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The view from down here...

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The view from down here...

Unread postby viewfromKSA » Wed Oct 17, 2007 1:36 pm

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I have lived in Jeddah since 82 and even before that for a few years. What we have always, always had here, were day after day of beautiful, blue skies with nary a cloud in site. Not anymore....they are now hazy, dim, gray skies. I cannot even see stars anymore. I can't say I never wished that we had a few more clouds once in a while to give some respite from relentless sunlight, but this is beyond ridiculous! Anyone else live/lived in a desert (or other) local that has noticed their endless blue skies grow slowly more clouded over the course of a year or so until all is just gray, or at the best washed out sickish blue? Just a few years ago I remember telling a relative of mine in the states "thank god we don't have that here" in regards to spraying. Guess I spoke to soon....

Unread postby socrates » Wed Oct 17, 2007 5:16 pm

Hi KSA, hope that is an ok nickname for you. Thanks for sharing your story. It is truly a small world.

Have you actually witnessed aircraft dropping down "trails" which then spread out and create the fake haze? I am sure you have watched "chemtrail" videos, seen the pictures. Are you saying you have witnessed the same activities that have been highlighted in this top forum section?

Perhaps we can get some photographs of "chemtrails" from the Middle East. So you are saying you have witnessed this activity, and that it only started the last few years?

Also, I have not been shy in putting forth my theory that the main purpose of chemtrails seems to be to block out radiation. There is always so much media attention on the problem of global warming, but next to nothing on the problems with the ozone layer. Any thoughts on this? Take care. Peace.
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Unread postby viewfromKSA » Wed Oct 17, 2007 7:03 pm

Yes, I think I can say that I have seen trails being laid down, however never low enough to identify any planes or markings. Lately I don't even see that, just white haze in a blanket across the horizon. Sorry, don't have any pics, but I assure you they look just the same as they do in pics from everywhere else. May be able to get some in the future if the haze ever clears....

Not sure I have an opinion about them being laid down to block radiation. Kind of have a few of my own out of the box opinions about what they might be for. however I think most people can agree that it is probably not for anything too good.

Unread postby socrates » Wed Oct 17, 2007 11:41 pm

You feel free to share your out of the box ideas, since I brought this up. I am not trying to push the uv-b radiation theory. It just seems the most obvious explanation to me. But you are right, the main thing we all seem to agree on is that if they were good for us, this would not be secret activity along with the internet scam part of it.

You have the full posting rights here. It's very much appreciated that you have taken the time out to report chemtrails from Saudi Arabia.

So do people talk about this much where you're from? Here, more people know about it than how the internet makes it seem like a hoax with few people "believing." This is beyond belief for those of us who have witnessed the deliberate nature of the activities.

{yeah, if u think it's aliens or mind control or depopulation, please start a thread on that in one of the other sections. I won't ban anyone for that, but just don't want it in this section. Small world. Feel free to jump into the fray in the other sections. We're pretty much just a bunch of peaceniks at this place. Those not afraid to open our yappers. Take care.}
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Unread postby Don Smith » Thu Oct 18, 2007 1:51 am

The UV radiation idea seems the most likely to me, also. The PTB do not want a panic from the proles by announcing that they are concerned enough to experiment with slowing the fry down.
Most likely many of the various poisons in the CTs are "collateral damage", like- "What works to block this?" then "Oh crap, this is a carcinogen/ genetic mutation/ (pick one)."
Big Brother does not have a real good track record about health and safety where it concerns some ultra-secret, national defense, insiders only action.
Don Smith

Unread postby viewfromKSA » Thu Oct 18, 2007 9:24 am

No, people do not talk about this much here. I don't think it would even enter most people's minds to think that someone is screwing around with the weather.

One thought that had already occurred to me was one that was mentioned in a post I read yesterday... that perhaps the goal is to speed up global warming, instead of slow it down.

Aliens in my opinion are just another disinformation ruse and mass depopulation would not seem right as a goal as that is so easily (and much more profitably) done through wars and sickness.

Other thoughts, just for brief mention now (may start another thread later or someone else could if they have some thoughts/ideas), enhancement of military capabilities and bio-engineering through dispersement of nanotechnology.


Unread postby socrates » Thu Oct 18, 2007 10:30 am

I had a feeling you were for real KSA. Sorry I tested ya. The last person who signed up seemed for real. But then she said that 20 years ago she first "dissolved clouds." Your thinking outside the box is the way I like. As regards to the excess haze and stalled weather patterns, that to me is one of the objectives of the chemtrails. I do think that whenever the activities are so blatant, more and more people awaken to the truth. This is where perhaps programs overlap. The military environmental modification techniques, e.g. creating fog and haze, etc. could tie in with a goal of blocking out the uv-b radiation. The only reason I think it is important to come up with theories on the why's is because once you point out what chemtrails are and how they expand, newbies and those on the fence will ask why this is happening. It's like with investigators of crime. They are concerned with the motives behind crimes.

