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We're getting tired

tinfoil by association

We're getting tired

Unread postby deleted username » Wed Jun 06, 2007 9:29 am

I just spent the last 20 minutes at "Debate Both Sides" trying to make a new post, but no words would come out.

Because no matter what I say, I know that the paid fakes that infest every chemtrails forum will creep out like cockroaches from the woodwork - and bury, destroy, obfuscate whatever it is I want to say. They will find the weakest/least relevant points of my post, and tear it to shreds. Make up strawmen. Make up lies. And then tear me and socrates to shreds too - not just our ideas, but the people behind the posts.

Socrates and I, as far as I am aware, are the only two posters anywhere which are discussing the possibility of enormous psychological operations on chemtrails forums. We believe there are paid posters on the chemtrails forums that pretend to be "believers," but their real job is to advertise to the world that people who believe in chemtrails are flakes.

Is there anyone real out there that doesn't believe in angels and nostradamus and biblical prophecies and extraterrestrials and crop circles, but DOES believe in chemtrails? If so, please register at our forum. Please speak up.

Or is there anyone out that genuinely questions the existence of chemtrails, and wants to discuss it openly? If so, then please register at our forum. We want you here.

There's just no way that me and soc, on our own, can get people to hear what we're screaming about at the top of our lungs - not when there are so many paid people, doing their best to tear down, bury, hide, everything we are saying. They are working to tear us down from the outside and the inside too.

I think we can prove who these fakes are, and why we believe so, but to hear us out would take time and patience.

sounds crazy huh?

We've explained ourselves again and again, as clearly and succinctly as we should need to, and I'm really quite sick of trying to figure out new angles of saying what I've already said. So here it is...

There is a thread at "Debate Both Sides," titled "THE ELUSIVE CTC CHANGES THREAD"


Read it carefully, and visit all the links. If you think you might understand where we're coming from, we want to hear from you.

It would mean a lot if somebody that's real could just go read that thread...and read it carefully. Because nearly everything I want to say about the liars on the chemtrails forums is there. If just one real person would read it, sign up onto this forum, and give a sincere response (something other than saying..."you should quit talking about the fake posters" or "eugenics is a great idea," it would be good.

Me and soc are both getting tired here. Come on. There's got to be someone else out there that hears us.

deleted username

It's ok about DBS and the others

Unread postby socrates » Wed Jun 06, 2007 3:42 pm

Me too. I go to DBS, skim through all the latest spam, noise, and contrived nonsense and am left with a feeling of disgust. It is not so much that people like ourselves are getting burned. It's the fact that the readers, those people seeking to learn more about what we are witnessing, they have nowhere to read others' real thoughts on chemtrails, nowhere to feel comfortable enough to sign up and make posts. But it's ok, because someone would have to be brain dead not to have their bs meters go off when reading at any of the major chemtrail forums. One only hopes that they ask themselves, now why would such a massive, inorganic script be in place all over the internet, if chemtrails were just a crazy internet hoax?

I just changed my signature at DBS back to the way it was, where you wrote that I seemed to be the only poster not being paid to post, and dewey189 agreed.

What I can say to anyone out there who is a real person, I cannot stop anyone from signing up here. There is no way to know a poster's true intentions until they start writing. Now I don't take the admin status lightly. Entropian Artifact was banned because more than once he debated in some ways for eugenics. He caught me at a vulnerable time where I had other things on my mind, otherwise he would have been banned sooner.

I do not mind if debunkers or newbies sign on. The only criteria to being welcomed here is that you need to be a real person who debates fairly. I will assume that may41970 is a liberal kind of bloke. I am a lefty who is anti-war and believes that everyone should have universal human rights such as food, shelter, health care, and education. If someone is conservative, I do not mind that. Some of my best conservations have been with openminded conservatives. Sure, they are tougher to find of late. I just want to clarify that the main goal here is to simply provide a place for real people to post truths, articles, their opinions, their findings, whatever they wish to, on an open forum dedicated to stopping the chemical trails.

I am a good person too. I am fair. No one needs to be walking on eggshells. However, if someone is going to make a case for eugenics or anything else vile, they are gone.

May41970, I know you said in a pm that I should take a week off, but I am feeling refreshed again. Organic dark roast coffee can do that to a person.
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Unread postby Don Smith » Sat Aug 04, 2007 6:34 pm

Organic Dark Roast Turkish Blend, (Fair Trade) is mother's milk to me.
I do not check out most links as the time required is simply too much. If I find a reference to a site from a source which I already regard as valid, I will chase it.
First person research is difficult, as most of the "government" sites-Agriculture, Defense, etc. are a shadow world. Often I study these for what they do not say as an indicator of my next bit of detective work.
I try not to respond to those persons which seem to be in la-la land, (UFOs, angels, Atlantis, etc.), as , again it is a waste of time.

Napoleon said, "Ask of me what you will, but not my time." This sociopath had some things right, anyway!!
The goal here is ephemeral, if, as I suspect, you are looking for legal recourse to the poisoning of the public, I wish you luck Nothing I have seen shows me that the law is more than another arm of the sociopathic system of control which dominates the society.
On the other hand, popular will can influence events, and I am not saying to stop whatever efforts you think best.
I am a bit dark here today, I shall return to perfection with some food and sleep.
Don Smith

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