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The "Chemical Trails" Haven

tinfoil by association

The "Chemical Trails" Haven

Unread postby socrates » Fri May 11, 2007 9:06 pm

Welcome to the new forum. This place has been established for all real people out there in the world who want to see chemtrails stopped, but who realize that forums such as Chemtrail Central, Carnicom's, and Debate Both Sides have been deluged with planned fakery.

This is the place where anyone who wants to express themselves about chemtrails may do so without any fear of loony tune shenanigans getting in the way. No trolls or paid fakes will last here for very long. That does not mean that I am a Captain Queeg from the Caine Mutiny who will bounce anyone off on some whim. This forum is to be owned by we the people. If you are sincere and tired of all the lies, the trolling, and the conspiracy wingnut angle, then this is the place for you.

I have selected this forum because it is both free and has no ads. While there may be downtimes once in a while, I ask that all be patient. From what I have read at freeforums.org, this server company is very attentive to the needs of its members.

This forum believes that chemtrail awareness is best served through pointing out the activities in real time to the people around us. While some debunkers in chemmie clothes have been astroturfing that chemtrails are contrails, that all planes can make "chemtrails", it is of fundamental logic that this is not true. Chemtrails are the result of deliberate activities.

Also, chemtrail forums have been fixed. The founders of this forum found out the hard way that paid disinformation agents control the flow of information at the major chemtrail forums.

Since this forum is as raw as can be right now, feel free to speak your mind with suggestions. It is unfortunate that we have to go to this much trouble to get the true story out, but we do not have to reinvent the wheel. I believe that we just need a bit of space, a haven away from fake "believers" and fake "debunkers", in order to make sure that chemtrail truths will not keep vanishing.

For the record, here is my story. I started out as FUIwon'tDoWhatUTellMe at Chemtrail Central. Then I was Socrates at Gastronamus Cafe and at Megasprayer. I was SocraticTruths at the Democratic Underground. I am Jeff Reynolds at DebateBothSides. I am someone else at another place, but it is such a dive and full of bullcrap, that I won't even mention it.

The key is chemtrail awareness is not about any one individual. It is about everyone spreading the word until the truth can no longer be buried by some tinfoil by association scam. This forum is gonna be about real people with real things to say about the aerosol operations.

Thank you.

The people united will never be defeated. I'm not sure who first said that, but it's a darn good message.

So feel free to add ideas to this thread and start new posts. We can also add a few other sections and tinker with the overall format. I hope that the main focus will be on exposing the chemtrail program{s}. It is not that I am obsessed with chemtrails. I just know in my heart and mind that they are real, and that the achilles heel of those behind the program is that they are unable to continue with their Frankensteinian atmospheric activities without ever expanding numbers of people becoming aware.

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Hey Socrates

Unread postby may41970 » Sun May 13, 2007 4:31 am

Just came by to register. Though I'm no big fan of the WRH Messageboard, I admire a lot of things about the original setup.

Especially that no posts are ever deleted. The most offensive (at least originally) were moved off the main board to the "Diversion Bin." I thought this was a great idea, as the operator can never be accused of censorhip. Everything that's submitted is kept and permanently available for perusing.

There are some other neat things about the WRH board set-up. It was designed, I suspect, to be moderated by the posters themselves. Good idea, but it didn't work. Without an active moderator, the board failed.

Anyways, I'd suggest you visit the board and see how it was set up. Some good stuff there, I think

Take care,


Put a Fork in Them?

Unread postby socrates » Sun May 13, 2007 10:05 pm

This thread from DBS looks devastating to CTC's credibility.

I wonder why Foot Soldier/ Deborah never has anything good to say.

She just left this post:
"Jeff Reynolds", you are making a number of completely inaccurate assertions about me in your recent posts.

For the record.

She's got nada, zip, zero to say about the posts I made concerning to her. This is the disinfo tactic of "playing dumb". Since she fancies herself the queen bee of chemtrail forums with all her copying and pasting, she also utilises the disinfo tactic of "invoking authority".

The stats here are already off. Somehow they have me down for being two members and having 2 posts, eventhough there's just one of me with the one post so far.

The attack hounds are out at DBS. I can't believe no one has any opinion on what was uncovered. That seems to be a sign that they never saw it coming. What a bunch of dopes.

I think this board will serve its fundamental purpose of being a haven for sincere dialogue.

