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Chemtrail Central Resorting To Old Tricks

tinfoil by association

Chemtrail Central Resorting To Old Tricks

Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Jul 24, 2008 1:40 pm

{with the merged threads, the adjusted view count is +76}

This forum has thoroughly exposed the script composed of closed-minded debunkers, crazy believers, and debunkers in chemmie clothes. It has explained all it could as regards to the major usernames from over the years. It has figured out the historical trajectory of the script. It has exposed the big names who have turned chemtrails into a joke.

One of the reasons I think may41970 might be for real is because he was the first to lead me to Aubuchont, the kingpin for the script. His deleting of nearly all his posts at CTC is a sign that he was completely exposed.

The dark side probably didn't like that Orwell Knows, another bad source for a Will Thomas article, was outed as a fake.

The new battle at CTC between Starman1 and Increase1776 is not real. I have made a few posts of late which have made crystal clear why I think the chemtrail program is active. I have exposed the fake battles over global warming.

Good people, make sure to check out the latest "Mike" posts from the BradBlog. That is 100% for sure "Lou Aubuchont." He posted as a debunker and made fun of us for believing in chemtrails. That means he is an internet astroturfer.

The foundation for their script has been shattered. Do you think they liked people finding out about Mark Steadham working for NASA? No way. If there wasn't something shady about that tidbit, he would have posted about it years ago. It would have slipped in at some point in the conversation. If he admitted that before at CTC, then fine, I'd admit I was wrong.

If Swampgas was for real, he'd have fought back at Steadham for deleting the Chemtrail Central Changes threads. Swamp said he had the whole forum saved. Now one is hard pressed to find any chemtrail information at Gastronamus Cafe. Arcadia Ego has turned into a sadistic debunker. Lou and Wayne Hall are camped out at the ever increasing fascist Debate Both Sides. That place is full of racists, sexists, and other miscreants. It's unbelievable how crazy that place got. Who'd now could believe that Arianna used to run it. That's another fake, Arianna Huffington.

Anyway, I have provided the history for the last few years. I tried my best going through archives, etc., but there are certain things that are impossible to figure out. But we can still speculate.

Are Starman1 and Increase1776 really disagreeing? I don't think so. I think it is the old trick of ratcheting up the fake fights. It comes down to that this forum proved chemtrails and exposed this planted convolution, and these freeper concern trolls don't like that.

{on edit: I may have mixed up a few of the Increase1776 posts. I think he posted the Johnny Cash twice which threw me off. But the threads are all at CTC, just check the admin. section.}

Tinfoil1776 started a thread a few days ago on Hurricane Dolly. Lophofo came in with a post on the Utah floods and wondered if somehow the two stories were related. About that, I haven't a clue. That thread has now been moved to the administration forum and locked. People can also check out Lophofo's thread here in current events, when it this recent convolution first started brewing.

Tinfoil1776's response was to insinuate that Lophofo is me. I think Starman1 is feigning at being a fair moderator. He certainly wasn't as regards to the ******** that always got dumped on me. I've saved some of those attacks before the scrub job. There are reasons why Aubuchont deleted his posts. This is one of them.


So right after Tinfoil1776 offers his resignation, Stitcherman offers himself to be the replacement.


Yeah, I saw it before. Stitcherman offered to be the monitor, and I think he even messed the spelling up of that word. I think Stitcherman is being played by "Lou Aubuchont." They do look kind of similar. I was able to retrieve a photo of the stitchman. Even if that isn't "Lou," that username is a complete fabrication as explained elsewhere at this forum.

Stitcherman and Orwell Knows are now helping out Pak, another fake, and Mmmmbarium with their shouts at Sore Throat. SoreThroat is the one copying and pasting all the global warming articles. I'd like to tell him, hey, we get it, global warming isn't an NWO Rockerfeller illuminati reptile hoax meant to blame we the people for our individual carbon footprints. But I digress.

I'm not sure, but the fakes might be trying to get folks to think I might be Stitcherman. Just a hunch. He does talk up Fintan Dunne a lot. Or maybe it's like their final option as regards to me is to make people wonder if I am just another character in the obvious script. That I'm a "Jew lover."

One of the big things with the script is to trfy to turn global warming into an enigma with the two competing sides. Swampgas has his epic battles with the denier Mech. Deborah, SoreThroat, and Big Bunny take care of the bulk of the copy and pastes on anything but chemtrails. Mark "Thermit" Steadham simply disappears.

