board. But it wasn't until Super Tuesday, when their site went down for 2 days that I took action and built a refugee area where those from KO's could come in from the rain, so to speak.

When the board went back up. The admin REALLY didn't like me. (I guess he felt threatened and wondered if I was fixing to cash (or is that Cache ) in on his domain.

I couldn't care less about that.

And as an Admin of my own Forum, I began to see things from His eyes and I could tell he was lying about so many things. Like not having access to anyones IP addresses on the forum and other inconsistancies that I was staring to REALLY see.

Then, I defended someone on the forum who was being attacked without provocation. So, the admin sends one of his members to my site to spy , return to "The Lighthouse" as they like to call it, and called me everything but a civilized person- how Me and this other "ex Member" were talking trash about the old forum at KO's. Of course, we weren't. But I like to think that what is said at my site in a private room at my site, stays at my site.

I didn't have a chance to speak my peace, my point of view, my account was deactivated, & -- I guess for good measure- they decided to delete over 41 of my posts.

But luckily, I keep most of my posts.

If you'll notice, the board name has changed from KeithOlbermann.org to LeftBent.com and one of the admins left.

Dreamer formerly Aunt Bee
Lucid Dreamer

Perhaps I Should Introduce MeeSelf

Unread postby Lucid Dreamer » Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:17 pm

I am Lucid Dreamer, a forum board surfer.

I have been a "Wild Thing", "Smooth Operator", "Aunt Bee", "NewsHound", and even "Dog Gone IT"

So, what's with the handle; "Lucid Dreamer?"

I'm glad you asked. I have been into Out of Body Experiences, Lucid Dreaming, and Astral Projecting for about 6 years.

I have been keeping a Dream Journal for 5 years.

Phone's ringing


Lucid Dreamer

Unread postby Lucid Dreamer » Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:43 pm

... Now where was I.... the phone was ringing...

Image No, :shock: Before that...

Ah yes. Been keeping a dream journal for a few years now, And when I started waking up to Forum Fakery, I built my own website to see thru the eyes of a Forum Administrator. Very interesting, indeed, I thought. There must be something about being the King of your domain (Pun intended) that brings forth the Power issues I have seen elsewhere (More on that later) Of course, I don't see a problem here, or I would have simply passed on through this neck of the woods. Image

I am interested in Chemtrails and many other things the PTB are keeping us in the dark on. Time Travel, UFOs, Submerged Cities and other hidden History and archealogy. But with them keeping back on the simplest of things these days, where does a good Truthseeker go and how do they expose such a huge leviathon?


Sorry, my brain just fritzed out.

Anyhoo, how I found this lil spot was, I was surfin the interwebs for info on fake forums when I ran across some posts here, like; Astroturfing Is Not Just About Pushing Products, and some others. It must've been a Zen thing, right?


That's why I am a "Lucid Dreamer"

Hee Hee

Lucid Dreamer

Re: Luckily, I Save Most Of My Posts

Unread postby Lucid Dreamer » Sat Apr 26, 2008 6:54 pm

Lucid Dreamer wrote:First, I am so glad that I found this place. I was beginning to think that I was alone in this Fake-Forum theory philosophy. : )

Can I vent?

Another Board I belonged to was: Conspiracy Café where (in their ranking system) I went from "Junior" Member to "Plotting" Member- I Mean, "Plotter" And in another post where I displayed the American Flag upside down, was removed because it was considered offensive.

And I KNOW that I had more than 13 frakkin posts.


I wanted to correct a boo. Okay, an honest mistake.

The "Conspiracy Cafe" board went down soon after posting a long thread regarding "Mad Cow Disease" (Which I saved)- The forum admin was booted off the hosting site, several peeps lost a ton of posts and some of us followed him to his new site.

I am so relieved that that's where some of those lost posts were (That new site- that was later removed)


{on edit} I am working with Lucid Dreamer a bit to let her know how this forum works. One of the things we try to do is not create too many new threads. With most forums, new threads simply knock the other stuff out of view. So I encourage people to add to threads already in existence if possible. But we are not into scrubbing and deleting here. Sometimes it is unvoidable, such as when we had guest privileges. At the end of that experiment, I was forced to delete a few and then shut down that option. I wish we could let guests make posts, but when we tried that, nearly every post was from what seemed to be a network of paid trolls. That doesn't include John "SluggoJD" Dean, who I have been able to work out my differences with.


