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DonkeyTale is n00m. There's another guy named noom, but he's a totally different dude.

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He keeps saying he can't figure out how to post here. I definitely do not want to get banned or censored at DaveFromQueens.com. If Antoinette could give us a free thread once a week, fine, we can post donkey cheese there.

DonkeyTale is one of those guilty pleasures. He can be a bit annoying when the sailor talk gets a bit too salty, but he is most certainly an entertaining read.

I guess I should reply to what he wrote recently at DaveFromQueens.com.
dave was pro Obama. He was a democrat and politically astute. Remember, he wasnt part of the rabble at FSZ. He was reviled by the herd and even a portion of the free thinkers, some of whom thot his tactics went to far and threatened an outing war between UGOG and MattyJack. I like that BTW. Rhymes with DaddyMac.
DFQ was an original. I think Dave was also open-minded, and if one could have shown him how Obama was turning into a political hack, I think he certainly would have gone after him, unlike the blind faith Antoinette seems to be providing.

We both know there is some funky, moldy cheeseball explanations coming out of FSZ. You caught MattyJack deleting his lies about exposing the UGOGs. I first learned about you from your thread with noom at MyLeftWing. Then I saw firsthand a week or whenever ago how twisted Jack and Lauren S truly are. He said I am Noom. Why stop there? Can I also be KarmaFish?

There is a beauty to being perceived as a troll. You have taught me to embrace the inner troll. Or in other words, if I'm gonna take the heat for something, at least let me earn it. :twisted:
To me, what is interesting about the Tea Parties is what they symbolize now as much as in the 18th century, or wtf:

neocon revolt.
Talk about a brain cramp. The Boston Tea Party was put on by neocons? Who told you that, Jack Daniels? :lol:

Sorry for the corny use of smilies. Just trying to alienate you some more, since you've been driven off the html supported soap bloxes. Anyhoo, AbbeysBooks asked me to cross-post my MLW diary on the Revenge of AbbeysBooks. Did you see that one? She was a fricken genius to warn Michael DadaNation Shriver to disassociate himself from the KosKops. MSOC was her typical deluded self, saying how he was a dear friend of hers, how he shouldn't have been included in that mix. Well, now I see that the doughnuts are raining down heavy on me at MLW. :twisted: If you notice, when fake liberals are outed, they are more ferocious in their troll attacks than any neocon.
Revolt in this country is unlikely but its potential is nil from the left, whose futility is neatly summed up by the reaction to the fizzle on Wall Street Rally of 4.2, 4.3 or 4.4. Whenever the fuck it was sposse d to be held.

The first reule for the revolutionary:

get the place, date and time correct.

Yes, or if there is a chance that a protest might go well, hire A.N.S.W.E.R. to be the face of the operations.

Reule #2: dont smoke that second jay before heading out to the confrontation.

And in closing, thanks Sock Rat for exposing my fine work at MLW. I snuck a peak and was surprised to see Mrs. Mudgette calling me a "paranoid hullicenogen" or wtf. Well, I spose she's wright, in the final analysis.

And, uh, take it from a historic troll. There is a process that must be followed in getting banned. You just down throw down some wek schtick about cutting the military budget and demand the comment be deleted and you be banned. Sheesh, man, if that was easy everybody would be banned.
Dude, you call me sock rat, thus I had every right to label you as the historic troll. I actually am starting to think you should open up your own blog. My handlers through the years have been a bit too bland. Will you be my new handler?

You know who the real trolls are? They are the ones who never get banned.

What? You think Jesus just went up and got in Pilate's face and told him to off him?

No sirree. He had go to through some shit first, y'know, betrayals/denials/kkkrewing cocks, or wtf.
Maybe my next DKos diary will be titled, "DELETE MY ACCOUNT KOS." That will show you that your old ways of getting banned are no longer effective. I think you are jealous of my skills. Don't hate. We could be like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. The real Noom could be Fester from Gunsmoke? Of course, MSOC would get the leading lady role. Two to one odds, Curmudgette resembles Pat from Saturday Night Live.
OK and I read up on Francis' site about your good work in that DKOS dairy. Very impressive. Especially the gratuitous swipe at FSZ.
Francis is the man. I believe internet fakes like Kos could have kept things going, if they allowed a few of us to persist at their places. But he shit on the wrong dude. If you take away Francis Holland from the picture, no one would even know that Kos is probably some form of cointelpro. He obviously doesn't care about maintaining his empire. HuffingtonPost is making him appear as running a fourth-tiered blog.