But, yeah, Stitcherman is all over that global warming thread. He actually {spelled accually to Stitcherman} has forced Deborah/FootSoldier to lose her avatar. She used to have the one he has.


Stitcherman mentions handlers. He talks about fakety fakitude like I do. That's what I mean about how lines might be being deliberately blurred.

I think that's Aubuchont.

The Johnny Cash thing is directed at me. While at Gastronamus Mr. Tinfoil threw that one at me because I refused to comply with the required Rense-bot attitude. I thought Swampgas and Gastronamus Cafe were for real. They were the ones talking about the script. They were the ones who seemed to have little to do with tinfoil, on the surface at least. They were allies with Arcadia Ego who seemed to have no patience for disinformation, a good trait. These are the people that banned Ellyn, the nutcase before the "changes" happened. They presented themselves along with Megasprayer as being legit. How was I or the others to know that they were all fakes too?

Chemtrails Discovered On Mars

With the title, one might expect this one to be posted by Ellyn or Mr. Jones. It was Tinfoil1776.


Here's the rest of that post.


Jason refers to Cydoniaquest/Yaak who is also Ed Snell if Swedishoo's information is correct. Jason definitely refers to Cydoniaquest, an original CTC poster who went debunker from believer and deleted many of his posts. By the way, there was a post made by the weatherman, not sure if it was 714 or 717, but that person signed off as Jason at a weather blog from New York.

But who knows whether this was real info or scripted info. Nailing Aubuchont as Mike at BradBlog and how he ridiculed chemmies, that is gold as regards to info. Oops. I said the word gold. Must mean I am a Jew!

He called me Kiss My ***. Stitcherman has been signing off like that. See what I mean from before?

He called me a commie pinko. That reeks of what an intel spook would write, no?

Busy DownTown? As in BusyTown, one of the members here?

Swampgas has written also that I am this Jason/Yaak multipersonality troll. This was the basis behind all the cybersmear attacks on me, from the one at the WRH forum to Aubuchont to now this.

If only there wasn't the solid top section here at AAANI, they might be succeeding with this scorched earth tactic. I might have tried to get back into forums where I was canned, like with Democratic Underground and Rigorous Intuition those few times, I do not use more than one id period.

They know they can't let the reader decide. They know the crap accumulated on "Aubuchont" is rock solid. Their whole scheme has been revealed. They will act as if this hasn't happened, but so be it.

So now Lophofo is me too. Who the heck is gonna believe that one? Or that I am Cydoniaquest? Nice try though, I'll give them that.

Then Tinfoil1776 ripped into Starman1. He gives just enough info to make it seem he has proven Starman1 is part of the Maverick debunker gang. I think right before the alleged hack, Starman1 and someone named MoP signed up close together, similar to how may41970 signed up the day after me. I always found it strange that Increase1776 returned to moderator status after what he wrote about him at Gastronamus. I think somehow Swamp and Tinfoil found a tie between MoP and Starman1, this profile description as a goat roper. I tried the wayback machine, everything, I could never find what really happened. Swamp said Starman1 was banned from a MethodOfDestruction forum he ran with another kid. He said Starman1 was a Maverick boy, a debunker.


Somehow Stitcherman got a post in before that one was moved and locked.

On another thread, Increase posted Starman1 and other quotes from around the "big hack."


It's a rabbit hole, imho, to figure that out. Increase1776 provides no links. If Starman1 is a mole {ooh, big surprise, not}, then why haven't Swamp and Increase1776 proven this. It's like with Aubuchont and the Deep Sky hoax. Where's the evidence?

Now don't get me wrong. Starman1 is a plant. Steadham is a debunker himself. From all my reading through the archives, in my own honest humble opinion, I do believe that all these people are disingenuos. They are doing everything possible to cover up chemtrails. They have Tom Flocco'ed Chemtrail Central. The "normal" chemmies like Swamp, Chem11, and Deborah have turned out to be fakes.

this latest nonsense is simply more of the fake socrates script. I doubt they are fooling too many people. I think this is about just a part of the internet that is rigged and/or compromised with moles.

I'm gonna take a leap of faith and not proofread/edit. I'm just gonna hit the submit button for the post.

Take care good people. They didn't get away with it. None of them.

Chemtrails And Wild Weather

Unread postby socrates2 » Sun Jul 27, 2008 7:02 pm

I am not 100% certain that there are no experiments going on in the U.S. for weather war applications.