There also seems to be tons of stuff to uncover about CTC. I am not gonna lose sleep over it. This recent thing about ALCON777 and Innocent Bystander seems to say it all about some fake script. Chem11, Deborah, and Thermit look awful if the deleted posts are included. Those are still three big names to do with chemtrail forums.

I think you were right too about there being a missed opportunity if IB was a real person. Real "chemmies" might have been able to persuade him to look into chemtrails. IB might have had some pull with lots of other pilots. If he was part of the script, then it seems someone looked back and saw it made them all look crazy and hypocritical. Who knows. I am kind of leaning towards the guy being real.

I need to figure out how to keep people from registering without approval. This is why I don't want to publicize The Haven too soon. The other side is masterful at creating fake personas.

I look at this way, why was The Seeker never chastized when he said the same things as IB. I've seen a bit of the archives there, and there were tons of "debunkers" way worse than IB who never got booted. IB did not deserve to be booted. I really think someone messed up and forgot to delete the original version of the thread.
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Dewey calls us "idiots"

Unread postby may41970 » Mon May 14, 2007 7:39 am

well, I'm not sure who she's referring to exactly. But if we want to assume that Dewey represents an average intelligent fence sitter, it's a bad sign.

if my suspicions are right, (hope not) it means that all the people that post insults and threats and rants and crap between the posts you and I make...suicceed in making it appear that we are also posting at their level.

that people from the outside that visit the threads you or i have started at DBS see all the noise and **** from kola, weatherman, lou, increase...and decide to drop ALL of us into the same basket.

What seems simple to you or me...that psyops are poisoning the well ----i fear that, it's not so clear to those on the outside. if dewey's post is referring to all of us, it implies that wherever we go on the net to say the truth we want to speak to, psyops will follow us and succeed in pulling us down into their dirty pools of ****. outside readers will see all of us as the same kind of fruitcakes. they'll think the two of us as exactly the same as kola.

and now, they're appealing to the DBS moderator, "a voice" to take up arms against you.

treasonous fucks.

hope I'm wrong.

sorry for the gloomy thoughts.


Unread postby socrates » Mon May 14, 2007 3:49 pm

If Dewey is for real, then I think she is just using a defense mechanism to get the heck away from all the noise.

if my suspicions are right, (hope not) it means that all the people that post insults and threats and rants and crap between the posts you and I make...succeed in making it appear that we are also posting at their level.

that people from the outside that visit the threads you or i have started at DBS see all the noise and **** from kola, weatherman, lou, increase...and decide to drop ALL of us into the same basket.

One thing we both seem to recognize is not only the sheer irrationality of their posts, but that they also don't seem to mind if their posts appear insane.

That is why I came up with this forum, where good people concerned about "chemtrails" can post without fear of being interrupted by trolls.

I think they are working from some sick social engineering manual. "They" are just continuing with their Chemtrail Central strategy of promoting confusion, that chemtrails are an "enigma" that can't be figured out. I think they figure that those who believe in chemtrails will realize it is a disinfo dump and will simply leave on their own accord. The ones on the fence or those just web surfing, they will be given every reason to believe that "chemtrails" are no different a subject than Big Foot or ufo's. This is quite a psy-op, where they can make what is so obviously going on in the skies appear to be some silly, internet hoax.

What seems simple to you or me...that psyops are poisoning the well ----i fear that, it's not so clear to those on the outside.

Too bad there isn't a better phrase than "psychological operations". Psy-ops could be evolving into just another word like "chemtrails", one which takes on meanings other than it should. So "chemtrails" represents that "we" think we are being sprayed like bugs. Psy-ops now means that people who disagree with others tend to throw the phrase "disinfo agent" at anyone and everyone. This is how I believe "they" are trying to circumscribe us into their astroturfed definition of "chemmies".

You asked Thermit a very important question: What other threads and information on chemtrails have fallen down some memory hole?

It seems like they are working from a manual which dictates how they will try to manipulate the views of all sorts of different individuals. While the truth should be what we are all in pursuit of, it appears that various fake truths are provided depending on who the audience is. For someone like Dewey, perhaps they ratchet up the noise to get her to give up and lump us all together. For people like ourselves, perhaps they wish us to feel demoralized. They also may be trying to get us to focus on responding to the trolling. That way, none of us are actually working on presenting authentic truths about chemtrails.

You made an excellent point the other day that there might have been many others like us throughout the years who have exposed the fake nature of Chemtrail Central, but that they have been deleted, and whole threads have also vanished.