But that's the way it goes. The kingpins always underestimate the ability of the few like Holland to exact revenge. They taunt us as being drama queens, tell us to go dig up more info. We do.

Yes, in regards to my anchor punch on FSZ. The irony is that MattyJack has frontpaged my new dairy product. I guess I should get back into that hunt. MLW bores the fock out of me. I kinda want to check out more of Holland's blog on Kos. There are some new tidbits in there.

I have proven yet again that for a banned troll like myself, I am able to generate web hits. In that LetTheSunShine post, I linked to FSZ and the video linked to Mr. Holland's place. MattyJack basically needs us more than we them. That's what Abbeysbooks thinks too, as her diary also got front page action.

Finally, in an even greater waste of time, I googked "Brett Kimberlin" who seems to claim he once sold some weed to dan fucking Quayle no less? I remember that one. Good prank but how is he connected to the Whiteysphere, and how is Larisa Androvna a fake righty again?
Check out my Prepostericity posts at DKos. Check out the stuff I have here. I'm not into reinventing no stinking badges, er, wheels.
See, here I am spilling my gutz as usual, and you simply throw out these names with the charge of astroturff but you seem to assume we know the back story, when we dont.

And I still cant see how to make comments or open a forum on your site. Like, what fucking button do I click on? Or is DOS or wtf?
Reinventing the wheel is a no go. Kimberlin is tied to Brad Friedman and "election integrity" hoaxes. They are also tied in with Alexandrovna and Fingerit. The internet fakes have left a lot of bread crumbs. It is in these people's interest to stop messing with me. No matter how often I get attacked, the truth is on my side. Alexandrovna went to the disinfo well one time too many in regards to the Kimberlin Production of the Michael Connell hoax. Alexandrovna is buddies with Fingerit. Fingerit was at Democratic Underground also. You make it seem like the backstory is impossible to figure out. You need help to tie your shoes?

of would-be anachist MattyJack

MattyJack, I like that name too. Good job, DonkeyTale.

Good job going after CometMan and the others.

I'm even proud of Noom for exposing Melvin. Lauren S' husband made a big mistake. He basically admitted that he isn't fair and is a troll. I could find the exact quote, but it's the kind of thing where if that KosKop ever opens his yapper again, one need simply repost his own words. He might as well have written, "My name is Melvin, and I have zero credibility."
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What a joke that FreeSpeechZoneBlog.com is. MattyJack by all indications is not who he claims to be. From what I have heard, he was never a big part of Peeder's Political Flesh Feast. Yesterday or the day before he made a post saying that myself, DavidByron, and Noom have been banned. Funny that, considering just a week before he claimed myself and Noom are the same person. Jack said that we could make a goodbye cruel world post, but that was it. Then came the typical MyLeftWing type nonsense. Folks attack messengers as being "toxic" but then when they get banned, they cry that they never wanted such and such to be ousted.

Now MattyJack has changed his Matty Roth name back to Jack's Smirking Revenge. This echoes his previous manhandling of usernames. Now where does an admin get the idea that it is ok to change usernames? MaryScott O'Connor allows the same thing over at her dive. She, like Jack, also allows the use of sock puppets. It seems that whoever pays those people money gets to post whatever they want. But I also get the impression that Jack was a plant to begin with, while MSOC has been thoroughly manipulated by the political operatives. KarmaFish also reeks of being a plant. I believe he was sent over to MLW to do damage control for Markos Moulitsas Zuniga. He has a new post up dealing with hunting versus fishing. Should anyone be surprised that nearly all of them are meat eaters and justify the killing of animals? Those are fake progressives. True lefties, peaceniks, and thinkers are not wanted on these boards.