I have been looking at chemtrails in three ways:

** Are they deliberate activity?
** If so, why?
** How have chemtrails been portrayed on the internet?

I think we have hit paydirt in many ways.
Thanks go out to the few who have had the strength to add their voice.
I do realize there are real "chemmies" sprinkled about on the internet.
My thanks go out to them also.
My concerns have been with the major chemtrail boards.

The reason why I think "they" might be trying to speed up global warming is because then it
would be easier to get the "blank check." So, I see this as status quo politics. All the crazy
geoengineering ideas to offset the Greenhouse effect call for the dispersing of materials
in the stratosphere, where such Dr. Evils have claimed the aluminum and sulfates could
redirect the suns warmth back out into space. To do that in the troposphere has a net warming
effect. This is why I believe the main reason for the aerosols seems to be to block out
radiation from hitting our skin. We used to hear a lot a few years back not to stay in the sun
for more than fifteen minutes at a time without protection. People should reflect on that.
Fifteen minutes?

The solutions for this world seem to be to listen to what Rousseau or the Luddites
were on about, to go back to nature. The "elites" are the opposite. "They" are trying to market
pollution as being the solution to the convolution. Was that poetry? Ok, thanks again and peace.
The People United Will Never Be Defeated
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Unread postby viewfromKSA » Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:01 am

I agree with the blank check idea most assuredly. However, I am not convinced that the same people who are spraying us with a multitude of to put it politely 'crap' would give two hoots about protecting our skin from radiation. Does not add up for me.

I do think people should reflect on the 15 minute time limit though. Vitamin D, which is obtained easily through direct exposure to the sun, is essential to our well-being. Perhaps we should wonder why it is no longer 'good' for us to get vitamin D from direct sunlight for more than 15 minutes or only with umpteen brands of sunblock on. (this thought just popped into my mind by the way, so I will need to do some reading before I can connect any possible dots...although it seems to me I recently read something that caused it to 'pop' so easily to mind)

The aluminum being dispersed could also be a great amplifying conductor for satellite transmissions....all that real-time imaging made better. Possible perhaps?

more later...

Unread postby socrates » Fri Oct 19, 2007 4:02 pm

viewfromKSA wrote:...I am not convinced that the same people who are spraying us with a multitude of to put it politely 'crap' would give two hoots about protecting our skin from radiation. Does not add up for me.

We hear so much about global warming. We hear next to nothing about the ozone layer. The motive behind keeping skin cancer down is so we don't become aware of the connection between aviation and rockets with ozone depletion. Better to have us think that the Montreal Protocols and the banning of cfc's took care of the problem. I am arguing that it is not out of benevolence that the fake cloud covers are being produced. It is being done so the status quo which hurts the ozone layer can continue without accountability.

If chemtrails are meant to cool us off, they are not working. A month or so ago, NatureisMad was surprised to hear we hit 95 degrees in Boston. Even this week we continued to have hot weather, enough so where one can be sweating and have to turn the fan on. The chemtrails are messing with the weather. Massachusetts has been famous for its four distinct seasons. While Florida, e.g., can be warm all year long, we used to have the beauty of experiencing winters, springs, summers, and falls which fit the definitions. This can no longer be said.

I am happy your thinking outside of the box is so reasonable.
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Unread postby viewfromKSA » Sat Oct 20, 2007 11:52 am

"I am arguing that it is not out of benevolence that the fake cloud covers are being produced."

As I said, I totally agree with that part of your statements.

"If chemtrails are meant to cool us off, they are not working."

This is for darn sure, as well. Not only are the seasons becoming less defined, but they are actually moving. Now, I could never lay claim to 4 clear seasons here. We have what is called winter and summer in Arabic, but what should really be referred to as hot and blistering hot (lol....little humor). Last years 'winter' began about 2 months later than usual and lasted about 2 months later than usual. It remains to be seen how much later it will start this year. Rain used to fall as much as 10 times in the 'winter' seasons before. I think we had an accumulated rainfall of about 10 drops last year.
It only appears to be cooler now because we no longer have direct sunlight, but sunlight filtered through a haze of yuck so you cannot feel that heat directly on your skin. The humidity however is the same, and the temperatures are the same or worse. We were up in or close to the 50's (centigrade) most of July and August.

An interesting thing came to mind while watching weather reports recently....(CNN, BBC, other international ones)...when they show the kingdom there are almost never any clouds to be seen on screen. Not so in actuality... it is as if there is one, humongous, endless cloud that spreads from one end of the horizon to the other. You have to strain to find a patch in the sky that is trying to be blue, but just can't get out from behind the haze.

Wait till I go outside the carton...hope you still think I am as reasonable. :wink:


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