I do think the chemtrails are mostly dispersed in order to combat uv-b radiation and to perhaps tame the weather. There is also some logic to the idea that cloud cover may serve as obscuration for activities going on in the upper atmosphere.

Lophofo got this forum's address published on the KSL News 5, Utah website. Wicked awesome {Bostonian for cool}.


I don't think weather warfare activities are going on that much if at all in the U.S..
I think it's possible, but unlikely.

I think it's more likely that chemtrails could be having a butterfly effect which is exacerbating the climate change.

People denying the existence of deliberate "weather mitigation" are the proverbial ostriches with heads in the sand. I tend to disagree with Lophofo's post there where he linked to Texas border politics. Nonetheless, I do believe that he is an honest person.

Re: Chemtrails And Wild Weather

Unread postby Lophofo » Fri Aug 08, 2008 4:49 pm

I will agree with socrates and say that I'm not 100% sure that ANY of these 'experiments' and I stress 'experiments'...so far that's what I can tell that they are...experiments...are for weather warfare.

I do believe many times storm systems end up where they weren't originally intended. And, this could just be the natural result of an 'experiment' where one can't always control the desired outcome.

Over the years, I have lost much trust in what the government and our media tell us. And, I like to keep an open mind.

My first thoughts were that perhaps some 'aerosols' (chemtrails) were used to help divert the hurricane from even touching down on land. And, I thought that the energy must have built up too quickly and released as a storm system in Utah.

Then, at chemtrail central, a user mentioned the political issues they had been having in Southern Texas with the DHS. So, that peaked my interest.

Since I like to keep an open mind, and because of what has happened since 9/11 and the truth movements which have started since, I don't put things past our government anymore.

Whether they would actually do something as to drive a hurricane into Texas so it could be deemed as a National Emergency and take over the land is something I can see them doing so these days...politically driven.

However, I don't know if they really have that precise of a control with storm systems...in fact, I really doubt that they do. But, I will still keep an open mind about it...

The U.S. and others are 'experimenting' with atmospheric research which is causing unnatural disruptions in mother nature's cyclical systems. Whether there are actual 'weather wars' happening behind the scenes with political agendas attached is not something I am at liberty to disclose....j/k I really don't possess any of that knowledge to disclose.

I am an honest person...and I distrust many things which the Republicans have done during their terms in office. I do like the Libertarian aspects of Ron Paul's run for presidency and believe he had many good ideals.

Anytime the mainstream media will shun a person for unspecified reasons, gives him more credibility in my books.

But, socrates and I can disagree on political views on this site and still agree on other topics of concern. We don't fight...we're cool like that. :)

Megasprayer Disinfo

Unread postby socrates2 » Sun Aug 24, 2008 12:45 am

Climate Change You Can Believe In


Megasprayer is the debunker in chemmie clothes. With the help of NatureisMad, OnTheGround at Megasprayer, that forum has been thoroughly exposed as fake.

This was the banner noticed there the other day.


But look at what Chem11 posted later on.

1. Today's supercontrails are created almost exclusively by large-bodied commercial (and military) aircraft... not CEO perpkplanes.

Deborah is all over commercial airliners. These guys were/are disinfo plants. With a bit of digging, anyone can understand the trajectory of their posting histories.

I really did it. I exposed them all.

Here is a post from Deborah elsewhere at that eyesore.

She is a subliminal character.

I got attacked because I effectively exposed every single one of the chemtrail fakes.

Within this one thread, I have done it again.

I am done patting myself on the shoulder, but this is the truth.

Check out this post by her. This is not the first time she has posted this propaganda. She is no different than a Jay Reynolds.

Deborah/FootSoldier's Hidden Agenda On Display

Depicts 11,000 jet trails, equal to the number of commercial flights in the US every eight hours.

She has really jumped the shark. They all have. They are not sincere people. They write with the hidden debunker agenda.

The weatherman is saying what a great day we had. What a joke. We got totally chem-slammed. It was blatant. At least put on a report of specific aircraft leaving massive fake overcast **** into clear blue skies. We are talking about many square miles of 100% blue sky getting sauteed with chemtrails. This was not done by commercial aircraft. Myself and MightMike even saw a modern military aircraft fly by. Are there any landscapers or outside types who know what we are on about? Anyone can post. No registration necessary.