Manipulative fakes like CurmudgeFace and KarmaStench fed into MSOC's ego, made her feel that her rage schtick was worth more than fifteen minutes of fame. Then they basically had full control of that board to in essence put a clampdown on the exposure of Moulitsas and all other forms of internet fakery. MSOC has been manipulated into taking the stance that anyone posting dirt on other places is not welcomed. It's all well and good for her to rant about Markos, but when Francis Holland took it up a thousand notches, he was given the boot. MSOC is being played like a fiddle. I believe she has been bought off. I believe she is in denial of being a sellout. How else to explain how someone who is adverse to deleting and banning does both? She had a diary saying she would never accept money from politicians. I found it through the wayback machine. I have it copied and can reproduce it if necessary. Why did she delete it? Why did she ban Francis? Uhm, perhaps the answers are related. Perhaps Curmudgette and KarmaFish literally own MLW through 'donations' to MSOC? Seeing how they both slammed into Holland which led to his banishment, I see no other explanation than that MLW has been efficiently neutralised into being controlled opposition.

So basically there is no place to go. Myself and AbbeysBooks may rekindle davefromqueens2.blogspot. I wish the html folks could transition to forum codes. It's really not that difficult. One can even edit their posts. There is so much more room in a place like this to develop nice threads. It is much easier to see who is responding to who.

I'm kinda spent. I have no desire to post at FSZ or MLW. I feel that at some point FSZ will be completely deleted. I think this recent crap put out by Jack's Smirking Revenge was a response to my recent internet activities. I believe he is alligned with the KarmaFish's of the blogosphere. Whenever the truth starts to emerge, out spring the limited hangouts and noise machines.

*** KarmaFish exposed as being a probable internet fake- time to yet again portray me as a stalker and paranoid, conspiracy theorist.

*** Jack's Smirking Revenge exposed as being a probable internet fake- time to reinforce the idea that he's a regular guy who is being unfairly trolled on.

Conclusion: FSZ and MLW are honey pots. They are no different from Democratic Warrior, the yet again defunct Randi Rhodes Message Board, Tinoire's Progressive Independent, BradBlog, and a myriad of other lower tiered forums and blogs inserted to catch the inevitable stream of disenchanted lefties and progressives who eventually realise that Daily Kos and Democratic Underground are rigged.

The big traffic is now going to Huffington Post. But there is no way for citizen journalism and democracy to emerge there. It is a rotating news service, bland at that and filled with puff pieces, in which the cult of the personality reigns. You have the main bloggers and unless you get the poolboy job like Greg Gutfeld, you are not gonna be given space by Arianna.

Daily Kos is a closed shop. That's been proven.

Democratic Underground is neither democratic nor underground.

The hope lies in that it wouldn't take too many sincere bloggers to move up the charts. But it's gonna take the utter awareness of folks, that the big forums are not accessible to us unwashed masses. You think myself and Dredd quit BradBlog for no good reason? Brad had given us the illusion, that he would promote us. He has those rotating messages at the top of his place next to himself smoking the cigarette. One of them is Be the Media. Uhm, the two of us came up with some pretty darn good shite, yet Brad showed zero interest in promoting it.

Pockets of awareness is the only route to go. I am thinking grassroots. The cavalry may never arrive, but then again, slowly but surely a cavalry could be formed. If only more of us could see through the hypocrisy of the blogosphere and figure out ways to beat these buggers at their own games. It can be done.
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Wow, where to begin. I guess I'll just try to belt out a stream of consciousness kind of post. MyLeftWing is a joke. Add them to the list of forums I have been banned from. They are one of the rare ones where I deserved it. But, and this is a big but, those buggers started in with me. I'm not gonna write here with the kind of language they do at their places. Let me put it this way. They sucker punched me. Then I bashed the snot out of them.

If I am in a forum, I play by the rules. There is a certain freedom that one feels, however, after being unfairly banned from a number of places simply for expressing one's ideas. I was unfairly banned by two of the biggest places, Democratic Underground and DailyKos. Once one realises they are not allowed to speak at the big places, why should one worry about the ones who get next to no traffic or respect? Places like FreeSpeechZone, DebateBothSides, and MyLeftWing allow bad language. They are saloons. When I have been at saloons, I have not been afraid to hoist back a few brews. If someone attacks me, at those places, I do fight back. My new motto, to take and add to Gandhi, is first they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight you. You win, then they scrub and delete.

I am the convenient scapegoat. In the case of MyLeftWing, I accomplished a number of things. For one, I showed that chemtrails are more likely than not the result of deliberate activity. I also showed how KarmaFish is a probable political operative. I highlighted that a Fox news producer is Mary Scott O'Connor's close friend. I showed that two of her big time posters have been Armando, a notorious troll from DKos, and another Moulitsas Zuniga product she caters to called ThereIsNoSpoon. TINS, for short, is known for saying a woman can't claim rape if she was drunk at the time.