I now think that all the CTC talk about hackers and alphabet groups messing with their forum has been their own form of "plausible deniability". Threads are missing? Oh, we got hacked by alphabets who don't want the "truth" exposed. A poster got completely deleted? Oh, that was when we had an unexpected bad run of luck with technical glitches.
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Great posts, socrates.

Unread postby may41970 » Wed May 16, 2007 6:30 am

I know our schedules are different, so it's not easy for us to be online at the same time (or at least same frame of mind) - but I just want you to know that in the last couple weeks, i think you've done your best writing ever.

Man, I hope someone other than me comes out of the woodwork and tells you the same. I hope 100 people do. Until then, please hang in there and don't let yourself get demoralized by the lack of support. As for Dewey, if she just wants to make short attack posts and make you and me feel bad, if she's unwilling to, as a scientist, objectively look into chemtrails - well that's fine.

why does she deserve more respect than anyone else there? for all we know, every single poster on the board is a fake.

even halva made some comment about how Dewey's no more special than any other poster, what right does she have to appont herself empress of DBS? And if she thinks we are all fools, why is she there anyway?

my error to give her such power.

I have lots more to say, but I have to get to work right now. But I really believe you are the best chemtrails writer on the net.

most of these posts I make are done quickly and carelessly, without proofreading. i give you full permission to edit them as you see fit, and to repost them whereever you like.

take it easy, socrates,


Dewey189 is now a "chemmie"

Unread postby socrates » Sat May 19, 2007 3:14 pm

Chief, perhaps we just had to give Dewey a nudge, to see that this isn't a game to us, that we are serious when we say we witness aircraft, and aircraft alone, generating massive fake overcasts.

The Chemtrail Thread: Aerosol Reports and Links

Alright. You win. My father had to be taken to the hospital this morning about 15 miles west of where I live. Beautiful blue day, not a cloud in the sky. My Mom and I went to a restaurant with outside seating around 11:00 and I saw a plane in the sky. No big deal, but I promised you guys I'd be on the lookout. What I saw was a standard contrail that dissipated rather quickly. But then another plane appeared, followed by another and another, some moving across the horizon, some moving up, some more at an angle. Their contrails did not dissipate like the first one did and we noticed after about an hour that the contrails started dropping and spreading into long wispy clouds, forming the same kind of pattern you've shown me in pictures. They clouds didn't dissipate. They grew. I've never seen anything like it in my life. I left the hospital at 3:00 and saw a few more planes as I drove home, but from my house all I can see are long, broad lines of gray clouds stretching across the entire horizon. I'm going to talk to an atmospheric scientist at Purdue monday. And I'm pissed off. I don't want to entertain any of the conspiracy crap , thunderbirds, etc., nor will I give the time of day to the ******** artists who deny it's happening. They're full of ****. These planes made clouds. I watched it with my own eyes.
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On Moving Forward

Unread postby socrates » Fri May 25, 2007 2:14 pm

Dude, I hope you don't mind, but I am using a private message you just sent me to get the ball rolling as regards to this forum moving forward.

may41970 wrote:

My time is short. I've got a new morning job and some new evening work - not to mention a family and loads of responsibilities. I don't want you to take away my moderator status, but my spare time is shrinking really fast. I'll do my best to help when I can get time, but I can't make a commitment.

Quality over quantity works. Plus, there is no need to reinvent the wheel. Hopefully, there will be a few sincere souls out there who have also been seeking out a place to rationally research and discuss chemtrails. With a bit of luck, such people will find this website and become an equal member and help us get authentic chemtrail awareness back to being the main priority.

And I know that this site is destined to come under HUGE attack. I expect the fucks will have meetings on how to undermine this effort. Maybe we can consider this site experimental, and if they manage to damage it too much, we will be able to learn from our mistakes and open a new one.

I am not too worried about that happening. I like your idea that if trolls do find a way to infiltrate here, that we will be able to simply move their inevitable troll meltdowns to a different thread. One biggie that they do seems to be to delete many posts and threads. They will have an id that appears to be sincere, then at some point they delete all their posts rendering whole threads unreadable. A way to combat that would be to copy and paste a lot of new member's posts when responding. Then if they delete the original posts, there will at least be enough of their words still around so threads aren't necessarily ruined.

No, I don't think you should open the site for another few days. Best first to think like the fakes. What will they do? What plans will they come up with to wipe this out? And prepare how to deal with it.