{end of edit}
Lucid Dreamer

My Experience At Keith Olbermann's Site: Yes, It's Fake

Unread postby Lucid Dreamer » Sat Apr 26, 2008 11:29 pm

According to most web forums, you cannot pose as another user to deliberately manipulate others for information.

Or something like that. Too bad the rules are much more vague regarding Fake Forums.

This is my story of what happened to me at Keith Olbermann’s site over the past few months and how I ended up being deactivated for no apparent reason, except, defending another user who had been badly treated. I’m going to have to break this up into 3 installments.

Think of them as, “Story Time” :wink:

I used to belong to Keith Olbermann’s unofficial website- one of 2, keitholbermann.org. (Recently it changed it’s name to LeftBent.com.)

I joined late in July of last year and must admit that “Keith’s Aunt Bee” (Yours truly) became a pretty popular character. I could mix it up with funny posts, dramatic posts, and even put some humor in the serious posts..

But, after a while, I started feeling as if something was – I dunno- Wonky. Sometimes I felt like I had stepped into the land of StepFord where everyone flossed their teeth, all their kids made “A’s” and everyone shined their shoes twice a week.

But I told myself that I was being cynical. After all, I have the experience of being exposed to the volatile egos of those on forum boards in this cybersociety we have created for some time, and I have experienced 2 boards that went through forum wars. “Of course I was being cynical” I kept telling myself.

Next thing I knew, I was invited to a private section of the forum. Officially, it was called the Moderators area- but I wasn’t a Mod. The Admin said in order to give access to this special area, he had to make us into Mods – but only in that area.

I’m pretty sure this was the middle of September and for the moment, my cynicism and paranoia went off to play somewhere else, and in the meantime, I was feeling comfortable with some of these folks I was beginning to think of as good-acquaintances

I have Aspergers- which is a form of Autism. The Doctors call it High functioning Autism. Aspies are normally driven to do something- Specialists, you might say. The Admin of the board claimed to be a Psychiatrist or a Neurologist- so I figured it was okay to tell him and the forum members what I had. He even suggested that Keith Olbermann had Aspergers.

I mean, regardless- it’s not contagious and I figured they could use my research skills in uncovering Progressive news. At the same time, I asked Michael and another member to guide me when my Social cues became fuzzy or off kilter. They claimed they would both be happy to oblige

But I didn’t know what it was- it was that sinking in my gut. I would throw topics up and no bites.

When Michael would ask us what we thought needed to be done to boost traffic, I was always the first to say something that I thought was needed. Not enough folks were posting important stuff. Most of it was “Fluff” (Not sure if that was the word I used, but close enough) I suggested links to MSnbc, and sites that Keith use as resources on his show like; Huffpost, Media Matters, Village Voice, etc… He politely thanked me for the imput and went on to other matters.

I noticed other things, too. Many people who would sign in would come, post a few times and then leave, as if in a puff of smoke, a little leprechaun appeared, showing them the door, silently sending them on their merry way.

In October, a troll hacked into the site and the board was down for a few days. Once back up, KO’s was on a different server, and I had trouble (along with several others- ) logging in. Once I got in, another user ( regular named LauraLu, emailed me saying that she had been blocked. Well, I figured out how to retrieve her IP addy (Really not hard) and sent it to one of the admins who was able to let her back in.

After that, the admins seemed to treat me a little different, more stand offish and frankly, I noticed the topic of 9/11 was labeled under the Lunatic Fringe category and places like the UnfilteredNews Network was poo-pooed as if I were a woo woo.

I also noticed odd things. For example, I would look up old threads to read and notice at the bottom, one of the admin or a Mod was reading the same thread.

And these were from a year back or funky topics. So it wasn’t like current or popular threads we’re talking about.

It wasn’t long before my paranoia returned and the plot started thickening.

~End Of Part one!

Lucid Dreamer

Unread postby socrates » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:29 pm

Hi Dreamer, welcome again to this humble forum.

I was thinking of asking you to leave, but through our pm's my questions have been answered. Dreamer has allowed me to discuss what we have been saying in private. I have changed my mind on copying and pasting those things. I am just gonna paraphrase, etc., what was discussed.

Dreamer does not believe she is a time traveler. Phew.

She is obviously into a lot of things that this place has frowned on in the past.