I get attacked from the get go when I go to forums. It happened at FreeSpeechZone and also at MLW. There is a poster named StandingWatch who is also Greenwood at FSZ who has been admittedly "stalking" my internet presence since 2007. This person has posted outright lies about myself.

*** that I have stalked three females on the internet. bullshit.
*** there's other stuff I could respond here too, but now I'm thinking about CometMan and others from FSZ. He has been a big supporter of Brett Kimberlin. He has attacked me, as have others, for my exposes as Prepostericity. They attack me rather than the facts I have provided. CometMan claims to be from Maine. I think the other day he admitted to having a sock puppet named hemlock. The other day Greenwood said something about being involved with activism in Boston. He also used mynetimages as his photo bucket. That's the one I have used since I started putting up images. My cyberstalker has also started to use that one. I believe all these fockers are connected. I can't prove it. And I am on my own here as donkeytale hasn't made one post despite my efforts to stick up for his integrity.

Yeah, stream of consciousness.....

I've just written to may41970 that I'm not gonna wait six months for him to decide whether to post here again. He has acknowledged that it was wrong of him to write about my relatively obscure pet topics at reddit without linking to me. That is a good thing. But him asking me to wait a while is just more of the same from him never being there for me, when I've neede him to chip in. I've told him to stay away. If he can't help out now, then I don't ever want to see him again. I definitely don't want to find out he's writing about my pet topics without linking to this website. I've told him that.

Uhm, I've asked Perverted Introvert to come up with a new username. I told him a bunch of stuff in a pm. If he wants the name, fine. But with claims of me being a stalker, I'd rather not have a username that has the word perverted in it. Also, I am not gonna ban anyone or cramp on their free speech unless it gets outrageous. I think I've mellowed out a lot the last year. I feel I have had enough successes that all my enemies by ignoring my stuff shows their true colours. One needs to attack messages not messengers, unless of course the message of folks stinks, then you can attack both!

I have written a bunch at other places lately and am not gonna cross-post it. It's out there for folks to read, if they so please. I see that Jack the admin from FSZ has written about political consultants and lawyers. This is all very surreal. I have not been getting ignored like the old days. Everything I have written has been scoured by insidious forces. This is not paranoia. It is what it is. Francis Holland made a good point the other day. I snuck into DKos lately and wrote about his stuff concerning DailyCIAKos and also a bit on Dave and the KosKops stuff concerning Fingerit. His point was that my work as LetTheSunShine forced KarmaFish to come out with yet another attack on Himself. In short, I am very proud of my accomplishments as a blogger. One doesn't get attacked like this without their stuff being debunked, if they haven't figure a lot of crap out. I also see how supersoling and others are talking up ShadowThief as perhaps being Jack from FSZ. Well, I was the one to first head in that direction. I am definitely very curious who this curmudgeon guy is. Is he ShadowThief? I already suspect that curmudgette of MLW is a plant, same as KarmaFish. Was the Curmudgette/Curmudgeon thing from a script?

Uhm, I think I'll stop with that. I'm not really sure what the point is to ramble any more. I will say one more thing. This supersoling guy reeks of being a plant username. Donkeytale says he doesn't know the guy that well even though supersoling has made it seem they are friends. He did stand up for DT at Booman's, but that dude also stood up for me at FSZ. But then he turned on me. I then supplied him with plenty of content concerning Alexandrovna and Bev Harris and whatnot and tried to work through some dialogue with him. He came up with not one response. Next time I heard from him was him taking a dump on me at MLW to warn MeSoc about me. Friggen sassafrassa.

I am an original. DavidByron called me ShadowThief the other day. Now what the heck was up with that? I've had nothing to do with this idiotic Daily Kos subculture until I went there as Prepostericity to rattle off about the Speedway Bomber and his most recent hoax and about the nasty alleged reporter who lies about his true past and about the Connell hoax. Dudes, folks, it is outright crazy the attacks that have been foisted on me the last two years. They are not isolated incidents. They are coming from all angles- neo-nazis, election integrity fakes, fake chemmies, fake lefties.....

