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Theresa Duncan and J. Blake - Death by Internet Convolution


Theresa Duncan and J. Blake - Death by Internet Convolution

Unread postby socrates » Fri Jan 29, 2010 7:13 am

(cross-posted from DaveFromQueens2.blogspot)

In my last entry, it was clearly shown how "Jeff Wells" of Rigorous Intuition has helped ruin a mentally ill person's chances for recovery. One can only imagine how many other lives he has had a similar negative influence on. I think it's fair to suggest that if it weren't for Jeff Wells, Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake would still be alive.

The question isn't whether Scientologists drove those two beautiful people to suicide. That would give that dumbarse cult more power than I believe it truly has. At question is, would two such intelligent individuals have ever suffered such deep paranoia, enough to kill themselves, if jackasses like Jeff Wells were seen for the fakes they truly are?

I'm pretty sure of what truly happened to them, after reading through a bunch of articles and becoming aware of Wells' profound influence on Theresa's psyche.

They were probably into drinking and some heavy drugs. They were definitely into living high maintenance lifestyles. They were multi-talented with the best years of their lives ahead. They were not strong enough to overcome human frailties and snags with their career trajectories. They eventually lost their minds to hysteria and despair. I believe Jeff Wells had a major influence on Theresa's going over the edge into insanity.

The Swell Life: **** Californius And The Return Of The Paranoia-Free Pastoral

[quote="Theresa Duncan"] Well, that leaves the ingenious satirical site Rigorous Intuition to write the legendary crazy screeds stitching the whole awful global web of parapolitics together.

Paranoia seems to us an absolute patriotic duty at the moment, and Rigorous Intuition is like the incredibly symbolically twisted and bizarre dream you wake up from to realize that the scenario thrown up from the unconscious is actually the expression of some very simple truth you had been desperate to avoid facing. Mom always liked you best; Bush is using his father's CIA (or "contractors" from the Federal intelligence community, like the ones now passing around an FBI file from when I was 19 and a "communist" in Detroit) for a soft (ish) domestic fascist coup, etc.

What happened was these two were not having the financial success they had expected. Conspiracy theory became a convenient excuse to explain it away as not being their fault. They had lost the ability to be regular people, the kind Captain America had a great respect for in Easy Rider. Duncan had a movie deal in the works that kept falling through. The music star Beck, according to one blog, had agreed to be the big draw. He's now acting like he was never involved. I think since he is part of the Scientology cult, he's trying to lie his way out of getting in trouble with those who do the 'audits'. Long story short, Duncan developed a paranoia that the Scientologists were sabotaging her career. Not only that, she believed they were stalking her. Jeremy fell for it. To see how that works, look at the conconcted story based on Dr. Sid Siemer being alleged as a satanic pedophile cultist involved in CIA black operations. People get deluded and end up believing the most outrageous things. Look at McMartin or Fells Acres or the tons of examples from the Satanic Panic era or the well-crafted hoax centered around Larry King and the Franklin hoax.

Basically Theresa Duncan went over the edge and took Jeremy with her.

That's how I see it. And "Jeff Wells" can take a lot of credit for that. Just take a close look at my last entry on Lynn Schirmer and see how Jeff and Dr. Routley have influenced her in very negative ways. Whoever "Jeff Wells" is, he's a bad man. His type of convolution has ruined real lives.

Another bad man is someone who goes by the alias of Alex Constantine. He has some convoluted long-arse pile of rubbish out on how Media Bistro and the CIA killed Theresa and Jeremy. These people are going to want to make sure their true identities aren't revealed. If Theresa or Jeremy was my relative, I'd be confronting both of them in person and not with a smile. By the way, Constantine is trying to tie the suicides to the Franklin Case hoax. Fricken sound familiar? Hello Jeff Wells and Andy Stephenson?

Conspiracy of Two

The Golden Suicides

The Beck Connection

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