But some of these things, I too, have always wondered about. For one, Atlantis is an intriguing possibility. Many years ago, I also wondered about the astral projection. There is a wide spectrum on the tinfoil meter. Things like the Yeti or Atlantis have a much greater possibility of being true than other things.

I ask only that you do your best to bring in the best possible links and ideas. This really isn't a forum like most others. We do discourage the creation of too many new threads. We also discourage crazy ideas such as time travel, sylphs, aliens, er, you get my drift.

But I don't think you are a fake. And I do see that there is something very fishy about that Unofficial Keith Olberman forum. I'll try my best to help you work through that and get your story out. I do ask that you try to keep the wilder stuff to yourself. It's just one of the key rules here. Thanks.
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Unread postby socrates » Sun Apr 27, 2008 1:50 pm

It turns out that myself and Dreamer never crossed paths on the internet. It also turns out that 41 of her posts were deleted from the Olbermann unofficial forum. I will address that on the thread started in the astroturfing section.

One suggestion I have is that it would be nice for you to post some good, progressive news stories. There's a thread called The News, where you could add to it. This place really does shun the way out there material. We do, because such an approach could turn folks off to the things we can prove.

Thanks for your avatar. That's got to be the cutest bear ever. You might want to take a look at may41970's thread called A Smile. There's a video with a big lion giving a nice lady a hug.
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Unread postby socrates » Sun Apr 27, 2008 3:14 pm

Ok, time to get down to business.

I am grateful to Dreamer for being so candid and letting us know that she has Asperger's. For those who don't know anything about that, it just means that those who have it, they are usually missing a few neurological senses that can be taken for granted. Correct me if I ever post anything wrong on this. I am working from memory here.

Asperger's basically takes away the person's ability to empathise with the other. Things like facial expressions are not picked up. So it can seem to those without Aspergers that such people are insensitive or aren't appreciating the people around them.

They are usually high functioning, in fact, much more intelligent than others in certain ways. Most folks know about Rainman. He had uncanny mathematical abilities. He had the photographic memory, e.g., he could tell you all you needed to know about any episode of Jeopardy or The People's Court. Perhaps it is like with folks who are blind or deaf, how even when they lose the one sense, they pick up amazing abilities with others.

Dreamer's special focus has been on the internet and forums. She has also revealed to me, that yes, asperger traits can emerge on forums, just like in "real" life.

So, let me run through your post above in a linear fashion and respond accordingly.

Forums cannot allow sock puppets, we all agree. I think Dreamer's second thought has to do with wtf are we supposed to do if a forum is rigged? What other option is there but to go back with a new username when we are deactivated and banned without any mention that such deactivation took place. A great ideal that us Americans have is that we loathe injustice. Don't believe the Republican astroturfing memes that we are a bitterly, divided country, yadda. No, nearly all of us here know we are f%#&ed up, that we are living in a time which can be characterized as a legitemation crisis.

So the theory here is that there are all these unofficial forums leaching onto people like Randi Rhodes and Olbermann. They eventually become a trap to alienate true progressives. Real people are not gonna stay at forums which are too full of fluff. They are not going to stay at places that don't explain bannings or scrub and delete at will.

I went to leftbent.com and tried to find what exactly Dreamer wrote to get deactivated. There's no explanation anywhere, as far as I can see. The same kind of thing happened a lot at the Randi Rhodes Message Board back in 2005. There was some kind of purge there. Now, some of them were obvious trolls who deserved the bannings. But many of them with thousands of posts did not. I read once where an admin. said that nothing gets deleted, that people can go to the last posts of those banned and figure out why. I'll give that forum credit for making it easy to check out posting histories. Of course, one had to sign up to get access to that. In short, a lot of the banned posters got banned for no reason. Then there were others who would break rules all the time, like "Bushwa," or "AnonymousArmy" at DailyKos who never got banned. Or look at the Democratic Underground for the same kind of thing. Good people get banned and one can't figure out why. The ones who get justly banned are explained. But for those where it was a dubious banning, things get scrubbed and deleted, and there is no good explanation.

I had a few quick problems with KeithOlbermann.org. What's up with the new name of LeftBent? That right there sounds like an attack on progressives. Maybe LeftLeaning or ProudToBeLeft would make sense. But LeftBent? As in get bent you loopy. moonbat demorats????