The oddest one of late is Greenwood/StandingWatch. This person has just been a bit too far into my blogging. It's like wtf? Someone is gonna take the time to parse all my writings and then not attack my stuff but rather me? This person reeks of being involved with the TOTO/Ender and Aubuchont/Arcadia Ego crowds. I also now believe based on what Dredd wrote on his blog that BradBlog gave my cyberstalker my real name and email address. I don't worry about any of that crap. They have failed to shut me down. They have failed to get me off the internet. That the focus on me has crescendoed shows that I have come up with major shite.

*** chemtrails are deliberate
*** there are fake scripts and modern day cointelpro-like activities on the internet
*** my cyber sleuthing has been top-notch

Now the pitbull Curmudgette is on my ass trying to make fun of me as a cyber-sleuth. She tries to lie her way into being the big time cyber sleuth who outed Curmudgeon. Whoop-da-dee-doo. That Curmudgeon/Curmudgette thing was probably all made up. The soapblox culture is all insulated, and the UGOGs versus FSZ was fabricated, controlled opposition. Curmudgette is a big part of FSZ, the #3 username. There was another username who showed up out of no where to say how all my findings are old news. Other usernames say the same thing. Lauren S says I come up with two year old conspiracies. But the Michael Connell thing is recent, so that is just flat out wrong. Internet fakes try to give the illusion that these are all spontaneous non-related usernames coming up with their own ideas. Don't fall for that.

The internet ptb's detest individualism. The KosKops, for example, they go after anyone who exhibits the ability to stay clear of conformity. It happened to Dave and abbeysbooks. If donkeytale is legit, that's why they pile on him. Now, I need donkeytale to stop calling me sock rat. I expect it from others, but I have asked him nicely not to call me that. If he does it again, I will confront him on it. If he doesn't stop with it, I will cut the cord with him. But for now, I lean heavily towards believing he is legit. I believe any mistakes he has written has been based on the times. So for instance, he has had a few bad words for Dave. But at that point, he had been banned from FSZ, and Dave was still there. So one needs to keep in mind when comments have been made. If you're gonna pour through archives, you need to perceive the context of those times.

Er, I love rambling. Hopefully it's not just the cyberstalking political operatives reading this, and there are some normal folks out there who get what I'm on about and actually root for me and other underdogs fighting back against a rigged internet. If you're a good person and would like to help out, please do. There will be no bannings, no pressure, just free speech. I am a good guy. I am sincere. I have made a few mistakes and have apologised never forgotten them. As to outing my cyberstalker, no way do I regret that. He is an evil ass and deserves a police report filled out. The thing with may41970 where I revealed what he told me, sure, I shouldn't have done it. But at the time he was giving me a lot of headaches, and I simply had put so much into the internet at that point, that no way was I gonna let his actions in any way legitimise the cybersmear script put in place against me. He has forgiven me, as I him. If he wants back in, he needs to show up now. If he is my friend, then he will be my friend today, not in six months or whenever. I have told him this. And I never asked him to tell me anything. It was because of what he told me, and then I called him in Taiwan, his story added up. When he backstabbed this forum in real time, I made that mistake.

This felt good, letting out a nice ramble. I might just try to write some more posts on this humble blog in the form of a forum. I think some other folks will eventually show up. I am confident that anyone who looks into my internet presence can see that I am who I say I am, a decent duder from Massachusetts who has written on the stuff I got into. I am a lefty peacenik, yadda, yadda, and you know it.

n.b. one really good thing about donkeytale is one realises that spelling/grammar can be overrated. I used to be incredibly anal about. One method I've had is to plug in words I am unsure of into google to see if the spelling is ok. I'll still do that at times. Another thing is, I'm not proof reading my stuff as much. If I messed up with stuff like typos, apologies. Just trying to have fun, be myself, and not worry if I forgot to mention something I should have. Like donkeytale has said, the "whiteysphere" exposes 'itslef'.

that's my story, and I'm sticking to it

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I just tried to post the following at DFQ's. It was directed to DonkeyTale. I think there is some kind of glitch going on. the shit has hit the fan. I got a lot posted on the tea party thread, but this last one kept going into moderation queue. This has happened before, so I think it is a glitch, not that I am in the moderator's queue. Maybe I'll post this here, then empty my cookies and cache, then copy and paste this later. Though it's getting late, I'm starting to get very wired over today's developments.
I've a few more thoughts then need to take a break. Supersoling stole an idea of mine too. He wondered whether ShadowThief was Jack or had something to do with FSZ or whoever he is. Now Curmudgette is showing up with her blog ethics thing which kinda tries to make it seem that Jack is now telling the truth about this whole thing being some sociological study.