I think Lou Aubuchont might be Lovuian at Democratic Underground. He is a hybrid of Lou and Stitcherman from CTC. Stitcherman is Lou. Lou has had a long history of making up sock puppets. He used to make it obvious when it was Jay reynolds making him look foolish. But since it is me outing Lou as a paid disinfo troll, the damage control is on. These types are too proud to realise when they are up against a true trollbuster who can cross t's and dot i's.

Lovuian has tons of google hits {unless they mysteriously get deleted}. He posts lots of conspiracy and various nutjob videos at youtube and elsewhere. His avatar is similar to the one Lou uses at DebateBothSides. That's what got me first wondering.


That should about do it.

Re: Chemtrail Central Resorting To Old Tricks

Unread postby socrates2 » Sun Aug 31, 2008 4:59 pm

If you go to page one of Lophofo's big thread on Haarp in the top forum, we had an interesting exchange about someone named Weatherman714 at Chemtrail Central. That guy has been part of the script for many years.

I see only three explanations for his posting patterns.

*** crazy- fits in well with the disinfo objectives
*** sane- paid to post
*** prankster- he gets a rush out of continuing an elaborate, inane act, could be a pathological liar

I go with either he's crazy or paid to post.

On his newest thread, he again has other members giving him props. I did that once too. When I first got to CTC, I wasn't aware of how extensive the nonsense was. I just wanted to find out the truth about the trails and fake overcasts. You can find the thread in the weather section of CTC.

Part of the reason I became a ferocious bulldog was because these people have pissed me off to no end how they have made chemtrails look kooky. There is no logic nor big answers from them. There are too many sources and ideas used that make these people have to fit in with the first two of the options above.

Who am I? It's a long story. It's not even necessary to get into. I have always liked to post on message boards. Chemtrails became a very important issue to me. Then with all the convolution getting in the way, this forum is the result.

BigBunny from Megasprayer shows up in the who's on line every once in a while but never posts. Another Megasprayer person named Tenger makes CTC posts and was one of the people who just propped up the WeatherFraud.

Tenger wrote:Really wish I understood those weather maps! But, I did see that Hannah is traveling "in tandem"---step by step---with Gustav....someone really did figure out how to do to a slam dunk for the US coast......or should I say, ""one-two punch"?........Thanks weatherman for the post and maps....just wish I really knew how to read those maps! Thank you and I hope you will keep posting what you are finding.

I'm gonna fix some more youtube videos. The big pain now are the url's. If they aren't in code, then clicking on them will redirect the window window to the new page. Eventually, we'll fix it so all links will go to a new window. That was one of the things I hated about BradBlog. I don't want to leave a website by clicking links. RawStory is a drain like that too. Why's the page have to keep reloading? Of course, dial-up has most to do with those annoyances. But I do want this place is to be sharp looking. Thanks for everybody's patience. It could take a while. And please good readers, do not be afraid to drop some posts. Thanks. I'm gonna chill out on posting on the tech issues. Enoughs been said for people to understand we are working on this. Guest posts could help. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Re: Chemtrail Central Resorting To Old Tricks

Unread postby socrates2 » Thu Oct 30, 2008 1:54 pm

It appears that Lou Aubuchont started posting at CTC as Optik back on March 6th, 2002. According to his profile, however, he registered on July 14th, 2001. I stumbled across this username while looking at Dr. Minnis' posts as Canex.

Optik's profile says he made 33 posts. Only 31 appear to be available. Optik's actual participation on the forum lasted from March 6th to March 20th, 2002. Thus, in a two week period, Aubuchont as Optik appeared then disappeared. Sound familiar? That's what happened with Tracker, Robin Roberts, and other usernames such as Reubin {sp?} at DBS.

Check it out. Imho, this was clearly Aubuchont. Optik sounded like him with those run on folksy type sentences which seem to try too hard to make points. Optik was also all about framing chemtrail dialogue as being hampered by the evil debunkers. He made a thread on Will Thomas and spoke a lot about the Air Traffic Controller hoax. He busted up the margin real bad in that one, akin to another sock puppet of his, Mr. Stitcherman. There were the predictable spelling errors, although for this username, he liked to keep the letter (e) with words ending in (-ing). {e.g. bake becomes bakeing rather than baking, that type of error. Over the top consistencies in certain spelling errors and grammar are a trademark of paid disinformation writers.}

If I had the high speed internet, I could do a thorough report on this. People can check it out, while the posts are still there. It will show you the good reader, that I know what I am doing as regards to exposing trolls.
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