There is no rush. Perhaps at some point over this next week, I will start linking to this website in my signatures at DBS and Chemtrail Central. They will probably pile on that this forum is useless and that no one cares or reads it. That's ok. The real problems will occur when and if they try to sign up here. But that shouldn't be a problem either. I think we will be able to figure something out if that happens, whether they start deleting whole posts or if they outright troll.

Here are some things to consider: Will we grant Kola, Lou and the other fakes access to this site?

How will we deal with spammers that post again and again?

What about posts by suspected fakes that are sane?

Think this through, as though you are one of the fakes.

I do not want to ever make this place invisible from the public like swampgas does on a whim with his place. I also am not going to make a private moderators' only section.

I also don't want anyone to walk on eggshells thinking any mistake they make will bring on accusations of fakery. The key to me with this is are there questions that such people are avoiding answering? There is simply no way to know how this will play out until such interactions take place.

One idea I have is that ALL POSTS should originally be allowed in the trash, and you/I select the decent posts from the "trash bin" to move to the regular board. Does that make any sense? Forget the question of who's a fake or not....just move the sane, sincere posts to a "place of honor."

While I see your point, I think all people registered should have a clean slate to post immediately on all threads. If fakes do infiltrate here, and it is beyond a doubt that they are trolls, then yes, their posts could be placed into a separate section with a clear explanation of why such people were banned.

There are more of them than us, and they're going to play every dirty trick in the book once we go public. Let's think of what they will do, and prepare a way to deal with it.

I think how we deal with it if and when such things occur will show a lot about our own individual character and sincerity.

Just some thoughts. I really don't have so much time - and this topic/fight is so depressing/draining to me I can't keep it up more than a few days a week. I couldn't stand to see the fucks at DBS attacking you with that kind of cruelty today, so I couldn't resist making a post - which caused me to be a 1/2 hour late to work. But it was worth it.

Thanks for your support. Your strategy of not coming out fully in support of me from the beginning was pure genius in retrospect. I think that is why it has taken them so long to really start attacking yourself.

The reason why this board has been established is two-fold.

1) Here folks can meet and discuss chemtrails or anything else they are interested in without any fear of the trolling. Until recently, DBS was a decent place to be. The trolling was manageable. Yet, now that the big dogs have been unleashed, DBS is just no longer a place to really have as a base. I am starting to think that the more we post there, the more easily it will be for us to be lumped into the same sick pool of fake id's.

2) If tons of real people sign up, fine. If not many do, that is ok too. This place can be seen as a blog also which just happens to be in the form of a forum.

I will now put up DBS and DemocraticUnderground links, so anyone out there who is reading this can go there and see exactly what we have been trying to explain. I am more than willing to keep discussing this aspect. Yet, I do believe that the main focus of this board should be on the chemtrails themselves. At Gastronamus Cafe, the predominant nature of my threads were on the chemtrails themselves. For some reason I am still activated over there and am unsure whether there is any tinkering going on as regards to my posts. When I posted at Megasprayer, most of my focus had been on exposing halva as an insidious troll.

Again, I invite your wife and anyone else you come across who you think might be interested in participating on a forum to sign up.

There will simply always be some fakery to blog on. It is a bottomless pit of drivel to choose from. I think this place will become a good read over time as we start addressing real topics. I found something last night on British politicians speaking out on chemtrails. Personally, I feel it is time now for me to get back on topic. I think if we spend too much more time at DBS and CTC, we will be susceptible to the drainage and depression you speak of. Remember, the best revenge is served cold, and the fakes end up making most of their mistakes when we refuse to interact directly with them.

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Unread postby socrates » Wed May 30, 2007 1:52 pm

I had to delete one "chemtrail subliminal" because the address I had taken it from replaced it with a middle finger. I am not looking to steal anyone's bandwidth. I assumed a small place like this wouldn't be a drain on others anyway. Can someone recommend a free place where I can store images?

Most of the time when I use photos, I have put up the link to where the image came from. I was hoping that would be enough. I think the use of images can make a forum much more interesting to read. Any suggestions? One of the things I hate about the internet is how so many good links end up getting moved or even possibly scrubbed. There's nothing worse than reading old threads with so many missing links and images.
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Why there are 4 members, but only 3 are visible

Unread postby socrates » Wed May 30, 2007 3:14 pm

Ok. I got the answer to this one at freeforums.org.

The extra member is actually a FreeForums.org support admin account. This way, if you need help on your forum, the admins will be able to access it to help you.
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