I think this is some warped limited hangout to cover up what Dave was working on. This is some incestuous, corrupt manipulation between all these various soapblox domains. Friggen MeSoc is now trumping up ThereIsNoSpoon's return to her place. Her good friend Phil I. Stine is a Fox News Producer? What about KarmaFish going after Francis Holland after I confronted Markos Moulitsas as LetTheSunShine?

Listen, if you are for real, please start posting at my forum. It's a lot easier to crank out dialogue without any risk of pissing off Antoinette.

Yeah, I'm sure we are good for business here, but if Antoinette doesn't realise that in time, she could pull the plug any time and there we have it, DonkkkeyTurd and SockRat are historic trolls.

Please stop calling me sockrat. How many times do I have to ask you that?

I probably have some other thoughts but oh well, at my forum, there is a thread called davefromqueens4. And for the eightieth millionth time, I love this Dave Weintraub guy and respect every friggen thing he did. I know I got to know him mostly after he died, but my intentions are good and I'm sick of the internet being a closed shop. And I do not believe the hog wash coming out. Not one bit of it. Is it a limited hangout? A way to make us the scapegoats once again? A way to cover up the true story of DKos and cointelpro-like corruption on the internet? As you and Arthur Gilroy says, bet on it.
Here's the link- Tea Party protestors believe Obama not US-born
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DaveFromQueens.com has stopped operations. No explanation is given. The url redirects to a GoDaddy page saying the domain is available. I am very disappointed in Antoinette. She was never much of use in regards to carrying on with Dave's legacy. Now all of his important work exposing an astroturfing scam run at DailyKos by DailyKos is gone. I posted some excellent stuff there also. Now it is gone. Nothing is showing up for the website at the wayback machine, although those always have a delay. I do think pages can still be read through search engine caches. Yet even those may not remain forever as they are replaced by the GoDaddy page. Antoinette must have thought she was actually accomplishing things by reinventing the wheel in attacking Fox News. Well, there are already a million or so places that have done that. She was awful at moderating. She had no social skills. I believe Dave would be very upset with her for scrubbing DaveFromQueens.com. In fact, all the lurkers who never helped him out and especially the dirtbags who cybersmeared him are some of the worst people in the world. When good people do nothing, evil is allowed to rule the day. What Dave came up with was profound. It still survives here and there. However, Dave wanted that place to always be around. Antoinette has dishonoured his wishes for the place to survive. She is clearly the last person anyone should make a GodParent. She shouldn't even be allowed to take care of plants and pets. She ought to be ashamed.
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A sock puppet has been busted. The poster named DavidByron is FairLeft. I can't tell if this revelation was by mistake or design. I rarely frequent the soapblox blogs anymore. They disgust me.

http://www.pffugeecamp.com/showComment. ... entId=6981
Another article on the tasing of the white, 72 year old great grandmother (0.00 / 0)
http://jonathanturley.org/2009/07/29/vi ... more-13268

Someone mentions an Amnesty International report saying cops torture to death about 5 people a year with these devices.

Oops. Five a month.
Generally unresisting civilians who've done nothing wrong of course.
by: DavidByron @ Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 13:38:46 PM CDT
Generally unresisting civilians? (0.00 / 0)
What, no link? Not likely as anyone with half sense knows you made that crap up.
by: JohnDoe @ Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 14:52:42 PM CDT
This incident is directly related to my point here. (4.00 / 1)

The video clearly shows an uncooperative and belligerent Winkfein. However, as we have often discussed on this blog (here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here), officers now routinely use tasers when there is a failure to obey commands - a casual use of the weapon that has resulted in injuries and abuse in some cases.

http://jonathanturley.org/2009/07/29/vi ... more-13268

"YOU MUST OBEY or I will tazer you" is the authoritarian cop rule of post-9/11 Amerika. That needs to end.