I also noticed that whenever I'd check out a new thread or new page, the top address window always stayed at leftbent.com, meaning, good luck linking to that forum.

Also, if one wants to check out individual posting histories, one needs to register. Though, there are a few tricks to finding posts with that forum's search engine.

But how is one to take seriously a forum which deletes posts with no explanation? How is one to take seriously a forum which deactivates members in a not above board manner?

Check out the post count from this google cache taken on March 25th, 2008.


Now what the heck happened to 41 of Dreamer's posts?


I am gonna embed a few threads from that forum. I suggest to Dreamer that if she wants to make sure nothing else gets scrubbed and deleted, that if it is important to her story, that she save the pages. For me, i hit right click save as. I have tons of stuff I have saved, just in case. It is tough to figure out if things are getting scrubbed after the fact, but if one has the page saved, then if by chance they notice any changes, they can simply then take screenshots of what they saved and then be able to prove that there have been some kind of shenanigans going on.

I have embedded three KO.Org threads into this post. These are not screenshots. One can scroll and read the threads right here.


This was an outstanding thread put up by Dreamer, very impressive.

However, she remembers there were three pages, at the least two full ones.

She asked me to take a look at the ninth post, the one made by BrooklynBilly who quoted Olias. Well, one can see, at least for now, that there is no post above that has such quotes. My own interpretation of this thread leads me to believe it was scrubbed, because it made too much sense. It was a current event story which was astroturfing that Republicans are richer, less educated, with better mental health. Aunt Bee made some solid posts with some very high-minded thoughts exposing such nonsense for what it was. The admin. Mike, however outrageously tried to stifle the heart of the thread, going as far as to say that it might not be such a good idea to highlight this story. Wow.

Then he steered it into a superficial rant about Rush Limbaugh. I think controlled forums don't want high-minded ideas being presented into easily understood words. They want us hating the evil New World Order. They want us fixated on Shrub and Darth Cheney rather than start to see reality on a deeper level. They want us to think the fight between Obama and Clinton is real. They want us fixated on limited hangouts. They want us emotional. They want us to feel unintelligent. They do not want democracy to flourish. Not anywhere on the internet. They don't control every place, however, so there is always hope we the people will figure out how to beat them at their own games.

Two other indications that this post was scrubbed:
*** LauraLu spoke of a graph. That seemed disconnected.
*** Mike, in the now last post, mentioned Old Lady. He was referring to a poster named old lady in a shoe. She's no longer on the thread, for now. This reminds me of when Tinoire scrubbed and pruned on Progressive Independent, but did it in such a choppy way, that it was clear she had manipulated with threads.

This next one is where Aunt Bee disclosed that she has asperger's.


With this final one, folks can see how the admin. evoked authority and tried to squelch any discussion of why the autism rates have skyrocketed. In a way, this is kind of similar to health conditions that have coincided with the chemtrails. There have been increases in respiratory illness. There have been spikes with alzheimer's and multiple schlerosis. Those two have been shown to be associated with aluminum and barium poisoning, respectively.

I'm not saying I know this specific story that well. I don't know if mercury is to blame for the increases in autism. But one can see clearly how the Admin. evoked authority while coming up with no alternative explanation for why there have been the increases.


I'll end this post by giving a link to the Jason McElwain story. It is a feel good one. We need to embrace each other's differences. We are all human. We are all in this thing together.

Hoops Hero Inspires Producers, Parents
McElwain Story Has Hollywood, Parents Of Other Autistic Teens Calling

GREECE, N.Y., Feb. 28, 2006


(AP) Alone in the gym after practice, Jason McElwain went through his elaborate pregame ritual.

The 17-year-old senior, manager of the Greece Athena High School basketball team, drained a 3-pointer, a double-pump layup and a free throw, kissed the back of his ring finger at center court and sped off to the dressing room to exhort and amuse his teammates.

"You've gotta give it everything you got!" McElwain sang in rap verse. "The winner goes home all happy/The loser goes home and says/`Mommy we lost the game, wah wah wah!"'

McElwain, who is autistic, was back in his role as an all-around motivator on the eve of a sectional semifinal game Tuesday night — handing out water bottles, dispensing tips, helping run drills. Two weeks earlier, he suited up for a game and delivered a jaw-dropping performance....

J Mac - A Hoop Dream
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