BTW, Turley's "a casual use of the weapon that has resulted in . . . abuse in some cases" indicates his lack of understanding, since using the weapon simply because individuals fail to obey command is nearly always an abuse, since tazering is torture.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. -- A-Hep
by: fairleft @ Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 15:06:32 PM CDT
I accept (0.00 / 0)
it happens. I see no proof that it's a general thing.

If a cop has to take someone into custody who resists, what is your alternative suggestion? Beating them with billy clubs until they submit is not so pleasant either.

At least some of these "failure to obey" types are trying to make a scene. The "pleaes don't tase me bro" dude had every chance to leave without an altercation and chose to force one. You do not have an infinite right to screw with everyone else in an unreasonable fashion.
by: JohnDoe @ Wed Jul 29, 2009 at 19:02:51 PM CDT
ps -- are you Byron's sockpuppet? (0.00 / 0)

by: JohnDoe @ Thu Jul 30, 2009 at 04:44:07 AM CDT
thanks, I needed a li'l ego boost (4.00 / 1)
BTW, I'm thinking I'll start posting my shit over at freespeechzone again. Just to see what kind of reaction I'll get from that misguided, probly on CIA payroll, handful.

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness, For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people, For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. -- A-Hep
by: fairleft @ Thu Jul 30, 2009 at 12:36:01 PM CDT
just seemed odd you answered for him (2.00 / 1)
If you share a body, at least you make rational points some percentage of the time.
by: JohnDoe @ Thu Jul 30, 2009 at 18:04:33 PM CDT
If you combine Byron's and FairLeft's output, that is a full-time astroturfing job. They both are pro-Palestinian. Byron is an anti-semite. Byron professes to be a progressive, but he also writes a lot of anti-feminist rants. That's highly unlikely for a lefty. Lefties do not hate Jews nor women. I think this was a mistake by an intel worker. Yet, the way soapblox is set up, individuals cannot edit or delete their posts. So FairLeft just carried on and never provided a decent explanation for responding as if he were DavidByron. Oops. I'd just like to add that you'd think this would be big news to the people at the websites that failed at stealing the legacy of Peeder from DKOS who established something called the Political Flesh Feast. The historic troll Donkeytale has been all over Fairleft for being a fraud or something like that as a blogger. Yet, donkeytale has conveniently missed this incident. Clearly one can now see that Fairleft and DavidByron are the same person.
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I've found some more circumstantial proof that davidbyron and fairleft are the same person.

As I pointed out previously, davidbyron is over the top in being a male chauvinist pig. That is not a quality one finds in true lefties. Nor will you find true progressives who have exhibited the kind of anti-semitism he has displayed over the years. My main question is how can this not be someone paid to post. These two usernames have been saturating the internet for years. Here's a thread from the past where the two usernames both posted. Coincidence?


This next one fairleft cross-posted Byron from one of the soapblox dives over at a place called Open Left.


This next one shows Byron supporting Fairleft at Shadowthief's and Curmudgette's blog.

http://thebloggingcurmudgeon.blogspot.c ... tales.html

Well, now I am getting forbidden messages when trying to access old Booman Tribune threads where fairleft supported davidbyron. There was also a post made by fairleft at MLW supporting ThereIsNoSpoon, after he had come out with his own male chauvinistic spiel years back concerning rape.

I'm not sure where I can go with this train of thought. I'll end this post ironically by putting up a shadowthief post from Marisacat's from years ago. Some things I don't think I'll ever be able to figure out. I have suspicions about Curmudgette for example and her association to Shadowthief, but it's beyond my resources to solve it. Sometimes I simply look at these things as being infinite rabbit holes akin to the dreamsend crapola. I guess the key to being a solid amateur, internet cybersleuth is to be able to discern between what is good proof and what is a waste of time. I'm not sure if shadowthief was a plant or a victim, as perhaps his username was stolen, or perhaps he was a concern troll. But I kind of agree with what he said below. I saw this myself at pffugeecamp many months ago. I even made a few posts on a thread in which davidbyron and fairleft were having a go at it. Now realising that they are one and the same person tells me that it was a scripted battle, perhaps one in which to throw others off the scent that they are the same individual. It's like when BradBlog and Larisa go over the top with their talk of decoder rings. It's like they are astroturfing that it is a ridiculous idea they are willing disinfo despite the accumulation of evidence that says otherwise.

Nobody - I mean nobody - pulls the wool over the eyes of a Gambini